I was nineteen and surprisingly had just graduated from college. For ten years I had known the woman I would marry. It was planned to bring both our families together. Elizabeth was a stunningly beautiful blonde. We had become close friends over the years, mostly through phone calls. I had been placed in private boarding schools at a young age unlike my brother.

The schools were always military like and all male so I was never allowed near girls or even women. Even when I went to college at sixteen I had a male chaperone that monitored everything I did. It was all for one thing, so Elizabeth would be the only one I had sex with. She was a year younger than I and treated similarly.

The morning of the wedding I found out about a party my father, her father and all the grooms party went to. (One of the groomsmen was bragging.) My father had taken Elizabeth’s virginity and she had fucked all the other men after he was done, including my own brother. Their idea was to get her pregnant before we were married. Not only that, she would be their whore whenever they wanted after we were married.

It took everything I had not to just walk away. I was so pissed that I told the groomsmen to leave. I stood alone in front of everyone as the crowd whispered. After it was over and we were headed towards the reception Elizabeth leaned on me, “What’s wrong?”

I looked at her coldly, for ten years we had been friends and I didn’t even know her, “This is a marriage of connivance. I will not sleep with you and any child you bare will not carry my name.”

She looked at me shocked but I kept silent. She ran out of the limo at the reception and I walked in slowly. When our fathers approached me angrily, I was staring out a window wishing I was anywhere else. That was when I had the fight and told them both I knew what they had done.

After they smugly told me what happened and that Elizabeth would be their private whore, I told them the same thing I had told Elizabeth about any child she might have and then just push past them and walked out.

This whole mess had started because our grandparents wanted the families to merge. The wedding and reception were a huge scandal but nothing was ever mentioned about what our fathers had done. For the first time in my life I was on my own. With money from a trust, I bought a small chalet in the mountains. I used the internet and everything I had learned to buy and sell stocks.

Three months later a servant showed up at my house. He told me Elizabeth was in the hospital and had lost her baby after trying to kill herself. I just closed the door in his face and went back to work. I sent a two word note to Elizabeth that I was sorry. It was another three months before I woke to men attacking me and shoving something in my face. When I woke again I was in a large bedroom in a comfortable bed.

I was in warm pajamas that I had never owned. The door opened when I tried it and I slowly started looking around. In a large warm solarium was a huge table, around the table were my grandparents, Elizabeth and her grandparents. I looked at them, “Why am I here?”

My grandfather looked at me as a servant came in with a plate of food and then held a chair for me. Grandmother sighed, “Sit down Jason.”

I looked at her and then around the table before turning to leave. The two men that suddenly appeared by the door left little doubt about why they were there. I looked at my grandparents, “What do you want?”

Everyone was looking at me, well, everyone except Elizabeth. She was looking down at the table. Grandfather pointed at the empty place next to Elizabeth. After a moment I walked over and sat down before dumping the plate on the floor. I looked at my grandparents, “What the hell do you want!”

Elizabeth’s grandparents looked shocked but my grandmother carefully placed her silverware on the table, “You and Elizabeth were married for a reason.”

I looked at her and then at Elizabeth, “To bring the families together. She did that when she fucked our fathers before the wedding and got pregnant. If you want more, you are in for a disappointment. I will not consummate the marriage. I will not father a child and no child she bares will carry my name. She is our fathers whore by her choice.”

I stood and turned to the door, “As for you two. I am skilled in martial arts, either move or I will move you.”

I started walking for the door, I was so pissed at that point I would have killed them. They moved to stop me and then stopped as they looked past me. I glanced back at my grandfather as he stood. He looked pissed and so did grandmother and Elizabeth’s grandparents. I turned and walked through the door. A servant in a car caught me by the gate and took me home.

It was a few days later that I answered the door to see our grandparents again with Elizabeth and two other girls around her age. I looked at them and finally stood aside. After they were settled in the living room grandmother sighed, “Jason, we never knew what happened. Your father and Elizabeth’s have been dealt with. We understand how you feel. We would like you to reconsider your… relationship with Elizabeth. She was your friend before it happened.”

I looked at Elizabeth, “Why do you think it hurt so much?”

I turned and walked to the large windows. “Why should I change my mind?”

Grandfather cleared his throat, “We can provide comp….”

I turned on him quickly, “Money! You think money will make me change my mind?”

I looked at all of them, “For nineteen years I was kept away from other people, other women. Nineteen years with one thing drilled into me. Elizabeth was going through the same thing just so we would both be pure when we married. So we could be partners for the rest of our life. I thought she felt the same way I did. I thought she would never betray me…”

I turned to the window and grandmother stood and walked up behind me. She rubbed my shoulders, “Jason, Elizabeth was taught to obey her father no matter what he told her. If this was just an arranged marriage the two of you wouldn’t have written to each other or talked to each other on the phone. She was and still wants to be your friend. Your father and hers will never touch her again. Marriages like yours often cause wives to have lovers and husbands to have mistresses.”

I looked at her and she looked into my eyes, “you were brought up without knowing these things and only know the fairy tales. The two girls you see are a result of those unions. One, Sasha is your half sister and the other is Elizabeth’s half sister Amber.”

I glanced at the two girls and back at grandmother, “What does this have to do with me reconsidering?”

She smiled thinly, “The two girls are the light of their father’s eyes. If you reconsider they will be your mistresses.”

I looked at the girls and turned to look out the window, “And Elizabeth?”

Grandmother cleared her throat, “you will live together and you will get her with child.”

I turned to look at her and at a blushing Elizabeth. I finally nodded, I had missed my one friend and confidant. I looked at Elizabeth, “They are your responsibility. Before you even think about another man you talk to me.”

She looked at the girls surprised and then nodded as she looked back at me. I looked straight into her eyes, “If I ever catch you with another man…”

She nodded again and I looked at grandmother, “Satisfied?”

She looked at grandfather and the next thing I knew my life was turned upside down. Within three hours I was walking into my father’s office building. My office was dad’s old office and I had a new assistant and secretary. When the door closed after my first briefing, Elizabeth stood and nodded to the two girls. They all undressed as I watched and Elizabeth walked to the desk and sat in my lap, “I’m sorry Jason.”

I took a breath, I wanted to ask why but it really didn’t matter. I cupped her breast and rubbed her nipple. She looked at me and took a breath, “That night, dad drugged me. It was something that made me so… excited that…”

She looked at Amber who was beside us. “After they were done, he said they would do it whenever they wanted from now on. I thought you knew…”

She looked at me, “I should have called you.”

Amber cleared her throat, “Dad drugged you and raped you?”

Elizabeth looked at her and then looked down, “I… wanted it Amber. I was so horny I didn’t care who it was. They all fucked me.”

Amber looked at Sasha who stared at her, “My dad wouldn’t…”

I cleared my throat, “He would and did. I know, the bastard told me what he did and said she was his whore.”

Sasha looked at me and bit her lip before looking at Elizabeth, “I was… wrong.”

She turned to look out the window and Elizabeth stood to touch her shoulder. Sasha looked back and then she looked at me, “Fuck dad.”

Amber was nodding, “Men are lying cheating bastards.”

Elizabeth looked at me and took a breath. “Not Jason.”

Amber and Sasha looked at me and Sasha snorted, “Him, we have to have sex with.”

Elizabeth shook her head, “No you don’t. I know Jason and he won’t force you.”

Amber and Sasha looked at each other and Elizabeth grinned and then laughed. Amber and Sasha both looked at her and she was looking at me, “I think he would make a good sex slave though.”

Amber looked at Sasha as I stared at Elizabeth. Amber and Sasha started laughing and Sasha stepped closer to touch my face, “That is different.”

Amber was nodding and Elizabeth stood up. “If I know anything, it’s that there should be a private bedroom attached to this office.”

They looked at each other as I looked from face to face. Elizabeth headed towards what looked like a wall and started knocking. It was only a moment before Amber and Sasha were doing the same thing. I shook my head, “You’re going about it wrong.”

I looked at the desk and then opened the top drawer. I felt along the inside and found a button. I pressed it and a section of wall slid aside. The girls grinned and Elizabeth walked to me. She leaned on the desk and pushed the intercom button, “Jason is not to be interrupted.”

She took my hand and pulled me into the other room where Sasha and Amber were looking around. She grinned at the huge bed and started undressing me. I could see Amber and Sasha hesitating as Elizabeth pushed me back on the bed and followed me. She stalked after me and I heard the girls laughing. Elizabeth moved up my body and straddled my waist. She looked into my eyes, “My period just ended so we have awhile before you can get me pregnant.”

She lifted my cock and guided it to her pussy before sitting back. She shivered as my cock pushed up inside her to press against her cervix and then she turned her head, “Come here Amber. Straddle his face so he has to lick your pussy.”

Sasha and Amber looked at each other and then grinned again. Sasha pushed Amber ahead of her and they moved onto the large bed. Amber was grinning as she turned to face Elizabeth on her knees and straddled my head. I smiled as I looked into her bald pussy and reached for her hips. Elizabeth was only moving slightly as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I pulled Amber down and licked through her pussy. I heard her gasp and then she was pushing her pussy down into my face. I pushed my tongue into her as Elizabeth started rocking on my cock. I nibbled on Amber’s inner lips before covering her clit. I sucked and wiggled my tongue while she shuddered and shook above me.

Amber shuddered and thrust back and forth on my face quickly. I licked and sucked and wiggled my tongue until she spasmed and fell to the side. Elizabeth had stopped moving, my cock throbbed almost painfully in her warm pussy.

She looked down at me as she shivered and shook. Her pussy was tight around my cock and she was biting her lip. I thrust up and she gasped before thrashing around and bucking as I suddenly began gushing cum against her womb. She leaned forward putting her hands on my chest and spreading her legs wider, “Oh my god, JASON!”

I pumped a strong flood of cum into her and it started leaking around my cock as she shuddering. “YES!”

I kept shaking as I held her hips and groaned, “Elizabeth!”

She jerked and spasmed as her pussy went crazy around my cock. She dropped to my chest panting when I stopped cumming, “God!”

I was breathing hard and kept rubbing her bare back. She finally giggled and rolled off me, “His cock is still throbbing and jerking.”

Sasha and Amber laughed and Sasha straddled my thighs and stroked my slimy cock. “Can I try it?”

Elizabeth laughed, “He’s our slave, of course you can try him.”

Sasha grinned and Amber leaned over to look into my face, “Do a good job slave.”

I pulled her down and kissed her passionately. At first she struggled and then she relaxed and kissed me back. I let her go and she slowly pulled back before grinning, “You taste like my pussy.”

I laughed and held my cock as Sasha moved up and position herself before slowly sitting down. Her pussy was tight and she went real slow as my cock began spreading her pussy open for the first time. She was shaking as she closed her eyes and trembled, “He feels so big. Not like the candle I use.”

Elizabeth moved to hold her as she began rocking and thrusting hesitantly. It wasn’t long before she became erratic while her tight pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. She started jerking and shaking, “YES!”

I groaned and shivered as her warm pussy milked my cock. Sasha started rocking as she fucked me, her hands on my chest kept her on me. I reached up to cup her breasts and rub her nipples and she groaned and spasmed, “YYEESSS!”

Her tight pussy squeezed my cock as she jerked and shuddered while Elizabeth held her. A minute later she was thrusting back and forth and rocking. I was slowly thrusting up into her slippery pussy and Sasha was shaking as she tossed her head. Five minutes later I was getting ready to cum. Elizabeth knew because I heard her loud whisper, “Get ready for his cum.”

Sasha jerked and her body went rigid as I groaned and arched my back. I pumped a huge, gushing spurt up inside her and she suddenly convulsed and screamed, “FUCK... YYYEEEESSSSSS!”

I shuddered and shook as I pumped and spewed cum and then I was just trying to catch my breath. Sasha was only shuddering and twitching with Elizabeth holding her. Amber caressed my chest, “I think this is going to work out great.”

She looked at Elizabeth, “Can I fuck him when we get home?”

Elizabeth grinned, “On the kitchen counter while I make dinner?”

I shook my head and pulled Sasha down to kiss her before twisting to spill her onto the bed, “I’m going back to work. You three can plot your evil plans later.”

They laughed and followed me out of the room. We dressed and I moved back to the desk before closing the doorway into the bedroom. I opened the intercom and told the secretary I wasn’t busy. I gestured to Elizabeth, “Get dressed and help me look these papers over.”

She smiled as I pulled a folder to me. I ordered a few changes before I called it a day and called for our limo. As soon as we walked in the front door the mood changed. Everything was broken and tossed around. I went into my room to see it the same way. I couldn’t even pack because most of my clothing was thrown on the floor or shredded. Elizabeth finally pulled me away, “We’ll go to Grandmother’s.”

I was silent as I opened the desktop computer and took the hard drive. Elizabeth’s grandparents were surprised to see us and after we told them about the house they looked at each other. As soon as Elizabeth closed the door to our suite Amber sighed, “So much for fucking him.”

Sasha laughed and lifted her long skirt, “I am still leaking.”

Elizabeth grinned and hugged Amber, “You just have to use the bed.”

Sasha reached for Elizabeth’s hand, “come help me clean up.”

Amber was grinning as she stripped and reached for me. I dropped the few things I had managed to find at home and quickly stripped and pushing her towards the bed. I moved on after her and caressed her body. “How would you like our first time?”

She grinned, “Long, slow and deep.”

I fingered her pussy and found it already very wet. I kissed her and moved over her and between her legs. I pushed into her and started to slowly fuck her nice and deep as she groaned and shuddered. It wasn’t long before my cock was pushing against her cervix. She jerked and thrust up hard, “DEEPER!”

I fucked back into her and pushed deeper into her cervix. She stiffened and screamed before thrashing around. I kept fucking her bucking body and a couple of minutes later grunted and thrust into her before I began to spew cum. Amber thrust her hips up and howled as warm sperm began pumping into her belly. “FFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!”

I shuddered and humped and pressed as I continued to spurt and pump thick ropes of cum. Amber jerked hard as each warm jet flooded her and kept squeezing me with both her arms and her pussy. When I stopped cumming she let her legs slide down flat on the bed and sighed, “Oh fuck that was good.”

Elizabeth and Sasha laughed from the bathroom doorway and Sasha walked to the bed, “Since you were screaming I would think so.”

Amber grinned as I kissed her and pulled out before rolling off the bed. A couple of minutes later I was in the shower washing all three of them. After we finished and got dressed Elizabeth went to see about dinner as I sat and brushed Amber and Sasha’s hair. They kept looking at each other and grinning the whole time. I brushed Elizabeth’s hair when she returned and then we went to eat.

Elizabeth’s grandmother talked about a penthouse suite not far from the office and that started the girls talking. They talked about how many rooms we needed, security for the house or apartment and safety for the children. I don’t think her grandmother expected them to be talking like this but they drew her in too. Elizabeth’s grandfather ignored them and just ate before tilting his head to me.

We went into his study and he sat in an old stuffed chair, “We have pissed your father and my son off more then we thought. They have started a couple of law suits. They don’t have a chance but they can make waves.”

I shrugged, “As long as they stay away from me.”

He snorted, “Who do you think broke into your house?”

I looked at him and he nodded, “It won’t happen again.”

I sat back and he sighed, “do you know why we wanted this Jason?”

I shook my head and he looked away, “long ago I was in love but my marriage was arranged. The lady I was in love with was also to marry another.”

He looked at me, “It wasn’t until after we were married for awhile that we found out our spouses were also in love with each other. We both had sons so we had to wait and hope.”

I shook my head and he sighed, I stood and left and walked around thinking. Elizabeth found me in an upstairs hallway. I put my arm around her waist, “Do you love me Liz?”

She looked at me and nodded, “yes.”

I shook my head, “Tell Amber and Sasha they don’t have to get pregnant.”

She laughed, “They just told me to find you so they could rape you again.”

I looked at her and she turned in my arms, “They will make the decision Jason. I have already talked to them. They both want to stay with us.”

I held her for another minute and kissed her before turning to walk with her. When she led me into our room it was to see Amber and Sasha naked on the bed. Sasha sat up, “good you found him.”

I shook my head before undressing and helping Elizabeth. I pushed her towards the bed, “all three of you are getting filled with cum tonight.”

They grinned as I moved onto the bed and pushed Sasha down, “Lay back mistress.”

They laughed as I lay between Sasha’s legs and opened her pussy. I licked through it, “the choice to get pregnant is and will always be yours.”

Sasha smiled and ran her fingers through my hair, “Thank you. Now, keep licking.”

Liz and Amber snickered as I grinned and started sucking on Sasha’s clit. She shuddered and I licked through her pussy before teasing her clit again. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and twisted away. I moved up her body to kiss her before lifting up and pushing into her. I kissed her again and started to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed against and then opened her cervix.

Sasha was grunting and shuddering as she spread her legs more and started wailing as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. I buried my cock and began to grind, jab and hump into her and she thrashed around and started bucking. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as she howled and clutched me. I pulled back and began to fuck her again with long strokes and she arched her back and squirted, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

She started convulsing almost violently as her slippery pussy tightened. I held her and fucked her hard and a few minutes later pushed into her and began cumming. Sasha screamed and lifted her legs to kick and thrash around as I pumped, poured and spewed cum into her. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed panting and Liz and Amber laughed.

Sasha grinned and hugged me before letting me go. I pulled out of her slimy pussy and rolled onto my back to catch my breath. Liz moved over beside Sasha as Amber came to lay beside me, “Do me next.”

I smiled and turned onto my side. I caressed her side and hip, “did you three decide on a house?”

Liz laughed as she bent to suck on one of Sasha’s nipples, “We are going to look at the penthouse tomorrow.”

I nodded and caressed Amber’s pelvis as I sucked on her nipple, “see if we can put in a satellite uplink for the phones and computer access.”

Amber groaned and Liz grinned, “fuck my sister Jason and I’ll do yours.”

Amber grinned and Sasha laughed as she pulled Liz between her legs. I pushed Amber onto her back and settled between her legs. I kissed her softly as she reached between our bodies and positioned my cock. I pushed into her cummy pussy as she shuddered and groaned. I started to fuck deeper as her hips thrust up. She grunted as I hit her cervix and then shuddered hard, “YES!”

I continued to fuck her nice and deep as she jerked and started writhing around, “FFFFUUUUUCCCKKKK!”

Liz and Sasha laughed as Amber lifted her legs and started kicking in the air. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock almost constantly. I fucked her a little harder and started grinding each time I buried it. Amber began to convulse as she squirted and screamed, “YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

A couple of minutes later I thrust into her and held her as I pumped large spurts of cum into her. She jerked with each one and clutched me tighter, “mmmmm!”

I shuddered as I spurted and filled her womb. When I stopped she sighed and dropped to the bed, “I really love that.”

Liz and Sasha laughed as they pulled me off Amber. Liz straddled me and fitted my slimy cock to her pussy before pushing down so it would slid into her. She sighed and rocked back and forth to get it deeper before shuddering as her pussy squeezed my cock. She lay on me and gave me a kiss before putting her head down.

Our fathers lawsuits failed and they slipped into exile. We have lived in many places and done many things. Liz, Amber and Sasha are always with me and act like sisters. So far we have had six children but we have made a promise not to meddle or arrange a marriage for any of them.
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