In the almost-near future, a bunch of sexy, busty, mature women decide to get naked and do a naughty car wash service in order to raise funds to clothe the naked children of a war-torn country. Just another “Go USA” story. Not the best sex story you've ever read.


by Mr Schlock


The anchorman on channel F gave the sad news: the children of Viagara in Afterca did not have any clothes due to the recent exchange of anti-clothes missiles between the USA and China. Due to espionage and sabotage on both sides, the missile trajectories got all messed up and what resulted was the stray missiles hitting certain parts of the Aftercan continent and surrounding seas. This incident outraged both the American and Chinese people. Why did children have to suffer in a conflict that did not involve their country?

When Viagara got hit, everyone in the country - man, woman, child - had their clothes dematerialized. Clothes were immediately flown in by Blue Cross, but there wasn't enough because it was at this time that the world experienced a shortage of clothes. Only the adults of Viagara had clothes, but there were none for the children. This was very embarrassing and it caused the countries of China and the USA to think twice before going to war over which country had the sexiest eighteen year-olds. Opinions varied widely, but a good number of teen nudity/sex critics said it was a tie. The governments of both countries thought it was a tie that could only be broken by all out war. Sadly, Viagara ended up taking all the punches - in the wardrobe.


Sandra Harris shook her head in sympathy when she saw the blurred images of Viagaran children divided into male and female and put in large camps in the wastelands of their country so that they would not be shamed in public. She thought, "This is all my country's fault - my fault!"
She received a phone call from her friend, Pauline Kendrick. "Did you see the news?" Pauline asked. "It's horrible, isn't it?"
"Utterly terrible."
"We should do something about it."
"What can we do?"
"I was just discussing the matter with a friend of mine and I think we've come up with a plan. Are you willing to listen to it?"
"Of course!"

A large sign was being held up by a woman, but the people driving by on the main road didn't really take notice because they were more focused on her naked body. If they did read the sign, they would've seen, "Nude Moms Car Wash: Taking Our Clothes Off so that the Children of Viagara Can Put Some On!"
The woman holding up the sign was Kathryn Nethers (thirty-five years of age, curly blond, blue eyes, busty, gorgeous, 9.8/10 on the Local Females Beauty Rating Consensus). She continued to smile and hold up the sign when a police vehicle rolled by and stopped. The driver rolled down his window and said, "Uh, lady, are you all right?"

Kathryn smiled back and replied, "I'm fine, officer. Could I give your car a wash?" She winked and jiggled her boobs. Both officers had raging hard-ons now. They were about to tell her to go down to the station with them when another police vehicle drove past them to the place designated for the car wash. Two other male officers hopped out of the car and asked, "Aren't there supposed to be more of you?" To which, Kathryn said, "Yeah, they'll be here any minute now."
The other officers in the first vehicle threw questioning glances to their colleagues, who walked over to let them know that the Moms of Gladton had been authorized by the mayor to have a nude car wash for five days straight.

Only a minute after Kathryn began hosing the cop car, a pink van rolled onto the concrete and eight busty and extremely attractive women (all fully nude) exited its doors and began setting up their temporary car-washing service. Two of them immediately went to assist their friend Kathryn in hosing and soaping the police vehicle. The two officers stood to the side and stared jaws gaping at the gorgeous milfs as they performed their car wash service in the nude as if it was the most normal thing in the world to do.

A brunette with lovely pink eyes strolled over to them and waved. The officers waved back. "Hi there."
"Heya, momma!" they replied.
She laughed, "Do you like the uniform?" It was non-existent.
"Def-def-definitely, mammy- I mean, mom- I mean, mam."
She gave a sexy laugh, throwing her head back, her boobs quivering to her lightly heaving chest. Her nipples were perfect. "I'm glad you like it. My name's Sandra. And you can call me mommy, since I'm old enough to be your mother." She looked at both of them with a mischievous grin on her face, a trace of lust as well.

"Okay, mommy," said the younger-looking officer.
Sandra eyed him and said, "What's your name, son?"
"Travis," he said, hand unconsciously reaching for his crotch to hide his erection. He realized too late what he'd done. "Crap." She laughed again.
"And you?" she looked at the one who looked slightly older by a year or two.
"William, but you can call me Will."
She began gently stroking her recently shaved pussy as casually as if she were pushing aside a strand of hair from her forehead, "Okay, Will and Travis. You two boys have a choice: do you want to get serviced along with your car or will just the car do?" They looked at each other bewildered, but realization of what she was asking quickly dawned on them.
"Uh... um..." said Travis.
"Would you like a demonstration, Travis?" Sandra asked with an expression of motherly concern on her face, as if she was asking if he understood an important life lesson she had just imparted to him.
"Uh... okay, I guess, yeah, sure."

She stepped forward and gave him a quick reassuring smile, communicating to him in the matter of a second that he wouldn't be too disappointed with what was about to happen. She went down on him as he stood, her legs spread open, feet planted firmly on the concrete pavement, knees bent in opposite directions, cool water flowing over the surface from a second hose so that the concrete wouldn't get too hot for milfs' bare feet and bodies. She pulled down his fly and yanked down his underwear so that his eager hard cock popped out forward from his uniform pants. "Augh" he stated. She looked up at him and smiled.
"You look wonderful down here." He shook his head and replied, "Thanks."
Taking hold of his hips, she brought her head forward into his pelvis and took his cock into her mouth. The second her tongue and lips made contact with his rod, Travis' arm flew out reflexively to grab his partner for support.

Sandra noticed the movement. Reaching out one hand, she pulled Travis' away from his partner and made that hand rest on her fluffy brown hair, letting him know by the pressure of her fingers on his to partially control the movement of her head on his cock. He caught on and gripped her soft hair in his hands, beginning to gently rock his hips back and forth into her wonderful sucking mouth. He began groaning and pressing his pelvis to her face in rising desperation. Will looked on with lust in his eyes and began to grab and squeeze his male tool. "God, you look sexy in that uniform, officer." Pauline Kendrick (forty-nine, a bit of gray on the edges of her night black hair, purple eyes, slightly heavier breasts than most of her friends) approached Will and motioned at his crotch, "Need help with that?"
"Yes, pleeese, mam!"
"Only if you call me mom!" She had a stern smile on her face.
"Please, mom!"

Pauline was not as subtle as Sandra. She unfastened Will's belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, then pulled them down to his feet, along with his underwear. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching. Stupid! Of course, people were watching! Including his two colleagues who didn't get the memo on the moms' nude car wash. Hopefully they would get their car washed after theirs was done, that way it would all be even.
There was no gentle warming up with Pauline; she immediately slid back his skin, exposing his bald cock head, causing him to wince. She looked up at him and said in a serious tone, "It's a big one, Will. You definitely need a mom to check on this regularly, understand?"
"Yes, mom"
"Good. Now for my first inspection of this monster..." She lollipop-sucked his phallus and he gasped in pleasure and shock, "Gahh, fuck, mom!"
"Mmmm" she moaned with his dick in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his head, lapped his slit, slithered her tongue over the top of his head, gently touching her lower teeth to the underside of his phallus. "Sssh," he winced and clenched his teeth.

In trying for another sucking position, Pauline's teeth scraped the side of Will's cock head where it met his drawn-back skin folds, "Aah!" he cried, doing his best to maintain a low volume, even though, everyone watching knew what was happening. The two officers in the first vehicle were now stroking their cocks. "God, that's so hot!" muttered the one in the driver's seat. "Amen to that," agreed his partner, who at that moment shot two big white viscous ropes onto the back of the windshield. "Uh... oops. My bad," he said sheepishly.

Four high school boys driving a pea green mustang turned into the the car wash area and asked the price. On being told the price, they nodded and got out of the car. Two completely naked milfs started hosing down the car while the boys stripped off their clothing to join four milfs laying back on the water-cooled pavement. As if they'd all rehearsed this, the high school boys took the mature women in the missionary position, driving their hard, young, virile cocks into soft, delicious, mother cunts eager to properly service them. Each woman on her back, verbally claimed the boy on top of her as her son and engaged their partners in mother-son, lustful, incestuous conversation. The sexually deviant talk had the young men ejaculating fast and hard into the experienced pussies. "Mmmmm... that's my son, cumming in mommy dearest like a good boy. Give mommy a kiss and keep pumping that cock and more cum into your mother, right?" The boy was crazy with pleasure and said, "Of course, mother, anything for you. Here I go again, mom!" Driving his teenaged cock into her pussy for another amazing climactic explosion of white fluid.


A white truck pulled into the car wash area and Gina Vashnov (fifty-three, brown and graying hair, green eyes, 9.2/10) realized that they were running short of service personnel. More milfs were needed. She ran to her van - before reaching the vehicle, allowing two horny business men to fondle her breasts for a minute each - and found her Blackberry, logging onto the ever-reliable She sent a group message to all her milf friends who lived within a twenty mile radius of Gladton. The first fuckbook acquaintance to arrive was Claire Oreclon (forty-eight, ebony-skinned, perfect bust proportion, deep red dyed hair, sky blue eyes). She drove the latest model of Mitsubishi's 9X series and was dressed in an orange string bikini. She spotted Gina getting eaten out and face fucked simultaneously by two big men who could have been pro-wrestlers. Their white truck was getting its windows wiped spotless by two hard-working, butt-naked milfs.

Claire apologized, "I'm sorry I came with clothes on," indicating what little she actually had that barely covered her luscious private parts, "but I thought there might be a chance that you were pulling my leg. Now I know it was for real, so..." The orange string bikini fell away from her dark sexy body with a single graceful movement of her arm and fingers. "This really is a fuck orgy disguised as a goodwill car wash." A hand brushed her bubble butt cheeks and she turned to see a shy-looking young man with glasses who looked like he'd lost his way while heading for the library. "It's that way," Claire said helpfully, pointing in the general direction where the town library was located. "What?" asked the young man, two inches shorter than her, with dusty light brown hair and stark gray eyes.

Claire smiled and said, "If you're looking for the library, it's that way."
The boy, who must have been nineteen years old blushed and said, "Actually I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind washing my scooter."
Claire turned to one of the women washing the car and yelled, "Do we do scooters as well?" The answer she got was, "Scooters are okay, I guess, but the fee's the same." Claire turned to the boy and asked, "You saw the fee?" He dug into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, counting all of it and handing it to her. It was one hundred dollars. "That's twenty five dollars more than the set fee."
"I was hoping you would um... do ... er... that stuff..." he nodded over to the two cops now completely naked and fucking Sandra and Pauline doggy style.

Claire smiled, "That's included in the package, kid. No need to give extra cash." She handed back twenty five dollars, but he pushed it back at her and said, "It's okay. This is for a good cause, right? Clothing the naked children in Viagara?"
"Yeah, it is."
"Good. Keep the extra cash. Consider that a donation."
"My, you've got a big heart, son." She looked him over and her gaze caught on to the insignia on the right chest of his shirt.
"Is that a Monster Shock 3 shirt?"
"Yeah, you've played the game?"
"Hell, yes! I've beaten both the first game and Monster Shock 2. In my opinion, the Monster Shock series is the fifth most exciting and addictive flash game series online."
"Wow, you're a gamer! A flash gamer!"
Claire touched her naked chest, "I live and breathe flash games, kiddo."
"They're the best thing in my life, especially when I'm pigging out on junk food." He blushed when he said the last two words.
"No need to get embarrassed. I love junk food."
"You do?"

"I designed all the monsters in Monster Shock 1, 2, and 3."
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Memory....." Claire put a finger to her head as if pressing it hard enough against her skull would bring the information up to her consciousness. "Got it! You're Max Fogel!"
"Wow! You remembered my name!"
"I make it a habit to memorize all the credits of any game I happen to fall in love with."

"Not as cool as this!" Max hadn't noticed when Heather Jarvis, the fourth new arrival after Claire, had put the hose in Claire's hand that was behind her back. She whipped it out in front of her like a quick draw and sprayed his clothes with water. "Aaah!" he shouted, and realizing that he had had the front side of his clothes drenched well in a matter of one and a half seconds, he took off his shirt and pulled down his pants. "Now that's what I'm talking about," said Claire. She whistled and he grinned. "Maybe in the next game, Monster Shock 4, you can design a sexy female monster who sucks off the player's dick."

Claire bent her knees, going down on Max, and pulled down his underpants, freeing his stiff cock. Grabbing firm hold of the shaft, she jerked it up and down as she sucked on his balls, gazing up at him with attentive motherly eyes. "Oough," he groaned, running his fingers through her deep red hair. "You're amazing, uh.. forgot your name."
She fondled his balls with her right hand, while her left stroked his shaft, and kissed the area between his balls and shaft, muttering as she worked on him, "It's Claire, but call me aunt Claire."
"You're amazing, aunt Claire."
"Don't I know it."

His phone rang as Claire began riding him horseback style. She reached over to where his pants lay, wet with all the water flowing over the concrete. The phone had not been affected by the water. "Yeah?"
A stern voice addressed him, "Don' t use that tone with me, Max. It's me, your mother!"
"Oh, uh, hi, mom." He wanted to rise from his laid back position, but Claire pushed him back, continuing to pleasure his cock as she ground her juicy black pussy on it.
"Rita" his little sister, "is wondering where her scooter is, and I've just heard from Henry next door that you took it an hour ago and went into town with it. Is that true?"
He groaned as he felt the climax approaching, and without thinking he said, "I'm gonna cum, aunt Claire, get ready."
"What?" said his mother on the other side of the phone.
"Nothing, mom."
"Who's aunt Claire?"
"Could I talk to your aunt Claire?"
"Really, mom, it's okay."

Claire took the phone from him and smiled, still bobbing up and down on his cock. "Hello, Mrs. Fogel, it's me, aunt Claire. We haven't met, but I've just made your son the luckiest nephew in town because he's about to fill me, his aunt, with his yummy hot cummy."
"My goodness!"
Claire closed her eyes and began riding Max more intensely, "Oh, Mrs Fogel, your son's coming, I can feel it!" His cock stiffened and the next second, Claire's womb was rewarded with hot young spunk. "Yesss, ah, that's it.... Mmmm..." She rotated her hips over his cock, her lovely ass moving on top of his pelvis and upper thighs. "Mrs. Fogel, your adorable son just ejaculated inside of me, and I happen to be black and not on birth control. What's more? I'm a mature woman in her forties and I look forward to giving birth to Max Junior, my first born."
Max could hear his mother's scream, not from the phone, but from all the way across town. Claire leaned forward on Max, still riding his semi-hard cock, "What did you think about that? Honestly."
"That was so freaking hot. But I don't think I can handle being a dad."
"Oh, don't worry. I'll raise the kid all by myself, if that's okay with you. You can visit from time to time, whenever or never. I've been wanting a flash game maker's baby for a long time and now my wish will be fulfilled."
Max wrinkled his brow, "Okay."


Felicity Colby (thirty seven, dark brunette, brown eyes, 9.1/10) rested her hands on the hood of a pink Cadillac as father and son, John and Alistair, cock-pumped her ass and pussy, her body sandwiched between them. "God, you're better at taking cock than my wife, and you've got the hottest pussy I've ever been in," remarked John, on his back, thrusting his cock upwards into her cunt. Alistair, knees partially bent, holding onto her hips and pressure fucking her ass cried, "Dad, I'm cumming in this hot bitch! I'm, cuh....mmmouugh!" He shot a load of warm cum in her ass in three strong jets and three weaker ones. "How was that, son?" said John, ramming his cock in a workman-like way up into Felicity's motherly pussy. "For a moment there, I thought I was in heaven."
"Aren't you glad I had us take the long route home rather than the short one?"
"Now I am."

"Always listen to daddy. 'Father knows best.'" John spanked Felicity's ass as he began pumping her more vigorously, and came after two minutes of energetic thrusting. "Auugh! Fuck, that felt good," he said, groaning in ecstasy.
Felicity said, "You boys are fucking me at least three more times before I let you two go."
Father and son looked at each other and back at her. "We want to, but we've run out of fuel," said Alistair. Felicity rolled her eyes and said, "Duh, I've got a few pills in the van to make you go further."
"Okay, well, go get 'em."

Lilly Benson (forty years of age, jet black hair that only went as far as her neck, and golden brown eyes) was the palest woman in the car washing service. Kevin Fisher (23) stopped his car abruptly, almost causing the car behind his to damage its fender. My gods, he thought, standing there washing that copper brown dodge charger is the most perfect woman in the world! He studied her legs, arms, ass, and breasts, before focusing on her enchanting facial features. He whistled to himself and drove his vehicle into the car wash area, behind the car Lilly was currently hosing.
"You almost done with that one," he called to her. She turned her head to face him and smiled angelically, "Yes. I'll be right with you in a sec." He hopped out of his car and took the hose from her and finished washing off the last of the soap suds. "There. You're done."
"Wow. Someone really wants to get his car washed badly."
He eyed her hungrily, "It's not my car I'm worried about."
She arched an eyebrow at him and said, "You look like the kind of gentleman who prefers blondes."
Holding up an index finger, he replied, "Only when there aren't any gorgeously pale women like you available." He handed over more money than the set fee, and she didn't bring back any change after depositing the cash in the money box, because she knew he would've refused it.

Three milfs were soap scrubbing Kevin's Honda, as he covered Lilly with his body while she lay on her stomach. His cock head penetrated her pale pink vagina easily and she slowly wiggled her legs apart to accommodate his further insertion. When he had fully placed himself inside her, he began sliding back and forth, breathing faster on her neck as she smiled, basking in the glory of affecting a man's equilibrium in such a way. Kevin grounded his cock balls deep into her pussy, finding a rhythm and fucking her like a crazy animal.
He licked her neck and slithered his tongue around her ear. Lilly giggled. After seven minutes of pumping her, Kevin shot his cum inside her and collapsed onto the pavement, allowing the cool water to flow around his body on its way to the drain.


Gary Watts and his three dorm mates sat in his living room watching Care Bears. "If watching a kiddie show like Care Bears is our idea of fun, I might as well die right now," muttered Joe Krisp, sitting back in a recliner and twitching his toes. Eddie Breaker ruffled his inch-thick blonde hair and got up. "I'm going out to get us some pizzas. Any suggestions on the kind of pizza I should get, otherwise I'm getting four large seafood pizzas?" Ryan Hubble looked around and said, "It's unanimous: four large seafoods - I don't care."

"Before we all get addicted to Care Bears, I've just got this message on facebook. It's from one of my pals in Computer-Aided Design class. The week before last, a bunch of milfs in Gladton got together to raise money to buy clothes for the unclothed kids in Viagara. They're really into this humanitarian thing so much that they've got a nightly operation going: it's an orgy delivery service!"
All the boys completely forgot about Care Bears. Joe asked, "Seriously?" Gary nodded his head and waved his friends over so they could take a look at a facebook photo album with pictures taken from the orgies that the moms of Gladton had "delivered." The images were blurred where people were naked, but you could clearly tell everyone was crazy and the parties were out of hand (guys accidentally getting cum shots from their friends).
Ryan's eyes were wide open, "That's exactly what we need here, right now!"

An hour later, Sandra Harris led nine milfs into the dorm room. All the women were dressed in tight leather short skirts and tight-fitting t-shirts with the words "Orgy Babes" printed on the front in large bold letters.
After they had all filed into the room, Sandra said, "You said you had all eaten already, so we just brought some drinks."

Pictures from the orgy that ensued:

Snapshot 1: Sandra smiling in the way that only mature moms can and the four young men (the youngest being nineteen and the oldest twenty-two) ogling the amazing milf bodies assembled before them.

Snapshot 2: Pauline, Heather, Claire, and Samantha sitting on the carpet with Joe and Ryan who both have their lower bodies naked, showing their stiff cocks to the smiling milfs.

Snapshot 3: Gary with his hands up Sandra's skirt. Sandra is bent over on a coffee table and waving to the camera. Gary's bulge can be clearly seen.

Snapshot 4: Eddie standing behind two topless milfs (one blonde, the other with red hair) hugging them together against himself with his hands feeling their tits and nipples. One of them feigns shock while the other arcs a sexy eyebrow at him as if saying, "Yeah, that's my tit, you like it?"

Snapshot 5: Claire amazed as she stares at the two large bricks of cash she's holding - one in each hand. It appears that one of these boys must be loaded in his bank account. Ryan is thrusting his cock upwards into her pussy as she sits astride his lap on the couch. To their left, you can see Lilly getting her ass eaten out by Joe as she leans on the television still playing Care Bears.

Snapshot 6: Gary getting sandwiched by three hot naked milfs in the living room. They're clearly drunk and carefree, shaved pussies moist with one of them leaking man-juice out of her pussy.

Snapshot 7: Overall view of the room with recliners, carpet, couch, and beds being occupied by people fucking each other. Drink cans and bottles litter the entire place, but not near the fucking.

Snapshot 8: Pauline sucking on Joe's cock. He has his eyes shut while she looks up at him with his dick filling her mouth completely.

Snapshot 9: Claire getting cum-blasted by Eddie and Gary. She's pretending to fend off the white viscous jets of semen, but clearly has herself opened to receive hit after hit on her face.

Snapshot 10: Five milfs standing and applauding while the four college boys line up four moms on all fours and fuck them from behind, doggy style facing the camera, all of them with smiling faces.


The Gladton moms' efforts were being heard of far and wide in the country. Other groups and events got started as a result of what they were doing. There had always been charity groups, but none of them truly endorsed and emphasized on sexuality as the Gladton mothers. Even the President of the United States heard about their nude car washes and nightly orgy deliveries. Soon the Gladton mom's received a message from the White House, telling them that they were to be the major entertainment providers for the next official White House dinner in which many important, famous, wealthy, and powerful people would be attending. The moms of Gladton were ecstatic and quickly sent out recruitment messages so they would have a large enough group to serve entertainment at the White House dinner.

They began calling themselves "MILFs Unlimited" when the recruiting posters and messages went out. They used radio broadcasts, the Web, phone, and person-to-person encounters to let all eligible moms and/or mature babes know that they were gathering a large contingency to deliver a 'dusk till dawn' milf bash at the White House dinner.

The criteria was simple: you had to be a female, mature, milf, sexy, busty, and not a professional pornstar or had pictures of your naked self posted on the web. Women who fit this criteria, and passed a psychological profiling, were accepted into MILFs Unlimited. A total of fifty milfs were recruited which brought the total contingency of MILFs Unlimited to seventy-three. Their uniform design was white, pink, and blue t-shirts (clinging to their bodies, with no mid-riff), and a short skirt of the same color scheme. It seemed almost hilarious to outsiders looking in, but MILFs Unlimited put itself through rigorous training leading up to the big night. Any angles or positions any of them found troubling was soon tended to so that it became second nature. Lilly who never could arch herself backwards could now form a C with her body, hands and feet touching the floor.

The day came and they were all flown on first class tickets to Washington D.C. and driven to the White House, where they were given a grand tour and most of the new spare rooms that had been built into the fifth White House (Word Wars IV and V which had occured in the space of two decades had seen White Houses 3 and 4 destroyed by enemy missiles). They retired to their rooms after lunch and rested well until two hours before the dinner.

In those two hours before dinner, they went down to an emergency control room in the lowest section of the White House, a hundred feet below the surface. Government workers, military personel, and specialists/techies gaped at the barely clad women who stretched and warmed themselves up for the dinner only two hours away. Since they didn't bring any dummies to practice with, Pauline suggested that they use the people who were busy watching over the security of the greatest country on Earth. The women didn't seem to mind and the workers definitely didn't mind at all.

Before long, everyone was naked and sweaty, wrapped around one, two, three, or even four people and fucking with concentrated effort. This was just a light orgy and they needed to reserve most of their considerable sexual energy for the dinner. The senior officer gave an order that the air conditioning be turned up for at hour so they could quickly cool off before resuming their work. The milfs said their thanks for being able to "rehearse" their performance with the busy underground crew, and were told in response that they were most welcome down there any time.


The only people who weren't classified as VIPs at the White House dinner were the servants and security. The President was talking to nineteen-year-old, Academy Award winning actress Alana Page (grand-daughter of Ellen Page, long-dead great actress) when he saw MILFs Unlimited enter the room. He excused himself and shook hands with their two front women, Pauline and Sandra, also greeting the milfs standing around them.

President Ramon Vega was handsome and well-mannered. Pauline cracked a joke about being forced to speak Spanish now that he, a Latino, was in the top seat in the country. (He was the third Latino President of the United States.) But he easily brushed that aside by saying that as long as he was Head of State, American English would be the common language spoken by US citizens. (Pauline's joke was an allusion to the second Latino president, Carlton Ramirez, who endorsed an unpopular country-wide policy involving border-line mandatory Spanish classes.)

Dinner was purposefully light, and when all the socializing had been done, MILFs Unlimited was told to unleash itself. And they did.

Random photos of the dinner smuggled out of the White House:

Snapshot 1: Senators and congressmen ogling and fondling MILFs Unlimited asses and tits.

Snapshot 2: Female escorts and VIPs undressing so they can participate in the ensuing orgy without having to watch idly.

Snapshot 3: Members of MILFs Unlimited (MU) getting on tables and stripping. In the background, unfocused images of servants installing a silver metal pole.

Snapshot 4: A brunette milf sucking President Vega's magnificent thick cock, while his wife looks on with a feigned shocked expression.

Snapshot 5: The Vice President pouring a glass of wine on Pauline's spread-out pussy and licking off the spill with his tongue.

Snapshot 6: Sandra getting ass-fucked by the Secretary of State, Martha Corrigan, with a strap-on.

Snapshot 7: Lilly twisting and displaying her pale white sexy body while dancing around a pole. Servants and body guards can't help but be entranced by her movements.

Snapshot 8: Some people fucking despite cuts and bloody gashes from broken glass and champagne bottles.

Snapshot 9: Three admirals shooting their cum into a wine glass for Heather to drink. She's looking at the spurting cum with great interest, cum-thirst clearly seen in her eyes.

Snapshot 10: Claire being sandwich fucked/double penetrated on a table by a movie star and wealthy businessman.


After two months of fund-raising, MILFs Unlimited was able to purchase over four million pieces of clothing from China (the USA and China resolved their issues and concentrated on fixing the damage they'd done) and fly them over to Viagara. This helped to clothe, not only the children of Viagara, but some of the adults who happened to be running around half naked, because the shortage of clothes did not allow for some unfortunate ones to have a full set of bodily covering.

MILFs Unlimited won numerous humanitarian awards and other kinds of awards (beauty, porn, sex, depravity, etc.) and because of their fame and fortune, many more like-minded organizations were established.

As a popular t-shirt text read, "Only in the USA can you have a depraved orgy and be saving the world in the process."

God bless America (USA).


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