What you can do after you've found the perfect tool.

Slippery Saddle Bum

My name is Ed and I’m a successful forty two year old sales rep for a low profile Fortune 100 company. Instead of being a regular payroll employee, I set my own appointments and work on a strictly commission basis. I’m what is called an Independent Contractor. As such, I keep my own financial records and pay my own taxes from whatever income is left after expense deductions.

During my nineteen years in the sales field, I’ve often heard of myself being referred to as a workaholic. But lately, I’ve found myself slacking off and taking what, for a self employed individual like myself, amounts to an expensive vacation.

All through high school and college and ever since, I’ve been driven to excel at whatever I do and the positive result is that I’ve built up a substantial bankroll and also own several profitable investment properties.

Though I’ve never let it control me, I’m a man with a strong hunger for sex but because I’ve controlled that hunger, (on pride and principle, I absolutely refuse to pay for sex) it has left me a sexually undernourished man. . . . Not because I’m physically unattractive, which I’ve been sincerely told I’m not, or out of shape because I eat healthy and work out regularly. The simple truth is that my early formed work habits haven’t allowed for time to ‘slow down and smell the roses’, as the saying goes.

When I rolled out of bed this morning, I didn’t know that my sexual ‘famine’ was about to end… possibly for all time.

I’d rented a bike and was riding it on the city’s paved and, except for me, deserted bike path. Pedaling along through the peaceful park, my mind was sorting through some possible places to go tonight, to see if I could make a female connection or two, when I heard a loud WHOOSH, off to my right, that ended with a bone jarring thud, quickly followed by fairly large chunks of dirt and sod landing all around me.

Surprised by the sudden violence that had unceremoniously interrupted my sexual musings; I swerved the bike off the opposite side of the path and jumped off to see what the hell had happened.

What I saw looked like something out of a science fiction movie. There was a relatively short, deeply plowed ten to twelve foot wide groove in the grass covered earth between two huge oak trees and at the end of the groove was a large, oblong silver object with fresh dirt and all kinds of tree roots on and around it. Obviously, the large, at least century old, tree roots had helped to slow and stop the object’s forward progress.

Just like in the sci-fi movies I’d seen, it looked like some kind of space craft had crashed and had miraculously missed hitting anything but the ground… though that looked like small consolation to whoever or whatever had been inside of it because, now, it was split open and some of its contents were scattered in the grass beyond where it had hit. As I scanned the debris field, I saw a larger ‘something’ among the scattered debris that could have been its passenger but, if it was, he/she or it wasn’t moving. Whether it was morbid curiosity or an instinct to see if there was anything that I could do I don’t know but I dropped the bike and cautiously approached the impact area.

Just as I got to the mostly buried large silver object, I saw what looked like a wisp of silver smoke start rising from the larger of the scattered pieces of debris. The ‘smoke’ quickly became a large eerie puff and whatever it had been coming from simply disappeared… as if it had just vaporized. I felt the hair on the back of my neck to stand up and my first thought was, ‘What the holy HELL?!!....’

I stood there for several seconds, totally spooked by what I’d just seen and leary of moving closer. As if time was standing still, I simply stared at the empty spot where, only seconds earlier, there’d been ‘something’. The first thought that ran through my mind was “Holy shit!! This isn’t sci-fi. It’s fucking sci-fact.”

After whatever time had lapsed in the world of here and now, I was yanked out of my little time lock by the sounds of all kinds of emergency vehicle sirens going off. There was no doubt that they’d soon be converging on the scene of destruction that I was standing next to. Not wanting to be publicly interviewed as the only ‘local yokel’ who’d actually witnessed the crash, I decided that I’d better get my ass out of there before anyone showed up.

I turned to head back toward the rented bike when I saw something lying on the ground, four feet or so in front of me. It looked like some kind of thin, super fancy cell phone… or like one of the ‘communicators’ used in the Star Trek TV and movie series’. Its metallic finish glinted in the sunlight as I leaned down and picked it up. It was as light as a feather… like holding nothing. Firm to the touch, its weight was no more than that of an air filled kid’s balloon.

Surprised and mentally dazzled by its weightlessness, I stood there for two or three seconds, looking at and ‘hefting’ it, but the sound of sirens was fast approaching so I jammed the ‘phone/communicator’ in my pocket and ran to the bike. When I got to it, I jumped on and headed across the grass, directly away from the crash scene, over a rise in the landscape and down toward a thick stand of trees. Just as I reached the trees, I glimpsed the flashing lights of the first approaching vehicle. I continued into the trees and, a second later, the field of vision was blocked. No one had seen me.

I made a wide circle back to where I’d rented the bike and turned it in. The attendant asked if I knew what the sirens were all about and I told him that I didn’t… then added, “Must be a big fire or a bad accident.”

Leaving him rubber-necking the emergency vehicles, as they zoomed by and into the park, I went to my car, climbed into it and headed back to my apartment.

Shortly after I got home, all the TV news stations began reporting the “Breaking News” story of some kind of wingless craft having crashed in the park and I knew that most people would be glued to their sets for the night… waiting for the latest updates.

Some camera crews had gotten there quickly enough to record broadcast footage but the military had soon arrived and had immediately set up a perimeter so wide and secure that it became impossible for the news crews to get more. Nevertheless, the footage that they’d already shot and scampered away with, when they saw the military arriving, was showing a tube shaped, wingless craft… and that, of course, had everyone looking through the footage, frame by frame, for signs of ‘little green men’ in the debris or lurking behind the park’s trees.

Since I was the only one who’d seen the silver smoke and witnessed the complete disappearance of whatever had caused it, that spicy little tidbit would never be reported.

Still wearing the clothes that I’d had on while biking, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the thing that looked like a fancy cell phone and began inspecting it to see if I could figure out what it was and what it was used for. The silvery glint was still there, even though there was no sunlight shining on it, now, … and it still weighed nothing so I was sure that it’d come from inside the crashed vehicle.

As I turned it over in my hand, I saw that there were faint symbols etched into the lower right corner of one surface. From the way it felt and fitted my hand, the etched side seemed to be the front. (which I thought was strange because both sides were shaped the same.) Running my finger over it, the ‘etched’ corner area was actually a totally smooth surface. On closer inspection, I saw a faint line along the thin edge that went all the way around it but the preciseness of how the hair thin line fit together made me doubt that there were two pieces.

Nevertheless, if there were, there must be some way of opening it. Not seeing anything that resembled a hinge, I did what I’d seen done, hundreds of times, on Star Trek… I held the sides between my fingers and flipped my wrist. I almost dropped it when the front flipped up and open, just as Captain Kirk’s or Spock’s communicators always had. Since the entire device weighed less than nothing, I wondered what kind of mass could generate enough inertia to allow a simple flip of the wrist to swing it open, when I couldn’t get it to open with my fingers or fingernails.

It was certainly no cell phone and, as I held and closely looked it over, I realized that there was a faint vibration coming from it… as if some kind of miniaturized power generator had turned on when it opened.

When turning it, I quickly discovered that only when I looked directly at the inner surfaces could I see that there was some kind of key pad on both exposed surfaces but the slightly glowing symbols on them weren’t like anything I’d ever seen before. Strangely, when slightly turned away, the symbols disappeared and all that showed was a flat, smooth surface. The line from The Wizard of Oz popped into my head, “You’re not in Kansas anymore”. I knew that I had something here but I’ll be damned if I know what it is or what it’s for.

With all the TV news coverage about the crashed ‘alien space ship’ in the park and knowing that there wouldn’t be many people leaving their TV sets for a night on the town, it looked like it was going to be just me, Mother Thumb and her four daughters spending another evening at home.

The timing of the crash, even though it was a highly unusual event, kind of pissed me off because I’d really been looking forward to possibly getting some pussy tonight… even if it wasn’t good pussy. After all, it’d been at least three months since I’d buried my eight and a quarter inch bone in anything but my right hand. Worse yet, it’d been over a year since I’d had a woman who was actually a halfway decent fuck and nearly two years since I’d had a really good one. Unfortunately, that one happened while I was on the road. She was an extremely attractive, well built woman and we’d spent a full afternoon testing the structural limits of my Hyatt Regency hotel room bed but she was married to a local politician and was afraid of being found out so she wouldn’t agree to a repeat engagement. As sour luck would have it, she called three days later just as I was checking out to leave for another city to follow up on a sales call that’d taken me months to set up. (I’d made the sales call, made the sale and continued my life without pussy)

Kicking back in my recliner, I looked at each of the symbols on the device and saw one that resembled a backward pointing arrow and another that looked like a forward pointing one… symbols that are commonly used by anyone who’s used a computer to back up or to move forward. Not knowing what to expect, I put my finger on the backward pointing ‘arrow’.

Instantly, my surroundings became a blur. Surprised (and scared), I looked up to see what was going on and saw that I was now surrounded by some kind of halo. The blurring effect continued until I realized that I was still holding my finger against the symbol on the device. I let up and, instantly, the blurring stopped but my original surroundings were gone. Instead, I was sitting at a child’s schoolroom desk and the device in my hand seemed larger than it’d been. I looked at it and that’s when I realized that it couldn’t be MY hand that was holding it because it was a much younger and smaller looking hand. I was shocked when I traced the length of the attached arm and discovered that it was attached to ME.

Stunned, I suddenly realized that, somehow, my body had become a younger version of me. (something that I’d often fantasized about) At the same time, I realized that I was actually in a school classroom. Looking around the room, it seemed vaguely familiar but most school classrooms are just that… classrooms.

As I continued taking in my surroundings, I saw that there were other students sitting behind desks just like the one I was sitting at. Checking their faces, some looked vaguely familiar but the real surprise was when I saw two faces that were unmistakable. They were both girls that I’d been in ninth grade with and had had crushes on. Marlene was sitting to the left of me, just as she had then and Margi was a row forward, on the right. Without thinking of where I was, I loudly and clearly enunciated the words, “What the fuck??!”

Every head turned toward me and an infuriated Mrs. Green stood up and snapped, “What did you say, young man??!... and don’t you DARE repeat it! We don’t use that kind of language in this classroom. You get out of that chair, right now, and come with me. We’re going down to see Mr. Fredricks.”

‘God Damn it!!’, I thought to myself. I knew that I’d screwed up, big time, and made a silent vow to not let that happen again. I sincerely apologized to Mrs. Green but she was having none of it and repeated her command for me to come with her.

As I slid my chair back to stand, I smoothly slid the ‘device’ into my pocket. The pocket seemed too small for a loose pair of sweat pants and that’s when I realized that I was wearing clothes that I remembered having owned and worn… almost thirty years ago. A thought flashed through my mind; ‘How the hell is this possible? How could my clothes be different from when I was sitting in my recliner, when I still had that silver whatever it is in my hand?’ I checked my back pocket and there was no wallet in it. Checking further, the forty or fifty dollars in cash that I usually carry in my left front pocket wasn’t there, either.

And now I was being taken down to Mr. Fredricks’ office!? … I knew damned well that he has been dead for approximately fifteen years because I’d attended his funeral. So how could it be that I was being taken to his office? I even clearly remembered the day that he’d written and signed the third of three required character referrences, clearing me to get a State issued Concealed Weapon Carry Permit.

As I walked to the front of the room, all eyes were fixed on me. I knew that I’d better keep my mouth shut because there was nothing I could say to make anyone believe that I was really a successful forty two year old professional sales rep whose cognizance and life’s experiences were now present in my formerly fourteen year old body. If I said anything as crazy as that would sound, I’d more likely end up in some ‘understanding’ psychiatrist’s office.

As we left the classroom and started down the hallway, Mrs. Green made it clear that she wasn’t interested in hearing my sincerely stated apology and a minute later we were walking into the same school Office that I remembered from my school days. It was de je vu all over again. I could see that Mrs. Gelder was still the school secretary and that added to my confusion about what was going on because I knew that she’d been killed in a car wreck, the year before I graduated. The only thing that made sense of all this is that, somehow, I’d been transported backward in time… about twenty eight years backward.

As I waited to be ushered into the Principal’s office, I saw the wall calendar and began exploring the possibilities. If this is real, I’m just turned fourteen years old again and have knowledge of things to come that are far beyond anything that anyone in ‘this’ time could possess or believe that I do. If this is real, I have skills in dealing with and motivating people to do what I want them to do that would surpass those of just about anyone in this town and maybe the County.

Then my thoughts locked onto the subject that I’d spent most of the last few days focusing on… SEX. If I’m really fourteen again, I now know that there were a lot of girls that I could have fucked, ’back then’, had I had the experience to recognize the signals that they’d intentionally or inadvertently given me.

I’d missed those signals with Marlene and Margi because I’d been ‘in love’ and had a youth’s idealistic perception of what that meant. Way too late, when I was out of school and had more experience, I’d mentally put the pieces together and realized that I’d missed the boat by failing to recognize that those pieces had been openings and opportunities. Could it be that I have another chance at Marlene and Margi, as well as at at dozens of other girls? If so, I’m now armed with knowledge and skills that will render them defenseless against what would be subtle intrusions into their immature sexual thought processes… opening the way for my not so subtle invasion of their wet, willing vaginas.

I made up my mind that, no matter what happens when we go into Mr. Fredricks’ office, I’ll deal with it and then be a lot more careful in the future… if, in fact, there was going to be a future for me in this time.

After apologizing profusely and promising that there’d be no repeats of what I’d done, I ended up getting a lecture and a week of after school detention… a very lenient penalty, considering that I knew his original intention was to suspend me. (which would have kept me away from my first target pussy)

When I got back to the classroom I gave Mrs. Green an apologetic look and headed for my desk, near the back of the classroom. On the way, I saw that several students were trying to hide their smiles. I could see that some were laughing at me but others were smiling with admiration that I’d ‘gotten away with it’. When I saw that Marlene’s smile was one of secret admiration, I smiled back… knowing that she had no idea that she was going to be the first target to have her pussy stuffed and massaged by my abnormally thick, for a fourteen year old, seven and a half inch cock. (funny that I remember its length correctly)

Thinking about what I’d long wished that I’d done with her, I was already getting an erection so, when I sat down, I pushed it down the leg of my tight jeans and leaned back to make sure that she’d see it when I ‘wasn’t looking’.

Step one went off like clockwork because it was barely five minutes before I saw her staring at the large lump in my pant leg. She was already squirming in her seat but when I gave my cock a ‘blip’ and made it move in my pant leg, I heard a low moan escape from Marlene. When she looked up and saw that I was looking at her, I gave her a friendly, questioning smile and acted as if I wasn’t aware of what she’d been staring at. A few seconds later, I looked over and saw that her face was red but she looked relieved that I hadn’t realized what she was looking at, was thinking about or what had caused her to moan.

The rest of the day went that way. I had a vicious hard on and made sure that Marlene had plenty of ‘unobserved’ time to stare at it and think about it. From the way she kept fidgeting and shifting around in her seat, it looked like my plan was working because all her signals were screaming that she was really horny. At the end of the last period, just as we were getting ready to leave, I asked her if she was coming to tonight’s basketball game. (I knew there’d be one when I’d looked at the day calendar on the Principal’s desk and seen that it was Friday and from the main Office wall calendar that the month was January.) She smiled and almost shyly said yes. I told her that I’d be there, too, and that I’d look for her. That promise seemed to excite her because she brightly told me where she’d be sitting. I finished setting the trap by telling her to save me a seat.

After school, I went home for a snack and dinner before the game. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my mom had been one hell of a fox when she was a young woman and, before I realized it, I had a wicked hard on. As I watched her, I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll figure out a way to go back and meet her when she was younger and use my worldly savvy to fuck her a few times. Wouldn’t that be a kick… pumping a few dozen loads of cum into my mother before I was born. Hell, maybe I could become my own father!’

True to her word, Marlene had saved a seat for me. She saw me first and waved to signal where she was. I smiled up at her, climbed the bleachers and sat next to her. (RIGHT next to her, actually) I was on her right and my semi-hard cock was making a bulge in the left leg of my jeans… just as it’d been doing while our afternoon classes passed and she’d been sneaking looks at it. I could see that she was already squirming so I leaned my shoulder against hers and smiled, saying, “Thanks for saving a seat for me, Marlene.”

She smiled coyly and said, “You’re welcome, Eddie.” and squirmed some more. I could almost smell her pussy cooking up a fresh batch of lubrication for Eddie’s cock.

One of the things that I realized when I was in my thirties was that I was a very good looking kid when I was young, which was something that I’d had absolutely no awareness of at the time. Now that I’m fully aware of it and by the looks of how she’s acting, Marlene’s panties are coming off tonight.

Marlene is a very pretty girl with a superbly shaped set of medium to large hooters… firm, nicely rounded and protruding ass cheeks… a flat belly and a deep saddle between her legs that looks as if she’d been designed to provide hours of long, comfortable rides in the garden of love. If everything goes as planned, Marlene’s invitingly luscious saddle and her not quite fourteen year old pussy are going to get thoroughly broken in tonight… and, since I hate and never wear condoms, she’ll go home after the game with her pussy leaking two or three loads of ‘her new boyfriend’s’ cum.

As I’d hoped, the game was boring. It was halfway through the first quarter and none of the players, on either team, were scoring or playing well… with fouls, jump balls and time outs up the ying-yang. I decided that now would be a good time for ME to score with Marlene. I mentioned that it was really warm in here and she agreed. (she was already ‘warmed up’, which I damned well knew) I could almost feel my cock being buried and reburied in her tight, wet pussy, while I fucked her and stimulated her in ways that only a sexually skilled and knowledgeable man would know. (Besides my actual sexual experiences, I’d read a lot of sexually informative online ‘homework’, over the last twenty years… in keeping with my drive to be the Best at whatever I did.)

Fanning my face, in a show of how warm I was, I said, “Let’s go outside and cool down a little. The game isn’t worth watching, anyway, and I’m getting sweaty.” She looked nervous for a second but then eager, as she said, “Good idea. It’s too warm in here. I have to go to the girl’s room, first, and then I’ll meet you by the door next to the lunch room. Is that ok?” I agreed, tucked my jacket under my arm and stood up.

It was perfect!! The door that she’s talking about is in the opposite direction from where the girl’s bathroom is located so we’ll be walking away from each other, after we leave the bleachers. Then, to keep anyone from thinking that we’d sneaked out together, I knew that she’d take the long way around to the lunchroom door.

I made a quick piss stop in the boy’s room, wiped the pre-cum from my leaking cock with a damp paper towel and then pulled several more from the dispenser that I stuffed into my jacket pockets. (to wipe her cum and mine off ourselves and for her to stuff into her panties, when we’re finished) Then I headed for the door that I knew opened to the kitchen’s loading dock and the teacher’s/kitchen employee’s parking lot. If I remember right, a few yards beyond are a half dozen picnic tables and a stand of trees where I’ll take Marlene and convince her that it’s alright for her to let me take her panties off, bury my cock in her hot, little pussy and fuck her superbly shaped ass off.

A minute later, I saw her come around the corner (from the long way) briskly walking toward what she didn’t fully realize was certain intercourse. I stood there, intentionally giving her the impression of my nonchalance, which I knew would make her try harder at convincing me that she was ‘my girl’. When she got to the door, I disarmingly smiled at her, pushed it open and casually stepped outside. I held the door open and she followed me out.

For some reason, the parking lot’s lights weren’t turned on so there was only the light from the low wattage sodium bulb over the loading dock door. This was working out better than I’d expected. My cock was beginning to throb as I said, “Let’s go sit on one of the benches at the picnic tables over there.” (pointing)

Marlene was onboard, now, and committed to her own plan to become my girl friend. I doubted that she’d made a firm commitment to be fucked but I positively knew that she’d been thinking about it. She glanced back at the now locked door (to make sure that no one had seen her come out with me) and brightly (nervously) said, “Boy, it’s sure hot in there. It’s really nice out here, though. It got up to sixty five today and it must still be pretty close to that. There’s no wind, either, so it doesn’t feel cold… just cool... nice.”

She was wearing the red nylon jacket that she’d had in her lap, up in the bleachers, but she’d left it unzipped and pulled back far enough for her ‘torpedo’ tits to be prominently displayed. They were standing proudly out from the front of her open jacket and the yellow, finely knitted sweater that she was wearing emphasized them even more. She sounded breathless as she asked, “Where should we sit?”

I said, “Let’s sit over close to the trees so if anybody’s coming we can see them. I don’t think we’re supposed to be out here but, as long as nobody finds out…”

She said, “OK. We don’t want to get in trouble and we can always duck into the trees, if we see somebody coming.” (little did she know how the word ‘coming’ made me smile inside)

I loved the way she was thinking. One way or another, her sneaking is going to earn her a pussy full of sperm rich, egg fertilizing cum. . . . . I know that I’m much more mature, mentally, than she is and am taking advantage of her but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pass up a clear shot at fucking her the second time around… no matter how I got here.

When we got to the far picnic table, I leaned back and sat on the end of it. There was very little light from the dock’s bulb but there was enough for me to see that Marlene looked unsure of what she should do. Knowing what she wanted me to do, I casually took hold of her jacket and pulled her forward into my arms, making sure that her pelvis would be pressing against my swollen cock. I’d pushed my arms under her coat and around her waist so I could guide and hold her pussy right where I wanted it, when I was ready to. She was trembling as I leaned down and tenderly touched my lips to hers. A second later, she moaned into my mouth and threw herself into me. A split second later, she was kissing me passionately and pulling herself closer against me.

With my cock already locked, loaded and ready for action, I moved her hips slightly to my left and held my cock firmly against her ‘firing chamber’. She didn’t even try to move her pussy from where it was making indirect contact with my cock. Feverishly kissing me, she moaned into my mouth and began grinding her pussy against its new best friend. It’s a good thing that I’d jerked off in the shower and again in my room, before coming to the game, because as hard as Marlene was dry humping my cock, I’d have cum in my pants.

I let her keep ‘fucking” me for a few more seconds and then I stood, swooped one arm down under the cheeks of her fantastic ass and picked her off the ground. Still kissing her, I turned and set her down where I’d been sitting, right at the end of the table. In a fluid motion, I lifted her opened legs around my waist, lifted the short skirt she was wearing to her waist and stepped forward into her saddle. With my hands pulling on her hips, the only things between her pussy and my rock solid cock were her thin, probably soaking wet panties and the fabric of my jeans because I wasn’t wearing underwear.

When she felt the shaft of my rock hard cock pressing against her hot pussy, I felt her body stiffen as she gave me the obligatory ‘I’m a good girl, resistance’… moaning, “Oh, Eddie... I don’t think we should…” I cut her off with a soft, passionate kiss before whispering, “Relax, Marlene. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want us to be as close to each other as possible.” … and I felt her surrender.

Leaning forward, I found her mouth again and began gently kissing her. With my bone firmly pressing her panties between the now spread lips of her pussy, she groaned into my mouth. I moved up and down against her several times before I gently pushed her back on the table, stepped back and pulled her panties down over her hips.

In an auto reaction, she started to protest but I was having none of it. I moved her knees together and stripped her panties all the way down and off. She was lying on the table with her pussy at its edge so there was little that she could do to prevent the inevitable. I heard her let out a sigh of surrender and knew that it was a done deal.

She was fully expecting to be fucked but she never expected it when I opened her legs, knelt between them, buried my face in her pussy and started licking it. A quivering moan escaped from her as I ran my flattened tongue all the way up and over her clit. As I sucked, kissed and licked her cunt, her legs began to shake and quiver.

She had an almost full bush of soft, pussy juice soaked cunt hair and her pussy had a clean, sweet smell that I’d forgotten existed. She tasted so good that I eagerly made sure that I licked every last cell of its surface. She was soon lifting her pussy up to me, as if making sure that I wouldn’t miss anything… and I didn’t.

After running my fairly long tongue over and around her cunt opening for a few seconds, I stiffened it and lined up with her entrance. A loud “Ohhhhhhh!!?” came out of her mouth when I punched it into her hot, sopping wet pussy and immediately began tongue fucking her with it.

It didn’t take her long to realize that she was really enjoying what I was doing because, in less than five seconds, she opened her legs wider and pulled her knees up toward her chest….. presenting her pussy for me to kiss, suck, lick, tongue fuck or use and abuse in any way I wanted to.

While she was concentrating on me tongue fucking her sweet smelling and juicy pussy, she had no idea that I was unfastening my jeans and pushing them down off my hips. As soon as I knew that she was beyond offering any resistance, I stood up and, with my hand guiding my cock, I stepped into her and, before she could react, pushed a good four or five inches of it into her.

That brought a loud “UUHHHHHH!!”, that was followed by a louder “OW!!”, when I pulled back and drove the rest of it into her. I’d gotten it all in but just barely because the head of my cock was solidly pressed against her cervix… which I knew was what had caused her to make the second pained exclamation. Her body had stiffened and her legs had shot out but there was only air for her feet to get traction on, since they were thirty inches above the ground. I’d purposely kept her knees spread wide so she couldn’t use them to push me away and now I was holding her in place and letting her get used to having my cock inside of her. With it fully buried in her and a firm grip on her shoulders to keep her from moving away, she was squirming again… but not for the same reason that’d brought her here. With pain and near panic in her voice, she said, “Take it out, Eddie!! It hurts! Oh, my God!! It’s too big!!”

Keeping my cock firmly implanted, I held her in place, leaned down and smothered her mouth with mine. After a few seconds, I raised my head and said, “Just let yourself relax, Marlene. It’ll stop hurting in a minute. It’s probably already letting up. When it lets up some more, it’ll start feeling good and that’s when the really good part begins.” “But it’s too big. It hurts. Take it out. Pleeeease.”

I said, “I’m sorry it hurts, Marlene, but just hold on for a few more seconds. When it stops hurting and starts feeling good, you’ll see that I’m telling you the truth.”

Definitely not realizing what she was saying, she replied, “That’s what Ted said, too, but it kept hurting until it got soft and came out by itself… and his wasn’t as big as yours is.” I had to think for a minute but then I remembered who Ted was, that he’d been her older brother and that he’d graduated a couple of years ago, (in this time) when we were in the seventh grade. So he’d fucked Marlene, huh? I couldn’t blame him for doing it. She’s pretty as hell and has one hell of a body. Still, I’d never heard about it before now so her family must have kept the lid on that story… Either that or they never got caught.
I was sure that since she’d already let the cat out of the bag, she’d answer my questions about it later but, right now, I intended to give her a good long fucking. … Still, one thought struck me; ‘It’s strange that she’s complaining about it hurting, if she’s already been fucked and had her brother pumping his cum into her. I remembered Ted as being her macho acting brother but maybe he’d acted that way because he wasn’t very well hung.’

Over her already weakening protests, I pulled my cock back a couple of inches and pushed it back into her. I repeated it several more times, until I felt her physical resistance begin to fade and then I started seriously fucking her… pulling nearly all the way out and sinking it back into her tight, juicy, cock clasping cunt. After about a minute of serious fucking, she began moaning again and synchronizing the movements of her ass and pussy with my strokes into her.

I’d always had a ‘killer’s instinct’ and a ton of control when it came to fucking a woman so I knew that Marlene was in for one hell of a ride. I didn’t fuck her really hard, at first. I just steadily fucked in and out of her, savoring the delicious sensations of her pussy walls tightly surrounding and rubbing against the head of my cock and gripping the entire length of its shaft. After two or three minutes, her moaning started getting louder and she started driving her pussy up to meet me, each time I plunged back into her.

I knew that she was building to an orgasm so I turned it on strong. With my arms supporting her thighs, I took a firm grip on her hips and began driving my cock in and out of her tight, juicy cunt. I fucked her unmercifully for another full minute before she drove her cunt up to me and let out a long, loud wail. “AhhhhheeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhh”

I continued viciously fucking her until I felt her hot cum gush out onto my balls and that’s when I let loose in her… firing wad after wad of hot cum directly against her vibrating cervix. As an experienced man taking advantage of a kid, I felt guilty but, God Damn! .. it felt so good and she was obviously loving the hell out of it. I stayed inside of her until the very last contraction of my cock had forced its entire liquid cargo into her.

When I was finished, I moved back, slightly, and let my cock slowly slide out of her. I felt her pussy trying to keep it from coming out but when it did, she gave a low, disappointed groan.

I pulled her up until she was sitting on the end of the table, wrapped my arms around her and gave her a long, tender kiss. When I broke the kiss, I said, “That was beautiful, Marlene. You have no idea how many….. how long I’ve wished that I could make love to you like that.” (I’d almost said ‘how many years I’ve wished I’d done this to you’.)

Clinging to me like a nearly fourteen year old girl who’d just had her brains fucked out, she kissed me and said, “I really liked doing it. I’ve never had a feeling like that before. Everything was shaking but it felt good.”

I said, “It felt better than good, for me. It was fantastic.”

“For me, too.” she said, hugging me tightly against her.

After I’d wiped my cock and given her some of the paper towels to wipe her cum dripping pussy, I sat down at the picnic table and waited for her to finish. I said, “Don’t put your panties back on, Marlene. It feels so good inside of you that I want to do it again, in a few minutes.” She didn’t say anything but I saw that when she picked her panties up, she shoved them in her jacket pocket. Folding and tucking one of the towels between her legs, she sat down next to me. I put my arm around her, pulled her close and kissed her. She let out a contented moan into my mouth and wrapped her arms around me.

When I stopped kissing her, I pulled back a little and softly asked, “Did you really like it, Marlene?”

“Yes” she whispered.

“So did I.” I said and hugged her against me.

She said, “It’s big and it hurt when you first put it in but, after you started doing it to me, it stopped hurting and then it started to feel really good… especially just before we stopped. It felt so good I thought I was going to die. Did I have an orgasm?”

“You sure did, Marlene, … a really good one, too… and so did I.”

In a soft voice, she said, “I’ve never felt anything like that, before. Does it always feel like that?”

I said, “Sometimes they feel better and sometimes not as good but they always feel good.”

She said, “I want to have a lot of them, then.” I kissed her mouth and said, “You will… lots and lots of them. A whole lifetime…” She snuggled against me and gave a little shiver.

I figured now was the best time to bring it up so I moved slightly away and asked her when Ted had fucked her, the first time. She stiffened and I knew that she was embarrassed but after a little coaxing and reassurance that her secret was safe, she quietly told me that she’d promised to never tell anybody about it but that it was when she was eight and it had only happened once. I looked at her and said, “Well, you’ve already told me and now I know that he did it to you so you might as well tell me the rest. Don’t worry, Marlene. I won’t ever tell anybody. I promise.”

She started crying and said, “He only did it to me one time but now you know he did so you won’t like me anymore.”

I pulled her close, kissed her forehead and said, “Was it your fault that he fucked you?”

She said, “No, but he did and now you know.”

In a soft voice, I said, “Marlene, there’s nothing wrong with letting your brother fuck you, if you both want to. And it’s sure not your fault, if he made you do it… so just tell me. I already know he did and I’m still here so doesn’t that tell you that I still like you?”

She sniffled and said, “Really? You still like me even when you know that my brother fucked me and shot his stuff in me?”

I kissed her and softly said, “Yes, Marlene. I still like you… so tell me how it happened.”

She looked at me for a long moment and then asked, “Why would you still like a girl whose brother has done it to her?”

I said, “Because it doesn’t matter. Lots of brothers and sisters do it with each other, don’t you know that? They just keep it a secret, like you did, so nobody knows they’re doing it. I’m sure you’ve read or heard Bible stories about brothers and sisters lying down with each other and begetting this kid and that kid… which means that they had sex with each other and made babies. Who do you think fucked Adam and Eve’s daughters and made them have babies? Adam, their dad, and their brothers did. Sex is a natural act so there’s nothing wrong with it. In today’s world, it’s a societal no-no so nobody admits to it but in real life, a lot of brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters and mothers and sons have sex with each other and they always will. . . . Who knows… maybe someday, you’re kids will, too.”

I continued, “There are a lot of girls who let their father or their brother fuck them because they love him and because they trust him to not tell anybody. That way they can be having sex and still have a good reputation, just like you do and like you’ll keep having, and no one has to know about it.

In a matter of fact voice, I continued, “There must be over four hundred girls in Jr. and Sr. high and I’ll bet close to a hundred of them have had sex with either their father or their brother… probably more… You can bet you’re not the only girl in our class who’s been fucked by her brother or father. They keep quiet about it, just like you do, so everybody thinks they’re nice girls and, guess what…. They are. But when they get home, all those nice girls can’t wait to get their panties off so their Uncle, their father or brother can slide his cock into their pussy and fuck them. That doesn’t mean that they’re not nice girls, either… because you’re a nice girl, aren’t you?... even though you’ve been fucked by your brother and you just let me fuck you. There’s nothing wrong with having sex, Marilyn. It’s natural. When a girl’s pussy wants a cock in it, it doesn’t matter if the cock belongs to her brother or her father. It just wants one. And, if you’re completely honest with yourself, you’ll admit that there’ve been times when you’ve remembered what Ted did and wondered what it’d be like to do it again.” Marlene didn’t say anything. I kissed her again… looked at her and said, “See? . . . Now tell me what and how it happened, Marlene.”

After a long pause, she took a deep breath and started. “It happened just after I was eight. I’d already started getting breasts and, one day, Mom and Dad left us to clean our rooms while Dad went to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned and then take Mom grocery shopping. I think Ted was around fifteen and he’d finished cleaning his room, real fast, so he came in and helped me with mine. When we were done, he started teasing me about my breasts. Then he stopped teasing me and said he wanted to look at them to see what they looked like. I didn’t think it was wrong so I unbuttoned my dress and let him look. He asked if he could touch them and I let him do that, too.

Then he asked if he could see my pussy. I knew that was wrong and said no but he took my dress off and made me lay down on my bed. Then he took my panties off and looked at it anyway. He held me down on my bed and wouldn’t let me get up. He said that if I wanted to, he’d let me see his ‘thing’, too. Since he’d seen mine, I said okay and he took all his clothes off. I remember his thing… his cock was a lot smaller than yours is but it was sticking straight out. I asked him why it was sticking out like that and he told me that it needed to go in a warm place to make it go soft. Then he climbed on my bed and held me down while he pushed my legs open.

I didn’t know what he was going to do when he got between my legs but he started rubbing his thing up and down in my pussy. Slippery stuff was coming out of his thing, it was sliding easily, it didn’t hurt and I knew he liked it so I let him keep doing it. After a few minutes, he started making a groaning sound and a lot of slippery stuff started shooting out of it. Real quick, Ted grabbed hold of it, held it against my hole and rammed it in me. His stuff was real slippery and I didn’t expect his thing to go inside of me so when he shoved hard like that, it went inside of me and he shot most of his stuff inside of me, too. He only had about half of his thing… his cock… inside of me but it hurt awful and I started crying. After he stopped squirting, his cock got soft and came out but I knew a lot of his slippery stuff was still inside of me.”

Without looking at me, Marlene took a deep breath and then continued telling me what had happened. “Then he laid down on me. I told him that he was heavy and to get off but he only raised up a little bit and kept me under him. After a few minutes, I felt his thing getting hard again and then he put his hand down between us. I felt him moving his thing around until he found my hole and the next thing I knew, he was putting it back inside of me. I couldn’t stop him and then he had it all the way inside of me and he was doing it to me. I was crying really hard but he didn’t stop. He just kept doing it to me for a long time and then he started doing it really fast until he made a funny noise, pushed in hard and stopped moving and I felt a bunch more of his slippery stuff going in me. Then he was just laying on me really heavy but I could tell that his thing wasn’t hurting me as much as it was before. Then it came out, like it did the first time. It took a while before a whole bunch of his stuff started running out of me. I think because he was all the way inside me and put it in deeper that time. I was scared and wanted to go to the bathroom but he made me stay in bed with him. A few minutes later, his thing started getting hard again and I started crying but he put it back inside of me and did it to me again.

That time, he did it to me for a really long time before he put more of his stuff in me and then it got soft, just like the other times. I didn’t cry very long, that time, though, because it wasn’t hurting bad, anymore, so just laid there while he did it to me until he squirted a bunch more of his stuff in me. That’s when he kissed me on the mouth and told me that he loved me. He told me that I made his cock feel good when it was inside of me. He made me promise not to tell Mom and Dad what he’d done and I did. Then he made me promise to let him do it to me again, at night, after Mom and Dad went to bed. It hadn’t hurt much, that time, so I promised to let him.”

Marlene took another deep breath and then looked up at me, clearly afraid of what she might see. I smiled reassuringly, hugged her tight and kissed her, saying “And did you?” “Yes… the next two times, I let him. We both went to the bathroom and I watched him pee in the toilet. When he was done, he wanted to watch me pee, too. While I was peeing, I looked down at my pussy and saw a lot of his white stuff coming out of me. When I was finished peeing, Ted’s thing was starting to get hard again. He told me to get back up on the bed. When I did, he told me to spread my legs and hold my pussy up for him. I did and then he made me watch it go in me. When it was all in, he let himself down on me and started doing it to me again. That time, he did it to me for a REALLY long time before he squirted more of his stuff in me. When we got up, he said that we had to go take a shower and make up my bed because Mom and Dad would be home pretty soon.

After we were done in the shower, he pulled the sheets off my bed and put them in a kitchen trash bag he had in his room. While I got clean sheets and made the bed, he took the bag with the sheets in it and hid it in his closet. He said he’d wash and dry them later, when there was enough time for them to dry, because there wasn’t enough time to get it done before mom and dad got home. He said we didn’t want to have to explain why we were washing my sheets. I knew he was afraid they’d find out what we’d been doing.”

She paused to look at me and before she could say anything more, I interjected, “You said ‘what WE were doing’, TWICE. Are you saying that you were doing it, too?”

Leaning against me and thinking about what I’d asked, she said, “Yeah, I guess I am…. His thing felt good, when he had it in me, the last two times and I liked it so I remember I started doing it, too.”

I smiled and said, “O.K. That’s natural. So what happened after that?”

Marlene took another long breath and continued, “We could see our driveway from my bedroom window so he made me take my panties off and lay sideways on the bed, with my legs hanging off the edge. He pulled his shorts down and lifted my legs up high, by his shoulders. Then he pushed his thing inside of me again and just kept doing it to me until he saw Mom and Dad coming up the driveway. He pulled it out, real quick, and told me they were home and to put my panties back on. Then he straightened the bed. While he was doing that, he made me promise again to not say anything about what we’d been doing. I promised and he kissed me before he ran downstairs and turned the TV on.”

“After he was gone, the outside of my pussy was sore but it didn’t hurt inside… It just felt kind of funny, almost like it did while he was doing it to me. I could tell that there was still a lot of his slippery stuff up inside of me and then I felt a lot of it come out into my panties. I took them off and put on clean ones. I threw the dirty pair in the bathroom clothes hamper and went downstairs. While they were bringing the groceries in, I felt more of it come out of me so I ran back upstairs to put on another pair of panties and threw those dirty one in the hamper, too.”

“After we had lunch, mom said she had to do the laundry and went upstairs to get it. She was only up there for a couple of minutes when she called me upstairs. When I got there, she was standing by the bathroom door holding my two pair of panties in her hand. She didn’t say anything but she looked madder than I’d ever seen her look. She pointed for me to go inside the bathroom, then she came in and closed the door. She turned my dirty panties inside out and showed me that they had a lot of Ted’s slippery stuff in them. She asked me if Ted had put his thing inside of me while they were gone and the way she was looking at me, I was afraid to lie so I told her the truth. I was really scared when she made me get undressed and lay down on the floor but she told me not to be scared and that all she wanted to do was look at me and make sure that I hadn’t been hurt bad. I told her that it only hurt bad the first time he put it in me and she just looked at me.

Then she asked me how many times he did it to me and I told her five but that he only put his white stuff inside of me four times because he stopped doing it to me the last time when he saw them coming up the driveway. The way she looked at me, I wasn’t sure that she believed me so I told her that he was doing it to me while I was on the bed and he was standing up, the last time, so he could watch out my window. I told her that when he saw the car he pulled it out of me and told me to hurry up and get my panties on. He straightened my bed and made me promise not to tell her or Dad what he did. Then he ran downstairs and turned the TV on.”

“She picked up the pair that I’d just taken off and showed me that they had a whole bunch more of his stuff in them. She asked me if that day had been the only time he’d done it to me and I told her yes. And then I told her that he said that, from now on, he’s going to come in my room and do it to me at night, after she and Dad went to bed. She said, “He’s never going to do it to you again, Marlene, but I want you to promise me that you’ll tell me if he does or if he tries to make you let him.”

“I was relieved that I wasn’t going to be punished and promised her that I’d tell her if he did it to me.

She said, “I want you to tell me if he tries to get you to let him do it, too, even if he doesn’t do it to you.”… and I promised.”

Then she got down on her knees and, when she looked between my legs, she reached over for some toilet paper. She held it by my pussy and told me to push down from the inside. When I did, she whispered, “Oh, My God.” and wiped my pussy with the toilet paper. It had a whole bunch more of Ted’s stuff on it. She got more paper and told me to push again but I told her that it made my stomach muscles hurt because I’d been squeezing Ted’s thing and pushing down for a long time, while Ted was doing it to me. She looked at me funny and then told me to get into the bathtub. She told me to wait and she’d be back in a minute. When she came back, she had a box that had plastic bottles with watery stuff in them. She took the cap off of one of them and put on another cap that had a small tube shaped end on it. Then she told me to face her and spread my legs wide. When I did, she pushed the tube up inside of me and started squeezing the bottle. I felt the stuff in the bottle going up inside of me and then it started coming back out. When the bottle was empty, she got another one and did it again. When that one was empty, she said that it looked like she’d gotten most of Ted’s stuff out of me. She told me to take a shower and then go in my room and stay there until she came and got me.

After my shower, I went to my room. That’s when I saw that there was white stuff on the floor next to the bed where Ted had been doing it to me. I pulled the cover down and the edge of the bed had a bunch more. I knew that it had run out of me while he was doing it to me so I got some tissues and wiped it all up and then I took them into the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet. I just got back in my room when I heard a loud snap and Ted start screaming and crying real loud. I heard Dad yelling and calling him a rotten little bastard and then a whole lot more loud snaps. Ted just kept screaming and crying. Finally, the loud snapping sounds stopped but I heard more loud yelling from Dad. The last thing he yelled at Ted was ‘If you ever touch your sister again, I promise you that it’ll be the last day of your life. Now you stay standing right where you are, in case I decide to give you some more to make damned sure you remember what I just said.’ Then I heard one more extra loud snap and Ted’s scream of agony. After that, all I heard was Ted crying and he cried for a long time. I don’t know how long it was but it was a long time later when I heard him come up the stairs and go into his room.

He was still crying when Mom came into my room and signaled for me to come out. I was scared shitless… afraid I was going to get what Ted got but I followed her downstairs. When we got down, I saw Dad sitting at the kitchen table with his head down on his arms. I could see that he was crying but not making any noise. I’d never heard him yell at any of us and never known that he cried, too, but he was, that time.

Mom whispered to me to come and sit next to her on the couch. When I did, she asked me if I felt alright inside. I told her that I felt alright but the outside of my pussy was sore where Ted’s thing was going inside of me. She said that she was sorry about what’d happened but there wasn’t any way to undo what Ted had done to me. She told me that the soreness would go away in a couple of days and then she made me look at her while she looked back and told me to never say a word to anyone about anything that’d happened that day… including Ted’s screaming and crying. She said telling wouldn’t change what’d happened and that it’d be better and a lot easier for me if we were the only ones who ever knew. … That’s it. Ted never tried to do it to me again and nobody ever said anything about that day again… until I just did. I feel stupid.”

Still holding her in my arms, I said, “You’re not stupid, Marlene. You just forgot for a second when I was hurting you like he did that first time. I’m glad it was me and not somebody else that you said it to, though. There are too many people who like to use that kind of information to hurt people by telling their darkest secrets… especially kids. You’re secret is safe with me. I promise.”

She hugged herself against me and we kissed each other. When she let up, I said, “Tell me one last secret, Marlene, and it doesn’t matter what your answer is, OK? Have you ever kind of wished you could have Ted do it to you again?”

She looked at me for a long time, her eyes searching for any sign of betrayal. Finally, she whispered, “Yes.”

I kissed her and said, “Thank you for being honest with me, Marlene. I think that’s exactly what you should do. If you can work it out with Ted and he fucks you, you’ll know whether it was worth it or not. The wondering will be over. If you do, you can tell me or not tell me but it won’t matter to me, either way.”

She snuggled into my shoulder and said, “I told you the truth because I trust you…. but I wouldn’t know how to bring it up to Ted… not after what Dad did to him. He has strap marks all over his backside.”

I said, “Just find a way to do it that guarantees he won’t get into trouble. All you have to do is make sure it’s in a safe place and then keep quiet about it, afterward.”

With a thoughtful look on her face, she said, “He has his own apartment, now, so we could do it there without anybody knowing about it… and it wouldn’t be like it was his idea so maybe, if I go there and tell him that I want him to and promise that I’ll never tell anybody, he’ll do it. He knows why we got caught, the first time, because Dad showed him my panties so he wasn’t mad at me, afterward.”

I looked at her and smiled. “Go see Ted and let me know what happens, Marlene.”

In a meek voice, she said, “I will… but, even if he does, I still want you to do it to me.”

I grinned at her and said, “You can count on it.”

With a whorish look on her face, she grinned back at me and said, “And you can count on me letting you.”

I said, “Now that that’s out of the way, will you tell me just a couple more truths?”

She pulled back to look at me and asked, “What kind of truths?”

“True answers to questions…. The first question is: Did you like it when I was fucking you?”

She pushed against my shoulders and laughed out loud. “What do you think?”

I put a blank look on my face and said, “I’m not sure, that’s why I’m asking.”

Still laughing, she pulled herself against me and said, “I loved it! … Not at first but, after it stopped hurting, I never wanted you to stop.”

I said, “From the way that you were fucking me back and how hard you were cumming that sounds like the truth. Now here’s one more question. Do you want me to fuck you again, now?”

She didn’t laugh, that time. Instead, she kissed me and said, “You can fuck me any time you want to, Eddie. I loved how it felt when your cock was going in and out of me. It felt so good it was driving me up the wall.”

“Then you’d better get that paper towel out from between your legs because I can’t wait to have that tight, beautiful pussy of yours wrapped around my cock again. … And, just out of curiosity, were you squeezing Ted’s cock that way while he was fucking you?”

“Not the first time, but I think I did after that. There wasn’t much pain, those times, so I was just feeling it going in and out. Then it started feeling kind of good and my pussy squeezed down on his… his cock, so I could keep feeling that good feeling.”

In a serious tone, I said, “Make sure you fuck him good, Marlene. He deserves it, after what you said happened to him… especially now that you know you liked it and secretly wanted more.”

“I will, Eddie, and I’ll tell you afterward, too… even if I like it and want to keep doing it.”

“That’ll be alright with me, Marlene. Just save some of your fine pussy for me because I want to keep fucking you, just like I’m going to right now.”

While I was sliding my cock up into her tight, cum lubricated cunt, her body shuddered, as she had a mini orgasm. After getting her long kept secret ‘out in the open’ and, with my encouragement, having decided that she was going to go to Ted’s apartment and ask him to fuck her again, she was clearly turned on to having sex with the trusted sharer of her darkest secret and of her secret desire. She fucked me like a wanton sex maniac for the next twenty minutes, until I had a massive orgasm and blew shot after shot of cum up into her tight, cock strangling cunt. When she felt the first wad go in, she started cumming so hard that she soaked the entire front of me, from my pelvis to my feet.

When we walked around to the front of the building, the game had evidently just ended because people were filing out to leave and others were milling around in an effort to get to where someone else they knew was standing. We were already outside so Marlene and I quickly blended in with the crowd.

I’d promised her that no one would ever hear a word about our picnic area activities from me and she’d looked at me and said, “I almost don’t care if everybody knows about it. I can’t wait for us to do it again.” We exchanged phone numbers and that’s when I was thankful that my parents had never changed their number because I’d have looked stupid for not knowing it.

A few minutes later, her mom pulled up and Marlene got in… but not before looking at me and giving me a relieved and happy smile. I smiled back, knowing that having finally shared what had happened between her and Ted with someone she could trust had taken a huge burden from her. I had the feeling that having openly admitted, to me and to herself, that she wanted to have sex with him again was probably another great psychological relief. If she did, I knew that she’d tell me how it went. As their car pulled away, I silently wished her good luck.

Suddenly, I realized that I had a twenty eight year old memory of what had taken place, tonight… and that I was also getting flashbacks memories of things that I knew hadn’t happened in my first life… like having made both Marlene and Margi pregnant… Margi when we were in ninth grade and Marlene in the tenth. The next thought that flashed through my mind was, ‘Uh ohhhhhhhhh’.
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My brother is a mean bastard and a wife beater. I lived close so Darlene frequently came over to get away and hide from him. One night she arrived wearing only a short sheer nitie with no panties. She has a very fine body and while she was trying to cover her boobs, I could see the dark hair on her pussy. I couldn't help getting a wicked hard on, which is more than 3'' longer and a lot thicker than my brother's is. Darlene was bleeding from a cut over the eye and, as I was patching it up, she shifted and we made contact. She looked down and saw my bulge and looked back up at me. Her eyes said what she was thinking and I knew that she was fed up with my brother's shit. The only words spoken were by Darlene, when she said, ''Oh, my God!'' as my cock filled her hot tight cunt with cum. She got divorced from my brother and comes over for me to fuck her. She cums when she sucks me off and I'm cumming in her mouth. She swears that mine is the only cock that she's ever sucked.

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My sister was 22 when she got divorced and moved in with me 'for a while'. Three months later I walked in and saw her masturbating, while watching a movie. She has one hell of a body and I pulled my cock out and was jerking off, while watching her, until she started moaning... saying MY NAME... and then saying, ''I WISH YOU'D DRIVE YOUR BIG BROTHER COCK INTO YOUR BABY SISTER'S HOT LITTLE PUSSY AND FUCK ME!!
She didn't know I was there until I stepped in front of her with my raging hard on and told her to suck on it and get it wet so I could fuck it into her. She later told me that she'd wanted me to fuck her from the time she was 11 and said I could have fucked her two best friends, too. She's 29 and we have four kids, now.

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