My beautiful daughter
This particular chapter of Haley was not written entirely by me. I found a story on the internet called “A Boy Story, which has since been changed to Deflowering Arthur.” Without a doubt, it was a good story. However, the author had the young girl’s Father hooking her up to as he put it deflower all the young boys she could find.

I didn’t care for that. I tweaked it a little bit so she would only have sex with the one boy. I tweaked it more and more until I ended up with a beginning and an end. I wanted it to be a little more subtle and innocent the way the story developed.

I originally changed the story solely for my own personal reading pleasure. It was not intended to share it with anyone. After completing Haley, I found the stories so different, I decided to share it with you. I will post the entire story as the original author wrote it after I finish presenting Haley.

Thus the reader may ascertain for himself what the differences are. The author also has some other good stories that I found yesterday. The author, Alex Hawk can be found either by googling the title to the story or emailing Alex at ( I am sure you will enjoy his other stories as well. The cat is a very good writer.

To the author, I say: There was nothing wrong with your story. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for the inspiration.

To the reader: Anyone who takes the time to read both Haley and Deflowering Arthur in their entirety will know straight up they are different stories. The scene with Author and Haley in the photo shoot is similar to Deflowering Arthur as I only deleted stuff I didn’t care for and added quite a bit for flow as well. Otherwise, they are identical.

The reader is invited to enjoy both.

This story contains material depicting sex with under age fictitious characters. Relax, they are purely fictitious. No actual children are involved in any story. It is pure fantasy. The reader is encouraged to read it as such. If you find this kind of story offensive, please skip it and read something else.

The story also builds up slowly allowing the characters to gradually interact. To understand the story and avoid taking any part out of context, it is advisable to read Part One first, followed by each successive part.

I previously deleted all of my stories and was editing them to eliminate the characters under sixteen. However, I found that approach changed the stories much more than I wanted to. Besides, as far as I’m concerned, a sixteen year old is a child the same as a ten year old. If someone can see fit to ravage the one, I can’t see the difference in ravaging the other, though I wonder why anyone would do either.

Therefore, I am merely editing out as many mistakes as I can spot and leaving the stories as they are. Also I am not reediting the stories I already posted to the site. They should be close enough to get the point across and flow into the latter parts quite well.

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Chapter Eight

Haley pretty much invited the same kids to her eleventh birthday party as she did last year. Haley told me the next day it was a really special party and everyone had a great time. She told me I was the best Dad in all the world. That made me feel really good. We made extra special sweet love for several hours Sunday night.

Monday morning, I woke up with Haley sucking my dick. Haley came up off of me to blurt out, "Daddy, I want to do something really neat today. I have never done it before. I want to suck your dick all day. Naturally I'll take a break to let us eat, but I want to do it the rest of the time." “Haley, I would like that, but today is a school day."

"Daddy, I have never missed a day of school in my life. Please let me miss just this one. It's important to me. Please." "Ok Haley. Go for it, but remember, we will not make a habit out of you missing school." Haley wore my ass out. She had my peter in her mouth most of the day. I lost count of how many times I came.


I was sitting at home watching baseball and drinking a beer when Haley came home from school the following Friday. She had a young boy with her. He appeared to be ten or eleven. I recognized immediately he was the same Arthur Haley begged me to let her do it with after her tenth birthday party.

He was dressed modestly in a pull over short sleeve green shirt with a pair of cut off jean shorts, cut off about four inches above his knees. His calves and the part of his thighs I could see were simply beautiful. There was no visible hair on his exposed body, including his smooth little legs. I wished I could have a glimpse of his entire legs. That is one good looking boy. I must admit Haley certainly has good tastes in boys.

"Hey, Daddy!" my eleven-year-old daughter gleefully exclaimed as she walked into the living room. She immediately flounced into my lap giving me a little kiss on the lips. She was wearing a very short mini-skirt and a small top that left little to the imagination.

Haley dressed that way most of the time. I know I probably shouldn't let her run all about in so little clothing. You would think I would get complaints from the school and other adults in the neighborhood about letting my young daughter run around practically showing everything she had. Well, what little she had.

Problem was my Haley is so beautiful no one, not even old ladies really wanted her to cover any more skin than she already has hidden. The simple fact is if they complained and I made Haley dress modestly, then they wouldn't be able to gawk at her pretty thighs. I know everybody likes to see her. It is written all over their faces. Most of them would probably prefer it if Haley wore no clothes at all.

Poor Arthur is about to step all over his tongue now. His tongue isn't really sticking out, but he is definitely in a daze. Arthur can't take his eyes off of Haley. They seem to roam from her feet to her head and back down with an occasional glance at me to be sure I don't notice him looking at her. Obviously Arthur was eaten slam up with my Haley. I found it all so cute.

Haley still liked to be naked most of the time when she was home alone with me. Her breasts were a lot bigger now than they were a year ago, but she only had a little bit of tit swelling on her chest. The other inch was all nipple. Most folks would say she is still flat chested.

In a shirt, she still looks to be so. Without the shirt, Haley's tits are still small, but you can definitely tell they are there. Her tits have the prettiest pear shape and stick straight up at you although they only jut out two inches from the base of her chest when her nipples are hard.

Haley is both proud of them and embarrassed they aren't bigger at the same time. I tried to assure her they will get bigger and I was very fond of them as they are. I am not sure I got through to her. I make sure I give them a lot of attention to reassure her anyway. Her little snatch was still hairless, though I knew it wouldn't stay that way much longer. I made sure to give it plenty of attention as well, mainly for my own benefit, although I am sure Haley thinks it is for hers.

"Hello, Honey." I kissed her back and looked over at the slightly shy and nervous looking boy standing in the doorway. "You brought home company Haley?" "Yeah!" She hopped up and walked over to the boy. "This is Arthur."

I already figured that much out, but saw no point in bringing it up. "Hello Mister Mason," Arthur said. I looked up at him. "Hi Arthur." He was quite a few inches under four feet tall, only an inch taller than Haley. Arthur had a very feminine and slender build.

He still had his very pretty, wavy light brown shoulder length hair. His eyes were the cutest shade of green you ever wanted to see. I could look into them all day, but I couldn't take the chance Arthur would figure out I loved looking at his eyes. Arthur was a very pretty young boy with a really cute face and a nice looking body. He looked an awful lot like a little girl. A darling little girl at that.

He was almost as precious looking as Haley. I couldn't help wondering in the back of my mind what he would look like in the nude. Haley smiled at Arthur as she urged, "Daddy, would you mind if Arthur spent the weekend? His Daddy already agreed it would be okay." " Sure baby. I think we can come up with some fun stuff to do tomorrow."

"Daddy, I was telling Arthur all about how you've been taking model-type pictures of me and my friends," It suddenly dawned on me where all of this was heading. Haley had picked Arthur to be the one to fuck her. I hadn't given a thought to this being the weekend after Haley's eleventh birthday. Haley certainly had. I didn't want Arthur to fuck Haley, but I made a promise to her.

Since I was going to allow Haley to fuck one, I figure he may as well be a doll. Arthur certainly fit the bill. He was so feminine and pretty I was willing to bet Eva would even want him. I figured if everything worked out according to plan, I might just risk finding out. I would have to do my best to make it a special event for Haley. Haley was obviously putting forth the plan we'd talked about last year. Haley made sure we practiced the routine regularly.

She told me she wanted to be sure it worked. "Oh, yes?", I replied. "Yeah! I told him he was really cute and he should model for you, too!" She giggled and smiled at Arthur who simply looked embarrassed. I let out a little laugh. "Well, Haley, I've told you before I don't take just anyone." I smiled at Arthur. "I'm sorry. She seems to think she's a talent agent."

"That's ok, sir. It's no big deal." "How old are you Arthur?" "I turned eleven a couple of months ago, sir." he replied. I looked the boy over again, this time making sure he saw me looking at him. "Well, tell me, Arthur, would you be interested in doing some modeling?"

"Uh... I don't know, sir. Do you really think I'd be any good?" I walked around him and looked him over. "Absolutely," I said with tones of total certainty. "You've got a cute face and a nice body. I'm sure you'd photograph really well. Would you like to try a few test pictures and see?"

"Sure, I guess." "Alright Arthur, we'll start tomorrow. Right after breakfast." I glanced over at Haley. She was beaming like a Christmas tree. Obviously she was excited about the possibility of having her year long fantasy come true.

Haley asked, "Arthur, would you like to sit next to me on the couch and finish watching the game with us?" "Yeah sure. I like baseball." Haley crawled up close to me on the couch, innocently hugging me as Arthur plopped down next to her. After the game was over, we played some Monopoly and after supper, we watched a movie.

I wanted to let Haley have a little time alone with Arthur to enjoy his company, but she told me she wanted Arthur to get used to being around me since I had to be there when he fucked her. She also wanted Arthur to get used to seeing me cuddling her close before he got to so he wouldn't be as likely to develop a jealousy complex about me being close to her. Of course she didn't let Arthur hear her tell me this.

Arthur was a really nice well mannered boy. I could see why Haley liked him so much. Haley told me she really liked Arthur a lot and had for a long time. She had been tempted to kiss him a lot of times, but then Haley remembered I made her promise not to. She also informed me she wanted to bring Arthur over to stay the weekend from the get go, but she wanted Arthur to think he would never be more than her close friend, even though she knew he was crazy about her.

She notices Arthur staring at her legs whenever he doesn't think she will catch him and he always gets a hard on when he does. I know she was telling the truth, because the little bastard has one now. Haley says he tries to hide it, but she can tell anyway. And so can I.

She let me know she goes crazy just thinking about her legs getting Arthur excited like that. Haley spent a lot of time hanging out with Arthur at school so she could keep him interested, but she never acted like she was the least bit interested in him sexually, although she was dying to at least hug him closely.

That way he would definitely be surprised when this day came. Haley even thinks Arthur is in love with her. Arthur was so sweet and innocent. Haley had every intention to keep him that way. She was going to marry him when she reached legal age, that is if he would have her. I of course reminded her that was fine, but it would not take place until she turned twenty one.

Haley quickly amended her statement. That was a welcome thought. Not to get Haley married, but she may have finally gotten the idea that she can marry her Daddy out of her head. I learned all about Arthur during this time. As shy as Arthur looked, he actually liked to talk once he got used to someone.

At nine o'clock, I sent them both off for a bath. Haley went to the bathroom in the master bedroom and Arthur used the one in the hall. I made sure he knew where the towels were and left him to his privacy. When bed time arrived, I put Arthur in one of the upstairs bedrooms, so Haley could sneak into my room later that night.

I woke Haley up early and told her to go to her room before Arthur came down. I didn't want to take a chance on letting him catch Haley coming out of my room that early in the morning. After we enjoyed breakfast, I asked, "Arthur do you still want to try out for posing?" Arthur replied sheepishly, "Yes sir, I guess so." "Follow me and I'll show you the studio."

I led Haley and Arthur into the spare bedroom where we set up the studio. Fortunately Haley convinced me to buy some clothes for the boy she chose to pose with. She told me what size to get saying she wanted whoever she picked to be that size. I remember looking at the clothes. They seemed so small. It was hard to believe someone that small was going to sweep my daughter off her feet.

Then I remembered we were talking about an eleven year old. They were supposed to be little. I suspect Haley has known all along she was going to pick Arthur. Everything seemed to fit him perfectly. Haley and I had a blast picking out all of the outfits. She especially enjoyed picking out the bikini underwear. I know most boys nowadays are into boxers, but Haley and I both know boxers cover too much for what she wants.

Haley plopped down in a chair and bid Arthur to sit in the one beside her. Haley immediately started showing Arthur some of the albums on the computer. Of course these were non nude photos. "Here, Arthur!" Haley smiled, calling up a pose. "Take a look at some of these while Daddy gets everything set up!" Haley started clicking through the pictures while Arthur sat gawking at the shots showing Haley's legs.

I glanced at them and thought Arthur would pass out when Haley started showing the ones of her in her bikinis. He practically choked on his tongue when he saw some of the photos where Haley was shooting squirrel shots with her silk bikini thong underpants under a short, short skirt.

I was taking my time setting up as Haley needed time to prep Arthur. As the two kids looked through the pictures, I continued to make a great show of getting everything set up while paying close attention to everything they said. Eventually Haley said the magic words, "Take a look at these. They're special pics! You can't tell anyone about them, though, ok?" "Ok," Arthur agreed.

I heard Haley click a few times and heard Arthur suck in a breath as Haley giggled, "Pretty nice, huh?" I knew what the pictures were, of course. They were a series of semi nude and totally nude photos of my young daughter. Most were fairly artistic. Only a couple were downright pornographic. None involved anyone else. They were just posing shots of Haley in various positions. I picked them especially with this day in mind.

I knew no matter what they'd be enough to turn on an eleven year-old virgin like Arthur. I also made sure all of them were taken at least two years ago. You could definitely tell Haley was a lot younger in them. I didn't want Arthur getting too good of a preview.

This would give Arthur a little more incentive to see what Haley would look like now with no clothes. "What do you think?" Haley asked. "They're... uh... they're really nice...", Arthur cooed a little weakly. "Haley," I looked up in a scolding tone. "Are you showing him the private photos?"

"Yes, Daddy." "Now, Haley," I said sounding stern, "You know you aren't supposed to show those to anyone." "Oh, it's ok, sir," Arthur blurted quickly. "I don't mind!" I bet not, I thought to myself. Looking doubtful, I said, "Well... as long as you promise not to tell anyone about them, I guess you can look at them for a bit."

"Oh, sure! I promise not to tell anyone, sir!" Arthur eagerly agreed. "Alright, then go ahead and look." Arthur and Haley turned their joint attentions back to the photo album. I turned away from them to hide my smile. Little did this cute little boy know he'd soon be getting to do far more than just look at Haley!

"You ever see pictures like that before, Arthur?" I asked as I turned a video camera to the two kids, adjusting the focus and getting things ready for later. "No, sir," he replied quietly. "They're really nice, though." "What about in real life? Ever see a girl naked in real life?"

"No sir, never, other than my two older sisters. Sally is 12 and Jenna is 13. I've only seen them nude a few times and trust me, it wasn't for long. Once they saw me they covered up quickly. I see them all the time in their undies, but they are my sisters. It is pretty normal around the house for us to have on underclothes after bath time. They never seem to take too much notice of me in mine either."

I was glad to hear Arthur is comfortable at home in his underwear. That will probably make this a little easier. “Boy, is it your lucky day“, I thought. Out loud, "Well, I think we're ready. Why don't you come over and stand in front of this backdrop for a bit."

I pointed to a large, slate blue backdrop along the wall. "Alright." With real effort, he tore himself away from the pictures of Haley and walked over to stand in front of the backdrop. I snapped a few photos of him. Nothing really fancy, just some nice beauty shots.

After several minutes of this, I picked up a small pile of the clothes Haley and I picked out for the occasion and handed them to Arthur, "Go ahead. Step behind the changing screen and change into these." "Ok, sir." Arthur quickly went behind the screen and started changing.

I was hoping he wouldn't give a second thought to the bikini briefs I gave him with the outfit and put them on as well. I really wanted to get a few shots of him nude with the cam behind the changing screen for Haley in case things didn't work out as we planned.

I didn't have any idea what kind of underwear he wore when he started, so I had to be sure he had something very sexy for Haley. It was after all her special day. I wanted her to really enjoy herself.

Haley leaned in close to me, with a wide grin on her face as she whispered, "Well, Daddy, can I pick them or what?" I smiled at her. "You can indeed." I gave my daughter a little kiss on her lips. "I'm very impressed." "Thank you!" She giggled. "I can't wait to get him inside of me! He's so cute!"

I laughed. "I know, dear. But be patient." Haley put on a mock sulk and then giggled. She sat in a large chair in the corner of the room as Arthur walked from behind the screen. "These are pretty nice clothes, sir " he said.

“They'd better be,“ I thought. We spent all day picking them out. I felt some feeling of success as I glanced toward the changing screen and saw Arthur's white cotton briefs draped next to the rest of his clothes. I thought to myself, “They wouldn't have been nearly sexy enough for this special day of Haley's.”

"Alright. Well, let's start doing some pics, then." I urged with a smile. "Get back over to the backdrop and I'll start in again." "Ok, sir." It was so cute the way Arthur said sir with almost every sentence. The boy did as he was told and we spent the next hour or so doing nothing but taking pictures of him in various poses in front of a couple different colors of backdrops. It was all pretty basic. I could tell Haley was starting to get a little bored and impatient.

On the plus side, Arthur was getting more relaxed. I was sending Arthur back behind the screen frequently to put on new outfits. I gave him different colors of under pants with each outfit, as well to give Arthur the impression they were a part of the outfit. I also wanted to get him somewhat used to taking them off with Haley and I in the room. I figured I could start moving things forward a little now.

"Alright, Arthur. You're doing well," I chirped, repeating something I'd been saying the entire time. "Now, why don't you take off your shirt? We can try some pics of you like that, ok?" "Without my shirt?" he quizzed, a little uncertain. "Yes."

"Well, yeah, ok. I guess that will be alright, sir." he finally agreed, shooting a little glance over to Haley, who simply smiled at him. I had Arthur remove the shirt very slowly, very sensuously. I wanted to tease out the shirt removal over the course of several photos. I succeeded quite well, I think. It took a couple minutes before the shirt was completely off.

Once it was, I posed him in some more positions. Haley looked like she was going into heat at the sight of Arthur's bare chest. I could tell she wanted to run over and rub her hands on it. Hell, I found Arthur's smooth skin and beautiful little nipples were giving me a heck of a hard on. I was tempted to make up an excuse to send Arthur and Haley into the living room for a while so I could beat off to the video I had been taking of Arthur changing his outfits.

I managed to resist the temptation as I knew if everything goes as well as Haley and I have it planned, it won't be too long before I see Arthur in all his splendor. I made sure to get some close ups of his little nipples and his belly button for Haley to enjoy later.

Haley has a sort of fetish for belly buttons. She always seemed to go bananas when ever she sucked on Shelia's belly button. Then I made a subtle sign with one of my hands, directed to Haley, who "suddenly" chirped out with, "Hey, Daddy? Can I get into the pictures with him? I'm kinda bored here."

"Uh." I looked up in fake surprise. "Well... I suppose that's up to Arthur. Do you care if Haley poses with you?" "No, sir. That's cool," he blurted after only an instant. "Cool!" Haley squealed as she flounced into the shot.

She gave Arthur a little peck on the cheek and started posing with him. Arthur blushed and beamed with a shit eating grin at the same time. Obviously, Haley had never kissed him before. I found that to be of little surprise as Haley always did as she promised me she would.

Arthur seemed to be very happy Haley showed even a little interest in him other than as a friend. I only got through five shots before Haley beamed, "Hey, Daddy? Should I take off my shirt, too?" Again I pretended to be surprised. I looked into Arthur’s pretty green eyes. "Well... Arthur, do you mind?" "No, sir, not at all!" he blurted quickly. I could barely keep myself from laughing at the boy. I turned to Haley. "Alright, Haley. Go ahead."

"Great!" my daughter squealed as she quickly pulled off her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, so there was nothing to hide her budding breasts. Arthur nearly choked on his tongue at the sight of Haley's breasts. I got some really good pictures of Arthur staring at Haley's bare chest, and then started them into posing together again. I thought Arthur was going to faint when I suggested a few shots of them with their bodies pressed together.

First her in front with him embracing her from behind and then vice versa. Then I suggested a shot mimicking a famous magazine cover where I had Arthur stand behind Haley with his hands resting on her small breasts. In this case, I thought the boy might have a stroke, he looked so happy. God, what would he do when he actually got to FUCK her?

"Mmmm... that feels really good, Arthur," Haley murmured, turning her head a little to smile at the boy. "It does?" She nodded. Arthur just grinned and cooed, "Cool." "Having fun, Arthur?", I asked. The boy blushed and then grinned, "Yes, sir." "Good," I said with a little chuckle. "Well, I think I'm about done with most of the pics."

Arthur's face fell. "Well, there's a few more I could take, but..." "But what, Daddy?" "Well, you two would have to be in your underwear." I could tell Arthur wasn't too excited by that idea until Haley squealed, "Ok, Daddy!" and before Arthur could react, she quickly pulled down her mini-skirt and was now standing there clad only in a pair of very small, yellow bikini panties.

As Arthur googled at Haley, I asked him, "Well, Arthur? It's up to you now. You want to get down to your underwear and let me take some pictures?" "Uhm..." Now the boy looked very uncertain. "Well... what are you going to do with these pictures, sir? I mean, are you like, going to show everyone or something?"

"Not THESE pics, no," I said with a little laugh. "The ones of you fully dressed, yes, but these? Heck, no. They're going into the private album along with the photos you saw of Haley. The only people that have ever seen them are Haley, you, and myself.”

“If you have some in there of yourself, maybe Haley will let you look through them when ever you want to." I knew the lure of having unlimited access to nude photos of Haley would be a huge temptation to Arthur to do whatever I asked him to.

Arthur looked again at my daughter, clad only in her small panties. Finally he shrugged his little shoulders. "Well... yeah, ok, sir. I guess it'll be alright." He slowly pulled down his pants and was soon dressed only in the light blue bikini briefs I supplied with his last outfit.

They were very tight and left little to the imagination. He also had a wet spot in the front of them. Obviously being close to Haley like that had taken its toll on poor Arthur. It wasn't a big wet spot, so Arthur wasn't aware it was there.

When he finally did see it, he turned about five shades of red, but finally got all right with it when neither Haley nor myself teased him about it. I could clearly see the boy's eleven year-old penis tenting out the fabric. It wasn't very big, but I thought Haley's eyes were going to pop out of her head seeing Arthur like that.

"Very nice," I acknowledged with a smile as I began taking pictures of the two children posing in their underwear. First some of Arthur by himself and then a few of Haley by herself to keep Arthur relaxed. Then I started posing the two of them together.

I made sure I got a lot of close up shots of the little bulge between Arthur's legs, for Haley's benefit. It was after all her special day. I had to admit, though, his little bulge wasn't really hurting my feelings either. I was fantasizing about what his tan lines would look like. Arthur's smooth looking skin reminded me of Brian, just as Haley suggested it might.

Author was pretty photogenic. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised. Arthur's legs were beautiful. If I were to remove the little bulge from between his legs, he would look more like a girl than Haley. Well, he wasn't quite as pretty as my Haley, but it was close. Haley is an extraordinarily beautiful girl. I am not bragging about my daughter. I am actually just describing how precious looking Arthur is.

I put down the camera as I looked at my watch. I didn't want to do it, but I was adamant about Haley eating three balanced meals everyday. Since Arthur was in my charge, he would have them as well. "Its lunch time. We can continue after we eat." Haley looked disappointed as she was eager to get Arthur inside of her. Arthur was slightly down trodden as he was enjoying looking at Haley in her underpants. "Aw, Daddy do we have to?" "Yes, darling we have to."

Arthur bent over picking up his pants. I stopped him. "Arthur, why don't the two of you stay dressed as you are while we eat. That way we can just pick up where we left off when we get started again." Arthur thought about that for a few minutes.

He still had his pants in his hand. I could tell Arthur was a little squeamish about the idea of parading all around our house clad only in his undies. He glanced at Haley again. I think he decided he liked the idea of watching Haley prance around in her underpants.

He decided it would be worth being a little embarrassed to continue to look at Haley in her cute little panties. Arthur dropped his pants back into the chair, and followed Haley and I to the kitchen. I giggled inside as I watched Arthur's eyes roaming up and down Haley's cute little form. Haley fixed us lunch. Normally we did it together, but Haley wanted to impress her 'boy' with her culinary skills. Who am I to deny her that?

We sat there at the kitchen table, taking turns eating, talking, and gawking at one another, with Arthur saying sir after almost every gawk at Haley. I purposely made sure I seated the two of them so that not only did they have an unobstructed view of one another's legs, but I had a pretty damned good eyeful as well. I could tell Arthur was really enjoying himself.

It was really cute. Haley was woofing her food down so we could start again sooner. Arthur was eating slowly so he could look at Haley longer. Arthur was trying to hide the fact his dick was hard and Haley was trying her damnedest to see that it was. I believe Arthur was losing. When we finished the dishes, we headed back to the studio.

I took quite a few more poses of the kids standing next to one another. "Alright. Let's try some different poses," I suggested after about fifteen minutes. "Like what, sir?" Arthur asked. "Well, why don't you two hug each other?" "Ok!" Haley gleamed. I could tell she'd been getting kind of bored. She quickly moved towards Arthur and embraced him tightly, pressing as much of her body as she could against his body.

Arthur froze up instantly, not even breathing, as I snapped a couple of photos. "This is fun!" Haley giggled. She smiled at Arthur. "You're having fun, too, right?" "Of course," he mumbled with a gallant smile. "Good!" Haley reached back and put her hands on the top of Arthur's butt. He jumped slightly, but beyond that didn't do anything. "Take some pics like this, Daddy!"

"All right," I said, snapping off a couple more photos. "Put your hands on her, too," I suggested to the very shy looking Arthur, who simply blushed a little and then complied. More photos followed. "This is really cool!" Haley snapped, firing off another giggle.

"You're really cute," she looked at Arthur and then giggled again. "Thanks," he said with a cute little smile. "You are, too." "Ooo! That's the right answer!" Haley replied and then suddenly moved her hands slowly down the back of Arthur's butt until they slid all the way into his briefs.

Haley gently cupped his ass with her tiny hands. This really caught Arthur by surprise. He started to pull back a little and then stopped. I took some shots of the look of amazement on his face, and then some of Haley's hands down on his butt.

"You can put your hands in my panties, too, if you want," she suggested to Arthur. Swallowing hard, Arthur looked at me, "Sir, is it ok?" I nodded. "Anything she says is alright. I know better than to argue with her." Very slowly Arthur lifted his hands up and then slid them down inside Haley's panties. He had a very cute look of wonder on his face as he did so. Just adorable!

"Hey, Daddy?" Haley pulled Arthur's underwear down in the back just enough to expose his pre-teen butt. "Take a picture of this!" I laughed. "Do you mind, Arthur?" "Uh... I guess not." I could tell Arthur didn't want me to photograph his naked butt, but I also knew he didn't want to risk doing anything that might make me tell him to take his hands out of Haley's panties. Obviously he had never done anything like this and he found the feel of Haley's smooth skin to be wonderful.

I snapped a couple photos of his bare butt. It was pretty cute! Round and firm and smooth and hairless. Very nice. I couldn't wait to see it bobbing up and down when he fucked my daughter. Haley left Arthur's underwear down and cupped his ass again, smiling at him. "You're really nice. I like you a whole lot." All the while Arthur was ever so gently massaging the back of Haley's ass.

Arthur was surprised by the nonsequitor, but replied sheepishly, "Cool. You're nice, too." Haley smiled at the young boy and then gave him a kiss right on the mouth. Arthur was, again, taken by surprise, but he didn't resist or anything. His face was lit up with joy. I knew the first time I saw Arthur, he wanted to be more than just friends with Haley. He couldn't believe she not only told him she liked him a whole lot, but she actually kissed him on his lips.

I took some nice photos of them doing their little lip-lock with each other. "Pull my panties off," Haley whispered when she stopped kissing Arthur. Arthur blinked and looked over at me for an okay. I nodded and he very slowly lowered down Haley's panties, exposing her tight young vagina. "Mmmm... that's much nicer!" Haley beamed. She gave Arthur another kiss and squealed, "Let me take yours off, too!"

I could see the indecision on Arthur's face. Eventually he very quietly whispered, "Okay." "Yay!" cried Haley as she took hold of Arthur's underwear and lowered them down, his virgin penis popping up into view. I zoomed in and took a few pics of his young erection. Still hairless, and very slim. It reminded me of the little pencil dick Brian used to have. I remembered how much I loved Brian and how much I missed him.

Seeing Arthur's dick looking so much like Brian's, I felt urges in the back of my mind. I wondered if he would taste as sweet as Brian used to. Another thing I thought was wild was the fact Arthur was deeply tanned from head to toe. He had no tan lines at all. Even his penis and balls were a golden brown. Just precious.

I found out a few days later that his parents were members of a nudist camp. His Dad rarely goes to the camp anymore because of work, but his Mom, two sisters and himself spend an awful lot of time at the camp. He hadn’t told me about it because at that point he was embarrassed about it and didn’t want me to know he had seen his Mom nude.

Arthur told me he enjoys the freedom of not having on clothes in a safe environment where very few people even paid any attention to you in the nude much less stand in front of you and gawk. Of course nearly everyone would take a peek from time to time, but they all do the same with everybody and rarely do any of them stare.

Staring is frowned on by the group. It is considered rude. Occasionally someone will take his picture, but only after asking first. Mostly guys. Arthur said he wasn't stupid. Obviously the guys took his nude picture so they could look at it as long as they wanted to when they got home.

Arthur was okay with that as long as he didn't really know for sure they were looking. I didn't bother to tell him they were most likely using his nude pictures to beat off to. I imagine he already knew that, but was reluctant to talk about it in front of me. Some of the guys might even be selling them over the internet. I didn't tell Arthur that either.

Arthur said his sisters parade around naked in front of him at the camp without a second thought because of the relaxed atmosphere and the way everyone acts, but they won’t walk around the house in the nude. Neither of them wanted Author gawking at their nudity.

Arthur said it might sound strange to some folks, but he understands exactly how they feel. When he is at home, he feels small and insecure when ever any of his sisters get a glimpse of him with his underpants off, even though they spent the whole day before at the nudist camp playing outside in the nude.

Arthur didn’t mind his sisters looking at him in the camp and they didn’t seem to mind him gawking either, but it seemed to be different at home. According to Arthur, they definitely looked.

The deal is, at the camp, they can see one another’s nudity easily enough, but due to the rules, they can’t really check all that closely to see what each other look like. If they did, everyone at the camp would be able to tell. Arthur pointed out it’s a weird sort of unspoken game. He is constantly trying to get a good peek at the girls in the buff, obviously without their knowing he wants to, when they are home. They are always trying to do the same with him.

Arthur knows both because he looks at them as much as he can and he has seen them looking when they thought he couldn’t tell. One time at the camp, they both stared directly at his penis the whole ten minutes they thought his view of them was blocked.

Arthur never let on to them that he knew. Neither wants the other to know they want to look and neither wants the other to know they want the other to look. Arthur isn’t interested in his sisters to have sex with them, it’s just they are so pretty, it’s exciting to look at them, especially when he knows he isn‘t supposed to be looking.

He also admitted it’s a damn sight easier to see their stuff at the camp than it is at home, but somehow it seems more satisfying when he sees their thingys at home. His parents tried however unsuccessfully to convince the three of them to parade around nude at home the same as they do at the camp. They actually tried it a few days. Each of which was sheer bliss to Arthur, but his sisters started wearing under wear the third day.

They told Arthur it was because Daddy stared at them like he wanted to eat them alive. Arthur figures he probably really wants to. Arthur told me some of the boys at his school confided to him how they and their sisters ‘checked’ each other out sexually out of curiosity.

The stories they told made Arthur wonder what it would feel like to eat his sisters. Both of his sisters convinced him to try kissing with them one night. It was pretty cool and intense. Arthur felt like things were building up to advance further, but when he touched his older sister’s tits, she got out of the mood right away and made him stop. They never did it again.

"Ooooo... you've got a nice one!" Haley yelped with a grin. She reached down and gave Arthur's penis a couple of strokes. The young boy's eyes went wide, but he didn't say anything. He just blushed a little. "Now, Haley, behave," I admonished. Even though Arthur was clearly very embarrassed, he was also joyously ecstatic he just had Haley's hand stroking his penis if only for a few seconds. He clearly wanted her to touch it again.

"Alright. Let's do some more pictures." I began posing the kids in various ways. I kept them from actually touching one another, at least for now. I had great plans in mind for that later, of course. I did take many pictures of them lying down, standing up, flexing, posing, etc.

Mostly just the same stuff I'd been doing before, except now both children were naked. I moved up to having them actually touch again. I started with a nice shot of them hugging, first face-to-face and then each one behind the other.

The views of Arthur's extremely hard penis sticking up as Haley hugged him from behind were very nice. I was amazed how well Haley stuck to the plan and how convincingly she made it all look so spontaneous when everything had actually been planned out almost to the letter. Even Haley's stroking Arthur's penis had been preplanned.

Most of it had been easy to predict as I haven't forgotten the desires all little boys naturally get at that age. It was merely a matter of bringing them out in a safe friendly atmosphere where Arthur could feel safe without being more embarrassed than horny. As long as I maintained that feeling, Arthur would go along with whatever I suggested with a few helpful urges from Haley.

It was merely child's play. Arthur was following the plan just like a guppy in a fish bowl. Then I got into some of the more erotic positions with the children. I had Haley kneel down in doggie-style position and had Arthur get in behind her and press his crotch up against her butt. He wasn't inside her, but he had it wedged in the crack of her ass and was certainly closer than I'd bet he'd ever thought he would get!

Now it was time to kick it up another notch. I told my daughter to get onto her back. She did so, spreading her legs as she got into position. Then I told Arthur to simply kneel between them and look down at her vagina. This presented him with no problems at all.

I took several nice pictures of their bodies and faces, and Arthur's hard, still virgin, penis. "Ok, kids. You guys want to try something else?" I asked casually. "Like what, Daddy?" I replied, "Well, why don't you two hug each other again?"

"Alright!" Haley squealed with a happy giggle. She reached up pulling Arthur's unresisting body down on top of hers. She hugged him tight, his bare chest pressed hard up against her small breasts. From the look on his face, I think it was safe to say he was a happy camper. "Are you still having fun, Arthur?" I asked with a smile. Arthur gave me a nervous grin in return. "Yes, sir... it's all really cool."

" I'm glad you like it," I said, smiling some more. I made eye contact with Haley and gave her a little wink. Haley picked up on the cue. She giggled a little and whispered to Arthur, "I can feel your thing rubbing on me down .....there." Arthur blinked and looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry. Do you want me to get up or something?" he asked, not moving a muscle.

Haley giggled again. "No, but you can put it in me if you want to." This took a moment to sink in. Then Arthur looked perplexed, "Uh... what?" "You can put it in me if you want," Haley repeated. Helplessly, Arthur looked up at me with a confused expression on his face. "She's saying you can put your penis inside her vagina, Arthur. You can fuck her," I exalted with a little smile.

"It's lots of fun. You should do it." "For real, sir?" Arthur asked with an expression of awe and disbelief on his face. "Sure. Just let me get the cameras positioned so I can get some good shots of you going inside," I started moving things around to get set up. I wanted these pictures to be perfect for Haley. Arthur looked at Haley. "Do you really want me to..." he swallowed loudly. "To... fuck you?"

"Yeah!" she squealed, squeezing his cute little butt. "It'll be fun! Only you have to promise me you won't ever tell anybody about it." " Sir, you're really sure you don't mind?" he asked, looking over at me. I could tell Arthur wanted to fuck Haley something awful, but was scared to death I would get mad and he would make a fool of himself if we found out he didn't know how.

"Nope. I know you won't tell anybody, because you don't want to do anything that would hurt Haley." I finished adjusting the cameras. "Oh no sir. I like Haley far too much for that."

I had a video camera on a tripod aimed at the boy's face and another handheld camera I aimed between their legs to get the shot of his penis entering Haley for the first time. " Don't worry Haley. I like you way too much to ever tell anybody." Haley's face lit up like a star. "Go ahead and do it, Arthur. I really want you to."

Arthur didn't move or say anything for quite a bit. Apparently Haley got tired of waiting for him to make up his mind because she reached down and took hold of his penis, lining it up with her vagina. "Arthur." she coaxed in a quiet voice. "It's really easy. All you have to do is push forward and you'll be fucking me, ok?" It was so cute the way Haley let Arthur know what to do without pointing out she knew he had no idea how to fuck.

Obviously she remembered what I told her about a boy's fragile male ego. She managed to put him at ease without further embarrassing him. Arthur swallowed loudly again and then silently nodded. I zoomed the handheld in and watched in pure bliss as Arthur pushed forward and down.

His hairless pencil dick sliding smoothly and easily up into my eleven-year-old daughter's tight, hairless vagina. I thought about teaching Arthur to do a little foreplay to get Haley ready before he stuck it in, but that would spoil the moment.

Besides, Haley had been so excited building up to this moment I was pretty certain her pussy was already sufficiently wet to accept Arthur's sweet penis without it hurting her. Haley was already used to my penis and Arthur's was so skinny and short he could probably have slipped it into Haley with her pussy completely dry. I wasn't sure which was the cutest. The sheer look of amazement on Arthur's sweet face or the excited look of anticipation in my daughter's eyes.

I hadn't wanted a boy screwing Haley, but now that Arthur was inside of her, I found myself eagerly anticipating watching him fill her little snatch up with his love juice. I also knew Haley wanted it really bad. This was a crazy situation. I wasn't supposed to be letting anyone violate my young daughter and yet here I am watching Arthur have his way with her. What made it worse was I was so glad I was able to be here to see it. Perfection at its best!

"Oh, my God," Arthur whimpered in sheer pleasure. "Oh... this feels so... oh, wow..." "You like it, huh?" I asked with a little chuckle. "Oh, yeah..." Haley wrapped her legs around Arthur's waist and pleaded, "Start fucking me, ok?" "Alright," he gasped out loud and began thrusting. I sat back and snapped a whole bunch of wonderful still pictures of these two. God, I found I loved watching kids fuck! Their young, smooth bodies moving in synchronized pleasure. Bliss!

Suddenly Arthur's face got this wonderful, breathless, unfocused expression. He let out a little squeal and cried, "Oh, God, I'm coming!" then scrunched up his face and pushed deep into Haley as his penis twitched inside her vagina. Arthur shuddered all over. I could tell he was in ecstasy. Once he was done coming, Arthur held himself up over Haley's naked body, trying to get his breath back.

Very slowly he pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back, his still hard penis twitching slightly, glistening with Haley's fluids and a couple of last drops of his semen. I hadn't expected the boy to be able to ejaculate yet, but was pleased to see he was.

Haley looked a little disappointed she hadn't had a chance to orgasm while Arthur was fucking her, but then she remembered I warned her whoever she picked would go pretty quickly once he got it inside of her, because she would excite him so and after all it would be his first time. I told her not to worry, it would happen soon enough. We would get him trained to do her right.

Haley pulled her knees up to her chest, keeping Arthur's juice from running out of her vagina, like we agreed to earlier. "Arthur? How would you like to lick Haley down there?" Arthur was clearly embarrassed. He looked like he was in shock for a minute. Arthur finally found his voice. "Are you sure its okay, sir?" I nodded at the young boy. "Sure it is Arthur. Haley wants you to do her."

Haley's eyes lit up in anticipation. "Oh please say yes Arthur. I want to feel your tongue inside me while you kiss my thing." I couldn't wait to get some shots of the look on Arthur's face when it dawns on him Haley's little pussy is still full of his juice. Especially when Haley drops her legs and lets it all run into Arthur's mouth.

I really enjoyed watching Arthur suck his own juice out of my daughter's young snatch. Haley squealed in delight, "Oh God, Arthur, suck me harder. I love it." I thought Arthur would pass out as Haley started to orgasm in his sweet mouth. She held him by the back of his head, pulling his face up into her pussy. It almost looked like she was trying to pull Arthur's head inside of her.

Once Haley was finished, Arthur pulled away from Haley to admire her wet little hole. I asked, “How was it Arthur? Did you like the way she tasted?" Arthur blushed slightly. "Yes, sir. I liked it. She tastes awesome."

I piped in, "I bet that was the first time you ever tasted your own stuff too. Did it taste alright?" Arthur turned beet red. He sat in silence. Obviously he was having a little trouble with the realization I knew he had eaten his own load. Arthur managed to mumble, "It was ok, I guess, sir."

As I openly stared at Arthur's nudity, I was overtaken by a sudden urge to do something I thought I would never do. I felt a sudden urge to suck Arthur's special looking penis. I handed the handheld camera to Haley and said, "Hold this while I give you a special thrill."

"Ok, Daddy. I got it. What kind of thrill?" "Just sit back and let it be a special surprise, Haley." Once Haley was holding the camera I moved towards Arthur and calmly stated, "Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything bad." Arthur, still breathing hard, just nodded. I wasn't sure Arthur knew what I was going to do to him, but it was obvious he had already decided being with Haley would be well worth enduring whatever it was I was going to do to him.

Arthur just lay on the floor, unable to move. He had a confused look on his face, like he was trying to decide if he should jump up and get dressed or just go with the flow. The fact he didn't move made it clear he was going to go along with my plans. I didn't really want Haley to watch me suck Arthur, but I promised her if I ever did a guy again, I would let her see it. I knew Haley was going to be thrilled once she realizes what I am getting ready to do for Arthur.

I reached down and took his no longer virgin penis in my hand. I gave it a couple of strokes, eliciting a whimper from the preteen boy. "Arthur, if its alright with you, I would like to taste you too." Arthur just muttered, "OK, sir. If you want to." Then I opened my mouth and licked all up and down the smooth skin on his pubic area, before finally wrapping my lips around Arthur's slender little shaft.

I could taste Haley's juice all over Arthur's wonderfully soft feeling penis. Haley squealed, "Oh God, Daddy. This is so cool. Arthur, you are going to love this." I was very surprised at how quickly Arthur got hard again. I was in ecstasy. Haley watched in awe as my head bobbed up and down, as I was happily blowing a little boy.

"Oh, God," Arthur whimpered as he experienced what must've been his first blowjob. "Oh... that feels too good almost... oh... wow..." Haley finally found her voice. "That's really cool, Daddy! Its making me horny as hell." Haley screamed as she took pictures of me blowing Arthur.

I agreed, but was too lost in happiness to care. I always had an urge in the back of my mind I wanted to blow one of the young boys Haley had as friends and now finally I was. I didn't want to make Arthur come with my mouth.

I figured it would be more fun to simply have him fuck Haley once more, but he was so sweet, I couldn't bring myself to pull back. I kept on sucking gently on his meat. Suddenly Arthur grabbed the back of my head, "Oh God I'm coming in your mouth." When Arthur finished filling my mouth, I asked, "You want to fuck Haley again?"

"Sure, you bet I do!" The boy glowed with enthusiasm. As I sat up, he grinned sheepishly, "Sir. I really liked what you just did. It felt really nice." I took my pants off and looked at the surprise on Arthur's young face. I started rubbing my thing until it got hard. Arthur didn't know what to say.

"Arthur, you said you would like to fuck Haley again. If you want her, you'll have to taste me to get her." Arthur looked like he was in shock. I could tell he found the idea of sucking my dick repulsive. He would look over at Haley's nude body and glance back at my dick. He kept looking back and forth. I could tell he wanted Haley bad.

Haley piped in, "Go ahead and do it Arthur. It's really cool. I do it for him all the time. You'll like it. I promise and nobody will ever know. Do it for me. Please, pretty please with sugar on it." Arthur was in shock upon hearing Haley sucked me all the time. Evidently he came to terms with it quickly and decided to accept it as a given. "Well Haley, I guess I could do it for you. I don't have to swallow it do I?"

I grinned at Arthur. I knew he would do anything to sink his skinny peter into Haley's tight little twat again. "Oh yes. Arthur. You not only have to swallow it, but you have to do it twice." Arthur frowned at that statement, but he came over to me anyway.

I made sure I stood in front of the camera so it would catch the expression on Arthur's sweet young face when I wadded off in his moist little mouth. Haley squealed in delight, "Cool!", as she watched Arthur slip my hard on into his darling little mouth.

I could feel the wetness of his lips resting against my shaft. Arthur knows he has to start sucking it at some time or the other. As expected, he’s just letting it sit where it is while he makes up his mind what to do. I’m not going to rush him. I know he believes no one else will know he blew me. It is also a given that Arthur wants Haley again really bad.

Besides, his moist lips being wrapped around my meat, while his little tongue inadvertently wiggles from time to time around the head of my dick is driving me far too wild to urge Arthur to do anything else. I am quite content to let him hold me in his mouth for the time being.

The longer he held me that way, the harder my dick got. I was so excited, I could already feel my balls tightening for climax. I looked down at Arthur’s beautiful face. His slender pointed nose made me feel like I wanted to suck on his face. I could just imagine shooting off in his nose. It would be awesome watching the expression on his face as my excitement rolled all around inside his head behind those gorgeous green eyes.

Evidently Arthur was finally coming to terms with what he had to do. I watched in awe as he tightened his lips on my peter. My shaft slowly disappeared into Arthur’s sweet mouth. As the head of my rod neared the back of his throat, Arthur gagged a little, but quickly got a handle on himself by swallowing and pushing his head forward more.

Soon, I was in all the way. I could feel Arthur’s luscious lips in my pubic hair and against the top of my balls. Arthur pulled a hard suction as he drew his head back. Those soft lips delicately creased my skin driving me close to the edge. I hear a loud popping noise as Arthur pulls his mouth free of my meat breaking the suction and driving his mouth right back down on my throbbing peter.

His juicy saliva lubricates my shaft quickly on the down stroke. Just as quickly, his lips pull it all back away on the upstroke eliciting another popping noise at the tip. Arthur looks at my pee hole momentarily. He takes my shaft in his right hand pulling me toward his face. He rubbed the tip of my hardness across his face from ear to ear. Back and forth repeatedly. Letting his tongue slice through the slit at the tip every time it neared his mouth.

I was ready to explode at any minute. Arthur continued to tease me this way for several minutes. Suddenly he looks me in the eye, smiles a shit eating grin and pops his lips back onto my shaft. He sucks hard as my rod tickles the back of his throat. Arthur grabs my nuts tugging gently at them as if he were beating me off with them.

This action sent me over the edge. I erupted violently into Arthur’s warm wet mouth. He pulled back so the tip was all that remained between his lips. I shot gob after gob into the darling boy’s mouth. Finally I was finished. Arthur pulled back with his mouth obviously full of my ejaculate. He looked as if he had no idea what to do with it.

Haley helped him out. “Everything’s all right Arthur. You can swallow it. It tastes a lot better after you swallow it the first time. From then on, you’ll love it. No one will tease you about it. I promise. Do if for me. It’ll make me really horny watching you eat my Daddy’s excitement. You do want to make me horny, don’t you?”

Hearing that last statement was all poor Arthur needed to hear. He pressed his lips firmly together gulping down my excitement. Haley and I both got off on the cute look of disgust Arthur got on his face as he started swallowing my juice. Haley was snapping pictures left and right. She obviously wanted to make sure she got it all in pictures. Haley apparently got off on watching two guys do their thing.

The boy went back down on my peter to slurp off the drippings at my urging of course. Arthur pulled back from me when he finished slurping the last drops of my cum from my penis. I knew both from the fact Arthur had just finished swallowing my load and the fact I already told him he had to do it twice that he would do it as often as I asked him to in order to get Haley again.

"Arthur, keep on sucking. Suck it until I go soft and then until I get hard again. Then I want you to swallow me again." By the time I finished shooting off into Arthur's sweet young mouth the second time, I started seeing a change in the expression on his face. It seemed like he was starting to like it a little better, although still not much better.

I thought he might like it a little more if I got him to do it a third time. At least he seemed to be actually going for it now. I glanced at Haley. I thought she might be getting eager to have Arthur do her again, but she was too thrilled with watching Arthur suck me. She was really getting off on it. This time when I finished shooting off, Arthur kept sucking until I went soft.

I exclaimed, "Arthur, that felt really good. Would you like to try it again?" Arthur never said a word. He leaned his head forward taking me into his mouth again. Haley was getting horny as hell watching Arthur suck my now limp dick.

Arthur sucked me for ten minutes before it stood back at attention. When Arthur pulled back from me this time, he swallowed what was in his mouth before saying, “Cool. That was pretty good." I smiled at the boy saying, "OK. Arthur, you can do Haley now. You've certainly earned it. You can do me again when you finish her."

Arthur kissed me on my dickhead and pulled back long enough to murmur, "Oh please Mister Mason. I want to fuck Haley again, really bad, but I want to do you one more time before I do. You really feel good in my mouth." Haley squealed, “Arthur, you don't know how excited I got watching you do my Daddy. I'll probably come all over myself now that I know you like it." Arthur smiled, "Far out."

Haley was telling the truth when she said the sight of Arthur sucking my dick turned her on. She was watching intently as Arthur blew me for the last three hours. Now he wanted to do it a fifth time. Haley hollered, "Go for it Arthur."

Arthur leaned forward taking me into his mouth again. Arthur slurped on my penis like he would never see it again. When the little darling came back up for air this time, he yelled excitedly, "Wow. That was awesome. Will you let me do it for you again next time I come down, sir?"

"Thanks Arthur, you don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that. You have my permission to do it whenever you like. You can do it as often as you want before you go home. Anytime you come down you can do it for me, as long as you don't mind me doing you." I beamed with a little smile as I took the camera back from Haley. Arthur grinned, "Mister Mason, I would like that very much. I love it when you do me, sir."

"Lay on your back Arthur. Let Haley get on top this time." "Alright." Arthur laid on his back. Haley straddled Arthur and lowered her luscious vagina down around the delicious preteen penis I'd just sucked on earlier.

I took all the shots I could, savoring the delight of watching my daughter getting fucked by a very cute boy. The children screwed most of the afternoon. Both of them thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of freedom they got from eating supper in the buff at the kitchen table.

Arthur felt good about not having to hide his hard on. I thought it was going to be real cute, the expression on Arthur's face when Haley finally took his young peter into her sweet mouth. It was, but the look of awe on Haley's face when Arthur started squirting his excitement into her mouth put Arthur's to shame.

Haley gobbled it up. I even trained Arthur on how and when to properly manipulate Haley's clit. I trained him how to hold back on shooting off until Haley started to orgasm so they could come together.

Every day for the next week Arthur came over for a couple of hours after school. I made movies and still photos of him and Haley having sex. I even gave him a few more orgasms myself with my mouth. Arthur got where he really liked to thrill Haley by sucking me off. He would usually get it out and give me a blow job within a few minutes of arriving at the house.

Haley always got a charge out of it when he did. I think Arthur was falling in love with my penis as well as with my young daughter. I was especially fond of the special feeling I got inside as I held Arthur close in my arms while I sucked on his delectable little tongue. His lips always felt so awesome on my mouth as his warm little body pressed against my chest. It was especially exciting kissing him as I knew he enjoyed kissing me as much as he does Haley.

To be continued………………………………..........................................................


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