Point of View

I noticed you as soon as you entered my house. It was a party for my high school’s soccer team, though guests were allowed. The season had just ended, and we were celebrating our hard work. My parents were out of town for the weekend, so we had the party at my house.

You entered with a guy from the team named John and someone I recognized as his girlfriend. I didn’t recognize you, but still, you stood out from everyone else around. You had a Mediterranean look; you were short, I would estimate not much more than five feet, with a wonderful skin tone and pure black hair that contrasted with your seemingly out of place green eyes. You were very skinny, but had full breasts and a nicely curved body. You wore a black tank top and a flowing, short black skirt, which complemented your hair nicely. Next to the straps of your tank top, I could see the black straps of your bra. I could also see a little cleavage, but what most strongly caught my attention were your wonderfully shaped legs.

I walked over to you three and greeted you as you entered my open front door. To you, I introduced myself. I told you my name, Mark, and you told me yours, Kate. I shook your hand, making sure that I did so firmly. I noticed you blush ever so slightly.

I took all of you to the living room, where some other people were talking. I poured all three of you beers, and gave you yours first. You situated yourself on the couch, but looked like you felt awkward and out of place. I suppose I wasn’t the only one there who didn’t know you.


I noticed you as soon as I entered your house. I didn’t want to go to the party. Jenny was an old friend of mine from summer camp. She and I lived in different cities, but I was in town visiting her and staying at her house for the weekend. Her boyfriend John was on the soccer team here, and he had to go to the party, which meant she had to go, which meant I had to go. I was convinced I wouldn’t know anyone, except for them. I hated going to parties where I didn’t know anyone.

Jenny had told me a little about you, but hadn’t prepared me for how handsome you were. All she told me was that you were “pretty cool, and nice,” which was about as generic a description as she could have given me. You had brown hair that went down to your eyes. It was not brushed, so it lay randomly over your head. It was very sexy. You had deep brown eyes to match your hair. You were tall, or at least, taller than I, and very muscular. You had on a jeans and a tight t-shirt that revealed your developed pecs.

You introduced yourself to us. I’m always impressed with a gentleman and you certainly did not disappoint me. You shook my hand firmly, which turned me on slightly. We entered the living room, where you gave me a beer. I sat down, and as you left, I felt to evening getting worse. Well, at first, it wasn’t so bad. It was when John and Jenny went upstairs that it got bad. I was so horribly uncomfortable. I drank a few beers, feeling alone while everyone else was happy.


I hung out in the dining room for a while, where a number of other people were hanging out. When I came back to the living room, you looked so unhappy until you turned your relieved face up to me. I tapped your shoulder, and asked if you would come talk with me in the kitchen for a second. You said yes with a genuinely happy smile that showed your brilliantly white teeth.

I asked you where John was, and you blushed and told me they went upstairs. I smiled, and told you a little plan I had. There was a staircase in the front of the house as well as in the kitchen. We snuck up the stairs together, trying to be quiet, but you occasionally giggled anyway, which made me smile. We walked up to the door to my parents’ room, from which the sounds of a bed creaking and a girl moaning were coming. We banged loudly on the door, which prompted the girl to shriek and John to yell out a string of obscenities and threats as you and I quickly ran downstairs, laughing.

I tugged your hand, when we were in the kitchen, and said we should go outside. We walked out the back door, which was right in the kitchen.


We went out your back door together. You had touched my hand briefly before we went out, but I wanted you to just squeeze my hand and not let go. Your house was at the top of a hill. We walked down the hill in the dark, with you leading the way. I almost slipped a few times, which was probably a product of the beer, but I made it all the way down unharmed. There were trees near the bottom, which led to a river. We lay on grass near the river, but far enough away that the ground was dry.

We stared up at the many stars hanging in the sky. I felt so comfortable with you. I thanked you for getting me out of there. You said you knew that some of those guys were jerks, but they were your teammates and you had to put up with them sometimes. I told you what a nice guy you were. You reached down and held my hand, which was great. We stayed on our backs, looking at the stars in an easy silence.

It felt so natural when you leaned over and kissed me on the lips. You put your hands softly on my face and positioned your body diagonal to my own, so that your chest hovered above my own.

It was gentle at first. Your kisses were slow and long, barely parting my lips. It made me long for you even more. Then, we began to kiss a little faster. Our mouths opened slightly, then more. When you slid your tongue into my mouth and played with mine I felt a drop of wetness forming beneath my panties.


You were an incredible kisser. Your lips were so soft. From the very first kiss I began to grow hard. By the time our tongues met, I was very hard. I lowered my hands down your neck, which made your shiver, down to your breasts. They felt so nice cupped under my hands. I lowered my mouth down to your neck. I licked, kissed, and sucked on your neck as I rubbed your breasts over your tank top. You moaned lightly, which made me even more aroused.

I stopped, rolled over onto my back, and motioned for you to climb on top of me. You complied with a look on your face as if you were on another planet. Your skirt was over me, so that only your panties separated you from my clothing. We dry humped roughly. It was rougher than I would have expected from how gentle you looked, which was wonderful. Every thrust of your hips had all of your force in it.

I looked up at your face, which was silhouetted by the bright moon behind you. You tossed your hair slightly, and I could see it move with the moon behind it. My hands moved up and down your sides. I loved the way your body moved in at your waist and out at your chest. You put your hands on my chest and squeezed as your thrusts grew faster and faster. You cried out “Oh God!” as the frequency of the thrusts climaxed, and it was obvious that you did the same.

We slowed down, and I whispered to you, “Let’s go back inside.” You nodded, then climbed off of me. We grasped hands and ran up the hill eagerly.


We ran up the hill. By this point, I was sure that I would have sex with you, and couldn’t wait to do so. Images of your naked body ran through my fantasizing mind. We went in the back door and through the kitchen. I could hear voices from the other rooms. We went up the stairs quietly, trying not to attract attention.

As soon as we got upstairs, you held me against the wall and kissed me deeply. I lifted up my leg so you could get your hips closer to my own. After the short kiss, you opened the door to a room I presumed to be yours. We entered the dark room, and I heard you lock the door behind us. Had there been light, I would have seen all the trophies you had won lining your shelves.

You reached for me in the dark, and turned me so I faced you. Your hands reached down towards my hips. I raised my arms as you lifted my shirt over my head. Then, I did the same to you, as I lifted your shirt over your head, and then tossed it on the floor. I put my hands on your chest. You had such well-defined and shaped muscles. Your masculinity turned me on.

I tilted my head up and kissed your neck. You placed your hands around the exposed skin of my back, and held me tightly. Your hands felt for my bra strap, then they deftly undid it. You took it and tossed it aside. You then lightly pushed me towards the bed. I lay on the bed. You came down on top of me.

Your knees were bent and next to my ribs so that your body was a few inches above my own. I reached for you belt and undid it, then slid it off of your pants. You leaned towards me and your tongue made circles on my neck, but then quickly moved down. Your hands cradled me, always lower on my body then your head. As your tongue moved down to my erect nipples, your hands were at my waist. Your tongue fluttered over my nipples as my heart beat faster.

Your hands reached lower, to my skirt. Your tongue left me as you raised your chest and tried to pull down my skirt. I lifted my hips in order to help you as best as I could. You lowered it slightly, then, seemingly changing your mind, reached up to my panties and pulled them down with my skirt. As I lay exposed before your eyes, I shook with anticipation. You knew that I was ready to have sex with you, but you were not only concerned with your own pleasure.

You put your index and middle fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them, and continued to do so as you pulled them out. During our handshake, when I had first met you, I had noticed how big your hands were. Your hand seemed even larger now, as your reached between my legs.

At first, you held your hand over it, massaging it, and feeling my wetness. Then, you split its lips with your middle finger. I gasped with pleasure as you slid it halfway in, and then again with anticipation as you pulled that finger out. I screamed when you put those two fingers from my mouth in. You slid them all the way in, then pulled out. My wetness lubricated them as they went faster. You adjusted your body so you could go faster, and then cradled my neck with your other hand.

I came hard. My lips quivered as I squeezed them around those fingers that were pounding so quickly against my hips. My wetness poured out. I screamed your name. You continued pushing, and I continued coming. Eventually, however, my orgasm subdued, and your fingers slowed. As my body was still shaking and I was calming down, you pulled your fingers out and lightly played with my clitoris.

As I nearly regained sanity, you split open my lips again, but this time, with your tongue. Your hands touched my butt as my hips unconsciously thrust. You tasted all of my wetness. My hands pulled gently on your hair. Your tongue pulled out and played with my clitoris. You moved it all around as I moaned. You knew I was about to have another orgasm, so you put your tongue back in. It felt every crevice, no matter how deep, as I came harder than I had before. As I lay there, the only thought that could pass through my mind was how much I wanted to have sex with you.


As you lay there, I was quite proud of myself for taking you to such ecstasy; you were not hiding your happiness well. I wiped your wetness from my hand onto one of my sheets, then went over to my desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out a condom. I gave it to you to put on me. You sat up and unwrapped it while I took off my pants and boxers. When you looked back at my hardness, I heard you swear with awe. You lowered the condom over my shaft, which felt great.

I lay on my back with my shaft in the air. You climbed on top of me, and lowered yourself over my shaft. I could easily feel your wetness, and it felt great. You moaned as your hips moved back and forth with increasing periodicity. Your thrusts grew harder and faster. Your breasts bounced with your movements.

As you came, you just pushed down with your hips, trying to take all of my shaft in, while I held your butt tightly. As a scream emanated from your lips, you began to ride me again, more fiercely than before. My hips moved with your own. I pulled your torso down so that your breasts rested on my own chest. You continued to ride me until I rolled you over onto your back.

You looked so small there. It just made me thrust into harder. I was in complete control and we both knew it. I noticed your orgasms were becoming more frequent as you dug your nails into my back and came. This time, however, you couldn’t stop the thrusts. I kept pushing into you, which clearly made your orgasm even greater.

When you were done coming, I pulled out for a moment as I lifted up your legs and put them over my shoulder. My hands loved the curve of your calves. I reentered you, with your legs on my shoulders. This position felt wonderful for me, and you clearly felt the same way. I kept pressing into you rhythmically; the creak of the bed sounded like a metronome. As we continued, it kept feeling better and better for me. It only took you about a minute or two to come in this position.

I felt myself getting ready to come inside you. I needed to so badly. I returned to my back, and you returned to your position atop me. I whispered that I was about to, and that made you ride me even faster. We were going so hard and fast. My hands were in your hair, feeling how wonderful it was. I felt myself leaving this earthly plane as my testicles, and then my body, tensed up. I got harder, and longer, until finally I was overwhelmed with pleasure and I came inside of you.


You kept shooting come into me. It was wonderful. I could just feel it shoot up throughout my body with every jet you released. You just kept coming and coming. Your face contorted with pleasure, as I’m sure mine did. Feeling it spread throughout me was my favorite part-it always has been.

As soon as you were done, I climbed off of you. I didn’t want to, of course, but one must do so quickly with a condom. I took it off of you, and tied it, careful not to spill any. I tossed it into your trash, then turned towards you. You did something unexpected, or, rather, you didn’t do anything expected. You didn’t get up to go away, or put your clothes back on, but you weren’t laying there to fall asleep. You just looked at me with your gorgeous eyes. I laid down under your arm, and you held me tight. I felt so loved.

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2010-11-10 03:03:53
hey Man don't listen to those fuckin retards sayin this story was confusing they just have nothing better to do with their time than talk shit about a FANTASTIC story because they are just jealous they don't have the genius or smarts to put a story together much less one as great as this I love romance stories and this was a great story man keep it up you got a 10 outta 10 from me


2007-08-31 19:58:27
sik fukin story i loved it


2006-04-11 14:11:27
That was an awsome story. I love romance stories. Well anyway, keep writing Sean 10/10.


2005-12-04 22:16:03
You're all retards if you thought it was confusing... it isn't that hard to figure it out. It was okay.... I just pretty much like the ending where he holds her tight - I thought it was cute.


2005-04-03 09:20:32
I loved this story a lot. You got to see what both of the two characters were thinking. It also made me think that these two were destined to be with each other romatically. I especially loved it when they went and pounded ont he dor when Jenny and John were having sex. I would rate this story a 9 out of 10

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