long awaited conclusion to a great story read 1 and 2
Moon Light Delight 3 the conclusion……….

Its 2 am and all is quiet in the camp, all except J in Dan’s tent. She is explaining to the three of us how she has a feeling that this is her last stand an a wonton hussy and wants to have a long hard night of fucking as she has enjoyed all the sex but what she wants now is a hard dick in her pussy for as long as they can last. She looks at P and licks her lips as she drains her last drink her eyes are gleaming and all he can do is grin.

P she begs, “can we see who can last the longest with out going limp on me?” Winner gets a long hot shower come morning with me scrubbing their backs.

P looks at Dan and Tim then at the tent door as Joe leans in and asks, “Coffee anyone?”
They were expecting Ted as he had disappeared after his long session with J.
The question goes unanswered as the room fills with laughter as Joe blushes and tries to make a graceful exit after doing a double take at J sitting Indian style on the cot in the center of the three men with hard cocks on display. J recovers first and calls after him, “Joe wait we need coffee and a judge for our contest come on in.” Joe looks back in at P and shrugs a question. P laughs again and explains the new rules, whoever can fuck her the longest without Cumming gets a shower and breakfast at their place Sunday Morning! Joe yelps, “I’m in” as he hands her a cup of coffee.

Ok J, P asks “How do you want it in what order?” J gets a flushed look and decides the best plan is youngest to oldest. But first she reaches for her bag and removes a bottle of fresh spring feminine refresher smiling she ask mind if I borrow a bucket, the laughter returns as she moves to the back of Dan’s tent where two buckets await. While J rinses away the love juices from the orgy she uses wet wipes to freshen up finally squirting on some of P’s favorite perfume.

With that she gulped her coffee down and said “who is the lucky young buck to go first.” Dan shook his head and said, “I am last for sure so I will keep the time” as he reached into his pocket for his trusty stop watch.

Tim spoke up and said March of 65 I am 23, P declared 27, Joe whistled and chuckled April 65, I am 23. J chirped, “well the new comer gets to go first.”

P , Tim and Dan all just reached for the coffee cups and said “Ok Joe your up take your time and good luck.”

By now Joe was shaking in anticipation he was the only single man in the room and had not been with a real woman since high school behind the bleacher with Sally Anne.
He was fumbling with his boots and nearly fell over, J realizing his embarrassment stood to help him recover. “Come on over here and sit down” she swayed as she walked, still very much tipsy.

Joe turned a crimson red as her full nudity registered in his mind but his cock had a mind of its own and was at full attention.

J brushed his hair out of his eyes and leaned over him to kiss his cheek cooing, “relax Joe this is going to be very enjoyable we will go slow and have a great orgasm together” as she straddled his legs and sat on his knees reaching to unbutton his western style shirt.
With each snap his Adam’s apple bopped as he swallowed hard looking into her eyes trying to ignore the audience of hard cocks.

J knowing his inexperience would work against him in the contest decided she would give him a small break if he came before he was inside her it would not count and he could come again later trying to win the prize, and she felt sure he would be the prize she wanted for the day after looking at the size of his erection inside those tight wranglers . Stopping short of the final snap she asked the men to take a walk and let Joe calm down a little before he tried to set a time for the contest. They all knowing laughed and said we will take a ten minute break to refill the coffee pot and see what‘s come of Ted.

As soon as they were out of the tent J freed his dripping cock from his wranglers and told him to relax she would make him come quickly and then he could fuck her long and hard. Joe was spell bound and just nodded with a whimper. J put her hand in his jeans massaging his balls while placing her mouth over the head of his pulsing cock, pre cum was already dripping so she sucked and swallowed coming up for air she urged “Joe go ahead let go its ok cum for me pretty boy.” Joe obliged with a mouthful of seamen that tasted sweet J swallowed once twice damn three times sucking it down leaving no evidence behind.

By now her twat was steaming ready for this monster cock in her pussy. Joe was a full inch thicker than P and at least a inch longer than any one else in the group. As she wiped her chin zipping him up she stood and went for the lube on the table. Joe stood as the men returned and rubbed his cock in anticipation of what would come next.

Well Dan declared setting the stop watch on the chair arm are we ready for the contest Ted will just have to be the odd man out.

Almost J slurred, “Just need a little lube before we start want to enjoy every inch of the pounding flesh you boys ready?”

With that she turned and asked Joe would he like to the honors, holding the lube out to him, Me,, Joe stammered , Yes you now take this and put some in side my pussy so we can all enjoy the rest of the night. He sheepishly took the lube as J sat on the cot and lay back spreading her legs. J reached down and parted he labia for him and said put plenty we will need it .

He squeezed too hard and a huge glob hit her thigh he reached for it and clumsily pushed it toward her glistening cunt. Finally P rescued him and said watch he expertly placed a good amount on two fingers and began to massage it into her hot pussy. She squirmed and said to his delight oh yeah baby don’t stop go ahead and do that thing I like so much. P using his other fingers began to give her clit a vigorous work out while moving two then three fingers swiftly in and out of her vagina as Joe watched in amazement. J screamed as her orgasm melted on his fingers.

Ok P thanks, “now get little Joe in here and let the Train Fuck begin!” she grinned. J knew as soon as they all seen Joe’s huge cock they would enjoy the little Joe comment.

With a sheepish grin Joe apologized as he fumbled with the zipper with nervous trembling hands, finally he shoved them down to his ankles struggling out of his shorts as his massive member poked through the whole in front. Dan actually whistled, “OMG, kid you are hung like a mule!”

Once nude he turned his back on the men and approached warily the cot where J sat waiting with anticipation. This 10 inch Cock was definitely the biggest she had ever seen much less had put into her 30 year old pussy. She found herself thinking Thank God I had them lube her up!

Joe stood just admiring this hot lady so beautiful and smelled the freshness of her pussy, he stammered, “Mam may I taste you first?” Well J smiled “I really just want to have one long continual pussy pounding fuck, but the timer hasn’t started yet so I will allow a few minutes for your pleasure.”

They all watched as J stood and had Joe lie on his back on the cot, she stood over him admiring the huge throbbing cock. J turned and straddled the cot backing her dripping pussy to Joe’s drooling lips. As he began to lick and suck in her love juices J started grinding her clit on his whiskered chin gently at first then with vigor as she made ready to impale herself with his glorious man tool. As she pulled away from him Joe mumbled, “thank you mam that was delicious.”
J had to chuckle, “your welcome Joe but if you call me mam one more time you are disqualified from the contest.”

“Oh, yes Ma…. I mean ok miss I mean J.” Joe stuttered.

That’s fine Joe now its my turn to enjoy she giggled, she slithered down his firm stomach stopping to lick his pre-cum off before standing once more to lower herself ever so slowly onto this monster cock. First just an inch then two halfway three fourths wetting him with her cum and lube ready now J sat all the way down filling herself full with this hot stiff cock. She just sat for a moment adjusting to his length as well as thickness, Dan declared him a mule J decided a stallion.

Dan did you start the clock, P barked? Dan grinned knowing what P was worried about, He could only imagine how threatened P would be to have this young stud lining up for a shower and breakfast in their living room. J was hoping that her forceful display would take some time off all the others stamina being surely aroused to see this stud slipping in and out of the pussy they had fucked for the last 4 hours!

Dan just grunted, “as soon as she licked his cock.” By now Joe realizes what is at stake he can’t believe he has the possibility of having another morning with this beautiful sex goddess. He begins to concentrate on not letting himself get to excited “ I will fuck her for an hour before I cum he determines.”

Dan Tim and P begin to wager on how long this youngster can go without blowing his wad. Dan says 5 minutes tops, Tim believes 10 if he is lucky P takes the bet with I say 12 minutes 38 seconds! Dan looks at the clock 1minute 30 seconds and counting.

J fearing P might get suspicious she is throwing the contest begins to rock forward lifting halfway off and plunging down again, Joe has reached up and begun to squeeze her freckled ass cheeks as she rises pushing her up farther each time hoping to plop out and get a reprieve to start over. His length works against him though no matter how hard he tries she won’t lift off enough to let him pull out.

Finally in frustration he grimaces as he feels his seamen rising to his balls and gives a powerful push and J looses her balance catching herself just before falling over the end of the cot. J realizes what he wants and takes her time getting up turning to face him now repeating the agonizing process an inch then two halfway now full entry as Joe reaches for her bouncing breast. He pinches too hard in his zeal and receives a slap on the chest for his efforts. Now J is actually enjoying the game too much to slow her rise and fall action pounding this powerful young cock to the limits with each thrust.

Joe fears he will come too soon and begs, “easy J can I be on top now it may be my only chance to actually fuck a woman as beautiful as you.” J actually pauses with a blush, “ Damn Joe when you put it like that how could I resist?”

Joe urged on now , “well if that is the case may I please have you on your knees and fuck you from behind? You have the most awesome freckled ass I just want to see myself going in and out while watching that ass jiggle.” If you must J grins rising and sighing as his members comes out. In a moment J was being filled to capacity doggy style. She put he head down to watch between her legs as his balls began to slap with a loud pop with each thrust. Joe was too far gone now to care about time and contest he had only dreamed of this moment and he intended to make the best of it.

J now knew no matter what she would do what ever it took to have this Man/Toy at her door again soon very soon. She gave in and just let the moment evolve clenching tightly with her vaginal muscle squeezing her new addiction to the point of no return, finally screaming as she begged “Joe let me have that hot load go ahead come in my pussy pretty boy!”

Joe determined to last a little longer looked at Dan grimacing Time? Dan glanced at the watch shaking his head 8 minutes 29 seconds. Joe squeezed her hips straining clinching his prostate muscle willing himself hold on you can wait. By now J has taken over she is fucking him shoving her big ass back with all her strength pounding into his thighs pushing to take every last inch of his manhood with a final sigh she convulses onto his cock as Joe relents and lets the jizz flow in and now out of her hot Pussy.

P shouts, “TIME,” as Dan stops the clock shaking his head 10 minutes 19 seconds, and they all sigh in relief believing it is attainable just need a little determination.

Tim is standing ready and wipes away there juices with a wet wipe and applies a healthy glob of lube onto himself thinking less friction more longevity. J roles onto her back and smiles up at Joe as he dresses in dismay fearing he will surely be in last place before the night is done. “You were Great Little Joe, Please stay for the show.” J demanded.

“Dan you ready?” Tim goads, “Time: Dan calls as he makes a show of lifting his time piece and clicking the start button.

J is laying spread eagle ready for some good old fashioned lay me down and fuck me sex.
Tim enters with ease from all the lube not to mention the stretching Joe just gave her. J runs a hand over his head and through his hair tracing down to his nipples pinching then stretching to nibble one then the other. She enjoys the moment as she feels him tense up from the pure pleasure of this new sensation. She has used this on P many times especially when she was just obliging him with a quickie and wanted to hasten him to a early climax.
Tim tries to recover but the excitement of watching this vixen so thoroughly fuck the young stud has him ready to explode all ready. He grimaces with a resigned look of exasperation that turned to a grin of pure pleasure as he lifts and pounds down with all his weight forcing his 8 inches to the hilt over and over reaching a tempo of a jack hammer as J encourages his thrust with both heels dug into his buttocks. “That’s it big guy pound my pussy show her what you are made of give me all you got don’t stop now come on baby fill me with that hot cum, J goads him on finally she puts her hot tongue into his ear and then bites the lobe holding it sucking in waiting knowing he is done for.
Tim can’t hold any longer with a growl he thrust deep into her core holding himself convulsing as she drains him for the third time tonight. J looks past him to Dan, as Tim collapses all his weight onto her, licking her lips she silently mouths the word “Time!” Dan reluctantly stops the clock 4 minutes 6 seconds.

As Tim pulls clear P steps in with a cold glass of wine “hear J he offers thought you might be thirsty.”
J gulps it down in two swallows breathing heavy reaching for a wet one Tim has buried his seed deep and she stands to allow it to descend before applying more lube. The last thing she wants is to be slowed by a dry spot or worse a skin tear. She lubes herself careful to push inside to prepare for the next hard ride.

As P is ready for his attempt J grins up at him and says “come here mister show theses boy how to fuck a lady.” P smiles right back and says “I just feel sorry for old Dan being after me is going to be trouble because I will ride you all night long.” Laughing J challenges, “you think so I bet I can milk you in 5 minutes flat!” Well P declares “give me your best shot.”

With that the bet was on, Dan P charged Time. J giggled and reached for his throbbing cock guiding it to he swollen cunt lips slipping easily in as the lube did its job they were fucking in a standing position J on one leg the other hiked up on P’s arm as he entered her to the hilt with one powerful thrust. They tired quickly and made their way to the cot, P pushing her down forcefully before climbing on for the fuck of the night. He had counseled himself to pace his thrust to last but the adrenaline from her challenge had clouded his judgment and now he just wanted her to feel the heat and power of a man who knew how to fuck his wife. He plunged in deep and fast as he reached for her nipples pinching to hear her gasp and then licking and nuzzling to make them stand at attention signaling her pleasure he was determined to hear her scream for more!

Ignoring the watchers as well as the watch P was a man possessed he pounded so hard the cot began to creak, J was pushing up on his chest with both hands in challenge to his forceful posture egging him ever nearer his premature climax. J with a will of her own squeezed him with her thighs crossing her ankles now clinching her vagina walls as if to force him out all the while feeling him grow thicker as the head of his penis swelled in preparation for the gushing forth of his hot orgasm. At the Last second P knowing he had been played like a well oiled fiddle, growled her name J you are a fucking machine, then he collapsed heaving as he spent his load into this wild woman he loved beyond measure. J squealed in ecstasy as she bellowed “TIME!” Dan coughed as he said “4 minutes 58 seconds!”

Joe can’t believe his ears as he hops around like a bull rider with the only qualifying ride, he could actually win. Dan looks up knowing he is going to do his dead level best to win but 10 minutes is a stretch for an old man who has no sex life since his wife passed nearly ten years ago!

He hands the watch to Tim as P helps J lube up after the clean up. J looks a little flummoxed as Dan steps out of his boxers she flashes back to just 5 hours earlier and he was the first man to fuck her besides her loving husband in almost 10 years well ahem as far as anyone else knows she blushes just thinking about her secrets so long kept! Well Sir she demurs’ “what shall it be this time?” “Top , Bottom, missionary, from behind, spooning?”

Dan sensing her nerves says “lets just start slow and see where we go.” “I am in no hurry you see” he grins. J can’t help herself he is just the fantasy fuck she had been wanting for several years, every time she was in the room with an older gent she got wet thinking about what it would be like with a man old enough to be a grandfather.

Dan reached for her pulling her close and hugging her close, caressing her cheek, shoulders, kissing her fingertips, licking her palms up her arms just brushing her breast ever so gently. Tim looked at P and questioned with the watch in hand? P nodded start the Time.

J is frozen lending herself to the pleasure of the gentle old gent. Dan cups her breast in both hands now leaning down to kiss then suckle one then the other. J wants to scream fuck me now but she just waits. He helps her sit on the cot and lays her down ever so gently drawing his feather touch down her tummy to the wetness between her legs. He smiles with knowing as it all comes back to him how to make a lady feel cherished. His old manhood is thrumming now standing at full mast. Though not nearly as large as Joe well used and able to please.

Dan has her wanting and that is the key let them want for a moment before plunging in they scream fuck me but really they want the extended pleasure of being the core of your attention so he carefully invites her to open to him with the softest touch to her inner knee one then the other he parts her legs revealing the waiting’s deed she is dripping her own juices the lube though helpful now totally unnecessary . He lowers himself to her opening and pauses there waiting for her want to insist on his entry. J is in a new dimension of pleasure she hasn’t been this ready since her first time as a virgin.

Dan out last her and J reaches for him guiding him into her wetness. J can’t believe it is happening but she is so intense with each mind blowing inch of his manhood she feels as though he is in virgin territory. Gone are the screams for mindless pounding now she longs for him to fill her and keep her filled as long as possible.

J looking over sees Joe hard again in his youth and Tim with his hunger, P watching the clock and she relaxes her hold on the old gent and lets him set the pace. Slow deliberate movement in out in out in out hold hold in out in out hold…. J reaches for his neck pulling him down to her insistent that he nuzzle her swollen nipples then he arrives at the spot on her neck that P discovered can make her come instantly she sighs yes that’s the spot Dan oh… oh I am coming she huffs.

Dan takes a earlobe into his lips biting sucking nibbling again J is clawing at his back now :cum for me Dan I want to feel that manhood explode from within me deep inside me cum with me” J insist.

Dan softly whispers into her hair “not yet my love but soon.” J can’t imagine more ecstasy some how being the focus of his intentions has pushed over the edge.

Dan slowly lifts himself away and helps J up on all fours pulling back on her hair as though the reins of a young mare. J arches her back in anticipation of his primal need to mount her from behind. His entry is again gentle and smooth she is a young filly in heat and he an old stallion out to pasture. But once more the two meet he increases his tempo now more urgent sensing the end is near now pulling back controlling and yet allowing her to buck. They maintain the coupling like two old pros giving and taking all at once. With a deep sigh of resignation the old stallion lets go of the reins and holds on for a final ride pulling her hind quarters back as he lunges forward with his last energy. J is Cumming so hard she can’t pull away riding him down grinding out her last pleasure. Dan looks up and tells P Time.

J whimpers, “no not yet hold me hold me close.” Dan sees a tear trickle down her cheek as he allows her to curl up in his arms. He smiled a contented smile and gestures for P to take this lovely creature to bed. Tim hands him his watch Dan looks at it, 10 minutes 21 seconds he puts it away determined to never reset it, he will take this moment to his grave alone!”

The end!

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sick fucking story............ any man who allows his wife to fuck other men is sick in the head and his wife hs no repsect for him, otherwise she wouldn't do's plain to see she is nothing but a pig who deserves a good beating until she never thinks of fucking other guys again

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Too many J looks at T and Dan walks to K. Use a name

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