I was eleven and Amber was ten. We had played together all our lives. While I was sexually naive I was at least aware of it. We were best friends and I never even thought about another girl. We had even made secret plans to get married one day. The day we got caught shattered our lives. It was our first time together. Amber had used a candle to break her hymen a week before.

We had felt each other and done some petting but that was it. The feel of Amber’s pussy around my young cock was something I will always remember. We fucked each other for almost two hours. Amber was laying on me when my mother found us. After that it was yelling, screaming and hitting.

Amber was sent home and I was sent to my grandparents to live. My own parents wouldn’t even speak to me. I tried to talk to Amber on the phone a few times until they changed their number. I sent letters for a year with no answer. It was as if I lost not only my parents but Amber. My grandparents were understanding about what had happened but my parents wouldn’t even let them talk about it, they had disowned me.

I never forgot and from that day on I was alone. I looked at other girls and later women, but I still loved Amber. I was eighteen when my grandfather died. My parents came to the funeral but acted as if they didn’t see me which was fine with me by then. When my grandmother died a year later they only sent flowers.

Everything had been left to me and after they were gone I was truly alone. The big backyard had been converted into a large Japanese water garden with ponds and shrubs. After three years of college I became a writer of romantic novels and that was my inspiration. It was another two years before anything happened.

When I looked up from the laptop and saw the girl looking back at me, I froze. It was like my memories had come to life and my young friend was standing there. She was a couple of years older but it looked like her. she smiled, “Hi.”

I looked down as my eyes began to water, “Hi.”

She walked closer until she was standing just in front of me, “My name is Sarah.”

I cleared my throat and looked at her again, “Hi Sarah. Where’s your mom or dad?”

She looked over her shoulder, “Momma is looking for dad now.”

I set the laptop on the low table and stood up, “Maybe we should go look for your mom.”

Sarah turned and led me back through the side gate she had come through. Walking up my sidewalk was a woman with long strawberry colored hair. She was beautiful and I stopped walking as soon as I saw her. For almost fourteen years I had dreamed of seeing her again. I had planned so many things to say and now that Amber was here I couldn’t even speak. I felt the tears on my face as she smiled at me and embraced me. She had to reach up to kiss my cheek, “I finally found you.”

I didn’t want to let her go as she looked into my eyes. She finally glanced to the side, “This is your father Sarah.”

I blinked and then what she said sank in. I looked away from Amber and looked at Sarah, “My daughter?”

Amber laughed, “One of the better things we didn’t plan on.”

Sarah was grinning at me and I looked back at Amber. I took a breath, “I sorry Amber, it was my fault.”

She put her finger across my lips, “we did it together. It wasn’t your fault my parents went crazy. It wasn’t your fault your own parents disowned you.”

I looked away, “If I hadn’t… we would…”

She turned my head to see Sarah, “I had Sarah.”

She took a breath, “Speaking of children, have you married?”

I looked at her quickly, “NO!”

Amber smiled, “Me either, I just couldn’t.”

I looked at Sarah and then at Amber and stepped back, “Come with me.”

I took her hand and walked back into the garden. I sat her beside me as Sarah sat on my lap. I tried to think and finally squeezed Sarah but didn’t look up, “I tried to call you for a month after. I wrote every week for a year. For all these years I have been alone. Only my grandparents seemed to understand and even they refused to help me do anything.”

Amber reached out to lift my face, “It wasn’t easy for me either.”

I nodded, “That wasn’t…”

I looked into her face and took a breath, “I made you a promise and I don’t even know if…”

Sarah was looking back and forth and kept wiggling on my lap but Amber only smiled, “Our wedding plans?”

I nodded and she smiled, “I haven’t been with anyone since we….”

She looked at Sarah and I looked down to see her hand inside her pants. Amber smiled, “I should warn you, our daughter is sexually promiscuous.”

I turned Sarah, “Are you a strumpet Sarah?”

She grinned and nodded as Amber reached for her arm, “I’ll go get her off and we can talk.”

I held Sarah and touched Amber’s hand, “Get her off?”

She nodded, “masturbate her.”

I shook my head and looked down at my daughter, “Is that what you need Sarah.”

She grinned and nodded again, her hand wiggling in her pants as she sighed. I took a breath and looked at Amber before moving my hand down to Sarah’s pants, “Can I help you Sarah?”

She pulled her hand out of her pants and leaned back against me. Amber smiled and sat back as I hesitated, “I haven’t done this in a long time.”

I opened the front of her pants and slipped my hand under her panties. I moved down and could feel her smooth pussy. I used my middle finger to rub from her clit down to her tight hole. Sarah shuddered and moaned as Amber reached out to take her hand, “Is your father doing it right baby?”

Sarah nodded as she shivered and leaned against me more. I was surprised when my finger slipped into her and I didn’t feel her hymen. She groaned as I began finger fucking her, rubbing her clit with my palm. She shuddered and shook and fucked her pussy with my finger. Her pussy squeezed my finger and she convulsed with small jerky tremors. I slowly pulled my finger out and hugged her, “Feel better strumpet?”

Sarah giggled, “You do it better them momma.”

I smiled as I looked at Amber, “That’s because I’m your father.”

I stood and let Sarah stand, “Would you like to see my house?”

She nodded but I was looking at Amber. I led the way inside and through the house, ending at the master bedroom. Amber looked at me and began to remove her clothes. I nodded towards Sarah and she smiled, “Honey? Daddy and I are going to love each other. Do you want to stay or go play?”

Sarah grinned, “Stay!”

Amber smiled and reached out to caress her before turning to me as Sarah started stripping. I hesitated before undressing and Amber laughed as she reached out to wrap her hand around my cock, “This is bigger then I remember.”

I grinned and pulled her against me. I caressed down her bare back and then kissed her softly before backing her to the bed. Amber smiled as she sat back and then backed all the way onto the bed. I smiled and waited before following her. Sarah jumped onto the bed and snuggled against her mother as I leaned down to lick her pussy. Amber moaned and shuddered, “We never did this.”

I smiled and rubbed the outside of her pussy, “We never got to do a lot of things.”

She shivered and I covered her clit with my mouth. I sucked and wiggled my tongue against her clit and then I hummed. Amber jerked and shuddered as her hips thrust up slowly. I pushed my tongue inside her and she groaned. I felt Sarah against my shoulder and looked at her. She was grinning, “Can I taste?”

I looked up at Amber and she smiled, “Yes.”

I moved over and Sarah leaned closer to lick through her mother’s pussy. She grinned and did it again while Amber shuddered. I nudged Sarah, “suck on her clit while you wiggle your tongue against it.”

She grinned and covered Amber’s clit with her mouth and Amber shuddered and pushed up with her hips, “mmmmm!”

Sarah laughed and moved over so I could lick her mother. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and reached down to cover her pussy, “No more.”

I grinned at Sarah who giggled. Amber touched my face, “fuck me?”

I moved up her body as she spread her legs. I pushed my cock tight against her as I kissed her. She sighed as I pushed harder and slipped into her warm, velvety pussy. I pushed into her nice and deep and she shuddered and put her arms around me. I pulled back and smiled, “Amber? I should ask this time. Are you on birth control?”

She laughed and hugged me tight against her. “No. We don’t have to worry about our parents this time and if you get me pregnant then you do. I found you and I’m not going to lose you.”

I kissed her softly, “You won’t.”

Sarah snuggled against us, “Momma?”

Amber looked over and smiled as she reached out to caress her, “Yes baby?”

Sarah bit her lip, “Are you going to get pregnant?”

I choked and Amber laughed, “I hope so honey.”

I groaned as her warm, silky pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I pulled back and slowly fucked back into her. Amber shuddered and groaned as I pulled back again and started to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She had this angel’s smile as she thrust her hips up against mine.

I buried my cock to grind and hump against her and she shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I grinned and kissed her before fucking her hard for a minute. I used slow, deep strokes and she shuddered hard as her pussy grasped my cock, “Yes!”

I shuddered as I pressed against her womb and spurted huge ropes of cum through her open cervix into her fertile belly. Amber gasped and shuddered hard as she felt the warm cum pumping into her, “YES!”

I kept shaking as I pumped and spurted and finally it stopped and I shuddered hard, “That was…”

Amber laughed shakily as Sarah giggled. I held her and didn’t want to let go but I finally pulled out of her and lay next to her. Sarah moved over her mother and lay on her, “Can dad do that to me momma?”

Amber caressed her face, “if you are careful.”

Sarah sighed, “I like things inside me momma.”

Amber smiled as she looked at me, “I’m sure your father will help you and you have your toys.”

It was several moments before Sarah wiggled away and Amber sighed, “We should talk about what we want to do.”

I smiled and reached out to touch her face, “I want you with me.”

She smiled, “We have both changed.”

I nodded, “Stay with me?”

She smiled and suddenly threw her leg over me and straddled me. She rubbed my chest, “We are going to stay. But…”

I pulled her down and rolled so that I was between her legs, “Then we will see what we see.”

I kissed her and Amber sighed and squeezed me. “We better get up and find lunch.”

I moved off her and climbed out of bed before helping her out. She grinned when she looked between her legs at the cum leaking out of her. We found Sarah in the living room sitting on the floor naked watching TV. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and Amber and I talked quietly. I didn’t want Amber to leave but she kissed me and told Sarah to be good before she left.

She was just going home to pack a few things but as soon as she left, I missed her. I went out back and a little later Sarah came out to sit on my lap after I moved the laptop. She straddled me and started thrusting her pussy against me. I looked at her and shook my head before opening my pant and pushing them down. I pulled Sarah closer and carefully put the shaft of my cock between her pussy lips.

I held her hips and started to move her and she leaned against me with a groan. I smiled as she slowly began thrusting on her own. Her tight pussy around my cock was amazing. Sarah was erratic and jerked several times but she didn’t stop. Just from the feel of her wet, slippery pussy I knew she was cumming on me. I finally leaned back as I felt myself getting closer to cumming.

I guess I should have expected it since Sarah had just seen her mother and I do it but… I shuddered as suddenly the head of my cock was in a very tight pussy as it throbbed and exploded. I jerked and spasmed as I pumped huge spurts of warm cum into my daughter and my cock pushed into her even deeper.

I groaned and shook as she spasmed on my cock and held on as I bred her. When I stopped cumming I sighed and looked at her, “You little sex pot.”

She grinned, “I liked that.”

I shook her and held her against me. My thick cock was buried all the way inside her and pressed tight against her womb. I kept holding her and caressing her body until she giggled, “Your stuff is leaking.”

I smiled and lifted her off my cock before standing and pulling my pants up. I took her hand and led her into the house and to the bathroom. I started a shower and stripped completely before pulling my daughter in and washing her. I used the nozzle to squirt water inside her to rinse out my cum and she shuddered.

When we finished, I dried her and sent her back to watch TV as I went out back. It was a couple of hours before I looked up at Amber and grinned, “You’re back.”

She smiled, “Sarah said you fucked her.”

I nodded to the other chair, “More like she did me. I put my cock in her slit and let her slid back and forth. She came several times and I was getting close. I never expected her to slide forward and then impale herself as I started cumming.”

Amber grinned as she sat, “She’s going to want you to do it again.”

I smiled, “hopefully only when you are there.”

She laughed, “She said she really likes feeling you cum in her.”

I saved my work and stood, “Do you need help bringing anything into the house?”

She stood and took my hand, “It’s everything we own. I told mom I found you and she could go to hell.”

I followed her to her car and we started bringing boxes into the house. When we were finished, Amber took my hand and sat beside me on the couch. She caressed my leg, “Allen? I have been faithful like I told you but you should know that after I had Sarah it was really hard. I... I get horny a lot like Sarah.”

I grinned and stood before pulling her up and stripping her clothes off, “Then you are going to get fucked so much.”

She grinned as she fumbled with my pants. She pulled them down and hesitated before leaning close and licking the pre cum off the head of my cock. She grinned and Sarah was suddenly there, “Can I taste?”

Amber nodded and held my cock out. Sarah licked and then put the head of my cock in her mouth. I groaned and shivered and Sarah pulled off, “I like the way he tastes.”

Amber laughed as she lay back on the couch and held out her arms. I smiled as I moved over her and her hand guided my cock to her warm pussy. I slowly pushed into her and started to fuck her. Sarah knelt beside the couch after stripping, “Can daddy fuck me too momma?”

Amber grinned as I groaned and nodded to her daughter. I buried my cock against her womb and kissed her as I pressed and humped. She shuddered as she humped back and started grinding against me. I laughed and pulled back before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. She moaned as her velvety pussy began rippling and squeezing my cock.

It was only a couple of minutes before she was spasming and jerking as her pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock. She clung to me and threw her head back, “Allen!”

I buried my cock against her open womb to kiss her. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and sighed. Sarah grinned and bent to kiss her, “my turn.”

Amber laughed and looked at me, “pull out and sit back.”

I reluctantly pulled out and moved so she could sit up. I sat beside her and Sarah scrambled onto my lap. She lifted up and reached for my cock and I moved her hand to position it. She sat and frowned before wiggling and pushing down harder. My cock popped into her tight pussy and she shuddered and smiled at me. Amber caressed her as she began to rock back and forth to fuck my slimy cock.

It took a few minutes for my cock to hit her cervix and she jerked and started convulsing. Amber moved around behind her to hold her as I groaned at my daughter’s tight spasming pussy. I held her as the head of my cock pressed tight against her womb and began to spew warm cum. She jerked and shuddered almost violently. Her pussy was so tight no cum was going to leak around my cock.

Amber hugged our daughter as I pumped and spurted sperm into her. She smiled and whispered, “Your breeding her Allen.”

I groaned and looked at her as I spurted another jet of cum. Amber kissed Sarah’s bare shoulder, “Sarah has been having her periods and is fertile right now.”

I shuddered as my cock spurted weakly and hugged my daughter, “Amber?”

She smiled and bent to kiss me, “Don’t worry I know a doctor now.”

Sarah wiggled and slowly lifted off my cock, “I like that.”

I let her go as Amber took her place and straddled me. She pushed down on my cummy cock and looked at Sarah, “go lay down and watch your show.”

She smiled and kissed me before laying on the floor in front of us to watch TV. I looked at her leaking pussy before looking at Amber. She kissed me and started rocking as her pussy squeezed my cock, “The doctor said it might be good for her.”

I opened my mouth and then closed it. I hadn’t been there for all these years and Amber had. She smiled and kissed me again as she rocked and thrust against me, “my turn to be bred.”

I shook her, “I already did that.”

She grinned and wiggled on me, “we can keep trying.”

I laughed and turned to spill her onto the couch before laying on her and pushing back into her pussy. I kissed her before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. Each time I buried my cock to push open her womb I would stop to grind and hump. It wasn’t long before Amber was jerking and shuddering as her pussy tried to grasp my cock. I kept kissing her as we fucked and after several minutes she became erratic and only held me.

I started to fuck her harder, trying to cum. She spasmed and jerked as she grunted and moaned. Every couple of minutes she stiffened and then began shaking and jerking. Amber was wailing when I thrust into her and shuddered as I unloaded smaller spurts of cum. She still hugged me and cried out as I pumped cum into her womb. When I stopped and slowly pulled out she sighed and shivered.

I sat beside her and caressed her pelvis. I bent to kiss her before standing and going into the kitchen. I started dinner and went out to bring my laptop in. Amber came in a minute later and started helping me with dinner. There was a lot of touching and kissing but we finally put dinner on the table. Sarah chatted the whole time we ate and after dinner Amber pushed me towards the hall, “Go give your daughter her bath.”

I smiled as Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the bathroom. I used some of my grandmother’s bath oil and Amber’s bubble bath. Sarah lay back with a smile as I washed her. She even had me finger her pussy and clean it before she said she was supposed to soak. I grinned at that and slipped into the bathtub behind her and had her lean back against me. She wiggled and squirmed a little before leaning back. She sighed, “I like having a dad.”

I hugged her, “Well, I love having my daughter.”

She giggled and relaxed. It was awhile before I looked down into her still face to see her asleep. I glanced at Amber when she came in and she smiled, “She has never fallen asleep in the bath before.”

I shifted and helped Amber lift her out before standing and grabbing a towel. I dried Sarah and Amber carried her to her new bedroom. When she came back I was draining the water in the tub and cleaning up. She helped me and then took my hand and led me back to the living room. We sat together with a movie on and snuggled. We finally shut the TV off and went to bed.

Amber slipped into bed and I laid beside her and caressed her body. She smiled and waited before rolling onto her stomach and spreading her legs. I grinned as I moved over her and between her legs. I pushed into her pussy and slowly pushed deeper. She shivered as I kissed her bare shoulder and then started to fuck her.

I used long thrusts and it was only a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed my cock. She groaned and pushed up as I started fucking her a little harder. I was almost pulling out of her before burying my cock against and pushing into her cervix. She started kicking the bed as I fucked her and her pussy began to spasm and ripple around my cock.

When I came it was sudden, I thrust into her and held her tight as I started spurting. I pumped and spewed and finally just held her. I pulled out reluctantly and laid beside her. Amber sighed and turned to put her head on my shoulder.

It was like my world was finally made right. It took a little getting used to but Amber was what I needed. They both ended up pregnant. She was wrong about Sarah calming down after she had her baby. She is still a horny girl that is our lover even though she is eighteen. Amber and I have had two more children and Sarah has decided to get pregnant again too.
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