A desperate struggle to survive.
This story is not for the squemish at heart. It also contains underage characters. If you find tear jerker hard core underage stuff to be offensive, please read something else. You will not like this. If you are the more adventurous reader and can handle pretty much anything, read on.

It may help some to keep in mind that the story is entirely fictiitous. None of it happened. At least not that I am aware of at this point. Enjoy.

Too Young To Die

Kenny came to the Skate Land with his nineteen year old brother Lenny. Kenny was having so much fun, he begged Lenny to let him walk home in a couple of hours. Heck, it was only a mile. What could possibly happen in that distance.

Lenny figured Kenny was right and left him there. Besides, Lenny wasn’t stupid. He could tell his twelve year old brother had the hots for the little girl in the red shirt and the short blue skirt. Lenny couldn’t blame him. Hell, that is a good looking little bitch, but the straight up fact is, the girl is too young for Lenny. More correctly, Lenny is too old to be seen messing with her.

A guy had been watching Kenny the whole time and Kenny knew it. Kenny had been hanging out with the girl in red. Her name is Shelly. The best part is she liked Kenny. At least she enjoyed holding hands with him as they skated. Kenny tried to kiss her. Shelly turned her head away preventing the kiss. “No. I want to kiss you, but my Daddy is watching us. He will beat me when we get home if I do.”

At that point Kenny felt a little better about the guy staring at him as he assumed the guy was Shelly’s Dad. When his two hours were up, Kenny reluctantly told Shelly, “I really like you a lot. I had a great time being with you. I would like for us to be boyfriend girlfriend, but I have to go home now. Bye.” Kenny looked longingly into Shelly’s eyes to let her know he desperately wanted a kiss.

Shelly slipped Kenny a matchbook. “Hey. That has my phone number written in it. Make sure you call me. I like you too. If you like, we can be friends. Maybe even real close friends.” Shelly reached up wrapping her little arms around Kenny’s shoulders as she kissed him sweetly on his lips. Kenny was spell bound. The kiss was passionate and Shelly’s tongue felt so warm and moist in his mouth. He couldn’t help sucking on it for several minutes.

When the kiss finally ended, both the kids were out of breath and their hearts were throbbing out of their chests. Both of them were experiencing feelings of bliss. Kenny glanced at Shelly’s Dad. He was watching intently and looked very angry.

“Shelly, aren’t you afraid your Dad will beat you?” Shelly reached up kissing Kenny one more time the same as she had before. Finally she replied, “He would, if he knew. To do that, he’ll need x-ray vision to see through the bathroom wall.” She kissed Kenny a third time. When the kiss was over Kenny reluctantly left. As he was walking out the door, he glanced back at Shelly one more time.

He thought she was beautiful, then he noticed the guy. The guy was still watching intently. He was staring straight at Kenny. Along with this knowledge came the realization the guy isn’t Shelly’s Dad. Kenny was starting to feel kind of freaky. He thought the guy might have looked angry because he was jealous of Kenny kissing Shelly. It is quite apparent the guy had no interest in Shelly at all. Worse yet, the guy was sporting one hell of a hard on as his eyes pierced like daggers at Kenny.


Kenny quickly slipped outside. He looked frantically for a place to hide just in case the bastard followed him. Kenny went behind the dumpster in the front of the building. It was dark in the dumpster enclosure and Kenny was confident he could look out without being seen. To his horror, the guy came out almost directly after Kenny did. The guy stopped just outside the door. He was obviously scanning the parking lot. From the way he was acting, he was definitely looking for someone.

Kenny thought to himself, “Oh God. I may have made a mistake. I should have gone home with my older brother Lenny.” Kenny was really scared. It’s been nearly twenty minutes now. The guy was still standing there next to the door. Just standing there watching the parking lot.

Kenny’s thoughts were, “Why the fuck is he still there? Why the fuck didn’t he leave?“ Kenny started noticing something he hadn’t at first. The way the building was shaped, and the short amount of time that elapsed between the time Kenny left and the dude came out, there was no way he could have cleared the parking lot without the guy having seen where he went.

There was only one answer to those questions. The guy knew Kenny was still here. He knew Kenny was hiding somewhere. There was only one way out. Kenny had to go right past the guy. Kenny freaked and took off running. He could feel the guy grab at his arm, but fortunately the guy had just looked the other way as Kenny had taken off. The guy’s grip faltered and Kenny was free. Kenny ran as hard as he could.

Kenny glanced behind him. To his horror, the guy was giving chase. Kenny had hope as he was obviously gaining on the guy. He kept glancing back to ascertain that he was in fact still putting distance between them. Suddenly, Kenny’s foot dipped into a pothole just as he had turned to see behind him again. Kenny went to the ground with a dull thud. God it hurt the way he hit the ground. Kenny could feel the gravel drive into his knees and his elbows as he rolled across the parking lot.

Kenny quickly scrambled to his feet. As he took off again, he felt a huge hand slap over his mouth and an equally huge arm wrap around his small torso. The guy picked him up easily and carried him to the van he had parked in the front of the parking lot. Kenny was kicking and trying to scream. Kenny was screaming his lungs out, but there was no sound as the guy had Kenny’s mouth firmly sealed shut.

Just as the van door was sliding shut, Kenny caught a glimpse of Lenny’s car entering the parking lot. Evidently older brother had gotten worried and came to investigate why Kenny wasn’t already home. Kenny gasped, thinking to himself, “You dumb fuck. All you had to do was stay put for five minutes and you could have got in the car and gone home. You stupid, stupid fuck.”

Kenny saw the guy fumbling with a bottle trying to get the top off of it without allowing Kenny to scream at the same time. Kenny knows if he can just get out of the van and into his brother’s sight, he will be home free. Kenny felt this was his chance and bit down hard on the guy’s hand. Kenny could taste the blood as his teeth tore into the guy’s palm. Just as quickly, Kenny heard the bottle thump onto the rubber mat on the van floor as the guy’s other hand slapped Kenny silly. Kenny didn’t dare bite him again.

The guy picked the bottle back up and swiftly twisted its cap off. He poured some of its contents on the rag and then slapped the rag over Kenny’s mouth and nose. Kenny struggled for several minutes. There was an odd smell and then there was nothing. Just blackness.


Lenny pulled into a parking spot right beside the van that unknown to him presently contained his unconscious little brother Kenny. As Lenny went inside the building, he grumbled to himself. “That inconsiderate little fuck. I can’t say I blame him with that girl looking like all that, but since he forgot to come home, well, here I am out in the night to get his ass.”

Lenny glanced around the rink. No Kenny. He scanned the refreshment stand near the grill. No Kenny. Finally his attention turned to the girl in the red shirt. “Hey, little girl. I saw you earlier with my brother, Kenny. Do you have any idea where he is?”

Shelly smiled. “I am pleased to meet you. You must be Lenny. Kenny had many things to say about you. All of them nice at that. My name is Shelly. Kenny left about twenty minutes ago. Said he had to be home so you wouldn’t worry.” Lenny looked troubled. “Thanks Shelly. He didn’t show up when he was supposed to. I’d better go find him.”

Typical of Lenny’s luck, the car wouldn’t start when he got outside. The van was gone. He immediately called his Mom. “Hello” Lenny was glad she hadn’t turned off her phone. “Hi, Mom. I’m outside Skate Land. The car’s on the fritz again and I’m stuck here. That’s not why I called you. Kenny stayed at Skate Land for a couple of hours after I left.”

“He was awestruck by a cute little girl there and didn’t want to go home. Problem is he didn’t show up at the house. I can’t find him here. The girl said he went home. I’m worried, Mom. This isn’t like him.” Lenny switched hands with the phone. He despised the damn things as they aggravated his ears. “Stay there Darling. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes to get you.


Lenny was pacing the floor. His Mom was on the phone trying to get some detective to pay attention to what she was saying to him. They had driven all around town trying to spot Kenny. It has been over five hours and Kenny still hasn’t shown up.

“Detective Logan. You don’t seem to understand. My son doesn’t run away from home. I am afraid something has happened to him. Worse yet, someone may have picked him up. He’s such a tiny little thing.” Lenny could hear the detective on the phone from where he was. “I’m sorry Ma’am. Policy doesn’t allow me to do anything for at least twenty four hours. When that time frame has elapsed, call me…………..”

Lenny’s Mom blew up. She cut the detective off in mid sentence. “Listen here you dumb fuck. My twelve year old son is missing and you are handing me a crock of shit a mile long. Get something straight in that empty box you are using for a head. If something happens to my son because you are dragging your lazy ass, I’ll come down there and cut your fucking balls off myself. Do you understand me?” A long silence could be heard before there was again sound.

“Mrs. Mason. This is Captain Anderson. I apologize for Detective Logan’s apparent unconcern over your son. He was a little confused about policy. We wait twenty four hours for a missing person’s report. However with young children, we want to jump on that right away as the first twenty four hours is critical. Basically if we haven’t recovered the child by then, usually the odds are we won’t at all. At least not alive anyway.”

Lenny was shocked at what his Mom said next. “Well, Captain. Your man Logan has had me on the God damn phone for three hours now with his bullshit while God knows what is happening to my little boy. You tell that stupid fuck that if I lose Kenny, his nuts belong to me and if you don’t get your ass down here, I’m adding yours to the list.”

“Mrs. Mason. I understand how you feel. Please try to calm down. I’ll be there personally within a half hour. I would like to be there sooner, but it’s a long way out there.” Mrs. Mason hung up the phone.


Kenny awoke. He was still groggy and nothing he was seeing was making any sense. Right at this moment, he was staring straight at the floor. The weird part was the floor was only a foot below his face. Kenny’s arms and legs ached something awful. His nose was itching something fierce, but he couldn’t reach it. Kenny looked at one of his hands. What he saw caused him to look quickly behind him at his feet.

Kenny has done this several times over the last three minutes. It was the same result each time. It finally dawned on Kenny that his wrists and ankles were tied to four hooks in each corner of the room at ceiling height. so that he was spread eagle, only he was belly down and a foot off the floor. He was literally hanging there by the ropes on his hands and feet. God it hurt. To make matters worse, Kenny was totally naked.

This situation was acerbated by the fact that it not only hurt like a bitch, but Kenny had to shit something awful. He felt like his stomach was rumbling. It was the same feeling he would have whenever he got the runs. To make matters even worse, for some reason, his asshole was sore as hell.

Suddenly the door opened to the room Kenny was suspended in. Kenny looked to his right, where the noise had occurred. It was the bastard from Skate Land. The asshole was stark naked too, with a throbbing boner swinging between his legs. “Well. It’s about fucking time you were waking up. Its time for your next treatment. My name is Fred. I am going to be your friend for awhile.” With that said, Fred walked over behind Kenny. He dropped down to his knees.

Kenny could feel something cold and wet on his ass. “Yep, little boy. That’s one fine little ass you have there. I’ll keep it lubed for you. At least for awhile. Till you are ready for the pain thing. Don’t worry. We’ll get to it soon enough.” Kenny tried to yelp when Fred stuck his finger up Kenny’s ass. He couldn’t get anything out because his mouth had something crammed up in it and it was sealed off with a piece of duct tape.

Fred worked his finger in and out for a spell and suddenly pulled his finger out. Just as quickly he shoved his dick in. “I tell you little boy. I am impressed. I’ve fucked you in the ass five times and you haven’t shit one single time. When you feel like you have to, you just go ahead and do it.”

“Let it all run down the back of your balls and onto the floor. I got the window open in the other room. Filling it up with flies. Gonna let em in here shortly. Yep. You need em crawling around on your little ass. Guaranteed to drive you nuts. Get it? Drive ya nuts. Ha ha ha.”

Fred fucked the shit out of Kenny’s little butt for an hour. Every stroke in shoved Kenny’s body forward as far as the ropes would let him go and the backstroke would let him swing right back into Fred’s throbbing member only to do it all over again. Kenny could feel the ropes tearing at his ankles and wrists with each violent stroke. Finally, Fred gets up. “Okay little boy. I’ll check on you in a bit.” Fred left the room.

Kenny stared at the floor. He kept thinking to himself. “Damn. You never listen to anybody. Now look at you. Shit. I’m in a hell of a pickle now. I have to shit so bad I can’t stand it. Piss too.” Suddenly, Kenny couldn’t hold it any longer. First he shit all over the place.

It actually squirted out the back of his ass. It got all over his cheeks and then ran down the back of his nuts just as Fred said it would. Kenny could feel it all around his hole. Next thing Kenny knew, he was pissing all over the floor. He could see it spray up past his head as it hit the floor under his face.

Several hours passed with Kenny all alone and sort of swinging in the air with each movement. Kenny could feel the dried shit all over his backsides and balls. He could smell the stale piss mixed with the rancid smell of feces. The door opened again and Fred came in. “Hi there little boy. I brought you something to eat.” This was good news to Kenny. Right now he could eat a horse. “Yep, time to eat. Just let me pull this tape off and get your underpants out of your mouth. You couldn’t shit in them, so I had to.”

Kenny took quick note of what Fred had just said. “He shit in my underpants? Shoved them in my mouth afterwards? He must be kidding. After all, I don’t taste any shit.“ Fred reached down pulling the tape off Kenny’s mouth.

Two things happened in rapid succession as the tape was ripped free. One, it hurt like hell. It was almost like Kenny was having his lips ripped off. Two. When the air hit his underpants, Kenny could suddenly taste the shit in his mouth. He began to throw up as Fred snatched his dirty underpants out of his mouth.

“Relax. It’ll be a lot tastier when you eat it fresh right out of the box. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of time.” Fred walked around to Kenny’s front. He sat down on the floor with his dick under Kenny’s face. “Yep, its time to eat.”

Fred grabbed a hand full of Kenny’s hair. He pulled Kenny’s head down as he crammed his dick into Kenny’s mouth. “Now, don’t go and fuck up by biting me boy.” Kenny promptly chomped down on Fred’s dick almost as quick as he knew it was there. Fred howled in pain as one of his huge bear paws went up aside Kenny’s head. When it did, blood flew from Kenny’s nose.

Fred got up looking at the blood coming from the bite in his penis. “You little bastard. I’ll solve this shit. You ain’t gonna bite no fuckin body else.” Fred left. When he did, Kenny noticed he left the door open.


Kenny was alone again. His thoughts went to Shelly. “Is she doing okay? Does she still like me? Will I ever see her again? Am I going to die?” He had been going over these thoughts for what seemed like forever. Actually it had only been three hours.

Kenny heard a fly buzz by his head. The damn thing kept buzzing about. Finally it landed on his back. It crawled around here and there until it ended up on his ass. Kenny flinched his muscles and the fly left. It came back very shortly and was soon joined by another. Soon the flies learned that Kenny’s flinching was no threat to them. They could no longer be distracted.

At first, their walking on his skin tickled. It was driving Kenny crazy. Suddenly, one of them bit him on the ass near his hole. It hurt like a bitch. The fucking fly was vicious. It just kept biting. Soon there were a lot of flies. Some bit him on the ass, others bit him on the balls, and the rest seemed adamant about getting in his mouth and nose. Kenny believes the bastards are going to eat him alive. Every now and then, Kenny had to blow hard out of his nose to get the flies out that have crawled up into it.

The door opened. Fred had something in his hand. “Open your fucking mouth boy. You bit me. Now I am gonna make you pay.” Fred squatted down in front of Kenny. He forced Kenny’s mouth open. Kenny could feel something hard and cold enter his mouth.

Fred shook his hand back and forth eliciting shrieks from Kenny with each shake. Suddenly Fred pulled hard. Kenny squealed in agony. Fred held the pliers up in front of Kenny’s face. Kenny was looking at one of his teeth. Kenny could feel the empty spot where his tooth used to be. Fred dropped the tooth on the floor and stuck the pliers back into Kenny’s mouth.

He yanked and shook and yanked some more. Kenny screamed bloody murder. Soon, Fred had another tooth. All the while the flies were enjoying their feast. Blood was welling up in Kenny’s mouth from the gaping holes in his gums. Fred dropped that tooth on the floor as well. “Ain’t so fucking funny now. Is it little boy?”

He reached into Kenny’s mouth again clamping down on a third tooth. “I hear pain can cause some awesome orgasms little boy. Let’s see if that’s true.” Fred kept his grip on the tooth and slid underneath Kenny. He put his mouth on Kenny’s dick. It didn’t seem to bother Fred any with the shit being so close to his nose. Fred started sucking very sweetly and tenderly. The whole time he was doing that, he was pulling back and forth on the tooth. Kenny was writhing in agony.

After ten minutes, Kenny’s penis erupted into orgasm. It squirted out more than Kenny had ever ejaculated in his young life. Just as Kenny got started shooting off, Fred pulled the tooth. Kenny wailed in agony. Fred dropped the tooth on the floor. “Okay dick head. That’s enough for now. If I pull too fucking many at one time, the pain will actually numb you and then it won’t be fun anymore. Now I’ll give you some real food. Gotta keep you alive for now.”

Fred spoon fed Kenny a bowl of green peas. Some macaroni and cheese and broke up a bananna that he fed to Kenny a little at the time. Fred carefully gave Kenny a swig of water until he had his fill. “That enough boy or do you want some more?” Kenny was full and said as much. Fred got up leaving Kenny alone again. The flies were working Kenny over. It was excruciating. Finally fatigue took over and Kenny blacked out.


Mrs. Mason was sitting in her living room. She was crying. It has been two weeks. She has heard nothing from the kidnappers. Captain Anderson already told her he wasn’t expecting a call. He believed whoever did this had taken her boy solely for sexual gratification.

The Captain figured a boy that looked that pretty would likely be picked up quickly by almost any pervert. He would like to have a go with the little thing himself and he wasn’t even queer. As far as Anderson was concerned, that is one beautiful little boy. Of course he didn’t tell Mrs. Mason that part.

Mrs. Mason was very upset. She was extremely worried about Kenny. It was well past the critical twenty four hour period. The police questioned everyone they could find out had been in the Skate Land that night.

Shelly mentioned the guy that had been staring at her. She really thought he had been stalking her. She gave a very accurate description of the guy. No one else seemed to have any information of any value. The description had been sent out on an all points bulletin along with a police sketch of the suspect also thanks to Shelly. Kenny’s photo had been sent out on an Amber alert.

Detective Beverly Swanson had been assigned the case. There were three reasons for this. One. No one else wanted to fuck with it as they figured the kid was already dead. Most perps only keep their victims a few days before getting scared of being caught with them. Then they dispose of them.

Two. The department likes to give Beverly all the shit jobs. Three. Captain Anderson has a daughter Kenny’s age. He couldn’t imagine losing her. When it comes to detective work, Beverly is really good. If anyone can find that boy, it will be her.


The phone was ringing. Being Monday morning, Beverly had one hell of a hang over. Drinking a lot seems to come with the job. Especially with a job where two in three kids you investigate are dead before you even get the case.

Really sucks. Especially when you have to see the little darlings all fucked up. Sometimes they are badly bruised because they were beaten to death. Sometimes they were nearly gutted because they were fucked to death. Some of them had been cut into little pieces to be hidden better. Nearly all were nude.

The fucking phone was still ringing. Beverly picked it up. “Detective Swanson.” There was a silence on the other end. Beverly waited patiently. She knew how to deal with this. The key is to sit quietly and say nothing. She has an informer that keeps her apprised of the happenings on the street. Trouble is he stutters a lot. Especially when he gets nervous. If she waits him out, eventually he gets around to saying what he has.

“Th th th this is Ti Tim. I kn kn know wh where th th that b b boy is.” Beverly sat straight up in the chair. “Are you sure?” Beverly had no idea precisely which boy Tim was referring to, but did it really matter? She damn sure wanted to find which ever one it was. Dead silence again. “Y y yes. I saw his pi pi picture.” Beverly waited, but heard nothing else. “Where are you Tim?” “Thu thu thu Thirteenth and Franklin streets.” Beverly beamed. “Wait right there. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.

Beverly arrived in ten minutes. Tim was patiently standing on the corner. He got in the car when she stopped. “Where is he Tim.” Tim smiled. “V v v vacant house on Fifth Street. Reggie se se seen the b b b bastard carry the boy in about t t two weeks ago.”

Beverly got angry. “Two weeks ago. Why the fuck didn’t you tell me then?” “D d didn’t know. Reggie w w wanted twenty t t t to say. I didn’t have it. Lo Lo Logan at th th the desk wouldn’t p p put me through to you, s s so I had to earn it m m myself.” Beverly sighed as her anger welled up inside her. She didn’t say it out loud, but she wanted to scream, “That arrogant bastard. If that boy dies, I’m going to punch that silly fuck in the nose.”

Beverly fished in her purse and handed Tim a couple of fifties. She knows some folks might think that’s a lot of money to pay a homeless informer, but after all, we’re trying to save the life of a young boy. Tim has saved three so far and only given her one bum tip. The other ten were already dead when the police arrived.

If she doesn’t give him something, he’ll stop looking. Tim might be homeless and he might not be able to talk so good, but if it were up to Beverly, she’d hire Tim on the detective force. That man has a knack for finding out some shit. “Thanks for the tip, Tim.” Tim sat there for a second. “B B B Beverly. Let m m me know if th th th the boy’s okay.” Tim got out of the car. Beverly knew that Tim was a good man. She also knew that he would give her the information for free, but the man has to eat.

Beverly picked up her phone. She quickly dialed some numbers as she headed for the vacant house on Fifth Street. “Captain Anderson.” “Cap, its Swanson. I’ve got a lead on the Mason boy. 1735 Fifth Street. I’ll need backup.” “I’m on the way. Backup units will probably beat me there. And Bev. Don’t go in there alone.” “Okay, Cap.” Beverly hung up the phone as she parked a block from the house. She wasn’t going to be the cause of this boy’s death.


The silence was devastating. Fred would leave for hours and hours. Kenny was bleeding around his ankles and wrists. His hands and feet felt like they would fall off at any moment. It got worse each time Fred gave him his treatments.

He hasn’t seen the bastard in a while, so it shouldn’t be much longer before the next one. Kenny was thirsty. The only thing he had had to drink today was when Fred peed in his mouth. Kenny had learned to swallow it all as it might be the only moisture he would get. With Fred, one never knew.

It’s been almost a week since Fred finished pulling the rest of Kenny’s teeth. They are all laying on the floor where he can see them. Along with a lot of dried blood from Kenny’s mouth. Sort of a reminder as Fred puts it. Kenny’s mouth is extremely sore, but he makes like a pro when gumming Fred’s thing. He doesn’t lose any of that either as sometimes that’s all he gets to eat. Its hard to chew his food now, but he does the best he can and swallows it anyway.

Kenny has even learned to swish Fred’s shit around in his mouth without throwing up as he desperately needs not to throw up what little nourishment he can get. It is really hard to swallow. Especially while Fred’s asshole is crammed up against his mouth. Kenny has to eat it all, from beginning to end. He never dreamed anybody could shit that fucking much. Trouble is he can’t throw up the shit without dinner going with it.

Kenny is sick. His stomach is killing him. Every time he shits, it squirts like water and burns like acid. His asshole is so sore it feels on fire and Fred still happily bangs away at it as Kenny screams horrifically. The fucking flies are eating him alive. Kenny has sores all over his body from the bites.

He has a maggot infestation in his sinuses. He knows this as the flies go in and out of his nose at will. Especially while he’s passed out. Sometimes when he blows real hard he can see the wormy little things hit the floor. The odor is stifling.

Kenny switches back and forth between sweating his ass off and freezing to death. He is running a fever of a hundred and four. Most of the time he is delirious. As nasty and fucked up looking as Kenny is now, Fred still comes in at times and licks the boy all over his body. Fred calls it bath time. Kenny realized a long time ago that Fred didn’t care if he lives. The bastard didn’t even pick the gravel out of his knees and elbows from his fall.

The door opened. Fred sat down next to Kenny’s head. “Little boy. When I first saw you, you were the cutest little thing I ever laid eyes on. I thought I could do you for a long long time. Now look at you. You’ve let yourself go to shit. You gotta be punished for that, boy.” Fred reached in a sheath on his belt. He pulled out a razor sharp knife. He ran it slowly across Kenny’s face putting a gash along the boy’s cheek. Kenny squealed in pain. A layer of flesh spread apart on Kenny’s cheek. “That’s just to let you know it’s sharp.”

Fred started sucking Kenny’s dick. Just as soon as Kenny started ejaculating, Fred grabbed his balls and penis pulling them so far away from Kenny’s body that Kenny wailed in horror. Fred quickly sliced the whole package off even with Kenny’s pubic area. Just as quickly, Fred stuffed it all into Kenny’s mouth stifling the blood curdling scream. Fred calmly placed a piece of duct tape over the sobbing boy’s mouth.

Fred crawled in behind Kenny and fucked the shit out of him as the blood ran onto the floor from the spot where Kenny’s privates used to be. When he finished ravaging the young thing, he poured some liquid on a rag and slapped it between Kenny’s legs. Kenny’s eyes bulged in pain. He was screaming bloody murder. His groin area was on fire. Yet, he couldn’t make a sound.

Fred calmly said, “There. That’ll stop the bleeding.” Fred sat there watching Kenny squirm. When he calmed down a little, Fred yanked the tape off of his mouth. He removed the boy’s privates from his mouth, laying them gently on the floor. Fred fed Kenny some chicken and potatoes with a little mixed fruit. Then he gave the boy a glass of water through a straw. He reached down picking up the boy’s stuff and crammed them right back into Kenny’s mouth. He taped it shut again. Fred got up and left.

The silence was devastating. Kenny hurt in every pore of his body. The pain was ever increasing. Kenny could feel his bloody genitals in his mouth. He couldn’t spit them out and didn’t dare swallow them. “Oh, God. What am I going to do?” The flies were doing their job again. Blackness sweetly fell over his eyes.


Beverly snuck up to a window. Her gun was drawn and ready in her right hand. Beverly was taking no chances. She wasn’t going inside, because the Cap told her not to, but she hoped to get an idea of where the boy is located. She peered inside. The room was empty. The detective made her way cautiously to the next window. She could see ropes tied to hooks in the corners of the ceiling.

Her eyes slowly traced the ropes until they fell on a young boy suspended like so much meat by his ankles and wrists. She couldn’t see his private area, but he was obviously naked. The boy was a fucking mess. There were teeth all around on the floor under his head. His mouth was taped with duct tape. His face was full of gashes. Beverly was sick to her stomach.

Beverly decided to see if she could locate the perp. She moved to the next window When her head popped up in the pane, her eyes quickly focused on the barrel of a Smith and Wesson “38”. Just as quickly, glass and pain ravaged her body. Instinctively, Beverly fired her weapon. There was blood gushing out of a hole in her neck. Beverly calmly pushed a finger into the hole. She could see the perp laying on the floor. Beverly watched him for several seconds. He didn’t move. Beverly slowly sank into a heap on the ground.

When backup arrived, Beverly was hanging onto life by a thread. A helicopter was called in to rush her to surgery. A team went in to get the boy. When they cut the child down, he was emaciated, full of sores from fly bites. The whole room was infested with flies. The boy was running a high fever. The Captain had a picture of Kenny with him, but he couldn’t tell for sure if it was him. Captain Anderson rode in the helicopter with the boy. He wanted to question the child, but he was out cold.

He picked up his radio. “Carlson” “Yes, Chief.” “Carlson, call the Masons. Tell them we think we have their boy, but we aren’t sure. The boy is unconscious so we need them to make a positive ID. Out.” When they arrived at the hospital, the emergency team whisked the boy off for treatment. Captain Anderson waited patiently for the arrival of the boy’s parents.

Inspector Clark walked in the room. “Cap’n. I got positive ID on the perp. Guy’s name was Frederick Hanson. Several convictions for child pornography and abduction as well as rape. Had a fetish for twelve year old boys. Wouldn’t even look at anything else. Psychologist said the guy liked them at that age because some were hairy and had big dicks and some were smooth as a baby‘s ass and had pencil dicks. Guy liked a variety, but they still had to be young.” The Inspector left.

The Captain didn’t have to wait long. Mrs. Mason came running to the room the Captain was waiting in. “Oh God. You found him. Is he going to be all right? Can I see him?” The Captain led her to a chair. “Please be seated Mrs. Mason. Where is your husband?“

Mrs. Mason wiped her face with a tissue. “He is on a job out of state. He got the call, but it will take several hours for him to arrive. There seems to be a problem with getting connecting flights.“ The Captain looked concerned.

“First of all, we will need for you to make a positive ID on the boy.” Mrs. Mason interrupted him. “Damn Captain. Just how many missing boys do you have in the city right at this moment. You act like there’s a shit load.”

The Captain understands the stress she must be under at this time. He calmly replies, “Fifty four to be exact. Nearly half as many as we have missing little girls.” He waited for her response. “I’m sorry. I made an ass of myself. I didn’t realize. That must be difficult to deal with. Oh God. The poor parents must be devastated.”

“Mrs. Mason. As I have said, there is a possibility that the boy isn’t your son. He fits all the physical attributes. From what I can see, he resembles the picture you gave me of him. We will allow you to see him shortly, but you need to know a few things before we do. The boy has been through quite an ordeal. He has been suspended in the air by his ankles and wrists for over three weeks. He will need therapy in order to walk again, if he ever does.”

“He is severely dehydrated. He has several kinds of infections in several different places. The perp did a lot of bad stuff to the boy. Even pulled all the child’s teeth. If the boy survives physically, he’ll have a hell of a battle to make it mentally. Come with me. I warn you. It isn’t pretty.”


Mrs. Mason walked into the room where the boy lay. The doctors had done all they could for the time being. All that could be done now was wait and see. There were all sorts of tubes and devices sticking out of him. Mrs. Mason was astounded. The boy’s face was swollen from the severe beatings he had had. Every place she could see on his small torso was ravaged in bites. He looked like he was all skin and bones.

She walked over to the bed. She looked carefully at the boy and fell to her knees. “Yes. It is him. Thank God he has been saved.” The Captain knew she couldn’t tell for sure from the face alone, so he asked, “Mrs. Mason. Are there any identifying marks on his body you can tell me about. Birth marks, scars, maybe a distinct mole?” Mrs. Mason beamed in delight. “Yes, there is a birth mark on the right side of his chest just above the nipple. It is so cute. It looks like a tanned area and is shaped like a heart.”

The Captain walked over to the bed pulling the sheet down revealing the boy’s chest. There plain as day just above the boy’s right nipple was a suntanned heart. Captain Anderson smiled with glee. “Congratulations, Mrs. Mason. You have your son back.” Mrs. Mason got off her knees and jumped into the Captains arms. “Thank you so much for getting him back.” Captain Anderson allowed her a few minutes to let all that emotion go then he held her tight as he explained.

“I’d like to take the credit, but I can’t. The credit has to go to Detective Swanson. She apprehended the perp at the risk of her own life. She is in room ten on the first floor as we speak. Intensive care. She received a bullet wound to the neck. The doctor doesn’t expect her to make it, but there is hope.”

“The next twenty four hours will tell the tale. If she doesn‘t, I don‘t know what I‘ll tell her eleven year old daughter.” Mrs. Mason sat in a chair next to her son. She was devastated about her son, but was also deeply troubled over the sacrifice the detective had made for her boy.

Captain Anderson walked out of the room to leave Mrs. Mason alone to console her son. Mrs. Mason sat there admiring her son. Remembering the way he looked before his terrible ordeal. She had been sitting and thinking about all the pleasant memories she could when she remembered that Kenny had the cutest little birth mark right next to his penis. It was almost identical to the one on his chest, only it was a more perfect heart.

Mrs. Mason knew it might look funny if someone walked in and saw her doing it, but she hadn’t seen it since she accidentally walked in on Kenny while he was getting ready for his bath last month. Under the present circumstances, she couldn’t resist seeing it now. Mrs. Mason lifted the edge of the blanket and sheet folding them neatly out of the way. She pulled the front of Kenny’s underpants out of the way and looked down. She let out a blood curdling scream as she ran from the room.

Mrs. Mason was in such a state of hysterics, an orderly had to tackle her and put her in a chair. A nurse walked over. “Mrs. Mason. What is wrong?” Mrs. Mason was still crying. Finally she got control. “That isn’t my Kenny. I suddenly remembered he had another birthmark right next to his penis.”

“I had just seen it not more than a month ago by accident. You know how little boys are around the house, especially in the confines of their room. It not only wasn’t there, but I saw this huge man sized hairy penis. It was covered in hair. My Kenny isn’t even close to hitting puberty. Oh no. My darling boy is still missing.”


Captain Anderson was in the police lab talking with Corporal Osborn. He is the lab technician. One of the best in the nation. “Captain. I have some bad news for you. Really bad. The knife you found at the scene was used to carve the boy up that you found.” Before Osborn could start his next statement, Captain Anderson interjected. “You mean the John Doe boy we found with the perp?” Osborn nodded. “Well yeah. That’s the one. He isn’t a John Doe anymore.”

“Do you remember that program the governor made them start in all the schools through out the state?“ The Captain acknowledged, “Sure. I remember that. That’s the one Mayor Robinson raised so much shit over. Said it was a waste of time and money.”

“He said it was a crazy idea taking DNA samples from every kid in school and organizing them into searchable files. Then he almost resigned after his boy turned up missing. Awful thing it was.” Osborn continued. “Well, I checked the DNA from the scene with the data base from the program. I nearly shit at the results. Our John Doe is the mayor’s son Bruce.”

“Before you run off calling Robinson, let me give you the bad news. I found traces of fifteen different DNA samples on that knife. All of them but one are in the registry, but we did find that boy‘s body. Here’s the list. We already found the bodies of all but one. The bad news is who we haven’t found. It’s Kenny Mason.” Captain Anderson shrugged. “Why is that bad news? All we have to do is trail him down. We killed the perp, he can’t hurt the boy anymore.”

Osborn almost yelled. “You don’t get it Captain. Everyone of those boys were found suspended the same way. All of them were cut the same way. The fourteen bodies we found were all dickless. The bastard cut them off with this knife and shoved them in the boys‘ mouths and left them to die. Bruce got lucky, we found him before it got that far.”

“Kenny is hanging in a room all by himself. Cut all to fuck, with the flies eating him alive. Probably already has his penis duct taped inside his mouth by now. Nothing to eat or drink and all the while staring at his fucking teeth. Do you see what I’m saying? If we don’t find that boy within a few hours, he’ll be dead for sure if he isn‘t already.” The Captain sat there with a far off stare for several minutes. He sighed heavily, got up and walked out.


Shelly was looking so sweet in her little green string bikini. The thong in the back was driving Kenny nuts. His dick was so hard it hurt. He wanted to kiss her. Hold her soft warm body close to his. Enjoy her sweet aroma. He couldn’t quite reach her. It was as if every time he got closer, the wind wisped her just a little farther away. No matter how far he reached out, she was just out of reach.

The dream faded. Kenny was awake again. His body raged with pain. His dick hurt something awful. But wait, how could it? It is still in his mouth. “Oh God. Please don’t let me die. Not like this.” Kenny could no longer feel his arms or his legs. His fingers, hands, and what he could see of his toes had turned black. The rest of his body was on fire. The flies were crawling in and out of his ass as well as the hole where his penis used to be. The smell of shit and piss was stifling.

How long had he been here? Two days? A week? Kenny didn’t remember. It’s been two days since Fred had last given him his treatments. Kenny hasn’t had a thing to eat or drink. His throat is parched. “When is the bastard coming back?”


Beverly lay in her hospital bed. She was still weak. Her neck was stiff. She could just barely see the bandages. She couldn’t move her head. “What happened to me?” Beverly can’t remember and drifts back to sleep.

She can see her wedding day. How happy she had been making sweet love with her new husband. The love of her life. She remembered the first time she held her young daughter. Beverly awakened. She was in a strange room. Her ankles and feet felt like they were on fire. Her ass hurt. She felt like someone had turned her hole inside out.

She saw the ropes in the corners of the room. Her eyes traced them to her wrists. Beverly looked straight down to the floor. It was a mere foot away. Her teeth lay on the floor in plain view. By twisting her neck hard enough to allow the ropes to cut into her wrists, Beverly was able to glimpse out the window if only briefly.

There were numbers and letters. She couldn’t quite make sense of them in the fleeting moment she had seen them. Beverly didn’t want to look again . It hurt far too much to attempt again. Maybe. Just maybe it might give her some idea of where she is. “Why? What good will it do? I can’t get loose to tell anyone anyway. No. I have to know. For my own peace of mind, I have to.”

Through the searing pain, her neck twisted once again. This time, blood trickled out of her torn ankles and wrists. She managed to focus on the window. “919 Dayton Dr.” She passed out.

Beverly slept several hours. Suddenly she jolted awake. She was sweating. Her hands were wringing wet. There were no ropes. Her wrists and ankles weren’t torn. Her body hadn’t been ravaged by a perverted bastard. All that was wrong was a bullet wound to her neck. Beverly started to sink back into restful sleep when she remembered the dream. It had seemed so real. Boy, was she glad that had been a dream.

A feeling came over her she just couldn’t ignore. Beverly sat bolt upright in the bed. She knows where the boy is. Beverly saw it out the window in her dream. Reaching up to her head, she undid the clasp securing her neck. Her feet rolled onto the floor as she rose from the bed. Fortunately there was a gown in the cupboard in the room.

Beverly snuck past the nurses station and down the elevator to the exit of the emergency room in the back of the hospital. There by the sheerest luck was a police car with the driver door open and the keys in the ignition.


Beverly sat in front of a vacant house. The faded inscription on the dilapidated mailbox read, 919 Dayton Dr. From the angle she was in, it seemed it might just be possible to see it from a window in the house. “No way. The address is in the front of the mailbox.” Beverly realized she was rambling again. That was not why she was here. “Why am I here?”

She contemplated this thought. No matter how hard she tried, there seemed to be no clear idea. There had to be a reason for her to have left her cozy warm bed and come here. “What was it? I have to remember.” Beverly lapsed into a deep sleep. She tossed and turned and wallowed all over the front seat for what seemed like hours. “The boy. I have to get the boy.”

Beverly’s hand held the door knob. The rickety door was nearly ready to fall off the hinges and there was no lock. Thoughts wafted through an already cloudy mind. “Wait. If you go in there, you’ll be raped and killed. Look, stupid. If you don’t go in there, the boy dies. You don’t know what’s in there. It’s okay. I have the training. I can handle the bastard. What if you can’t? The boy dies either way.”

Beverly shoved the door frame out of the way and went in. The front room was empty. There were no sounds. The kitchen was clear. The bathroom in the hall was open and empty. “What is that awful smell? It seems to be emanating from the back bedroom. Beverly stood in front of the door. She was blacking back out. “Must stay awake. Do not go to sleep. Not here. Not now.”

The knob turned. Beverly pushed the door and went in. “Shit. Dear God. Not this time. Not this boy.” Beverly ran over to Kenny’s seemingly lifeless body. She was going to cut the ropes, but had nothing to do it with. She ran to the kitchen. There was nothing there. She ran back to the boy. “Maybe I can just untie him.“

As Beverly disturbed the ropes, Kenny opened his eyes. He looked pleadingly at Beverly. His eyes told the story. They were yelling, “Please. Get me out of here. I don’t want to die.“ Beverly was desperate. She has to save him. The knots were in the corners at the hooks. “What do I do? Kenny’s head dropped back down limply as it was when Beverly first entered the room. “The car. There has to be a radio inside.”

The lights seemed to dim. Beverly could feel a wetness down her front. One glance alerted her to the fact she had torn her stitches and was bleeding profusely. She felt dizzy and nauseous. “Must sit still for a minute. Just a little breather.” Beverly sank to her knees. Her eyes widened. “The boy! Must save the boy.”


His beeper was going off again. He’d answer it, but there are no public phones within ten minutes of here and his cell phone battery is played out. Captain Anderson shrugged. “Whoever you are, you’ll just have to wait until I arrive at the station.” He was uneasy for some reason, but didn’t quite know why.

The station was nearly deserted as usual for this time of the day. Charlene, the night dispatcher generally takes lunch during this hour. She should be back anytime. The phone at the Captain’s desk rang. “Captain Anderson.” Charlene’s crisp voice greeted him. “Chief. Where have you been? I’ve called your beeper a hundred times. You wouldn’t answer your cell. I decided I better check the park. That was the last place you reported being. I couldn’t find you. Turns out you got back before I did.”

The Captain sighed. Charlene was rambling on, the same way she always does when she gets excited or agitated. “Charlene. Shut up. Take a deep breath. Now tell me why you called.” Charlene knew this was her alert to get her shit back together.

“Sorry Chief. Tanaka County called reporting a police cruiser they used to transport a prisoner to the hospital as being stolen. They are……..” The Captain whistled through his teeth. “Tanaka County is two hundred miles out in nowhere. Why are they bothering me about a God damn cruiser?”

“Sorry again Chief. They got a call from a curious motorist that saw the empty cruiser on the side of the road with the door open. They used the number inscribed on the door to notify Tanaka PD. Tanaka requested you check it out for them. Address is 919 Dayton Dr. Sorry again, Sir.” Captain Anderson calmly replied. “It’s okay Charlene. I only have about thirty things to do right now. This will be a sweet distraction. Good bye Charlene.” The Captain hung up and headed out the door.


Sure enough, there she is. A Tanaka police cruiser. Captain Anderson investigated the vehicle and determined it was empty. It showed no apparent signs of foul play. The Captain looked around. Seeing no one in sight he decided to start by investigating the house situated near the cruiser. It was a dilapidated seedy looking place. Obviously hadn’t had any serious tenants in some number of years. The entire frame of the front door was lying inside the living room.

Having his danger feelers activated, Captain Anderson drew his revolver to the ready. He checked out the kitchen. Nothing. He walked past the empty open bathroom. “What the fuck is that smell. It’s horrible. Smells like something has been dead for a week.” He walked into the open bedroom door.

“FUCK.” The Captain started weeping as he dropped to his knees in disgust. All he managed to say was, “They were too young to die.”

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2014-03-23 10:16:00
What we as the reader should be asking is how can we help prevent something like this from ever happening? Some say, shoot the bastards. But how can you tell who is the child predator and who is the angel? The story was well written in that it caused an immense emotional responses from its readers. If that is what the goal was. Lastly, I believe the author should repost a bigger warning in the beginning. Explaining the kind of hatred you will feel after your done. Would like to hear a little from the authors side.

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2014-03-23 10:15:39
Considering the votes and how many people have read this. It's safe to assume that this is a popular story. Do I like this story and am I giving praise? No. Hell No. I believe the author was in a sense trying to paint a picture of what kind of people are out there right now. At this very moment. With urges of fantasies ten times as worse as what is written. I also believe, or want to believe, that the author was trying to provoke the emotions of a sane individual into believing something like this can happen anytime and anywhere.

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People who think of or write shit like this need fuckin shooting. Aswell as the people who enjoy reading it. Fucking vile anything involvig kids or rape or toture is disgusting and I think that whoever write this should have it happen to them.


2013-12-12 10:39:09
I won't argue with the reader who believes this shit is fucked up, but boring? Do you even know what a dictionary is?

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Yeah, this shit is fucked up.

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