I was sixteen when my dad died. It was just mom and I, dad left a huge estate. Mom didn’t work, she had always been a stay at home mom and that didn’t change. What changed was that she started drinking, heavily.

At sixteen I was almost six feet tall and in good shape from swimming in our pool everyday. My cock was eight and a half inches long and really fat, like over two inches thick. My mother had me when she was my age so she was only thirty two.

By the second week after dad died I was putting mom to bed every night after she passed out. It was a Wednesday night and I had been watching porn when I decided to check on my mom. I found her passed out on the couch and carried her to her room. As I looked at her on the bed I saw a lot of thigh sticking out of her dress.

I guess it was all the porn I had been watching but I decided to see what my mother looked like. I undressed her while she lay on the bed and stood back to look. Her body was incredible, her nipples stood up and her breasts were firm, she had even shaved her pussy bald. That did it, I stripped and moved onto the bed. I spent several minutes just feeling her.

Finally I fingered her pussy and found it really wet. I pushed her legs open and moved between them. I positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her. I started fucking her slowly and she started grunting softly with each thrust. It felt so good, she felt warm and slick, her pussy grasped at my cock as I gradually fucked her deeper. By the time I pushed against the back of her pussy I was groaning.

I was going to pull out when I came but I just couldn’t. I pushed in deep and shuddered as my cock spewed huge streams of sperm into her womb. When I finally stopped and lay above her, I looked into her face to see a smile. She was still asleep but now she was smiling. Since I was young, my cock stayed hard so I started fucking her again. This time mom was slimy with cum and I fucked in and out of her a lot easier.

I loved to bury my cock and just grind against her. She would groan and shudder almost every time. Even with her eyes closed she began to meet each thrust and after awhile I pushed against the back of her pussy to pump thick spurts of sperm again. Mom sighed and shivered. I stayed hard and went back to fucking her messy pussy.

I don’t even think I was thinking about what I was doing as I fucked her hard this time. She was shuddering and moaning as she fucked me back. I didn’t care about anything except cumming again. When I came this time I knew it would be the last for the night. I spurted what cum I had left as mom shuddered under me and moaned about loving it.

I slowly pulled out of her and watched as a lot of sperm began leaking out. I pulled the blankets over her and left thinking she would be yelling and screaming in the morning. When mom walked into the kitchen on unsteady feet I was eating cereal. She didn’t say anything as she bent to kiss my cheek and continued to the coffee machine.

I went to school and then came home to do my laps. Mom was already drinking but she was only wearing a long tee shirt. As she curled up on the couch I could see her bald pussy with dried cum all around it. I couldn’t believe mom hadn’t washed it out. I could see she had showered so some must have leaked out later and she just didn’t care.

I sat and watched TV with her and she passed out way early. I took her to bed and pulled the tee shirt off. I thought about it and then undressed. If mom didn’t care… I lay beside her and began feeling her breasts and then her pussy. It was over a half hour before I pushed her legs wide and slowly pushed my cock inside her.

Mom moaned and shivered as I began to fuck her. A warm, wet pussy is the best thing in the world. I fucked her the same as last night with long, deep strokes that felt so good. Each time I buried my cock and pumped another load of cum she would shiver and moan. I took a couple of breaks and fucked her a few extra times that night. When I stopped, her pussy was puffy and full of cum.

The next morning she came out and seemed happier even with cum leaking down her legs. When I came home from school mom had actually cleaned the house. She was relaxing on the back porch in another long tee shirt and sipping flavored brandy. She smiled at me when I leaned over to kiss her. She rubbed my chest, “Since I’m drinking and showing pussy, you don’t really have to wait until I pass out.”

I looked at her as I blushed and then slowly reached down to finger her pussy. Mom spread her legs so I could finger her. I stood up and looked around before pulling my pants off. I pushed her back on the lounger and fingered her clit until she shuddered and then I moved between her legs. I pushed into her hot, cummy pussy and started fucking her with long, slow strokes that had her moaning.

I buried my cock deep inside her to grind against her and then went back to fucking. Mom groaned and held me as I pumped my thick cock in and out. She felt warm and slippery as I fucked her but her pussy kept grasping my cock each time I thrust into her. She was thrusting up to meet me as I fucked her a little harder. After ten minutes I groaned and buried my cock as I began pumping warm cum deep inside her.

Mom shuddered and held her hips up for me. I was against her womb as I pumped large spurts of cum. I shivered and she jerked with each warm gush of sperm as it was pumped into her womb. After six or seven large spurts, I smiled and kissed mom, “Thanks mom.”

She laughed shakily, “Damn Simon. You need to fuck more or you may drown any girl you meet.”

I grinned, “I will now mom.”

She caressed my face, “I enjoyed it honey.”

I kissed her and pulled out. Mom groaned and shuddered as I moved off the lounger, “I’ll start dinner.”

She smiled and I went inside. When mom came in I noticed her brandy hadn’t really gone down. I smiled and felt better seeing her not drinking. After dinner I cleaned up while she went into the living room. I smiled as I remembered the way she felt. I came into the living room and smiled to see her sitting on the couch watching a show.

I stripped and she looked at me and smiled before scooting forward and spreading her legs. I knelt between her legs and felt her bare pussy, rubbing her clit. Mom shivered and closed her eyes. I positioned my cock and slowly pushed all the way to her cervix. She shuddered and groaned and I smiled before going back to feeling her pussy and rubbing her clit.

Mom jerked and looked at me with a big smile. I pulled out and then pushed all the way back in. She shuddered hard as I pressed her clit hard and then she was shaking and jerking like she was having a seizure. Her wet, cummy pussy squeezed and spasmed around my cock and she finally groaned, “ooohhhh fuck!”

I grinned and gave her another long, deep stroke, “You said I can fuck you mom and I will, every chance I get.”

She shuddered and spasmed and then she laughed, “Damn Simon.”

I laughed and fucked her with long, firm strokes and she closed her eyes as her pussy squeezed me. I fucked her hard for a few minutes and then switched to long, slow, deep strokes that pressed my cock against her womb hard. She was jerking and shaking as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I finally pushed against her womb as I began spurting large jets of sperm. Mom shook her head as her body twitched uncontrollably, “So warm!”

I pumped and spewed six thick clumps into her and finally sighed and held her waist, “Thanks mom.”

She shivered and laughed, “You’re welcome.”

I pulled out and she shuddered before turning to lay on the couch. I smiled and sat beside her, just to be with her and caress her. She was smiling happily, “Want to go to a movie baby?”

I laughed, “You’ll need to put something on.”

Mom smiled and caressed my chest, “Get dressed and let me go clean up.”

I grinned and stood to pull her up. I pushed and pulled her along while she laughed. I pulled her into the shower and started washing her. It was fun fingering her cummy pussy and watching cum leak out with the water. Mom finally laughed and pushed me back, “Leave it alone, you’ll just put more back in.”

I grinned and we got out and dried off before heading to separate rooms to dress. I drove since mom had been drinking. I picked a chick flick and we bought a big soda to share like we used to do. In the theater, we got seats way in the back. She leaned against me as we waited for the movie to start. It was like I had my mother back. Ten minutes after the movie started she leaned against me and whispered, “Pull your pants down.”

I looked at her and then undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees. Mom stood in a crouch and slid over to sit on my lap, she had her skirt up around her waist. She held my cock up and slowly sat down, letting it slip into her. I shivered and she slowly thrust back and forth. Her pussy was warm and really slippery as my cock fucked in and out of her.

I reached around her and cupped one of her breast with one hand and reached down with the other. I started rubbing and playing with her clit and her pussy kept squeezing my cock. She was silent as she rocked and thrust back and forth until she stopped moving. Her pussy tightened and she jerked and had small convulsions. I held her hips as I suddenly began pumping cum up into her pussy.

When I finished, she sighed and lifted off my cock before moving to her seat and leaning over to lick my cock clean. I was looking around but no one was watching. Mom sat up and then leaned against me to whisper, “I always wanted to do that.”

I grinned, “me too.”

When the movie ended we went home and mom held my hand the whole way. I got ready for bed and mom walked in wearing one of her long tee shirts. She smiled as she turned out the light and slipped into bed beside me. She caressed my chest and put her head on my shoulder. I just held her as she relaxed and fell asleep.

I woke to just a hint of light in my window and looked at mom still sleeping on my shoulder. I smiled and caressed her face before moving and turning her on to her back. She opened sleepy eyes as I spread her legs and lay between them. I kissed her, “morning mom.”

She smiled and reached down to guide my stiff cock to her pussy. My cock spread her open and I started to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. Mom shivered and held me as I finally buried my cock and humped against her. It wasn’t long before she groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I smiled and kissed her before fucking her with deep strokes that made her grunt.

I was using long, deep strokes that had me pressing and humping against her each time I was all the way inside her. Mom began jerking erratically and spasming as I fucked her hard. I thrust into her and held still as my throbbing cock erupted and I started spewing my morning load of cum.

She jerked when she felt the warm cum explode into her belly and then she was bucking and thrashing around. I continued to pump strong jets of sperm into her and mom screamed, “BBAAABBBBBYYYYYYY!”

I sighed when I stopped cumming and kissed her softly, “Thanks mom I really need it in the morning.”

She laughed, “It sure felt like it.”

I slipped off the bed before heading into the kitchen. I made mom coffee and toast as well as my breakfast. She walked in still wearing her tee shirt with cum leaking down one leg. I smiled, “Want to come to the stables with me? I can get another horse for you to ride.”

That was something we used to do together with dad, but he used to rent the horses for the whole day, I had my own. Mom grinned, “You can fuck me in the saddle.”

I grinned back at her as she sat, “And when we take a break and then when we come home and…”

She laughed and pointed her spoon at me, “You keep fucking me like a madman and it won’t matter if I use birth control.”

I laughed and started eating before looking at her, “I never found your birth control pills.”

Mom grinned, “I have an IUD.”

I shook my head, “I think you better have that checked mom, because I don’t feel anything when I pushed into you deep.”

She frowned, “Well, I was on birth control.”

Her eyes widened, “I forgot…”

She didn’t say anything and I waited before reaching down and rubbing her bare hip, “What did you forget?”

Mom grinned and stood to move over and sit in my lap, “I forgot that the day your father died I had been to the doctor for an infection and he took it out.”

I reached under her tee shirt, “So you aren’t on birth control.”

She kissed me and sighed, “It looks like your slut mom is going to have another baby.”

I laughed, “In that case we better start doing it everywhere.”

Mom laughed and shook me, “We can start with a ride.”

She wore a long skirt that was slit almost to the hip with crotchless panties. She had a white blouse on but I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. The slim knee high boots made me want to bend her over something and fuck her. At the stable I rented a horse and tack for her and tucked some clean rags into my saddlebags. We were only riding for ten minutes before mom pulled close and handed her reins to me. She grinned and had me open my pants.

She carefully straddled me and slipped my cock into her hot, wet pussy. She sighed and shuddered as it squeezed my cock. She slowly thrust back and forth fucking me. I leaned back and tied her reins to the saddle ring before holding her hips as she jerked and shuddered. My cock was pushed against her womb and she kept grunting each time it went in. It was ten minutes before I shuddered and she groaned, “Your cock is...”

I grunted as I began pumping huge streams of cum and mom stiffened and started convulsing, “fuck!”

I pumped and spewed and pumped some more. I knew mom’s womb was completely full when I stopped and she leaned against me. She was panting as she rubbed my back and moaned, “You really want to knock me up don’t you.”

I laughed and hugged her, “The only way that cum is leaving your womb is when my cock goes soft.”

Mom giggled, “Your cock doesn’t go soft baby.”

I grinned and squeezed her, she sighed and held me as we rode and after almost ten minutes her pussy began tightening and she suddenly shuddered hard. She pulled back and looked into my face, “lets get off and you can fuck me in the grass.”

I let her lift up and my cum began leaking as she swung down. I got off the horse as she laid back in the grass. I tied the reins to a tree limb before walking to her pulling my pants off with my boots. I lay between her spread legs and kissed her as I pushed back into her slimy pussy. I fucked her with long, deep strokes that fucked my cock in against her womb.

Mom was jerking and shaking as her pussy began to grasp and release my cock. A minute later she stiffened and then arched her back and cried out as her pussy clinched. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and she began to convulse and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I wasn’t holding back and a few minutes more I thrust into her and held her shaking body.

She howled as I started pumping huge jets of cum. Mom bucked and thrashed around as I poured warm sperm into her fertile womb. When I stopped cumming she giggled and hugged me, “We need another cum bucket for you.”

I kissed her, “I have you mom.”

She kissed me back and then her eyes widened and she looked at me, I looked around, “What?”

Mom grinned, “Would you mind a fourteen year old girl with a baby?”

I looked at her, “Mind her for what?”

She pushed me back and I pulled out of her and helped her up. She kissed me, “I know of a girl. She is fourteen and her mom says she loves to fuck.”

I frowned and she laughed as she moved to her horse, “Time to go home baby.”

I followed and climbed up onto my horse. Mom wouldn’t say anything only to tell me to wait. She used her cell as I brushed the horses down at the stable and we went home. When we got home there was this stunning girl on the front porch. She had a baby in a stroller with her and mom got out and walked to her as I parked the car in the garage.

When I came into the house mom was in the kitchen with the baby and the girl was naked as she walked to me. She grinned and rubbed my chest, “You’re handsome.”

She took my hand and pulled me towards the hall, “Where’s your bedroom?”

I looked at mom before we walked into the hall and finally pulled her into my room. I turned her and started pulling my clothes off. She backed to the bed as I stripped, “It has been a month since I got fucked.”

I stalked after her and pushed her onto the bed before moving over her. She grabbed my cock and I pushed into her tight pussy as she groaned, “God you have a nice cock.”

I kissed her hard as I fucked deeper until I was hitting her womb. She was thrusting up each time and lifted her legs into the air as she wailed, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

She felt really good, her pussy seemed to squeeze my cock like she was milking it. She began to shudder and jerk before convulsing, “FUCK!”

I grinned and fucked her hard for a minute and she stiffened before bucking and thrashing around, “FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!”

I buried my cock in her womb, “You’re a tight little slut aren’t you.”

She groaned and jerked and as she clutched at me and thrust up. I pressed and humped in and out as her pussy continued to milk my cock. It was awhile before I thrust into her and began flooding her womb.

She spread her legs more as she screamed and jerked with each spurt of warm sperm. I pumped and spewed and filled her until cum was leaking out. She sighed and relaxed when I stopped cumming and then smiled, “Thanks, I really needed that.”

I smiled and pulled out of her, “Do you always fuck strangers?”

She grinned, “No, but mom was tired of watching me and told me if I was going to fuck to come here and fuck you.”

I slipped off the bed and helped her out. She took my hand to pull me back to the kitchen. Mom was feeding a bottle to the baby and looked up when we came in. She grinned, “So do you want her?”

I looked at the girl as she grinned and sat beside her baby, “What’s her name and how often can she come over?”

Mom smiled as she let the girl take the bottle, “Cassie and she can move in with us if you want her.”

I looked at Cassie, “shouldn’t she decide?”

Cassie grinned, “My dad started fucking me when I was twelve and since then he lets his buddies do it... at least until mom caught them and by then I was pregnant.”

I walked to her and bent to caress the slim scar on her pelvis, “Caesarean?”

She nodded and grinned, “That’s why I am still tight.”

I looked at mom and she reached over to rub her nipple, “Do you want to stay and let my son fuck you all the time?”

Cassie shuddered and grinned before nodding. Mom stood and crossed to the phone as I sat and looked at the baby, “Do you know who the father is?”

Cassie smiled, “I’m not sure but it might be dad or my uncle Calvin.”

I looked at mom talking on the phone before looking at Cassie, “If you want more sex I’ll send you home.”

She grinned, “It isn’t how many times I get fucked, it is how well.”

Cassie looked at mom as she came in smiling, “You really scratched my itch.”

Mom laughed, “Well, he fucks a lot so we are both going to get it a lot.”

She was right I fucked them each five or six times a day, everyday. Mom had a girl and two years later a boy. She has had another two daughters since then. Cassie loves to fuck or lick cum from mom. She had our first daughter when she was sixteen and another two years later while she was going to college. So far we are happy together.
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