My name is Michael Christopher Black. I’m six feet tall with light brown hair and blue eyes. When I was sixteen, I discovered the world of online trading. By the time I graduated from high school two years later I was a multi millionaire. I spent the next two years in a college and finally moved to England.

That was six months ago, I have a cottage in the country and another by the ocean. I had just celebrated my twenty first birthday and was staying by the ocean. I noticed a girl with long black haired watching me for a couple of days. It was the middle of the summer and she had a great body even if she was only five feet tall.

She was sunbathing just down the beach, but I could tell she was watching me. It was just above ninety degrees and I had pulled a long cord out to use my laptop. I was writing a mid evil fantasy story when I looked up and found her stepping onto my stone patio. She had a beautiful smile, “Hi.”

I saved my work and closed the laptop, “Hello.”

She gestured to the other chair and I nodded. She sat and turned the chair, “I’m Trish Saxton and you are Michael Black.”

I smiled and looked up from her erect nipples, “What is it you want? Money?”

She looked at her breasts and then back at my face with a smile, “No. I can get money anywhere.”

I had to look out at the ocean to keep from staring at her body and she chuckled, “I want to tell you a story, it’s about magic. People watch movies like Harry Potter or others that show men and women both using magic. The truth is that very few men have the ability to do magic and most of those that do, go crazy. Now it is more common for women, but in a woman, to keep the magic… stable, she needs a… mate or I guess you could say she needs to be bound to a man.”

She looked at me, “A woman’s ability to do magic comes from her ability to create life, to have children. When she gets to old to have children she losses her magic. We don’t live for centuries or anything like that. Mostly a witch only practices her magic at home or in a welcome environment.”

She smiled as I looked up from her breasts again. She shook her head and stood, “You’re to distracted.”

She took a step and reached for my hand, “I know all about you Michael. I know you have only had sex once. I know how active you could be sexually. Being bound to a witch is almost animalistic. We use the male but he must use us too.”

Trish pulled me up and ignored the other people on the beach as she pulled me after her into the house. I had to smile at the confidant way she treated me. She pulled me through my house and into my bedroom as if she knew right where it was. She turned me and stepped close to pull my shorts down and off before backing me onto the bed.

She laid me back on the bed and straddled my waist. She looked into my face as she lifted up and positioned my cock, “I have searched for you for over four years Michael.”

She closed her eyes and began whispering a chant as she slowly sat, pushing my cock up inside her. I shuddered as her warm, tight, silky pussy slid down my cock. I reached up to cup her breasts and then pulled her down and rolled as she kept whispering her chant. I fucked into her wonderful pussy and pushed against her womb with every thrust.

Trish was shaking and shuddering as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. When I shoved into her hard, her back arched and her eyes snapped open. I started pumping and spewing huge spurts of cum into her body. She looked straight into my eyes, “I bind you to me Michael Christopher Black.”

I felt an electric tingle pass through my body as I kept pumping cum into her. I smiled and whispered in her ear, “No, I place into your womb my seed, from it will come three daughters.”

Trish looked at me with wide eyes and I couldn’t help but grin, “Did it work?”

She grinned and shook me, “Silly.”

I laughed and pulled back to start fucking her with long, slow strokes. She gasped as I ignored her shaking body and fucked her hard for a minute. I slowed to push into her all the way which made her groan as I pressed and humped and ground. Trish was having body shaking seizures and her tight pussy contracted almost painfully. Something seemed to pulled at my balls and I went back to fucking her hard and deep.

It was like I was an animal and she was my bitch. I slammed into her over and over. It was a couple of minutes before I growled and shoved into her and spewed huge spurts of cum. I pumped thick ropes of sperm that filled her and made her whimper. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and rolled onto my back. Trish slowly rolled onto her side and I saw her looking at me. She smiled and caressed my chest, “You see? You are mine Michael.”

I laughed, “Little witch you can come back anytime you need sex.”

She laughed and scratched my chest, “Oh, I will.”

She rolled out of bed and walked to the door before turning back, “A witch gets her full power after she binds a man. She can only bind a man the first time by having sex for her first time. Next time I will take you someplace special.”

I grinned, “The birth place of your three daughters?”

She laughed and turned to walk out, I sighed and slid out of bed. That had been very enjoyable but I needed to get back to my story. I went back to typing and everything seemed better. It was five days before she came to me again. I had packed everything up for the trip back to my other cottage and retired for the night so the house was locked up and quiet.

I woke to the bed shifting and turned my head to see Trish sitting beside me cross legged and frowning. The moonlight made her naked body glow a soft pale color. I sat up, “How did you get in here?”

She sighed, “I told you Michael, I am a witch.”

She bit her lip, “Your… curse seems to have worked.”

I looked at her and then remembered what I had told her about three daughters, “You’re pregnant?”

She nodded, “With three daughters.”

I smiled, “I think you’re making that up.”

She shook her head, “No.”

I sighed, “So you want money to raise my children is that the scam?”

She smiled, “No Michael. I would have chosen to wait but you it seems, have power.”

I laughed and reached out to pull her against me, “The only power I have is to breed a young wild witch.”

She smiled and then laughed, “You did that very well.”

I kissed her and rolled her onto her back before kissing down her body. I sucked on a nipple on my way past and then went lower as she moaned and spread her legs. Her pussy smelled of strawberry and lightly scented female musk. I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her lips before sucking on her clit.

I teased and wiggled my tongue against her clit as she moaned and fucked her pussy into my face. I pushed my tongue into her and she shuddered and cupped my head, “This feels so good.”

I kept teasing her clit and pushing my tongue up into her. She was humping up into my face as she moaned and shook. I finally stopped and moved up her body, I pushed and my cock forced its way into her warm, slippery pussy. She groaned as I slowly fucked my cock deeper and then I was groaning as I suddenly felt myself getting close. She looked at me as she shuddered and I shoved into her and pressed tight against her womb. She waited and then grinned, “You might as well cum.”

I shivered and slowly pulled out and pressed against her asshole. She jerked and her eyes went wide as I start spewing cum. I pushed harder and the head of my spurting cock popped in. I shuddered as I continued to spurt cum but now it was inside her cute butt. Trish shuddered and spasmed and groaned, “oh fuck!”

I jabbed once and then I was done. I pulled out and my hips bucked, pushing my cock back into her cummy ass. Trish shuddered, “Yes!”

I grinned and pulled out to hear her groan before I pushed back in. She jerked and her butt pushed back onto my cock. I began to fuck her slowly, enjoying her hot slippery ass. She began groaning and shaking and a couple of minutes later she convulsed and her ass tightened on my cock. I pushed into her as deep as I could and held her shaking body.

She shuddered and held me until her orgasm was over. I sighed and fucked her hard for a couple more minutes and then held still as my cock throbbed and began pumping cum deep inside her. Trish sighed and shivered, “God this feels good.”

I kissed her and pulled out before pulling her off the bed and into my bathroom. After a quick shower I pulled her to bed and tucked her in before snuggling up behind her. When I woke in the morning she was gone. I sighed and slipped out of bed and dressed before putting the last few things in my car. I looked around but there was no sign of my young witch. The drive home was quiet as I thought about Trish’s words, “I’m pregnant Michael.”

I felt a tingle course through me at that thought. I pulled my car under the carport and started unpacking. I had to uncover the furniture in the cottage before making a late lunch and sitting on my back patio. I started a new story, this one about a young witch. I looked up as Trish stepped onto the patio. I was surprised but smiled, “Hello my lovely witch. Back for more sex?”

She grinned as she stripped out of the heavy cloak and dress she was wearing. When she was naked, she held out her hand, “Come with me Michael.”

I smiled and sat back after shutting off my laptop, “Where are we going?”

She tilted her head, “Does it matter?”

I grinned, “Yes.”

She looked at me and whispered, “Come Michael.”

The tingle that pulled at my bones almost made me stand and walk towards her but I shivered and pushed it away. I whispered, “Come here my witch.”

She looked at me and sighed before walking to me and sitting in my lap. She caressed my face, “You are bound to me Michael. When I summon you, you must obey.”

I grinned and cupped one of her firm breasts, “Perhaps I am bound to you, but you are also bound to me. I will not follow blindly until you have captured my heart.”

She grinned and leaned against me to give me a passionate kiss. She stood and pulled me up, “I want to take you someplace special.”

I sighed and stood, I released her hand and stripped before letting her led me away. We barely stepped off the stone patio when the world seemed to whirl and shift around us. When it stopped we were standing in a forest glade. Trish turned in my arms as several women began to appear around us. She whispered, “Ignore them and fuck me.”

I smiled as I turned her and pulled her back against me. I kissed the back of her neck as my hands reached around and cupped her firm breasts. She pressed her ass back against my hard cock and groaned as I nibbled on her neck. I tugged on her hard nipples before turning her in my arms. I kissed her and then lifted her up to wrap her legs around my waist.

She reached between us to guide my cock before I lowered her down to be impaled. I held her against me as she shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I kissed her and began raising and lowering her on my cock. She shuddered and her tight pussy spasmed as she moaned, “mmmmm!”

The feel of her firm breasts on my chest was wonderful and the feel of my cock buried as deep as it could get inside her warm pussy made me groan. Each time I lowered her, I would thrust up and she would jerk as her pussy squeezed my cock. After almost ten minutes Trish began to shake and spasm as if she were having a seizure. Her head went back and she screamed, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I shuddered as her pussy tightened and I started spurting cum. I continued to shake as I pumped and gushed cum into this girl. Finally I stopped cumming and Trish sighed and shivered as her legs unwound from me and I lifted her off my cock. I set her back on the ground and she turned in my arms to look around at the circle of women. “This is my Center. He is bound to me as I am bound to him. When we mated for the first time, he impregnated me… with a trinity of daughters.”

The women shifted and a woman that looked a lot like Trish came forward, “You know the law Trish.”

Trish sighed and turned to look up into my face. It was a moment before she smiled, “Michael? Can you leave of your own accord?”

I smiled and caressed her body, “Yes.”

Trish smiled, “Even if I ask you to stay?”

I looked into her eyes, “Yes.”

She touched my face, “Did I tell you before we were bound?”

I looked around at the women, “You told me.”

Trish turned to look at the woman who raised her eyebrow, “If he is bound how can he resist?”

I laughed, “As I told Trish, she needs to capture my heart first.”

The woman looked at Trish as several women around us chuckled. I pulled Trish back against me, “If your ceremony is over I would like to find a proper bed for this witch.”

They laughed and Trish looked back with a grin. The woman nodded, “we are done. Your choice is recognized daughter.”

The world shifted and whirled again and we were standing just beyond my patio. I moved forward pushing Trish in front of me. She laughed as I walked with her in front of me all the way into the house and then into my bedroom. I turned her at the bed and cupped her face before kissing her. She moaned and clung to me as I caressed her body and backed her onto the bed.

I followed as she lay back and moved over her as I continued to kiss her. I used my hips and pushed and once more my cock forced its way into her. Trish groaned as I kept kissed her and started thrusting into her nice and deep. It was only moments before her messy pussy squeezed my cock as her body stiffened. She tore her mouth away from me and howled, “MMIIICCCCHHHHHAAAAAAEEEEEEELLLLLLLL!”

I pushed into her and held her jerking shaking body until she slowly relaxed. I kissed her before slowly beginning all over again. Her tight pussy was slick and my cock fucked in and out easily. She jerked and began spasming a minute later as she slowly began to stiffen. Her pussy started to contract and a minute later she was thrashing around and bucking, “YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I buried my jerking cock and held her as she spasmed and twitched. I kissed her softly, “One more time?”

Trish laughed and shook me, “Fuck me hard.”

I kissed her as I began to fuck her again, I started slowly but pressed into and against her hard. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her with long, deep thrusts and she was spasming as once more her messy pussy started squeezing and milking my cock. She began to grunt and shake as my cock kept pushing her womb open. I kissed her softly and held her as my cock began spurting cum.

Trish lifted her hips and shuddered as I pumped her tight pussy full. When I finally stopped cumming I rolled and held her on top of me. I caressed her sides and back as she shivered and shuddered and slowly relaxed. She put her head on my shoulder and it wasn’t long before she was asleep. I smiled and held her as I pulled back so my cock would slip out.

I fell asleep with her in my arms and she was still there when I woke. I caressed her body before carefully slipping her onto the bed. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom before heading into the kitchen. I made hot water for tea and sat waiting for it to heat. A minute later Trish walked in and smiled as she slipped onto my lap, “I have never slept through the night like that.”

I cupped her breasts, “It felt nice.”

She shivered as her nipples hardened and then grinned, “I think I will return tonight and do it again.”

I kissed her and moved my hand down between her legs. I fingered her warm pussy and she groaned before standing and stepping back, “Tonight my paramour.”

I grinned, “go do your magic witch.”

She laughed and gestured to the stove and the tea pot screamed as it lifted and poured itself into my cup. She came closer and bent to kiss me before walking towards the back door and the patio. I watched her leave before sipping my tea. I spent the day working on my story and it was late when Trish caressed my cheek, “You lose yourself in your writing my love.”

I grinned at her and pulled her onto my lap, “It is a passion and you know what kind of pull passion has.”

She laughed and kissed me, “True.”

She slipped off my lap and turned to pull me up, “But you need food to fuel our passion.”

Trish made me a nice dinner while I watched and then she absently gestured and the kitchen began cleaning itself. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up and after her, “now is the time for passion.”

I grinned and swept her off her feet and into my arms, “You are lucky you’re already pregnant.”

She laughed and hugged me as I set her on the bed. I undressed before moving onto the bed beside her. I caressed and felt her body as she smiled and shivered. I finally kissed her before moving down and licking through her pussy. I started teasing her clit and she began moaning and shuddering. It wasn’t long before she jerked and cried out as her body began spasming.

I moved up and kissed her as I slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned and hugged me as I began to fuck her. I was careful not to push into her womb but kept pressing against it each time I buried my cock. It was several minutes before Trish began to shake and then convulse as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock.

I fucked her hard and fast for a couple of minutes before thrusting into her and grinding. She lifted her legs and wailed as her body twisted and wiggled under me, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

I continued to fuck her as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. She kept shaking and jerking as she got slippery. She wailed, howled and screamed as she thrust her hips up to meet mine. It was a long time before I buried my cock to press against her cervix. I grunted as I began to spew and gush a torrent of cum. Trish clung to me as I pumped and spewed into her.

When I stopped cumming I rolled and brought her with me until she was laying on me, “You know you could just move in.”

She smiled as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I shuddered and hugged her, “Of course I would have to try to fuck you to death everyday.”

She laughed and kissed me as her hips began to press and grind. Trish didn’t lose her magic until she was almost sixty. We have many children and each of the girls is a witch like their mother. Trish seemed to settle into my life as if we were made for each other.
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