Fulfilling my brothers fantasy
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I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck, and I knew he was still sleeping. I just lay there, basking in the feel of his warm hard body pressed against mine. It seemed like hours as the events that lead me here ran through my head again. I wondered if what I was feeling was okay. I felt so comfortable, so safe in my brother's arms.

I became so aroused at the thought, and his body so close to mine, my pussy began to drip with excitement. I could feel my clit throbbing as his stiff rod pulsed gently between my ass cheeks. I lowered my hand between my legs and shuddered as my fingers brushed my clit. Finally I rolled over to face him.

My movements woke him, and as I turned to face him, his eyes slid open. I never noticed before how beautiful he was.

I smiled and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"So tell me, what was your favorite fantasy about me?"

"Wha...What do you mean?"

"I mean tell me. Tell me what you used to think of. How did you always picture it? I mean, tell me what you fantasised about."

"I don't know, different things."

"Okay, so what was your favorite?"

"C'mon Sue, I don't want to talk about this. I never really thought it would happen, and now it did, and it was better than anything I could have thought of."

"C'mon" I said, using my best pout. "Just tell me one thing. If you tell me, maybe I can make it come true."

He laughed silently and squeezed me tighter.

"I...I can't"

"Yes you can! C'mon, I want you to tell me."

"You won't be mad?"

I looked at him with a "You've got to be kidding me" look.

"Alright." He adjusted himself, and sat up a little. I rested my head on his chest and put my knee over his legs, crushing my wet pussy against his hip.

"Good now tell me. Tell me how you wanted to fuck your sister."

Something about the way that sounded coming out of my mouth sounded so wrong and dirty, but it excited me. My brother also had a momentary reaction to it, but quickly shook it off as though it sounded wrong at first, but then realised that's just what it was anyway.

"Well there was this one time..when we went to a mall and you pulled me into a men's store. You pushed me into a changing room and told me to wait while you got some stuff for me to try on. I sat on a stool in the small room and waited. After a few minutes I heard the clicking of high heels and you entered with a bundle of clothes on your arm.

As he started with his story, I started to tingle. I pressed myself harder against his leg.

You sat on the stool and told me to drop my pants. A part of me enjoyed the thought of having you sitting there watching me. I didn’t have a huge cock back then but it was hard to hide from someone who's less than 2 feet away. My cock jumped every time I tried new boxer. I thought you would overcome with lust that you'd grab my cock, rip it out of its confines and suck me dry then and there. I wanted to taste your lips, your pussy and feel your hard nipples in my mouth. I wanted to shove my cock deep down your throat and coat you with my cum. To fuck you in that shop is my dream.

“ You naughty!”

“hahaha..i know”He smiled

“Well its your lucky day. Get up and get ready”

“Where… mean….are we going to?”He read my mind and he was really excited

“Yes! You are right. Now get ready” I left the room.

I wore a very short black pleated skirt, like a school-girl outfit for Halloween, that hardly hid my buttocks and a pink tube top that only covered my breasts(without bra) leaving my midriff completely bare. Knee-high boots with high stiletto heels ended my very slutty outfit. My hair flowed over my shoulders and a light make-up finished my look for the day.

"You like it? It sounds as though you approve?"

"Well, if the look you want is hot and nasty, you've got it down to a 't', Sue."

"Good. That's exactly what I want. Shall we?"

I hooked his arm under mine and pressed my left tit against his upper arm. Arm in arm we left the house and went to the car. As I slid in my panties-clad crotch was completely visible. My nipples were getting harder and harder by the thought of fucking him in public place. He went around and got into the passenger’s seat and we drove off. He couldn't keep his eyes away from the leg display from my side. As I hit the parking lot i 'accidentally' put my hand on my thigh which caused his cock to twitch a little. I parked the car and we went into the mall. Every man and most women we passed looked at us -- or at me more likely. I loved the attention and my nipples were hard as small pebbles under my top as we got closer to the shop.

I was the only girl in the shop . I started to pick up trousers for my brothers ( I didn’t want to take him to changing room straight away). I handed over the trousers to Ron and he led me to the changing room. There were only 3 changing rooms and all were full. Two people joined as we waited for our turn to get inside the changing room. I was feeling nervous and a bit excited. I was going to fuck my brother in a men’s showroom. Ron caught my hand and led me inside the room as soon as the guy came out of the room.

“Are you sure you want to do this” He said as he locked the door

“Yes!” I looked him in the eyes and kissed him. It set my blood on fire. I suddenly felt more aroused than ever before in my life. We continued kissing for a very long time and i rubbed his crotch against his erection all the time. His eyes were glazed over as I broke the kiss and looked at him.

“Remove my top. Will you”

He slowly started pulling my top, exposing my tits and my flat, toned stomach. Now he took the charge of my pleaded skirt . He slid down my skirt giving him a great view of her hairless pussy. I stood naked before him, letting him drink my beauty in. He reached out to touch my breasts, but i stopped him by grabbing his hands and brought one hand to my mouth. I kissed the palm of his hand and sucked a little on his index finger.

"Wait. Please, let me control what happens between us, how it happens and what happens when. Can you do that for me? I promise you, you won't be disappointed, but this is a big step for me and I really want to do it in a way that feels right."

" Anything for you. Anything."

I smiled and started unbuttoning his shirt. I removed it and started kissing his chest, spending a long time licking and sucking his nipples before dragging my tongue down my chest and over his stomach. I licked his belly button before continuing down to his trousers. I rested my fingers on his belt, unbuckling it. Then i undid his trousers and pulled them down. His boxers were tented straight out and i bit softly on his shaft through the material. I pulled his boxers down slowly and when his cock finally sprang free of its confines it slapped my chin, causing me to giggle a little.

"May I have a taste of your cock, little brother?"

He could only nod and watched me poke my tongue out and lick around his helmet. Next I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked just a little bit before releasing it again. Standing up, i slid my tits over his thighs. I was standing so close,his cock poked straight on my pussy. I put a hand down between us, bending his cock a little so lay nestled between my lips and buttocks. Then I started rocking slowly back and forth, rubbing myself on his throbbing shaft.

I turned around and bent over slightly, giving him a view of my hot ass and swollen labia. My pantyhose were soaked around my pussy and thighs. I moved my ass into his and his cock pushed almost half an inch inside my pussy . I rocked back and forth for a little while, moaning louder and louder. Then i stopped, straightened up and grabbed his cock in my hand pulling him towards the stool. I lay back on the floor with my legs wide open. My pussy was wide open before him. I asked him to come closer.

"Lie on top of me and rub your cock on my pussy."

He managed to push in almost the entire helmet inside my dripping wet pussy until I stopped him.

“Not yet honey”

I played with my nipples with one hand and rubbing my clit with other hand. I rubbed furiously and started panting loudly.

"Please Ron, cum with me. I'm about to cu- -uum."

He knelt in front of me and started jerking his cock. I announced my orgasm with a loud scream he erupted. He covered my tits and chest with his sperm, but the second spurt hit my open mouth and my chin. I swallowed the goo that hit my mouth and licked my chin for the rest. I rubbed my chest and tits with his sperm, before licking my hands. I sat up grabbing his cock in my hand and looked into his eyes. I licked his cock from bottom to top in one long lick. Then i gave him a beaming smile.

"Wow. Was that hot or what?"

"Yes, it was really hot. YOU are really hot! I loved it!"

"So you won't mind doing it again?"

"Hell no. When?"
I said nothing; i simply put my legs between his and slid under him until his cock and balls rested between my tits. We smiled when his cock started to grow again. Then i grabbed his cock and began jerking him slowly.

"I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind having another go right now. Just relax and enjoy it."

I smiled seductively, licked my lips and started licking his helmet. I took his cock in myr mouth and started sucking him slowly. My tongue whirled around his glans as i sucked and licked his cock back to life. Soon he had a raging hard-on again. With a 'plop' his cock left my mouth and i started licking and sucking his balls while jerking him. I kept stroking his cock, faster and faster, and took it in my mouth again. I bent my head back a little and deep throated my brothers cock! His balls hit my chin and my throat muscles started massaging the head of his cock and then i started humming! The vibrations were incredible and he moaned out loud.

"Oh fucking hell! It feels so fucking good. Keep sucking my hard cock, Sue. Keep sucking me." He screamed.

I pulled back a little until only the cock head was inside my mouth. My tongue was all over his helmet and my hand jerked his cock at a fast, steady pace. Using other hand I started massaging his balls and I knew it would soon be over.

"Aahh...I'm gonna cum!"He said

He tried to pull back but i didn't let him. Then He came. He came hard and a lot of seed spurted out of his cock into my mouth. I took all he had; not a drop slipped out of my mouth. When his orgasm finally ceased i pulled his cock from my mouth, looked him in the eyes and swallowed. As i swallowed my brother's sperm he moaned and a shiver took me. Then i greedily took his cock in my mouth again and started cleaning him up. I kept at it for a few minutes until he was deemed perfectly clean. Then i looked up at him.

"I love the taste of your sperm, Ron. I wanna taste it everyday."

You are fucking amazing! But I wanna taste you too."

I placed one leg on each side of my brother’s body, and started to sit down until my pussy was just above his cock. I looked into his eyes as i sat down feeling his cock slide deep into my pussy. Stretching my legs, I went down more so that my brother's dick was fully inside me. I lifted my body up so his cock was out by 3 inches then slid back down. Ron started to moan out loudly. Smiling, l continued my movements tightening my inner muscles to grip my brother's dick as i wanted to feet every little vain on his cock.

l slid my hands and arms around my brother’s back for support as i moved up and down on his cock. Bringing my mouth to his, i started kissing him all over the face, pressing my tongue into his mouth every time he moaned out. Ron, although not experienced, was more than willing to follow my lead. He also started to kiss me back, sliding his tongue around mine as we moved, as one.

"Ooooohhhh god aaaaahhhh yessssss!!!" i moaned as i continued sliding my brother’s cock into my pussy deep and hard. Within seconds my juices flowed all over my brother’s cock and thighs, onto the floor. After an intense orgasm, my body went limp and I fell beside my brother. But my brother was not tired. He got on top of me. He kissed me and put his tongue in my mouth.As we started kissing more passionately he took his palm and placed it on my right breast. He lightly squeezed my breast and played with my nipple. I moved a bit to the side and grabbed his hard cock with my palm.He continued kissing me. After enjoying my lips for few minutes, he slowly parted his lips from mine.

He placed his hands on either side of my legs as he began to kiss up the calves and then my inner thighs all the time getting closer to my sweet pussy.His hands moved up the outsides of my thighs rubbing my soft skin lightly, making me moan out in pleasure as his lips drew ever closer to my pussy.I moaned after his lips made contact with my puffy pussy lips after teasing me for few minutes. He parted my cunt lips and began to lick inside. For few minutes he focused his attention on licking and flicking his tongue on my pulsating clit.

“Ohhh my god brother!” I called out as my brothers’ tongue expertly worker its way inside my pussy, lapping up my juice as it went and licking the length of my open and swollen pussy lips. His nose was rubbing my clit as he moved his tongue back and forth. He gripped my thighs tightly, as he guessed that i could cum any second.I was in heaven.Every little flick he made, drove me closer and closer to my final release.

“Omg! here it comes Baby!” I shouted as I tightened my thighs around my brothers head and pushed his face into my pussy.A torrent of cum shot down from my pussy and into my brothers face, covering his nose and mouth, his lips and cheeks. Quickly he licked it but i thrashed on the floor from the intensity. I released my brothers’ head from the grip of my thighs; he quickly kneeled up and looked down at me. My mouth was wide open but no noise able to come out.

"Kiss me" I gasped.He leaned forward and our lips met. The lips that had just explored each others most intimate parts were now joined again. As we kissed i felt my brothers cock push against my pussy lips. I jumped.

"Sorry!" said Ron. "Are you still tender?"

I smiled. "Not so tender that I don't want that inside me." I whispered. I grabbed my brother by the neck and pulled him down to kiss my lips again. I took hold of his cock and began to guild it towards my pussy.I moved my hips up a little and was finally able to press my brother cockhead into my wanting and waiting pussy.

"Fuck me brother,Fuck me hard"I moaned as he eased the head inside my pussy which was enough to make me want to orgasm again. He leaned on his arms and arched his back pushing himself deeply into me, his pubic bone hitting my clit and making my pussy will with even more juice that was now coating his cock all over.

“Sue! you are so tight!” He said as he worked his cock deeper.

“I… Know Brother… just fuck me harder” i managed to moan out between cries of pleasure as i felt an orgasm build inside me as his pubic bone hit my clit.He took my legs and put them up over his shoulders, making the penetration even deeper. We were both sweating hard, and our bodies stuck together. I had never experienced fucking like it, the feelings inside me were so intense.

“Oh yes!” I screamed as i felt a massive orgasm burst inside me flooding my pussy again with juice as my brothers’ cock powdered its way in and out of the tight opening. My breasts were jiggling as the bed rocked from the furious sex that was taking place on it, both our bodies were bouncing off each other.

“I’m gonna cum” he announced as he slowed down a little with his thrusting and began to let his cock throb inside my body.

"Yes, little brother, yes! Fuck me! Cum inside me! Fill me with your babies!"I screamed

He didn’t need any encouragement; with renewed strength he began to fuck me again. I screamed out, as my brother seemed to grow bigger inside me. I was able to feel the veins on his cock rub against the walls of my pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" I cried out as i felt the blast and then another one and another, my pussy was really beginning to get full as Ron pumped more hot and thick cum into my body.He moaned as the last little trickle seeped out.

“My gosh!” I tried to breath. I was tired and we both were out of energy. We wore our clothes and got out of the room . The moment we got out, we saw a group of men standing near the changing room. We laughed as we passed through them.

“Oh my god! What a lucky bastard. I wish I could get a girl like her” A man said as we went out of the store.

“Happy ?” I asked as I held his hand.

“I cant believe we just did that ”

“You have to”

“I don’t know whether anyone would have done this thing for me. Thank you love. Thank you so much”

“Anything for you darling”

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Your story gives me goose bumps. I was fourteen and my sister eleven. Our adventure began with my sister and three of her friends talking about dick's. My sister told me about their talk.I finally gave in and showed mine. We were off,I tasted her pussy and she sucked me. Two day's later we fucked alday.

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Fake one.. not written by women


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what's this "He slid down my skirt giving him a great view of her hairless pussy."

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what's this "He slid down my skirt giving him a great view of her hairless pussy."

forgot a bit there did we?

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Wish I had a sister
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