My step dad was a real ass. My name is Jacob and I’m sixteen. I had received a trust from my grandfather when I was born. It was in old railroad stocks that just rolled over. I was thirteen when I started managing the stocks. Mom married my step dad a year later and since then he has tried to get his hands on them. He has also started sucking up to my grandfather, not that it was working.

Grandfather said he was a sorry piece of shit. Anyway our family was having a reunion and I hadn’t wanted to go. I had planned to work on a friend’s ranch during the summer and the reunion was right at the beginning of summer. My step father forced me to go and mom didn’t say anything. At least I got to drive my Jeep with my new pop up trailer.

The reunion was on a distant uncle’s farm. The farm was really large and people were parked everywhere around the house. I managed to back up with the trailer next to this huge hedge of flowering bushes. The bushes were at least twelve feet tall. I set everything up and stopped to see mom before heading out to visit. There had to be at least a thousand people here.

When I saw the twins I was stunned, they were gorgeous. Slim with long blonde hair and nice hips. I had been standing beside grandfather’s chair as he talked to several relatives. I heard his chuckle and he hit my arm. I glanced down and he grinned, “Their fourteen and your cousins. Well, maybe second cousins.”

I grinned, “Wearing bikinis like that, I wouldn’t care if they were my sisters.”

He laughed and turned back to a relative. I looked at the two girls and headed off to explore. I finally slipped through the other side of the flowering bushes to find a large empty hot tub. I grinned and looked around to find a water spigot and hose. I started filling the tub and realized I didn’t have a suit. Not that it would stop me, the small area with the tub was completely enclosed in the overgrown bushes.

It took about an hour to fill the tub and I stripped and climbed in. There wasn’t any power so the water was cold, but since it was over a hundred outside, the cool water felt great. I had just relaxed and put my head back when I heard a soft laugh. I opened my eyes and looked around to see the twins. They were grinning, “Can we join you?”

Guys are always hopeful, “Sure.”

They climbed in and I grinned at their string bikinis and all the flesh it showed. I knew I was hard and didn’t even try to hide it. My cock was just over eight and a half inches long and nice and thick so when I’m hard it’s noticed. They both looked down through the water as I looked at them. They looked at each other and grinned. I smiled, “I’m Jacob.”

They smiled and the one on the right waved her hand at her sister, “This is Tracy and I’m Lori.”

They looked at each other again and then stripped the bikini tops off. When they pulled the bottoms off and set everything on the side of the tub I grinned, “Careful cousins, you are tempting me.”

They laughed and Tracy moved closer and straddled me, sitting with my hard cock in her slit. She smiled, “Grandfather said his cousin was your grandfather and you thought we were hot.”

I grinned and reached up to her cup her breasts, “Can you blame me?”

They laughed and Tracy rocked back and forth on my cock. “Want to get lucky?”

I laughed, “Are you on birth control?”

She nodded and I looked around her at Lori who nodded. Tracy shuddered and groaned before sliding back and away. I thought she was just teasing me, but Lori took her place, “My turn.”

Lori was careful when she put my hard cock in her slit. I smiled and cupped her breast, “Let me guess, you’re a virgin.”

She looked at me in surprise and then looked at Tracy who was frowning. I looked around her at Tracy, “What?”

She looked at me, “Do you have a problem taking her virginity?”

I laughed and pulled Lori against my chest and reached down to rub her bare butt. “I don’t have a problem since I’m still a virgin too.”

Lori looked at me and then grinned back at her sister. Tracy laughed, “Do you have a tent or someplace private?”

I grinned, “I have a travel trailer.”

They grinned and Lori slid to the side while Tracy moved to my other side. They lay against me and Lori reached down to feel my cock. She grinned at Tracy, “He’s bigger then you said.”

Tracy grinned, “It’s good you broke your cherry than.”

I looked back and forth and relaxed. Tracy rubbed my chest, “You have a nice body.”

Lori nodded and I grinned, “So do you.”

I stood up and moved to climb out. I picked up my clothes as the girls climbed out. I moved into the bushes and came out beside my trailer, Lori poked her head out a minute later. I opened the door to my trailer and turned. She grinned and came out of the bushes with Tracy following. I held the door and they both walked from the bushes to the trailer naked.

I walked to the back of the trailer and started the small generator before going in. I turned the air conditioner on and grinned at the girls as I moved to the one bed I had made up with a double sleeping bag. Lori smiled as she walked to the bed and climbed on. I could see she was still nervous and smiled as I reached out to just feel and caress her body.

I was standing between her legs and feeling her breasts when Tracy crawled onto the bed with Lori. I smiled at her but didn’t stop feeling Lori. Tracy nudged her sister, “guys love to feel us.”

I grinned and grabbed her suddenly. As she shrieked I moved over her and tickled her. I kissed her and looked at Lori as she grinned, “Guys don’t get to see girls naked. Even when they get married, the wife doesn’t run around naked and let him feel her whenever he wants.”

They laughed and I kissed Tracy and moved to Lori and pulled her onto the bed all the way. I lay back and touched her face. “You let me feel you so now you can feel me.”

Lori wasn’t the only one to feel me. Tracy moved to my other side, “The jerk I let fuck me was related to ten second Tom.”

I grinned, “I’ll try to last eleven.”

She grinned and then rubbed my chest as Lori finally reached out to hold my cock. She was gentle as she squeeze, stroked and caressed it. Tracy was next and I shivered as they stroked my cock together. I finally tugged on Lori’s nipple, “Can I lick your pussy?”

She grinned as she looked at Tracy. Tracy laughed, “So, okay you found a keeper.”

I grinned and turned to push Lori onto her back before moving down between her legs. I leaned in to smell her slight musky scent before licking through her pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips while she shivered and moan, “mmmm!”

Tracy rubbed her tummy, “None of our girlfriends are going to believe you got a guy to go down on you.”

I laughed and then sucked in her clit before teasing it with my tongue. Lori gasped and shoved her pussy up into my face, “Oh my god!”

I nibbled on her inner lips and licked her leaking hole. Lori shuddered and her pussy humped into my face. I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue against it. She jerked and spasmed, “Fuck!”

I licked through her pussy again before moving up her body. She spread her legs as I guided my cock to her pussy and slowly pushed into her. Lori groaned as my cock forced its way into her and she felt a cock for the first time. I pulled back and started slowly even though I wanted to just fuck her to death.

Her pussy was tight, warm and slippery and I fell in love with it on the first stroke into her. She shivered as I kept fucking her nice and slow. She looked at Tracy, “I feel full and…”

She shuddered and lifted her feet off the bed. She blinked, “ooooohhhhh!”

I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as I finally pushed against her womb. She jerked and spasmed and closed her eyes with a soft smile on her face. Tracy laughed and rubbed my back, “that’s it cousin, fuck her.”

I kissed her and kept my cock deep inside her and began to use short thrusts that pressed our groins together. Lori shuddered and shook while her pussy squeezed and held my cock. Her pussy felt warm and velvety as I slowly started fucking her a little harder. She gasped as her body went rigid and then she started jerking and thrashing around.

I couldn’t take her wonderful pussy and shoved into her and against her cervix as I started pumping huge torrents of cum through the opening, “I’m cumming!”

Lori grunted and jerked harder as she felt my warm cum filling her, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I spurted and spewed while she shuddered and spasmed and when I stopped cumming we both sighed and Tracy giggled and hugged us both, “That was so hot.”

Lori laughed and then groaned as I pulled out of her. I grinned and pushed Tracy onto her back before moving down her body. I sucked on her clit and then pushed my tongue up inside her as she jerked. Lori laughed as I started sucking on Tracy’s clit and teasing it with my tongue. It wasn’t long before she was breathing harder and shuddering. She finally thrust up as she shook hard, “Yes!”

I moved up and thrust into her in one long, slow shove. She was tight like Lori but she was wet and slippery too. Tracy groaned as my cock forced her pussy open and I slowly began to fuck her. She grunted and shook as her pussy spasmed and then squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she began to jerk and shudder uncontrollably. She started thrashing around before going rigid and screaming, “FFFUUUCCCKKK!”

I kissed her and kept fucking her but started going faster and fucking her a little harder. She continued to jerk erratically and convulse as I finally thrust into her and began spurting large ropes of sperm into her waiting womb. Tracy froze with a look of surprise and then arched her back, “YYEEESSSSSS!”

I continued to pump sperm into her belly until I was done and she dropped back to the bed. I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back as Lori came to my side, “Can we sleep in here with you?”

I looked at her, “If you sleep in here we won’t get much sleep.”

Tracy laughed and turned to caress my chest, “So?”

I grinned, “Sure.”

Lori grinned and pulled me off the bed, “Get dressed so we can go grab our things.”

I smiled and looked around before pulling my swimming suit on and then a tee shirt. Both Lori and Tracy pulled me around and through several cars and camping sites before stopping beside a large tent with three girls. Tracy grinned, “Our sisters.”

I smiled and waved as they dove into the tent and a minute later came out with a small bag apiece. We walked back to my trailer and then headed out to find food. Grandpa and another older man stopped beside us as we sat eating. Grandpa grinned, “You three managed to disappear.”

I grinned, “We were busy, I found an old spa I filled with water.”

The other man caressed the girls, “And fucked my granddaughters.”

Tracy and Lori blushed and he grinned, “Don’t worry girls, your mom said to make sure you take your birth control and have fun.”

Grandpa laughed before turning away, “I’ll talk to you in a little while Jacob.”

I smiled after them and looked at Tracy and Lori who were looking at each other, “So your mother doesn’t care if we have sex.”

They grinned and Lori caressed my thigh under the table, “As soon as we finish eating we are going back to your trailer.”

I caressed her hip, “I was thinking we could go back to the spa and soak in cool water.”

They grinned and Tracy laughed, “You will be soaking something alright.”

We finished and cleaned up before I led them back into the bushes and stripped with them before climbing into the water. We sat back and let the water cool us for awhile. The bushes shook and we looked as our grandfathers came through and then a woman that looked a lot like Tracy and Lori. Following them was my mother.

I glanced at Tracy and Lori to see them looking at me. I shrugged and they slid over on each side of me. Our grandfathers didn’t hesitate and stripped before climbing in. I grinned at their sigh and looked at our mothers who were blushing as they stripped. They both had nice bodies and Lori wrapped her hand around my cock a fraction of a second before Tracy.

I grinned at them and looked back at mom and their mother. They sat in the spa beside their fathers and grandpa smiled, “This feels wonderful Jacob.”

I grinned, “It cools you down.”

He looked at his cousin, “I have told my cousin all about you and we have been thinking.”

He looked at my frowning mother, “Elizabeth has finally decided to get rid of her husband.”

I looked at mom and she was looking down. Grandpa hugged her and looked at his cousin who grinned as he rubbed his daughter’s erect nipples, “Mary has always been a promiscuous girl. I have decided to help her and let her and her daughters come live with me on my farm.”

Grandpa pulled mom onto his lap and cupped a breast, “The family farm, a thousand acres with three houses and a couple of barns.”

His cousin nodded and looked at me as his hand slipped under the water and between his daughter’s legs. “We thought of you and the girls and decided to let you live together in the largest house.”

Grandpa grinned as he reached down to finger mom, “if you want you can even take the other girls and teach them.”

“Train them.”

I glanced at my great uncle, “Train them?”

He nodded as Lori and Tracy’s mother shuddered. I looked at an open mouthed Lori and Tracy and pulled Lori onto my lap, “Train them to do what?”

Grandpa laughed as mom spasmed, “spread their legs and fuck.”

I looked at Tracy and Lori and they grinned. I caressed Lori’s breasts, “and what happens to mom and Aunt Mary?”

My Grandfather and his cousin grinned, “Well, they come to you after they are trained to be bred. We might borrow them once in a while.”

I kissed Lori and looked at Tracy, “Well?”

They grinned and nodded so I looked at my grandfather and accepted. I stood letting Lori slip off my lap, “I’m taking my two senior trainees to bed.”

They laughed and Lori and Tracy pulled me out of the spa. I grabbed our suits and they pulled me through the bushes and looked around before crossing to my trailer. I left the door open after we went in and Tracy turned and kissed me hard. Lori was hugging me and rubbing her breasts on my body. A girl cleared her throat and we almost had heart attacks.

Sitting at the table was Lori and Tracy’s three sisters. Lori grinned and walked to the table to pull a younger copy of her up. She was maybe thirteen with short blonde hair like the twins. Lori turned her and untied her bikini top and bottoms before turning her to face me. She was blushing as Lori caressed her tummy, “This is Megan.”

I smiled, “Nice body Megan.”

She blushed more as she stared at my cock, “yeah.”

Tracy laughed as she walked to join Lori and reached to pull the two other girls out. They were twins like Lori and Tracy but one had reddish blonde hair while the others was just red. Lori pushed Megan toward the bed and turned to help Tracy take the bikinis off the other twins. Tracy grinned and cupped the budding breasts of the red head, “This is Gwen and that is Brook.”

I smiled and watched the two run and jump on the bed. Lori and Tracy walked to me with grins and sways to their hips. Lori kissed me and then Tracy before caressing my chest, “The first lesson?”

I grinned as I turned us to face the bed, “the first lesson is to learn to let their master touch them.”

I rubbed Tracy and Lori’s butt, “go check to see if they have their cherries.”

They grinned and walked to the bed and went into a huddle with their sisters. Lori turned and looked at me, “They haven’t done anything but they did break their hymen masturbating.”

Their sisters were blushing as I walked to the bed. I turned and pulled Megan to the edge before spreading her legs. She didn’t say anything as she bit her lip. I smiled and caressed her inner thighs, “Have you let a boy touch your pussy?”

She nodded as her blush deepened. I lifted and spread her legs before leaning in and licking through her pussy. I looked up into her face as she shuddered, “Did he do that?”

She groaned and shook her head, “he wanted me to suck his thing.”

I teased her clit with my tongue and sucked on it before looking at her, “and did you?”

She shuddered and shook her head. I nibbled on her clit and licked through her pussy. I went back to teasing her clit as I sucked on it. She was grunting and shaking as her hips kept thrusting up. I finally stood and positioned my cock as she shuddered and looked between her legs. I looked at Lori and Tracy as they grinned at me and slowly forced my cock into Megan.

She groaned and shuddered as I stretched her pussy and began fucking her. I took my time and gradually went deeper. She was extremely tight and kept squeezing my cock as I fucked her. By the time I was pushing against her cervix she was already jerking and convulsing. She was a lot wetter and was lifting her hips to meet each of my thrusts into her.

As I pushed my cock deeper and started fucking her, she began to wail as her pussy rippled around my cock. She was jerking erratically and incoherent as she clutched at my arms. Every few minutes she would keep doing that and finally after she had cum for the fifth time I buried my cock. I held her waist as my cock swelled and throbbed.

A moment later she howled as I began to pump warm sperm into her. She jerked and spasmed uncontrollably as I filled her womb and cum began leaking around my cock. I bent to kiss her when I was finished cumming and she groaned and shuddered as I slowly pulled out. I turned her and smiled at Gwen and Brook, “Who is next?”

They grinned and Lori pushed Brook towards me as Tracy pulled Megan back. Brook scooted close to the edge as she spread her legs eagerly. I felt and fingered her pussy before kneeling. I leaned closer and opened the pussy before licking through it. I pushed my tongue into her tight hole before nibbling and sucking on her clit.

Brook gasped and jerked before lifting her hips. She kept shuddering and jerking as I continued to tease her clit and lick through her pussy. When she screamed and spasmed hard I stood up between her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit and slowly forced my cummy cock into her extremely tight pussy. She groaned as my cock spread her pussy open.

I only pushed a third of the way into her before starting to fuck her. I went slow and before long she was convulsing as she got wetter. I pushed deeper and kept fucking her. When I hit her cervix she wailed and shoved her pussy up hard. I shuddered as my cock was forced deeper and held her. I caressed her hips and pelvis before starting to fuck her again.

I went a little faster and a little harder and it wasn’t long before her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. Brook was jerking and convulsing as she got wetter and my cock fucked in and out easier. She was howling and thrashing around and it drove me to cumming. I thrust into her and held her waist as I jerked and shuddered. My cock throbbed and then began to pump large spurts of cum.

Brook screamed and arched her back as warm sperm erupted in her womb. She bucked and shook as it poured into her and filled her. When I stopped cumming I held her until she finally shuddered and began to relax. I pulling out and turning her on the bed. I sighed and crawled onto the bed and lay back, “Straddle me so I can lick your pussy Gwen.”

She laughed as Tracy pushed her towards me and Lori pulled Brook away. She carefully put her leg over my head and I looked up into her beautiful pussy. I pulled her hips down and licked through her pussy to hear her moan. I sucked in her clit and began teasing it and nibbling. It wasn’t long before Gwen was jerking and spasming as she got wetter.

Finally she was pulled away and turned as I shifted and pulled her down my body. She lifted up and Tracy positioned my cock. Gwen started rocking back and forth and slowly forcing my cock into her. Her tight pussy was warm and slick so it didn’t take long for my cock to push against her womb. She wailed and slammed down to push my cock deeper.

I reached up to cup her breasts before sliding my hands down to her waist. I pulled her back and forth and she gasped and jerked before spasming, “YES!”

She jerked and shook as her pussy rippled around my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she calmed down and began to rock back and forth. Lori whispered something and Gwen began rolling and twisting her hips which felt amazing. I groaned as her tight pussy milked my cock and her womb rubbed my cock head. I finally pulled her down and shifted around before thrusting into her and starting to fuck her.

She was howling as I fucked her deep and hard. I buried my throbbing cock at the last second and held her bucking body as I started to pump cum into her. Gwen arched her back as her pussy seemed to clamp down, “YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I held her as I continued to spew and spray cum until her womb was full of warm sperm. I kissed her before pulling out and sliding off the bed, “now you each know what I feel like.”

They were all grinning and Lori slid out of bed, “what’s the next lesson?”

I cupped her firm breast and rubbed the nipple, “The next lesson will be after dinner. It is to teach you that you can give each other pleasure too.”

She grinned as she looked at her sisters, “we get to lick each other.”

I patted her but, “Not just lick, you need to learn to touch and caress each other.”

I looked at the bed, “put your suits back on so we can go look around and maybe eat.”

We walked around together talking to cousins or distant relatives. We moved the girls belongings to my trailer and then went to eat. After dinner there was outdoor movies where I heard about the fight my dad had with my mom. He had just left after dumping her stuff on the ground. I pulled all the girls back to the trailer and we got ready for bed.

I pulled out the other bed and set it up before sitting at the table and pulling Megan onto my lap, “Lori and Brook, get on the bed and start caressing each other.”

They grinned and climbed onto the bed. Tracy and Gwen sat at the table and watched as they softly started touching each other. I caressed Megan as I watched, “Think how and where you like to be touched.”

It wasn’t long before they were moaning and kissing each other. Tracy, Gwen and Megan all made suggestions to the two and I stood and held Megan, “Tracy and Gwen, your turn.”

It took a minute for Lori and Brook to move and their sisters to take their place. I pushed Megan towards the other bed, “Gwen lick Megan’s pussy.”

She blushed but I reached out to cup a breast, “I am going to fuck Lori and then if you do a good job I’ll do you.”

She grinned and walked towards Megan with a sway to her hips. Megan crawled onto the bed and laid back and Gwen moved between her legs. I pulled Lori to the bed beside Tracy and Brook and bent her over. She grinned back at me as I fingered her wet pussy. I positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her before starting to fuck her. I kept looking from bed to bed as Tracy, Megan and Brook moaned and sighed.

Lori shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she moaned. I used deep thrusts that pressed against her womb and she began to jerk and spasm. Megan was shaking and cried out before twisting away from her sister who laughed. I fucked Lori hard and she jerked and thrashed around as she cried out. I moved her onto the bed with Tracy and Brook.

I turned and walked to Gwen and turned her to give her a kiss. I lifted her up onto the bed and pushed her back before fitting my cummy cock to her wet pussy. I slowly forced my cock into her and she groaned as I began to fuck her. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and moaning as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock.

I started rubbing her clit as I shoved against her womb and she arched her back and cried out. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock hard and she began to jerk and shudder. I kept fucking her as her shaking turned to convulsions. She was a lot wetter and my cock fucked in and out easily. She stuffed a corner of the sheet into her mouth to quiet her screams.

It was more then ten minutes before I thrust into her and held her as I began to spew and pump spurts of cum. Gwen lifted her hips and shuddered hard, “YES!”

I poured five or six spurts of cum into her before stopping. I pulled out and turned her on the bed. I looked back at the other girls, “bed time.”

I put Brook and Megan in bed with Gwen and covered them with a sleeping bag. I pushed Lori and Tracy into the other bed and shut everything off before climbing in with them. They snuggled against me and whispered, “You did great.”

I hugged them, “I hope our moms are okay.”

Lori and Tracy sighed and Lori caressed my chest, “mom will be.”

It was quiet except for a few whispers. We were up early when mom knocked on the trailer door. I slipped a pair of silk shorts on before opening it. She looked mussed but strangely more alive. She smiled, “Come eat and then your grandfather wants you to follow him to the farm.”

I smiled and bent to kiss her cheek, “What about home?”

She shook her head, “Your grandfather already sent a couple of men to pack our things yesterday.”

It was a rushed morning as we ate and I helped tear pack the girls tent. I loaded the girls things into my trailer before closing it. The girls seemed excited to be riding in my jeep and we finally followed grandpa and my great uncle as they left. The trip was a few hours but the girls kept flashing me and passing cars so the time seemed to pass quickly.

The farm had huge old magnolia trees growing close together and bordering the road. The dirt road to the house was a third of a mile long and more old magnolia trees lined both sides. When I pulled into the large area in front of the first house, my grandfather came back. He smiled as he saw all the girls topless, “go around and follow the road to the last house.”

I nodded and did as he told me. I stopped in front of this huge old one story house. It had a large screened in porch that went around the whole house. I got out and helped the girls before walking towards the front door, the girls were as wide eyed as I was. The front room was large, as was the dinning room and kitchen. Tracy grinned, “We take turns cooking and cleaning.”

I smiled and rubbed her butt, “In pairs that keep changing.”

The other girls laughed as she grinned. The house had eight large bedrooms and there were four large bathrooms between each pair of rooms. There was a fifth bathroom just off the front room. The girls were already planning and I cleared my throat, “After grandpa sees you are trained to fuck.”

They grinned and finished stripping by taking off their skirts. Outside the back door was an old swimming pool. I turned and walked towards the front door as I heard my great uncle. He held aunt Mary around her waist and she too was naked and blushing. He smiled, “Like it?”

I grinned and nodded, “there’s room for a lot of babies.”

He grinned and looked at aunt Mary, “That was the idea.”

I looked past him, “Are they bringing our furniture?”

Uncle Calvin nodded, “It should be here soon, both your mother’s and Mary’s furniture should fit.”

I nodded and he turned Mary, “We’ll show you around the farm later.”

He left and I went out to bring the girls things in and then mine. I was tempted to fuck one of them when I heard the truck. I sent the girls to put bikinis on since it was hot in the house. Lori and Tracy took charge and showed the men where to put everything. Megan, Gwen and Brook were running around escorting and directing. Before I knew it the trucks were leaving and quiet returned.

I stripped the girls again and went out to the pool. I checked the small pump house and found the chlorine for the pool. I turned on the water before pulling my shorts off and walking to the grinning girls. I caressed Megan and Brook before pulling Tracy against me. I kissed her and pulled her after me towards the house, “I’m moving one of your beds to the back porch.”

They laughed as they followed me through the house and into our bedroom. I had let them put all their dressers and clothes in the room on the other side of the bathroom and put mom’s king size bed in this room. I sat Tracy down on the edge of the bed and laid her back before opening and spreading her legs.

I caressed her beautiful pussy before leaning down to lick through it. I nibbled and looked at the other girls, “Look through my mother’s... Elizabeth’s things and find her douche.”

Lori grinned and chased the other girls out and into the other bedroom where we had put Elizabeth’s and Mary’s things. I went back to licking and teasing Tracy’s clit and she began to shudder and lift her hips. A couple of minutes later she screamed and spasmed uncontrollably before pushing my face away. I laughed and turned her before moving between her spread legs.

I kissed her and lifted up before forcing my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and pulled me down to hug me, “god I love feeling your cock inside me.”

I kissed her and started to fuck her. It wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix and she was jerking. After a few minutes she was wailing and spasming as her pussy started milking my cock. I began tiny humps and jabs that made her jerk. When I fucked her with long, hard thrusts she arched her back and then went crazy.

She bucked and thrashed around as she wailed and howled. I kept fucking her as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock almost constantly. It was several minutes before I thrust into her and held her jerking body as I pumped spurts of cum into her. I spewed and spurted and pumped eight times before I was done. I kissed her softly and whispered, “Thanks Tracy.”

She hugged me as she caught her breath. I pulled out and caressed her body, “Go find the others and douche.”

She grinned before rolling away and out of bed. I climbed out after her and went looking for my shorts. I found Grandpa and uncle Calvin in the kitchen with mom and Mary. Both had cum on their inner thighs and kept smiling. I rubbed mom’s butt as I walked past her to the door, “Let me get my shorts and check the water in the pool.”

Mom pushed her butt back as my grandpa laughed. I pulled my shorts on and checked the pool before coming back into the house. Mary was beside the door and I stopped to finger her cummy pussy and give her a kiss. I grinned at Calvin and grandpa shook his head, “Get the girls and we’ll show you around the farm.”

Most of the farm was hay, there was about fifty acres planted with corn and another fifty with other vegetables. There was ten cows in a small field and a large empty chicken coop my uncle said the predators kept getting into. When we got back to the house grandpa told me to bring the girls to the next house for dinner at six.

When they went into the house I went to check the pool again. I came back into the house and Tracy caught me and kissed me before pushing me towards the table, “Mom and Elizabeth put lunch in the fridge.”

I grinned and grabbed Megan and pulled her until she was straddling me. I fitted my cock and pulled her down until I was pressed against her cervix. She shuddered and leaned against me before looking into my face and grinning. I kissed her and reached for her plate. I held her sandwich and she took a bite as she began to slowly thrust back and forth.

She picked up my sandwich as the other girls grinned and sat down. She fucked me slowly as we fed each other until the sandwiches were gone. Her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock as it slipped into her. She groaned and shuddered as she hugged me and I held her and looked at the other girls, “you are beautiful women and I want to teach you that it is okay to have sex anywhere.”

I kissed Megan as she shuddered hard and spasmed and looked at the other girls, “Each day, starting tomorrow I will fuck one of you in the ass.”

They looked at each other and Megan clutched at me as she wet me and started convulsing. I closed my eyes and pulled her tight as I began to pump and spurt cum into her. It was a minute before I was done and Megan was just holding me. I looked the girls, “you shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed about any type of sex. If you keep yourself clean, use lube and go slow, even anal can be enjoyed.”

I slowly lifted Megan off my cock, “Lori will be first and then Tracy, Megan, Brook and Gwen.”

I stood and gestured to the back door, “Come out to the pool.”

Lori slipped her hand into mine as we went out the door, “It won’t hurt?”

I grinned, “I haven’t done it before remember?”

She grinned as Tracy bumped her other shoulder, “you took his cherry remember?”

Lori laughed as the other girls giggled and I squeezed her hand, “tomorrow morning we are going to give you a couple of enemas. Each of your sisters are going to lick you to get you off while I use lube and my fingers to stretch your ass.”

Lori grinned, “So I cum four times before you fuck my ass?”

I laughed and let her sit on an old wooden lounger, “yes.”

I looked at the other girls as they grinned, “time for a lesson. Do you know what a daisy chain is?”

They looked at each other and Tracy laughed and pulled Gwen down onto the grass, “I lick Gwen, she licks Brook, Brook licks Megan, Megan licks Tracy and she licks me.”

The girls giggled and quickly shifted around on the grass. I checked the water filling the pool as they started moaning and shuddering. Soon they were jerking and kept screaming before finally pushing each other away. I smiled and added chlorine as I sat back in one of the wooden deck chairs, “Who wants to be first to be tied and fucked?”

They laughed and Gwen came to sit on my lap, “You can do me.”

I caressed her body and rubbed a nipple before standing, “Follow me.”

I led them into the house to where my belongings had been put. I looked through a couple of boxes before I found the soft cord I was looking for. I put the twin bed together after moving it to the back porch and then put a sheet on. I laid a grinning Gwen down spread eagle and tied her wrists and ankles before stepping back and looking at the other girls, “Lick her until I tell you to stop.”

They grinned and laughed and Brook was the first to crawl between her legs. I put my arm around Lori’s waist, “You stop when I tell you.”

Before Lori who was last reached her, Gwen was jerking and screaming as she begged her sisters to stop. After Lori moved off the bed I moved between her legs and slowly forced my cock into her very tight pussy. She jerked and wailed as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts that pushed my cock against her womb.

She continued to convulse and shake as I fucked her and her wails turned to howls. It was almost fifteen minutes before I thrust into her and held her bucking body as I began to flood her with warm sperm. Gwen screamed as she thrust her pussy up, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

I was shuddering and jerking as I pumped and spewed and poured cum into her. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed shaking. I pulled out and sat beside the bed, “I will decide when you have enough pleasure.”

She was panting and the girls all grinned. I reached out to untie Gwen before caressing her pelvis, “Go wash.”

She rolled out of bed and I stood and reached for Lori. I sat her down and pushed her back before kneeling and pushing her legs open. I licked through her pussy and started teasing and nibbling on her clit. She shuddered and moaned as she lifted her hips. I gently bite her clit with my lips a couple of minutes later and she arched her back to scream. I stood and moved her before laying down on the bed, “Fuck me Lori.”

She was panting as she straddled my waist and lifted up to fit my cock to her pussy. She pushed down to impale her pussy on my cock before starting to rock. I looked at the other girls fingering their pussies, “sit on the bed and play with Lori. Kiss her and suck on her nipples.”

They grinned and Lori groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. A minute later they were sitting on both sides of us. They were kissing, licking and sucking and Lori wailed as I held her up. Her body was jerking and spasming as she had a seizure. She kept squirting and wetting me as her pussy milked my cock and she pressed and ground against me.

It was a long time before I was ready to cum. Lori was incoherent as her sisters continued to play with her. I held her waist and pulled her down as I thrust up. I held her jerking body as I started to spurt in her. She wailed as she felt cum filling her and it was a couple of minutes before she relaxed.

I stopped cumming but continued to hold her. She finally sighed and fell forward as I rubbed her bare back, “We need to go have dinner.”

I helped her clean up before slipping a pair of shorts on and leading the five naked girls next door. We walked in to hear Mary wailing from a bedroom. I grinned as the girls snickered and looked on the kitchen counter. Lori and Tracy seemed to know what their mother planned for dinner and they all started fixing it. I sat at the table and a few minutes later Calvin and Mary came out.

Mary was blushing but Calvin only smiled and sat as she went to check and help her daughters. A few minutes later and grandpa and mom were walking in. Dinner was nice, I held Brook on my lap the whole time and kept fingering her. Mary finally smiled as Brook jerked and shuddered through her fourth orgasm, “you need to fuck her Jacob.”

She was on Calvin’s lap and I looked at Brook as the other girls laughed. I caressed her body, “Want me to fuck you Brook?”

She grinned, “Yes.”

I patted her hip, “Straddle me.”

She stood quickly and did what I said. I held my cock out and she slowly forced it into her extremely tight pussy. She shuddered and groaned as my cock impaled her and sank to press against her womb. I caressed her hips, “now thrust back and forth.”

Brook grinned and started fucking my cock. She thrust back and forth but started rolling her hips and twisting too. Gwen laughed and reached over to tug on a nipple, “Greedy slut.”

Everyone laughed as Brook jerked and spasmed, “FUCK!”

Her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock as she pushed down harder. I held her as I felt the head of my cock rubbing against her womb. She stiffened as her pussy squeezed me. She started jerking erratically and then convulsing, “OOOOOOHHHHHHH!”

I shuddered as her greedy pussy squeezed and rippled while it milked my cock. It was another five minutes before I came and by then Brook was incoherent as she continued to spasm. I held her jerking, shuddering body as I began to pump and spew in her. She wailed and twisted as warm cum was pumping into her and I kept caressing her as I spurted and spewed until I was done.

It was another minute or two before Brook sighed and fell against me. I smiled and caressed her before looking at Tracy and Lori, “Who’s turn is it?”

They grinned and Lori pushed Tracy, “This slut.”

I hugged Brook and lifted her as she stood. She shuddered and groaned when my cock came out and looked between her legs. She grinned, “who wants cream for desert?”

Gwen laughed and stood to pull her into the other room. I shook my head before pulling Tracy onto my lap and looking at Calvin and my grandpa, “I think it is time for bed.”

Mom smiled, “Your grandfather said you can breed me next time I am fertile in a couple of weeks.”

I looked from her to my grandfather and he smiled, “She’s a fast learner.”

Calvin chuckled, “Mary should be ready then too.”

I caressed Tracy’s hip and then between her spread legs, “You can use Lori or Tracy while I breed them.”

Grandpa and Calvin grinned as Tracy wiggled and groaned. I stood and pulled her against me, “you can show me what chores to do tomorrow.”

I called Gwen and Brook before gesturing for Lori and Megan to go out. For the next two weeks I fucked the five girls two or three times each day. It didn’t take much to learn what to do for the farm and I even fixed the chicken coop problem. Our house actually looked and felt lived in and comfortably. The girls went everywhere on the farm with me and were comfortable being naked.

Lori or Tracy slept with me each night. Two weeks later Lori kissed me awake and Tracy slipped onto me, “We are going to take our moms place.”

I caressed them both, “You sure you are okay with this?”

They grinned and Tracy kissed me, “We are trading with each other each day until you finish breeding our moms.”

I turned to kiss Lori and then Tracy, “Enjoy yourselves.”

They laughed as they moved off the bed. Megan slid over as they walked out and kissed me, “Gwen, Brook and I are taking the day off so you can work on our moms.”

I caressed her and nodded before letting her climb off the bed. It had been her night to sleep with me, Gwen and Brook were sleeping in a second bedroom. I rolled out of bed and went to wash before slipping a pair of loose shorts on. I slipped up behind Brook in the kitchen and put my arms around her to cup her budding breasts, “Morning.”

She pushed her butt back and turned in my arms to smile, “Our moms get you today. They have only been permitted oral or anal for three days and really want you in them.”

I caressed her body and looked at Gwen and Megan making breakfast, “I have sessions planned for all three of you.”

They grinned and Brook pushed away, “Tomorrow...”

I pulled her back, “What did I tell you?”

She frowned and I nodded, “You will be first. After breakfast you clean up, Megan will tie you to the porch bed and her and Gwen will take turns. They are to make you cum twenty times in a row with no breaks.”

She grinned and looked at her sisters who laughed. I kissed her, “You tie Gwen and take turns with Megan to do it to her and then Gwen will tie Megan while you and your evil twin do her.”

They laughed again as I sat and pulled Brook onto my lap, “You are my fuck dolls and I will say when you fuck.”

Brook leaned against me as Gwen set a large bowl of cereal in front of us. I fingered her pussy while feeding her. Gwen and Megan both smiled as they ate and ignored her moans. I stopped and licked my fingers before kissed her as mom and Mary came in grinning. Brook kissed me and stood, “Thanks Jacob.”

I handed the empty bowl to her as I stood and turned to mom and Mary, “Who is first?”

Mom grinned as she walked to me with a sway to her hips, “Me, Mary won’t be fertile until tomorrow.”

I held her and kissed her before looking at Mary, “we can still practice.”

Megan, Gwen and Brook laughed and mom grinned and looked at her cousin, “We were hoping you would say that.”

I put my arm around my mother’s waist as I turned her and started for the hall, “You look a lot better mom.”

She grinned, “All I have to do now is spread my legs baby.”

I turned her at the bed and reached for my aunt. I pulled her close to kiss her before nodding to the bed. As she crawled on I turned mom and sat her down. I knelt between her legs as she ran her fingers through my hair. I started licking through her pussy and teasing her clit and she shuddered before laying back. I sucked on her clit and nibbled as I continued to wiggle my tongue.

It was five or six minutes before mom shuddered and covered her pussy. I stood and turned her on the bed, “I need to train you mom.”

She smiled and looked at Mary, “To be breed?”

I moved between her legs and slowly pushed into her almost hot, slippery pussy. I kissed her as she moaned, “I decide when you have enough.”

She grinned and hugged me, “You can lick my pussy all day after you get me pregnant.”

When my cock hit her womb she grunted and looked surprised. I continued to fuck her with long, deep thrusts and pushed harder. My cock opened her womb and I started to fuck in and out as she jerked and shuddered while lifting and spreading her legs, “god Mary, the girls weren’t kidding.”

Mary stopped fingering her pussy and moved closer, “He’s in your womb?”

Mom spasmed and started convulsing as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock constantly, “YES!”

I buried my cock to grind and hump into her and she started to buck and thrash around, “HOLY FUCK!”

Mary laughed and rubbed my back, “Breed the silly bitch.”

I fucked her hard for about five minutes and by then she was incoherent and shaking. Her pussy was spasming and rippling around my cock as I thrust into her and held her tight as I started gushing huge spurts and torrents of cum. Mom screamed and lifted her hips as warm sperm flooded her and filled her womb. When I stopped and slowly pulled out she groaned and shuddered.

I cupped a breast and sucked on the nipples, “Lori and Tracy have been feeding me supplements.”

Mary laughed as mom grinned. I looked at Mary, “Want me to tie you to the bed so I can lick you?”

She shook her head and grinned as she lay back and spread her legs, “not me, you can lick my pussy as long as you want.”

Mom laughed, “She’s a slut.”

I moved over mom and between Mary’s legs before kissing her and moving down her body. I stopped to kiss and suck on both her nipples before moving down. I opened her shaved pussy and licked through it before starting to nibble. She shuddered as her hips lifted, “oooohhhhh!”

I pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit. I sucked and gently nibbled before using my tongue. I went back and forth and kept licking her as she jerked and shuddered and whimpered. It was almost fifteen minutes before I moved up. By then she was spasming uncontrollably and wailing. I pushed into her and started to fuck her with long thrusts that pushed my cock against her womb.

Mary was kicking in the air and howling as I kept fucking her. She continued to cum as I buried my cock to hump and grind. She was thrashing around and clinging to me as she whimpered and whined. She started screaming and crying out as I fucked her with long strokes. A couple of minutes later I thrust into her shaking body and held her as I peed a stream of warm cum. She stiffened and lifted her hips as she hugged me, “AAAAAAHHHHHH!”

Like with mom, Mary’s womb was bulging when I stopped cumming. I kissed her and pulled out before slipping off the bed, “Stay here thirty minutes and then join Megan, Gwen and Brook on the porch.”

They grinned and nodded and I grabbed a pair of shorts before leaving. I fucked mom and Mary four times a day for four days before sending Megan and the twins to switch with Lori and Tracy. Mom and Mary had learned by then and went everywhere with me. Lori and Tracy found me feeding the chickens and waited patiently until I was done. They grinned and Lori rubbed my chest, “they were nice.”

I kissed her before turning her to a nearby bale of hale and putting her on her hands and knees. Mom and Mary laughed as Tracy came to kiss me, “Fuck the silly bitch.”

I grinned and tugged on a nipple, “Mom? You and Mary take this bitch to the porch bed and do her a dozen times each.”

Mom and Mary grinned as Tracy laughed and turned to strut towards the back of the house. I moved behind Lori and rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before pushing in. She groaned as I held her hips and began to fuck her tight pussy. She was thrusting back even before I hit her cervix and pushed deeper.

I took over the farm a year later. Mom, Mary and each of the girls started taking turns everyday with our grandfathers. Mom had a girl and Mary boy, less then two years later I bred them again. Lori and Tracy got pregnant the month they turned sixteen so did Megan, Gwen and Brook. Our grandfathers died less then three months apart.
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