It's not over
He was still bucking slightly as we settled down.

I got up to get a washcloth and told Harry to lay still. I put my robe on but didn't fully close it. This always had a great affect on the men I had been with. I wasn't quite done with my little brother and the sight of my large pointy breasts trying to poke out of that sexy little robe was a tease, and I knew it would work wonders on him. He obviously had a thing for my breasts and I was prepared to take full advantage of that fact.

I got up on the bed, on my knees as my brother was laid out on his back looking up at me. I took the cloth and cleaned up all the cum and sweat around his groin and stomach. As I did this I let my breasts sway and bounce inside my robe. Tied above my waist, the silky, thin material of my robe was just covering my nipples. The full, roundness of my jutting breasts could be seen with my cleavage in full view. I looked at Harry as I slowly moved the cloth around his belly. Hi eyes were glued to my breasts. Just as I thought they'd be.
As I moved the washcloth around his tight belly, I made every effort to brush my hand against his soft penis like it was an accident. I made no obvious move to touch his penis. I would look up at his face to give him a sexy smile, but he was still staring at my breasts. Finally I said, "Oh, Harry... can you think of nothing else besides my pretty breasts?"

"What?.... oh, sorry. I just can't believe how perfect they are. They look so sexy inside that robe." I looked down to see my brother's penis begin to stir. I tossed the washcloth on the floor, threw my right leg over his knees and gently sat down. I put my hands on his thighs and bent over slightly, causing my breasts to bounce forward. The thin, silky material was caressing my sensitive pink nipples and I knew they were poking through my robe.

"My nipples get so sensitive." I looked down at my breasts and pinched a nipple through the thin material. I reached up with both hands now and began caressing and pinching both of my sensitive nipples.

"Sometimes they make me so horny. I love to watch myself play with them in the mirror." I was looking at Harry who was watching me use both hands to squeeze my breasts, my delicate fingers pinching my erect nipples.

I was getting off on teasing my little brother when I looked down to see his penis was almost standing at full attention. "Oh, Harry... look at you... you're starting to get another erection."
I reached down and slowly untied my robe. My hands traveled up my soft belly to part my robe and expose my round, pretty breasts. My hands softly caressed their large round shapes. I moaned, "Oh, Harry... I'm so turned on... you make me so horny."

Harry had reached for his penis and was slowly stroking it, "God Dam, Jess... you're so fucking sweet... jeezus, your tits are so pink and pretty.... God, I love the way your tits look."
I watched his hand stroking his huge penis as I caressed my breasts and said, "Harry, you're such a handsome young man. I'm so lucky to have a young brother like you."

I put my hands on the bed beside Harry's legs and leaned forward. I put my face just inches from his massive erection and let my nipples graze his hairy thighs. As I moved my hands up, I moved his hands away and touched his fully erect penis. "I always wanted to be a better older sister to you, and now I'm finally getting the chance."
His penis was starting to twitch and jerk in my hands. I began stroking and teasing it with my fingernails. I leaned over and put my lips over the head and stuck out my tongue to tease the underside. I then opened my mouth and took it as far as it would go. I felt the soft head of my brother's penis hit the back of my throat.

Harry grabbed my head and was guiding me over his penis. I backed off and said, "Easy, Harry... I'll let you cum in my mouth later. But right now I need to take my time and ease that big penis in my pussy. I want it slow and soft for a change. You're so horny, Harry, you cum too fast."

"Sorry, Jess... I guess I just can't help myself. You look so hot... you make me so fucking horny." My hands still wrapped around his penis.
"Well, I understand you being so young and with all the excitement of seeing your older sister naked and whatnot... It is awfully hot to watch you cum like that.... I just can't get over how beautiful and big your penis is.... God, I love it," I said as I stared at my brother's huge penis, stroking and marveling at it's length and girth.

I let go of my brother's hard penis and crawled up to sit on his stomach. I rubbed my wet pussy over his hard belly while I reached back and found his hard penis just inches from my butt. I aimed his penis at my thoroughly wet pussy and began rubbing it across my opening several times until I had enough.

Propping myself up on my brother's chest, I settled back and let him enter my pussy. It slid in, and in further, and in even further until I thought it wouldn't go anymore. I pulled up and sank back down as we both moaned and breathed in hard. I sat down all the way and squeaked when Harry's penis hit bottom before my butt touched his groin. That was all I could take and there was still more of his huge penis to go!

I leaned over and put my face close to his. My breasts hung down causing my nipples to brush lightly against the soft hairs of his chest. It felt so good and we both gasped at the feeling. I was looking right into Harry's face while I continued a slow up and down motion over his erect penis. My eyelids fell, I opened my mouth, and moved my lips to touch Harry's. His mouth was open slightly taking in air and breathing out with the rhythm of our movements. His lips felt so good, we let our lips softly mingle together. I felt his tongue touch my lips and I gently sucked on it. I released it and used my tongue to dance around his. It was so hot.
My brother started to thrust up with his hips delivering more of his large erect penis into my wet pussy. His thrusting caused our lips to come apart and my body shifted up on his chest. My breasts were now hanging directly in my little brother's face. He groaned, "Ooohh Jess... your tits are so perfect."
I let my brother's tongue and lips bounce around my erect nipples while he banged his penis into me. I was bouncing on his chest with my nipples on fire, being teased and nibbled by his anxious and hungry mouth. He was rampant and I was being ravished. Then I realized what was happening. I grabbed his shoulders and told him to stop.

"Harry," I cooed "... I told you I wanted to take it slow... please go slow."
"I'm so sorry, Jess... I'll do it better." Then he began a slow upward grind, delivering his incredibly hard shaft in and out of my pussy. I could feel the head almost come out as I moved my butt up and away from him, then down slowly, forcing my pussy lips over his long, hard shaft. He was getting off on it. My breasts weren't bouncing as before. Instead they were in perfect position for Harry to devour with his soft lips and tongue. I was in heaven with the feeling of him making those long, slow strokes in and out of my pussy.

He soon found that he could tease me by leaving the head of his penis just at the entrance to my pussy. He would make short, soft stabs at me with only the head of his penis. He would slide it just past my labia and start to enter me, only to s-l-o-w-l-y remove it, stopping just before the head popped out. He had his hands on either side of my butt, close to my pussy, pulling at my lips, making a perfect target for the velvety, hard head of his penis. He continued this until he began to slowly ease me down onto his hard shaft again. Slowly up and down on his huge, hard penis.
His slow strokes became thrusts, a little faster, a little at a time. He was picking up speed as my sensitive, pink nipples were again bouncing against his lips and tongue.

I was coming unglued. I began to moan and sigh with an intense pleasure that could only signal the orgasm I was going to get from my little brother, "Harry.... ooohhh my god, little brother... you're gonna make me cum... don't stop.... oooohhhh, Harry, I'm cumming!... please don't stop... uuuuhhh-aaaahhhhh, oh yes, Harry... ooohh."

He pounding up into my round butt with such force, he had a hard time keeping his wet mouth and tongue on my nipples. This only added to the intense pleasure we were both feeling. His large, erect penis was sending me over the edge, and he was doing his best to devour the puffy nipples pointing from my large, round breasts. He moaned and grunted while he was chasing my nipples around with his mouth and tongue. I was being hit stroke after stroke with intense orgasms. Knowing he was totally getting off on the bouncing breasts in his face only added to this erotic scene.

A few strokes more and his body language and animal grunting signaled he was about to cum. I didn't think it was possible, but his huge penis swelled even larger as it was about to spurt his cum inside me. It hit me like a full body shock wave. The feeling of his penis, skin taught and tight, I could feel the entire surface of his hard shaft and bulbous head sliding in and out of my wet pussy.

Just as my climax was peaking, I suddenly realized I didn't want my brother to spurt all that cum inside me. A minute ago when his penis was in my pussy, he was already done cumming, and I was out of control. This time I quickly pulled all the way off that gigantic penis, moved back so I could grab it, and stroked.
I pumped with both hands while it spat gobs and gobs of cum all over his stomach and chest. I pointed it straight up at my tits and it spurted a ropey stream that hit me right on the side of my open mouth. The rest landed on my swollen breasts. Another spurt from my brother's penis hit me directly on my breasts. My nipples were dripping with his warm sticky cum.

I let my right hand drop to his tight scrotum and teased his balls with my fingernails. Raking my nails over his sensitive balls made him jerk and twitch under me.

He was looking down with his mouth wide open and bucking his hips up and down and groaning, "Oh fuck, Jess.... that feels so good.... oh my god, Jess....."
When I squeezed the last drop of cum from his sensitive penis, I dropped it and moved my hands to his stomach and chest rubbing all that cum around. I fell forward, letting my cum drenched tits mingle with all the cum on his chest. I looked up and kissed my brother on the lips.

We laid down and slept for a while. Then got up, showered and watched TV. The next morning I planned to teach my brother how to lick my pussy. I'll also show him how he can put his penis in my anus. I wanted to totally get off from his penetrations, but didn't want him to spurt all that cum in my pussy. If I can get him to slow down, I'll have time to teach him a few tricks.

I was not looking forward to returning to Los Angeles and back to work. Harry and I talked about him coming down to live in LA - at least for a visit until he decides.....


2013-05-15 21:59:17
can't wait for the next one!!!! overall 10/10.

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2013-02-20 12:39:19
Use 'taut' not 'taught' when you mean tight. Pretty well written over-all.


2012-06-24 00:41:20
well, direct and to the point,,u sure u r woman,,,? no romance here

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2012-05-14 19:25:31
ahh, just enough to cum. my panties are soaked. some things seem askew and not in proportion, but i read right through them.

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girls, email me.

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