My name is Rich and it started a couple of days after I turned thirteen. I was always horny like most teenagers and my cock was eight inches long. I jerked off like ten times a day it seemed. I was in my room on a Saturday morning and thinking about starting my morning jerk off session when I heard mom and dad laughing and giggling.

They had been in the kitchen earlier but I heard them coming down the hall. From the way they were acting I knew they were going to fool around. Right after they passed the door, dad’s cell went off and I heard him answer it. I moved to the door to follow and listen as they had sex so I heard dad on his cell. When he hung up I heard him tell mom, “I have to go into the office.”

Mom groaned, “Right now?”

Dad laughed, “Maybe a quickie?”

They giggled and ran down the hall. I waited and then followed to put my ear to the door. I listened but couldn’t really hear what they were saying. Then I heard the bed and mom’s loud moan and cries. I was rubbing my hard cock through my sleeping pants as I listened to dad fucking her and then it was quiet, I turned and ran softly to my room. I had just started to close the door when their door opened and I heard dad, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours. I’m sorry honey.”

He walked quickly down the hall and I opened my door to look back at their bedroom door. My eyes opened wide when I saw it still open and heard dad closing the front door. I ran to the door quietly and looked in to see mom on the bed. She was facing away from me on her stomach. Her legs were spread and she was fingering her clit. I looked towards her head and saw the blindfold.

Something happened then, I shuddered and quietly dropped my sleeping pants and walked to the bed behind her. I moved onto the bed between her legs. She groaned, “Decided to finish me?”

I didn’t hesitate, I positioned my cock and pushed into her cummy pussy. She shuddered and spread her legs as she pushed back at me. I fucked into her nice and deep and just kept going. She was shaking and thrusting her butt back at me. The feel of her warm, silky pussy as I fucked into her deeply was amazing. It didn’t take me long and then I was shoving into her as deep as I could and pressing against her womb.

I spewed a huge, gushing spurt of cum that seemed pull at my balls and then I did it again and again, I pump six loads of cum before I finished. She was moaning and shuddering hard as I softly kissed the back of her neck and pulled out and moved off the bed. I grabbed my sleeping pants and snuck back to my room. After that I jacked off every time I could, remembering how her pussy had felt.

It was two weeks later, mom had gone out for a doctor’s appointment and dad was making plans for our summer trip. When she came in it was late afternoon, she was quiet as she made dinner and I could tell something was wrong. During dinner she finally broke, she put her fork down and looked at dad, “I’m pregnant.”

Dad was shocked, “What! How?”

He started getting red in the face, “You cheated…”

She was shaking her head, “NO! I don’t know how it happened!”

I knew right then that if I didn’t say something… Dad was angry and mom was frightened. I cleared my throat, “it was me.”

They both looked at me and mom blurted, “What! How…”

I was red faced and kept looking at the table, “I was horny. You and dad were going to your room and I heard dad say he had to go to work. I heard you having sex and then dad left. Your door was open and you were… touching yourself. You had a blindfold on and…”

Mom groaned, “That was you!”

Dad looked from me to mom. She stood up, “don’t you go anywhere!”

She looked at dad, “We need to talk about this.”

I just knew I was going to be kicked out, maybe sent to juvy. I looked at dinner and stood to put everything in the sink before cleaning up. I went to my room to wait for whatever they decided to do. It was a couple of hours before mom came for me. She stood in the doorway, “Put all your clothes on the bed.”

That was it and I was shaking as I did as she told me. She waited and watched until I was done. She nodded to me, “Wrap it up and bring it.”

I just knew she was going to throw me out and I deserved it. I wrapped the blanket around everything and picked it up. When I walked out the door to follow her, she turned towards her bedroom. I didn’t know what to think as she led me into her room. Dad was sitting in her chair reading a book and didn’t look up. Mom led me to their walk in closet and pointed to one corner that looked bare, “Put your clothes there.”

I looked at mom, “But…”

She pointed to the corner, “We’ll talk when you are done.”

My mind was whirling but came up with no answers. It wasn’t long before I finished and she led me back to the bed in the other room, “Sit down.”

I looked at dad and then sat, mom tilted my head so I was looking at her, “You did the deed and now you will pay the price. Your grandfathers stocks are paying dividends, from now on you will put in as much as your father to the household accounts. You will take turns with your father in paying the bills and doing the chores, we aren’t going to tell you to do your chores. You are responsible for your own chores now. From now on you are my husband.”

I glanced at dad and he was smiling slightly. Mom turned my head to look at her, “Your father is my husband too. You will help me through this pregnancy. You will go to any doctor visits with me. You will be there when it is born. You will be its father and I will be its mother.”

She took a breath and glanced at dad, “You will be my husband in all ways Rich. We will sleep together and you will share me with your father.”

I looked at dad unsure, “Share?”

Mom laughed, “Make love, couple, fuck. You and your father will share me.”

I opened my mouth and then looked at dad, “Dad?”

He laughed, “Don’t look at me. You fucked the baby into her. Take your punishment, she’s a horny bitch.”

I looked at mom and she stood me up before starting to undress me. She stepped back and undressed to stand in front of me, “Is this what you wanted to see?”

I nodded as I stared at her stunning body. She laughed and caressed me, “God you make me wet. Come shower with me.”

I looked at dad and he sighed, “Rich, you can stop looking at me every time you aren’t sure. Your mother is now your wife too.”

I looked at mom and hesitantly took her hand as she led me into the bathroom. She started the shower and sat on the toilet to pee. I grinned and she laughed before wiping and then pulling me into the shower. She handed me the wash cloth and I started washing her. I took my time afraid I would never get another chance.

I loved cupping her firm breasts. When I caressed down to her pussy, she actually spread her legs so I could feel her better. She leaned against me and shuddered as my fingers rubbed her clit. “Oh baby!”

I held her naked body against mine as I fingered her. She shivered and her hips pushed against my hand as I slipped a finger up inside her. She kissed me and pulled away slowly before shutting the water off. She pulled me out and handed me a towel to dry off. After we were dry, she took my hand and led me back into the bedroom.

Dad was gone and mom smiled as she led me to the bed. She kissed me and moved onto the bed, “This time I know it is you. Lick my pussy honey.”

I smiled and followed her, moving between her legs and leaning down to cover her clit with my mouth. I sucked and teased her clit with my tongue and she shuddered. I liked the taste and licked through her pussy before nibbling on her labia and then her clit. Mom jerked at that and shuddered hard as I pushed my tongue into her pussy. I went back to teasing her clit and she moaned and started bucking, “Yes!”

She finally laughed and covered her pussy, “Come fuck me baby.”

Those were words I had only dreamed of hearing. I moved up her body and pushed my cock into her slippery pussy slowly. She shuddered as my cock pushed into her and I started fucking her. She held me and started meeting my thrusts. Slowly we began to go faster and harder with me pressing hard against her groin. She finally jerked and shuddered violently as I shoved into her and spurted strong jets of cum against her womb.

I jerked and shuddered as I tried to stay deep inside her and she was bucking and thrashing around as she felt the warm cum pumping into her. I sighed and shivered when I stopped cumming and she laughed and shook me, “That was great honey.”

I kissed her and pulled out before hesitating and then moving and rolling her onto her stomach. Mom giggled as she lifted her butt, “Fuck me Rich.”

I straddled her legs and pushed into her messy pussy. I held her hips as I began to fuck her slow and deep. The walls of her slimy pussy contracted around my cock each time I thrust into her. She started shaking and trembling before suddenly jerking and spasming as she screamed, “YES!”

I buried my cock deep inside her as she jerked and thrashed around. I waited until she calmed down and then went back to long, deep thrusts that made her grunt and shake. Her pussy felt amazing as I fucked her slowly, enjoying the way it squeezed my cock. I finally fucked her harder and she started jerking and spasming, “Fuck! Yes!”

I grinned and buried my cock and held her until she stopped shuddering. I pulled out and put her on her back before moving between her legs. I pushed into her and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Mom was grunting and holding me as I kissed her and buried my cock.

I was pumping spurts of cum into her again and she jerked and began shuddering. When I finished she smiled and caressed my face, “Thanks honey.”

I slowly pulled out and lay next to her and she caressed my shoulder, “Now you know.”

I looked at her and caressed her face before she slid out of bed and walked to the door and called dad. When she came back she crawled under the blankets and I hesitated before doing the same thing. Dad came in and turned the light off before coming to bed. I felt him moving and mom sighed. The bed started moving and I grinned as I realized dad was fucking her.

Mom groaned and I turned to caress her bare shoulder as she shuddered. She laughed and dad groaned before fucking her harder. It wasn’t long before she became rigid and screamed, “HONEY!”

Dad grunted and started jabbing into her, “I’m cumming!”

She jerked and spasmed as she tossed her head. When they relaxed, dad moved off her and she sighed before turning to snuggle against him. She looked back at me and reached out to pull me close behind her. I hesitantly put my hand on her hip and she laughed and pulled it over her to cup her firm breast.

I woke up as the bed moved and looked at dad. He smiled and nodded to mom so I took my hand off her. Dad shook his head and whispered, “You do her ass.”

I looked from him to mom and dad pulled on her and she sleepily went with him until she was straddling him. She shuddered as dad slowly thrust up and I hesitated before moving around behind her. I was straddling his legs as I looked down to see his cock almost buried inside her. She was really slimy and I moved closer to rub her ass.

She groaned and pushed back and I grinned before positioning my cock. I started off slow with short thrusts and mom began pushing back. When my cock pushed into her ass it was amazing. I could feel dad’s cock in her pussy and she shuddered hard, “You two really know what I like.”

He laughed and hugged her as I pulled out and slowly pushed back into her. It wasn’t long before Dad and I were a team. I pushed in and he pulled out, he pushed in and I pulled out. Mom was jerking and twitching and I felt her ass tighten and squeeze my cock several times. Dad finally groaned, “I’m almost ready Rich!”

We both fucked mom hard then and a minute later we were holding her as we spurted and spewed huge morning loads of cum. She bucked and thrashed around between us as she screamed, “I… LLOOOVVVVEEEE… IIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!”

I sighed when I stopped and slowly sat back and pulled out of her. She laughed and kissed dad before looking back at me with a grin, “Good morning my new husband.”

I smiled, “Good morning.”

She moved off dad and grinned as she started leaking from both holes, “I think we better wash first.”

Dad nudged me and we followed her into the bathroom. Mom was between us in the shower and we kept feeling her until she laughed and pushed dad towards the door, “you need to call the dude ranch and change the reservations.”

I looked at him and he was nodding as he turned to leave, “Yeah, we don’t really need two rooms, just one large bed.”

She caressed my chest before kissing me and getting out. I had to change some stuff so the dividends would come to me instead of rolling back into the company. The morning was spent packing and then we were driving to the airport. Mom sat between dad and me on the flight and she leaned against my shoulder to nap.

The ranch sent a van to pick us up and bring us out. The ranch was huge with a lot of horses. Our room was a cabin with a big bed and bathroom that had a shower. We had lunch and then went over riding horses. Luckily we already knew how to ride and just had to show it. Our three horses seemed nice and we rode around a bit before brushing them and putting them back in the corral. Mom grinned at dad, “I need a quickie.”

He laughed and nodded to me, “this is your honeymoon.”

Mom laughed and reached for my hand, “come on Rich.”

I grinned and let her pull me back to our cabin. As soon as the door was closed she was undressing and I was too. I followed her onto the bed and grinned as I pushed her back and moved down to her pussy as she spread her legs. I licked and then began nibbling on her inner lips and then attacked her clit.

She jerked and shuddered and bucked and finally covered her mouth as she screamed. I moved up her body and entered her slippery pussy slowly as she put her arms around me, “Hard baby.”

I kissed her and began to fuck her with long, hard thrusts. She kept shaking and jerking as I fucked her and I finally groaned as I buried my cock as it throbbed, “Mom?”

She stiffened and groaned, “Hard baby!”

I fucked her hard and deep and a minute later thrust into her and began pumping large spurts of cum. Mom started thrashing around as she hugged me tight. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock as I continued to fill her and then I stopped cumming and a moment later she sighed.

“Now that looks fun.”

I rolled and pulled the covers with me so that mom and I were wrapped. We looked at the long haired blond standing inside the door and mom sighed, “You’re early Kat.”

She came to sit on the bed, “Any chance you are going to share Rich too?”

Mom looked at me and smiled, “Well, I have been sharing his father so...”

I looked from my aunt to mom, “you and Aunt Kat share?”

She grinned and squeezed me before pushing me and pulling the covers away, “and your Aunt Gina.”

Kat laughed, “I’ve been teaching Kim too.”

Mom looked at her as she reached for her clothes, “Think she is ready for that?”

Kat laughed, “She threw me down on the bed and practically raped me.”

Mom snorted as I got out of bed and reached for my pants, “You can’t rape the willing Kat.”

When we came out it was to see dad, Aunt Gina and my cousin Kim. Aunt Gina was grinning with Kim and mom sighed before looking at me, “It looks like you are getting divided up.”

I put my arm around her waist, “only if you agree.”

She kissed me and smiled before whispering, “They aren’t thinking Rich. They aren’t on birth control and right now is perfect so if you fuck them...”

I looked at her and she grinned, “Want to knock up my sisters baby?”

I grinned and turned to reach for Kat, “We’ll be back.”

Kat laughed happily and mom giggled as I closed the door and turned Kat and started undressing her. She was grinning as I pushed her down on the bed and quickly striped and followed her. I pushed her legs open and grinned up into her face before leaning down to lick through her pussy. I pushed my tongue up inside her and nibbled on her labia before moving to her clit.

She jerked and shuddered as I sucked her clit in and started using my tongue to tease her. Kat was shaking as her hips kept lifting and finally she pulled away. I grinned and moved up before slowly pushing my cock into her. She groaned as she put her arms around me and I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and moaning as I kept planting my cock and grinding.

I could feel the back of her pussy against the head of my cock and groaned as I thought of what mom said. I kissed Kat as I buried my cock, “mom said you are fertile aunt Kat.”

She froze and her pussy spasmed and tightened around my cock, “fuck!”

I fucked her with long strokes for a minute, “I got mom pregnant.”

Kat jerked and spasmed as she clutched at me. She pulled back to look into my face as I buried my cock, “Want a baby?”

She smiled and then grinned before laughing. She hugged me and lay back, “Knock me up Rich.”

I fucked her hard and deep and it was a couple of minutes before she was thrashing around and howling. Her pussy was wetter and I thrust into her as my cock throbbed. I grunted and pushed harder as I started to cum. Kat jerked as she lifted her legs and my cock went deeper. I shuddered as I began to pump and spew spurts of cum into my aunt’s fertile womb.

She hugged me tight as I kept spurting and pumping ropes of cum. When I stopped she groaned and slowly let her legs drop to the bed. She shook me, “If that doesn’t knock me up nothing will.”

I grinned and pulled out of her and lay next to her to caress her body, “Mom said I am co husband with dad.”

Kat shivered as I cupped one of her firm breasts. She smiled and caressed my face, “Well, I think your mother and I are going to talk. We have been sharing your dad for years...”

She got a thoughtful look and kissed me, “Go bring your Aunt Gina in here.”

I looked at her and she tugged on one of her own nipples, “You can fuck her while I let your excellent sperm do its job.”

I was tempted to fuck her again but slid out of bed. I dressed and left and after a few minutes found mom, dad, Aunt Gina and my cousin by the horse corral. Mom was grinning as dad chuckled. Gina grinned and grabbed my hand to let me pull her back towards the cabin.

When I pulled her in the door she saw Aunt Kat on the bed. She frowned and Kat grinned as I closed the door and got undressed and then undressed her. While I caressed her body and moved down to lick her pussy Kat reminded her I could get her pregnant.

Gina ran her fingers through my hair as I licked and tease her clit. While they talked and whispered to each other I moved up her body. I kissed my Aunt, “Are you sure?”

She hugged me as she looked at Kat, “Yes, I have never found a man I wanted to get me pregnant but I think that changed.”

I looked at her and she kissed me, “Go ahead Rich.”

I smiled and slowly pushed into her and started to fuck her nice and slow. She groaned as gradually my cock sank deeper until I hit her cervix. I used long, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before her hips were lifting to meet mine. Her pussy was tight and started to squeeze and ripple around my cock. She was breathing harder and began to shake and shudder.

She lifted her legs and started wailing as she jerking and bucked under me. I fucked her hard then and she kept cumming. She convulsed and thrashed around as her pussy spasmed and continued to squeeze my cock, it was a long time before I felt like cumming. I was fucking her with hard, deep thrusts and buried my cock in her as she screamed. I started spurting large, strong gushes of cum and Gina jerked as she hugged me tight, “YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!”

I spewed and pumped and poured cum into her and finally my cock was only throbbing. I kissed her and reluctantly pulled out. She groaned as her legs dropped to the bed and sighed. I moved over and caressed her body, “So what are you two plotting?”

She looked at Kat who was grinning, “making you and your dad our co husbands too.”

Kat turned and rubbed an erect nipple, “and Kim.”

I looked at them and Gina grinned as she reached down to stroke my slimy cock, “I think you and your dad have enough for four horny women.”

I grinned, “Are you going to come live with us?”

Kat and Gina laughed and Gina turned to kiss me, “We are going to build our own house so there is enough room for everyone.”

Kat nodded and then gestured to the door, “Go get your mother and Kim. Tell your father he will be needed later too.”

I laughed, “If I get Kim it will be to fuck her.”

They grinned as I moved off the bed and dressed. I found mom, dad and Kim right outside and gestured to bring them in. Mom grinned when she saw her sisters on the bed together, dad was grinning to but Kim blushed. Mom undressed dad, “You need to wait a little to give Rich’s sperm a chance.”

Dad laughed as Kim looked at her mother. I started undressing her and she actually grinned and pushed out her firm breasts. I moved her bra and sucked on a nipple, “do you want to get pregnant Kim?”

She looked at her mom and then nodded before whispering, “yes.”

When she was naked I helped her onto the bed beside her mother and quickly stripped. Dad and mom were on the other side of the bed. I laid beside Kim and cupped a breast before kissing her softly, “Are you sure Kim?”

She groaned and shuddered as her hips lifted, “don’t make me beg.”

Her mother laughed as I moved between her legs. I kissed her again, “First I get to lick your pussy and then I get to fuck you.”

Everyone laughed as she grinned and shook me. I kissed down her body and opened her pussy. I started licking and nibbling on her inner lips before covering her clit and sucking as I teased it. Kim was breathing harder and shuddering as she thrust up. I finally moved up her body and lifted up. She positioned my cock and I slowly forced it into her.

She groaned as she lifted and spread her legs to help get my cock into her. I started kissing her as I pulled back and began fucking her. Before I hit the back of her pussy she was jerking and kicking in the air. Her pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock and she was wailing as I kept kissing her. When I pushed her cervix open she was convulsing and trying to scream but nothing was coming out.

I buried my cock and humped and pressed against her. She was spasming and jerking constantly as her slippery pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock. She bucked and thrashed around as she clutched me tightly. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and she went back to wailing and kicking. It took me almost twenty minutes and she was shaking and spasming the whole time as she came.

I thrust into her and grunted as I began gushing large spurts into her womb. Kim held her legs up and spread as I spewed warm cum into her and kissed me hard as she looked into my eyes. When I stopped cumming I continued to kiss her softly until Kat laughed and shook me, “Okay stud, you like her.”

Kim grinned when I pulled back and I stuck my tongue out at her mother. They laughed as I shifted around and laid back with Kim on me. We laid there and talked about what we wanted to do as dad fucked Kat and then Gina. After that we had to take turns cleaning up so we could go eat. Our vacation was special and I didn’t want it to end.

Gina and Kat left to go start moving and Kim came home with us. Kat and Gina did buy a lot and build our new house. Mom had a girl and Kim had a girl while Kat and Gina both had sons. Dad and I take turns with two women in bed with each of us every night.
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