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Part two! Thanks to Whoever is reading this, i'm sorry if there are any errors in grammar or spelling. Once more, and hopefully for the last time There is no sex in this part, just a further development of a few of the main characters. As before, please Read the story, and then give me some feedback on how i can improve it, and what needs what. If i decide to use an idea of yours, then i'll be sure to give you credit in the part you help with. I'm also sorry that these parts seem to be so short, and i'm sorry i'm apologizing so much. Long winded is right!

The entire time he sat outside the office Charlie only really had two or three thoughts on his mind.

One, why didn’t her friends come to get him when they had obviously suspected trouble?

Two, why had alex even gone somewhere alone with that giant asshole?

And Three, Why had Charlie so readily acted so aggressively against the larger student? Charlie was by no means a fighter, the last time he’d gotten into it seriously with someone else was when some asshole had squirted some Caprisun into his eyes during lunch in the 6th grade. He certainly wasn’t a pushover, but to immediately go for a submission hold was very clearly against his nature.

It was with these thoughts going through his head that Charlie sat through being suspended, and picked up after all was said and done. His mother was disconcertingly silent the whole trip back home, and Charlie couldn’t help but notice how much more his head hurt after the adrenaline buzz faded. He lost consciousness with the feeling that his sister had begun to sob beside him.

His mother eventually asked Alex to tell her what had happened, but before Alex could really open up, she noticed her brother was out cold, and asked if they should take him to a hospital.

“Are you sure he’s not just asleep? Is he breathing alright? Is he bleeding?” The mother asked in rapid succession, fearing that her son may have injured himself more seriously than he’d let on

“He’s breathing fine, and no he’s not bleeding, but knowing the kid he fought with, I’m surprised he was able to keep him as contained as he did for as long as he did. Oh god, this is all my fault!” She burst into tears at the realization that it was practically her fault her brother was as injured as he was.

“Oh honey. It wasn’t your fault, your brother was happy to protect you, and when we get back home he’ll be even happier knowing that he’s going to have two weeks off of school and he’s going to have his little sister with him for some of it.” The mother said in an attempt to soothe her daughter’s obviously aching heart.

“What?” Alex said through slowing tears.

“Well you’ve just been through atraumatic experience, and i’m sure the school will be very willing to grant some time off for you, I know you and your brother love each other, and i think that this will be good for you two.” She said not realizing how correct she was.

A few moments passed, with the only sounds being the near silent hum of tire on road, and the slowing hiccups Alex was letting out. She’d finally calmed down and was beginning to think up a way to say that she was sorry to her brother, how to explain what happened, and how to thank him. It would be a while before she realized they were at home, and that it was just her and her brother still in the car. Their mother had left to go get the eldest son in case they needed to carry the unconscious Charlie indoors.

Alex undid her seatbelt, and tried to do the same for her brother . With little difficulty, she managed to do so, but not before accidentally brushing her palm against his crotch. She blushed fiercely, and pretended it hadn’t happened.

She jumped out of her seat with a yelp when their older brother knocked on Charlie’s side door, asking Alex to unlock and open it.

Alex, Their mother, and Javier (the oldest son) managed to get charlie out of the car, and half carry him to the porch. There they put him dow as he began to stir. The first thing he said when he began to open his eyes was, “What day is it, and who knocked me out?”

Javier couldn’t help but laugh a bit, as serious as the situation was, he always found a place to laugh, and pretty soon, his infectious good spirits had invaded their mother as well. Charlie did not understand, and he didn’t really care, so he got up slowly, and headed inside to get some painkillers. Alex was just happy her brother wasn’t still unconscious and seemed fine, so she allowed herself a small smile.

Little was said that evening about the days events, and around 7:30 pm Charlie told the family he was going to hit the sack, and asked they try to keep it down. Javier had left around 7 to head back to the college he currently attended. Alex was left alone in the living room to watch TV as her mother was tired, and decided to go to bed around 8. feeling lonely, Alex decided to grab her mac, and head to her bed to browse the net. She’d be quiet, and try to keep from bothering her brother.

The first thing that registered to her as she entered the room, was that her brother had left his pants and shoes on the floor again instead of throwing them in the hamper and closet. She sighed, “it’s to be expected I guess” She quietly picked up the offending articles, and deposited them where they belonged. She relaxed as she did so, feeling that this could be one of the ways she could pay her brother back for saving her. She could be his slave for a little while.

Almost immediately after this thought went through her mind, another followed. “Slaves need to do what their masters tell them to do, Everything they tell them to do.” She blushed and shooed the thought away, he was her brother, and as much of a perv as he was, even he wouldn’t do such a thing to her. Would he? She’d never really thought about how her brother saw her as a girl, but she thought she was pretty cute. Short even by family standards, she stood at 5’ had perky B cup breasts, and was definitely not fat at just under 100 lbs. A lot of guys had tried to ask her out, but she’d never really been interested in any guys she knew. Except her brother, but he was her brother, she was supposed to love him and pay special attention to him right?

By the time she was done with this whole mental conversation with herself, she was in her bed, and was getting ready to visit youtube for some much needed distraction. She stopped when she noticed just how deep asleep her brother seemed to be. he wasn’t snoring, and he was breathing very slowly. Alex got out of bed to go check on him once more before retreating into the computer, and found that his covers were coming down. She couldn’t really see much as her computer’s light was muffled by her blanket, so in an attempt to be kind, she simply reached down to around where it was, and grabbed something very hard, very hot, and really quite big.

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