Back to sex! And of course the fighting...
Selene bright green eyes opened and she groaned in soreness, feeling like a shoe that had been tossed in a dryer. Without moving, she looked around through the visor of her helm, but could not discern any of her surroundings, as the glass was covered with some sort of gooey substance. While her whole body ached, she managed to lift her hand and wipe off most of the slime. Blinking to clear her vision, she looked around at her surroundings and gagged in revulsion. She was inside some sort of carven with the walls, floor, and ceiling made of slimy flesh. She looked down both directions of the corridor, barely able to see in the darkness.
Wincing in pain, she slowly got to her feet, glad she was wearing her airtight armor as she realized that her whole body was covered in the mucus-like slime of the fleshy cave. Trying to stay on her feet, she raised her energy levels, burning away the slime and returning her armor to its original shine.
“Baltoh!” She shouted, hoping that she was not alone. Her voice echoed through the cavern but tauntingly bounced back.
“Where the fuck am I?” She asked, if only to get some balance through the sound of her own voice.
“You are in the belly of Baal.” A wispy voice murmured, making her jump. She turned around, looking at the fleshy inflated walls for the source of the voice.
“In here…” The voice whispered as a small tremor shook of the folds of the wall.
Cringing in disgust, Selene slowly walked over and spread two of the folds, revealing a frail emaciated man, covered in insect-like Gargoyles that were busy peeling off his skin with their pincer-like jaws. He stared at her with a gaunt look on his face and blood oozing from his wounds that the Gargoyles were causing through their feast.
“You are in the Circle of Gluttony, where those who lived to eat instead of eating to live suffer until the end of time inside the Hell Prince himself. You have been devoured.” He said with his lips barely moving.
“Oh my god, you poor man.” Selene worriedly exclaimed as she brushed off the parasites and tried to pull him out. She wrapped her arms around the frail main and tried to pull him free of the fleshy prison, but his limbs almost appeared to have fused with the walls. She gave another pull, but quickly stopped at the sound of his arm breaking like a twig.
“Oh shit, I am so sorry.” She stammered, even though the man didn’t seem to notice.
“It doesn’t matter, I’ve been here for what has felt like five thousand years, endlessly getting digested and healed over and over again, forced to feel my body get peeled away by those tiny bugs and the strength pulled from my body by Baal. There is nothing that can hurt me after what I’ve experienced.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be free soon. My boyfriend is going to kill Tenebrous and release all the innocent souls. But I need to know, have you seen anyone in here with armor like mine?” She asked, pushing him back into the wall to keep from breaking another bone.
“A man wandered by, but his armor was white. He went that way just a few minutes ago before you landed.” The man groaned, inclining his head.
“One of the Archangels. Ok, thank you.” Selene said before running off.
Sprinting down the fleshy hallway to the sound of her clinking armor, Selene had her power levels raised to illuminate her path, knowing that there could be danger around every corner. She felt like the camera of a colonoscopy. The walls around her were filled with former gluttons, all locked within the wet folds and in different stages of their umpteenth digestion.
“Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, are any of you down here?! Can any of you hear me?!” She shouted, knowing that one of them had to be nearby.
Leaping over a pit in the floor, she heard a scratching-clicking sound and looked down. Swarming up from the darkness like a geyser was a swarm of the parasitic Gargoyles, ravenous and eager.
“Celestial Art: Tongue Of White Flames!” She shouted before pointing her hands down into the pit and launching a deluge of fire almost as hot as the surface of the sun.
“Let’s see how Baal likes a little heartburn!” She said to herself with a smile as she listened the screams and pops of the bug-sized Gargoyles.
Certain that they were all dead, she ended the spell and looked down into the pit to see the damage she had caused. While not even ash remained from the parasites, the interior of the fleshy tunnel didn’t even have a single burn mark.
“No, that’s not possible.” She cursed.
An echoing roar and sudden closing of the walls countered her disbelief. Moving towards her like a collapsing mine shaft, the corridor ahead began to close in on itself, threatening to grab her once it reached her position. All the people trapped in the folds of the wall moaned in pain from the sudden movement. Hoping for different results, Selene aimed her hand at the tightening tunnel.
“Celestial Art: Lightning Obliteration!” She called.
Momentarily shielding her eyes from the light, she fired a massive beam of electricity, hoping to blow the tunnel back open. The closing tunnel merely devoured the lightning, swallowing it whole like starving man stuffing his face. No damage had been done; her attack was a failure. Cursing the situation, she jumped down into the pit she had just filled with fire, sliding down it like a child in a slide. After falling a hundred feet, she was tossed out into a new chamber and on a bank along the side of a pool of gastric acid, as large as a pond. With the sound of movement echoing from the shaft behind her, Selene cursed and leapt across the green bubbling pool.
Hissing as they shot forward, pulsating tendrils reached out and grabbed her in midair, melting her armor with the wet membrane of acid that covered them. With whiplashing speed, they pulled Selene down into the pool and the gastric acid consumed her. Beneath the surface, Selene once again mentally thanked Baltoh for making the suit airtight, but she could already feel the disgusting liquid burning through and melting the outer layers.
Drawing forth her blade into materialization, she reached around and severed the tentacles and gave a large flap of her wings, propelling herself out of the pool. Having landed on the other side with her armor now looking like a melting wax sculpture, she quickly clapped her hands together and cast a healing spell.
“Celestial Art: Time Replenish!” She called.
Through a small form of time alteration, she began to mend her armor, returning it to its original state. It was very similar to the repairing barrier that the Angels used in times of exorcism. A loud scuttling sound drew her attention and she raised her head with a curse. Crawling out of the folds of the fleshy walls were billions of the worms and spidery parasites that Selene had seen before, all ravenous and bold.
“Angel Art: Holy Burn!” She heard.
Shining brighter than a stage light, a deluge of golden flames surged down from the next corridor, forcing Selene to cover her eyes and shield herself with her wings. The holy flames filled the chamber like a flood, incinerating the parasites but leaving Selene unharmed. As the smoke cleared, Selene opened her wings and looked at the caster. It was Gabriel, having finally arrived.
“Damn, am I glad to see you.” Selene said as he helped her to her feet.
“I’ve been wandering around looking for any familiar faces, trust me, I’m glad I found you.”
“We need to get out of here and regroup with the others, if not to find Baltoh then to at least avoid digestion.” Selene said, looking around for another entrance.
“It won’t be easy. Baal’s body is basically one giant network of stomachs and the interiors are almost completely immune to damage. My spells and sword just slide off like oil on water.” He said.
“Well if we can’t blast our way out, then we’ll just have to find a real exit, as unpleasant as that will be.” Selene grimaced.

A colossal volcano stood in the background, larger than Mt. Everest and continuously spewing forth smoke and pure molten gold instead of magma. Castles and dungeons had been built into the side of the volcano with damned souls streaming in and out, either going in to receive their punishment or coming out with gold bricks tied to their bodies with barbed wire, weighing them down to the point where they could barely move and lacerating their flesh. For over a hundred miles, the land surrounding the volcano was overflowing with mountains of personal possessions, taken from those condemned to the Circle of Greed.
Much like those found in Baltoh’s old home, the artifacts stretched from across time, including objects such as Persian coins, silver jewelry, and bricks of dollar bills. Forming a ring around the junkyard was a chain of pits, leading to the veins of molten gold beneath the land. There, the damned souls would toss their glossy weights back into the fire and march back to the mountain to retrieve it in a solid form so that the process could be repeated. Beyond the ring of fiery pits was a barrier of mountains, literally making it a circle of Hell.
In this world, there were four kinds of punishments; you either carried the gold to the pits where they would be melted back down and flow back to the volcano while barbed wire cut through your muscles like a hot knife through butter, you would labor in the volcano to make the gold bricks where the air was hot enough for flesh to melt off the bones, you were thrown down into the pits where you were boiled in molten gold with your body always regenerating, or you were in the junkyard, buried beneath the piles of trinkets or precious metals, forever feeling your bones shatter and your organs collapse as you were crushed over and over again without reprieve.
Molly and Michael were hiding in the junkyards, knowing that getting caught now would mean certain death if it drew the Hell Prince to them. There was little chance for survival against Mammon, Prince of Greed.
“So where do we go?” Molly asked, looking around to make sure that they weren’t being watched. But with how many Demons and Gargoyles there were swarming around and tormenting the damned souls, that was a lot to ask for.
“I figure we just make for the border and hope we can leave unnoticed. From there, it’s all a matter of trying to find our bearings. But I know nothing for sure, as I have never been to Hell. I’ve only studied it. For all we know, this might be the very outskirts of the true circle.” He muttered.
“Intruders!” A Demon howled pointing down at them from atop of hill of ripped clothes.
With a roar, Molly pointed her hand at the Demon and launched a blast of lightning, but the creature dodged the blast and returned with a Dark Pulse, all the while alerting every demonic entity in the area of their presence. Spinning around, Michael kicked the blast, causing it to bend and change direction midstream.
“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” He roared, clapping his hands together.
Bursting from the ground, a skeletal hand reached up and grabbed Michael, but Molly wasn’t around to be grabbed. The Demon looked around, trying to figure out where she had gone. Before he could even realize he was in her shadow, she decapitated it from behind with a swing of her arm. As his tar-like blood splashed the ground, the roars of his comrades could be heard as they approached. Filling the sky, Demons and Gargoyles swarmed around Molly and Michael.
“Come on, we have to make for the border!” Molly said as he flapped her wings.
Flying low to the ground, the two fighters swerved between the mountains of junk with the forces of Hell firing beams of energy down to try and hit them. Each missed beam would cause a dynamic explosion, throwing artifacts and trapped souls into the air like specks of dirt. As they glided at top speed, a skeletal hand burst from the ground and grabbed Molly’s ankle. The Sinner was not nearly strong enough to overcome her strength and his arm popped right off, but the sudden jerk was enough to destabilize Molly and send her rolling across the ground.
“Molly!” Michael shouted as he slowed down, having shot past her.
Molly looked up and her eyes widened as a building-sized pile of gold bricks was directly hit with a Dark Pulse, sending them flying like shrapnel and causing the pile to lean over and form an avalanche of crushing metal. Normal gold could never hurt Molly in her normal form, but this being Hellgold, it was heavier, it could break bones, and she could not become intangible and pass through it.
“Celestial Art: Tornado Scythe!” She called, creating her cleaver.
Swinging it like a giant fan, she created a powerful gale force wind, more powerful than any Earth storm. The powerful wind and the blades of energy it carried repelled the bricks of gold, hurling them back at the monsters in the air. The beasts were knocked out of the sky, many due to broken bones and a few from getting melon-sized holes blasted in their chests. With another flap of her wings, she launched herself forward, gliding above the ground and catching up with Michael.
A thunderous roar pushed aside Molly’s acquired self-confidence as a literal mountain of old possessions erupted like a landmine, revealing a creature underneath. She was a Goliath in the form of a colossal turtle with armored legs, neck, and face and fortress on her back, brimming with cannons. Glaring at them through the junkyard with her red glowing eyes, the turtle swiveled her cannons in their direction and began firing Dark Pulses, tossing the fighters through the air with the explosions alone.
“We have to outrun it. If we can get out of its range, then it can’t hurt us.” Michael winced, having been thrown through the air by an explosion and landed roughly on a pile of old watches.
“Fine, but we have to stay low to the ground. If we go up above the piles, that thing will shoot us out of the sky.” Molly said as she picked up a purple rubber strap-on, having obviously been worn by a woman in a tragic sex-related death.
‘It’s a shame this thing is pre-used, this would be great in the bedroom.’ She thought to herself before tossing aside.
Once again flying low to the ground, Molly and Michael zoomed through the junkyard like rats through a maze, with the turtle quickly losing sight of them and firing randomly in all directions.
“It worked!” Molly laughed.
“Demon Art: Shade Shimmer!” The turtle bellowed. Instantly leaving a path of destruction through the junkyard, she caught up to Molly and Michael with the speed of a bullet.
“Oh shit! Celestial Art: Sonic Sprint!” Molly swore.
“Angel Art: Crusading Canter!” Michael shouted in turn.
Moving so fast that they were invisible, Molly and Michael shot past the turtle. Turning around, the turtle reactivated the spell and chased after them, leaving another path of destruction in her wake. Moving through the junkyard at hyper speed, the turtle took aim with her cannons and hit them both with a direct barrage of Dark Pulses, nearly knocking them unconscious as they crashed into the ground with smoking armor like a pair of racecars.
“I have an idea, split up! I need you to distract it while I attack her underside!” Molly panted, struggling to stay awake as she used a spell to repair her broken visor.
“I’m on it!” Gabriel countered, shooting up into the air and flying around the turtle like a fly, blasting her with Divinity Rays.
The beams of light caused massive amounts of devastation to the fortress on the turtle’s back, each impact equal to the crash and explosion of a propane truck. But regardless of the damage inflicted, the fortress would repair itself like flesh through a healing spell, insuring that the cannons were always operational. While Michael distracted the beast, Molly went to work on the less-armored underbelly.
“Celestial Art: Star Birth! Celestial Art: Null Gravity!” She called.
She fired the small sphere of red light as the second spell took affect, making the turtle weightless. In a fiery flash, a miniature fusion reaction erupted underneath the turtle, throwing her into the air, snarling in pain.
“You bitch!” She howled as she flipped through the air.
“Michael, finish her!” Molly shouted.
“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” Michael called out, plunging down towards the flipped turtle with his sword in hand.
Stabbing the turtle in the very center of his under-armor, he forced her down into the ground with more power than a plane crash and instantly shattered every bone and plate in her body. Blood and guts sprayed in all directions as the turtle was ripped open like a bloated carcass, sending blades of bone through the air that were as strong and sharp as metal.
“Damn, she was tough.” Molly muttered as she walked over to Michael.
“Yes, but not tough enough. Come on, let’s get out of here.” He said, sheathing his sword. No sooner had the flaming sword been sealed before Molly and Michael were both brought to their knees by a dark energy on the air, making their limbs feel like dumbbells. The aura was partnered with a loud monstrous roar, signaling one thing; they were now at the mercy of Mammon, Hell Prince of Greed.

Rosemary’s eyes slowly opened as she was brought back to consciousness. She looked around, trying to figure out where she was. She was suspended on the wall of a medium-sized dungeon, though it looked more like a Medieval queen’s bedroom. A bed with hanging curtains sat in the corner, with a hot tub bubbling on the other side of the room. The floor had lush carpeting and the walls were decorated with paintings and statues of naked figures, many in the middle of intimacy. There were no doors or windows in the room and no visible source of light other than the hot tub, which was casting swirling hues of illumination across the dim room.
She didn’t know if it was the kiss of the air or the bite of the metal shackles, but Rosemary quickly realized that she was completely naked. She tried to draw on her powers to recover her armor or break her binds, but she could not muster up the strength. She was not tired or sleepy, but her body was just devoid of energy.
“Where am I?” She whispered.
“You’re in my domain.” A woman purred, suddenly appearing in front of Rosemary when she blinked. Aside from her black hair and grayish skin tone, the woman looked exactly like Rosemary; same body, same height, same face, same everything. She too was completely naked, standing two feet below Rosemary.
“Where am I? What circle am I in?” Rosemary mumbled, wincing from the line that was being worn into her neck by her metal collar.
“The Circle of Lust.” The woman answered as she leaned forward and blew on Rosemary’s tits, tickling her nipples to full points with her breath. Rosemary shivered at the suddenly spark of arousal at the teasing of her exposed body. She tried to sharpen her mind, needing to regain control and figure out a way to free herself.
“Are you the Hell Prince? Are you Asmodeus?” She asked, becoming nervous and frightened. The woman smiled.
“Yes, I am the ruler of this land, but “Prince” is just a silly moniker. I have no gender or body other than the one I want, and I decided that I like your body; this sweet innocent body.” She said coyly before running her tongue up Rosemary’s flat belly, working the tip in her naval before come up and planting a kiss on the center of her chest.
Rosemary’s breathing became quick and shallow as she tried to suppress the powerful rush of arousal and horniness that swept through her. The sensual touch of this stranger’s tongue against her vulnerable naked body… it was mind-jarring.
“Tenebrous asked me to take extra special care of you, so I decided that since you are an extra special guest, I would show that Hell isn’t only about pain and torture. You can also bask in endless pleasure.” She said seductively as she kissed the side of Rosemary’s adolescent breast. Rosemary turned away, trying to fight her own desires.
“No, let me go. I have to get back to Master Baltoh. I have to-” She whined before being cut off and giving a soft moan.
Asmodeus had inserted her finger into Rosemary’s pussy, swirling it between the soft lips. Rosemary could feel something different from this touch, like the woman’s finger carried an electric charge. It was as if she were working a novelty shock toy in her pussy, making it next to impossible to suppress her pleasure.
“This is Lust Lightning, the power which I use to electrocute the damned souls here. But this is a special gift for you, you’ll experience pleasure that will mock your wildest fantasies.” Asmodeus whispered as she moved between Rosemary’s perky breasts, sucking playfully on her nipples and scrubbing the peach flesh with her tongue.
Rosemary’s whole body was blushing red and every breath carried the softest moan as she desperately tried to suppress her arousal and keep her dignity, but as she had learned with Baltoh, she cast aside all her dignity once her clothes were gone. With her limbs secured to the cold stone wall and the metal shackles biting her flesh and keeping her from being able to resist Asmodeus, Rosemary’s original defiance was being replaced with her sexually submissive alter-ego. In just a few minutes, her thighs were damp with the wetness from her moistening pussy and was crying in shame, having given her body and mind to Baltoh and now being used by this ruler of Demons… and loving it. On the other end, Asmodeus had worked three fingers into Rosemary’s cunt and was fucking her furiously while licking off the tears that the Valkyrie dripped onto her breasts.
“Don’t worry baby, you’re my property now. Once you have your orgasm, your soul will belong to me.” Asmodeus whispered before kneeling down.
“No, please… I can’t take it.” Rosemary whimpered as she tried to keep her smooth legs pressed together, but unable to overpower her restraints.
Ignoring her whimpers, Asmodeus spread her legs and blew on the wet lips of Rosemary’s pussy. Stretching like Baltoh’s, Asmodeus extended her long serpent-like tongue, gently prodding Rosemary’s snatch with the quivering tendrils. Rosemary struggled not to react to the burning pleasure between her legs, but small cracks of violet light were popping around Asmodeus’ tongue as she used low shocks of Lust Lightning to tease and excite her.
Kissing it as if it were the mouth of her lover, Asmodeus locked her lips with the lips of Rosemary’s dripping pussy, hungrily drinking in her juices. Stimulating her clit with her lips and flexing her long wet tongue inside the velvet interior, Asmodeus pleasured her with the skill of a master, making it next to impossible to deny her. What Rosemary didn’t know was that Raphael was outside Asmodeus’ castle, fighting through hordes of Demons.
The Archangel had seen the “Prince” of Lust snatch the unconscious Valkyrie and take her to the highest tower of her castle, but while he knew where she was, she was far from rescued. He was standing at the gates of her mountain-sized black castle, deep in the rocky crags of Hell. The castle was split into three towers that pierced the black roaring clouds and made the skyscrapers on Earth look like two-story huts. It was made from the petrified bodies of naked men and women and along with being formed and placed to provide structure for the castle, they were also arranged in complicated positions like frozen dancers, reenacting scenes of intercourse, ranging from lovemaking to rape.
The two lower towers where phallic shaped, and between the trio of spires, ear-splitting cracks of violet electricity would arch across the stormy sky like the machines of the Frankenstein story. Lust Lightning surged through the towers in repetition, crawling up through the corridors and causing the windows to glow like lights. The constant shock brought forth screams of agony from all the people used like bricks to make the statue, experiencing a lethal electrocution several times each minute.
Unlike the rest of Hell, the gender distribution of the Demons was equal, with both male and female beasts coming out to fight him. The rest were in the castle dungeons, raping the spirits that had not been used to make the structure. Women were raped to the point where humans would die, forced to experience the pain and humiliation of endless Demons all taking turns on them, tearing them to pieces from the inside out with their barbed cocks and feeling the acid sting as jets of cum were sprayed into their bleeding mangle bodies and onto their naked flesh. Often, their breasts or ass cheeks were devoured or the woman would be forced to eat the butchered pieces of her own body.
Men suffered a similarly cruel fate, being secured in Iron Maiden-style cages that had tails piercing their limbs and torsos, as well as a length of barbed wire holding out their tongues. The only parts of their bodies that weren’t covered by the cage bars were their laps, where their penises had been forced to take full erections by the power of a rigidity spell. Unable to move or protect themselves, they were helpless as the female Demons used them as pleasure slaves. However, like their male counterparts, the genitalia of the female Demons were more harmful than any human or animals’. Their pussies were like meat grinders, with the interior walls lined with ridges and blades as hard and sharp as glass. Insertion was agonizing, but pulling out was enough to carve away the flesh of a man’s member like a dowel on a lathe, but with a lot more blood and mutilation, only for their wounds to be healed. As the she-beasts forced them to mate like breeding bulls, the men would howl as their cages shocked them almost endlessly with Lust Lightning.
Firing Spears of Destiny from his hands to slay the Demons as he fought his way to the gate, Raphael kept his eyes fixed on the top of the highest tower, knowing that Rosemary was in extreme danger.
“Hang on Rosemary, I’m coming!” He shouted as he swung his sword and beheaded a she-beast.
Up in Asmodeus’ bedchamber, Rosemary too was coming. Against her will and determination, her body had given in to Asmodeus’ skills and achieved an orgasm. The shape-shifter smiled and opened her mouth, drinking in the juices that sprayed from Rosemary’s pussy like a hose. As Rosemary achieved her orgasm, her eyes began to fade in color as she entered a trance-like state. The ritual was taking affect, her soul was being absorbed by Asmodeus.
“Now, let’s see what pleasure lie deep within the shadows of your mind.” Asmodeus said with a smile as she kissed the comatose Rosemary on the lips.

Rosemary slowly opened her eyes, unsure of the first sensation that greeted her. Was it the soreness in her back and joints from her hunched-over position on all fours, the dripping of her saliva off the rubber gag in her mouth, or the feeling of the cold floor and shackles against her wrists and ankles and the metal collar around her neck? Her mind was a fuzzy blank and her body felt like it was covered in a hot wet carpet. She wasn’t sure what the last thing she remembered was and her senses were fluctuating randomly as her grogginess slowly faded.
As her eyes and muscles began to regain their sharpness, she tried to push herself up but could not move her hands or feet away from the floor. She was shackled in place on all fours. Seeing how far she could stretch, she pushed herself and looked around. She was in a pool of light on a cold tile floor. Sitting in the darkness was a crowd of people, forming a ring around her with their faces hidden, all staring at her. Rosemary tried to draw forth her wings or armor, but neither appeared, regardless of how hard she focused. Becoming frustrated, she pulled fruitlessly on her shackles, knowing that she couldn’t break them but knowing she had to at least try. Her efforts brought chuckles of amusement from the men and women watching her, making Rosemary blush in humiliation at the way they mocked her and stared at her naked body.
The clacking of high heels drew her attention and a woman came into view from behind her. She looked up at Selene, who was dressed up almost like a lawyer or secretary with a black skirt, a grey suit jacket, and a pair of glasses resting on her nose with her hair in a bun. Her face showed a mix of seriousness and boredom on her face as she flexed a riding crop in her hands. Rosemary tried to speak to her, to call out Selene’s name, but her gag muffled every word. At the sound of her mumbling, Selene solidly tapped her on the cheek with the end of the crop.
“Silence.” She said before walking behind Rosemary.
‘What is going on? How did I get here? Why is my memory a complete blank?’ Rosemary pondered, having no idea what had happened.
She then shivered as the leather flap at the end of the riding crop was dragged across her back to the sound of Selene’s high heels clicking on the floor. Rosemary looked around, trying to see her or at least the people watching the spectacle.
“Spread your legs.” Selene ordered.
Rosemary disobeyed, still confused as to what exactly was going on. Her defiance brought her a hard smack on the ass with the whip, sending the glorious sound echoing through the room. Rosemary yelped as a stinging welt appeared on her left ass cheek, but the pain sent a euphoric rush through her body.
“Spread your legs.” Selene repeated.
Rosemary did as she was told, spreading her knees as far as she could and putting her pussy on display. She shivered in arousal as she felt the leather whip slide across her inner thighs and brush against the lips of her pussy. Selene then smacked her again on the ass, drawing another yelp from Rosemary and sending her excitement skyrocketing.
“You’ve been a bad girl, and now everyone gets to watch as you get put in her place.” Selene murmured as she gave another gentle but loud smack, causing the smooth skin on her peachy ass cheeks to gain a slight swell.
Hearing her words and feeling the strangers’ eyes boring on her exposed body filled Rosemary with both embarrassment and arousal as her submissive side began to reveal itself, wanting to be sexually humiliated and degraded. Selene began smacking Rosemary’s ass with soft yet stinging strikes, making her shiver in pleasure as she was disciplined for an offense she had no knowledge of. By the time Selene was done, Rosemary’s ass was red with transient welts and she was shaking like a leaf, desperate for more punishment.
Selene walked back into Rosemary’s view, making her eyes as wide as dinner plates. The light was shining off Selene’s chocolate-shade skin and her full breasts jiggled with each movement, almost begging to be sucked. She was wearing nothing but her high heels and a strap-on harness, with a dildo attached that was almost three inches in diameter and just over a foot long. In Selene’s hands were the riding crop and the handle of a leash, the other end being attached to the metal collar around Rosemary’s neck. With a crack of the short whip, the metal shackles holding Rosemary to the floor opened up like handcuffs.
“Come on, walk like a little bitch.” Selene ordered, jerking the leash and pulling Rosemary.
Moving on all fours, Rosemary followed Selene like a dog with her pussy already soaking wet from this dominative and degrading treatment. Her eyes were fixed on Selene’s round ass, shifting from side to side with each pendulous swing of her hips. She desperately wished she could be the strap-on harness that Selene was wearing, especially the G-string strap nestled between her ass cheeks. With her strap-on dildo bouncing, Selene led Rosemary around the room, past the shadowy onlookers. The hidden strangers laughed at Rosemary and smacked her on the ass as she passed by, but their taunts and harassments only excited her even further, and when she fell behind and became too slow, Selene would give a rough yank on the leash.
Selene finally brought Rosemary back to the room and pushed her face down against the floor, unfastening her gag. Rosemary gasped as the toy was finally removed, glistening with saliva. Selene raised her foot, holding it just above Rosemary’s face.
“Lick it.” She barked.
Rosemary eagerly obliged, running her tongue across the black shoe, wrapping it around the pencil-like heel, and kissing Selene’s foot and ankle. Selene then pulled on the leash, forcing Rosemary up onto her knees. Wrapping her fingers around her strap-on, she hefted the toy in front of Rosemary, who was like a deer caught in the headlights.
“Suck it, suck it like a good little slut.” She growled, holding the leash tight.
Rosemary eagerly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the rubber phallus, bobbing her head back and forth and wishing it were real. The size and shaped she loved, but the touch and heat she missed. A hard smack to her right breast told Rosemary that she was meant to go deeper, as well as making her cry out in joyous pain. Obeying her Mistress, she began to deep-throat the toy, slowly taking it in and working it down her throat. Grabbing Rosemary by the hair, Selene forced the whole toy into her mouth. Rosemary coughed and gagged as she choked on the toy, unable to breath and feeling like she was about to vomit. With tears streaming down her face, she held still, trying to find some way to get air to her lungs as the dildo occupied her throat and Selene held her hair, forcing her to keep it in her throat. Finally, when she almost thought she would black out, Selene let go of her and Rosemary fell back, desperately gasping for air with her chin and chest wet with dripping saliva.
Pulling her back with the leash, Selene waited until her breath was steady before forcing Rosemary to come back and continue sucking it. Holding her parted lips a centimeter from the head, Rosemary took her last deep breath as the layer of spit on the toy dripped onto her breasts. She didn’t take the whole thing in her mouth, but she diligently sucked it, cleaning off the saliva and applying fresh layers. While she sucked it, Selene smacked her breasts with the riding crop, making the sensitive flesh turn red with faint welts.
Selene suddenly pulled the toy out of Rosemary’s mouth and smacked her across the face, knocking her to the ground. Pulling on her leash, she forced Rosemary onto her hands and knees and crouched down behind her.
“Bad girls need to be punished, are you ready to be fucked with this big cock?” Selene growled as she pulled Rosemary’s hair and pinched her nipples brutally hard.
“Yes Mistress, please punish me with that big cock!” Rosemary begged, wanting to be fucked so badly that her whole body was shaking.
Spreading the lips of her pussy, Selene forced the toy into Rosemary’s dripping pussy, entering her without any pause or mercy. Working her fingers into Rosemary’s mouth, Selene leaned over as she began fucking her with the dildo, trying to move as much of it in and out of her as possible. She was moving with a speed that showed no inexperience; in fact, to Rosemary it felt more like Baltoh was fucking her. Selene’s speed just continued to grow, with her large firm breasts bouncing and swinging as she violated Rosemary’s pussy with the strap-on.
Her mouth held open by Selene’s fingers, Rosemary looked around the room at the people watching them. While their faces were still hidden, she could see the glint of their teeth as they smiled in amusement and excitement and watched as they shifted their legs from their energetic arousal. The pounding of her pussy with the dildo was absolutely euphoric, it was so big and hard, it was like getting fucked by a cold machine. Just as beautiful as the feeling were the dominative growls of Selene as she violated and used her like a sex slave. With how fast Selene was moving, Rosemary wished she could look back and see her bouncing titties.
Selene suddenly pulled out of Rosemary and tugged on her leash, pulling her up and forcing her to clean off the dildo with her tongue and cheeks. Rosemary purred and hummed as she sucked her delicious pussy juice off the dildo, wishing she were flexible enough to lick her own pussy. Once it was clean and glistening, Selene rolled her over onto her back and then sat down on her heels. Holding onto Rosemary’s thighs, Selene pushed the dildo back into her and began fucking her with miraculous skill, swinging her lower body and pulverizing Rosemary’s snatch with the toy.
Rosemary was whimpering and giving soft cries of happiness as the hard rubber toy was driven into her. Her face was blushing red from the joyous feeling of her body being stuffed and brutalized and she was squeezing and pinching her nipples, trying to get as much stimulation as possible. Rocking back and forth on the cold floor, she looked up at Selene, hypnotized by the sight of her bouncing breasts and wishing she could feel them and lick them.
Feeling the approach of her first orgasm, Rosemary licked her hands and rubbed her breasts, bathing in the kinky feeling and the unrelenting pounding of Selene ramming her with the strap-on. She closed her eyes for only a second when she felt someone grab her hands. It was not Selene, as she had not let go of Rosemary’s thighs. As her hands were pinned to the ground above her head, Rosemary opened her eyes and looked up at Molly’s face and her bowling ball breasts. Rosemary was desperate, longing to reach up and wrap her lips around the blond beauty’s erect nipples.
“Do you want to suck my tits?” Molly coyly asked.
“Yes Mistress, please let me taste them!” Rosemary pleaded.
Deciding to be merciful and indulge her little sex slave, Molly lowered herself down, laying her firm breasts across Rosemary’s face. The former Archangel immediately went to town on them, trying to slather every millimeter of soft flesh with her wet tongue and suck on her nipples like a water bottle after running a marathon. Without slowing down her powerful thrusts, Selene retrieved her riding crop and began smacking Rosemary’s breasts especially hard, coming just short of causing bruises. From the masochistic feel of her hands being restrained and her breasts being whipped and the pleasurable combination of the huge dildo pumping in and out of her snatch and Molly’s bountiful tits smothering her face, Rosemary was sent to the breaking point.
She gave a shrill moan as she had her first orgasm, but unlike all of the other ones, there was no jet of climactic juices spraying from between the lips of her pussy. Instead, the juices from the orgasm suddenly flooded her mouth and throat as if they had been poured between her lips. She coughed and gagged on the unexpected drink, as she could not find the source and the addition of Molly’s breasts on her face made her feel like she was being water-boarded. She tried to sit up to breathe, but Molly kept her pinned down and forced her to drink it all. While Rosemary was filled with fear and struggling to get air, the force of the two women and the terror of drowning or suffocating enthralled her, as well as the combination of the orgasm.
As the orgasm itself finally ended, the mysterious flood of pussy juices stopped running down her throat and Rosemary was able to breathe without problems. As her pulse slowed back down, she ran her tongue across her lips and throughout her mouth, gluttonously savoring the taste of her juices as she realized what had happened. Once she calmed down, Selene pulled out of her and Molly shifted position. With her knees on either side of Rosemary’s head, Molly set herself down on the former Archangel, smothering her face with her pussy and forcing her to lick it.
Reaching out, Molly grasped Rosemary’s ankles and pulled them back, completely putting her pussy and anus on display. As she worked her tongue in and around the velvet sleeve of Molly’s snatch, Rosemary shivered as she felt hands tentatively brushing against her smooth rear end and her pussy, and they weren’t the hands of Selene and she was sure they weren’t Baltoh. As the stranger rubbed her pussy, he/she wet their finger with her juices and began rubbing her asshole, teasing her as they pressed down on the ring. Rosemary was so horny that she was desperate to feel the finger penetrate her anus, but she also wanted to know whom it was.
Rosemary gave a sudden and shrill hum of pleasure as she felt a soft mouth going to work on her wet pussy, the stranger working their lips on the entrance and flexing their tongue inside, stimulating her clit with expert skill. As her pussy was orally stimulated, Rosemary felt the stranger insert their finger into her asshole, working it back and forth in the tight wet wring, using her pussy juice as lubricant. As she tried to figure out who it was, she felt another pair of hands squeezing her breasts and pulling up on her nipples, and the length of the nails and softness of the hands told her it was Selene. The sensation was so mind-numbingly euphoric that Rosemary was struggling to breathe with Molly’s delectably soft wet pussy smothering her face.
As the stranger worked their second finger into her asshole, Rosemary noticed something that she had not felt before. There was something unusual about the fingers, a cold hardness on the back of her fingers. It felt… metallic.
“Master.” Rosemary lovingly whispered as she momentarily retracted her tongue from Molly’s pussy.
Due to Baltoh’s claws, he had never really used his hands very often during sex, so she never really got to know them. But after he had become a god, his claws had been replaced with the small metal plates on the backs of his hands and fingers, and even though he had lost his long forked Demon tongue, his powers of pleasure went well beyond simple physical contact.
After several minutes of licking her pussy and fingering her asshole, Baltoh pulled away from her. Rosemary looked up from under Molly’s pussy and graciously sucked his fingers clean with a look of adoration on her face as she looked at him. Once she did her job, Rosemary laid her head back and Molly changed her position, getting in a crab-walk and burying Rosemary’s face with her firm ass cheeks while she licked her anus. In this position, Molly was unable to hold Rosemary’s legs back, so Selene did it for her. With Rosemary’s legs spread, Baltoh hefted his cock and guided it into her open pussy, desperate to feel a large mass within it.
Rosemary moaned as she felt him enter her, stretching her pussy with his head and shaft. The sensation was much sharper than ever before, his cock feeling so huge and hot in her slender body. The muscular missile was so warm inside her, it was like getting penetrated by a rolled up heating pad. After pulling out for the first time, Baltoh forced his cock back into her like a hammered wedge. Moving his whole body fast that he would kill a mortal woman or even an Angel, he began fucking her with deep powerful shoves. Rosemary couldn’t help but scream in happiness as he fucked her into levels of pleasure that surpassed her wildest fantasies. He was slamming her cunt with his cock with the same speed that a humming bird used with its wings to hover.
It was less than ten seconds before he gave another screaming orgasm, but this time, she was ready for the flood of her pussy juices to fill her mouth and throat. Knowing how to breathe, she gluttonously drank her pussy juices, even while she continued to lick Molly’s anus. Once her orgasm came to an end, Rosemary took a deep breath of relief as Baltoh pulled out of her and Molly moved off her face. She was allowed a minute’s reprieve before she was forced to continue, this time with Selene straddling her face, no longer wearing the strap-on. While working her tongue between the glass-smooth lips of Selene’s pussy, Rosemary groaned as Baltoh entered her asshole. However, it felt much different than it had ever before. It felt like there was much more lubricant other than just bodily fluids. It was as if her anus or his cock had been slathered with KY jelly, removing the dryness and uncomfortable friction.
Baltoh took his original pace, moving like the firing pin of a mini gun as he pulverized the deepest corners of her anus. Without the mysterious lubrication, such brutal pounding would be impossible to achieve without injury. Rosemary was giving an unending shrill scream, brought from not only Baltoh’s thrusts and the kinky eroticism of Selene sitting on her face, but Molly working her fingers in Rosemary’s gaping pussy almost furiously. While it took longer than the first two times, Rosemary was quickly brought to her third orgasm.
Not sure how long she was out, Rosemary briefly lost consciousness from her exhaustion, the toll of her orgasms, and the sore numbness in her lower body. While it only felt like a second, when she woke back up, she found herself on her hands and knees with Selene beneath her. Once again she was wearing a strap-on, with the huge rubber toy lying mostly in her pussy. Rosemary suddenly gave a loud shriek as another huge dildo was forced into her loosened anus, worn as a strap-on by Molly. This was the first time since she had sex with Baltoh in the church that she had been double-penetrated, and while it was a wonderfully kinky feeling, it did bring tears to her eyes and make her wince.
As she raised her head, she felt a hand roughly grab her chin and squeeze her cheeks. She looked up at Baltoh, who had a stony expression on his face as he held his cock up to hers, glistening with her bodily fluids from before. Without even needing to be told, she obediently opened her mouth and allowed him to put the head of his cock in her mouth, eager to suck it clean and appease him. As she began bobbing her head back and forth and blowing him, Selene and Molly both began moving in unison, Selene bucking her hips and forcing her strap-on into Rosemary’s pussy and Molly humping her doggy-style and fucking her asshole.
As they reached the perfect machine-like rhythm, Baltoh fully satisfied Rosemary’s masochistic desired and grabbed her head, forcing his entire cock into her mouth. Rosemary choked and gagged and his pulsating penis, and even threw up a little. Tears were streaming down her face from her agitated gag reflex and she was desperately trying to breathe, but she was on Cloud 9 in terms of sexual ecstasy, being punished and violated while onlookers watched like the viewers of ancient Roman gladiator battles.
As time went on, Rosemary slowly began to drift towards unconsciousness, and she could swear her senses were being distorted. The dildos being used inside her were seemingly becoming warner and softer to the touch and she could no longer feel Molly’s breasts against her back or Selene’s against her own. Opening her eyes, she looked around and realized that was getting fucked all three ways by Baltoh… or copies of Baltoh. One of the doppelgangers was slamming her from behind with his meaty cock, one was beneath her, bucking his hips and pulverizing her bruised snatch, and the original was still skull-fucking her. For some reason, she did not feel alarmed by this strange occurrence, she actually felt comforted, like she could literally feel him all around her.
Grabbing her shoulders, Rosemary felt the clone behind her hold her up, so that two pairs of hands could grab her own. Looking around in the corners of her eyes, she saw two clones, one on either side of her. They were holding her hands and wrapping her fingers around their erect cocks. Taking the message, she began stroking them both, sparing all the attention she could to give them proper hand jobs. With a huge cock in each hand, one in her throat, one in her asshole, and the final in her pussy, her mind was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling. She could not even describe the unfathomable sensations rushing through her whole body.
Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she was forced to open her eyes as a rush of pleasure rushed through almost every square inch of skin. As well as being gang-banged by Baltoh and his doppelgangers, Selene and Molly had returned with clones and were all grinding against any exposed spot they could find. They were doing everything from rubbing their pussies against her legs, kissing her feet, running their tongues across the sides of her chest and face, and giving her outstretched arms tit-fucks.
With 95% of her body rubbing against the body of someone else, Rosemary had the greatest orgasm of her life. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body began to vibrate. As her body was flooded with euphoric warmth, Baltoh and all of his doppelgangers all shot their loads, seemingly with the pressure of fire hoses. Seed overflowed and sprayed from her asshole and pussy, mixed with the juices of her orgasm, as well as ran down her throat and filled her stomach. She was even blinded by thick white streams coating her face.
Completely exhausted, she collapsed as they all pulled out of her, continuing to ejaculate. She was too tired to move, so she just lay there as layer after layer of semen coated her body. Before long, she felt like she was being submerged in a bath the thick white sperm. It was like she was a gold statue being lowered into a smelting vat.

Rosemary was hovering in the air over Asmodeus’ bed, trapped in her illusion with the ruler of the Circle of Lust lying below her. Both of their naked bodies were glowing with a blue aura as she slowly stole Rosemary’s soul. The illusion created a sexual fantasy that brought forth every desire she wanted and fulfilled them beyond her wildest imagination. The spell was powered by her sexual reaction to the illusion, with her arousal accelerating the process. As she drank in Rosemary’s soul and watched her in the illusion, she was fingering herself and licking her lips.
“Damn, this is one seriously kinky bitch.” She whispered coyly.

Baltoh flew through the fiery galaxy of Tenebrous’ personal domain with enough power streaming from his sword to shatter a planet. Spinning like a top, he delivered a flurry of slashes to Tenebrous, but the Demon King blocked them all with his claymore of Hellfire. As Baltoh was about to deliver his hundredth attack in the second, he suddenly disappeared, teleporting and reappearing behind Tenebrous. Before his foe could react, Baltoh kicked him the ribs with catastrophic power, sending him zooming across the cosmos and crashing straight through a line of planets, turning them into crumbling rings of fire and stone.
“Demon Art: Apocalypse Eruption!” Tenebrous howled as Baltoh flew through the shattered planet cores faster than the speed of light.
Putting Lucifer’s ultimate attack to shame, Tenebrous fired a black and red beam of energy powerful enough to obliterate a solar system.
“Celestial Art: Wormhole Barrier!” Baltoh countered, refusing to alter his trajectory or slow down.
At the sound of his voice, a lake-sized vortex appeared in front of him and engulfed the blast, sending it to the void between dimensions where it could do no harm. Maneuvering around the screaming blast, Baltoh tackled Tenebrous, knocking through the final planet in the tiny pocket of space. With rubble and terrified monsters flying around them, the two fighters began attacking and blocking each other so quickly that they made light particles look like snails.
“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” Tenebrous cackled, having the time of his life.
Reaching out like a geyser from one of the “nearby” destroyed planets, a powerful arm with pulsing muscles and black scales stretched like rubber and grabbed Baltoh, reinforced with Tenebrous’ own divine power so that Baltoh couldn’t just break free of it without effort. Lunging forward, Tenebrous pierced Baltoh’s chest at the collarbone, driving straight through him and cutting through his cape. Tenebrous smiled at the sight of Baltoh coughing up blood, but lost it when Baltoh gained one of his own. Bending the light around it, Baltoh’s cape began to swirl and expand with the hand gripping Baltoh disappearing as his body seemingly dematerialized.
“Oh shit!” Tenebrous swore as the undulating cape took form into a barrel-sized black hole, as strong and heavy as one that was full-sized.
Easily able to consume light itself, the black hole grabbed Tenebrous with its invisible claws and slammed him into it like a bear hug. Gnashing his teeth and swearing in frustration at the power of the quantum singularity, Tenebrous managed to turn his head enough to see Baltoh several millions of miles away with his hand raised.
“Celestial Art: Terrestrial Cataclysm!” He thundered.
With a snarling roar, a burst of twisting fire and stone appeared above his head, taking form into a molten sphere that was as hot as the surface of the sun and large as a continent. Layers of bedrock appeared around the sphere, securing it tightly in countless layers until the heat could not be sensed on the surface. With a blue aura, the planet was supplied with oxygen and shook as oceans crashed on its surface upon their birth. Rising up from the soil, towering trees took root, looking for sunlight. The whole creation had taken only a handful of seconds to complete and was almost a perfect ecological equivalent to Earth.
His face contorted with focus, Baltoh threw the planet down at Tenebrous, who was still trying to overpower the gravitational pull of the black hole. Sending pulses of light across the cosmos, the planet slammed into Tenebrous dead on, crushing him with its weight and the power of the black hole as it was consumed. Baltoh watched as the planet wrapped around the black hole and was pulled into the darkness, waiting for Tenebrous to make his move.
The reply came with a booming laugh and a black supernova of shadow fire, erupting from between the crumbling planet and the black hole and destroying them both. The dark Hellfire surged across the solar system, obliterating the destroyed planets but being pushed aside before they reached Baltoh, unable to even come near him. In the center of the gyrating torrent of Hellfire, Tenebrous was laughing as loud as possible in joy at the battle. This was definitely going to be difficult.

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