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“Is everything okay Ron”
“I don’t think so. Something is bothering you” Ron has been quite after coming back from grandma’s house. He would come to me to lick my boobs, pussy, get a blowjob before going to bed but he didn’t come to my room from past few days. I was getting nervous with his new behavior
“You are full of questions aren’t you” he said while taking a piece of his sandwich inside his mouth.
“Yes! I just want to know”
“What do you want to know sis!” He threw the sandwich on the plate
“Did I do something wrong honey” I looked in his eyes
“You didn’t do anything. It’s me”
“Ron ? “ I was confused. I couldn’t understand the expression on his face. He was frustrated and angry at the same time.
“Do you know how I feel when I see my friends kiss their girlfriends, when they hold each other hands and walk around at public places, touch each other when they talk”
“Ron..I…I...” I was speechless. I didn’t have answer to any of Ron’s questions. Poor boy! I thought to myself. He has a girlfriend
“I feel so sad that I can’t shout and say she is my girlfriend” Ron started crying. I was feeling sad. Ron was right about everything he said. He has the right to hold my hand, kiss me before everyone, tell others about me but I was his sister and our society doesn’t allow a brother and sister to have a romantic relationship.
“Please Ron! Don’t cry” I pleaded.
“I don’t want to hide to make love to you. I want to kiss you, hug you, and make love to you whenever I want. ”Ron was serious and he wanted me.
“Please Understand. I know you love me so much but….”Before I could say anything Ron got up and took his bag.
“I am going to my friend’s house mom. Will be back soon” Ron said to mom who was in the kitchen
“Ok honey.” Mom placed the pancake on the plate and came near me
“Bye Mom…Bye…. Sister!” Ron left by slamming the back door. I told him not to call me sister but today he did. He wanted me to feel his pain and anger.
I planned to meet Kate but I cancelled the plan. “I can’t go out and enjoy when my brother is in such pain” I thought to myself. Today’s boyfriends demand a lot from their girlfriends. They want their girlfriend to act as their wife, they don’t want other boy to wander around their girl, expect girls to wear skimpy clothes when they go to night clubs. But I cannot allow him to do such things in front of people we know. If we get caught then we would probably go to jail, our parents would probably kick us out. But Ron was not a matured guy; he cannot understand all these things. I tried calling Ron but he disconnected every time. I decided to do something. I went to my room and got ready.
“Mom! I am going out. Don’t wait for me if I don’t come home ok? I will stay at Kate’s house” I shouted
“Why honey? Where are you going” Mom asked
“I have an important thing to do. Will tell about it later..Bye Mom” I left the home
It was past 10’o clock when I came back home. When I entered the house I saw mom was cleaning the dishes and dad was watching his favorite football match but Ron was nowhere to be found.
“I’m home mom! “ I threw my purse on the couch and went straight to kitchen.
“Want anything to eat” she smiled at me
“No Mom. Am fine . Just a little tired.” I took a glass filled with water
“Ok honey. Change your clothes and go to bed”
“Where’s Ron ? “ I asked mom. Ron
“He went to bed” Mom said. Ron would normally be in the hall reading novels or watch TV. He never went to bed before 11.
“ok! Going to room, Good night mom” I gave a kiss on Mom’s cheek and went to Ron’s Room
“Darling! “ I slightly opened the door and looked around. It was dark and Ron covered himself with blanket. I went near the bed and sat beside him. I slightly open the blanket to see his face.
“Hello Darling. Don’t you want a nice sexy blowjob” I put my hand inside the blanket and slid my inside his shorts.
“We can do 69 if you want to so that you can eat my pussy” I started playing with his cock, stroking it slowly. It was getting hard and long with each stroke and I became pretty sure that everything will become fine. But I was wrong
“Will you please just leave me alone? I want to sleep” He yelled. Normally he wouldn’t say no to anything when I touch his cock. I started to feel as if I was sitting beside a stranger. I had never seen him behave like that
“Ok” I removed my hand from his shorts and went to my room. I threw myself on bed and started crying. I couldn’t believe myself. Ron was behaving as if he doesn’t love me anymore. I was scared that he would break up with me. I didn’t want to lose him at any cost. I couldn’t sleep that night as my mind was still thinking about Ron and the words he said to me.
I got up at 7 in the morning and went to kitchen to have some coffee. I saw mom was having her breakfast and dad was wearing his shoes.
“Honey! Come soon! We are going to get” Dad shouted from the hall.
“Going anywhere mom” I took a sip of coffee and looked at mom who was in a hurry to clean the mess on the table. She doesn’t like the kitchen to be messy. She wanted her kitchen to be neat and clean
“Yeah honey. Me and your dad have an urgent meeting to attend and you know about the traffic these days” Mom quickly took her purse and checked her files. Mom always makes sure that she has the things with her before she goes to office so that she won’t have to come back to get those things.
“Bye honey. Take care of yourself and your brother. Eat food at right time. Don’t be hungry” Mom and left the house, both giving me a kiss on the cheeks.
“Bye Mom..Bye Dad” I waved my hand. Now I was in the house with my brother. I loved when things change around me whenever I want to. It’s a perfect time to change the mood of my boyfriend.
I quickly got inside bathroom and took shower. I removed my favorite shirt. It was a French cuffed sheer shirt. I wore thong with padded hanger but no bra.. I got the shirt as a gift from Kate on my birthday. I remember her saying that I would need this at some point of time. “Thank you Kate” I thought to myself
I went to kitchen so that when he goes to kitchen I would be there in front of him. An hour passed by and there was no sign of room. I thought to play Sudoku in meantime when I heard some footsteps. I quickly adjusted myself and my shirt so that he would be able to see my boobs.
“Good morning Darling” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and I slowly moved my hands near his pants to hold his crotch.
“Where is mom” He didn’t look at me. He was seeing every side of the kitchen except me. But this time I was ready for his harsh words and rude behavior.
“Dad and mom went to office. It’s just you and me .” i said, giving him small kisses on his neck.
“I am going to kitchen to get myself a glass of juice” He tried to move away but I caught his hand and pulled him back.
“Let me get it for you honey” I went to kitchen and filled the glass with juice. I gave him a seductive smile as he started observing my shirt.
“Come! Sit beside me baby” I offered him the seat next to me. He sat down and just looked at me not sure what to say or do. I leaned forward onto the table and let my breasts almost fall out my shirt, the material struggling to hold them back. Ron's eyes followed my chest, his cock responding to the visual stimulation like never before.
“Say something baby” I dropped one of my hands off the table and onto Ron's thigh, giving it light squeezes and rubs.
“I don’t have anything to say” he managed to pry his eyes from my chest and speak.
“Come on honey! How can you stay angry with me” I whispered as i slid my hand up Rons thigh towards his tented crotch.
“I don’t like…oooooh” he let out a little moan as I started rubbing little circles on his cock was making him hot and breathless. He closes his eyes closed and so didn't see me lean my body closer him. My left breast touched his arm and i brought my lips to his cheek giving it a light kiss.
"Stop it Sue!" Ron pleaded as he felt the flesh of my breast mould around his arm.
“I will not stop until you forgive me” I slowly started unbuttoning my shirt. Inch by tantalizing inch of my boobs were exposed as the flimsy material. Once it was fully off I dropped my shirt to the floor, bringing my hands back to breasts i covered my nipples and saw my wide-eyed brother.
My hands didn't cover much though, just my nipples as there was simply too much flesh for my small hands to hide. I opened my fingers and grip big amounts of my breasts and start to move them around, first squeezing them together to make plenty of cleavage and then separating them and rolling them back to their original position. Ron watched me as i brought my left breast to his mouth and proceeded to give it a little lick, never taking her eyes off Ron i did the same with the right.

Ron was just about to say something when i lowered my hands and my erect nipples came into view, they took Ron's breath away. I swayed my body so my breasts jiggled .
“Don’t you want to make love to them” " I said as I leaned over him placing my hands on his shoulder and letting my breasts fall close to his face.
“Umm….ummmm” I moved my upper body to make my boobs sway once more "Lets get this shirt off first". Reaching down i grabbed the bottom of his shirt and brought it up his body making sure to rub my breasts against his skin as i did so.
"Much better" I said as i dropped the shirt and resumed my position with my hands on his shoulders. I pulled him towards me. Opening his mouth like a baby about to suckle, he took the nipple between his lips and instinctively began to gently suck on it. Savoring the sweetness of my nipple, he began to suck harder. At first he had closed his eyes as he sucked on the big, rubbery bulb, but he slowly opened them and looked at her other tit. I ran my fingers through his hair as he greedily licked my other tit.
“Are you still angry babes” He nodded his head as if he’s still angry but he wasn’t. I placed my thumbs into the sides of my thong and wiggling my ass slid them off my hips and down my long legs, bending at the waist to make sure i could touch my soft skin all the way down to the ground with hands.
"Ok Ron, its time you joined me" i said seductively.
"What do you mean?" Ron asked
"Its time you showed me your juicy cock," i said with a little smile.
“No I will not” he said. I turned away from Ron and placed her hands on the dinner table, bending forwards and opening my legs i looked back over my shoulder to Ron who realised what was going on.
“Not even now?” Ron quickly got off his pants I encircled my pussy with my fingers and licking them in between. He ripped both his pants and underpants off in one swift motion. I could feel my pussy start to get moist as i watched my brothers cock twitch, this was it I had to get on with what i needed. I pulled him towards him using his cock. The warmth from his cock was incredible in my hands and i knew this was going to be memorable. Ron looked down to my open legs and saw through my thighs the little opening that was so craved after by guys. His cock jumped as he moved even closer to his target; grabbing his cock, i slid into position, the head just at the entrance of my hot, wet pussy. I felt the tip touch me for just a brief second and shuddered as it did, i was so ready for this and I knew he wanted it so bad.
With one last little check to see if his cock was in position he pushed his cock half way into his sisters confines. I moaned as i felt his cock come to a standstill inside my warm pussy. Ron pulled back a bit for another thrust this one making more of an impact as it pushed him further but not quite all in.
"Ahhhh Ron" I moaned as i felt the thickness of his cock fill me up. I was feeling really full when Ron finally got all his cock inside my body, my hands were gripping the edge of the table tightly as i felt myself adjusting to such a large intruder, my muscles tensed gripping it. This was it the moment i had been waiting for.
"Ahhhh" i moaned again as I felt the thick shaft pull back till just the head was left inside, before it was rammed back up into my hot body, forcing me to rock forwards on the table almost pushing it over. I moaned as every thrust came in, i couldn't believe what was happening to me, this was the best i had ever been satisfied when having sex, the thickness of the cock in my pussy made it all the more exciting. We were making one hell of a noise in the kitchen. I started shouting out louder now as I felt Ron increase his pace knowing he was nearing his orgasm. I was bent over the edge of the table holding on to the sides as Ron held onto my hips and jack hammered his cock into me from behind, both our mouths open and the bright sun shining the sweat that covered both our bodies.
Ron’s phone rang on the table. He fumbled with it, before answering. "Ugh, hello? Oh..." i said into the receiver.
“Hi!Taylor here. Can I talk to Ron” The boy said
“Sure! Hold on for a sec” I put the phone in loudspeaker mode and placed it on the table. He hated it when his friends would call in the middle of him hammering his big sister. His dick pulsated, ready to cum inside my pussy
"Yes Dude, ugh, what is it?" he asked, pumping his prick into my pussy.
"Uh, are you okay dude? You sound out of breath." he inquired
“I just came back to home after playing basketball. he slammed his cock inside me again and again.
“Why are you lying Ron ? Why don’t you tell him that you are busy having sex with your girlfriend” I intervened.
“Is it true bro” He started laughing
“uh-huh” Ron said . I was getting close to orgasm now as i felt my brother's hands on my breasts and his cock continue to fill her pussy.
“Awesome dude! I am throwing a party tonigh. Why don’t you bring your girlfriend with you” Ron had a confused look on his face . He didn’t know what to say
“We will come. Don’t worry. I’ll let you guys see your friend’s girlfriend. Now will you please excuse us, your friend has a job to finish” I disconnected the call. Ron had a big wide smile on his face. I could see the excitement on his face.
"Oh god! I love you so much” He said working his hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out of me at a furious pace.
“Me too honey ”I shouted as i felt my body go stiff as I made an explosive orgasm , nearly blanked out.
"Fuckkk!" Ron shouted as his balls tightened and a torrent of cum flew up his shaft and filling me deeply with his seed.
“We are not going, aren’t we? “ Ron said as he stepped back and removed his cock . My cum flowing from my pussy fall onto my thighs. His cock was glistening with our combined juice.
“We are definitely going” I said as I held his cock by the base and held it softly. He closed his eyes hoping that I am going to give him a nice blowjob but I had other plan in mind.
“Now go and get some rest” I said as I left his cock and picked up my shirt.
“Wont you..” I placed my finger on his lips. He was confused but I had to stick to my plan
“You will, but not now. Just wait for few hours. You will get a good blowjob and you will enjoy it for sure, every second of it” I gave him a kiss on his lips and left the kitchen.
It was evening time. I slept for like 2-3 hours after having an intimate sex with my darling Ron . I took a shower and came out of bathroom without wrapping up my body with towel because I wanted my nipples to be hard and horny. I decided to wear something which could give Ron an easy access to my parts without removing my clothes so i picked up a sleeveless sheer v neck pleated empire waist evening party mini dress. My boobs were clearly visible through the dress as I decided not to wear bra .I applied conditioner to my hair so make it shiny and applied some perfume to my body. I got out of my room and knocked on Ron’s Door
“Don’t want to go to party” I shouted.
“I am here baby” A voice came from downstairs. When I went downstairs, I saw that Ron was already ready. He was wearing a shirt which reminded me of MJ and jeans. He applied gel to his hair for spikes.
“Damn! You are looking so hot babes” He came near me and gave a kiss on the cheek
“You too hun. Come on, let’s go” We held each other hands and got inside the car
Taylor was a rich guy’s spoiled son and Ron was his best friend. If Taylor had a party in his house, he would definitely call his friend. Ron also enjoyed his parties. As we reached Taylor’s house I saw girls in their bikinis playing in swimming pool, some boys different doing stunts, some boys looking at girls, loud music coming from the house, there was everything.
“Hey Bro! Good to see you man” He slapped on Ron’s arm
“Me too Bro” Taylor looked at me . He thought he invited his best friend girlfriend but she’s nowhere to be seen. I was sure that he would ask about it.
“I thought you were going to bring your girlfriend. What happened” Taylor aksed. “Silly boy! She’s standing right in front of you and you are looking somewhere else” I thought to myself
“Am I not invited to party tay ?” I laughed.
“No Sue. I just didn’t expect you. You are always welcome” he smiled. “By the way you are looking hot” He gave a hug but Ron didn’t like it.
“Don’t worry she’ll be here soon. Have some patience” I winked. We both went inside the house along with Taylor. Boys and Girls were dancing on the song Rain over me by Marc Anthony in the hall.
“Want to dance with me?” I smiled
“Yeah Sure! Ron will you hold this glass for me” Taylor gave the glass to Ron and caught my hand.
“Eh! Sorry Taylor. I was asking Ron” Taylor left my hand when he came to know that I was interested in dancing with Ron. He was sad but it didn’t bother me. I was here with a plan and I can’t let anyone ruin it.
“Here! Take your glass” He happily returned the glass and we both went to the hall. I placed his hand on my back and pulled him towards me so that there was no gap between us. We both started dancing as the song changed. The song name was International love by Pitbull ft Chris Brown. Few minutes later he slipped his hand from my back all the way down to my right side of ass. He gently squeezed. He knew that i loved it as a helpless moan came from my mouth. I took his right hand and placed it on my breast and started rubbing the sides of my breasts using his hand
“Like it hun” he nodded his head. I left the breasts as he slowly started enjoying my boobs. I laughed when he started searching for my nipples. I pulled down one side of the strap holding my dress and it let my boobs come out of dress.
“Here it is” I laughed. Every boy in the hall stopped dancing when they saw my beautiful soft boobs come out of my dress. Everyone was in shock especially Taylor . He knew that we both were brothers and sisters but I didn’t care about it . When he found my hard nipples ,he started rolling them between his fingers.
"Mmm Sue, that feels sooo good, but I'm not sure if we should be doing this or not!" He moaned as his mouth covered mine and I kissed him deep. He held my nipples, rolling and twisting them in his fingers. Ron watched my face and the pleasure on it. "Do you want to stop?" I asked, but by this time, i turned to face him and we were kissing like lovers. His right hand was still playing with a nipple, I could feel his cock inside his jeans was pressed against my belly. He started kissing my mouth, rubbing my big boobs and was sliding his hard cock over my pussy.
“You didn’t wear panty! ” he moaned into my mouth as we kissed so deep, his cock was pushing into my wetness, pointing up toward my belly and his fingers were twisting both of my nipples. He was right about my panty. He kept kissing me, while slowly humping my hips and lovely pussy. "You make me so hard!" he moaned again and i hugged him tight. No one was dancing. They were busy seeing the show put on by us but I didn’t care. I was kissing my boyfriend, my future husband, father of my babies.
"Oh baby, it feels so good, oh Ron, Ron !" I . I grabbed his face, shoving him into my naked boob, and he started sucking my nipple hard. He sucked my nipple hard and watched my face twist with pleasure. "Damn sis, you love these big things sucked, don't you?" he said and quickly went back to tormenting his big sister.
"I guess I do! Especially when you do it" i moaned. "Suck it, baby...suck it harder!" I gasped as he moved to my other nipple by sliding down other strap of my dress. He sucked it just as hard like a baby . "Ron, get up and play with my...pussy! Make me cum and I'll do something nice for you!" He got up and couldn't believe what i said, but he didn’t say anything.
"Oh Sue, this is my dream!" he moaned, put his hand over my pussy and slipped two fingers deep in my body. He pushed them in deep, twisted them. When he twisted I couldn't help but moan out with pleasure. "Oh God, Ron! Yes, do that again, please!"
He smiled, pumping me and twisting his fingers inside my pussy. "Anything baby, anything for my girl!" Ron whispered in my mouth, kissed me again and he slipped another finger in my pussy. He fucked me faster, pushing them in deeper and he would twist. I squirmed under him, pushing my hips up to greet his fingers and he knew i was close. "Your pussy is so soft and so...fucking hot!" Ron moaned against my mouth and he fucked me faster
Cum for me gorgeous, I want to see you cum for me!" he moaned . ”oh God!" I squealed when he pushed his finger inside my pussy and twisted his skilled fingers. He pulled his fingers out about half way and then, he shoved back into me and my upper body started to tremble.
"Are you going to...suck me off? My cock is going to burst inside my boxers" he asked and i cried out louder than before.
"Yes, I'm going to eat your cock alive! I'm going to give my boyfriend the blow-job of your life and drink your cum too!" I moaned out loud. So loud that my moans were louder than music. Taylor was in complete shock and other boys too. Girls were looking at me in a disgusting way. They tried to leave the party with their boyfriends but not even a single boy moved from his place.
"Oh God, Ron...I'm cuming! I'm cuming, Ron!" i screamed as hot juice shot from between my legs and all over his hand. "Oh Ron, oh shit, oh shit!" i squealed and grabbed his hand, holding it in place until this wonderful feeling left.
"That's it, oh yeah! You sexy damn woman!" he growled and gave me a deep kiss, enjoying my hips still pushing into hand and trying to cum again. "I love you." He whispered
"Oh my God, Ron! That was amazing” I calmed down and finally let him go. I reached down to touch his very hard shaft and kissed him.
“Want me to suck your beautiful cock? Trust me! Am not going to stop until you faint or beg me to stop!" i said with a seductive voice, kissed Ron again and i slowly started unzipping his pants.
“Common! Let’s go to Taylor’s room.” He caught my hand and pulled me . But I pulled him back. I decided to implement my plan.
“Here” I smiled
“You want to suck my!! …in front of everyone!” He raised his eyebrows. His face was glowing like a diamond.
“Yes! Can I?” I knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans. I placed my fingers on the waist band of his shorts and pulled them down along with his jeans.
“ I'm getting this thing hard...I can't wait to suck you, Ron," i purred. I rubbed his long, hard cock all over my face and kissed every inch of it. I opened my mouth and leaned over him. I took more than half and started sucking him, sucking him deeper into my throat and sucking a little harder. Ron just stayed where he was and could not believe that he’s getting a blowjob in front of his friends.
"Oh God,'re going to kill me!" he moaned, sucking harder and letting the head ease slowly into my throat. It was hot, thick and long.
"Oh baby, that's so fucking good! Oh Sue, Sue!" he moaned and i sucked him harder, plus I was over all over his cock and my head was going up and down. I looked into his eyes as i licked, teased and sucked his cock, knowing the law said it was wrong, but the only time you saw a case of it on TV it was always something bad and never a story of love. I knew we could not be the only brother and sister that felt this way about each other. I was licking my brother's cock like Popsicle, making little licks and suck on it savouring the flavour. Then i began to assault it with my tongue, gliding the wet muscle on the underside of the shaft before letting it back into my waiting throat.
Ah! Sue, I'm gonna cum!" Ron announced as i felt his precum on the tip of his cock. I quickly covered Ron’s cock with my mouth, just in time as Ron's cum shot out and filled my mouth. it wasn't as much as he had shot in my pussy but it was still a considerable amount, forcing me to swallow quickly as the next lot filled me up too. Ron watched me swallow and also noticed small drips of cum fall from the corner of my lips and onto her chin, then I closed my eyes as i savored the salty taste that washed into my stomach.
He pulled me up and we both adjusted our dresses. We held our hands together and went past the people. As we were about to cross Taylor, I stopped.
“I am his girlfriend and it was nice meeting you” I smiled.
“Now everyone knows that you have a girlfriend” I kissed him on the cheek as we came out of the house. We got inside the car and left the place.

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With me you would eat my cum everyday

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With me you would eat my cum everyday

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With me you would eat my cum everyday

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Ok here's the thing I'm not saying this story isn't true but for one there were allot of gramatical errors making it hard to enjoy, it also makes it seem fake. Again not saying it couldn't be, but you should proof read. Another thing it really isn't that detailed to that anonymous reader who posted

"If you really did this, then... you got guts... to say the least... this is too detailed to be a work of fiction"

Too you sir I have seen a writers fiction and her 'true story' and there was little to know difference between them or many others mostly due to writing style because you put them into you mind and they flow onto paper and so what I'm trying to get to is that the amount of detail doesn't matter to make a true stories. So I'm probably over analyzing this shit but I just needed to say "Author please Proof read. I like your stories and ideas but yeah check your work somehow.

P.S. Don't be a hypocrite like me sorry autospell was on. Dang gadgets.


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