A shopping trip leads to hot sex
Lauren opened her bathroom cabinet, reaching in to pull out the packet of pills. In her bedroom she could hear Mathew moving as he got out of bed. Since they had returned home from the meal they had done it three times, Lauren had lost count how many orgasms he had given her. Finally they had fallen asleep in each others arms. Waking up next to him in her bed had been wonderful. She had simply lain there for several minutes, just enjoying the feel of him holding her. Finally the need for the toilet had become too strong to ignore. While she was in the bathroom she had decided to do her normal morning routine. Which included taking the pill. When she heard Mathew coming towards the bathroom she guessed that her routine was about to be disrupted.

“What you doing?” He asked as he saw her popping one of the pills out onto her hand.

“Taking my pill.” She replied.

“What for?”

“It’s the pill.” Lauren said, emphasising each word. Mathew looked at her for a second then clicked what she was saying.

“God when did you go on the pill.” He asked her. “Does mom know.”

“Yes mom knows she’s the one who put me on it.” Mathew’s face showed his surprise, Lauren smiled. “It wasn’t so I could have sex you idiot.”

“Why then?”

“It helps with my periods, they used to be real bad. Don’t you remember that I was always in lots of pain during my periods.” Mathew looked slightly embarrassed.

“No, but I used to just keep out of you and mom’s way around then. You were both snappy.”

“Yeah well being in pain does that. Mom's used to be much worst until she was put on the pill. When my periods started following her pattern she took me down the docs. And she insisted they tried me on them. That was six months ago, and I’ve been fine since.”

“Six months!” He seemed incredulous, Lauren smiled and nodded.

“Good job too, as we haven’t been using any other protection.” His expression went from disbelief to horror in a moment.

“Oh shit, babe I’m sorry. I should have thought about it.” He said his voice as horrified as his expression.

“Don’t worry about it, I knew I was on the pill so was safe. If I hadn’t been I’d have insisted you used a condom.” He still looked horrified at his lapse of judgement. Lauren could not help but giggle at the look on his face. He took on an injured expression as she did.

“Don’t laugh, I’m serious I should have realised.” He said in a sullen voice.

“I’m sorry, but you looked so horrified over something that was no problem. Trust me babe, I love having you cum inside me. Never had a problem with it. I just assumed you knew I was on the pill when you never used a condom.” She lent over and kissed him softly on the lips. “It’s fine, ok.” She said more firmly, after a couple of seconds he nodded. Then lent in for a stronger kiss.

“Well if it’s fine then…” His words were cut off by the phone ringing. He glanced through the door. Lauren could tell he was debating whether to leave it or not.

“If it’s mom and you don’t answer you know we’ll get it in the neck.” With an exaggerated sigh he nodded and headed down to get the phone. Lauren smiled to herself as she went back to her morning routine. As she did she could hear Mathew talking on the phone. By the time he returned she was sat at her dressing table combing her hair. She glanced up and frowned when she saw the look on his face. “What’s up?” She asked.

“Oh just dad moaning as usual. They’re setting off, should be back after lunch. And they will have to go back for about a week to run some training.” He told her.


“Dad said it’d be in a couple of weeks.” Lauren took the information in, then suddenly had a thought.

“Hey that means we’ll have a whole week without them. Just the two of us.” Mathew nodded slowly, a smile appearing on his face as he realised what she meant. “A week where we can be boyfriend, girlfriend when we want to be.” Mathew nodded quickly, Lauren smiled at the enthusiasm in his response. She went back to combing her hair, as she did Mathew ran his fingers through his own hair.

“I think I had better go sort myself out. I look like I’ve been fucked by a hot young woman.” He said, “oh yeah I have been fucked by a hot young woman.” He added with a cheeky grin as he headed out of her bedroom. Lauren gave him a fake snarl, then finished combing her hair. She got up and tidied up her room. Sorting out the bed, which was a complete mess. Picking up the dress from last night and putting her nightie, that she had not actually worn last night, away. As she did she looked down at the pile of nighties in her draw with a sudden sense of horror. Her one fantasy was to have him wake her up, slip her nightie off and make love to her. There was no way he was doing that while she was wearing any of the nighties she owned. Panic hit her hard, what the hell could she do. Her mind refused to work, as her panic grew she dived for her phone. She text Amanda with shaking fingers. ‘Come over, quick I need to talk’. She sent then sank back on the bed. A few seconds later Amanda replied that she would be over in ten minutes.

Lauren rushed through getting dressed. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. She did nothing with her hair, letting it hang loose. Then dashed down stairs to wait for Amanda. Mathew was just pulling their dad’s jag out when she came outside. Lauren looked over in surprise at him.

“It needs washing, I think dad might notice the mud and want to know why his car is dirty.” He said in reply to her look. Lauren glanced down at the car seeing the streaks of mud along the side for the first time. Streaks which had come from Mathew driving into the field to avoid crashing when she had decided to suck him off while he was driving. She smiled, remembering what had followed. From the look on Mathew’s face he was remembering the same thing. Just then the gate opened and Amanda walked through it. Lauren was so pleased to see her she ran towards her. Flinging herself at her friend and hugging her tight. Amanda hugged her back for a moment then pulled back.

“What’s up?” Amanda asked, Lauren glanced over at Mathew. He was watching them, with a strange look in his eyes.

“Not here, upstairs.” Lauren said, pulling Amanda after her. Once in her room Lauren quickly filled Amanda in on her dilemma. It took her friend only a few seconds too come up with the obvious answer that Lauren had just failed to figure out.

“Well go and buy a few more sexy nighties then.” Amanda said, Lauren looked at with big eyes as the answer dawned on her.

“I never thought of that.” She said in a sheepish voice. Amanda laughed in reply.

“Even better you can take Mathew with you to make sure he likes what you buy.” Lauren gave her a big grin as she took in what Amanda had said, liking the idea more and more as she thought about it.

“You are a life saver.” She said to her. Amanda smiled, then asked about how things were with Mathew. The hour was spent giving her a blow by blow account of the night before. Amanda went from delight to surprise to shock as Lauren told her all about the events.

“God you seriously let him do you in your ass.” She said in shock, Lauren nodded. “Didn't it hurt?

“A bit but it felt so good as well that I didn't mind at all.” Lauren told her, Amanda shook her head.

“God I'll never do that.” She said, Lauren laughed.

“Of course not, you're never going to sleep with a guy.” She said, Amanda shrugged and nodded. Lauren glanced at the clock and realised just how much time the pair had spent chatting. “Christ if I'm going to be able to go shopping I'd better go tell Mathew he's taking me.” She said, Amanda nodded and the pair headed down stairs. Mathew was sat in the living room. Lauren wandered in and smiled at him.

“I've got a surprise for you.” Lauren told him, he looked up at her. “You're taking me shopping.” She added, just to watch the look on his face. She was not surprise to see it drop. “Trust me babe, you are gonna like this. I need some more sexy night wear and you get to help me choose.” Mathew's face lit up at the idea.

An couple of hours later Mathew was not so happy. The pair had been at the shopping centre for the last hour and as yet there was no sign of Lauren buying any lingerie. Instead she had spent the last hour trying on various tops and skirts. Mathew hated shopping, his view was to go buy what he wanted quickly and get out. Lauren was spending her time looking, she was not after anything specifically rather looking to find whatever caught her attention. Of course there were some perks. For one they had driven to a centre on the opposite side of the city. So there would be no chance of them meeting someone they knew. Which allowed them to act like lovers, not brother and sister.

Also there was the fact that watching Lauren trying on the various skirts and top was kind of a turn on. The tops were tight and revealing, and the skirts were short. All going to reveal her nice body, her firm small breasts and long shapely legs. Watching her Mathew could easily see why people could mistake her for being older than her actual age of fourteen. He also could tell that some of the clothing was brought for him. Especially a very short tartan kilt like skirt and a tight white top. The look Lauren had given him as she tried them on had sent a thrill of sexual anticipation through him. He saw that he would be doing his hot little sister in that outfit soon.

Finally Lauren headed towards a popular lingerie shop. Mathew smile grew as she led him towards the underwear section. He watched her picking up various bras and panties. Looking at them for a moment then putting them back.

“Do I get to see you in those.” Mathew asked her as she held on to a few sets. Lauren turned to smile at him, her eyes flashing with desire.

“Later lover, there are for a private show later.” She said with a deep lust in her voice. Mathew felt his cock harden at the idea. As they spoke one of the attendants came up to them.

“Can I help?” She asked, Lauren turned to her.

“Oh I hope so. I need some advice.” She said to the attendant. Then led her towards the night wear section Mathew watched as the two discussed the merits of the different items on the shelves. He could just hear them whispering, but not what they were saying. From the looks Lauren kept sending to him Mathew knew they were picking the hottest outfits. Finally after several minutes Lauren gestured to him to follow as she carried three outfits towards the changing rooms.

“You don't mind if my boyfriend sits in as I try these on do you.” Lauren asked the attendant.

“As long as he doesn't do anything but watch I think that will be fine.” She replied, Mathew nodded quickly. He sat down on a chair to wait as Lauren headed into the changing booth. Shortly after she reappeared in the first outfit. It was a thin white slip nightie, made of see through material that showed it came with a tiny thong. Mathew felt his cock hardening as his body reacted to seeing Lauren in such a skimpy outfit. She smiled sweetly at him as she did a slow twirl.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“I think you look hot.” Mathew managed to reply past the lump of desire in his throat. Her smile grew bigger and she bounced slightly with excitement. Which did wonderful things to her body in the skimpy slip. Then she vanished back into the booth to change. Mathew waited with deep anticipation to see what her next outfit would be. It turned out to be a red baby doll set. The top spilt down the front from the bottom of the bra. Revealing her flat, tones stomach and the skimpy pair of red panties that she wore. Mathew's cock grew even harder, almost uncomfortably so. He shifted his position on the chair to try and ease the feeling. Unfortunately Lauren was again doing a twirl which caused the material of the baby doll to lift. Giving him a view of her tight young ass that made him even harder.

“Do you like this one as well.” Lauren said, Mathew nodded unable to speak beyond a grunt.

“I think that's a yes.” The attendant said with a smile. Lauren looked at him and nodded before disappearing back into the booth. When she reappeared Mathew had to fight not to jump her right there. She was in another baby doll set, only this one was black. It had a ruffled bottom which would just cover her ass. However it was her breasts that caught his attention. The bra had two small peep holes which showed her large upturned nipples, which he noticed were rock hard. He tightened his hands into fists by his side to keep control. Lauren did not need to ask him, it had to be obvious from the look on his face and the way he held himself. She gave him a quick twirl, revealing the matching black thong she wore under it. Mathew groaned softly, licking suddenly dry lips. The look in her eyes when she turned back to him told him she knew how he felt. It was one of pure lust. With a seductive glance at him Lauren vanished into the booth. If it had not been for the attendant watching him Mathew would have followed her.

His cock did not go down at all as Lauren came back out in her normal clothes and went to buy her lingerie. She kept glancing over at him where he stood, uncomfortable at the hardness of his cock. When they left she began to lead him quickly through the centre. Mathew followed unsure where she was going but dragged along by her. Finally they reached a side corridor with the toilets on it. Lauren gave a quick glance to make sure there was no one watching and pushed him into the disabled toilet. As soon as they were inside she was reaching down to his cock.

“What the fuck.” Mathew gasped.

“We can't have you wandering around with that hard on can we. People will notice, I know I have. So I'm going to do something to ease it.” She whispered as she undid his jeans.

“You want me to fuck you in the toilet.” He managed to gasp as her fingers slipped around him.

“No, I'm going to suck you off. We can leave the fucking till later when you've the time to show me how good I looked.” She told him as she dropped to her knees in front of him. Mathew groaned softly as she curled her tongue over the head of his cock. Then he gasped as she lowered her lips down him. He clamped his lips tight to keep in the moan of pleasure at the now familiar feel of her mouth around him. Her lips sliding along him, slowly sliding down to take him into her mouth. Sucking firmly on him as she moved her mouth along him.

She started slowly, moving her mouth along him in a deliberate movement. Sliding her lips most, but not all, the way down him. All the time looking up at him with her bright eyes glistening as she did. Mathew watched her, enjoying the sight of her taking his cock into her mouth. He clamped his mouth shut to stop from moaning, still soft gasps of pleasure slipped out as she curled her tongue around him. He grunted deep in his throat at the feel of her tongue licking over the head of his cock. Lauren smiled softly up at him and began to move harder on him. Still not taking all of him in her mouth.

Her mouth was warm and wet around him as she began to move faster along him. Sucking firmly on him, drawing him into her mouth. Still licking her tongue around his cock as she did. Mathew fought not to moan out loud, now having to bite his bottom lip to keep his cries in. His hot little sister was, as always, giving him a very hot blow job. He wondered why she was not taking all of him as he knew she could. Then he saw the look in her eyes and sensed that she was saving that for the end.

Soon he was getting closer and closer to cumming. The pleasure of her mouth around him was too much to fight. Lauren must have sensed how close he was. Suddenly she pushed her mouth right down onto him. Taking him fully into her mouth. He felt her pushing down until his head was pressing back into her throat. She held him in her mouth, sucking hard on him until he heard her gag softly. Then she pulled back for a moment before doing it again, and again. Each time pushing her mouth down until he was pressed to the back of her throat. The sensation was too much for him.

“Oh fuck, cumming.” He said in a sharp whisper. Lauren clamped her mouth around him, sucking hard to add to his orgasm. With a deep grunt he came, emptying his cum into her mouth. Watching her eyes widen slightly as he pumped into her. Feeling her swallowing his cum as it pumped out. When he finished she pushed her lips right down him, sucking hard up his cock to clean away any remaining cum. Pulling back she slowly swallowed that last drops before smiling up at him.

“Is that better?” She asked, Mathew nodded in reply. “Told you coming shopping with me would be worth it.”

“Oh it was definitely worth it, for that hot blow job alone.” He told her, pulling her up to kiss her hard on the mouth. Drawing her in tight against him. For a few moments they kissed, then Lauren pulled back. Mathew reached for her to pull her back to him.

“I want to repay you.” He said.

“Not now lover, you'll have to wait till later.” Lauren told him stepping back out of reach. She headed towards the door before turning to look meaningfully at him. Mathew reluctantly pulled his trousers back up and fastened them. Lauren carefully opened the door, checking there was no one outside and they quickly left the toilet. As they walked away Mathew glanced back towards the toilet, suddenly feeling a little dirty but thrilled at what had just happened. As they headed back through the shopping centre he spotted a game store, selling the latest copy of a series he wanted. He slowed, Lauren took a couple of steps before realising and turning round.

“What?” She asked him as he looked towards the games shop.

“I'm just going to go get myself a game.” He told her, she glanced towards the shop and grimaced. Then nodded with a sudden flash of though in her face.

“Ok, well I'll head into the supermarket over there to get some make up. See you in five minutes by this bench.” Mathew nodded and headed into the shop as Lauren disappeared into the supermarket. He was first back to the bench and sat down to wait for Lauren. He did not have long to wait, spotting her as she headed out of the supermarket towards him. As he watched her walking towards him Mathew was reminded of just how lucky he was to have Lauren not just as his sister but as his lover. Her long mousy brown hair bouncing gently as she walked. Her tight printed t shirt showing that her small firm breasts were also bouncing with each step. Breasts that he loved to lick and suck on. The trendy designer short skirt she was wearing revealed a nice pair of shapely legs. Their appearance increased by the wedged sandles she was wearing. Legs that Mathew loved having wrapped around him as he fucked his little sister. Looking at her there was really no way someone could believe she was only fourteen, her body and appearance looked older. As she reached him she smiled, making her pretty face light up. Her red-brown eyes glinting at him.

“You got what you wanted?” She asked, Mathew nodded holding the bag containing his game up for her to see.

“Did you?” He asked back, Lauren nodded. “So is there anything else you want to buy.” He added, this time she shook her head. They headed back towards his car. As they walked out the centre his phone beeped sharply. Mathew pulled it out and looked at it, seeing that he had an answer phone message he listened too it. It was from their dad, Mathew frowned as he heard the message. Lauren looked worriedly at him.

“What is it.” She asked once he had listened to the message.

“Dad, apparently they did so well at their meeting that him and mom are going out for dinner.” He said to her.

“So they won't be home when we get back then.” Lauren said, Mathew nodded. “Good that means I can let you have that lingerie show when we get home.” Mathew smiled at the idea as they got into his car. The journey home seemed to stretch for him as he struggled to keep from speeding in his rush to get home. Once they arrived he was surprised to find Lauren leading him not into the house but down their garden towards the swimming pool. The pool was empty at the moment as they were only just into spring. So he wondered what she was doing until she led him into the summer house at the bottom of the garden. Lauren pointed to one of the chairs as she heading into the small changing room in the summer house. Mathew sat and waiting, anticipating the show to come.

Lauren looked at the four lingerie sets to pick which one to wear first. Should she go for the jugular straight away with the tiny silk set. Or start with the plainer set and build up from there. After a minutes thinking she decided to tease Mathew and build up the pressure by starting with the plainer set. She put it on and slowly opened the door stepping out into the main room. Mathew's face lit up as she stepped out. His dark eyes flashing as he looked at her. The heat from his gaze told her that she was right to start with the plain set. Ok it was not that plain, a thin white bra and matching shorts style knickers.

“Do you like them?” Lauren asked him, Mathew nodded his face showing his desire. Lauren felt herself responding to the desire in his face. Her breathing grew shallower, she felt her nipples tighten and heat bubble up from between her legs. “Well this is just the start.” She smiled to him, as she slipped back into the changing cubicle. Inside she picked up the next set and quickly changed. This was a black and grey plunge bra with matching pair of small panties. She opened the cubicle and stepped out. Instantly she felt the heat from Mathew's gaze as he took in her appearance.

“Oh my god.” He said in a soft growl. Lauren gave him a seductive smile as she slowly spun round in front of him. He shifted in the chair, his desire evident in his face and the tension in his body. Lauren could feel his need for her. As Lauren slipped back into the cubicle she knew that he was fighting to keep control. She looked at the last two sets and made a quick decision. She grabbed the sexiest of the two and put it on. A thin candy pink lace bra that was slightly see through with a pair of thin string briefs that were almost none existent. She sensed that Mathew would loose it the moment he saw her. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and stepped out.

Instantly he saw her she saw the reaction in his body. He went ridged with tension, the heat in his gaze burned her as he looked her up and down. She saw his hands turn to fists by his side as he took in the appearance of the thin bra and small panties. She smiled deeply at him, feeling her body responding to that desire and need.

“Do you like this set then.” She said in a sultry whisper. Mathew's only answer was a deep growl of lust that sent a shiver up her spine. She posed, pulling her shoulders back to push out her breasts. Legs slightly parted as she gave a slow twirl. She heard his breathing as he saw how much of her ass the panties revealed. As she turned round she heard the chair land hard on the floor. Then Mathew had her pressed against the door. His lips pressed hard against hers, hands running over her body. Lauren kissed him back, matching his passion with her own. Opening her lips to his probing tongue. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her as he pinned her against the door. His hands seemed to be every where at once. On her breasts, along her back, over her buttocks, pressing between her thighs at her pussy. Lauren moaned softly at the sensation and desperate need in his movements. She could feel how hard he was as he pressed himself against her. The thought that she was the cause of that hard on, of his desire thrilled her. She rubbed against him, her desire matching his.

His hand slipped round to undo the clasp of her bra. He pulled it off her, almost tearing it off in his need. She felt his hands sliding up to cup her breasts, his fingers rubbing urgently over their flesh. Then his mouth was sucking firmly on her breasts. His tongue licking over her sensitive nipples. She lent her head back, arching under the pleasure. Moaning at the feel of his mouth on her breast. Shivers of pleasure flashed through her, sending waves of heat to between her legs. She clung to him, arms wrapped around his neck. Moaning softly as he moved from breast to breast. Sucking hard on each one, curling his tongue around her nipples.

Then she felt his hands on her buttocks, squeezing them hard. One hand sliding round to the front, under her small string panties. Lauren gasped at the anticipation then moaned as his fingers began to rub at her pussy. Pressing into her flesh, sending waves of pleasure through her. Lauren lent back against the door, moaning in pleasure at the feel of his fingers on her. Then crying out as he began to rub at her clit. She curled her fingers in his hair, pushing his head down.

“Please, lick me out babe.” She said in a hoarse whisper. Mathew did not respond, except to sink to his knees in front of her. Pulling her panties down with his hands. So she stood naked in front of him, except for the pair of wedge sandles that she had not removed. He lifted her one leg up onto his shoulder, parting her legs. Giving him better access to her pussy. Then pressed his face into her. Lauren gasped, moaning at the feel of his tongue licking inside her. As always he seemed to know just how to lick at her. His tongue curling inside her, licking at her.

“Oh yes, oh yes.” She murmured softly, repeatedly as his tongue send shivers of pleasure through her. She could hear him making soft murmurs of enjoyment as he licked at her. Showing his usual love of licking her out, how much he loved her taste. As the pleasure grew her moans grew deeper, harder. Then at just the right moment he moved up to lick at her clit. Her moans instantly turned to cries of passion. The heat in her groin building to ignition point.

“Oh fuck, oh baby, yes, baby yes.” Lauren cried out as he brought her to the verge of her orgasm. Then he tipped her over, she squealed at the explosion of pleasure inside her. Her nerves firing off at once, electric thrills running along her limbs. She shuddered at the waves of passion flashing through her. Mathew pushed himself to his feet in front of her. Quickly he stripped his clothing off. Lauren gasped for breath as her orgasm died, watching as her brother stripped in front of her. She noted with glee how hard he was, knowing that his hard cock would soon be inside her. He moved towards her, pushing her back into the door. Kissing her hard and deeply again. Lowering himself down between her legs. Lauren felt his cock sliding against her as he positioned himself at her entrance.

“I've wanted to be in you all afternoon.” He told her just before he pushed up into her.

“Oh fuck,” Lauren gasped. “And I've wanted you in me.” She added as he buried himself totally inside her. His need was obvious from the sharp, hard thrust as he began to fuck her. Ramming into her deeply with each thrust. “Fuck, oh fuck Mathew baby.” Lauren cried out at the intensity of his thrusts. Clinging to him tightly as his cock pounded into her body. His passion and need for her shown by the hard power of his thrusts. Her body rocking each time he rammed into her.

Lauren cried out, squealing deeply with each thrust. Mathew grunting softly each time he rammed into her. Lauren wrapped her legs around him, riding each thrust. Pushing down onto him each time he thrust up into her. She gasped, squealing with the sensation of his cock thrusting up into her. The intensity of his thrusts growing with each moment. Ramming himself up into her harder, faster. Lauren's body reacting to the feel of him buried deep inside her. The heat in her groin rebuilding, growing rapidly.

“God Lauren, oh baby you're pussy is so hot.” Mathew gasped sharply to her as the speed and power of his thrusts grew sharply harder.

“Please, hold on, so close.” Lauren hissed realising how close her brother was to cumming inside her. He grunted in reply, gritting his teeth. His thrusts growing harder, wilder. Lauren pressed down on him, crying out as her body reached it's peak. Just before she came Mathew lost his fight for control. With a hard thrust he buried deep inside her. Lauren squealed at the power of his thrust. Then his cum pumped into her, filling her. With a wild cry Lauren came, squealing his name repeatedly as her body exploded around his cock. He held himself buried deep in her as he emptied his cum into her. Grunting softly as he came in her.

Mathew held Lauren up, resting her against the door as her orgasm ran it's course. Lauren gasped for breath as her body jolted and rocked with the ripples of pleasure running through her. Once her orgasm died she felt him lowering her slowly down. His hands under her arms to keep her from falling. Lauren held onto him for a few seconds until she felt that her legs could take her weight. Then slowly let go, he stepped back looking her in the eyes. The heat was still there in his gaze, along with a satisfied look that he always had after they fucked.

“I'm taking that as meaning you liked my little lingerie show.” She said in a breathless whisper.

“Oh yes, you looked very hot.” He replied with a glint in his eyes. “And I just had to have you.”

“Oh I'm not complaining, that was hot.” Lauren told him with a smile. “And I have something else for you.” He lifted his eyebrows in interest as she turned back into the changing room. She flicked through the bags until she found the supermarket bag. Reaching in she pulled out the extra present she had brought him. Turning round she tossed it too him. Mathew caught it and looked down at it. Lauren smile grew wider as she saw the expression on his face as he realised what he was holding. A tube of Durex play lube.

“When did you get this.” He asked her.

“In the supermarket, I spotted it as I headed back from the make up. I thought it might be better than just hand cream.”

“Better than hand cream?” He said in a confused tone. Then the penny dropped and his eyes went wide. “You mean for fucking your ass.” He said in surprise and excitement. Lauren nodded quickly, smiling at his expression. He looked like a young child in a sweet shop. “You want to do that again?” He said, she nodded again.

“Yes babe I want to do that again, now.” She told him stepping up to him to kiss him softly on the lips. “I want your cock in my ass.” She said and reached down to rub her hand over his cock. Which hardened instantly under her fingers.

“Well who am I to say no to my little sis.” He replied quickly opening the lube. Lauren let him manoeuvre her over the stack of sun beds in the one corner of the sun house. Looking back she watched as he squeezed the lube onto his fingers. As he rubbed it between his fingers he looked at her with added surprise.

“Umm, it tingles.” He told her.

“It should, it's called tingle lube.” She said,. As he moved his hand towards her ass. Lauren felt his finger rubbing at her anal opening. Slowly, gently he pushed it into her. She gasped softly at the feel of his finger inside her. A sharp sensation that sent a shiver up her spine. He moved his finger deep inside her, rubbing as much of the lube into her as he could. Lauren chewed on her bottom lip as she felt him pushing deep into her. Like the previous night she was nervous, even though she knew she had enjoyed it the last time. Still it was quiet a big thing to do for a young girl. If it was any other guy this would not even be on the menu. But, for Mathew there was nothing she would not allow.

He removed his finger and began to rub lube over his cock. Once he was satisfied there was enough he moved behind her. Lauren felt his cock running over her buttocks, sliding between them slowly. She bit her bottom lip softly, forcing herself to relax. Taking in deep breaths as she felt him pressing against her ass. He looked her in the face.

“You ready.” He asked, Lauren nodded. He pushed up into her, sliding his cock slowly into her ass. Lauren grunted as she felt herself opening around him. The sharp flash of pain took her breath away. She took a sharp breath in, fighting to keep from tensing up. She remembered that it got easier. She felt him pushing deeper, stretching her, filling her ass with his cock. Until he was totally inside her. Lauren drew in a long shaky breath as he held his cock in her. Then he pulled back, before pushing into her again. Lauren grunted at the sensation. Slowly he began to move in and out. Sliding himself deep into her with each thrust. Lauren gasped, grunting softly with each thrust. Sharp sensations flashing up her spine as he entered her. The first few thrusts were painful, then she grew used to the feel and that pain changed to soft pleasure.

“Baby, go harder.” She said over her shoulder. Mathew nodded and began to thrust deeper and faster. “Oh fuck baby do it, do my ass.” Lauren said to him as he began to increase his thrusts. He sharply increased the power of his thrusts in reply. “CHRIST!” Lauren squealed at the unexpected increase in power. Sharp pain flashed through her, mixed with deep pleasure. His cock felt so thick and hard in her ass. Filling it totally each time he thrust up into her. Burying himself totally in her ass. Fucking it with long, deep thrusts.

“God Lauren you feel so good.” He whispered to her as he took her.

“You feel so good in me.” Lauren told him, which he did now she was used to him. Each thrust sending jolts of feeling up her spine. The sensations were different to when he was in her pussy. Sharper, with more of an edge to it. A tinge of pain mixed into the pleasure. It thrilled her, exciting her and turned her on. She dug her nails into the edge of the sun chairs as he took her. Each thrust ramming his hard cock deep into her ass. Lauren began to cry out, sharp squeals of feeling as the thrusts continued. His cock pounding into her ass repeatedly. Heat spreading out from her groin with each thrust. She realised that like the previous night she was being brought to an orgasm from just having him in her ass. It was an orgasm she wanted now.

Reaching down between her legs she began to rub at her clit. Sliding her fingers over herself in the way she knew worked. The added pleasure mixed with the sensations of his cock thrusting deep into her ass. With a wild cry she came, squealing at the blast of pleasure overwhelming her. Then she squealed louder as he slammed harder into her. Sharply increasing his thrusts again, going harder, faster in her. Slamming in and out, pistoning into her ass. Each thrust pushing her into the sun chairs. Lauren clawed at them, squealing with each hard thrust. As her orgasm died his cock ramming into her made her cum again. She arched up, screaming out her wild passion.

“Lauren, god Lauren. Cum baby, cum. Oh god.” He groaned as he continued to slam into her. Pushing himself as far up inside her as was possible. Lauren screamed, thrashing her head from side to side as the assault on her senses continued. Each hard thrust sending wild sensations up her body. Rocking her with a mix of deep pleasure and hard pain. She could feel the edge of the chairs digging into her thighs as he pounded her against them. His hands reached up to claw at her breasts. Then up to her shoulders to pull her back against him.

“Oh fuck, fuck.” Lauren squealed as his thrusts grew wilder, ramming it deeply. “Oh Mathew baby, fuck me baby.” She cried out as she felt him rushing towards his orgasm.

“LAUREN!” He cried out as he reached his peak. Slamming himself into her with a massive, strong thrust. Pushing himself up into her totally. Lauren squealed at the added force of his thrust, and at the sensation of his cum pumping into her ass. Hot cum filled her ass, spurting deeply in her. He held himself in her, emptying himself deep in her ass. Lauren gasping as he held his cock buried fully in her. Mathew grunting deeply with each spurt of cum into her. She could feel his body shuddering with his orgasm.

Finally it ended, his cum stopped pumping into her. Slowly he released her, pulling back out of her. Lauren gasped as she felt him slide out of her. She gave a soft reluctant sigh that it was over. Surprised by how much she wanted him to remain inside her. As she lay, bent over the chairs recovering she remembered what Mathew had said about their parents being away soon. Slowly she turned to face him, holding herself up on shaky legs.

“Didn't you say mom and dad would be away for a week” She asked him, Mathew nodded.

“A week when we could maybe act out our fantasies from last night.” He suggested, Lauren remembered the conversation they had in the car. Where she had told him her fantasies, and he had said what his full fantasy was about her. She smiled and nodded in consent. “Though I do think I have another fantasy now.” He added.

“What’s that?”

“Well you mentioned having a vibrator, I wouldn’t mind watching you use that on yourself. I think that would be seriously hot to watch.” Lauren thought about it for a second. As yet she had not actually used the vibrator for anything other than practising blow jobs. To help her give him the full blow job he wanted. That practise had worked last night, on more than one occasion. The idea of actually using the vibrator on herself had not crossed her mind. Not that she had a problem with making herself cum. Hell she had been doing that for a few months, imagining what it would be like to sleep with Mathew. Of course her imaginings had not even been close to how good it really was.

“I suppose I could do that for you, if you’re going to do my fantasies for me.” She said, he nodded. Then suddenly he frowned, as if something troubling had passed across his mind. It vanished just as quickly but Lauren had seen it and it worried her. He stepped towards her and kissed her. Lauren allowed him to distract her with the kiss.

“Of course we still have at least an hour till mom and dad get back. Let's see what we can do in that time.” He told her, as his kiss drew harder.

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