Ann and I had been married for seven years. We had two daughters, five and three. I was cleaning out the walk in closet when I found the metal lock box. It was something I had never seen before. I carried it into the bedroom and looked around for a key. I found a small key in the back of my wife’s jewelry box and it fit the lock. When I opened the box it was to see probable a hundred DVD videos that were all dated.

I pulled the one that had the most recent date out. It was from a couple of weeks ago when I was out of town on business. I put it in the player and started it. I watched in shock as my boss and four other men took turns fucking my wife. She was doing things she would rarely do for me as if she loved every minute. That video was three hours long and my wife got fucked almost every minute of it as several other men came and went.

I was sitting on the bed when she came home. The lock box was beside me on the bed open. I heard Ann put our daughters in their room and tell them to be good. When she walked in the bedroom door and saw the lockbox she froze and her face went white. I stood up and walk to her. When I was right in front of her I stopped and looked her in the eye, “Are the girls mine?”

When Ann blushed and looked away I almost killed her right then. I turned away and she took a step, “I did it for you!”

I spun around, “From what I saw you’re a whore and did it because you wanted to!”

She dropped to her knees and started crying which brought the girls. I only looked at the two little girls that I had always loved and could only see her betrayal. I went to the lockbox and took it with me into the front room. I poured a drink before sitting down and stared across the room wanting to hit something. After that drink there was another and then another.

At one point I heard Ann in the kitchen with the girls and then it was quiet. It was very late and I was very drunk when she came and got me. Her face was red and puffy as she pulled me up and helped me back to the bedroom. I wouldn’t release the lockbox as she tried to undress me so she left it in my arms. She put me to bed and covered me before climbing in beside me.

I felt her arm around me and almost growled. She didn’t move it and I finally passed out. I was supposed to go out of town the next day. When I woke up Ann still had her arm around me and I climbed out of bed. I carried the lockbox to my home office and put it on the desk before locking the door. I was the only one to have a key so I wasn’t worried about anyone taking it.

I went into my bathroom and took a shower. Everything seemed clear to me as I dressed and went out to drive my car down the street and park. I walked back and found Ann in the kitchen fixing breakfast for the girls. “Did you call anyone?”

She turned to look at me and shook her head. I ignored the girls and went back to the bedroom. My boss knew I was supposed to fly out early this morning. I heard Ann’s mom when she came for the girls and heard Ann tell her to keep them for a few days. She wouldn’t tell her mother anything and finally I heard the front door close as she left. She came into the bedroom and looked at me. I turned from the window, “When will they show up?”

I could see her silent tears but didn’t say anything. She looked down, “In an hour.”

I gestured to the bathroom, “Go get cleaned up.”

Ann didn’t say anything as she turned and walked into the bathroom. I went to my closet and returned with my shotgun. I took it into the girls bedroom and leaned it against the wall next to the door. When I returned to my bedroom she was sitting on the bed naked. I looked at her, “You have a choice, me or the street.”

She had been looking at her feet and looked up into my face, “David…”

I growled, “Me or the street!”

She looked down and almost whispered, “You.”

I kept looking at her, “Who is the father of the girls?”

Her face went white, “I did a DNA test and Paul… Mr. Peters is the father.”

I was so angry that I wanted to kill someone but tried to stay calm, “Does he know?”

Ann nodded without looking up. “I told him.”

I nodded, “Do what you would normally do.”

She nodded and stood to go out to the hall closet. She returned with two tripods, video cameras were already attached. I watched her set them up and turn to me. She could see how angry the cameras made me and bit her lip. I walked out and went into the girls bedroom to look out front. I saw when the cars pulled up and moved to close the door, leaving a small crack.

Ann went to the door when the doorbell rang and then I heard my boss and the others calling my wife their whore. It pissed me off but I waited and they came down the hall following my wife as they stripped. When they were all in the bedroom, I picked up the shotgun and followed them.

I walked in and chambered a round. My boss and another manager were on the bed with my wife. Everyone spun and Mr. Peters gasped, “David!”

I moved the shotgun, “Get off the bed and line up on your knees.”

My boss stammered, “It isn’t what you think.”

I pointed the shotgun at his chest, “The next one to speak will die.”

I looked at my white faced wife, “Go into the closet and get dressed.”

I watched my boss and the other four men as they went to their knees beside the bed while Ann went into the closet. I kept the shotgun pointed and pulled out my cell phone. I had the entire company roster on my phone and thumbed through it before dialing. I put the phone on speaker and when the woman’s voice came through, Mr. George’s face went white, “Hello?”

I kept my eyes on the men, “Mrs. George this is David Harris. I just caught your husband in my bedroom naked with my wife.”


I kept looking at him as he shook his head pleading with me, “It seems that your husband and the other managers have been sending me out of town so they can come over to my house to have sex with my wife. They even made videos.”

She was cussing and I moved away from the door, “I’m letting him go right now. If you want a copy of the videos for a divorce lawyer let me know.”

I hung up and waved the shotgun, “Get out before I change my mind.”

He scrambled up and dashed out, grabbing his clothes as he went. I waited for the front door to close before moving on to the next man and repeating the call. My boss was the last one and I called the senior partner of our company. “Hello Mr. Davidson?”


“This is David Harris. I just caught Mr. Peters naked with my wife. It seems he has been sending me out of town so that he and other managers could have sex with her. Both of my wife’s daughters are his. I’m afraid I will be resigning as of right now. Any company that could allow something like this to happen is not a company I want to work for.”

I hung up while my former boss glared. My next call was to his wife, who was also a part owner in the company and Mr. Davidson’s sister. I made sure to tell her about the girls and all the videos before hanging up. I gestured to the door, “Get out!”

He took his time grabbing his clothes and I almost shot him in the ass. After he was gone I went into the closet to see Ann on the floor crying. It bother me a little but... “You can only blame yourself. I’ll give you one more chance, but from now on it will be different. The term bare foot and pregnant is your new life style. Wherever I work, you will be beside me.”

“You will accompany me to any office and stay with me until it is time to leave. When we are home you will not wear any clothes. We will be leaving to see a lawyer about filing a paternity suit against Mr. Peters and then I need to bring my personal stuff home.”

“When we come home you will sit with me and we will begin at the beginning. You will tell me how it started and we will watch the first video while you explain who was there and what you were feeling. Clean up and get dressed or start packing.”

I walked out and made a call to a guy that had been trying to hire me for a year. I told him about my other requirements and he didn’t have a problem with anything I asked for, I even got a raise out of it. I called a lawyer who said I should just come to his office. I walked into the bedroom to Ann putting makeup on. I stood and waited for her to finish before I led her out.

In the lawyer’s office I explained what I wanted and he suggested a lawsuit against the company but I said no. In the end he told us the videos should provide probable cause to have a court do a DNA test. The one Ann had done wouldn’t be accepted because it didn’t follow a chain of custody. Ann was quiet the whole time and only answered questions when asked.

From the lawyer’s office we went to where I had worked for the last seven years. There were whispers as I went to my office with a box and began putting my personal belonging away. I heard the rumors and heads were rolling, starting with Mr. Peters.

When we got home Ann went straight to our bedroom and the closet before undressing. In the bathroom she took her make up off and then followed me into my office. I was sitting in one of the two chairs and gestured to her to sit in the other one. She looked down and after a shaky start began talking. It may have started with Mr. Peters offering to pay me more or give me a promotion but it wasn’t long before she admitted that what they did excited her.

She knew it upset me and was quiet for awhile. She was crying as she began telling me about Mr. Peters getting her pregnant and said that he would laugh whenever anyone mentioned my girls. I stopped her then, I couldn’t take anymore. Ann slid out of her chair and knelt between my legs, “I’m so sorry David.”

I looked away to calm down, “Didn’t you think it would hurt me?”

She kept crying and put her head on my leg. As angry as I was, seeing Ann cry hurt too. I picked her up and held her on my lap. I finally stood and caressed her bare butt, “go make us some soup.”

I sat back to think and when she came back to get me, the beginning of an idea came to me. My wife was a whore and there wasn’t any way I could change that. There was something else I could do but I needed to think about it. After lunch I went to the office and stripped before calling Ann. When she walked in and saw me naked she looked at my hard cock.

I sat in my chair and spread my legs. I sat Ann on my lap with my cock slowly spreading her open until I was balls deep. I put the very first video in and reached over to start it. Ann shuddered and turned her head to watch the video. I cupped her breasts, “Tell me who each man is, what they are doing and how it felt.”

As she began talking she also began moving on my cock. Because she was doing it slowly, I was able to hold back while she jerked and came three times. I didn’t say anything or warn her as my balls tightened and I held her hips down tight while I spurted and spewed cum deep inside her. When I finished, I reached out to stop the video and just held her impaled on my throbbing cock. I kissed the back of her neck and pushed her up, “Leave my cum in you.”

She nodded and then smiled and bent to kiss me. “I’m fertile right now.”

She left to do some house work and I started making some calls. I went to find her and she smiled as I walked in while she was putting clothes in the dryer. I put my arms around her and pulled her back against me, “When you are pregnant. Our family will start coming by more often. They will use you like a whore. I have talked with everyone, especially the wives. They will be sending their men and sons to you when they become… bothersome.”

Ann was blushing and looked down, “David…”

I kissed the back of her neck, “You like being used Ann. They turned you into a whore and this time I am the one asking you. If it is just me you will leave me…or cheat again.”

She was quiet and then turned in my arms and put her arms around me. I caressed her bare butt, “I will use you off and on all day, everyday. If the girls want to watch, you will let them.”

Ann looked at me quickly and I looked back. “Your daughters will learn about sex from watching you. When they are older you will teach them.”

She looked down and after a moment nodded. I turned her to the drier and bent her over it before pushing my cock into her. I caressed her sides as I fucked her nice and deep. I loved feeling her slippery hole as I fucked into her deep and held it. She began pushing back and moaning after a few minutes. “Oh David!”

I kept fucking her and reached around to rub her clit. Ann jerked and shuddered before shoving back onto my cock, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck your whore!”

I fucked her harder, burying my cock each time and she just jerked harder. When I was ready I pulled out and turned her around quickly. I lifted her half onto the machine and shoved into her in one push. I held her as she wrapped her legs around me and I began pumping cum into her. I shivered and pulled her against me and off the machine, fully impaling her on my cock.

She was shuddering as I filled her with sperm. When I finished, I held her in my arms and only reluctantly put her on the drier and pulled out of her. I set her feet on the floor and kissed her before leaving and putting some pants on.

I went online and received a pleasant shock when I sold the company stocks I had been given. When I came into the kitchen for dinner, I watched her moving around the kitchen in what seemed a more relaxed way. I sat at the small kitchen table, “You look more relaxed.”

Ann smiled, “I don’t have to worry about being caught or feel guilty about fucking other men.”

I nodded and when she brought dinner to the table, I pulled her naked body onto my lap. I cupped one of her breasts, “Never lie to me again Ann.”

She shook her head and I kept her on my lap while we ate. When we were done I told her to have her mother bring the girls home. I went into the living room and sat back to relax. I glanced back when the doorbell rang and Ann came out wearing her robe. She blushed and opened the door for her mother. The girls ran in calling for their mother.

Ann smiled and spoke to her mom before glancing into the living room, “I have been cheating on David… I’ve been a whore mom. The girls aren’t David’s their father was his boss.”

She took a breath and dropped her robe, “David still wants me and I want him. I need sex though and David is going to… help me.”

I could hear her mother as she closed the door, “What do you mean, the girls aren’t his?”

They walked into the living room and the girls ran to jump in my lap. I held them as her mom looked from her to me. Ann took a breath, “Whenever David went out of town I would fuck his boss and anyone he brought over.”

Ann’s mom looked at me and then at Ann as she blushed. Ann looked at me, “David still wants me and I want him. I’m going to get pregnant and have his baby, His baby, mom.”

She looked at her mother, “After I am pregnant, if dad gets to be a little to much just send him over.”

Her mom stared at her and then laughed, “That I have to see. Your father is always horny.”

I grinned, “Once I have her safely pregnant bring him over.”

She grinned and hugged Ann before leaving. The girls were stripped naked before ten minutes were up. I guess since their mother was naked they thought they should be to. I followed her to the bathroom to bathe the girls and then I sat and brushed their hair. We watched the girls shows and then put them to bed.

I pulled Ann to bed and pushed her onto her stomach. I straddled her and pushed my cock down and into her as she lifted her butt. She groaned as my cock slowly pushed all the way to the back of her pussy. I pulled almost out of her and then started fucking her with long, deep strokes. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shaking. Her pussy tightened and she bit the sheets to keep from yelling.

I moved down slightly and fucked straight up into her hard and she shuddered and jerked before convulsing. Her pussy was squeezing me tight as I slowed to just long thrusts. When I finally buried my cock ten minutes later and started spewing cum she gasped and shoved her ass back. She was shaking as I spurted deep inside her, against her womb. When I finished, she sighed, “god that was good.”

I caressed her hips and pulled out. I smiled as I turned her over and lifted her legs up to her shoulders before pushing my cock back into her warm, slimy pussy. She grinned as I started fucking down into her slippery hole. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. She tossed her head as I fucked her nasty pussy hard. When I slowed to long, slow, deep thrusts she started spasming and convulsing. “Fuck!”

I released her legs and went back to fucking her hard, trying to cum. A couple of minutes later I began spurting cum against and into her womb again. She bucked and thrashed around as her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming, I slowly pulled out and moved over beside her. I turned her and pulled her back against me. I woke to Ann pulling away and she looked back and smiled shyly, “I need to pee.”

I slid out of bed and followed her to watch. She blushed but didn’t say anything. I went to the bathroom after she was done and went to the kitchen as she went to check the girls. I made coffee and started the girl’s bowls of cereal. The morning was a little rushed as Ann packed a few things for the girls and showered with me. When I walked into the lobby of Mr. Edwards building he was waiting.

He smiled and shook my hand before smiling at Ann and the girls. He led me up to a huge office and gestured to the desk where a thick stack of folders sat. He was a little red faced, “Those are the companies I would like you to look at to see if you can do anything.”

I nodded, “No problem.”

The office had a nice thick carpet and long couch. A large bathroom was just off the office. It wasn’t long before the girls were playing happily and Ann was trying to quiet them. I smiled over the desk, “Let them play.”

She looked at me and smiled before nodding. When I sat back just before lunch Ann looked at me. I grinned and stood, “Time for lunch.”

We left the toys and I made a stop at Mr. Edwards office to drop off the folders. When we came back from lunch I locked the door and turned Ann before undressing her. The girls watched as I kissed her and started undressing. I sat back on the couch as she moved to straddle me. The girls came closer, “Momma?”

Ann blushed and looked at them before moving off me and turning around. She spread her legs over mine as she sat in my lap. She lifted up to guide my cock to her pussy before sitting down with a sigh. She held her hands out to the girls as she started rocking back and forth fucking my cock. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she shivered and started telling the girls what we were doing.

It wasn’t long before they both had their faces between our legs to watch my cock fucking in and out of their mother. Ann started moaning as she shuddered and her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. I cupped her breasts, “Come up here girls.”

Ann spasmed on me again and I smiled at our daughters. The girls giggled and hugged their mother before doing what I told them. Ann jerked and shook harder as the girls started sucking on her nipples, “Fuck!”

I shuddered as I started pumping and spurting cum. She stopped and pushed back to keep my pumping cock as deep as she could. She pulled the girl off her breasts and kissed them before looking back and lifting up. She moved over on the couch and sat with her legs spread, “Come here girls.”

I stood and turned towards her and she smiled as she reached out and began licking my cock clean. When she finished, I got dressed and went to my desk and sat down to make a few calls. I watched as Ann wiped cum from her leaking pussy and licked it. When she finished, she got dressed and unlocked the door. I had to contact Mr. Edwards several times to make appointments for some of the companies.

When we got home Ann went back to the bedroom and came back naked. The girls were quick to pull their clothes off as I pulled her back to our bed. I laid her back and pushed into her slippery hole and she moaned as she shuddered. I fucked her with long, deep strokes and she lifted her legs into the air and spread them. She shuddered and fucked up on my cock as the girls came to crawl onto the bed.

Ann was howling in pleasure as I fucked her hard and buried my cock to press and grind against her. When I came it was against her womb. She jerked and spasmed as she screamed and grabbed my arms, “YES!”

When I finished and pulled out Ann smiled and turned her head to the girls. I walked out as her five year old daughter Mary moved onto her mother. I went to check my messages and found several.

I called Mr. Davidson and waited to be put through. He started off hesitantly and asked for a meeting with me, Mr. Peters and his sister. I almost slammed the phone down, “I will not sit down with that back stabbing bastard if my life depended on it. He or you can talk to my lawyer.”

“We don’t need to get the lawyers involved...”

I cursed under my breath, “He sent me out of town and used promises and threats to fuck my wife and whore her out to the other managers and clients. If you like I can add your company and each of your clients companies to the lawsuit. The son of a bitch got her pregnant twice. If you think I am going to let this pass, think again.”

I hung up and went to the next message. When I finished Ann was in the kitchen humming as she made dinner. I went to slip on a pair of loose sleeping pants before coming back to the kitchen. The girls were sitting at the table coloring as I relaxed. Ann set a cup of tea on the table and smiled before going back to making dinner. When we came home the next day Mr. Davidson was waiting.

I sent Ann and the girls in as he got out of his car and walked towards me. He was red faced as he cleared his throat, “David, I would like to reach an understanding. Mr. Peters...”

I held up my hand, “Stop. I don’t really care what that asshole said. The paternity suit will prove he is the father of my wife’s daughters. I told you and I have proof of what he and the others did.”

He nodded and pulled an envelope out of his suit pocket, “I fired him and the other managers and have started an internal investigation. My sister and I would like to offer you... compensation.”

I looked at the envelope and shook my head, “Just fire the assholes.”

He smiled and held it out, “please.”

I took it reluctantly, “I’ll turn it over to my lawyer.”

He nodded, “thank you.”

I watched him leave and went into the house. Ann and the girls were already naked as she made dinner. I went to change and slip a pair of lounging pants on before coming back to the kitchen. Before the month was gone the paternity suit was settled and Ann was pregnant. Friday I made a few calls and when we came home I bent her over the back of the couch after I closed the door.

She smiled as the girls ran around to kneel on the couch in front of their mother. I lifted her skirt up over her butt and opened my pants. I slowly pushed into her cummy pussy and started to fuck her, “Your mom and dad will be here in an hour and then your sister and her husband.”

Ann groaned as her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. I rubbed her asshole, “Make sure you douche and use an enema. Put a lot of lube in your ass too.”

She jerked and spasmed as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. A few minutes later she started convulsing and her pussy tightened. I kept fucking her as she reached over the couch to hold and caress the girls. By the time I buried my cock to press against her womb as I began to spew cum she was erratic and moaning incoherently.

I pumped and spurted into her as she shuddered and sighed. I finally pulled out of her and pulled her up. I kissed her before giving her a push towards the hall. She called the girls to follow her and I went to put my work away before going to the kitchen.

It was an hour before Mary and Amanda joined me as I made dinner. Ann was naked as she helped and when the doorbell rang she blushed. I went to let her mother and father in, her mother grinned and pushed her father towards Ann, “Take her to bed.”

He was red faced and so was Ann but she crossed to take his hand and pull him towards the hall. Her mother sat with the girls as I went back to making dinner. It was almost an hour before they came back and Ann had a satisfied look. Her father actually looked relaxed and pulled her mother onto his lap. Ann kissed me before helping set the table and get the girls ready.

After dinner Ann and her mother disappeared with the girls while I cleaned up. Her father cleared his throat, “Are you okay doing this?”

I smiled, “Your daughter is a horny bitch, I fuck her a dozen times a day. She wants and needs sex.”

He looked towards the hall, “She sure seemed to like it.”

I poured a glass of brandy for him and sat down. He took a sip and sighed, “Damn I feel good.”

When the door bell rang I went to answer it and it was Charles, Ann’s brother in law and her sister Jody. He was red faced but his wife was grinning. It was barely a minute before Ann poked her head around the corner. I nodded to her brother in law, “someone needs help.”

Jody laughed, “do him good Ann, he is getting on my last nerve.”

Ann grinned as she stepped out and held out her hand, “come on Charles.”

Jody pushed him towards the hall as she walked towards the kitchen. As soon as her dad told her that her mother was in back with the kids she left. He grinned at me as we heard Ann wailing from the bedroom. Ann has gotten pregnant three times since I caught her. She had a son and two more daughters.
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