The following story is completly fictional and does not depict any actual people, places or events.

Hi, my name is Michael before I start my story I want to give you a little background.

When I was three my dad got full custody of me because my mom had passed away in an auto accident. We lived alone for two years when my dad met Darla. When my dad intoduced me to her I liked her instantly. We got along very well and my dad married her five months later.

The years went by great and I just had my fifteenth birthday. My dad and stepmom never had any other children so im still an only child. Ive been brought up in a normal home and im very happy. But over the past two years ive been having different feelings for my stepmom.

Dont get me wrong I dont intend to try anything I just like fantasizing about her. She thirtyfive, long brown hair, amazing blue eyes and the most amazing body ive ever seen. I sneek peeks at her whenever I can. When shes in a bathing suit I always try to be close by to look at her amazing body.

The best thing is I have alot of time to stare at her because my dads work has him traveling the country. Summer will be arriving soon which means ill be out of school for a few months. My dad recently came home early from work and announced the company was sending him accross the country on business for a few weeks.

The thing is only my dad could go because the company would only pay for him. The first day was uneventful. My stepmom and me just stayed around the house most of the day. We watched tv until eleven when my stepmom excused herself to go to bed. I stayed up to watch more tv.

After a few minutes I couldnt find anything good so I decided to go to bed. I was heading to my room when I heard a strange noise coming from my parents room. I got closer and put my ear to the door. I heard the bed squeaking and a loud moan "oh Michael, give me your cock honey". My mouth fell wide open at what I was hearing. I stayed at the door and continued listening to her moan things about me.

After several minutes of listening I was completly hard. I started rubbing my cock through my pants slow at first but then faster and faster. I was going as fast as I could when I lost my footing and fell. My hand grasped the doorknob and the door opend when I fell into it.

There I was laying on the floor, I looked up to see my stepmom continue to rub her cilt. I stayed on the floor as she stop rubbing and got out of the bed. As she headed toward me I tryed to get up but was too late.

My stepmom was standing over me completly nude as I looked up at her perfect body. She bent down and said "well I see you where listening in on me". I sat up not saying a word just looking at my stepmom. I was still completly hard and now it was showing. My stepmom looked down at me and smiled saying " did I make you hard honey".

She reached down and starting rubbing my cock through my pants. My cock jumped with suprise and I continued staring at her. She reached over and unziped my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers. Her mouth opened wide with shock " oh horny your cock is bigger than I imagined it was". I smiled and finally got up the courage to say " I cant believe you fantisized about me to". She laughed and said " I know you've been staring at me for a while and Ive seen you get hard while staring. Ive been fantisizing for a while now to, but to tell the truth I never thought this would happen."

I looked into her eyes as she leaned in for a kiss. Our lips locked in a long passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. I moved a hand toward her and cupped her breast and rubbing it. Our kiss broke off as she reached over and pulled my shirt off and I kicked my pants and boxers off.

Her hand moved down and started stroking my cock. She leaned down and started sucking the head of my cock flick her tounge around it. Her mouth moved up and down the shaft sucking and licking. I was so hard when we started and now I felt like I was going to blow the biggest load ever. I moaned out " im going to blow". She started going further down my shaft until I could hold back anymore. I had the most intense orgasm ive ever had and blew a big load. She lick up and swollowed every drop then moved over and locked into another kiss

" Oh honey that was the biggest load ive ever swollowed" she said in between the kiss. We broke off the kiss and got up to move to the bed. She layed down first and motioned me to come over. I layed down next to her and moved my hand down to start rubbing here cilt. Her hips rose and she moaned " oh yes honey, I need you in me now".

I moved on top of her and my cock was hard again. I went between her spread legs and slowly moved close to her clit. " honey I need it now I was so close to orgasm when you came in". I stuck the head in her entrance and pushed in. After a few strokes I was all the way in.

Her legs wrapped around me and we were both moaning. I went faster and faster building closer to orgasm. She moaned harder and louder " oh honey yes, yes oh oh". I felt her orgasm under me moaning loudly and holding me tight. I wasn't far behind when I orgasmed right after her pumping a big load.

We both layed on the bed and lock in a passionate kiss. She looked in my eyes and said " oh honey that was the most powerful orgasm ive ever had". I looked in her eyes and said " that was better than I ever imagined".

With that we drifted off to sleep.

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2012-05-19 11:18:54
Great story. You should have gone into detail about your cock more (size, appearence etc) as well as your stepmom. Can't wait to hear the sequels!

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