This is the end of Jake's summer but not the end of his life or his relationship with Emma. We'll have to wait and see what is in store. I hope you understand that life is not all about sex. it is about people who relate to each other.
Jake was awakened by Emma as she got out of bed. He opened his eyes enough to see that light was shining through the window curtains. It took a moment to remember that he and Em were at the cabin. He heard her moving around in the room before closing the door to the bathroom.

When the bathroom door opened again, he raised his head, “Hey. What time is it?”

“I don’t know,” Emma replied as she got back into bed. She laid down beside him. “Jake, I’m hurting.”

Turning toward her he asked, “What do you mean? What hurts?”

“I’m having cramps.” He could feel her moving her hand as she rubbed her abdomen. “I started my period. I get cramps.” She moaned slightly.

“You mean you hurt when that happens?” He felt genuine concern for her. He had little knowledge about this monthly experience women had other than what he had learned from tv commercials and sex ed classes.

“Yeah. I’ve only been having periods for five months, but it always hurts.”

“I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?” He realized how stupid the question was, but he didn’t know what else to say.

“No. I’m just crazy.” She winced with the discomfort. “I’m not regular.”

“What does that mean?” Jake knew he was out of his field of knowledge.

“Didn’t you have sex education classes?” She sounded a bit frustrated. Jake assumed it was the pain she was in.

“Yes, but I figured half of it didn’t apply to me.” He paused. “I’m sorry. I’m just worried.”

“Okay,” Emma sighed. “A woman is supposed to have her period every twenty-eight days.” Her voice had a lecture tone to it. “But then there are women like me. Mine can happen just about anytime. Twenty-one days. Thirty-four days.” She paused. “And every time I have had a period, I have had cramps.”

“So can you take something to make it not hurt?”

“Yeah, but I forgot to bring it.” Again she sighed at the pain. “I just happen to have a tampon in my bag.”

Jake was a bit relieved that the bedroom was still fairly dark. He felt himself blush as they were discussing Emma’s female issues. “Em, I”m sorry. What do we need to do?”

“I’m gonna’ have to get something.”

“Okay.” He sat up, looking down at her. He could see the strain on her face. “We can get dressed and find a drug store somewhere.” He moved off the bed, put on boxers, shorts, and a t-shirt. He looked back at his niece. “I’m serious. Is there anything I can do?”

Emma attempted to laugh. “No, Jake. I’ll survive. Nobody ever died from this. I’m just one of those that hurts.” She got out of bed. “Mom said the same thing happened to her.” As she dressed she said, “I think it would be best if we go home.”

“Yeah. I think so. I’m sorry I can’t really do anything for you.”

“It’s okay.” They packed their bags. Jake told Emma to lay on the sofa while he made sure the boathouse was secure. He packed a cooler with leftover food, removed the sheets from the bed they had slept in along with the sheets from the bed Emma had slept in while the family was there. When all was ready, they left.

“Do you feel like eating? We can get something when we find a drug store.” He planned on stopping by the same drug store where he purchased the condoms. “What do you need? Is there a special medicine?”

“Mom has given me Midol or Motrin. They both help.”

They rode in silence until they reached the shopping area near the interstate spur. “Here’s the drug store,” Jake said. Emma was leaning back in the seat with her eyes closed. Her hand was massaging her lower abdomen. “Can you go in?”

She looked over at him. “Do you mind doing it?”

“I don’t guess.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “What do you want?”

“Either Midol or Motrin.” She spelled both for him. He got out of the truck and headed toward the door of the store. When Jake entered through the sliding door, he looked round. He began walking up and down aisles looking for what Emma had told him to buy.

“May I help you find something?” a woman asked. She was wearing a shirt with a store logo on the chest pocket.

“Uh,” Jake uttered. “I’m looking for either some Midol or some Motrin.” The woman reacted with a smile that said that Jake was obviously not looking for something for himself. She led Jake to an aisle with shelves filled with various feminine needs and products. He felt his face blush.

“Here’s the Midol,” she said, pointing to several sizes of boxes. “The Motrin is on the next aisle.” Again she smiled, knowing that this young man was uncomfortable. “I recommend this.”

“Thank you.” Jake took a box and paid for it as quickly as he could. He returned to the truck, got in, and handed the bag to Emma.

She smiled at him. “Thank you.” She opened the bottle. “I guess I need something to drink.”

“Sure.” Jake drove to the same fast food restaurant and got in the queue for the drive thru. He ordered a biscuit breakfast for himself. “You sure you don’t want something?”

“Get me the same thing. I guess I need to eat something with this.”

He ordered and paid and they made their way to the interstate. After a while Emma turned toward Jake, putting her hand on his leg. “Thanks, Jake. I feel better.”

“I’m glad I could help.” What he was actually thinking was, “please don’t ask me to do that again.” He added, “I love you, Em.”

“I love you, too.” Emma put a CD in the player. “Mom said I may have to go on birth control pills.” She looked at Jake. “She said that if I am off schedule this month she would take me to the doctor.” She paused. “Sometimes that is the only thing that will help with periods being regular.” Emma could tell Jake was not comfortable talking about this topic. She smiled at him.

Emma called her mom on her cell phone as they reached the city. She told her mom what was happening, explaining how they had dealt with the situation. Jake heard her say, “Yes, mom, he has been really understanding. He even went in to buy the Midol for me.” She laughed at whatever her mom replied. “We’ll be at Grandpa and Nana’s in a little while. I’ll see you later today.”

The rest of the trip was made with light conversation about music and the fact that Jake’s birthday was within the next two weeks. Jake called his mom to tell them they was almost home. “We’ll explain when we get there,” he said in response to his mom’s question about something being wrong.

Marie came out to the truck when Jake steered it into the driveway. “I’ll get all this stuff. You go ahead in the house,” Jake told Emma. She approached her grandmother and explained why they came home. Marie put her arm around her as they entered the house. Jake unloaded the cooler and their bags. Carrying the bags into the house, he found his mom and Emma sitting in the bedroom. He sat Em’s bag down and headed to his bedroom.

Later, Emma said she felt better. When Katie arrived she and Emma left for their house. Jake was sitting in the family room when Marie entered and sat down. “It was nice of you to take care of Emma,” she said. “I know going into the drug store was not comfortable for you.”

“It was okay, Mom. I’m glad she feels better.”

The rest of the day went quickly. Allister, Marie, and Jake had dinner and watched tv before going to bed. The next two weeks were normal. Jake did some work at the plant. Emma came to the plant one day. Other days she stayed with Marie. They shopped and spent time together. There was little time for Jake and Emma to be alone. When they were they held hands and playfully punched one another.

Jake’s birthday was planned for. When asked what he wanted to do to celebrate, he told his mom that all he wanted was a quiet day at home. He emphasized that being eighteen meant that he did not want a party. Marie prepared his favorite meal of spaghetti and garlic bread. She made a chocolate cake. Katie and Emma gave him a gift card to the computer store. Allister and Marie gave him a GPS for his truck. It was a good time for the family. Of course, Marie continued to express that she could not believe the little boy she held in her arms at the hospital was now eighteen years old.

When the family finished the meal, Allister stated. “Well, son, being eighteen means that you are officially an adult. That carries more responsibility because people will begin expecting more from you.”

“Yes, sir, I realize that.” When he added, “I guess I’ll have to start acting my age,” all laughed.

Before Katie and Emma left for home, Emma pulled Jake aside and whispered, “I want to give you a special present but I guess I’ll have to wait.” She squeezed his arm and kissed his cheek. “We need to be alone.” Jake hugged her.

July ended and Jake and Emma prepared for the start of the new school year. The school system they attended started classes the third week of August. Jake took Emma to an office supply store to purchase items they would need.

“We’ve only got a couple of weeks before we start classes,” Emma reminded him.

“Yeah, I know. I can’t believe I’ll be a senior.” He thought about the coming year. “I’ll be taking some online courses from Tech.” They completed their shopping and headed for the mall. Emma wanted to shop for some clothes.

“Jake, what about us?” she said as they parked at the mall.

“I don’t know, Em. We both will be busy, but you’ll be at the house a lot.” He was thoughtful. “We will have weekends.” They held hands. “We’ll just have to see what happens.”

The two shopped for clothes and ate at the food court. When they returned to the house, Marie greeted them. “Hey, guys, Allister and I have been talking. Would you two like for us all to go to the lake over the weekend?” She was excited. “We thought this would be a good time just before school starts.”

“Sounds great to me,” Jake said. He looked at Emma.

“That would be fun,” Emma replied.

They both tried to hide their surprise when Marie continued. “Allister and I will leave the plant early Friday and we need to come back on Sunday afternoon. If you want to stay for another day or so, you can. I know once school starts you will both be busy.”

Jake and Emma looked at each other. “I’d like that,” Emma said. “I really like it there.”

Jake agreed and added, “Since we are free on Thursday, maybe Em and I could go up early and get the cabin and boats ready.”

“That’s sounds good to me. I’ll start cooking up some food.” Marie went to the kitchen. Jake and Emma looked at each other, both thinking the same thing. They smiled at each other and headed to the kitchen to ask Marie if they could help.

Katie came inside with Emma when she dropped her daughter off on her way to the hospital. She announced that she had asked for Friday off and would be able to go to the cabin with the family. She would ride with their parents. Plans were made and all seemed happy that the family would share the cabin again.

Jake packed his truck with his and Emma’s bags. He loaded a couple of coolers of food that Marie had prepared. She had planned on cooking more which would be brought up the next day. When all was packed, Jake and Emma left for the lake.

“I can’t wait to get to the cabin,” Emma stated with excitement.

“Me, too,” Jake replied. He told Em to put a cd in the player which she did. They listened to music the entire trip, stopping only for a bathroom break and something to drink.

Arriving at the cabin, they unloaded the truck, put away the food and unpacked their bags. Emma put her bag in the bedroom she would use, knowing her mom and grandparents would be coming the next day. Her intent was to sleep with Jake that night.

Both put on their swim suits–Jake his usual swim shorts, Emma a new bikini she had purchased. They headed for the boathouse to prepare the boats for the family gathering. “Let’s take a ride,” Jake said, opening the door to the power boat slip. Emma jumped aboard and they headed for open water. Being Thursday, there were few boats, other than fisher men, on the water.

As they sped across the water, Emma removed her bikini top. Jake smiled and commented, “I think you are a little bigger.”

Emma smiled at him. “I am. Not so much but a little.” She put her hands under her breast and lifted them. “Wanna’ feel?”

Jake reached up with one hand and placed it over Em’s right breast. “Nice,” he said. He massaged it a bit, enjoying the fullness and firmness. Emma moved closer. He put his arm around her as she leaned toward him, placing her breast at Jake’s mouth. He opened his mouth and covered her areola and nipple. He sucked gently for a few seconds. “I like,” he said, turning his attention back to steering the boat.

They returned to the boathouse after a bit, tying the boat to the moorings. They secured the boathouse and walked hand-in-hand to the cabin. Emma carried her bra in her hand. Once inside the cabin they kissed.

“It seems like it has been forever,” sighed Jake. “I’ve missed being with you.”

“I know. I could only try to imagine what it was like to kiss you.” They hugged and kissed again. Their passion began to grow. Without speaking, they walked toward Jake’s bedroom. “Jake, I’d like to shower.”

“Me, too,” he replied. They stripped, adjusted the water in the shower, and stepped in together. Jake’s cock was already responding to their kissing. Emma noticed and gave him a squeeze. They lathered each other and rinsed each other. After they dried off, they climbed onto the bed.

Laying together, their warm bodies touching, they caressed each other with fingertips. They kissed, hugged, touched. Jake moved down so he could suck Emma’s breasts. He covered her left breast with his mouth, using his tongue to make circles around her nipple. He felt it harden with his touching. He sucked gently at first. As he massaged her breast, he sucked harder.

“Mmmm,” Emma moaned. “I like that,” she whispered as she moved her fingers through Jake’s hair. After a bit, she guided him to her right breast. “Yes,” she said as he began teasing her nipple with the tip of his tongue. “It feels so good when you suck,” she said softly. Jake obliged her as he began massaging her, feeding her breast into his mouth.

After some time, Jake slowly made his way down Em’s abdomen area. He used his tongue to caress her skin. She purred at the touch. He reached her pubic area. Using his hand, he indicated to Em that he wanted her to spread her legs. She did so and Jake rolled between them. He kissed and licked the inner thighs on both legs before moving toward the warm, moist labia that awaited him. As his tongue softly danced over Em’s lips, she lifted herself to him, inviting more attention.

He pushed his tongue between her lips, tasting the wetness, feeling the warmth. “Mmm,” he moaned as his tongue began to move up and down. He pushed into her opening and began moving in and out. Her juices joined his saliva to making Emma very wet. She began to raise and lower her hips in time with the movement of his tongue. Emma’s hand grasped Jake’s hair, pulling him into her.

Jake moved up with his tongue as he reached around her thighs with his hands to separate her lips and pull the hood covering her clit. He took the chance to look at her. Her pleasure button was deep pink and wet. It protruded from its hiding place, inviting Jake’s attention. He moved the tip of hid tongue over it, causing Em to jump. Making circles around it, he caused her to begin to move faster.

Emma lifted herself up. Waves of pleasure swept through her lower abdomen as Jake licked her. She pulled him into her, wanting more, knowing that soon she would be overcome with an orgasm. “Oh, Jake,” she moaned. It was when he covered her clitoral area and began to suck as he danced his tongue over her swollen button that she felt she would lose all control. She raised her hips on response to his touch. “Jake, I’m going cum if you keep doing that.” She really wanted to wait.

Jake stopped what he was doing. Lookin up, he asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

“If you don’t mind. I’m not ready yet. I want to wait.”

“Okay,” he said, lifting himself up to her. They kissed. Emma could taste herself on his lips.

“It’s my turn,” she said with a smile. Pushing take to lay down, Emma rolled toward him. She kissed him on the lips, then she nibble his ear, moving down his neck. Jake responded with a sigh. He cupped Em’s breast as she kissed her way to his chest. She began sucking a nipple, using her tongue as Jake had with her. She moved to the other nipple, doing the same. Jake caressed her face as she sucked.

“That feels good,” he said, now caressing her back and shoulders.

Emma moved down his chest, across his abdomen, to his pubic zone. His cock was erect. She did not touch it, but kissed his thighs, using her tongue to dance over his skin. “Oh, wow,” Jake moaned. Emma slowly moved to his cock, but did not touch it with her hands. Instead, Emma lifted herself up and used her tongue to dance over the very tip.

“Oh,” Jake moaned again. A shock went through his body. He looked down to see Em using the tip of her tongue to tease the tip of his tongue. She circled the head, moving to the underside, where she moved up and down. “My word, Em, what are you doing?” She moved down the shaft on the underside, licking his balls. She had not yet touched him with her hands.

Emma moved up, licking up and down, remaining for a moment at the sensitive underside of his glans. Jake’s cock was twitching to her teasing. “I can’t take that, Em,” Jake said, his breathing was becoming heavy. Then he watched her raise up over his cock and lower her mouth over him. She still had not touched him with her hands. She closed her lips over his hardness and began moving up and down, the flat of her tongue rubbing the underside. “I’m gonna’ cum if you keep doing that,” he said.

After a number of strokes, Emma lifted her mouth off of his cock. She raised up on her knees, looking down at him. It was then she grasped his cock with her hand and gently stroked it. “I think you may be ready for your birthday present,” she said with a smile. “Did you bring the slick stuff?”

“Yeah, it’s in my bag with the condoms,” he replied. “I’ll get them.”

“No, I’ll do it.” Emma got off the bed quickly, reached into Jake’s bag and came back to bed with the lubricant. She began to stroke Jake’s cock, spreading the lubricant over it. She then put some on her fingers and rubbed her pussy, inserting her fingers to spread the liquid inside her.

Emma laid down beside Jake. “Will you make love to me?”

Jake rolled over and lifted himself up. “Don’t we need a condom?”

“No. I’m taking birth control. Remember?”

“Yeah. I guess I didn’t realize that you had actually started.” He paused before he moved between her legs. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

Em smiled. “Oh yeah, it’s okay.”

Jake positioned himself and leaned in. Emma lifted her hips off the bed as Jake’s cock touched her pussy. She reached down and guided Jake to her opening. He pushed slowly, entering her. She was tight, but the lubricant allow him to enter without any resistance. Jake pushed slowly before beginning an in and out motion. The sensation was unbelievable. Emma was tight, but he was able to move with ease. He could feel her heat. As he pushed in all the way, he could feel the deepest part of her canal, pressing against her.

“Does it feel different?” she said with a smile. She lifted herself up to him. Both moved slowly, moving together.

“It feels different,” he said. “I can actually feel you.” Jake increased the speed of his movements. Emma responded.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, they had the same thought and spoke the same words. “I love you,” they both said softly. They smiled as they moved, feeling their passion grow, their desire increasing. Emma reached up and put her hands around Jake’s neck, pulling him to her. They kissed, joining together with their tongues. Their breathing became heavier and faster. Emma pushing herself up Jake, inviting his thrusts into her.

“Oh, Jake, I’m gonna’ cum,” she managed to say as their lips parted.

He thrust the length of his cock into her. “I am, too.” He moved faster as Emma managed to lift her legs up around his waist. Jake thrusts became faster and he groaned.

“Oh. Now, now,” Emma cried out. The feeling began deep within her. They built, rising to the surface, sweeping through her lower abdomen. The waves started. One after the other, the spasms grew in intensity as she cried out. “Aaahhhh.” She felt Jake pressing against her cervix. She felt her vaginal walls pulsating against his hardness as he moved back and forth.

Jake could not believe the sensation. It was as if the head of his cock was pushing further and further into Emma’s lean, slender body. Suddenly, the walls surrounding him tightened and began to pulsate. His movements increased in speed. He was thrusting himself into her, time and again. Suddenly, there was a feeling in his groin. The pressure grew, the tension mounted. And then, that which was produced in his scrotum began to erupt. The tightness of Em’s canal against the underside of his cock make the pressure more intense. He felt the fluid as it rose from within him and began is passage through his cock. The spasm hit like a bolt of lightening. Then another and another. The semen burst from the head of his cock, spilling into his young niece. He felt its warmth. It covered his erection as he moved. Spurt after spurt shot from him, each one seeming to be more intense. Finally, after half a dozen strong spasms, they began to ease. As he continued to move, the underside of his glans became more sensitive, causing him to question whether he was feeling pain or pleasure.

The waves that washed through Emma began to decrease. The intensity eased. She could still feel her pussy walls contracting around Jake’s cock as he moved within her. She felt the sensation of warmth as his semen flooded into her. Her legs fell to the sides of Jake’s legs. His movements slowed. She was breathing heavily. She realized she was perspiring. She looked into Jake’s face. She could see the degree of pleasure. His eyes were closed. There was a slight smile on his face. His breathing was heavy as he slowed his movements.

Jake lowered himself down. He supported the weight of his chest with his elbows, but he laid his head down next to Em’s on the pillow. He was attempting to control his breathing, but he was still almost gasping. His legs were weak, his arms were weak. He tried to swallow but his mouth was dry. He managed to raise up enough to look into the face of this girl he loved. She was smiling at him.

“Happy birthday,” she said, pulling him to her. They kissed deeply and affectionately. This kiss was not overcome with passion or desire. It was soft, gently, and loving. It was as if their tongue were caressing each other.

When Jake lifted his face from hers, he smiled. “Thank you.” His cock was softer as he began to pull out. He didn’t want to separate. It felt so good being one with Emma.

“Jake, I think you better get a cloth from the bathroom. We are on your bedspread.” Jake lifted up and managed to move to the edge of the bed. He stepped off and made his way to the bathroom. He wet a bath cloth with warm water and wiped off his cock, rinsing it again and returning to the bed with the cloth and a towel. Emma lifted her hips as Jake sat beside her. He looked between her legs.

“It’s beginning to come out,” he said.

“I want to see,” Emma said. “Put the towel under me.” Jake did as she said. Emma leaned up and looked between her legs. “Wow,” she voiced. “You know, I could feel it when you came.”

“So could I,” Jake said. They both laughed. He reached between her legs with the cloth and gently wiped. Emma laid back and contracted her vaginal muscles. More of Jake’s cum seeped from within her. “I think it was a lot.” He smiled at her. “Emma, I cannot describe how it felt.”

“It felt wonderful to me, too.” She reached out and cupped his face with her hands. “I love you.”

“I love you,” he said. After wiping between her legs, Jake took the cloth to the bathroom. Emma laid on the towel.

“I think I’ll need to wash in a bit.”

“Yeah, me too.” He laid down beside her as she rolled into his arms. They held each other for a long time. They did not speak. The each could feel the other breathing. They caressed each other, hugged each other, kissed each other. This was their moment.

Jake and Emma lay in each other’s arms for several hours. When they got out of bed, they showered. Emma did her best to wash her vaginal canal. They dried off and headed for the kitchen. “I guess we need to eat something,” Jake said. They were preparing food when the phone rang. Jake answered it, knowing it was his mom.

“Hey,” he said after seeing the home phone number on the display.

“Jake, it’s mom,” Marie said. There was distress in her voice. “We have a problem here,” she continued. “One of the managers at the plant has had an accident on the way home. He is hurt real bad. Your dad feels that we should be with his family. It’s Mr. Billings.”

“I’m sorry, mom,” Jake said. “Is he going to be okay?”

“He is in surgery now. The doctors haven’t told anyone anything at this point.”

“Do we need to come home?” He looked at Emma who was showing her concern. Jake covered the mouthpiece and told her what had happened.

“No, I don’t think so. I just wanted you to know that we won’t be coming up.” She paused. “Katie said she will drive up tomorrow morning since she already has the weekend off. She’ll bring more food. I’ll keep you updated. Do you think you two will be okay?”

“Sure, mom. We’re just fine. We already had a boat ride.” He could not tell her what he and Emma had just shared. “We’ll come if you want us to.”

“No. We’ll see what happens. I’ll call when I know more.” She paused again. “You two be careful.”

“We will, Mom. I hope Mr. Billings will be okay. Bye.” Jake replaced the receiver. He repeated what his mom had said. They continued preparing food, feeling sad about the man who was injured.

They ate on the deck, both naked and enjoying the sun on their skin. After they finished cleaning up, Jake suggested they go for a swim. They put their suits back on and headed for the dock. They jumped in, swam around, splashing each other, enjoying the time together. They laid on the dock, kissing often, always making sure no one could see them. By late afternoon they were tired. They made their way back to the cabin, taking off their suits and putting them in the laundry room sink. Jake laid on the sofa. Emma laid beside him. They fell asleep with her backside pressed against Jake’s front.

Emma yawned and stretched herself awake, feeling Jake’s arm across her body. Her movements roused him. “I went to sleep,” he said.

“Me, too.” Emma sat up, turned, and looked at Jake’s naked body. “You’ve got a nice body for a geek.” She laughed as she rubbed her hand over his chest.

“You’re not so bad yourself, for a ...” he paused, not sure how to finish.

“For a kid,” she said, emphasizing “kid.” She stood and walked toward the kitchen, obviously hurt by what she thought Jake was going to say.

“Em, I wasn’t going to say kid,” he said, following her into the kitchen. “I really couldn’t think of a word that said what I wanted to say to you.” He placed his hands on her shoulders. “I wanted to say, ‘for a young girl who makes my heart beat faster just by looking at you.”

Emma turned toward him, her eyes watery. “I know I’m just a kid in age, but I don’t feel like a kid. I know I am not a woman, but I have feelings. And I know what I feel for you.”

“And I know what I feel for you, too,” Jake voiced softly as he touched her face. “I’m only eighteen myself. And I’m not experienced in this matter of love either.” They hugged, kissed softly. Emma smiled, making Jake feel less guilty. “Let’s eat something,” he said.

They prepared the remainder of the food Marie had cooked. They ate on the deck again, without clothing. After cleaning the dishes they watched tv, laying together on the sofa. They showered and went to bed, holding each other as they fell asleep.

Jake woke up with a start. He looked at the clock, remembering that Katie was to come up early. He got out of bed and dressed, waking up Emma. She dressed. They were in the kitchen finishing breakfast when Katie pulled up to the cabin. She blew the horn, causing Jake and Emma to go out to greet her.

“Can you guys help with the food?” Katie called out as her daughter and Jake walked out the door. The food was put away as Katie carried her bag to her bedroom. After several minutes she returned. She was quiet for a while.

“How about going to the water?” Jake asked.

“Sounds great to me,” Emma said. “I’ll go put on my suit.” She went to the laundry room and returned with both her bikini and Jake’s swim shorts. Katie went into her bedroom to change. Emma went to the bedroom she would have been using as Jake went to the one he and Em had slept in.

They spent several hours on the lake. Emma and Katie took turns skiing. Since Katie did not feel comfortable driving the boat, Jake remained at the wheel and allowed her and Emma to enjoy themselves. Returning to the cabin, they prepared sandwiches for lunch. Emma and her mom spent the rest of the midday on the deck in the sun. Jake did some computer work in the shade. He glanced at Em often. She was also looking at him from time to time. They would smile without speaking.

The weekend went quickly and it was time to head for home. Katie asked her daughter to ride home with her over Emma’s protest about staying another day. They secured the boats and the cabin before leaving for the city. Jake followed Katie and Emma home. They turned toward their house and Jake headed for home. The next days were uneventful. Emma did not come over to her grandparents the rest of the week. She and Jake talked on the phone several times. Emma told Jake that her mom had arranged with Rhonda Foster for Emma to stay with Lori.

The beginning of school was only a few days off and Jake was preparing for his last year of high school. He was anxious to get started. He was at home organizing his desk and preparing computer files for his classes when he heard someone upstairs. Thinking it was his mom, he made his way up the steps to the family room. He was surprised to find Katie in the kitchen getting a glass of water.

“Oh, hi,” he said. “I thought mom had come home.”

“It’s just me.” Katie had a serious look about her. She seemed to hesitate before speaking. “Jake, I feel like I need to talk with you.”

“Sure,” Jake replied, beginning to feel concern about the tone of he voice.

“Jake, I am not sure how to put this so I’m just going to ask you a question.” They both sat in the family room before she continued. “Have you and Emma being doing something you shouldn’t be doing?”

Jake felt his breath leave him. He could feel his face getting warm. He could not look at Katie in the face. “Jake, I’m her mother. I also notice things.” She paused to sip from her glass. “Emma has been different since school was out. She acts different than she did.” She was thoughtful. “She doesn’t act like a thirteen year old acts. It is hard to describe her, but she is different.”

Jake was silent. He could think of nothing to say. Katie continued. “But that is not what made me ask the question.” She sipped from the glass again. “Up at the cabin, when I came a couple of weeks ago, I put my bad in my bedroom. I just happened to look into the room where you usually sleep.” She paused. Jake was almost shaking. “I know when a bed has been slept in by two people. It was obvious that your bed, which was unmade, had been slept in.” She again sipped water. “I looked into Emma’s bedroom, or the room she should be sleeping. I can also tell when a bed has not been slept in.” She looked at Jake, expecting some kind of response.

“Katie, I uh...uh...” He was in shock.

“Jake, just tell me the truth. Please. My daughter is thirteen years old. I am concerned about this.”

“Okay. Yes. We slept together,” was all he could say. The look on Katie’s face told him he had to say no more for her to understand what had happened. But she spoke anyway.

“So, you and my thirteen year old daughter had sex.” It was a statement, not a question. She looked at her glass without drinking. She was searching for what else to say.

“I’m sorry. I know we shouldn’t have.” His words seem to fall flat to the floor. Katie only looked at him with cold eyes.

“You know you could go to prison for this,” she said, rasing her voice. “Jake, you are her uncle besides the fact that you are considered an adult now. This is immoral and illegal.” Her tone was threatening, her face was as stone.

Jake breathed deeply. “Yes. We even discussed that.”

“You did. And you still had sex.” Her tone became bitter. “Well, I guess that makes it all right. You talked about it.” Katie stood and began to pace the floor. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Katie, can I explain?”

“Oh, I would really like to hear this.”

Jake began sharing what he and Emma had discussed. He did not give details about their experience in the pool or in his bedroom in the basement. He shared their statements about loving each other, knowing that no one would believe them, thinking them too young to know what love is. Finally, Jake found the courage to voice what he felt he needed to say.

“Katie, I would never do anything to hurt Emma on purpose. I love her. I have always loved her, even when we were kids.” He knew that statement would get a response.

“You’re still kids,” Katie was almost yelling.

“I mean when we were younger.” He continued. “But I do care for her. And as much as I can love a person, I love Emma. And she says she loves me.”

“Yeah, like she really knows what that is.” Katie sat down again.

“Maybe we don’t know all we are going to know someday. But what we know now is that we care for each. No matter what you say or what you do, I will love her.” Jake sat down. Katie looked at him. Her breathing began to calm down.

“Jake, you know I had Emma when I was sixteen.” Tears began to fall down her cheek. “I don’t want that to happen to her.” She began to cry. “I don’t want her to not have to face what I had to face from people I thought were my friends.”

Jake sat helplessly. He could say nothing. He was scared. He watched as Katie reached for tissues and wiped the tears. She finally calmed and looked at him. “I am going to ask you to do something.” She leaned forward toward him. “And I am not suggesting it. I’m expecting you to do what I say.” Jake listened. “From this moment on, I do not want you to touch my daughter. She is a thirteen year old middle school student. She has a right to be her age and grow up having fun and learning about life.” She breathed deeply. “I’m not going to say anything about this to anyone. I will not send you to prison. You are my brother.” She looked at him. “I’ll be honest and say I would like to kill you.”

Jake could not move. He was still scared but relieved. He began to breath a bit calmer as Katie continued. “Whatever has happened is in the past. I’m going to talk to Emma. The three of us may need to sit down, but I don’t know about that yet. Right now, all I do know is that you are never to touch her sexually again. I will see that you have no time alone together as best I can.” She thought for a moment. “I’m going to say nothing to Pop and Marie. This would kill them but not after they killed you.” She looked at him. “Jake, do you understand how serious this is?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I have known it all along.” He looked at his sister. “But I will say this. I will do what you ask. But I still love Em. And for her, I will do what you ask. I never meant to hurt her or anybody else.”

“I am going to trust you. If you break my trust, there will be consequences. Do you believe that?”

“Yes.” Jake sat, his head held down. He could not look at Katie. He was aware that she stood and walked into the kitchen. After a moment, he heard the door close as she left the house. He sat motionless. He wanted to talk to Emma, but he knew that was not likely to happen.

To Jake’s surprise, Katie called the following day and told him that she talked to Emma and they agreed that the three of them should talk. Jake agreed to come to their house the next evening. When he arrived, he was shocked to find Katie calm and polite. The three sat in the family room, Jake and Emma sitting in different chairs.

“Okay, you two,” Katie started the conversation. “We’ve talked,” she said, motioning to herself and her daughter. “Emma tells me that she was as much a part of this happening as you were.” She looked at Jake. “She explained to me in pretty graphic detail how it all started at the pool.” Katie shared what Emma had told her about their experiences, seeming to accept Emma’s confession of being as much an active part as Jake was. It was then that Katie began to share her experience as a teen, resulting in her becoming pregnant.

After she finished with her comments, Katie looked at Emma and Jake. “Do either of you have anything to say?” She glanced from one to the other.

“Mom,” Emma said quietly. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We both knew that you and anyone else would say that we are too young. And maybe you are right. But what Jake and I shared was not just about sex.” She looked at her mom. “I do know about sex. We were not about sex, at least not after that first time. After that we knew we cared for each other in ways different from being in the same family.”

Emma looked at Jake and managed a smile. “So, we will both agree that we will not allow ourselves to make love again.” She put emphasis on “make love. “I will do what you ask because I know that you are partly right. My body is not really ready for a lot of that.” Then Emma looked at Jake. “I do love you, Jake. And I don’t know what the future has, but I will love you because I know that you love me.”

“Okay,” Jake said, looking from Emma to Katie and back. “We were stupid. But after the first time, we felt more than just wanting sex. It was different. Maybe it was not adult love, but it was whatever love we are able to feel.” He spoke to Katie. “I promise that I will not allow myself to touch Emma in any way sexual. But, Katie, I hope you will allow us to spend time together. We have fun. We didn’t always just make love.”

Katie looked at both of them. She shook her head. “I guess it is impossible for us not to be together and I know there are times when you will be.” She thought for a moment. “Okay, I’ll trust you. But you two better keep your word. Nothing. I mean nothing sexual better happen.” She stood and approached her daughter. Emma stood and they hugged. “I love you and I don’t want you to go through what I went through.”

“Are you sorry you had me?” Emma asked, tears flowing down her face.

“No. You are a special gift.” She began to cry. “I just know how hard it was. I want you to enjoy these years.” Katie looked at Jake and reached out to him. As he joined them she put her arm around him. “You both deserve to be your age and enjoy this year of school.” She held them both at arms length. “I am not going to tell you not to care for one another. I think that would be pointless because you obviously do. But that care, or love, or whatever you want to call it, must be controlled.” She looked at Jake. “Young man, keep it in your pants.” She turned to Emma. “Young lady, keep your pants on.” They hugged again. “Now, I’m going to wash my face. You behave yourselves.”

Before Katie left the room, she looked at Jake and Emma. They looked at her, looked at each other, and hugged. “We promise,” they said together, looking at her again. “We will behave.”

The day school started, Katie was called to an emergency surgery early in the morning. She wanted to call Marie to take Emma to school if she dropped her off at the house on her way to the hospital. She realized that Marie’s response would be that Jake went directly passed the middle school and could drop Emma off. So, she called and asked if Jake could do it. Marie assured her that he would be happy to.

Jake and Emma got into his truck and headed to school. This was the first time they had been alone since their conversation at Emma’s house. As they passed a city park, Jake pulled in and parked in an empty parking lot. He looked at Emma. “I need to tell you this. I intend to do exactly what I promised I would do. I do not want you to be hurt any more.”

“Jake, I’m was never hurt, at least not emotionally.” She remembered the pain in her pussy after their first loving making. “And I promise that I will not hurt you.” She paused. “But I still love you.” She leaned to kiss him, and smiled. “I always will. And I’m willing to wait and see what happens even if it takes five years until I’m eighteen, too.”

“I love you. And I will wait and see what happens. Of course, I’ll be twenty-three then.” He leaned and kissed her. “But I think it will be worth it.” They kissed again. Jake drove to the middle school. He dropped Emma off, waving to her. She waved back and made her way to the building. Pulling into the parking lot, Jake got out of his truck. As he headed toward the entrance to the school, someone called to him.

“Hey, Jake.” It was a friend, another geek. “How was your summer?” he asked.

Jake thought for a moment and then declared with a smile. “It was incredible.”

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