I was eighteen when I started working as an intern. I didn’t really have to but my parents thought it would do me good. When my grandparents had died a few years ago they had left everything to their only grandson. It had all been put into railroad company stock and set to rollover. By the time I graduated I was a multi millionaire. Anyway, my parents thought I needed experience so I had gotten a job.

My first couple of days were spent doing minor stuff and running errands. The third day I came into a office and found a girl I recognized from school named Melody. She was strapped to a device with her butt exposed and was giving one of the executives a blow job. I looked at a secretary as she walked by Melody’s butt and just rubbed her cummy pussy. The secretary smiled at me, “Go ahead and fuck her, she’s the office whore today.”

I looked from the secretary to Melody. I finally shrugged and moved behind her and felt her cummy pussy. It only took a minute to make up my mind and I was undoing my pants as the executive groaned and started spurting cum into her mouth. I pushed into her tight pussy and began fucking her slimy pussy hard and deep. I slowed down and just fucked her deep after a minute.

It took me almost fifteen minutes to reach the point where I needed to cum. I hadn’t pushed into Melody all the way, afraid I might hurt her. I looked around and no one else was in the room. I caressed her butt as I held still, “Melody, I’m… I need to cum.”

She shuddered and finally looked back at me. She smiled, “go ahead I’m on the pill.”

I pushed deeper until I was against her cervix, “Are you sure?”

She grunted as my cock pushed harder and suddenly it was too late. I peed a huge, thick stream of cum against and then into her womb. Melody jerked and gasped, “OH FUCK!”

It stopped and I pulled back and then thrust in as I spewed another thick stream straight into her womb. I shivered as it stopped and pulled back. I shoved back in, this time pushing womb open as I sprayed her baby maker with sperm. I shuddered and shivered as I pulled out of her suddenly jerking body and then shoved back in to pump a couple more thick spurts of cum.

It finally stopped and I pulled out and watched my cum run out of her in a small river. I moved around in front of her and knelt by her head. I caressed her face, “I have never been with a woman before Melody.”

Her laugh was kind of jerky as she finally looked up into my face, “It felt like it.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “I’ll be here all day. Come back as much as you want but the office rule is you have to finish all your work.”

I hesitated and then leaned in and softly kissed her, “Thanks.”

I left and had a couple of errands I was able to finish quickly. I went back to find Melody and watched one of the other guys fuck her ass. She was shivering as he fucked her and wasn’t screaming so I knew she was okay. When he pulled out, her ass gaped for a minute and then closed. I walked in and caressed her butt, “Can I fuck you again Melody?”

She shivered, “Go ahead I could really use a hard fucking.”

I opened my pants and pulled my cock out before slowly pushing all the way into her. She groaned, “You have a thick cock.”

I shivered and pulled back, holding her hips. I shoved back in and started fucking her hard and deep. She jerked as my cock slipped through her slimy pussy and kept pounding against the back. I fucked her hard ignoring the wonderful way it felt. I stopped every few strokes to bury my cock and push against her womb.

Before five minutes were up I was fucking into her and pushing her womb open with long, deep, firm strokes. Melody was shaking and jerking as I fucked her deep. She kept shaking her head and groaning and finally her pussy tightened and she squirted cum on me, “FUCK!”

She jerked and shuddered violently as her pussy spasmed around my pumping cock, “OH MY GOD! YES!”

Her grasping, milking pussy was more then enough. I held her hips as I shoved into her holding my breath, “I’m cumming!”

I peed a huge, strong, thick stream of sperm that filled her before I pulled back and took another breath. Melody was shaking and convulsing as she wailed, “OOOOOooooohhhhhhhhhh!”

I shoved back into her to spew a second solid stream of cum while I shuddered. My cum ran out around my cock as I pulled back and Melody was having light seizures, “MMMMmmmmmmm!”

I pushed against her womb to pump two more thick clumps of sperm before sighing and relaxing. Melody twitched and shivered before looking back at me with a grin. “I love feeling you do that.”

I smiled and reluctantly pulled out. I felt her smooth butt and leaned over her to kiss her bare shoulder, “Thank you Melody.”

She grinned, “Anytime.”

Three secretaries were looking at me when I came out. They were all grinning and I smiled as I blushed and headed off to my cubical. I ended up having to file a lot of reports and then it was lunch time. When I went back to the office Melody wasn’t strapped down, she was seated at a desk with another secretary maybe a little older then her. When she saw me, she grinned and pulled a nearby chair closer, “Come sit down.”

I sat beside her and she smiled as she looked at the other secretary, “I only remember Ian as someone I saw around school.”

The secretary grinned, “Well now that you are both fucking, it looks like he rocks your world.”

Melody grinned back, “You have no idea. Wait until tomorrow when it’s your turn.”

She looked at me as the other woman looked at me speculatively. Melody reached out to take my hand as I shifted in the seat, “Do you have a girlfriend, Ian?”

I shook my head, “Remember I told you I had never been with a woman.”

She grinned as the other woman laughed. Melody leaned over to kiss my cheek, “Maybe I’ll make you mine.”

I grinned, “Well, your first impression works for me.”

She laughed and the secretary held out her hand, “Honey.”

I shook her hand and relaxed, “You know, this place isn’t a bad place to work.”

They laughed again and Melody faced me, “Certain women that work in the secretary pool are hired for one reason. Once a week they provide sex to anyone that works here. It isn’t harassment and we weren’t forced. We were approached and offered the job knowing what it was and what we had to do.”

I smiled, “Only one day a week?”

They grinned and Melody bumped my shoulder, “Yes.”

I looked at her, “Do you have to be strapped down like that?”

She blushed as the other woman laughed. “No, I like the fantasy that someone is forcing me. I love being fucked from behind so that is the position I selected to use this week.”

I grinned, “I’ll need to buy a special bench just for you.”

They laughed and started eating their lunch. It was a little later that Melody stood up and took my hand, “Come use me again.”

I smiled as I followed her into the office and she turned to barely sit on the edge of a desk inside the door. She smiled as she leaned back and lifted her legs and spread them, “Try it this way.”

I looked into her face and undid my pants, “Are you sure?”

She grinned, “Fuck me.”

I smiled and positioned my cock before slowly pushing into her. Melody groaned and shuddered as I sank into her nice and deep. When I pulled back and started to fuck her, she gasped and started shaking. My cock was rubbing along her clit whenever I pulled out or pushed in. Her pussy felt really warm and kept grasping my cock as I fucked her. She was shuddering and shaking and pulled me close to kiss me hard.

When she shuddered and sighed as she stopped cumming I fucked her hard. Melody jerked and grunted as I fucked her and then she started convulsing. Her pussy contracted on my cock and she cried out, “OH FUCK YEAH!”

I reached between us and rubbed her erect clit and she bucked and went wild. I finally just shoved into her and held her tight as she spasmed and had a jerky kind of seizure. I smiled when she sighed and started to relax and went back to fucking her with long strokes. Melody shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock before she grinned and shook me.

I smiled and started fucking her a little harder trying to cum. Melody just kept shaking as I pounded her and slammed against her womb. I shoved in and she jerked as her eyes opened wide. I shuddered, “Melody?”

She grunted and then I was peeing cum into her womb again. She screamed, “YYYYEEEEESSSSS!”

Her body convulsed as she thrashed around, impaled on my pumping cock. I shivered as I stopped and then I held her hips tight as the second gushing torrent flooded her. I shook my head as I started getting dizzy as the third fountain of cum exploded into her womb. She continued to spasm and grunt as cum poured out of her and run down onto the desk.

I took a deep, gasping breath before spurting one more time. I finally stopped and looked at Melody to see her grinning back at me. I shivered and smiled, “Once more before I go home?”

She laughed and shook me, “go back to work you Satyr.”

I grinned and gave her a quick kiss before pulling out. Cum flooded out as she shivered and it spilled onto the desk. She looked between her legs and then grinned before moving off the desk and to the one in the center of the room. I left and went back to filing and another errand before coming back to my cubicle late and starting on a brief for one of the executives.

I didn’t get to see Melody again and it was late before I left for the day. I was in early and finished the brief before starting on what seemed like a small hill of reports to file. Melody appeared in my cubicle doorway, “Hey boyfriend.”

I smiled, “Hi good looking.”

She grinned, “You didn’t get back to me yesterday.”

I sighed and waved at all the reports, “Work.”

She smiled and held out a piece of folded paper, “My phone number and address.”

I took the paper and grinned, “You were serious about being my girlfriend?”

She shrugged, “Are you going to get jealous about the men fucking me one day a week.”

I grinned, “Since I plan on being one of those men, no.”

Melody laughed, “We’ll talk after work today.”

She turned and then looked back with a grin, “Honey is expecting you when you have a chance to get away.”

I grinned, “I’ll be sure to relieve some of the pressure before tonight.”

When I finally finished filing the reports I stood and headed towards the office where I had found Melody. There was a thick cushioned pad on the desk in the center of the room and Honey was laid back with her legs spread as a guy fucked her with deep, jabbing thrusts. She was grunting as he jerked and held her hips tight, “YES!”

He shuddered and twisted around as he came in her and Honey sighed in relief. I waited until he left before moving to the desk. Honey smiled, “Hey stud.”

I moved between her spread legs and rubbed her slimy pussy. “You didn’t look like you were enjoying that one.”

She reached up to rub my chest, “Mr. Alderage is always impatient.”

I looked down and started rubbing her clit with one hand as my other hand undid my pants. I positioned my cock as she shuddered and moaned and slowly pushed into her messy pussy. She groaned and spasmed as I began to fuck her slowly, it wasn’t long before my cock was pressing against her cervix. She jerked and looked at me with wide, surprised eyes, “Jesus!”

I squeezed her clit and fucked her hard for a few strokes and she jerked and started having a seizure. I slowed and buried my cock to press against her womb. I kept fingering her clit as her slimy pussy continued to squeeze my cock and while she spasmed.

When she finally seemed to relax I began to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. Honey groaned and reached down to hold my wrists as I fucked her. I shuddered a few minutes later as I felt myself getting close, “I’m going to cum.”

She jerked as her pussy contracted and her legs wrapped around my waist to pull me deeper, “DO IT!”

I groaned and thrust against her cervix before suddenly peeing a huge, strong stream of cum. Honey jerked in surprise as her legs opened and lifted. I shook and shuddered before pulling back and then thrusting back to pee another huge stream of warm cum into her womb. Her hips lifted as she shook and scream, “OH MY GOD!”

I pulled back and thrust into her, feeling the head of my cock pushing into her cervix before I spewed a huge third spurt of cum. Her body was tense, almost rigid as my warm cum filled her womb and I pulled back before pushing back in to pump and spurt a fourth and then fifth large thick jet of cum. She groaned as her womb expanded and I sighed as I stopped cumming with a weak sixth spurt and leaned over to kiss her softly, “Thanks Honey.”

She laughed as she slowly relaxed, “That was amazing stud.”

I grinned and pulled out of her and she gasped again as cum poured out of her. I rubbed her tummy, “See you at lunch time.”

She grinned, “Promises.”

I spent the rest of the morning running errands and filing paperwork. At lunch time I headed down to find Melody and Honey. They were sitting together again and Melody grinned as I sat down, “Honey said you sure know how to breed a girl.”

I grinned and leaned over to kiss Melody. She looked at Honey and grinned, “Speaking of breeding. Did you know Angel has been trying to get pregnant for two months?”

Honey looked wide eyed and then grinned, “She’s the office whore tomorrow.”

Melody looked at me and then smiled, “Can you wait another day to sleep with me?”

I looked from her to Honey as I ate an apple, “You want me to try to get this Angel pregnant?”

She smiled, “If she doesn’t care who does the job…”

I smiled, “Why not invite her to your place and I’ll do it tonight.”

Melody and Honey looked at each other and then grinned. Melody rubbed my chest, “No more sex today stud.”

I laughed, “Are you going to fill in after I finish with Angel?”

Honey laughed and Melody grinned, “Absolutely.”

I should have known it would make rounds and a stunning red head stopped at my cubical with a black haired Asian. She smiled, “So you are Melody’s stud.”

I glanced up from the stack of customer letters I was reading and smiled, “She has called me that.”

She came to lean against my desk, “I’m Noel and this is Storm. Two of the other office whores.”

I sat back, “What can I do for you?”

Storm laughed, “Show us your cock, Melody said you have a big one and cum a lot.”

I looked at Noel and then at Storm before standing and opening my pants. Noel put her hand in and pulled my cock out. She grinned as I got hard and Storm reached out to stroke it, “and you cum a lot?”

I shrugged, “yeah.”

I moved back and put my cock away, “Anything else I can do for you?”

Noel grinned, “You’re going to try getting Angel pregnant?”

I shrugged, “If she doesn’t care who does it and wants me to try.”

She caressed my chest, “Let me put it this way. We are under contract to only fuck the men in this company. Angel isn’t the only one that has tried to get pregnant.”

I sat down and leaned back, “So…”

Storm laughed, “So, we are hoping you can do us too.”

I looked at them both, “does Melody know?”

They grinned and Noel turned to the leave, “She will when we tell her.”

I watched them leave and turned back to my reading. It was a good thing I speed read because I barely finished when it was time to leave. Melody slipped her hand into mine in the parking lot and I grinned, “Hey, I was thinking of you.”

She laughed, “You were thinking of pussy.”

I laughed and pulled her towards my car. She looked at me as I unlocked the corvette, “This is your car?”

I shrugged, “I didn’t want a foreign car.”

She got in and I walked around to get in the other side. I drove to a nice restaurant and Melody grinned as she sat beside me, “Noel and Storm came to see me.”

I nodded as I ordered and looked at her, “They stopped to see me too. They said they had tried to get pregnant before too.”

She nodded as she rubbed my cock through my pants, “They told me you told them to tell me.”

I shuddered and looked around before rubbing her nipples, “Well, if you are my girlfriend it should be your decision too.”

She shuddered and grinned at me, “Do you want some roommates?”

I laughed, “You and Honey?”

Melody laughed, “Actually I was thinking of all five of us.”

I grinned, “In that case maybe we should go to my house tonight.”

She tried to slip her hand into my pants, “You have your own place?”

I pulled her hand out as the waitress appeared, “I just moved in. It used to be my grandparents but it was left to me.”

She made a couple of calls as we ate and after we finished I took her out and drove to her house. She grinned and waved at the two cars parked in front and kissed me, “Be right back.”

She ran in and ten minutes later she came running to my car. She held a small overnight bag on her lap, “Their going to follow us.”

I glanced at the two cars and drove to my house. My house was an old one story manor on a large estate. The house had eight bedrooms, a large front room, a living room and large kitchen and huge dinning room. It also had a study, a library and a parlor as mom called it. Melody was wide eyed as I opened the front door to let everyone in. I looked at her as all the women gathered around, “I should get new furniture but there is so much room I never know where to start.”

She turned to caress my chest, “Well, we need to start with your bedroom.”

I grinned and cupped her breasts, “Angel first?”

She groaned and shuddered and looked at a grinning woman with long, honey blonde hair. I smiled, “I’ve seen you.”

She laughed with the other women, “you’re going to do more than see me I hope.”

Melody took my hand, “Show us your bedroom and everyone else can look around.”

I squeezed her hand and pulled her after me and down a hall. As soon as I pulled her into my bedroom she let my hand go and started undressing. I watched and grinned as Angel set her bag down and started stripping too. Honey, Storm and Noel looked around and smiled before waving and walking out. I started undressing as Angel and Melody moved towards the bed.

They were rubbing their pussies and breasts as I walked to the bed and crawled between Angel’s legs. This wasn’t the office, I leaned down and began licking through her pussy. She spasmed and shuddered, “Oh god!”

Melody laughed and leaned into her and started sucking on her nipples. Angel was jerking and shaking as I teased her clit and started sucking on it. She jerked and shuddered and when I pushed my tongue up inside her, she arched her back and screamed. She even squirted a little and I licked it up and nibbled on her clit as she groaned.

I moved up her body and ignored the other girls in the doorway. I kissed Angel and pushed into her pussy. I started fucking her nice and slow as I leaned over to kiss Melody. She cupped my head as I thrust into Angel and pressed against her cervix. She grunted and clutched at me, “Oh my god!”

Melody laughed as I stayed nice and deep and humped into and against Angel. I felt the bed shift as the other girls sat, but Angel was jerking and spasming as her wet pussy squeezed my cock. I started fucking her with long, slow, deep strokes and she lifted her hips and mewed. Melody started rubbing and caressing my back as I started shuddering.

Angel was spasming and convulsing as I thrust into her and pushed. She screamed as my cock forced her womb open and then I groaned and held her as I peed a huge, gushing stream of cum. Her legs went straight up and spread as she howled, “HOLY FUCK!”

I jerked and shuddered as I pulled back and then thrust back into her cum filled pussy to pee another large stream of cum. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she screamed, “SHIT!”

I shivered as I pulled back and she sighed and then I thrust back into her leaking baby factory and spewed a third stream of cum. Angel jerked and howled and she started kicking in the air, “OH MY GOD!”

I held her and shuddered again as I stopped and then spurted another jet of cum and then a weaker fifth and sixth. I sighed and held her as she dropped her legs to the bed. She shook me, “If that doesn’t get me pregnant nothing will.”

I kissed her and pulled out and she shuddered as cum poured out of her. Melody grinned and leaned on her hip and pushed a anal plug into her pussy. Honey, Storm and Noel laughed as Angel shuddered and giggled. Melody caressed my chest, “Show us around and then you can fuck Storm and Noel.”

I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. She grinned, “We have the same cycles.”

I glanced at Storm, Noel and Honey, “So what happens during the week you have your period?”

Noel grinned, “Either they fuck our pussy or ass or we suck them off.”

I nodded and caressed Angel’s pelvis, “Stay here.”

I moved off the bed and pulled Melody with me. I ignored my clothes and led the women out of my bedroom. We walked through the house and looked around before I led them out back to the pool. When we got back to my room Angel was smiling and rubbing her tummy. Honey, Storm and Noel stripped and Melody kissed me. She turned me to the small Asian and Storm knelt on the edge of the bed with her butt towards me.

I grinned and shook my head as I reached her and rolled her over, “First I taste you and then I fuck you.”

They laughed and Storm grinned as she spread her legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it before pushing my tongue up inside her. I nibbled and teased her clit and she started shuddering and lifting her hips. A few minutes later I started sucking on her clit as I teased it and she jerked and screamed before thrashing around and pushing my face away.

The other women laughed as I grinned and rolled her over and lifted her hips. I positioned my cock and pushed into her. I fucked her slowly and she sighed and began thrusting back as her pussy squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she became erratic and started convulsing as her pussy rippled and got wetter. She was wailing into the bed as my cock fucked in and out.

I fucked her with long, deep, hard thrusts and Storm howled as she jerked around almost violently. I shook my head and pulled out of her and rolled her over before moving back between her legs and shoving into her pussy. I fucked her hard and deep as she lifted and spread her legs, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

It was several minutes before I groaned as my balls tightened. I thrust into her and held her bucking body as my cock swelled. I grunted when I peed the first solid stream of sperm and Storm screamed. I continued to hold her shaking body as the stream stopped and took a breath before jabbing against her womb to spew another stream. Storm jerked again and looked almost panicked, “HOLY FUCK!”

Her pussy grasped my pumping cock as I finished and sighed before tensing and thrusting into her again. I spewed a third time and she clutched at me as cum was forced around my cock and began leaking out of her. I spurted three more times as Storm shuddered and moaned. When I stopped cumming I sighed and relaxed before slowly pulling out. Angel laughed as she pulled the plug out of her pussy and leaned over to push it into Storm.

I moved over her and lay back on the bed and Melody came around to sit beside me. She caressed my chest as the other women sat and talked. I cupped her breasts and she grinned and bent to kiss me. I held her and sighed before looking at Noel, “I get you after Noel.”

Melody grinned, “sounds good to me.”

The women grinned and Noel reached over to stroke my cummy cock, “fuck me like a bitch.”

I smiled, “Is that how you want to get pregnant?”

She grinned, “Are you sure you have enough now?”

I laughed, “Yeah.”

She looked at the other women, “Then they can hold my legs up and spread so it goes in nice and deep.”

Angel laughed, “oh, he will go nice and deep without our help.”

The others were nodding as she grinned and lay back, “Whenever you are ready.”

I laughed and turned before sliding down the bed and over between her legs. I opened her trimmed pussy and licked through it before capturing her clit and sucking. Noel shuddered and lifted her hips as I began licking and teasing her clit while sucking. It was awhile before she was jerking erratically and twisted away as she cried out.

I grinned as the other women laughed and moved up before pushing into her pussy. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and it was only moments before I was hitting her cervix. She jerked and clutched at me as I humped and jabbed into her until my cock slowly pushed open her womb. After that I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts.

Each time I buried my cock, I pressed and rubbed against her. It was only minutes before she was jerking and shaking. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as she moaned and spasmed. She was fucking me back erratically when she went wild and screamed, “OOOHHHH.... FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!”

She was writhing around and bucking as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock constantly. She squirted several times as she kept thrashing and kicking in the air. The other women laughed and Storm giggled, “She has never done this before.”

Melody laughed, “That’s because my stud is breeding her proper.”

They laughed again as I fucked Noel hard and deep. I kept it up as she continued to wail and struggle and finally a long time later I thrust against her womb and held her. She looked at me with wide eyes as my cock began to swell, “Oh no!”

I grunted as I peed as strong stream of cum and her womb filled. I shuddered and took a breath when I stopped and Noel sighed, “God.”

I thrust into her hard as I spewed the second torrent and she screamed as her womb bulged, “SHIT!”

I was shaking when I stopped and pulled back. Noel shuddered as her pussy tightened, “Done?”

She said it doubtfully, I thrust into her again and held her as I spewed another gushing stream of cum. She jerked as she started to panic, “OH MY GOD!”

I pumped and spurted and pumped and finally shuddered and started to relax. Noel was shaking as Melody rubbed my back. I pulled out of Noel and Storm pushed the plug into her. I grinned as I turned to Melody, “That plug gets around.”

I laid beside her and caressed her body as the others whispered and talked. She pushed me onto my back and stroked my cock before straddling me. She pushed and wiggled to get my cock into her and then sighed and laid on me. I grinned and caressed her hips before rubbing her back, “Sore from yesterday?”

She looked at me before nodding slightly. I hugged her and lifted her hips and pulled out, “maybe tomorrow then.”

She grinned and put her head down as I caressed her bare back again. Angel, Storm and Noel knew a week later that they were pregnant. With all five girls to fuck they keep me satisfied. At first it was just Melody that cuddled with me but it wasn’t long before they all started doing it and not just with me but with each other.

It has been six years and they are still with me. Angel, Storm and Noel had a second child and Melody and Honey had their first. They are all planning to retire together. Right now they are plotting together to see who will get pregnant next.
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