saga relisted with rewrite for tense and readability
J took several deep breaths of the cool night air with satisfaction. The stars were out, and the night was unusually warm. Crickets chirped conspiratorially, sharing their own secrets, oblivious to the human intruders in their midst. Surprisingly for this time of year, they were enjoying a cooling breeze in the woods at the campsite.

It was just her and the boys at the tent, I would be coming later to the community campout it was an annual event where our group gathered from miles around to have the place to themselves, surrounded by the towering trees of the forest, snug within the circle of light from the glowing campfires.

Some hiked several miles that day. Bathing by a waterfall and shared a simple evening meal. All who gathered, shared food and games late into the night, most comfortable in the others company and not fearful of sending the children to bed early while the adults stayed up talking into the morning hours.

Now P emerged from the tent and spread his beloved and extremely scruffy blanket on the ground by the fire. Grinning, he sat on it and patted the empty space beside him. “Saved a spot for you.” J returned his smile, a blossom of gratitude erupting in her stomach.

She’d been alone so long, and finally, finally, she’d found someone that was right. They had been together for nearly a decade now. Every day he found a new way to make her smile. She never dreamed she could so totally in tune with another person. She still found herself feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. She loved the way he boldly held his ground with men 20 years his senior. She admired his passionate love of debate. She found his strength a comfort .

And she never seemed to get enough of his lean, strong body.

She knew he would want to be out late but had plans to drag him into the tent for a quiet roll after the boys were off to sleep with her parents.

She had snuck a bottle of alcohol into the tent and spiked his Dr Pepper. They were both warming by the fire inside and out. The fire had burned down and most of the women had retired and the men were gathering away from the tents. As they did not want their conversation to disturb the sleepers.

J said, “come tuck me in and you can come back out and talk as long as you like.” J had put air mattresses in the tent and piled blankets and pillows for comfort. Now his muscular arms were reaching for her, and she was enveloped in an embrace like coming home. His kisses were gentle and loving at first, but soon they became more urgent. P began kissing her neck, on the spot that always made her shiver, and she giggled at the sensation. His fingers tugging at her shirt buttons, easing their way past her bra, tweaking her rapidly hardening nipples. She did her own exploring, wriggling her hand into his pants. In just moments she was grasping his hard cock.

Now both naked. J silently thanked whatever fortuitous circumstances had caused everyone else to stray away. Even though she could hear laughter and bits of conversations going on within 30 feet or so.

She was exhilarated to be nude like this, completely exposed under the stars without a care as to who might be just a few feet away separated by the flapping tents.

J had occasionally enjoyed the risk of being seen by other men or women when she was being a little risqué in public. The roof top of a bank garage, an office at the law firm we cleaned at night, or even the living room of my parents. When she was ready for sex she lost all concern and just enjoyed the moment.

P lay on his back and beckoned her to him. They kissed again, skin against skin, his breath soft in her mouth. J imagined they were the only two people in the world, Adam and Eve, alone in the flickering light of the fire. P said, “turn off the lantern in case some one walks by I don’t want our shadows to give away what we are doing.”

“I want to taste you,” he cooed, licking his lips and smiling. J obliged, straddling his face and lowering her pulsing, wet pussy onto his mouth. She loved the idea of smothering him with her juices, of his whole world becoming her femininity.

The alcohol had definitely loosened both there libidos. P would have to be controlled or this could get out of hand rather quickly.

Explosions of pleasure blasted upwards through her body as he applied himself, swirling, licking and sucking at her folds and clit. J’s orgasm came quickly. P felt the contractions as he dipped his fingers deep into her wetness careful to hit the g spot as she squirmed and bucked with a lasting orgasm.

Thighs still trembling, she moved down his body. Kneeling between his open legs, taking his hard cock into her mouth, eager to return the favor. His body jerked occasionally as she sucked, his hands gently reaching for her face as the pleasure overtook him.

J always felt powerful doing this, controlling his cock, taking him to the very edge of climax. P listened as it seemed the conversations has gone strangely quiet. A few older, men tended the night fires and wished for what he now enjoyed.

At the last moment she moved up and impaled herself on his cock, riding him like a wild woman, uninhibited and abandoned to pleasure.

J rubbed her clit frantically, feeling the orgasm build, and reached her second peak just as P exploded. Her pussy clenching around his pumping cock. Her muffled scream was too much as P saw the shadow of at least three men move beyond the tent door. They lay together exhausted on the rug, listening to the crackle of the fire. And muffled voices reminded them they had just had public sex surrounded by men just a few yards away.

As she slipped over to the bag and retrieved some wet wipes to clean up. P watched as she squatted and wiped her dripping pussy clean. Then she slipped over and reached for his manhood. He thought she would hand him the wipes but instead she leaned down and began to lick and then suck him dry.

As P reached to turn the lantern back up for the light. He was blown away to see the faces of three friends staring into his tent. Anger flashed but quickly turned to pride as he realized they could now see his beautiful wife. Her cute freckled ass in the air, her gleaming pussy in full view and his penis in her hot mouth.

P said, “are you angling for seconds you little tart,” She giggled and said, “why sir only if you can handle an audience.”

P immediately looked to the three grins in the tent door and knew, J had been here with them all day with the wives and children and at the fire when she said come tuck me in it was a signal to stay close for the fireworks.

That’s why she had the alcohol on board so as she often says then I can say, “I don’t remember a thing.” P did not let the idea distract him for long as his hardened cock pulsed for more of J’s wet pussy. P turned the lantern down but just enough to give a semblance of propriety.

J turned to face the tent entrance on all fours while she engulfed P’s now throbbing member, as P buried his face back in the hot wetness that the three amigos could by now smell. One of them winked as J lifted up for a full frontal shot of her heaving D cups with swollen nipples begging to be sucked.

By now its apparent that these guys are here for the duration and J is a little beyond tipsy.

P feared that playing to the unseen audience she could start getting too loud. So as much as P hated to do it he suggested they take the show down by the river. There were showers and restrooms 100 yards away.

J slipped her dress on and P his jeans as they said loudly, “lets go for a shower.” They did not see any one as they went, lantern in hand, to the river. J was weaving a little woozy or at least acting the part setting up tomorrows deniability.

As we reached the showers we heard water running in the men’s showers already. Some one had arrived ahead of them!

P said. “let me look first and make sure we can slip in unnoticed.” As P entered he saw the first three stalls were occupied leaving the forth and farthest from the door open. Three showers three voyeurs. Ted was P’s age and very reserved, but Tim was younger and much taller P actually locked eyes with Tim over the top of the curtain he just gave P a little nod and a grin.

Dan was the oldest he must be at least 65 and very lean and tanned, My wife had recently told me she was very intrigued by the thought of an older man giving her a long fuck. So while I was checking the situation J had gotten chilled and now her nipples were literally straining at the material of her cotton dress.

P said, walk straight back to the fourth privacy stall. They are all taking cold showers trying to recover form our earlier show.”

J drank the last half a glass of her mixed drink and slurred her words with a wink, and said “I won’t remember a thing!”

P gave a nervous chuckle and said “let’s go before I change my mind.” As we walked past the other stalls P ran his hand under her dress. P purposely lifted the material so they could get a clear shot of her well rounded ass and milky thighs topped off by powerful 36 inch hips. J is 8 years removed from her last child bearing and has walked and worked out to maintain a very nice figure. Long flowing red hair natural red flaming pubic bush untrimmed the way P liked it. Freckled and golden late summer tan. And a laugh you could can and sell at the Market!

They slipped into the privacy stall as P turned on the hot water, J quickly lost the dress standing on the dressing bench to look out over the stalls to see if this was really an audition. All three men had left the cold showers running for cover but had wrapped towels and moved to the mirror and sink. J gasped, “they can see into our stall from the reflection in the mirror.”

P said, “ok what are they doing?”

“Well they are pretending to shave but I don’t see any razors working.” J mumbled.
“Ted and Tim are up front. Dan has moved almost in front our stall. J continued in a whisper.

The sign posted in the shower said warning. lights will go out at 11:00 PM SO SHOWER EARLY.


The shower water hand become hot so P reached for J’s hand and led her into the stall leaving the door and curtain fully open.

As they soaped each other up P looked down and saw three sets of feet under the stall next door . Evidently they wanted a closer view and knew once J had stepped off of her perch on the bench she could not see them looking

By now J had decided to enjoy the moment fully and began to dance and writhe as P washed all of her intimate parts. P leaned her back against the back of the shower wall for stability and positioned the water spray directly over her swollen breast.

She began to squeeze and fondle her nipples as P knelt to use first one then both hands.

P put one thumb in her ass and then massaged the inside of her vagina while licking and lapping hot water and flowing pussy juices as fast as he could swallow. Lost in the moment making passionate love relishing each nerve tingling sensation as the water ran and the Juices joined in, completely ignoring their voyeurs just as J was tossing her wet mane back and screaming yessssssssssss, to her third orgasm of the night ,,,..

Darkness engulfed them. P heard stumbling, then groans as the voyeurs lost their view and began to reach for shower controls to kill the sound of water pounding the concrete. As silence came and the orgasm leveled off the shock of the lights going out lifted, soon their eyes adjusted to the new light source. The showers had been built with multiple skylights in the roof. Designed to save power during the daylight hours. As their eyes adjusted P remembered it was a beautiful fall full moon tonight.

J realized she had ample light to finish her shower laughing they concurred we always wanted to make love by the moon light. Giddy from the shock and excitement of being in a public room with three horny men watching as we began to kiss long and deep. P thought they might clear out but instead they all three took up renewed vigilance to see what hot mama would try next.

We began to dry one another off with the towels. We could not maneuver in the small entry way of our stall so we abandoned all pretence and stepped into the open area in front of the sink and mirrored wall.

Tim and Ted stepped back into the shadows of their respective stalls and that left Dan standing not more that 5 feet form our counter space. P covered J’s head and began to ruffle her hair with the towel. Leaving her totally naked from the neck down.

Dan’s old cock finally recovered and he had one of those surprise dicks. Totally shrunk and withered but when it filled out it was at least 8 inches long and 5 inches thick.


P brought J up to the counter and kissed her long and hard, whispering, “don’t look now but the 65 year old is at full attention.” Hopping on the counter P challenged, “show theses guy’s how to suck a cock.”

As she lowered her head to his manhood swaying with the intoxication of adrenaline and Bacardi 151 she hiked her ass as high as she could and began to suck bobbing with slurping sounds. She used one hand for stability and reached between her legs and spread her vagina open for all to see.

By now she was dripping wet and focused on P’s pleasure , meanwhile Dan was taking small 6 inch steps easing closer and closer.

By now Tim and Ted are jerking for the stars and about to need showers again.

J had her audience and she played it like a pro, never looking up, sucking with all she has as if P’s cock was the only one on the planet.

Dan, finally stands less than a foot away . If he let his now throbbing pre-cum slick member come out straight he will make contact.

Assuming he just wants to get near her so he can shoot onto her dripping pubis P just let him stay with a gentleman’s nod of affirmation.

As the moment of climax nears for P, J senses the swelling of P’s head and pulls up to ask, “ you want to cum into my pussy?” As she clears her throat from the gag reflex of deep throttling his granite seven inches, she looks in the mirror and see’s Dan smile with a groan. They lock eyes in the mirror and she gasps as she realizes the error.

Dan thinking she knew he was there immediately thrust forward filling her sopping pussy with his throbbing member and groans out, “fuck yes I thought you would never ask.”

Before she can say anything he has stepped up and thrust himself as deep a he can and she looks at P for his reaction. P just shrugs a shoulder and whispers, “fucked by the moon light by an older man with a really big cock.”

By now J can’t stop even if she wanted to, as Dan reached and took hold of her hips thrusting deep into the mirror image.

To move past the emotional shock of having another man inside her she starts kissing P and all the while stroking the familiar cock she has known so well.

Within 5 minutes Dan is raising the tempo and making his final thrust as P hears Ted and Tim let go with their loads against shower stall walls.

J cum’s once more as she is filled with the old man”s hot load . As he withdraws he pats her on the bottom and says thanks. She laughed and said, “don’t ever mention it again.”

He laughed and jumped into the shower as Ted and Tim looked once more and said, “damn” as they left the building.

J reached up and took a firm grip on P’s still hard manhood with a smile. She kisses him again and says, “we may have lost our audience but we still have our moonlight.”

P smiled and said, “yes we do but I am afraid Dan beat me to the punch you have already been fucked twice tonight.”

“Well you know I won’t remember a thing come morning?” Yes, he grinned, “SO why don’t you have your fantasy now?” J urged.

“Here now?” P scowled, “Right now” J cooed. With that she climbed up on the counter and began to massage her seamen filled cunt juices into her ass and said, come Lover fuck me In the ass.”

P got between her legs and watched as she took his cock and ever so gently fed it into her virgin ass. It was hot and very tight all the love Juices had made it a smooth entry.

P just stood there looking into her eyes and waiting for the adjustment . She began to rock her hips squeezing his swollen cock to a powerful orgasm as P filled her with the huge load of thick hot cum.

Back into the shower staying till the water ran cold. Finally strolling back to the tent by the moonlight. P realized he had left the lantern sitting in the shower stall. Fearing some one might take it P said to J, “I really better go back and get it now.”

Most everyone had retired for the night it was almost midnight. P was definitely still hyped up from all the attention, wide awake P assured her he did not mind if she went to bed while he made the trip back for the lantern.

She said she was fine and felt like she could fall right to sleep so with a kiss good night, a hug and a squeeze of her firm ass, P promised to be quiet when he returned.

P made a pass over by the camp fire to check on things and was surprised to find Tim and Ted talking in low whispers by the fire light. They caught P listening and both gave a little nervous chuckle as he drew near. “Hey guys you standing watch over the camp tonight?” Tim said, “yeah for a while anyway just wanted to make sure every one was settled for the night.”

“Great I hate to leave my date untended but I left my new lantern down by the shower and feel like I better go retrieve it tonight. I will see you guys tomorrow.” “Sure thing,” Ted nodded, “have any idea where you left it?”

“I think we had it in the shower stall but it could be out by the table in front of the restroom.”

Well, Tim offered, “if you don’t find it come back and lets us know and we will help you look for it.”

P ambled off in no real hurry and was enjoying the cool night breeze when he heard Ted tell Tim, “you go first I will keep watch.”

As P reached the restroom he remembered where he had sat the light earlier on the bench seat by the table. P looked all around under the table in all the stalls no lantern.

P suspicioned someone had taken it while they were in the shower. P remembered Tim and Ted leaving while Dan was fucking J from behind. Seemed odd that they would just slip out at that particular moment.

Now he guessed they had been scheming all this time to get him out of the way for a while. Oh well he had no fear ….. J was a strong and determined Gal but loyal to a fault, she would never do anything without his input. Unless like the video crew she thought P was setting up a fantasy. J was claiming deniable memory for the night, so she might think I was setting her up and assume the game was still on.

P approached the camp as quietly as one could and returned the way he had gone by way of the fire. By now Dan was tending the coals by himself. Hey Dan, “you still up?”
“ Oh, P I did not hear you coming!” Dan seemed startled.

“ Where is everyone?” “In bed I guess I just came to warm myself by the fire a few minutes ago and figured everyone had gone off to sleep.” Dan offered.

Well, “did you happen to see a lantern laying around by any chance?”

“Oh hell, P sorry, I thought it belonged to Ted or Tim its in my tent.” “Let me get it for you. I will be right back.” Dan ambled off.

P stood there listening to the night sounds and heard a familiar voice say, “all clear she’s all yours.”

In a few minutes P began to wonder about the lantern as Dan seemed to have gotten lost so he went over toward his tent, Tim was standing just out side the tent opening and Dan was coming out with the lantern.

Dan spoke to Tim and shook his head as he headed to the fire. P slipped behind a large oak and let him pass and watched as Tim leaned into the tent and cleared his throat ducking back out quickly. P is wired, curiosity running wild as his imagination begins to turn dark.

Making a long round about pass to approach Dan’s tent from behind and crawling up to the rear tie down lifting it just high enough to see inside. P is blown away, there are two very familiar feet toes down bracketed by two very large feet toes up. Lifting his eyes P stares at his beautiful wife’s dripping pussy, cum is running down her thighs as she is sucking a huge dick like a 50 dollar whore on Friday night.

It takes P a few seconds to recover as he hears her in his mind saying, “I won’t remember a thing tomorrow.” Wondering what have I created is all he can think while pondering what to do.
P goes back to Dan to retrieve the lantern, turning it up to full power. Approaching the tent determinedly where J is finishing off her third strange cock of the night. Tim gave a loud cough, the signal they have shared. P just shakes his head and chuckles as he parted the tent flap and enters lantern held high.

J looks up with a blinded stare, and questioned look, toward the interruption to her orgy. The stare turned to shocked dismay when she recognized P’s voice say, “hey babe did you get lost and stumble into the wrong tent?”

“I knew this was Dan’s tent” J insisted “but they told me you stopped by and asked them to invite me to the late night chat.” she confessed, “It was getting cold as the fire died so we moved here to the only tent with no one sleeping. J forged on, “I had a couple more drinks and you took so long, well I felt like we had been a little partial to Dan and left Ted and Tim out in the cold, well one thing let to another and, well as you can see poor Ted is about to get screwed again, no pun intended.”

“Well I feel real bad about that sweetie but I never asked them to invite you anywhere and I certainly did not sanction the three way fuck fest it seems you have been enjoying for the last hour and a half.” P corrected. “But being the good sport that I am why don”t you come over here and help me understand how you fell for these fellows trick so easy.”

J crawled over ass in the air and pulled his trousers down to his knees and placed his now throbbing cock down her throat she was just drunk enough to relax the gag reflex and give P a true deep throat experience. After a few bobs of her head she pulled back and said, “now see honey don’t that feel good?”

P’s mouth was hanging open as Tim and Dan slipped to the rear of the tent and lifted the rear wall half way up and sat down on buckets ready to watch the show.

P kissed her once and said. “yes it does babe what do think we should do next?”

“Just relax and enjoy the fact that your married to a very considerate lady.“ J grinned, “And let poor Ted finally get his big cock wet with my pussy juices.”

With a nod Ted slipped his huge cock into the hot love tunnel as she began to do her best to swallow P’s cock whole.

By now Dan and Tim are nursing new stiff cocks as Ted enjoys depositing the fourth load of cum into the now swollen and sure to be sore vagina that seemed to be ready for the all night Chat.

As J brought P to a knee trembling orgasm, he watched as she swallowed every drop. Dan had been kind enough to bring J a warm cloth and a fresh drink.

They all marveled as the model mom cleaned up and drank her fresh drink a little too fast. She looked deep into my eyes and said, “well babe the Moon is still Lit, and we have light, love, and with a theatrical wave over Dan and Tim, “fresh Meat.” “What do say , let’s fuck the night away and Howl at the moon?” J all but screamed with a slur.

P had to laugh it was just to enchanting so with the last reservation gone he said,
“ok hot momma but I say who and how, for the rest of the way, Deal?”

“Ah you are my puppet master and I am your muse.” Tell me, “what shall we try next?”

“Dan come lay on the cot with your feet on the floor, J take his cock and put it in that tight ass for me. That’s perfect now lay back and lift your knees to your chest.” P was in full director mode, “Perfect now, Tim enter her hot swollen pussy. Easy give her a chance to adjust..” J that feel ok ?”

“Very tight a little lube might be nice in my bag babe, no not the jelly the anal ease, I bought just in case yesterday!” J offered.

Well, “I am pleased to see you so prepared.” P grimaced.

Tim, pull out with a groan , as P used two fingers to work the lube around the base of Dan’s cock and then into to anal tissue.

“How’s that J ?” “Good now, Tim come here and let me keep that nice erection busy while that works.” J mused.

As Dan began to slowly work in and out J began to lavish lip service on Tim’s huge cock head. When Tim began to groan, P knew he would cum in J’s mouth he had been there it’s just too inviting.

So P looked and Ted was just at half mast so he decided to take maters into my own hands.

For the second time that evening P slid into position to enter his wife”s tight ASS.
As Ted held one leg in the air and Tim took her other leg as he was watching that gorgeous freckled smile light up the room with her mouth filled with his hot cum.

Dan now comfortable holding on to both tits occasionally tweaking the swollen nipples. J was approaching one of her peak orgasms. She has a way of grimacing and smiling all at the same time. While her upper body just above her breast to the tip of her head flush a pink blush as blood rushes back from the center of her clit.

P knew from experience that she would have a pulsing clutching twat as it flooded with fresh love sauce. He plunged deep into her ASS to his balls and felt a virgin tightness that took him back ten years. J was on fire bucking and now squealing with an intense orgasm.

With all the build up, with just a few strokes P joined her with a guttural growl unable to hold back. Dan seized the moment and swelled and emptied on queue and for the first time in her life J had cum in all three sex wholes at once.

As P withdrew and Dan withered Ted stood watching as all took a deep breath. J grinned with a whew, “Master where to from here?” P noticed the longing in Ted’s gaze and said, “My assistant would like you to turn over so he can fuck you properly from behind.” J giggled and said, “better hurry the moon might go out.”

Ted was like a man possessed he took his time first pulling her up onto her knees reaching around to caress her breast then nipples. Leaning her head back and gently kissing her eye lids, then her nose, cheeks, earlobes, and finally, opening her eyes she tensed as he leaned in to kiss her lips.

This was going to be J’s first kiss from another man. There was something so intimate she hesitated and looked at P , he just blinked in indecision and watched as she shook her head and said into his ear, “just fuck me lover.” Ted took her hair in his hand and pushed her forward and put his huge pulsing member at the entry of her vagina. Instead of pushing in he began to rub back and forth almost but not quite entering her vagina. Just briefly poking at her swollen anal entrance. This went on for what seemed like hours and P could tell she was getting frustrated with the teasing.

J was all about the penetration and wanted it now! J buried her face in the pillow to keep from screaming, and reached between her legs and was grasping at his cock.

Ted undeterred pulled back and reached for her hair pulling her up starting over. Eyelids, cheeks, nose, ears, neck, now reaching down and pulling a nipple between his lips. Gently licking sucking, and then up kissing each freckle, chin, nose, eyelids, once more she opened her eyes and looking not just tense but threatened. Again P could just blink back the apprehension.

She had opened a door tonight with her drunken wonton behavior and now, it was shut the door or fling caution to the wind. This was not just one last orgy fuck, Ted , was making love to her.

P just could not bare to answer for her she had to decide on her own.

Otherwise both would always wonder if she stopped out of love for P or because P was watching. Again she shook her head and Pleaded, “just fuck me now.”

Ted lifted her up and helped her ever so gently lay back and get comfortable. He worked slowly up her body with soft air kisses making her skin tingle and goose bumps rise. Her swollen nipples now hardened and stood to attention. Ted expertly brushed past them. Kneeling between her legs, placing his elbows trapping her in place with a hand on each cheek.

Ted lifted his weight and placed his cock over her clit and began a slow penis massage of her g spot. Brushing, teasing, occasionally pausing with his cock head just inside her swollen wet labia.

P watched him in awe his patience willing to wait her out demanding her full compliance. How far will he push her? By now every cock in the room is erect and swollen fully pulsing with each twitch of her lips, nipples, now chin.

Once more Ted kisses to her fully awake lips and hovers just at the entry. J then blinking, finally pleading. “Ted, just make love to me now! I want you to cum in my pussy fuck me long hard and continually.”

As if by some unspoken code the wording was a enough to break his resolve. Ted begins by pushing deep into her wetness and we all hear her audible sigh. “Thank you, that is soooo good, now make me cum with those huge balls slamming against my ass.”

Ted can’t help himself he begins to pound with a ferocity that threatens to topple the cot. Deep full penetration. Intensity is building his balls are drawing up his cock head swells and J is biting her lip as she begins to convulse in ecstasy once more wrapping her legs around his back pulling him deep inside then her arms are around his neck pulling him down to her one last time he hovers at her lips. Then as if it was the only fitting thing to do. Her eyes roll back as she opens her lips and meets his thrusting tongue with her own.

Tongues searching kissing coupled through the orgasm. Never looking up just riding the wave of sexual bliss. Lost in the sensual moment, totally given to this new found pleasure.

Ted determined to have a memorable last moment, not just fucking but controlled erotic love making. He adjust his position putting the cot between his legs and his feet on the floor to either side for more control.

Standing over her, he lifts J’s legs draping a knee over each arm, as he enters her just allowing the head of his cock to enter her swollen dripping cunt. He rolls her up like a rag doll until her thighs are spread so wide they touch her breast on each side.

Once more he is seeking total control, as he places his palms on her cheeks and both thumbs into her sensual lips. He slowly moves a little deeper with each entry setting a deliberate pace for a long intimate fuck.

J is lost in the moment of ecstasy as this obvious determined man makes her his love slave.

Ted removing his thumbs reaches for her swollen nipples tweaking teasing caressing. Now he leans in and touches noses extending his tongue, licking her chin , tip of her nose, then in a show of force, he bites her lip and pulls it down.

As J’s mouth opens in protest, searching his face with a startled look once more, he moves in and sucks in her bottom lip and kisses her deep and long pushing then, sucking her lips into his hungry mouth.

Now J no longer resisting, begins to kiss back, passionate hot love making, as he works his tongue into her mouth flicking her nipples and continuing to grind his rock hard manhood into her velvet love tunnel.

Now eyes wide looking into the depths of each others lust, she convulses once more breaking the kiss just long enough to demand, “I’M ready, fuck me hard and don’t stop till you fill me with your steaming love juice.”

Ted stood now in full control, spreading her legs wide an ankle in each fist his cock buried deep in her wetness, with power and purpose, he began to plunge in as deep as possible, only to pull out as far as he dared, without letting her pulsing love nest close.

J took a nipple in each hand pulling, then flicking them in time to his thrust. She once more looked into P eyes searching for just a moment, then with a determination P had seen many times she looked up at Ted and
pleaded, “Fuck me like a 50 dollar whore Ted give me that cock, come on fill my pussy with your hot load.”

Ted responded with a loud cry of his own, “that’s my girl tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me harder, don’t stop, please don’t ever stop, I love the way your cock head is swelling, oh yeah I can feel you getting ready, cum in me Ted, deep inside me shoot that hot load so deep I will feel it hit my tonsils.” Ah that’s it big boy I am going to cum all over your hot cock come on Ted cum with me. Yes that’s a …. the words died in her throat as she bucked and lifted her ass off the cot to meet his final pounding thrust convulsing on his manhood.

Ted timed it like a man in complete control, as her orgasm washed over her pulsing pussy, she squeezed her muscles tight tensing her thighs holding on for the final thrust. Ted held himself deep in her womb draining his load into her wetness. Leaning in now letting her legs wrap around his waist drawing him in deep once more, Ted takes her face in both hands and lifts her lips to his for one final longing kiss.

The room is silent we can here the heavy breathing starting to slow from the exertion and J seems to be in a satisfied fog of contentment. Sighing as Ted rises and once more gently brushes her nipples with one finger as he looks upon a well fucked lover, reluctantly withdrawing his limp member releasing his control as he steps over her heaving breast.

Standing and slinking into the silence Ted looks at P and mouths , “unbelievable, Lucky Bastard.”

P smiled and looks over at the center of attention. J is not moving her legs are spread and her feet have come down touching the floor both arms are crossed not over her breast but under them lifting them up as if in presentation. The cum has begun to drip down her ass onto the cot.

Every man in the room is holding his breath with a hard cock standing at attention. We all fear she has had her fill and will surely call it a night.

She came to her self, sitting up Indian style on the cot, and looked at each of the three hard cocks.

Then with a wistful grin asked, is the moon still lit!

Moon Light Delight 3 the conclusion……….

Its 2 am and all is quiet in the camp, all except J in Dan’s tent. She is explaining to the three of us how she has a feeling that this is her last stand an a wonton hussy and wants to have a long hard night of fucking as she has enjoyed all the sex but what she wants now is a hard dick in her pussy for as long as they can last. She looks at P and licks her lips as she drains her last drink her eyes are gleaming and all he can do is grin.

P she begs, “can we see who can last the longest with out going limp on me?” Winner gets a long hot shower come morning with me scrubbing their backs.

P looks at Dan and Tim then at the tent door as Joe leans in and asks, “Coffee anyone?”
They were expecting Ted as he had disappeared after his long session with J.
The question goes unanswered as the room fills with laughter as Joe blushes and tries to make a graceful exit after doing a double take at J sitting Indian style on the cot in the center of the three men with hard cocks on display. J recovers first and calls after him, “Joe wait we need coffee and a judge for our contest come on in.” Joe looks back in at P and shrugs a question. P laughs again and explains the new rules, whoever can fuck her the longest without Cumming gets a shower and breakfast at their place Sunday Morning! Joe yelps, “I’m in” as he hands her a cup of coffee.

Ok J, P asks “How do you want it in what order?” J gets a flushed look and decides the best plan is youngest to oldest. But first she reaches for her bag and removes a bottle of fresh spring feminine refresher smiling she ask mind if I borrow a bucket, the laughter returns as she moves to the back of Dan’s tent where two buckets await. While J rinses away the love juices from the orgy she uses wet wipes to freshen up finally squirting on some of P’s favorite perfume.

With that she gulped her coffee down and said “who is the lucky young buck to go first.” Dan shook his head and said, “I am last for sure so I will keep the time” as he reached into his pocket for his trusty stop watch.

Tim spoke up and said March of 65 I am 23, P declared 27, Joe whistled and chuckled April 65, I am 23. J chirped, “well the new comer gets to go first.”

P , Tim and Dan all just reached for the coffee cups and said “Ok Joe your up take your time and good luck.”

By now Joe was shaking in anticipation he was the only single man in the room and had not been with a real woman since high school behind the bleacher with Sally Anne.
He was fumbling with his boots and nearly fell over, J realizing his embarrassment stood to help him recover. “Come on over here and sit down” she swayed as she walked, still very much tipsy.

Joe turned a crimson red as her full nudity registered in his mind but his cock had a mind of its own and was at full attention.

J brushed his hair out of his eyes and leaned over him to kiss his cheek cooing, “relax Joe this is going to be very enjoyable we will go slow and have a great orgasm together” as she straddled his legs and sat on his knees reaching to unbutton his western style shirt.
With each snap his Adam’s apple bopped as he swallowed hard looking into her eyes trying to ignore the audience of hard cocks.

J knowing his inexperience would work against him in the contest decided she would give him a small break if he came before he was inside her it would not count and he could come again later trying to win the prize, and she felt sure he would be the prize she wanted for the day after looking at the size of his erection inside those tight wranglers . Stopping short of the final snap she asked the men to take a walk and let Joe calm down a little before he tried to set a time for the contest. They all knowing laughed and said we will take a ten minute break to refill the coffee pot and see what‘s come of Ted.

As soon as they were out of the tent J freed his dripping cock from his wranglers and told him to relax she would make him come quickly and then he could fuck her long and hard. Joe was spell bound and just nodded with a whimper. J put her hand in his jeans massaging his balls while placing her mouth over the head of his pulsing cock, pre cum was already dripping so she sucked and swallowed coming up for air she urged “Joe go ahead let go its ok cum for me pretty boy.” Joe obliged with a mouthful of seamen that tasted sweet J swallowed once twice damn three times sucking it down leaving no evidence behind.

By now her twat was steaming ready for this monster cock in her pussy. Joe was a full inch thicker than P and at least a inch longer than any one else in the group. As she wiped her chin zipping him up she stood and went for the lube on the table. Joe stood as the men returned and rubbed his cock in anticipation of what would come next.

Well Dan declared setting the stop watch on the chair arm are we ready for the contest Ted will just have to be the odd man out.

Almost J slurred, “Just need a little lube before we start want to enjoy every inch of the pounding flesh you boys ready?”

With that she turned and asked Joe would he like to the honors, holding the lube out to him, Me,, Joe stammered , Yes you now take this and put some in side my pussy so we can all enjoy the rest of the night. He sheepishly took the lube as J sat on the cot and lay back spreading her legs. J reached down and parted he labia for him and said put plenty we will need it .

He squeezed too hard and a huge glob hit her thigh he reached for it and clumsily pushed it toward her glistening cunt. Finally P rescued him and said watch he expertly placed a good amount on two fingers and began to massage it into her hot pussy. She squirmed and said to his delight oh yeah baby don’t stop go ahead and do that thing I like so much. P using his other fingers began to give her clit a vigorous work out while moving two then three fingers swiftly in and out of her vagina as Joe watched in amazement. J screamed as her orgasm melted on his fingers.

Ok P thanks, “now get little Joe in here and let the Train Fuck begin!” she grinned. J knew as soon as they all seen Joe’s huge cock they would enjoy the little Joe comment.

With a sheepish grin Joe apologized as he fumbled with the zipper with nervous trembling hands, finally he shoved them down to his ankles struggling out of his shorts as his massive member poked through the whole in front. Dan actually whistled, “OMG, kid you are hung like a mule!”

Once nude he turned his back on the men and approached warily the cot where J sat waiting with anticipation. This 10 inch Cock was definitely the biggest she had ever seen much less had put into her 30 year old pussy. She found herself thinking Thank God I had them lube her up!

Joe stood just admiring this hot lady so beautiful and smelled the freshness of her pussy, he stammered, “Mam may I taste you first?” Well J smiled “I really just want to have one long continual pussy pounding fuck, but the timer hasn’t started yet so I will allow a few minutes for your pleasure.”

They all watched as J stood and had Joe lie on his back on the cot, she stood over him admiring the huge throbbing cock. J turned and straddled the cot backing her dripping pussy to Joe’s drooling lips. As he began to lick and suck in her love juices J started grinding her clit on his whiskered chin gently at first then with vigor as she made ready to impale herself with his glorious man tool. As she pulled away from him Joe mumbled, “thank you mam that was delicious.”
J had to chuckle, “your welcome Joe but if you call me mam one more time you are disqualified from the contest.”

“Oh, yes Ma…. I mean ok miss I mean J.” Joe stuttered.

That’s fine Joe now its my turn to enjoy she giggled, she slithered down his firm stomach stopping to lick his pre-cum off before standing once more to lower herself ever so slowly onto this monster cock. First just an inch then two halfway three fourths wetting him with her cum and lube ready now J sat all the way down filling herself full with this hot stiff cock. She just sat for a moment adjusting to his length as well as thickness, Dan declared him a mule J decided a stallion.

Dan did you start the clock, P barked? Dan grinned knowing what P was worried about, He could only imagine how threatened P would be to have this young stud lining up for a shower and breakfast in their living room. J was hoping that her forceful display would take some time off all the others stamina being surely aroused to see this stud slipping in and out of the pussy they had fucked for the last 4 hours!

Dan just grunted, “as soon as she licked his cock.” By now Joe realizes what is at stake he can’t believe he has the possibility of having another morning with this beautiful sex goddess. He begins to concentrate on not letting himself get to excited “ I will fuck her for an hour before I cum he determines.”

Dan Tim and P begin to wager on how long this youngster can go without blowing his wad. Dan says 5 minutes tops, Tim believes 10 if he is lucky P takes the bet with I say 12 minutes 38 seconds! Dan looks at the clock 1minute 30 seconds and counting.

J fearing P might get suspicious she is throwing the contest begins to rock forward lifting halfway off and plunging down again, Joe has reached up and begun to squeeze her freckled ass cheeks as she rises pushing her up farther each time hoping to plop out and get a reprieve to start over. His length works against him though no matter how hard he tries she won’t lift off enough to let him pull out.

Finally in frustration he grimaces as he feels his seamen rising to his balls and gives a powerful push and J looses her balance catching herself just before falling over the end of the cot. J realizes what he wants and takes her time getting up turning to face him now repeating the agonizing process an inch then two halfway now full entry as Joe reaches for her bouncing breast. He pinches too hard in his zeal and receives a slap on the chest for his efforts. Now J is actually enjoying the game too much to slow her rise and fall action pounding this powerful young cock to the limits with each thrust.

Joe fears he will come too soon and begs, “easy J can I be on top now it may be my only chance to actually fuck a woman as beautiful as you.” J actually pauses with a blush, “ Damn Joe when you put it like that how could I resist?”

Joe urged on now , “well if that is the case may I please have you on your knees and fuck you from behind? You have the most awesome freckled ass I just want to see myself going in and out while watching that ass jiggle.” If you must J grins rising and sighing as his members comes out. In a moment J was being filled to capacity doggy style. She put he head down to watch between her legs as his balls began to slap with a loud pop with each thrust. Joe was too far gone now to care about time and contest he had only dreamed of this moment and he intended to make the best of it.

J now knew no matter what she would do what ever it took to have this Man/Toy at her door again soon very soon. She gave in and just let the moment evolve clenching tightly with her vaginal muscle squeezing her new addiction to the point of no return, finally screaming as she begged “Joe let me have that hot load go ahead come in my pussy pretty boy!”

Joe determined to last a little longer looked at Dan grimacing Time? Dan glanced at the watch shaking his head 8 minutes 29 seconds. Joe squeezed her hips straining clinching his prostate muscle willing himself hold on you can wait. By now J has taken over she is fucking him shoving her big ass back with all her strength pounding into his thighs pushing to take every last inch of his manhood with a final sigh she convulses onto his cock as Joe relents and lets the jizz flow in and now out of her hot Pussy.

P shouts, “TIME,” as Dan stops the clock shaking his head 10 minutes 19 seconds, and they all sigh in relief believing it is attainable just need a little determination.

Tim is standing ready and wipes away there juices with a wet wipe and applies a healthy glob of lube onto himself thinking less friction more longevity. J roles onto her back and smiles up at Joe as he dresses in dismay fearing he will surely be in last place before the night is done. “You were Great Little Joe, Please stay for the show.” J demanded.

“Dan you ready?” Tim goads, “Time: Dan calls as he makes a show of lifting his time piece and clicking the start button.

J is laying spread eagle ready for some good old fashioned lay me down and fuck me sex.
Tim enters with ease from all the lube not to mention the stretching Joe just gave her. J runs a hand over his head and through his hair tracing down to his nipples pinching then stretching to nibble one then the other. She enjoys the moment as she feels him tense up from the pure pleasure of this new sensation. She has used this on P many times especially when she was just obliging him with a quickie and wanted to hasten him to a early climax.
Tim tries to recover but the excitement of watching this vixen so thoroughly fuck the young stud has him ready to explode all ready. He grimaces with a resigned look of exasperation that turned to a grin of pure pleasure as he lifts and pounds down with all his weight forcing his 8 inches to the hilt over and over reaching a tempo of a jack hammer as J encourages his thrust with both heels dug into his buttocks. “That’s it big guy pound my pussy show her what you are made of give me all you got don’t stop now come on baby fill me with that hot cum, J goads him on finally she puts her hot tongue into his ear and then bites the lobe holding it sucking in waiting knowing he is done for.
Tim can’t hold any longer with a growl he thrust deep into her core holding himself convulsing as she drains him for the third time tonight. J looks past him to Dan, as Tim collapses all his weight onto her, licking her lips she silently mouths the word “Time!” Dan reluctantly stops the clock 4 minutes 6 seconds.

As Tim pulls clear P steps in with a cold glass of wine “hear J he offers thought you might be thirsty.”
J gulps it down in two swallows breathing heavy reaching for a wet one Tim has buried his seed deep and she stands to allow it to descend before applying more lube. The last thing she wants is to be slowed by a dry spot or worse a skin tear. She lubes herself careful to push inside to prepare for the next hard ride.

As P is ready for his attempt J grins up at him and says “come here mister show theses boy how to fuck a lady.” P smiles right back and says “I just feel sorry for old Dan being after me is going to be trouble because I will ride you all night long.” Laughing J challenges, “you think so I bet I can milk you in 5 minutes flat!” Well P declares “give me your best shot.”

With that the bet was on, Dan P charged Time. J giggled and reached for his throbbing cock guiding it to he swollen cunt lips slipping easily in as the lube did its job they were fucking in a standing position J on one leg the other hiked up on P’s arm as he entered her to the hilt with one powerful thrust. They tired quickly and made their way to the cot, P pushing her down forcefully before climbing on for the fuck of the night. He had counseled himself to pace his thrust to last but the adrenaline from her challenge had clouded his judgment and now he just wanted her to feel the heat and power of a man who knew how to fuck his wife. He plunged in deep and fast as he reached for her nipples pinching to hear her gasp and then licking and nuzzling to make them stand at attention signaling her pleasure he was determined to hear her scream for more!

Ignoring the watchers as well as the watch P was a man possessed he pounded so hard the cot began to creak, J was pushing up on his chest with both hands in challenge to his forceful posture egging him ever nearer his premature climax. J with a will of her own squeezed him with her thighs crossing her ankles now clinching her vagina walls as if to force him out all the while feeling him grow thicker as the head of his penis swelled in preparation for the gushing forth of his hot orgasm. At the Last second P knowing he had been played like a well oiled fiddle, growled her name J you are a fucking machine, then he collapsed heaving as he spent his load into this wild woman he loved beyond measure. J squealed in ecstasy as she bellowed “TIME!” Dan coughed as he said “4 minutes 58 seconds!”

Joe can’t believe his ears as he hops around like a bull rider with the only qualifying ride, he could actually win. Dan looks up knowing he is going to do his dead level best to win but 10 minutes is a stretch for an old man who has no sex life since his wife passed nearly ten years ago!

He hands the watch to Tim as P helps J lube up after the clean up. J looks a little flummoxed as Dan steps out of his boxers she flashes back to just 5 hours earlier and he was the first man to fuck her besides her loving husband in almost 10 years well ahem as far as anyone else knows she blushes just thinking about her secrets so long kept! Well Sir she demurs’ “what shall it be this time?” “Top , Bottom, missionary, from behind, spooning?”

Dan sensing her nerves says “lets just start slow and see where we go.” “I am in no hurry you see” he grins. J can’t help herself he is just the fantasy fuck she had been wanting for several years, every time she was in the room with an older gent she got wet thinking about what it would be like with a man old enough to be a grandfather.

Dan reached for her pulling her close and hugging her close, caressing her cheek, shoulders, kissing her fingertips, licking her palms up her arms just brushing her breast ever so gently. Tim looked at P and questioned with the watch in hand? P nodded start the Time.

J is frozen lending herself to the pleasure of the gentle old gent. Dan cups her breast in both hands now leaning down to kiss then suckle one then the other. J wants to scream fuck me now but she just waits. He helps her sit on the cot and lays her down ever so gently drawing his feather touch down her tummy to the wetness between her legs. He smiles with knowing as it all comes back to him how to make a lady feel cherished. His old manhood is thrumming now standing at full mast. Though not nearly as large as Joe well used and able to please.

Dan has her wanting and that is the key let them want for a moment before plunging in they scream fuck me but really they want the extended pleasure of being the core of your attention so he carefully invites her to open to him with the softest touch to her inner knee one then the other he parts her legs revealing the waiting’s deed she is dripping her own juices the lube though helpful now totally unnecessary . He lowers himself to her opening and pauses there waiting for her want to insist on his entry. J is in a new dimension of pleasure she hasn’t been this ready since her first time as a virgin.

Dan out last her and J reaches for him guiding him into her wetness. J can’t believe it is happening but she is so intense with each mind blowing inch of his manhood she feels as though he is in virgin territory. Gone are the screams for mindless pounding now she longs for him to fill her and keep her filled as long as possible.

J looking over sees Joe hard again in his youth and Tim with his hunger, P watching the clock and she relaxes her hold on the old gent and lets him set the pace. Slow deliberate movement in out in out in out hold hold in out in out hold…. J reaches for his neck pulling him down to her insistent that he nuzzle her swollen nipples then he arrives at the spot on her neck that P discovered can make her come instantly she sighs yes that’s the spot Dan oh… oh I am coming she huffs.

Dan takes a earlobe into his lips biting sucking nibbling again J is clawing at his back now :cum for me Dan I want to feel that manhood explode from within me deep inside me cum with me” J insist.

Dan softly whispers into her hair “not yet my love but soon.” J can’t imagine more ecstasy some how being the focus of his intentions has pushed over the edge.

Dan slowly lifts himself away and helps J up on all fours pulling back on her hair as though the reins of a young mare. J arches her back in anticipation of his primal need to mount her from behind. His entry is again gentle and smooth she is a young filly in heat and he an old stallion out to pasture. But once more the two meet he increases his tempo now more urgent sensing the end is near now pulling back controlling and yet allowing her to buck. They maintain the coupling like two old pros giving and taking all at once. With a deep sigh of resignation the old stallion lets go of the reins and holds on for a final ride pulling her hind quarters back as he lunges forward with his last energy. J is Cumming so hard she can’t pull away riding him down grinding out her last pleasure. Dan looks up and tells P Time.

J whimpers, “no not yet hold me hold me close.” Dan sees a tear trickle down her cheek as he allows her to curl up in his arms. He smiled a contented smile and gestures for P to take this lovely creature to bed. Tim hands him his watch Dan looks at it, 10 minutes 21 seconds he puts it away determined to never reset it, he will take this moment to his grave alone!”

The end!

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