My name is Ed and I’m sixteen. I’m six feet tall with short, brown hair and hazel eyes. My cock is almost nine inches long and really thick. I’ve been with a couple of girls but not recently. My dad was an engineer and spent months away, mostly in third world countries. He was ten years older than mom and had been a family friend. When he got mom pregnant she was only thirteen so he married her.

Mom is Allison Ann and she’s a MILF. She is only five feet tall with platinum hair that fell down to her waist. She has these striking green eyes that always make me smile. Her breasts are nice and firm, she has this gap under her pussy that always makes men look. We have always been open around the house and I got to see mom in her panties and bra many times.

Our house only had three bedrooms and one bathroom. The third bedroom had been turned into a computer room for me so I could play my video games. It was the first day of summer and I had gone out to do the yard chores and came in all sweaty. Mom worked part time as a receptionist and had just come home. Dad was in South America working on some bridge. Mom kissed my cheek as I stood in the kitchen drinking ice water, “I need to shower baby.”

I grinned and watched her walk back towards her room. I went to my room and left the door open to watch mom walk into the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. She glanced at me as she went by and grinned before wiggling her butt. I laughed and she went into the bathroom. A minute later I heard the shower going. Just imaging her naked body had my cock rock hard.

I stripped and tossed my sweaty clothes in my laundry basket. I thought about jerking off and had started to move towards my bed when I heard my mother yell. I went to the bathroom door and knocked, “Mom? You okay?”

“I can’t see Ed! I have soap in my eyes!”

I tried the door and found it unlocked. I opened the door a crack and could see her amazing body through the glass of the shower door, “Do you need help mom?”

She turned towards me and I could see her firm breasts and looked down at her pussy. I grinned when I saw her bald pussy. She was fumbling around for the shower door, “Ed? Can you help me? I need a towel.”

I walked in and grabbed a hand towel and then opened the shower. I had to step half into the shower to hand the towel to her and she started wiping her face, “That damn soap dispenser squirted right into my face.”

She took the towel away and put her face under the water. I wasn’t paying attention and just looked and stared at her naked body. When mom cleared her throat a minute later I looked up and blushed. She was looking down at my hard drooling cock. She looked up and then grinned, “Getting hopeful were we?”

I looked down and then laughed and reached out to pull her against me, “What can I say, you’re the most gorgeous woman around. I love you and you love me.”

I rubbed her and she pressed her naked body against mine. I let my hands drop to her naked butt and held them as I felt one of her hands slip between us. She wrapped her hand around my cock and I shivered. She laughed, “You have a nice cock Ed.”

I grinned, “And you have a nice everything.”

Mom laughed again and then stepped back, she didn’t release my cock though. She pulled and I followed. She pulled me under the water and I reached back to close the shower door. She was smiling softly as she started washing me, “I used to love washing you baby.”

I waited and smiled as I watched her gently caress and wash my body. When she was done, I grinned and pulled her around to take my place as I started washing her. It was amazing to just feel a woman’s body and mom didn’t protest, pull away or say no. When I finished and sighed in regret, she laughed and caressed my chest before kneeling.

She held my hips with one hand and the other bent my cock. She leaned in and I closed my eyes as she started licking my cock. When she put my cock in her mouth, I groaned and shivered. Mom laughed as she looked up and started fucking my cock with her mouth. Before I knew it I was slowly thrusting my cock in and out. I didn’t last and a few minutes later I groaned, “I’m going to cum mom.”

She didn’t even try to pull away. She kept going and when my cock jerked just before I started cumming she pulled and my cock shoved against the back of her throat. I grunted as I started spurting heavy jets of cum. They splashed against her throat and she swallowed as I kept pumping cum into her. When I stopped and shook my head, she pulled my cock out and grinned as she stood, “That was fun baby.”

I grinned, “What’s good for you is good for me.”

I knelt and turned her and pushed her against the wall before pushing her legs wider. I leaned in and licked through her pussy and mom jerked and gasped, “oh god baby!”

I raked my teeth across her clit and she shuddered. I smiled up at her and used one hand to open her pussy and push my tongue up into her before licking from her ass to her clit. She thrust her hips forwards and shuddered hard and I laughed, “I’m not done mom.”

I pushed my two middle fingers into her and fucked up behind her pelvic bone. I sucked on her clit and wiggling my tongue against it. She went wild and held my head as she bucked and humped my face. It was only a minute or two before she shook violently and squirted as her pussy squeezed my fingers. Her body shuddered and jerked and she squirted twice more before pushing me back. I stood and pulled her into my arms as she kept shuddering. She looked up into my face, “I have never cum like that before.”

I grinned and rubbed her butt, “We both had a good cum then.”

Mom grinned and then laughed and pushed me back, “Careful or I will end up pregnant again.”

I cupped her firm breasts and rubbed her nipples with my thumb, “Why haven’t you… had more children?”

She sighed and stepped back into my arms and hugged me. She put her head on my chest, “Your father never wanted children.”

I wasn’t surprised and absently caressed her hips, “What about you mom? Didn’t you want more kids?”

She looked into my face and then one of her hands reached between us to grip my cock. She gently stroked my cock and then turned to shut the water off. She pulled me out of the shower and pulled my towel off the bar before getting her own. When we were dry, she took my hand and pulled me after her to her bedroom. She turned at her bed and crawled backwards to lay in the middle with her legs spread. She held out her arms, “Come here baby.”

I smiled as I crawled up between her legs. Mom guided my cock to her warm pussy and pulled on me. I pushed and slowly began entering her. She groaned as she put her arms around me, “Go slow baby.”

I pushed all the way to her womb before pulling back to fuck her slowly. I liked the feel of her warm, slippery pussy as it contracted and squeezed my cock. It was only moments before she was grunting and her hips were thrusting up to meet mine. She was smiling dreamily as she shivered and shook. Her wonderful pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock as I continued to fuck her. A couple of minutes later she jerked and arched her back before spasming, “Baby!”

She convulsed as her pussy danced and milked my cock. I groaned and pushed into her before pumping huge ropes of cum. I was shaking as mom shook violently and howled, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and squirted until I lay on her breathing hard. She was still shuddering and twitching as she panted. She suddenly laughed and shook me, “Expect a brother or sister in nine months.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling back and thrusting into her again. She shuddered and gasped as she wrapped her arms around me, “Fuck!”

I fucked her with slow, deep thrusts and her hips were meeting mine. I kept it nice and slow and she smiled as she kissed me and spasmed. Her messy pussy contracted around my cock and she jerked, “Yes!”

I changed to short, grinding thrusts that made her jerk and shake. Her slimy pussy continued to milk my cock each time I pulled back. A few minutes later her body stiffened and she screamed, “FUCK!”

I fucked her hard, pressing against her groin each time and she began to convulse. My cock was fucking in and out of her and she began to jerk uncontrollably. I shuddered and jabbed into her as my cock throbbed and erupted again. I spewed a torrent of sperm into her and she screamed again, “BABY!”

I jerked back and shuddered before thrusting back into her to spurt another large jet of cum. Mom jerked violently and squeezed me, “FFUUCCCKKK!”

I pulled back and shoved back into her as I pumped yet another spurt of cum and held still as my cock jerked and throbbed as it spurted three more times. Mom shuddered hard, “OOOHHHH.... Baby!”

I finally stopped cumming and looked at her. She had closed her eyes and kept shivering. I kissed her and slowly pulled out of her. She groaned at the empty feeling as my cock came out of her and then giggled, “Now that was a good fuck.”

I lay next to her and caressed her body, “What about dad?”

She smiled and turned her head to see me, “fuck your father. If he doesn’t like it he can file for divorce.”

I looked at her and she turned onto her side, “Your father knows that if he divorces me I get two thirds of everything he has, including his company.”

I caressed her side and hip, “But…”

Mom touched my lips, “Why do you think your father works in third world countries?”

I shook my head and she reached down to caress my still hard cock, “He likes young girls and it’s safe for him to fuck some young bitch.”

I looked at her and she pushed me back and moved over me. “Want another fuck baby?”

I grinned and reached down to spread her legs as she positioned my cock. I thrust up as she pushed down and I was balls deep in her messy pussy. She jerked and shuddered as my large cock pushed against her womb. She shuddered and automatically began rocking and thrusting back and forth. She did it with short, grinding strokes that kept my cock deep inside her.

It wasn’t long before she was shaking almost uncontrollably. Her messy pussy was squeezing and releasing my cock like it was trying to milk it. Mom began jerking erratically and stopped suddenly as her pussy tightened, “YYEEESSSSS!”

I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her with long, firm thrusts and she started convulsing, “BBBBAAAAABBBBBBBYYYYYY!”

A couple of minutes later I shoved into her as I once more began spurting and pumping cum. Mom arched her back, “I’M CUMMING TOO BABY!”

I spurted six strong jets of cum before sighing as I stopped. I held her shaking body and after another couple of minutes she sighed and relaxed. I pulled out and lay next to her, cupping one of her breasts, “Can we keep doing this?”

Mom laughed, “As much as you want baby.”

She caressed my chest, “Want dinner?”

I nodded, “And sex.”

She laughed again as she crawled out of bed, “I created a monster.”

I grinned as I followed her and she didn’t even bother to get dressed as she walked out heading towards the kitchen. I started helping her and she kept hugging me and rubbing her breasts on me until I grinned and swung her around and kissed her passionately. Right after dinner mom pulled me back to bed and snuggled against me. She caressed my chest, “I was thinking we could use a girl of our own.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “You know Gwen from next door?”

I grinned, “Her dad put up whipping stocks in their backyard and I saw her in them.”

Mom laughed, “she is thirteen and a virgin but horny as a rabbit.”

I moved between her legs and slowly pushed my cock into her warm, slippery pussy, “And?”

She groaned and shuddered as I fucked her, “And her dad is looking for a suitable boy to claim her.”

I began fucking in and out as she started jerking her hips up, “Claim her?”

Mom was spasming and her pussy grasped at my cock. It was a minute before she could talk, “Collar her.”

I buried my cock, “Collar her?”

She groaned and shuddered hard, “BABY!”

I fucked her hard for a minute and then went back to slow thrusts, “Collar her?”

Mom sighed as she went back to fucking me, “To own her and take care of her.”

I laughed, “To get her pregnant you mean.”

She laughed as she shook me, “yes.”

I grinned and buried my cock as she shuddered and her warm, slimy pussy tried to milk my cock, “How are you going to get her?”

Mom sighed and relaxed as her pussy squeezed my cock, “Call her mother and have her tell her David You need a bitch to breed.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out of her. She groaned and shuddered before grinning at me and turning onto her side as she reached for the phone. I spooned behind her and lifted her leg before slowly entering her. Mom moaned and shuddered before she began to speak. She started nodding and her pussy tightened as she seemed to stiffen.

When she hung up she suddenly began thrashing around as she wailed. I rolled her onto her stomach and started fucking her with deep thrusts. She continued to jerk and spasm as her pussy rippled around my cock. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and relaxed. I reluctantly pulled out and moved to her side. She turned and put her head on my shoulder, “David said there is a condition. Gwen must be pregnant within two months.”

I smiled, “Tell her to come over now and I can start breeding her.”

Mom laughed, “He has to release her from the whipping post. He caught her fucking her pussy with a candle.”

I grinned, “Well, I am going to fuck her pussy but not with a candle.”

She laughed and rolled out of bed. She grabbed her robe and walked out as I slid out of bed. I went to my room and found my bathrobe before going to find her. She was looking through the front window and I embraced her and looked over her shoulder. Mom leaned back and we watched until we saw the honey blonde girl from next door.

She was pulling a large trunk behind her as she walked across the lawn. I walked to the door with mom and opened it as she got there. Gwen blushed as she looked from mom to me, “Dad said to come here to be bred.”

I moved forward to take the trunk, “As soon as we put this in my room.”

She grinned and mom chuckled, “He’s breeding me too.”

Gwen looked at me as I lifted the trunk and started towards my room. I set it inside the door and turned to see them walking into mom’s bedroom. I followed and found mom stripping her beside the bed. I took the robe off and turned to hang it on the back of the door. Gwen jumped onto the bed and lay back grinning as mom smiled.

I walked to mom and pulled her robe off before kissing her passionately. She moaned and shuddered before I stopped. I looked at the bed to see Gwen rubbing her pussy and moved onto the bed. I moved over her and kissed her as I settled between her legs. She put her arms around me and I felt mom’s hand positioning my cock. I thrust against Gwen and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy.

I kissed her again before lifting up and starting to fuck her. It didn’t take long to hit her womb. She jerked and clutched at me as she thrust her pussy up. She had a huge grin on her face as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I continued to fuck her steadily and it wasn’t long before I was pushing her womb open. Gwen was jerking and shuddering hard as her pussy kept squeezing my cock.

I kissed her and looked at mom as I fucked her hard and deep. I buried my cock and pushed into her as she lifted and spread her legs. She was wailing and howling as I held her and started pumping and spewing cum. She kicked and jerked as she felt her virgin womb flooded with warm cum. Her womb filled and expanded before I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out.

Mom was grinning as I moved aside and she moved between Gwen’s legs and started licking the cum leaking out of her. Gwen shuddered and grinned as she looked at me. I looked at mom’s butt as she kept licking Gwen and finally moved down the bed behind her. I straddled her legs and rubbed the head of my cock through her pussy before slowly pushing in.

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and I began to fuck her. By the time I was hitting and pushing her womb open, mom was jerking and spasming. She put her head on Gwen’s pelvis as I held her hips and fucked her with long strokes. I fucked her with deep, firm thrusts and planted my cock in her each time. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she jerked and spasmed.

She wailed and convulsed a few minutes later as I started fucking her hard. I finally thrust into her before spurting and pumping more cum. Mom stiffened and shuddered as her pussy clenched tight around my cock to hold it while I bred her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed onto the bed as I pulled out of her. I rubbed her butt before moving up to lay beside Gwen, “So, do you like to ride horses?”

She grinned as mom moved up to snuggle against her other side, “I would like to learn.”

Mom rubbed one of her pink nipples, “we’ll teach you before you are too far along.”

Gwen shuddered and then grinned, “want to fuck me in the front yard?”

Mom laughed as I rubbed her clit, “maybe in the living room with the window curtains open.”

Gwen was a perfect fit for us. When dad came home four months later mom was already showing and so was Gwen. He looked at Gwen as she crossed the room naked and took his bag, “Welcome home, would you like to take a turn fucking me?”

Dad grinned as he looked at mom, “Sure.”

Gwen turned to smile at me, “can I Edward?”

I had my arm around my naked mother and smiled, “you have been good and I already bred you so go ahead.”

She grinned as she pulled dad towards the hall. Dad enjoys his visits home now and has never said anything about mom sleeping with me or the three babies she has had. Gwen has been a perfect wife and lover too.
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