Mom was seventeen when she had me. Dad was a few years older and did the right thing. He made sure mom couldn’t get pregnant again, well, not by him anyway. He never really did anything with me, mom was the one to do all the dad stuff, (you know, teach me to throw a baseball and play catch, things like that.) She was a smart frugal woman and saved money by investing it in stocks. She was smart enough to pick good ones too.

Everything went along smoothly until I turned fourteen and then out of the blue dad announced he was getting a divorce. He had found a younger woman and just left us. A few weeks later the divorce was done. Mom got the house, me and all the stocks since they were in her name. Well, all those stocks were suddenly the focus of her attention. They had been set to just roll the dividends back into more stocks.

Now she stopped that so the dividends would come to us to help support us. Only, she realized it was a lot more then she expected. They were enough that she quit her job to be a stay at home mom. She seemed lost and went into a slump though. I guess she didn’t feel young and pretty but she was wrong. She started dressing sexy and was more clinging.

Summer vacation had started and mom had gotten into a habit that had me jacking off a lot. In the morning she only wore a loose robe and a few times I got flashes of tits or pussy as it opened. The light blouses she started wearing were shear and I could almost see her breasts so I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. The short skirts she wore rode up enough when she bent over, (and she did that quit a bit) so that I knew she had stopped wearing panties.

It was evening and I had been out all day exploring the woods out back. Dinner was over and I had cleaned up while mom had rubbed on me and went to watch a show. I came into the living room and sat on the couch like I normally did. Mom was lying on the floor on her stomach. Her legs were apart and she was wiggling her butt absently.

I watched and could almost see her pussy. It was a few minutes later that I looked down and almost gasped. Mom’s skirt was higher on her butt, her legs were spread and I could plainly see her pussy and ass. The lower part was bald and I could see wetness in her slit. What really sent me over the top though was that she was rubbing her clit with a finger and humping down onto her hand.

I glanced at her head and she was still watching the movie. I lifted my butt and pulled my sweat pants and boxers down. I stroked my cock a couple of times as I watched and then stopped. I pulled my pants and boxers all the way off and moved off the couch. I straddled her thighs and pushed my hard cock down.

I pushed into her and she shuddered and groaned. She didn’t turn her head or say anything as I fucked her deeper and held her hips. Fucking her tight, warm pussy was amazing and I knew I would never stop fucking her. A minute later I shoved in deep and spewed huge, thick streams of cum. I pumped shot after shot while I shivered.

Mom only moaned and pushed back as she felt my warm cum filling her. When I stopped cumming, I went back to fucking her now slick pussy. She shivered as my cock slipped through her slippery pussy. Each time I buried my cock and fingered her warm ass she would jerk and shudder. Her pussy would tighten and she would moan.

It was another five minutes before I leaned forward and buried my cock deep inside her. I shivered before suddenly pumping huge, spurting streams inside her. Mom jerked and began having body shaking spasms, her cummy pussy tightening as I pumped and spurted. She shook her head and whimpered as I relaxed and lay on her.

I kissed the back of her neck and then moved back, my cock slipping out of her. I put my boxers and sweats on and sat on the couch looking at my mother as she shivered and sighed. She finally got up and smiled at me before heading towards the hall, “Bed time baby.”

I watched her walk down the hall with cum running down her thighs. I finally shut everything off and went to brush my teeth before heading into my room. I stripped, tossing my clothes into the hamper before stopping. I thought about what I had done to mom and looked down the hall towards her door. Normally she slept with it closed but tonight it was open. It was as if it were an invitation. I shut off my light and walked quietly down the hall to look into her room.

I smiled as I saw her outline on the bed and walked in. I didn’t say anything as I climbed onto her bed and felt her body. I moved over her and between her legs. I slowly pushed into her cummy pussy and started to fuck her. I move slowly, with deep strokes that had mom shaking, her pussy seemed to keep spasming or grasping at my cock.

I really took my time and started grinding against her when I buried my cock. I kissed her softly and nibbled on her ear lobe, “I love you mom. You are so beautiful.”

She shuddered and wrapped her arms around me as I kept fucking her. I used long, deep strokes that left her shaking as her pussy squeezed my cock. She shook her head as she groaned and lifted her hips to meet mine. I smiled and changed to fuck her hard and fast. I only did it for a couple of minutes and buried my cock to grind and her body started spasming as her messy pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. Her whole body shook as her back arched, “FUCK!”

I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts but knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I buried my cock and used tiny grinding thrusts as I humped against her hard. Mom shuddered almost violently, “YES!”

I shoved into her and held her as I spurted cum deep inside. I pumped large spurts of sperm to splash against the back of her pussy and she sighed as she felt it. I slowly pulled out and snuggled next to her. I fell asleep not long after and woke to her pushing me onto my back as she straddled my waist. I glanced at the light coming in the window and knew it was morning.

Mom guided my stiff cock to her slimy hole and sat down. I reached up to cup her firm breasts as she started fucking my cock. She was rocking back and forth and my cock was moving through her slippery pussy as it squeezed me. She moaned and shuddered hard, “Fuck baby!”

I smiled and rubbed her hard nipples and she shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. She changed to start thrusting back and forth so she could rub her clit on my body. She was jerking and spasming while her pussy milked my cock. She became more erratic and shuddered as she shook her head and arched her back, “YES!”

Her pussy tightened and I thrust up hard as my cock exploded. I pumped a huge fountain of cum up against her womb and mom jerked. “YES! CUM IN ME!”

I spurted and spewed again and again until I shivered and finished. Mom groaned and shuddered before slipping off to lay next to me. She smiled and caressed my chest, “I was thinking of taking a nice vacation this summer.”

I grinned, “How about to an island where you have to wear skimpy bikinis on the beach?”

Mom laughed and leaned into me to give me and kiss, “Sounds good.”

Showering with mom that morning was fun and she let me feel her as much as I wanted. During breakfast we went over places to go and decided on a nice place. She actually got a good deal at a beach side resort for a week, starting the next night and we spent the day shopping and packing. I wanted to wait and fuck mom all night when we got to the resort and she grinned when I told her.

Mom seemed different as she held my hand on the ride to the airport the next morning. On the long airplane ride she teased me about joining the mile high club. She was almost giddy as we rode the taxi to the resort. On the elevator up to the room she laughed and whispered that she was so wet it was leaking down one leg.

I set the bags down after walking inside the large room and turned to her as she closed the door. We were on one of the top floors and had a great view. I kissed her passionately and started undressing her. She grinned and struggled to help and undress me at the same time. I grinned and pulled her towards the sliding doors out onto the balcony.

I turned to embrace her and kissed her again and we heard a moan. I pulled back to look at mom and she grinned before looking over at the next balcony which was connected to ours. A red haired girl that looked my age was laid back and a woman was licking her pussy. She moaned again, “God mom that feels so good!”

Mom grinned at me and I turned her to the rail. I spread her legs and bent her forward before slowly pushing my cock into her. She shivered and moaned, “God baby, I really need your cock inside me.”

I smiled and held her hips as the girl and woman went quiet. I fucked her slowly and felt her slippery pussy squeezing my cock as she thrust back and shuddered. I rubbed her warm asshole, “Your pussy feels so good around my cock mom.”

I heard a gasp and mom giggled and turned her head, “Incest is best.”

The other woman laughed and then the girl giggled. Mom moaned and spasmed lightly and my thick cock throbbed as she jerked and shuddered hard, “Yes! CUM IN ME!”

I held her hips as I began spewing gushing spurts of cum I had been saving. She spasmed with each warm jet of cum as I pumped it into her and tossed her head, “Oh baby!”

I shuddered as I stopped after eight loads and then laughed and bent to straightened her and hold her against me. She turned her head and I kissed her before reluctantly pulling out and turning her in my arms. We looked over at the woman and her daughter and mom smiled, “Night.”

She led me inside and I grinned as I pulled her to bed leaving the glass door open to the soft ocean breeze. I followed mom onto the bed and moved between her legs before pushing back into her cummy pussy. She groaned and shivered as I buried my cock and pressed against her. I started kissing her before slowly pulling back and then fucking her. I used deep, firm thrusts and she started shaking a minute later.

Her body jerked erratically and she was thrusting up to meet my thrusts. I buried my cock deep inside her and pressed against her hard, “Imagine your daughter licking your pussy.”

Mom shuddered hard and arched her back as her pussy squeezed my cock, “FUCK!”

I laughed and went back to fucking her shaking body. Every other minute she was spasming and became incoherent as her pussy contracted tightly around my cock. Finally after almost thirty minutes I thrust into her and started spewing huge, gushing jets of cum. She jerked violently, “YES! CUM IN ME!”

I pumped and spurted until I was left trying to catch my breath. Mom finally stopped twitching and laughed, “God baby, I need to invite that girl and her mother over if you are going to fuck me that long.”

I grinned and pulled out of her and mom groaned, “You’re still hard.”

The clearing of a throat from the open balcony door made us look, “Can we come in?”

I looked at mom to see her grinning as she sat up, “Sure.”

I looked at the balcony door as the woman and her daughter walked in naked. The woman cleared her throat, “We couldn’t help hearing…”

Mom laughed and I grinned. They sat on the bed and the girl stared at my cock. Mom held her hand out, “Virginia, this is my son Kyle.”

The woman took her hand, “Ginny and this is my daughter Rebecca.”

Rebecca reached out to wrap her hand around my slimy cock, “Damn you’re big.”

Mom laughed, “Want to feel it where it counts?”

Rebecca looked at her and blushed before looking at her mom, “Can I?”

Ginny grinned, “Go ahead.”

Ginny looked at mom, “Can I taste his cum?”

Mom grinned as she lay back and spread her leg, “I don’t mind.”

Rebecca pushed me onto my back and straddled my waist as her mother moved between mom’s legs. Her pussy was really tight as she forced it down onto my cock with a groan. I reached up to cup her breasts, “You are really tight.”

She grinned, “You’re my first cock.”

Ginny lifted her wet face, “Your asshole father was your first baby.”

Rebecca frowned as she settled on me, “But I don’t remember that.”

I looked at her mother as she moved up to lay beside mom, “You were a baby honey.”

She looked at mom, “I caught the bastard fucking her when she was only six months old.”

Mom shook her head and Rebecca shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I liked feeling her breasts and playing with her nipples. I reached down as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and rubbed her small nub of a clit. She jerked and spasmed as she thrust back and forth harder. I shivered, “I hope you are on birth control because I sure don’t want to pull out.”

Rebecca was shaking as she rode my cock, “No, but you better not pull out.”

I groaned as mom and Ginny laughed. Rebecca was breathing hard and grunting as her pussy continually squeezed my cock. I pulled her down and shifted before rolling so she was under me. I kissed her and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She lifted her hips to meet each thrust and started jerking harder.

I wasn’t trying to hold back and fucked her hard. Her pussy was spasming as she stiffened and then she was bucking and thrashing around as she howled, “FFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK...MMMEEEE!”

I thrust in against her womb as I started spewing another torrent of cum. Rebecca jerked and screamed again, “OH MY GOD!”

I spewed and sprayed and spurted and finally stopped pumping cum into her. She shuddered and groaned, “That was…”

Mom laughed, “How it feels to have a man fuck you senseless.”

Rebecca laughed and shook me, “yes.”

I kissed her and slowly pulled out of her tight pussy. I moved over next to mom and she smiled as she caressed me and looked at Ginny and Rebecca, “Would you like to share with us?”

Ginny grinned and reached out to my cummy cock, “Well there is a connecting door and we will be staying for a week.”

Mom grinned, “We’re staying for a week too.”

I shuddered and Ginny looked at mom, “May I?”

She pushed me towards Ginny, “Go fuck her baby.”

I kissed her before moving over Ginny and giving her a soft, tender kiss. I lifted up and she reached between us to position my cock. I pushed and wiggled and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy as she groaned. She put her arms around me, “I haven’t let a man fuck me since I threw my husband out.”

I kissed her as I pulled back and started fucking her. Mom pulled Rebecca against her and cupped a breast as they watched us. I kissed Ginny and fucked her hard for a minute and then buried my cock as she jerked and spasmed. Her wet pussy was still very tight and kept squeezing my cock as she moaned. I was humping and pressing into her before pulling out and fucking her with long, slow, deep thrusts.

It wasn’t long before she cried out and started bucking and thrashing around. I fucked her hard and rode her body as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock almost painfully tight. She clung to me as she finally lifted her legs and spread them wide. I was thrusting into her with deep, firm thrust and began to shake. Ginny was continuously spasming and had long since stopped crying out.

I fucked her through five orgasms before I thrust into her and jerked as I began to pump thick streams of cum. She jerked when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and clutched me to her, “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!”

When I stopped cumming she shuddered and let her legs drop to the bed. I kissed her before pulling out and looking at mom. She was grinning and hugged Rebecca, “That was a long one baby.”

Rebecca giggled, “I’ll say.”

Ginny groaned, “I loved every minute.”

I moved so Rebecca could snuggle against her mother and went to hold mine. Mom sighed as she hugged me and I kissed her before relaxing. I woke to an empty bed and frowned as I sat up and looked around. The connecting door was open and I could hear a shower going. I moved off the bed and looked in our bathroom before noticing mom’s suitcase open.

I hesitantly looked into the other room and Rebecca looked up from drying her hair. She grinned, “Our moms are taking a shower together.”

I grinned, “I need one too.”

I went to get my stuff and went into our bathroom to shower. Mom was waiting when I got out and kissed me, “You were sleeping so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you.”

I caressed her body, “Breakfast and the beach?”

She grinned, “sounds good.”

She turned to her suitcase and I was tempting to fuck her. I reached between her legs to rub her pussy and mom shuddered before grinning at me, “Later?”

I turned her and kissed her, “Later.”

Mom kissed me and put on a skimpy bikini and grinned as I grabbed my swimsuit, “I’m going to have a hard on all day.”

Rebecca and Ginny laughed from the doorway and then came in. Breakfast was out on a stone patio and then Mom and Ginny led the way out to the wide sandy beach. I grinned as I looked around and stopped mom. I turned her and undid her top, “no one is wearing tops mom.”

She blushed and looked around as I finished and turned to Ginny. She smiled and turned to let me remove her top and then it was Rebecca’s turn. Mom and Ginny lay back in the resorts loungers and Rebecca pulled me towards the water. We played in the waves and then came back to lay beside our mothers.

We left after lunch and wondered around seeing the sights before heading back to the resort. After I closed the door to our room mom turned and hugged me, “I’m horny Kyle.”

I grinned and caressed her hips before pulling the ties and turning her to the bed. I moved her onto the bed on her stomach and moved over her. I kissed her before sliding back and striping out of my swimsuit. Mom spread her legs and I could see her fingering her pussy and grinned as I moved over her. I pushed into her and slowly buried my cock, “I want to get you pregnant mom.”

She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I started fucking her with long thrusts and she kept pushing her butt back as she moaned. Rebecca and Ginny were suddenly sitting beside us. Ginny leaned over to kiss mom, “I’m going to let him knock me up.”

Mom spasmed and jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

Rebecca leaned over so she was close, “I want him to get me pregnant too.”

Mom thrust back and then moved up and forward so that my cock came out. I lifted up and she rolled over and spread her legs. She pulled me back between her legs and I slid back into her. She caressed my sides and back, “I haven’t been using birth control baby.”

I looked at her in surprise and she smiled as my cock throbbed, “I hope you already got me pregnant but you can make sure.”

I laughed and kissed her passionately before starting to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Her warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock constantly as she humped up. A few minutes and she was jerking and convulsing as she hugged me tight. I had been horny all day and buried my cock and groaned as it throbbed before pumping huge, gushing spurts of cum. She stiffened before shuddering hard and lifting her hips, “YES!”

I spurted and pumped cum into her and mom sighed and held me when I finally relaxed and stopped. She caressed my side as I caught my breath and I kissed her softly. I pulled out and she shuddered before giggling, “Next bitch to be bred?”

Ginny laughed and put her arm around my waist, “I’m a day ahead of Rebecca so you can fuck me next.”

Rebecca grinned when I looked at her, “I get the long ride.”

Mom and Ginny laughed and I grinned before turning and pulling Ginny down. I kissed her before moving down her body and pushing her legs open. I pulled the string to untie her bottoms before pulling it down and off. I opened her pussy and licked through it before covering her clit and using my tongue to tease it. I began sucking and wiggling my tongue and it wasn’t long before she started shuddering and lifting her hips as she moaned.

I nibbled on her clit a few minutes later and she cried out as she jerked and twisted away. Mom and Rebecca laughed as I moved up her body and slowly pushed into her slippery pussy. I gave her a kiss as I started to fuck deeper and Ginny groaned and thrust her hips up. It wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix as I fucked her.

I buried my cock and humped into her slowly. It was a minute before Ginny wailed and lifted her legs to kick in the air. I started fucking her with long, hard, deep strokes and she began to convulse as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her as I shuddered and started spurting cum. She lifted her hips and clutched me tight as her pussy seemed to contract and grasp my pumping cock.

When I was done cumming Ginny shuddered and sighed as she relaxed and put her legs down. I had pumped my cum against and into her womb and it wasn’t leaking around my cock as I pulled out and lay beside her. Rebecca lay on her mother and gave her a kiss, “you better have a girl.”

Mom giggled as Ginny grinned. I rubbed Rebecca’s butt before pulling her off and hugging her, “Why a girl?”

She grinned as she turned in my arms, “Because I am going to have a boy so they can fuck each other.”

Mom and Ginny laughed as I shook her and undid her bottoms. Rebecca straddled me and lifted up to fit my cock to her pussy before pushing down. I rubbed her nipples as she began to rock, “where do you live?”

She smiled and looked at her mother, “We were talking about that with your mother.”

I looked at mom as Rebecca’s tight pussy spasmed and grasped my cock, she grinned, “I invited them to come live with us.”

Ginny grinned, “so we get to keep abusing you.”

I laughed and tugged on both of Rebecca’s nipples before pulling her down and rolling, “I think I will be the one abusing you.”

Rebecca laughed and hugged me tight as I started to fuck her. I used deep thrusts that pushed against and then opened her womb. I took my time and kept fucking her nice and slow. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and wrapped her legs around me. A minute later she wailed and started bucking and thrashing around. Her tight pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock almost constantly.

I buried my cock to hump and jab into her as we kissed and when she began to relaxed I started fucking her again. I used long thrusts and Rebecca lifted her legs and spread them as she howled and bucked on and off my cock, “FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK... MMMMMEEEEEEE!”

Her slippery pussy was milking my cock as I began to fuck her harder. When I shoved into her and grunted, she was twisting and thrusting up hard. I held her as I began to spew and spurt and she clung to me as she screamed, “YYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I shuddered as I continued to hold her and spurt one gush after another. When I stopped cumming she sighed and dropped to the bed panting. I kissed her before pulling out and moving over to mom. I settled between her spread legs and kissed her as I pushed. My cock pushed into her and she groaned before shaking me, “After dinner honey. I want you to fuck me on the balcony again.”

I laughed and kissed her before pulling out of her, “I think I have enough to do the three of you at least once more each.”

Mom shook me again before I slipped off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. By the time we left a week later Rebecca and Ginny were both pregnant. It turned out mom was already pregnant. It took Ginny and Rebecca a couple of weeks to get everything in order and move.

Over the years Rebecca and I have grown even closer. We all still sleep in one bed and both mom and Ginny seem to delight in taking turns getting pregnant. Rebecca waited until she was eighteen to start taking her turn having more babies. Every year we still take a vacation back to the resort where we met.
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