I was out... finally. The army had started off okay but then I had been sent to Afghanistan. That had been the beginning of my nightmares. My unit and my friends had stumble into fire fight after fire fight. I had joined to make enough to pay for college but had never expected the nightmares it would cost me. My tour was extended for three months and then another three.

When I got out I was only twenty and needed peace around me. I thought of the mountains but went south instead. I went to southern Florida and the keys, hoping to get lost in the mangroves. I bought a large canoe and cases of freeze dried and dehydrated meals. It was peaceful even if there were a few dangers, mostly from snakes.

I glanced up at the darkening clouds as thunder rumbled a warning. I had been caught in sudden down pours enough by now to know what was coming. I glanced around before turning the canoe towards a thick stand of mangroves. I went in deep before glancing around for someplace to tie up to. A piece of metal caught my eye and I looked up.

A twin engine plane was caught in the branches of several trees and vines were wrapped around it. That told me the plane had crashed here a few years ago. I paddled to one of the trees and tied the canoe off before standing. I looked up again and decided to check the plane out. I used a thick vine and climbed up the tree before using a thick limb to climb out to the plane.

I checked it carefully but it didn’t move. I used vines to keep some of my weight off the plane as I worked myself onto the wing. I moved to the planes body and started working on opening the door. Small drops of rain began falling as I finally managed to yank the door open. I carefully stepped into the plane and pulled a small flashlight from a thigh pocket.

I began carefully checking everything before turning to close the door as it began pouring outside. The plane was mostly empty except for a few black plastic bales. I went to check the cockpit and found two skeletons. I moved back to the door before squatting to wait for the rain to stop. I stared around and finally reached out to pull one of the black wrapped bales closer.

I used my hunting knife to cut open the plastic and sat staring at the money I found inside. I looked around inside the plane counting the bales. I looked at the one I held and opened it more before counting it by small bundles. It came out to a million and I looked at the other four wrapped bales and leaned against the side of the plane.

I was just staring through the shattered front windows when a flash of lightning lit the whole scene. I frowned and stood to move back to the cockpit. I looked down at what looked like a sail boat under the water. What had drawn my attention was the mast with Spanish moss covering most of it. The more I looked the more I realized the boat was an old one.

It looked like one they had used at the turn of the century. It was an hour before it stopped raining and began to get humid. I used vines and five fifty cord to lower the five bales of cash to my canoe. When I was done I climbed down and moved to a tree beside the sunken boat. I looked around at the water but didn’t see any alligators or snakes.

I stripped and put my clothes in the canoe before slipping into the water. I took deep breaths before diving and swimming down to the open hatch in the boat. I slipped through and could barely make anything out. One thing I did see was a small chest that looked intact as well as a few barrels. I hesitated before moving closer and trying to lift the chest. It was heavy... real heavy, but I managed to lift it up through the hole and onto the deck.

I had to surface to get air and took my time as I looked around. I dove back down and swam back into the hole. I moved to a barrel and barely made out bottles. I grabbed two and left, I surfaced and moved to the canoe. I set the two bottles in the canoe and when I was ready I pulled a coil of five fifty cord and dove back to the boat.

I tied the cord around the chest, front, back and sides before swimming to the surface again. I climbed out and moved to a better spot on the tree roots before trying to pull the chest up. As it reached the surface I reached down and tried to lift it out of the water.

It took several tries before I managed it and then I let it sit and drain as I brought my canoe closer. I dried off and dressed before trying to open the chest. It opened slowly and I stared at the tarnished silver coins that filled it. I grinned and closed the lid before squatting and lifting the chest. I had to be careful but managed to place it in the center of the canoe. It took me a half day to reach a city and by then I had a plan.

I rented a truck and loaded everything before looking for someplace to stay. I rented a small one bedroom apartment and stacked the bales of money in a closet. I used some of the money to buy an old used truck and then I started selling the silver coins. Most were from the early nineteen hundreds and from several other countries. That was how I met Sarah and Galina, they were a coin dealer’s daughters.

I was also depositing several thousand dollars each day. Floyd, the coin dealer was Portugese and his wife was a native from South America. I was sleeping when one of the nightmares began. I was pulled out of it by soft hands and a girl’s body holding me and rocking. I snapped awake and looked up into Sarah’s eyes. Galina sat on the other side of the bed and reached out to caress my chest, “You are safe.”

I looked at her and sat up, the girls were twins and only sixteen, “I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

Sarah smiled as she moved back, “You left your door unlocked and were yelling.”

I nodded and took a deep breath before opening my mouth. Sarah beat me to it by suddenly leaning forward to kiss me. I was stunned and slowly put my arms around her as the world moved away as she held the kiss. When she pulled back I was confused until Galina moved closer and turned me. She kissed me like her sister had and all I could do was hold her.

When she pulled back Sarah was turning me and I sighed as I kissed her. I ignored everything, even Galina opening my pants and pulling them down and off. When Sarah pulled back with a sigh, Galina was straddling me and kissing me. I felt her lift up as I held her and a hand lifted my cock. I felt something warm pushing against the head of my cock and then I was pushing into her warm, slippery pussy with a groan.

She continued to kiss me as she rocked back and forth pushing my cock deeper. I caressed her sides and pushed my hands up her blouse to push her bra off before cupping her breasts and rubbing the nipples. She groaned and kept kissing me as she shoved back and down hard, pushing my cock deeper against her womb. She gasped as she jerked and started convulsing.

She rolled off me and before I could do anything Sarah was straddling me and pushing my cock into her tight pussy. Unlike her sister she was naked as she began to fuck me. She laid on me and kissed me as her pussy rippled around my cock. She rocked back and forth and rolled her hips as we kissed and moaned. It was a few minutes before I squeezed her and grunted as I began to spew a huge jet of cum.

Sarah hugged me tight and pushed back and down to push my cock against her womb. She was trembling as I pumped and spurted. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. I hugged her and smiled, “You are supposed to do that before I go to sleep to keep the nightmares away.”

She grinned as Galina giggled, she kissed me and lifted her hips before rolling off me, “Dad wants to see you.”

I nodded and turned to move off the bed. I dressed and tried to think of what I would tell their father. The girls rode with me in my truck and Sarah leaned against me, “Would you let me have a coin James?”

I thought I knew where this was going. I hesitated at the next light and leaned over to open the glove box. Inside were a few coins and I picked up two. I gave one to Sarah and the other to Galina. I walked into the shop and Floyd turned and grinned, “James, I think you are going to like the offer I received.”

I lifted an eyebrow and he laughed, “I showed the inventory and pictures to a man from Texas and he wants them all.”

Sarah walked to her father and opened her hand, “James offered us coins.”

Galina had followed her sister and opened her hand too. Floyd blinked as I opened my mouth. The girls mother beat us and shouted from behind the counter, “YES, WE ACCEPT!”

I looked at her and then at Floyd who looked startled. He looked at me and then laughed at my expression. Sarah and Galina were grinning as their mother came around the counter and handed her the coins. She hugged them as she looked at me, “you are going to be a strong husband.”

I looked at the two girls and opened my mouth before looking at their father. He shook his head, “I should have expected it. My wife still follows the customs of her tribe back home.”

I looked at Sarah and Galina before shaking my head. They grinned and came to embrace me. I looked at Floyd, “The Texan, when does he want to see the coins?”

He smiled, “tonight at five.”

I nodded and looked at Sarah and Galina, “And when did you want our ceremony?”

They grinned and Galina rubbed my chest, “We already performed it.”

I shook my head, “Just wait until tonight.”

Floyd laughed, “tomorrow we feast.”

I left the two girls with their mother and went to get the rest of the coins. I hesitated before bringing the two bottles I had found in the boat too. I inspected them and they were both corked and sealed with wax. When the man walked into the shop he had a couple of men with him that shouted bodyguard.

We had laid out the coins and he started checking them as the two men only watched. He stopped in front of the two bottles and looked at me, “These were with the coins?”

I nodded and he grinned, “You found a rum smuggler’s boat.”

I glanced at the bottles and shrugged, “I doubt if it is any good but thought you might like the bottles.”

Thirty minutes later he was gone and I was left with a large check. I smiled at Floyd, “I’ll put it in the bank tomorrow morning and bring your commission over.”

He laughed, “bring it over at noon and we can start feasting.”

I laughed as I turned to the door, “Noon sounds good.”

I found Sarah and Galina waiting beside my truck. Several bags were in the truck bed and they were grinning. I opened the door and let them climb in before going around. I wasn’t sure about this but they had felt so good. I helped carry their bags into apartment and Sarah closed the door before beginning to undress. Galina grinned as she turned me and began to undress me.

She pulled me to the bedroom and Sarah ran to catch up. Galina kissed me as her sister laid down on the bed on her stomach and lifted her hips. Galina sighed and turned to look at Sarah, “We douched and used an enema. You have to fuck us in the butt now.”

I looked at Sarah fingering her clit and back to Galina, “Why?”

She grinned and stroked my cock, “to posses us.”

I shivered and pulled her hand off my cock before moving onto the bed. I moved between Sarah’s legs and nudged her asshole before holding her hips. She sucked in a breath and I laughed, “Not so quick.”

I started to hump and pressed against her and she looked back and grinned. I looked at Galina, “Do you have any lube?”

She nodded and ran out and came back a minute later with a small bottle. I had continued to hump and fuck against Sarah’s ass and Galina poured lube on it and the head of my cock. Sarah grunted and froze as my cock suddenly pushed into her. I shuddered at the feel and pulled out before starting to fuck just the head in and out. She shuddered and began to push back.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning and groaning as she thrust back harder and my cock slipped into her deeper. She stiffened for a moment and then she was thrashing around and bucking as I pushed her down and followed her. My cock sank deeper as she wailed and kept convulsing. Her ass tightened and I slowly buried it before cumming.

Sarah jerked and writhed around at the sudden warm, gushing cum pumping into her. I shuddered and grunted a I kept spurting and pumping. When I was done I sighed and just held her as she twitched and jerked. I pulled out finally and rolled onto my back and Galina laughed as she straddled me. She stroked my cock as she poured a little more lube on it before lifting up.

I wasn’t ready for her but she slowly impaled her ass with my cock. She groaned and shuddered as it slid into her deeper. I cupped her breasts as her hot ass squeezed my cock, “wait witch.”

Galina laughed as she looked at me, “I will go slow.”

I groaned as she began to slid back and forth rubbing her clit on me. She must have had a lot of lube in her because my cock slipped in and out easily. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and spasming as her hot ass tightened and kept grasping my cock. She was panting and grunting long before she suddenly began to wail and convulse. She was erratic and completely out of control.

I held her up as she writhed around and kept squirting and finally just pulled her down and rolling as I began to fuck her ass hard. It didn’t take long but she was kicking and thrashing the whole time. I buried my cock and held her tight as I started pumping spurts of cum. Galina howled and spasmed as her ass squeezed my cock. When I stopped cumming several moments later she continued to jerk and shake.

I pulled out of her and moved over between her and her sister. Sarah laughed as she slipped off the bed, “serves you right.”

Galina grinned before turning her head to look at me, “That was perfect.”

I shook my head and followed Sarah off the bed before reaching for Galina, “Come on you.”

She smiled and slipped off the bed and let me pull her into the bathroom. Sarah looked back as she heard the water in the shower. She grinned and stepped in as I pulled Galina after me and into the shower with her. It was a little crowded but the girls bare breasts against me felt nice. After we were done I led them to the kitchen where I started looking for something to eat.

Galina and Sarah laughed and pushed me towards a chair. I watched as the two seemed to dance together as they cooked a dinner. After we had eaten I cleaned up while they waited. After I was finished I was pulled back to the bed. Galina moved onto the bed first and then Sarah who pulled me over her, “Fuck me.”

I smiled as I lay between her legs and kissed her, “You girls are on birth control right?”

She grinned, “we’ll ask before we get pregnant.”

I glanced at Galina who nodded and lifted up before slowly pushing my cock into Sarah’s tight pussy. She shuddered and wrapped her legs around me before pulling my butt closer with her heels. I kissed her and began to fuck her nice and slow. It wasn’t long before I was slowly fucking against her cervix. She was breathing hard and kept shuddering as her pussy became slipperier.

I kissed her and suddenly fucked her hard and deep, she jerked as her pussy tightened. When I buried my cock to grind into her, she lifted and tilted her hips as she wailed and began shaking, “FUCK!”

Galina laughed, “silly witch.”

Sarah bucked and kicked and thrashed around as I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts. I took my time as I thrust into her nice and deep before beginning to use short, jabbing thrusts. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming as Sarah threw her legs up and spread them, “YES!”

I thrust into her and held her spasming body as I started pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and kept shuddering as warm cum filled her womb. When I stopped cumming she groaned and her legs dropped to the bed. I kissed her softly before slowly pulling out and rolling onto my back. Galina snuggled against me and put her head on my shoulder.

I’m not sure I remember when Sarah turned to cuddle against my other side. I woke to the light coming in the window. It was a minute before I turned my head to look at Sarah and Galina. For the first time in more then two years I had slept through a night without nightmares. I sighed and shifted to slip the two girls onto the bed. I climbed over Sarah and off the bed before heading into the bathroom.

I was making waffles when they came into the kitchen. Sarah came to kiss me before pushing me towards the table. I smiled and sat and shifted when Galina slipped onto my lap. She wiggled against my hard cock before sighing and leaning against me. I held her and looked at her sister, “What are we doing today?”

Sarah grinned as Galina turned her head and kissed me, “We have to let dad have his feast today but tomorrow we can go somewhere.”

I hugged her and Sarah slipped three plates onto the table before sitting down, “we have never been to the mountains.”

I smiled as Galina slipped off my lap, “it’s still summer so they won’t be that bad. They will be cooler then here.”

Galina started eating and looked at her sister, “what about a pontoon boat into the mangroves? We wouldn’t have to wear clothes in there.”

Sarah grinned, “That sounds fun.”

I shook my head, “You two are going to keep my balls drained.”

They laughed and Galina leaned over to caress my face, “That was the idea.”

After showers I went to the bank to deposit the check and some more cash. The feast was huge with several hundred people. Every time one of the girls came near, someone pulled them away laughing. It was late when we got home and the girl looked tired. I had fended off every attempt to feed me alcohol so I was sober.

Sarah and Galina undressed as they yawned and I smiled as I striped and slid into bed. Galina straddled me and laid down after fitting my cock to her pussy. She wiggled the head in and sighed as she put her head on my shoulder. Sarah cuddled up beside us and put her head on my other shoulder.

I smiled and caressed Galina as I relaxed. The nightmare started off like it always does and then I shuddered as it seemed to change. I groaned and shuddered again as I opened my eyes to see Galina looking into them. She smiled and rocked back and forth, fucking my cock deeper into her, “you are safe.”

I smiled and hugged her, “Witch.”

She grinned and pushed back to seat my cock. Her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed me as she shuddered and sat up. She began to rock and thrust while twisting and rolling her hips to rub her pussy back and forth on me. I cupped her breasts before rubbing and then tugging on her nipples. She jerked and shook before grinning as she thrust back and forth hard and fast.

Sarah laughed as I groaned and I pulled Galina down before rolling over as she wrapped her legs around me. I started to fuck her tight pussy with long strokes and humping into her. She shuddered and began to moan as her hips lifted to meet each thrust. Her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock as she became slipperier. I kissed her before fucking her hard and deep.

By the time I was ready to cum Galina was jerking and spasming as she tossed her head. I thrust into her and pushed against her womb. She tilted her hips and wailed as I started sending a flood of warm cum into her. She clung to me as I gushed and pumped and spurted until my cock was only jerking. She finally sighed and dropped to the bed as her pussy rippled around my cock. I kissed her softly, “Thank you Galina.”

She smiled and hugged me before I pulled out of her and turned to lay back. Sarah rolled and straddled me before fitting my cummy cock to her pussy and pushing back and down to force it into her. She sighed when it hit her cervix and laid down and started to relax with her head on my shoulder. I caressed her hips and turned to look at Galina as she turned to put her head next to her sister’s.

I tried to relax, thinking I wouldn’t fall asleep again. I was wrong and woke when Sarah began grunting as she rocked back and forth almost desperately. I hugged her to me and rolled before starting to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She clung to me as her hips lifted to meet mine and her pussy began to spasm and grasp my cock. It wasn’t long before I thrust into her and held her struggling body as I poured a stream of cum into her womb.

She wailed and howled as her body shuddered. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed as her breathing slowed. Galina rubbed my back, “Pull out.”

I kissed Sarah before pulling out and laying beside her. I smiled as Galina took my place between her sister’s legs and kissed her softly. Sarah sighed as she put her arms around her sister. They kissed again but this time slow and passionately. They both shuddered when the kiss stopped and then they were looking at me. I grinned as I slid out of bed, “you two look hungry.”

They laughed at the same time and moved off the bed to follow me into the bathroom. After showers and breakfast we went to a bank and then we went looking at pontoon boats. We found one with a solid kitchen and bathroom. The whole back section was inclosed but the entire front deck was open. I bought it and paid cash, we stopped to buy supplies before going home.

I think the only thing they packed was a skimpy bikini. I bought extra cans of gas before we put the boat into the water. I tied the canoe behind the boat and thought about where to go before heading to the sunken smugglers boat. Before we were even out of sight the two girls were naked. Galina walked to the front rail and stood looking forward.

Sarah came and sat in my lap as I drove the boat. It took me four hours to reach the tight group of mangroves and it was dark and stormy. I carefully maneuvered the boat into the trees and tied up to one of the thick roots. Sarah and Galina walked around the whole boat spraying something, Galina said it would keep snakes away.

Most of the supplies were on the front deck in large plastic containers. As it began to rain I went into the back and started a pot of water for tea. Galina rubbed her naked body against me, “This place was bad once.”

I glanced at her and then at Sarah looking up at the plane stuck in the trees, “Bad things happen everywhere.”

Galina pulled my shorts down and off, “Yes.”

I smiled as she knelt and stroked my cock before starting to lick it. Sarah knelt beside her and they worked together. Soon they were taking turns fucking the head of my cock in and out of their mouths. It was a little while before I groaned and they looked up into my face grinning.

I closed my eyes as I began to spew a gushing stream of cum. They took turns and swallowed everything I spurted. When I stopped cumming Sarah smiled at her sister, “That will help chase the bad spirits away.”

Galina nodded and I shook my head, “Witches. Just wait until later when I fuck you both.”

They laughed as they stood and caressed my chest. We drank tea and watched it rain as we cuddled together on the bed. Sarah sighed and looked at me before pushing me onto my back and straddling me. Galina grinned and rubbed her breasts against me as she kissed me. Sarah lifted up and positioned her pussy before slowly pushing down.

My cock stretched her pussy and slid into her and stopped against her cervix as she shuddered and groaned. She started thrusting back and forth as she twisted and rolled her hips. She was rubbing her clit on my body as she fucked me and I reached up to cup her breasts. She shuddered and her pussy rippled the length of my cock. I rubbed and tugged on her pink nipples as she fucked me and pushed my cock deeper.

She groaned as Galina laughed and kissed me. Sarah grinned down at me before starting to thrust back and forth with a rolling twist. Her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as I slid in and out. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shuddering. Galina sat up and then straddled me in front of her sister. They were holding each other and groaning as they kissed passionately.

I shuddered as Sarah’s warm pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I was caressing Galina’s hips and sides as she sat on my stomach. My climax was sudden and almost painful. At first it was like her pussy clamped down tight on the base of my cock squeezing it very tight. Then she relaxed and I grunted and thrust up as I suddenly came.

Sarah howled and screamed as I peed a strong, gushing stream into her womb. My back was arched as I continued to pump wave after wave, spurt after spurt. She was shaking as warm sperm filled her until there wasn’t anymore room. I dropped to the bed with a groan as Galina shifted to her knees to hug her sister.

A moment later Sarah fell off me and onto her side. Galina followed and moved over her to keep holding her. I looked at them, “What did you just do?”

Sarah smiled as Galina grinned, “Chased the demons away.”

I put my head back and shivered, I woke to the evening night birds and Sarah lightly caressing my chest. I turned to look at her and she smiled, “see no bad dreams.”

I laughed as I rolled over her, “Silly witch.”

I kissed her as I felt her naked body against mine. She held me and caressed my sides and back. I smiled before giving her another kiss and moving off the bed. Galina was sitting in a chair on the front deck and turned to smile when I came out. I pulled her up and against me as I looked around. She sighed and leaned against my chest, “It is sad and lonely here.”

I hugged here, “We’ll leave tomorrow and find someplace else.”

She nodded and leaned back, “I caught two fish.”

I blinked, “and I didn’t even wake up.”

She turned to pull me back to the kitchen, “You had to rest to get the demons out.”

I grinned and reached down to rub her bare butt, “and put something in.”

She grinned at me as Sarah laughed from the stove. They made me sit while they made dinner and then Galina sat in my lap. I held her and ate as they talked about each other and I listened. After dinner I closed the screen door to the front deck and pushed the two girls towards the bed. I started cleaning up as they laid together and whispered and giggled.

When I finished, I turned and sat beside Galina. I caressed her bare leg and after a few minutes she laughed before moving back into bed, “fuck me.”

Sarah laughed as she laid beside her sister, “Turn the lantern out and come to bed.”

I smiled and did as she said before slipping in. Sarah had moved to the other side of her sister as Galina reached for me. I pushed her hands away, “my way this time witch.”

She laughed as Sarah giggled. I turned her and spooned behind her. I slipped my cock between her legs and let her wiggle and position it before she pushed back. I held her lightly and caressed her hip, “It is my turn to keep the demons away.”

Galina turned to look over her shoulder before smiling and pulling away. She turned and slipped over me and put one leg over mine and her head on my shoulder. Sarah moved closer to do the same thing on my other side. I was surprised but caressed their bare shoulders, “Sleep, I will watch and protect you.”

They sighed and I relaxed. I didn’t sleep, I listened to the night sounds while the girls fell asleep. The sun was beginning to come up when Galina lifted her head and looked at me. She smiled and kissed my cheek before slipping out of bed. Sarah lifted her head as her sister walked to the bathroom. She grinned, “Good idea.”

I hugged her as she tried to move over me, “Douche for me.”

She laughed and kissed me quick before following her sister. I slipped out of bed feeling refreshed and started opening freeze dried breakfast meals. Galina and Sarah came out together and came to me. Sarah pushed me towards her sister, “Fuck her before she rapes me.”

Galina grinned and grabbed my hand. She pulled me to the bed and bent over as she spread her legs. I smiled and reached between her legs to rub her wet, warm pussy. She shuddered and pushed back and I laughed before moving and slowly pushing my cock into her, “We are heading towards the coast and a nice beach today.”

She groaned as her pussy tightened. I held her hips as I fucked in and out of her hot, slippery pussy. Her breathing was harder and her pussy started spasming around my cock. She was shuddering and jerking a few minutes later when she squirted and almost pulled away from me. I laughed and pushed her onto the bed before rolling her onto her back.

She didn’t hesitate and spread her legs as she lifted them. I pushed into her and started fucking her with deep thrusts. I caressed her hips and then her pelvis, “This belongs to me witch?”

Galina groaned and shuddered as her pussy clamped down to squeeze my cock. She whispered, “Yes.”

I rubbed her clit, “Just wait until we are on a pleasant sandy beach. I am going to make a baby in here.”

She jerked and started convulsing as she grabbed my arms, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!”

I pushed into her and held her spasming body as I spewed cum. Sarah was suddenly there hugging me as I flooding her sister’s belly. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and turned Sarah to push her down beside her sister, “No more swamps or deserts or cold miserable places.”

They shook their heads and I sighed, “I think babies will tame you witches too.”

They grinned at that and Sarah pulled me between her legs and guided my cummy cock to her pussy. It was over two months before we returned to the city and my apartment. We had spent most of the time on or near beaches and playing in water. The girls had a period the first week there and nothing since. I ended up buying a nice stone house in the keys.

After the first set of babies they take turns getting pregnant. When I begin to feel the nightmares return, one or both always know and send them away. I still have a single coin from the sunken ship but all the cash has been exchanged. Floyd went to the smuggler’s boat a year after we met and it was gone, so was the plane in the trees.
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