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Slippery Saddle Bum

The story starts slowly but the pace picks up so be patient. I already know there’ll be complainers about the last segment but not many of the stories on this site have escaped that. Those who like it will finish reading it and those who don’t probably won’t. Hope you do.
I’d just received a frantic call from Mom, telling me that Dad had been in a bad expressway accident and was in General Hospital. She said that when she got to the hospital’s Emergency Dept., the E.R. Dr. told her that Dad was in critical condition and that he was undergoing emergency surgery. He told her to call a friend or family member and to be prepared for the worst because it didn’t look good. I told Mom that I loved her; that I was on my way home and hung up. A few minutes later, I’d booked a seat on the next flight.

I told my college roommate what’d happened and that I was going home for I didn’t know how long. While I showered, shaved and dressed, he packed a couple of bags for me. When I was ready, he drove me to the airport and three hours later the Jet Blue commuter jet’s passenger door opened at their Rochester, N.Y. terminal.
Not waiting for my checked baggage to be off-loaded, I ran to the cab stand. When I explained my emergency to the two people in front of me, they allowed me to go ahead of them. I climbed into the cab and, after telling the driver where I wanted to go and to hurry, I hit my cell phone’s speed dial to let Mom know that I’d arrived and would be there in just a few minutes.

The ringing stopped, on the second ring so I knew she’d picked up but she didn’t say anything. Then I heard sobbing and the heart rending sound of grief. Instantly, tears spilled from my eyes and my heart felt as if someone was crushing it. I knew that Dad was gone and now his beautiful wife of twenty one years… my mother… was a widow. I didn’t know if she had the phone up to her ear or not as, in a choked voice, I softly said, “I love you, Mom. I'm in a cab. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” and hung up.

Wiping tears from my eyes and cheeks, I thought how unfair life is. Mom is a classy and extraordinarily beautiful thirty eight year old woman who is often mistaken for twenty four or five … and now she’s a widow. As the cab driver brought me closer to her and to home, I thought, ‘Dad was one of a kind… a really good man and they were so happy together. What a bitter way for a marriage like theirs to end. … Poor Mom.’ And more tears came as I remembered that he’d also been my best friend.

……… The next three days were a furor of muted activity. There are very few relatives in our family but they, along with just about every one of Mom’s and Dad’s many friends called to express their grief and condolences, as well as to find out where Dad was laid out and ask when funeral services would be held.

While I handled nearly all of the arrangements and screened phone calls, the normally bright and cheerful mood in the home that I’d grown up in wasn’t there anymore… replaced by a somber atmosphere of sadness that resonated emptiness.

During those three days, Mom mostly sat in her living room chair with a box of tissues in her lap; silently doing nothing as she wiped tears from her grief stricken face and eyes. If asked something, she’d respond in a flat tone that really had me worried. I knew that she and Dad had been married right after they graduated from high school, at seventeen, and I’d been born, five days after mom’s eighteenth birthday, as their only child. I remembered her once telling some friends that Dad had been her one and only boyfriend, since the sixth grade.

Finally the three days had passed and everyone had gathered at the Funeral Home. In the few minutes before his coffin was closed, I asked for one last time for Mom and me to be alone with him and everyone filed out to their cars. The funeral director gave us a few minutes longer before he stepped in and told us that everyone was waiting and it was time to leave. Mom kissed a thick, sealed envelope containing a letter that she’d written to Dad, placed it over his heart and, in a tear choked voice, said, “Good bye, my love.”

During the graveside service, I held her close and she desperately clung to me. All through it she quietly wept into my shoulder until the part where Dad’s coffin was being lowered into the ground. Just as it began moving down into the hole, she let out a long, soul wrenching howl of grief. Everyone who was there moved in to surround us, even though they knew that there was nothing they could do for her. I saw the bleak looks of helplessness in their eyes and softly said, “It’s ok. I’ll take care of her.”

No one spoke and, as the minutes passed, everyone slowly drifted away, leaving Mom and me standing alone next to Dad’s open grave… his final resting place. Finally, she looked up at me and, in a broken voice, said, “It’s over, David. Let’s go home.” With her leaning into me, I held my arm around her and we walked slowly to the car.
We’d been home for a few hours when I made her a plate from the prepared food that had been brought over by friends and neighbors but she wouldn’t eat anything. After repeatedly trying to get her to eat just some of it, I gave up and ate alone.

At around seven, I went to the family room and turned the TV on, keeping the volume low, while Mom just sat in her living room chair… staring into the unlit fireplace. I intentionally sat where I could see and watch her but she just sat, unmoving. Then, (finally) after half an hour or so, she got up, stepped to the doorway and in a lost and lonely voice told me that she was going up to bed.

Even though it was still early evening, I got up and walked up the stairs with her. When we got to her bedroom door, she stopped and turned to face me. I took her in my arms, laid my head down against the top of hers and held her for a few seconds. Then, putting my hand under her chin, I tilted her face up to mine and softly said, “You’re not alone, Mom... I’m here.”

As she clung tightly against me, I gently kissed her on the lips and told her that I love her. After holding her for a few seconds, I released her and told her to call me if she wanted or needed anything. She looked up at me and said, “At least I still have you, Dave. Thank you for taking over for me. Don’t think I didn’t notice or don’t appreciate it. I know this has been hard for you, too, and I’m proud of you for the way you’ve handled everything. I don’t know how I’d have gotten through it without you.”

I kissed her again and told her that I’d be in the family room and to just call if she needed anything.

She gave me a small smile and said, “I really am proud of you, Dave. You’ve grown up to become a true man and I’m proud of you… proud of knowing that you’re my son.” … Then she quietly added, “I know it’s going to take a while but I’ll be alright.” She kissed me and walked into her empty bedroom, slowly closing the door.

Back downstairs, I checked to make sure that all the food was covered and put away before going to watch TV in the family room. A few minutes later, I heard her go into the bathroom and heard the shower come on. Sometime later, she came out and went back into her room for the night.

Thinking of her being alone in a house that would no longer be a home is what made my decision to do what I did next. . . . I picked up my phone and called my roommate. When he answered, I asked him to arrange to have my things shipped back home and to let me know what it was going to cost, so I could wire him the money. I figured that, when things settled down, I’d enroll in the Rochester Institute of Technology or the University of Rochester, even though I knew it wouldn’t be necessary to. I knew that, not counting the double indemnity clause on Dad’s very substantial life insurance policy, plus whatever comes from the vehicular negligence settlement that results from his wrongful death lawsuit, we were already what people call filthy rich.

*** When I was still a young kid, Dad had used nearly all of their savings to buy ground floor stock in a local company when it first went public. He knew and was close friends with its founder, who he knew to be a principled, hard working man (... who eventually ran for Governor but people, being contemptibly stupid, voted for the guy who promised them more 'free' lunches...) and, in the ensuing years, the company had grown tremendously. The stock had done multiple splits, several times, and Dad’s original four thousand dollar investment is now worth hundreds of millions. With that, Mom and I have no financial worries but I still wanted to prove myself… to myself, which is why I’d enrolled in M.I.T., two years ago. But, simply put, things are different now and so, at least for the time being, my priority has changed. ***

At about ten thirty, I decided to call it a day so I turned the TV off and went upstairs to use the bathroom and take a shower before going to bed. Mom’s bedroom is next to the bathroom and, when I walked into it, I heard her crying through the adjoining wall and knew that she was still awake. My heart broke for her. She’s such a genuinely good and kind person who has never let the fact that she’s a physically beautiful woman or that she's filthy rich go to her head… and now, except for me, she’s alone. I couldn’t help wondering what the future was going to bring.

When I’d finished in the bathroom and was ready for bed, I tapped on her door, quietly opened it and, without turning the light on, closed it and walked to her bed. Sitting down next to her, I leaned over, put my arms around her and silently held her.

Several seconds passed and then, without saying anything, she sat up, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down next to her. In a tear choked voice, she cried into my neck, “Oh, Dave. What am I going to do? … What am I going to doooo?? You’re all I have, now.” and she began crying again.

Facing her, with our arms tightly wrapped around each other, I quietly said, “I love you, Mom. I’m here and I’m staying here. I’ll take care of you. I’ve already called Steve and he’s sending my stuff home.”

When she sat up, the covers had dropped away and now her firm, protruding breasts were pressed against my bare chest. I was instantly, although distantly, aware that they were naked but, because of the circumstances and who she is, I didn’t immediately associate her nakedness with sex. But, as the minutes passed and we continued holding tightly to each other, I became more and more conscious that the nipples of her firm, not huge but prominent breasts seemed to be getting harder and harder. I could feel the warmth where they contacted my bare chest. I knew that she was my mother but I couldn’t help having a man’s natural reaction to a beautiful woman’s naked breasts and hard nipples being pressed against me.

As my heart rate picked up, the perverted thought of having sex with my mother popped into my head but, somehow, the word ‘perverted’ just didn’t seem to apply. I’d always thought of people who engage in incest as contemptible and viewed them with disdain but, now, instead of feeling a sense of revulsion at the thought, I felt just the opposite, which genuinely surprised me. As I lay there with my naked mother in my arms, I felt myself letting go… casting off and dismissing society’s conventions and proprieties. As I lay there, I felt a simple acceptance of the absolute ‘rightness’ of having sex with my mother flow into me. It was as if my senses were being taken over by an outside force and the mild desire that had begun filling me quickly transformed to a strong, intense one… and my body reacted accordingly. My cock hardened and began to throb because it had dawned on me that she was entirely naked.

With only a thin pair of pajama bottoms and the light bed covering all that was separating my cock from her pussy, I was lying next my beautiful, totally naked mother… each with our bare chest being firmly pressed against the others’.

In the dark bedroom and in that moment of shared grief, something strange happened… as if some unspoken communication was passing between us. Without preamble, she lifted her arm from my side, reached down between us and put her hand on my swollen manhood.
Then, with a trembling sound in her voice, she whispered, “I need you to take care of me right now, David. . . . I need you to be my husband… I need you to make love to me. I don’t want to be alone and I can’t do what I’m asking you to do with anyone that I don’t love. Go inside of me and make love to me. … Please? Will you?”

Not knowing how I knew that doing it was right, I caressed her cheek, touched my lips to hers and softly said, “Yes, Mom.”

I quickly removed my pajama bottom and dropped it to the floor. My cock was throbbing, as my entire blood supply tried to pump into it… preparing for me to penetrate my mother’s pussy and fuck her. Mere seconds from now, my six foot man’s body would be between my beautiful five foot one inch mother’s legs and my eight and a half inch cock would be sliding in and out of her… making love to her just as if she were my wife. (why had I thought the word ‘wife’ instead of ‘lover’?) What amazed me was that I felt no reluctance to doing it… none at all… and couldn’t imagine feeling regret, afterward. Aside from the physical excitement of knowing that I was about to have sex, I actually felt calm and peaceful… as if it was a completely natural thing for us to do.

My cock was fully erect as I pulled the cover from under me and moved next to her. When I turned to face her, she pulled herself against me in a full body press. My excitement exploded when she lifted her upper leg, wrapped it over my hip and the head of my hard, throbbing cock parted her soft cunt hair. Her lips were at my neck as she passionately kissed me and moaned, “Oh, God, Dave. I feel so empty. Go inside of me. Fill me and be part of me. You’re my husband, now. Come make love to me… Fuck me and put my husband’s cum in me.” (had the same husband/lover word transposition happened to her that’d happened to me?)

When she’d put her leg over my hip and my cock had parted her cunt hair, the head of my cock had ended up being snuggled between the hot and surprisingly full, lush lips of her pussy. When I realized how wet and slippery her pussy already was, I wondered if she’d anticipated my coming in to comfort her and her loneliness had caused her thinking to take this turn but maybe it was just her natural reaction to get wet, fast. I couldn’t believe the slipperiness and heat being generated from her pussy. It was so stimulating that my full blown eight and a half inch hard on nearly exploded its full load of cum between her pussy lips. I barely regained control. With her pulling on me, we rolled over so that she was on her back and I was positioned between her already lifted, fully spread open to receive me legs. Reaching down, I quickly aligned the head of my cock with her opening and pushed into her.

As my fully engorged and throbbing cock slid up into in her welcoming vagina, I was caught completely off guard by how incredibly tight her pussy is. It was as if I’d just forced myself into a twelve year old girl. The inner labia and ring of muscle at her pussy opening had almost literally snapped closed behind the head of my cock and, from the surprised UUHHhhhhh sound and the moaned “Oh my God!” that she breathed when the first four inches went inside of her, I think she was as surprised as I was at the way my cock was stretching and filling her tight, little girls’ pussy.

As hard as I was having to push to get the last four inches in and from the way she was moving, grunting and straining, I knew that this was the first time that she’d ever had anything so big inside of her or that went that far up into her. Just as my cock became a resident of her last and previously unexplored territory, I felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze down and hold me there. I was absolutely amazed. I’d never been with anyone so tight… not even when I was thirteen and had fucked my then six inch cock into the pretty ten year old virgin who used to live in our neighborhood.

I lowered my chest to Mom’s firm breasts, settled into her perfect fitting saddle, found her lips with mine and simply started fucking her. I was inside of my mother… slowly sliding my cock in and out of her incredibly tight, wet, muscle surrounded pussy. For the first few strokes, she moved to adjust and align her pussy to handle her new husband’s cock and, when she had, she eagerly and passionately started fucking me back. I was fucking my mother and she was fucking me but I felt no guilt… none whatsoever. We both knew that she was mine, now, and that I would soon be spewing my sperm loaded cum deep inside of her.

As if she were reading my mind, she pulled her knees up next to my rib cage, lifted her pussy to me and moaned into my ear, “Ohhh, God, Dave. Fuck it into me. Fuck your cum in me. Be my husband and make me forget. Fuck me and keep fucking me until you cum in me and then fuck me and cum in me again. Keep fucking me and cumming in me until it’s all I can remember.”

Lifting my head and moving my mouth over hers, I firmly said, “I’m not just your son anymore, Mom. I’m your husband and I’m fucking my wife. I’m going to fuck you and cum in you all night long. When we wake up tomorrow and it’s broad daylight, I’m going to let you watch my cock go inside of you. When it’s all in, we’re going to look into each other’s eyes and start fucking each other until we both run out of cum. Tomorrow night we’re going to do it again and every day after that… anytime we want to. You and your sweet pussy belong to me, now. My cock and I are right where we belong… in this bed, between your legs and inside of you.”

I heard and felt the firm conviction in her voice when she spoke, saying, “Yes, I feel it too. You really Do belong here… just like this.. inside of me. This is your bed now, too, and I love having you inside of me. Hold me… kiss me… make love to me and put my husband David’s cum in my pussy. Love me and keep loving me… just like this, forever.”

I was sliding my cock in and out of her tight, juicy pussy with long, cunt savoring strokes while passionately kissing her and being kissed back. I realized that the sound of grief was gone from her voice… as if it had been supernaturally excised from her soul. She was crying with joy as she pushed her pussy up to me and said, “You’re right Dave. My pussy and I belong to you, now, so take care of us. Take care of your woman and your woman’s pussy. Fuck me and cum in me. I want… I want to feel it going in and then know, afterward, that I have my son’s sperm inside of me.” She shivered so hard at the thought of having my cum in her cunt that I felt it in my cock.

With my arms behind her shoulders and my cock being repeatedly buried deep in her pussy, I held my mother and fucked her while also fucking the woman who’d just become my wife. She was hungrily kissing me back as I continued sliding my cock in and out of her surprisingly undersized vagina. Almost immediately, she began making passionate grunting sounds, each time I went all the way into her. Taking deep, hard strokes, I set a rhythm that she quickly matched. I was fucking my mother’s tight, juicy pussy… my wife’s pussy. At the same time, she was eagerly accepting and making love to her son’s… her husband’s cock.

After we’d fucked in silence, for two or three minutes, she passionately moaned, “Ohhh, God, Dave. It feels so good. It’s so thick and long. It fills me up. Your father and I couldn’t have sex after he became impotent, five years ago, but when we used to, his was a lot smaller and shorter than yours is. He never made me feel like I’m feeling now. You’re rubbing against something that he never reached and, oh, God! I can’t believe how good it feels. Keep doing it to me. When you cum in me, I want to cum, too. Make me cum, Dave. Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.”

No woman has ever come close to fucking me the way she was fucking me so I buried my cock in her, held my pelvis tight against hers… savoring the sensations that were being fed back into me. With my cock firmly planted inside of her, we kissed and silently told each other “I love you”.

I know that tonight won’t be a onetime thing because there’s no way I will ever forget what it feels like to be inside of her and I won’t be denied of being inside of her again. If I had to, I’d force her but I knew that I’d never have to because she knows that she’s not mine just for tonight or for a few days. She’s my wife, now. She’d said it and meant it.

My cock throbbed inside of her and, as we continued fucking, I said, “Just keep doing what you’re doing, Mom. You’re incredible. I love being inside of you. Your pussy is so tight and juicy. … I love how you’re using your muscles to milk my cock and, when I go all the way in, it feels like your pussy lips are kissing my balls. Next time, I’ll last longer but not this time because it feels too good. My mother and new wife’s delicious pussy is about to have her son’s cum pumped into it. It almost feels TOO good. … God!! I can’t believe how beautifully you’re fucking me. We fit together so well that it’s as if we’ve always belonged like this!”

She moaned and pulled herself tighter against me and, for the next few seconds, we fucked fiercely. The way her pussy muscles were rippling along and stroking the shaft and head of my cock, I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before I exploded into her.

Locking her arms behind my waist, she bucked her pussy up to me and passionately said, “Fuck me hard, honey. Fuck me and shoot your cum deep in your wife’s pussy. I want all of it… Put it way up inside… so far in that it’ll never come out.”

When I felt my cock begin to swell and my balls contracting, I began pounding my pelvis against hers… driving my cock as deep into her as I could possibly make it go. When I felt the explosion coming, I tightly groaned out, “I’m going to cum in you, Mom! Hold your pussy up for me... NOW… I’m cumming in youuuuu!!” She pushed her cunt up against me and held it there. “Do it, honey! Pump it in deep! Give me all of it!.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God!!”

I felt her hands grip the cheeks of my ass as she reached down and pulled me into herself… all the way in… And, just as my first violent eruption of cum exploded against the farthest end of her tight, muscle lined vagina, she cried out and held herself hard against me… totally sealing the area where our pelvises were connected. A second later, she began whimpering and crying and then, just as I was injecting a second long jet of cum into her, she let out a high pitched whine and her pussy clamped down on my cock. Through clenched teeth, she screamed, “Oh God, Dave, I’m cummmmmingggg, toooooo!! …. Oh-oh-oh ohhhhh DAAAAAVEAHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!…. GHNAAHHHHHHHEEEEIEEEEEEEEEAAHHHHH…. EEYAAHHHHH AHH AHH OOOUUWAAHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!!”

Her back arched and her head began thrashing from side to side. Almost immediately, I felt an intense heat inside of her. It seemed to start about half way up the length of my cock, on its upper side, and quickly spread down to where we were joined. A second later, a gush of her hot cum flooded out from between us… actually making a hissing sound as it squeezed out around my tight fitting cock. I was still cumming in her and hers was gushing out of her and onto both of us. An incredible wave of euphoria swept over me as squirt after squirt of my cum erupted from me and into my mother’s hot, violently cumming cunt. I’d never cum so hard or with so much volume in my life… nor had I ever had any woman orgasm as violently or completely as Mom was. When the final contractions had squeezed my very last drop into her, I collapsed onto her… dizzy and totally drained of strength.

She was still cumming but all I could do was hold on and weakly grind my pelvis against hers. When she finally relaxed and let us down, I moaned into her ear, “Oh, God, Mom. That was the most fantastic fuck I’ve ever had! I’ve never cum that hard in my life! I think I just pumped every drop of cum I had into you.” … “And you came hard, too.” I continued, with a smile in my voice. “Both of us are soaked with it… and so is the bed. …… That was beautiful… absolutely beautiful.” I added.

Burying her face in my neck, she breathlessly said, “Oh, God, Dave, What did you do to me? Where did you ever learn to do it like that?”

I smiled and said, “I’ve always done it like that. Do you remember Natalie Brewer? She used to be one of our neighbors. They moved away when I was thirteen.”

She said, “Yes, she was a very pretty girl but she was young… only eight or nine years old, if I remember right… and you were fucking her?!”

“She was 10 when I fucked her. The week before they moved, we took each other’s cherry and fucked all that week. She liked how I was fucking her so I guess that’s how I learned it.”

“Well you sure learned it good because I’ve never been fucked like that or cum so hard or felt anything like that in my entire life!! Don’t ever stop fucking me that way. … Oh, God… I loved it. Thank you, Dave… just… thank you.”

***Even as joyously happy as I was about the beautiful fuck my mother had just given me, I couldn’t help noticing how the way she was now talking and acting contrasted to the way she’d been, only four hours earlier, when the only thing on her mind and mine was the loss of her husband, who she’d truly loved, and my Dad. And now, like me, she was happily exulting in the sex we’d just shared and was vibrantly looking forward to more of it. I couldn’t help wondering what could have made a radical change like that happen for both of us… made us not feel guilty for having fucked each other to tremendous orgasms, only hours after his funeral. Although I realized how spooky it was, I positively knew that we were going to be fucking each other to thousands more orgasms. With that one great shared fuck, Mom had dramatically changed and so had I. How much we’d changed was about to become evident, in hers’ and my post coital conversation.***

When I found the strength to, I raised myself to move off of her. My cock was still inside of her and when I pulled it out, I heard a distinct sucking sound. She moaned, saying, “You should have left it in. It felt so good and now some of your cum is running out of me.” … Three or four seconds later, she added, “My God! How much did you put in me?! It’s gushing out!”

I leaned to the left and let myself fall onto the far side of the bed. Mom just lay there in our sweat and cum… her legs spread open and her body still twitching. After a few seconds, I pulled myself down across her belly and tenderly kissed in the hair at the top of her pussy. The sweet, musky scent of her sex and our sweat filled my nostrils, as my tongue slid down between the lips of her cunt, over and around her still engorged clitoris and that’s when I discovered that she has a large one. Her body twitched and bucked as I sucked it into my mouth and began basting it with my tongue. Weakly, she pleaded, “Oh, Dave... Can we wait a while before you make me cum again. I haven’t recovered from the first one, yet.” … “God! I may Never recover from it. I’ve never been fucked like that in my life!! … It felt sooo good!”

After slowly letting her clitoris slide out from between my lips, I gave her sweet tasting pussy a soft, lingering kiss. When I moved back up next to her, I pulled her into my arms and said, “OK, Mom… I think we both need to rest a bit but not for long. As soon as I’m hard again, I’m going back inside of you and I’m going to give you a nice long fuck… not a quickie, like that one was. Maybe, when we’re finished, I’ll just leave it in and we can go to sleep like that.” Turning her head and kissing just under my eye, she said, “My pussy is your pussy now, Dave, just like I’m yours. I love how you fucked me and I loved it when I felt you cumming in me.” I felt her shiver as she emphasized it, saying, “Oh, God, how I love having your cum in me. Whenever you want me, just take me to bed. I’ll never refuse you, I promise. And if anybody ever guesses or finds out what we’re doing with each other, I don’t care. I’ll still have sex with you. I’m still your mother but now I’m your wife, too. … and I’m glad.”

As my fingers traced over the soft, smooth skin of her classically beautiful face and incredible body, I couldn’t believe how firm she was. It reminded me of how I’d felt after I’d just finished fucking Natalie Brewer and was still making love to her ten year old body. Overcome with those thoughts, I moved my face down to her pussy again and kissed it just above where her slit begins. Talking directly to it, I said, “I’ll be back inside of you, soon, you tight, wonderful, juicy, cock kissing pussy. You’re the finest pussy that my cock has ever been buried in and, from now on, we’re going to be permanent partners.”

Almost from a distance, I barely heard Mom’s murmured words, “It’s yours, Dave. You can put your cock in me and fuck me anytime you want to… anytime. You can kiss it, lick it, suck it, fuck it and use it any way you want to because it belongs to you. If you want to fuck me during breakfast, lunch or dinner, just say so and the meal can wait. I’ve never done it before but if you’re too tired, I’ll take you in my mouth and suck you, if you want me to. You can cum in my mouth and I’ll swallow it. I promise.”

I kissed her pussy and said, “Then we’ll be even, Mom, because I’m going to kiss, lick and suck your delicious pussy until you cum and then I’m going to catch and drink every drop of it.”

When I felt her shudder at what I’d said, I spread her cunt lips and gently slurped my tongue over and around her clit. To my delight, she squealed like a joyously happy little girl and pushed it up to me, exclaiming, “Oh, God! That feels wonderful!”

After licking her clit for a few more seconds, I stopped, moved up beside her and put my arms around her. I was softly caressing her firm, voluptuous bubble cheeked ass when, in a retrospective note, she said, “I can’t believe this is me and that we did what we just did. I’ve never been like this but, Oh, God.. I want it. I want you. I want anything we do. It’s like I’m a different woman. I’ve just had sex with my son and I love it.”

I corrected her, saying, “I’m also your husband and don’t you forget it.”

She giggled and said, “After that, how could I?”

After we’d rested for a few minutes, she spoke in a near normal voice, softly saying, “Dave. You’re only the second man to be inside of me or to cum in me.”

Lightly kissing her, I said, “I know, Mom.”

Running her fingers through my hair, she said, “I hope you never get tired of making love to me, honey. I know I’ll never get tired of making love to you.”

Addressing her very differently from how I ever had, I gently said, “I won’t, sweetheart. I really do love you. You’re a fantastic woman. I’ve always thought that… but now I know how good your pussy feels, when we’re making love to each other. It’s the best I’ve ever had… the best I’m ever going to have and I’m going to hold you to your promise. From now on, you’re pussy belongs to me and you’re my wife.”

She said, “It’s a deal.” Then, pulling herself against me, she softly said, “I’ve always loved you, Dave, but not the way I love you, now. You’ve taken my pain away and made me happy. This is going to sound strange because I loved your father but what we just did with each other gave me more joy than I’ve ever felt in my life… and the strangest part is that I don’t feel guilty about it.”

I tenderly kissed her and said, “I love you, too, Evelyn. (the first time I’d ever called her by her first name) I love you like a wife and lover… and that’s what you are… my wife and my lover.”

Heaving a happy sigh, she said, “I love you, too, David… like a wife loves her husband… and that’s what you are… my husband… and definitely my lover.”

After we’d sealed our ‘marriage’ with a long, loving kiss, we lay relaxed in the warmth of each other’s company, thinking our own thoughts. When a few seconds had passed, she lifted her face to mine and said, “What you just did to me is way beyond anything I ever knew existed. I’ve never had anything inside of me that was anywhere near as big as what you just put in me. My God, Dave! How big IS it, anyway? It filled me all the way up.”

With a chuckle, I said, “Eight and a half inches, Mom. Did you like it?”

She instantly replied, “Oh, God, Dave. I loved it… I just loved it.”

I said, “Well, it’s yours, so when you want it, just ask and I’ll give it to you.”

Her answer came quickly, “I’m going to, honey, in just a couple more minutes.”

Feigning disappointment, I asked, “Why so long?” and we laughed the laugh of happy and contented lovers.

We lay in silence for another minute or so… each thinking out own thoughts when Mom said, “This is going to sound funny, Dave. … I miss your father and I still love him but I don’t feel lost anymore. It’s like you’re him and whatever we do is ok. I wonder if, somewhere, he knows what we just did and knows that we’re going to keep doing it. If he does, do you think it makes him mad?”

“No, Mom. I think he knows and I think he’s happy for both of us.”

With a contented sound in her voice, she said, “I think so, too. I feel as if he knows and is glad that it’s you.”

Then I said, “You know I’m not Dad, Mom. … I’m not a bad man but I’m not like him. I do what I want to do, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, but some of the things I’ve done you might not approve of.”

“I know you’re your own man, Dave. You always have been. As for my approval, I approve of what you just did to me. I needed you and, when I asked, you gave me what I needed.” Then, with laughter that was mixed with a note of seriousness in her voice, she said, “I’m going to approve when you do it to me the next time and all the other next times, too.”

I kissed her and said, “That’s why I love my wife.”

Then I said, “You know what’s strange, Mom? Just before I took my p.j.’s off and got between your legs to go into you, I felt something telling me that it would be alright and it is. You gave yourself to me and I took you. Now I feel like we’ve always been partners.”

Hugging against me, she said, “I had the same feeling, when you first sat down on the bed. I was lost and alone and, just as you sat down, the idea of asking you to be my husband just popped into my head and I instantly got wet. Something told me that it was alright to ask because you wouldn’t say no and you didn’t.” Then she giggled, adding, “If your father set it up, he made sure I was getting a big, wonderful cock.”

I smiled and said, “If he did, he knew what a tight, juicy pussy I was getting, too, Mom… and I sure did. It’s so good that I’ll never leave it alone so you’d better go out and buy some panties that don’t have crotches in them.”

She laughed and said, “I’ll get some, tomorrow.” I said, “Not tomorrow, my sweet pussied woman. You’re not going to have any clothes on, tomorrow… and maybe not the day after, either.”

She laughed and said, “Maybe I’ll just stop wearing them, altogether. When you want to put that big muscle inside of me, I don’t want to take a chance on anything delaying your entry.”

(is this the mother that I grew up with? Definitely not but I like the change… and so does my recovering cock)

We were totally relaxed, now. It was as if we’d been lovers forever. Turning toward me, Mom asked, “What if I get pregnant, Dave? I don’t use birth control because your dad was impotent so I didn’t have to. Tonight is the first time in six years that I’ve had sex and I have your cum inside of me. What if it’s making me pregnant, right now… or already has?”

I felt no dread when I stated, “If it happens… or if it already has, we’ll have each other’s baby, Mom… yours and mine.”

Snuggling against me, she kissed my chest and said, “Ohhhh, a mother having her son’s baby. That would be wicked… but it’d be a nice wicked.” She added.

Getting playful with her, I said, “If it’s a girl, maybe someday she’ll be doing it with me, just like I’m doing it with you. If we did, would you be mad about it? And what if I got her pregnant?” After a brief pause, she said, “No, honey, not if you were doing it out of love for each other, the way we are… I wouldn’t be mad… not even if she was still a young girl… as long as you hadn’t forced it on her.”

After a short pause, she said, “Dave? You’re my husband and I’m your wife, now, so would you like it if I let myself get pregnant with your baby? All I have to do is not take anything to stop it from happening.”

I held her close, kissed her and softly said, “Don’t take anything, Mom. Have our baby.”

Pulling me against herself, she said, simply, “Alright, Dave. I won’t take anything and we’ll have one. We’ll have two, if you want us to. I know how much you love me. I’ve always known. That’s why, when the idea popped into my head, I knew it was ok for you to be with me… to put your cock in me and fuck me and cum in my unprotected pussy. As soon as I thought of it, I wanted it. Nothing will ever stop us from loving each other so that makes it alright. I’m glad we both enjoyed what we did so much, though. Now I can’t wait to have our first baby.”

I asked, “What if we decide to have three or four?”

With a smile in her voice, she said, “Then we will.”

After a short pause and in a mischievous tone, I asked, “What if they’re all girls and I end up fucking all of them?” Still with the smile in her voice, she said, “Then you will.”

With a chuckle, I said, “If they look like you, I know I will.”

Her quick answer was, “Then I’ll make sure they do. One thing I’m sure of is that, after you break them in and they get used to having you fuck them, they’ll love it as much as I do. Just be careful to not make one of them pregnant… especially if they’re under age. Two generations is enough. Three is pushing it. I hope the first two are girls so your ages are close.”

I said, “If they are, I’ll have a vasectomy done.”

She thought for a minute and said, “That’s a good idea. If you start fucking them while they’re young, they’ll start getting hair on their pussies and producing eggs so you could make them pregnant before they even had their first period. And if they’re like eight or ten, don’t try to put it all inside of them until you know they can take it. From what I’ve read, even a girl younger than six will start growing hair and developing when she’s being fucked regularly and I have a hunch that, once you start, you’d be fucking her REGULARLY. … You’d have to take your time and let her pussy stretch enough for you put that big thing into her, though.” she added.

I smiled and said, “If I’m going to fuck them when they’re six or seven, I’ll tell you and have you be there, too.”

With conviction, she said, “Oh, you’re going to, Dave. I’ll see to it… and I’ll be there when you do.”

I knew that the kidding around was over and we were talking seriously. I asked, “So our six year old daughters are going to have hair on their pussies?”

Her answer was a succinct, “Sorry honey but that’s what happens when their daddy keeps fucking them and squirting his cum in their tight little pussies. When it happens, you’ll just have to put up with fucking their hairy little pussies.”

I kissed her and said, “Are you ready to get back to making the first one?”

Her answer was a happily spoken, “Yes, Daddy.” followed soon after by a sharp, breathlessly punctuated, "Ohhhh, God!! Put it in slower so I have a chance to.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssss!"
According to the calendar, Evelyn got pregnant that first night and then again, eleven months later.

Five years after our second daughter was born and just after I’d blown a huge load of cum into Evelyn’s still incredibly tight pussy, she asked if I wanted to start getting our first daughter ready to take her daddy’s cock. I smiled and said, “She looks just like you so, yes, I’m ready.”

She said, “I knew how you’d answer so I picked up some lubricant, this afternoon. It’s Friday and there’s no school tomorrow so when Celia gets home we’ll take her into the bedroom and get her started. If… after you get it inside of her and we can see that she’s handling it, I’ll come out to keep Karen and Patty busy while you’re fucking her. Why don’t you go take a shower and shave. She’ll be home in an hour. If you get it in and fuck her a couple of times, her pussy is going to be sore so she’ll have until Monday morning to recuperate. Next weekend, you can fuck her a few more times and it won’t be long before she’s used to it. Then you can fuck her during the week, too. Before she goes to bed, tonight, I’ll teach her how to douche your cum out of herself but I want to leave it in her for a few hours, so her body can absorb and start reacting to your hormones.”

I pulled Evelyn against me and said, “She’s almost six, so it won’t be long and she’ll be getting hair on her pussy.”

“Yes she will… probably within a year… and about this time next year will be Karen’s turn to start getting pussy hair growth therapy.”

Anticipating having my cock in pretty little Celia, just over an hour from now, I asked “How long before she can take it all?”

“That depends on her. Some girls can take more cock than others can…. Even young girls like Celia and Karen. If it turns out that Celia can take all or most of it, you might not have to wait to start fucking Karen. In fact, if you don’t push more than she can handle into her, I’ll bring her in after you fuck Celia and you can fuck her too. They’re close and they talk to each other so it’ll be better if you’re fucking both of them. That way, Celia won’t make a slip and have Karen tell someone what she said. … But you’ll have to wait a couple of years for Patty. She’s only three. I’m glad you got the vasectomy after we found out that I’m pregnant, again. With me and the three girls, if this one’s a girl, too, you’ll end up being skin and bones.”

Just as my cock head popped into Celia’s well lubricated pussy, I gave a short nudge and her hymen broke. She let out a sharp cry and started crying so I held my cock inside of her and waited for her pussy to adjust so she’d quiet down. When she finally did, I started slowly and gently fucking her while Evelyn caressed her forehead and told her how much we both love her.

Then, with glassy eyes, Evelyn watched my slightly bloodied cock slide deeper and deeper into Celia’s de-virginized pussy for a few minutes before leaving to check on the girls. Celia watched my cock slide in and out of her for another twenty minutes before I told her that Daddy was going to squirt some warm, slippery stuff inside of her. She whimpered as my cock swelled and a huge load of her daddy’s cum started squirting into her smooth, tight, sore and swollen little pussy. When I was finished, I leaned over, kissed her and warmly complimented her for taking over half of Daddy’s cock. (I knew that I could have put more in but I hadn’t because I wanted to be sure that I didn’t hurt her and cause Evelyn to have second thoughts about bringing Karen in so she could watch me fuck my cock into her, too.) Next weekend, another inch… and, if I work it in slow, maybe all of it.

Evelyn cleaned her up while I rested for an hour before she brought Karen in to be deflowered and have her pussy christened with the hormones in my cum. She had Celia come in, too, so she could watch and see what it had looked like when my cock was going into her own pussy. Even though I had a harder time getting it into Karen, she took as much as Celia had and didn’t cry as much. When I was finished cumming in her, I actually felt her bald little four year and nine month old pussy continue milking the cock that she’d just been fucked with.

I fucked Karen again, Saturday, and she didn’t cry at all. Sunday, I fucked her twice and got almost seven inches into her. The look in her eyes while I’m fucking her amazes me. I can see that she loves it. When I was cumming in her the second time, on Sunday, her body started quivering and I watched her unconsciously make her pussy milk every drop of my cum into herself. While I was cumming, I kept pushing deeper and didn’t see any sign of pain. Afterward, she asked, “Daddy, next time can you put all of it inside of me? I like how good it feels.” I told her that I’d see if I could get it all in, tomorrow… (which I did while Celia was in school)

Surprisingly, Celia felt slighted that I was fucking Karen more than her and asked me why I didn’t love her as much as Karen. I told her that I loved her just as much but I didn’t want her to be sore when she was in school.

She said, “Karen isn’t sore. She told me it feels good and only hurt the first time.”

I told her that I’d do it to her more times than Karen, next weekend and she was satisfied… but not as satisfied as she was the following weekend, when I got it all into her and lovingly kissed and fucked her for nearly an hour. By then, I already knew that Karen could take it all, too, because she had… three times. (and had bragged to Celia about it)

Evelyn had had a violent orgasm, the first time she saw my entire cock buried in Karen’s tight little pussy and another one when she knew that I was cumming in her. Afterward, she was still so excited that she asked me to fuck her, too… giving me a taste of what’s to come. Her pussy isn’t as tight as the girl’s pussies are but it’s damned tight… and far more experienced at taking care of her son’s cock than our daughters are at taking care of their father’s cock. It’ll definitely be a few years before the girls are in her league.

Evelyn loves sucking me while I’m licking our daughter’s sweet little pussies, to get me wet before I go into them. The girls can just barely get the head into their mouths but I know that they’ll get bigger. Karen is the devoted cocksucker, among them, taking as much as she can into her mouth and eagerly sucking on it. When she makes me cum, she tries to swallow it all but there’s too much.

Somehow, knowing that I’m fucking the girls makes the sex between Evelyn and me even better. She starts cumming while I’m going into her and just keeps cumming until after I do. At forty four, she’s become a nympho… but not a greedy one.

My memory of Dad is a pleasant one but now I have four more. Three year old Patty already enjoys taking my digit finger inside of her while our pregnant mother watches me fuck her with it and passionately sucks her loving son’s and her daughter’s daddy’s cock.

This morning, Evelyn told me that she wanted me to see if my cock head would go into Patty’s three year old pussy so she could watch me cum in her. For twenty minutes I alternately pushed against her small opening and let up. As I did, I saw more and more of my cock head disappear into her and then, to my surprise, Patty’s pussy finally stretched enough to let it go in and I started fucking her with short, one inch strokes.

While I was fucking her, we could see that she was clearly enjoying it so I fucked a little more in and then a little more. When I came in her, she was taking over three inches of my cock and our mother watched me fill her little pussy so full that cum was squeezing around my thick shaft and out of her incredibly tight little pussy. While Evelyn was having the most violent orgasm I’d ever seen her have, I felt Patty’s pussy contractions squeeze, massage and push on my cock until it popped out of her… releasing a gush of her daddy’s cum that sent her mother into mind bending orgasmic ecstasy.

What impressed me the most was, when my cock popped out of her, Patty had put her hands over her cum soaked pussy and rubbed it a little, while she looked at my cock with distinct interest and then smiled. Still smiling, she looked up at me and her smile widened. I smiled back because I knew that I hadn’t touched bottom in her. I thought, ‘Next time, another inch’ and my smile widened, too. As her eyes went back to my cum and three year old pussy juice coated cock, I thought, ‘Young and tight she is, but she’s tall for her age… and from what she started using her pussy muscles to do to my cock, when she felt more of it being fucked into her, there’s no question that she liked it lot more than my finger.’
*** SSB

I know that having sex with girls that young is wrong and I know that girls that young could never take all of an eight and a half inch cock so please don’t write to inform me of it, in your comments. It’s Fiction… an imaginary story. … and I hope you enjoyed reading it. SSB

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I didn't see anything wrong with this story. I think it's a very good one and well written. But why the hell are the idiots and halfwitted fuckheads getting so upset about a story that's clearly labeled as FICTION?
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When I was six, I was being 'used' by two neighbor girls, 8 and 9 yr. old sisters, and it didn't bother me in the least. They had me putting my cock in their pussy holes and fucking them almost every day. I was 12 the 1st time I fucked my 11 yr. old sister. The next day, I fucked my 7 yr. old sister because my 11 yr. old sister said her pussy was too sore. It was still red and swollen. While I was fucking my 7 yr. old sister, my 11 yr. old sister told her it would stop hurting very much in a minute. After a while, they both brought their best friend to have me fuck them and then their best friends started bringing other girls. Before I was I5, I'd fucked at least 200 virgins, 11 yrs. old or younger.

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