With trembling fingers, he spread the ends of the belt apart. Then, with the unraveled belt lying in her lap, he clasped the edges of her robe between his fingers. Looking back up into her warm, hazel eyes, he lightly spread her robe open, letting her mountainous treasures slowly appear once again.

"So beautiful," he softly groaned, feasting his eyes on her full, milk-laden breasts.

He continued to spread her robe open until she shrugged her shoulders and it went slithering down behind her back. As it did, he glanced down to see her pussy come into view.

"Oh, God..." he gasped, seeing that her pussy was clean-shaven...bald...bald as Lisa's little butt. " pretty."

Shrugging her shoulders again, Cynthia let the robe fall away from her body to puddle on the couch behind her. She had been sitting with her legs bent at the knees, curled up under her, but as Sean stared down at her pussy, she unfurled her legs. Easing one leg down behind him, she dropped a foot to the floor and spread her legs apart.

"Does it still look the same," she asked, a coy smile playing on her lips. "I shaved for you, so you'd be able to see all the nooks and crannies..."

"You knew? You knew we would...we would do this?" he groaned, realizing that his sister had planned all this.

" least I hoped we would!"

"God, it's beautiful," he sighed, reaching down and running his fingertips over the soft, resilient smoothness of her fleshy pussy-lips. "It's sexy now. Back then, it, it was just like a hardly had any pussy-lips at all. Now they're big and...and fat. They just look so sexy."

"And these?" she smiled, cupping her giant breasts and lifting them.

"They couldn't be any prettier," he groaned, raising his hand and gently caressing the taut skin of her breasts. "They look so heavy...and full, full of milk."

"They are," she laughed softly, making them jiggle and quiver. "Would you like to have a taste of my mother's milk?"

"Sister's milk," he corrected her, leaning toward her. "My sister's sweet milk..."

"Wait! Wait a moment," she said, slipping her leg out from behind him and standing up.

"What? What?" he asked gorging himself on her beautiful, naked body.

"The the couch," she told him, reaching down and taking his hands.

Pulling him up, she reached back down and flipped a switch and the couch purred, unfolding itself into an already made bed.

"Now," she smiled, crawling up onto it.

As Sean watched on in an euphoric daze, she rolled over onto her back and lay smiling up at him.

"But first," she laughed, running her hand down to her pussy, "I want to see him...I want to see your...your peter. I want to see my brother's big peter."

"Uh, okay," he grinned, reaching down and unsnapping his pajama bottom.

Shyly, he let go of pajamas and felt them go slithering down his legs as his sister, gawked up at his jutting prick.

" has grown," she exclaimed as her widened eyes studied the bobbing monster. "I can't believe I thought five inches was big. And look at it now. It's definitely bigger than Billy Johnson's...and Tom's, too."

"Really?" he proudly asked, unbuttoning his pajama top and stepping out of his bottom.

"Really...lots bigger," she giggled. "My little brother's not so little, any more!"

Dreamily, he climbed up on the couch as she reached up and pulled him to her. Her big, puffy nipples were darker now that she had matured, as they glistened with leaking milk. Lying down beside her, he felt her cup the back of the head, gently guiding his lips down to her bulging nipple. Opening his mouth like a baby about to suckle, he took the nipple between his lips and instinctively began to gently suck on it. Her milk began to flow immediately. Tasting the sweet juice as it gushed out into his mouth, he reached under the heavy udder and cupped it in the palm of his hand. It was heavy...heavy with her milk... mother's milk...sister's milk. Initially, he was surprised at the gush of milk that suddenly filled his mouth. With nothing to compare it to except cow milk, he found her milk to be thinner and sweeter.

Savoring the sweetness of her warm milk, he began to suck harder. As he did, he felt some of the nectar drip down his cheek and dribble down onto the couch. Swallowing faster, he felt more of the sweet juice gush out into his sucking mouth. At first he had closed his eyes as he sucked on the big, rubbery bulb, but he slowly opened them and found himself looking at her other tit. Squashed down onto her chest by its heavy weight, its big, swollen nipple defiantly jutted up into the air. As it did, a small, white stream of her delicious milk oozed out of it, trickling down the curved underside of her breast, then disappeared into the crack form between her breast and her chest.

Milk continued to pour forth from her breast as he sucked harder, tasting and drinking down the sweet milk. Strangely, as he sucked, he could feel the tautness of her breast lessen as if it were shrinking while he sucked its delicious contents into his mouth.

Cynthia lovingly ran her fingers through his hair as he greedily consumed her rich, addictive liquor. As she did, out of the corner of his eye, he could see her legs slowly parting while she continued to touch herself, the tip of her long finger caressing her jutting clit.

As she held his mouth pressed against her quivering breast with one hand, she brought pleasure to herself with the other. Then, Sean lifted his hand up to her belly and eased it down between her legs. Running his fingers over the soft, dew-covered lips of her pussy, he pushed her hand out of the way and searched for opening to her femininity.

"Let me do that for you, Cyn," he murmured.

"Oh, yes, please!" she moaned.

Her legs instinctively parted wider as he finally found the warm wetness of her pussy with his finger. Easing his finger down into the moist, clinging tightness of his sister's hot slit, he felt a jolt of electricity surge through his cock as he held it shoved up against her thigh.
"mmmmmmm," she murmured out and began to ever so gently thrust herself up against his hand as he slowly worked his finger in and out of her pussy.
He couldn't believe how easily this had all happened. It was as if it had all been foreordained. They had almost fallen into each other's arms. It was like they had both known it would happen. Tonight, they would finish what they had started those many years ago. Or would it really be a finish? Or a renewal? They would finally consummate the incestuous experiment they'd begun in their father's tool shed.

As he sucked, he could feel the gush of milk slow to a trickle, then stop altogether. He had sucked her big tit empty. He had emptied the beautiful vessel of its creamy filling, and now it was his turn to return the favor. Now he would give up his creamy, seed-laden filling to her.

"," she whispered.

Reluctant to release her breast, on the one hand, yet excited, on the other, he lifted his lips up off her puffy nipple as a few final drops of milk oozed out of the tip of the purpled nipple. Grunting, he pushed himself up to his hands and knees beside her. As she looked up at him with lust-glazed eyes, he eased one leg over between her legs and then the other. When he did, she spread her legs wider, opening herself to him completely. Staring down at the beauty that lay spread out below him, he felt another quiver of excitement tickle through his big, bobbing cock.

"Yesss," she softly hissed as he lowered his hips, guiding his cock down to the waiting core of her womanhood. "God, yes! Finish it! Finish what we started, so long ago.

"I need to taste your other sweet nectar, first," he told her, and slipped his mouth down along the curve of her body to lap at her dripping sex.

She allowed it, but only for a moment. Her need to be filled by him seemed to outweigh her desire to be pleasured by his lips and tongue.

"You can eat my pussy later, big little brother," she panted, pulling him back up her body. "I want you inside me, now!"

He felt the rounded tip of his cock-head brush against the fleshy lips guarding her oozing womanhood. Then, he felt her fingertips push his cock down, guiding it down into the waiting wetness below. Easing forward, he pushed his cock down into her and felt her hot pussy wrap itself around it.

"Cynthia," he breathed out, easing his cock down into the clutching cavern of her pussy.

Using her feet, Cynthia thrust herself up against him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down onto hers. Mouths open, they kissed, their tongues sinuating and intertwining. Sean could feel her pussy clutching down around his cock as they devoured each other.

"Fuck," he finally grunted, tearing his mouth away from hers.

"Yes, baby," she nodded, a wicked smile on her lips. "Fuck me. Fuck your big sister!"

Then he began to work his hips back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of her hungry cunt. As he did, she met him on every down stroke with an up stroke of her own.

As his chest rubbed back and forth across her mountainous tits, he could feel her warm milk coating one side of his chest. It was the tit on the other side from the one that he had just sucked dry. Looking down between them, he could see his chest and her wriggling tit were covered with a sheen of sticky, white foam as his cock plowed in and out of his sister's hot, clutching pussy.
"Seanny….Seanny...Seanny," she murmured out, humping herself back up at him.
Then he felt her lift her legs and wrap them around his back, lifting herself to meet his thrusts.

"Oh, Honey, you fill me like no one has ever filled me," she murmured.

"Good," he grunted, lowering his face down to her undulating tits.

Sucking on her hard nipples, he nipped them with his teeth as she moaned and thrust herself up at his pounding attack. Sucking on her nipple, he found his mouth once again full of the sweet nectar that flowed from her.

"No...No, Baby...Lisa's..." she grimaced.

Understanding that she had to save the elixir from that tit, he unwillingly lifted his lips from it.

Sean hammered his cock into her slavering pussy over and over, feeling emotions he had never felt before. He loved his sister, and the passion of their fucking was quickly fueling a cataclysmic eruption.

"Cyn...Cyn...Cyn...gonna...gonna," he panted, ruthlessly working his hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out of her at a furious pace.

"Me, it," she gasped, working her pussy up against his pistoning prick.

Then, digging her fingernails down into his ass, she let out a long, agonizing grunt as she pulled him down into her pussy.

"Godddd," she gasped, thrusting herself up against him.

Holding him imprisoned in her hot, clutching pussy, she began to shiver and quake. Sean was on the brink of a massive explosion, but held it back as his sister came on his cock. He could feel her hot juices pouring out around the shaft of his buried prick as she came and came. Finally, with a last grunting gasp, she began to melt back down onto the bed as he began to pump his cock in and out of her oozing pussy once again. But this time, knowing she had already finished, it only took a few strokes to bring him the relief he so needed.

"Ohgodd," he groaned out as spurts of hot gooey cum shot from his peter, filling her pussy with its sticky heat. "Cyn...Cyn...Cyn...I love you!"

"Ohyesssss, Seanmy, I love you, too. So much," she groaned, hugging him to her and finding his lips with hers.

They kissed, long and passionately, until his peter was finally empty and her insatiable pussy was overflowing with his potent essence.

"I've wanted this so bad for so long," she murmured, when they finally broke for air.

"I never knew," he gasped, trying to catch his breath. "Why didn't you tell knew how I felt toward you."

"I couldn't, I couldn't let myself be that selfish. Not even tonight, until I was sure that you felt toward me the way I felt toward you," she told him, clutching her pussy down around his shrinking penis. "It would have ruined everything. If I had, then you and I would have to live out a lie. Live a secret life, never being able to share our secret with anyone. But we can make it work. I have a husband and daughter to hide behind. Now no one will think anything about my hunky brother hanging out here some of the time. No one will ever need to know about our secret."

"But I want more," he complained. "I want you for myself. I don't want to share you with anyone."

"I know. I know. I feel the same way," she wept, "but it can never be like that. That's just a fairy tale. This is the best we can ever hope to have. We'll just have to take every opportunity we have to be together...alone."

"I'll be aching inside every moment we're not together," he whimpered.

"Me, too," she said, wiping the tears from her cheek. "But it will make every second we spend together that much more precious, each moment a treasure that we can take out and savor any time we want, and no one will one but you and me."

"I still think it would be better if we were together all the time," he fussed, slowly easing his deflating prick out of her cum-filled pussy.

"Please, don't ruin it, Sean," she said, gently cupping her milk laded breast. "Come, drink from my well-spring."

"But, Lisa," he muttered.

"I'll give her a bottle..." she said, smiling at him.

Crawling up beside her, he laid down. As he lowered his mouth down to the big, pouting nipple, pointing up at him, she cradled his head in the crook of her arm. Closing his lips around the purplish-pink knob, he began to suck, gently at first, but harder as he felt the warm nectar begin to flow into his mouth.

To be continued………

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