My name is Alex Tremain and most of my life I have been very lucky. It didn’t matter if it was cards, dice or other games of chance, I had even won a full scholarship to college. I graduated three days before I turned twenty one. My parents had died the year before so I really didn’t have anywhere to call home anymore. I had a thousand dollars to my name and decided to take a trip to Las Vegas.

I used dad’s old jeep and drove all the way. I stopped just over the state line in Nevada and went into the first large casino. It was my birthday so I was legal. I walked through the casino before a slot machine with a large jack pot caught my eye. I sat and slipped a twenty into it and maxed the bet. The alarm and light went off as I won and punched to cash out. A ticket slipped out and I turned as a security guard stopped by me and asked for my ID.

He grinned when he saw my age and handed the ID back. I had to go to the main cashier cage to be paid. I walked out of the casino with a twenty five thousand dollar check and a roll of hundreds. I got back on the road and it was an hour before I reached Las Vegas. I parked in a parking garage and grabbed my bag before heading into the casino. I rented a room and dropped my bag off before heading downstairs.

I walked onto the huge casino floor and listened to the racket of the machines. I glanced at two girls as they approached me. One looked maybe sixteen and the other was younger. They both had short blonde hair and looked dirty. They had short skirts and tee shirts that said “Porn Star.”

They didn’t look like they had eaten in awhile. The older one smiled at me, “Hey mister, do you have any spare change?”

I smiled, “did you want the money or would you rather have a meal?”

They looked at each other and the older one looked back as she licked her lips, “A meal.”

I nodded and gestured, “well, I was going to eat before playing so if you would like to join me.”

They fell in beside me as I started through the floor. I was looking around, “You wouldn’t happen to know if they have a steak place?”

The younger girl laughed and pointed. I followed her directions and we walked into a nice restaurant. The waitress frowned but seated us. I glanced at the menu with the girls and didn’t hesitate. When the waitress came to take my order, I ordered a large appetizer and then three large expensive meals. The girls looked at me all through dinner. When it was over and we were leaving I looked at them, “Do you girls have someplace to stay?”

They hesitated before shaking their heads. I sighed and led them after me to the hotel desk where I got two more keys. I looked at them, “Go shower and get some rest.”

I walked away and began wandering through the casino floor. I stopped at a bank of dollar machines and put in a twenty. Like before I maxed it, it took two tries before it hit. I pulled my ID before a floor supervisor arrived. When I left the floor an hour later I was tired and had another ten thousand in cash and two hundred thousand in a cashier check and that was after they took out taxes.

I slipped into the room half expecting to see my bag gone and the girls not there. They were sleeping in one bed together though. I undressed and slipped into the other bed before relaxing. I woke to hands caressing my chest and opened my eyes. The sixteen year old was naked in bed with me. She smiled, “You didn’t try anything.”

I smiled and reached out to touch her, “You’re real.”

She grinned and her sister giggled from the other bed. I smiled and put my head back, “I believe a women should decide if she wants sex.”

The sixteen year old grinned, “I’m Dakota Star and that’s my sister Angel.”

I smiled, “You girls look like you could use some good luck.”

Dakota nodded, “Our dad tried to rape me...”

She looked at me, “you could....”

She looked at Angel. “If you pay me I could...”

I smiled and turned to lay her down, “Tell you what, since you can’t say it. You can stay with me until you can or until we find someplace for you.”

She looked into my eyes and even though I wanted her, I turned to slip off the bed, “Breakfast first and then I think we need to take you two shopping.”

I went into the bathroom and took a cold shower before coming out. They were dressed in their dirty clothes by then. They were quiet as we ate and then I took them out and began looking through the casino shops. First was under clothes and then skirts and blouses. Finally it was a shop that sold shoes. When we finished I led them back to the room and nodded to the bathroom, “Shower and throw the other clothes away.”

They grinned at that and walked in. I sat and waited not sure what I was going to do with two runaway girls. They looked much better when they came out and I nodded before standing, “I was going to do some gambling. If you want you can tag along or you can play in the arcades.”

They looked at each other and nodded. We walked out of the casino and down the street to the next one. I slipped them money to play in the arcade while I went looking for a machine, we went to several casino’s before lunch. I stopped at a bank to deposit several large checks before taking the girls to eat. After we ate I took them to a movie.

Later that afternoon I played craps in one of the larger casino’s. I walked away with over a half million before going to find the girls. We had a nice dinner and I took them back to the room. I turned on the TV before heading into the bathroom for a shower to wash the smell of cigarettes off. I turned when the shower door opened and Dakota and Angel both stepped in. They were grinning and Dakota reached out to turn up the heat, “You won’t need cold water.”

I looked back and forth and Angel reached out to stroke my large cock, “You are bigger then the boys I have been with before.”

I looked at her and then at Dakota as she hugged me, “me too.”

I shivered and turned to reach for the wash cloth. I pulled Angel’s hand off me and began to wash her, “You don’t have to do this.”

Dakota laughed, “We know.”

I rubbed Angel’s pink nipples before turning to wash her sister. When I shut the water off Angel got out and I stepped out as she turned with a towel. I grinned and took it before reaching for her, “I get to dry you, silly rabbit.”

She grinned as Dakota laughed, Angel had a small playboy bunny trimmed into her pussy hair. When I finished I turned to dry Dakota and then myself. She waited and then pulled me out and to the bed. I pushed her back and followed her until I was over her. I kissed her and smiled before moving back down.

Angel giggled as I pushed her sister’s legs open wider and licked through her pussy. Dakota shivered and lifted her hips, “I haven’t done this before.”

I nibbled on her clit and she jerked and shuddered as she moaned. I covered her clit and began sucking and teasing it with my tongue. I kept licking and teasing her clit and it wasn’t long before she shuddered hard and pushed me away. I smiled as I moved up and positioned my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy and she groaned as my large, thick cock stretched her and pushed in to press against her cervix.

I kissed her as she put her arms around me and began to fuck her nice and slow. By the time my cock pushed into her womb she was jerking and shaking as her slippery pussy milked my cock. She was constantly moaning and hugging me as I kept kissing her. Our slow fuck had become harder and faster. Dakota was grunting as she thrust up each time and began to stiffen as her pussy tightened.

She wailed and kicked in the air as she began to buck and thrash around. Her pussy was spasming and grasping my cock as she shook and I pushed against her womb. I grunted and shuddered as I started to gush a solid stream of cum. I pumped and spewed and spurted and finally sighed when I stopped cumming. Dakota had been grunting and jerking as I poured cum into her and giggled when I stopped.

I kissed her and pulled out before rolling onto my back. She grinned at me and looked at her sister, “I’ll be leaking for a week.”

I reddened and Angel laughed as she straddled me, “My turn.”

I looked at her before reaching up to cup her breasts. She positioned herself and wiggled to get my still hard cock into her. My cock stretched her tight pussy as it pushed in and she groaned before starting to rock. She kept rubbing my chest and began to twist and roll her hip before adding thrusts that rubbed her clit on me. It was only a few minutes before she jerked and thrashed around as her pussy became slipperier and tightened.

Dakota laughed as she turned onto her side to watch. I reached up to cup Angel’s breasts and tug on her nipples. She jerked and started convulsing as her pussy rippled around my cock, “AAAAAHHHHHH!”

I shook my head at the feeling and pulled her down before hugging her, “silly rabbit, I hope you are on birth control.”

She laughed and pulled on me as she rolled until I was over her and between her legs. I kissed her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts and began to press and grind. It was a minute before she was kicking in the air and wailing again as her pussy milked my cock. I kept going and fucked her harder as I tried to cum. By the time I was ready Angel was incoherent and thrashing around erratically.

I thrust into her and buried my cock as I started to pee cum into her womb. She jerked and wrapped her arms and legs around me as she sighed, “about time.”

Dakota laughed as I pumped and spewed inside her sister. When I stopped Angel rubbed my back, “I want to do that ride again.”

Her sister laughed harder as I grinned and kissed her before pulling out, “we need to wash your pussy so we can go see another movie.”

They grinned as they pulled me out of bed and back to the shower. By the time we came back from the movies the girls were yawning. I pulled them into the bathroom to pee and brush teeth before putting them into bed together. I sat beside them and bent to caress each of their faces, “Thanks for this afternoon girls.”

They grinned as I stood and went to crawl into the other bed. I woke a couple of hours later when they slipped into bed on each side of me and snuggled against me. Dakota straddling me was what woke me. Angel was sleeping when I looked at her. Dakota positioned my cock before slowly sitting. I cupped her bare breasts and rubbed the nipples before pulling her down and hugging her.

Her warm pussy squeezed my cock as she began to rock back and forth. I let her go and helped her sit up and she grinned as she thrust back and forth and wiggled and twisted. I pinched and tugged on her nipples and she jerked and shuddered hard. Her pussy spasmed and tightened as she pushed down to push it into her womb. She groaned and wet me before jerking erratically and shaking.

I needed to cum like every morning and held her waist as I started thrusting up into her. It was a minute before she stifled a cry and began to convulse as her pussy tightened. I grunted and thrust into her hard before my cock erupted and began spewing a gushing fountain of cum. Dakota jerked and shook as warm cum pumped into her womb, “FUCK!”

Angel snickered, “silly bitch.”

Dakota grinned as I kept pumping cum into her. When I stopped she sighed and laid on me before lifting her hips. I hugged her and caressed her sides and hips. She rolled off me and grinned at her sister. “Fuck this silly rabbit and leave her cummy.”

Angel laughed and I joined her, “Well, rabbits love fucking.”

I leaned over to suck on a pink nipple before rolling over between her legs. She spread them wider and reached down to position my cock. I pushed into her slowly and started to fuck her as Dakota walked into the bathroom. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and I kissed her as I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She lifted her hips and thrust her pussy onto my cock as she started breathing harder.

It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. I buried it and began to hump and grind as my cock throbbed against her womb. Angel jerked and clutched at me as she lifted her legs and spread them. I kissed her before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. She pulled my face down to kiss me as she wailed.

I fucked her hard and kept grinding my pelvis against hers. She screamed into my mouth as she bucked and thrashed around. I finally slammed into her and held on as I started gushing cum. Angel gasped and tilted her hips as her womb was flooded with warm sperm. When I stopped cumming she groaned and shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed.

I kissed her softly as she began to relax. I pulled out and moved off the bed before reaching back to pull her with me. She giggled as I chased her into the bathroom where Dakota was already showering. After we were dressed I held their hands as we went down the eat breakfast. When breakfast was over I pulled out two thousand dollars and gave half to each girl, “Make sure you buy a large suitcase.”

Dakota looked at me and I grinned, “I was thinking of going to one of the larger casinos. We can watch a show and you two can shop in their shops.”

Angel grinned and Dakota laughed, “Okay.”

I nodded as I stood, “I was thinking of moving around noon.”

I paid for breakfast and kissed the girls before heading out. I went to the tables and started playing craps. I left at eleven and went to check the room. Dakota and Angel were watching a movie and rolled off the bed and ran to hug me. I checked everything before carrying my suitcase out. The girls both had two large metal suitcases that rolled easily on four wheels.

I managed to stack the suitcases in my jeep as Angle sat on her sister’s lap. I didn’t drive far before pulling into another large casino and parking in their parking garage. I led the girls after me to rent a large room and then we went to put the suitcases away before going to look around and eat lunch. After lunch I walked with them to the arcade and stopped at a large slot machine. They grinned at me from the arcade as I maxed the bet and hit the jack pot.

It was for almost fifty million and I ended up having to wait as the gaming commission came to check the machine. I waited in the arcade with the girls, playing games and winning tokens. Three hours later we were going to the bank to deposit the checks I had. The girls pulled me around the casino shops when we came back. This time they looked for clothes for me.

We had a nice dinner and watched a show before going back to our room. Dakota and Angel both held my hands almost the whole evening. As I closed the door I grinned, “How would you girls like to be my partners?”

They grinned as they pulled me towards the bathroom. Angel turned me and started undressing me as Dakota stripped and turned to start the shower. I began undressing Angel and she looked at Dakota, “What would we have to do?”

I cupped her breast and bent to suck on a pink nipple before turning to pull Dakota against me, “Stay with me and keep me company.”

Dakota smiled and pressed against me, “and give you sex.”

I kissed her and turned to a frowning Angel, “only if you wanted, that is what lovers do.”

Angel grinned, “Lovers?”

I smiled and pulled them towards the shower, “What did you think I was talking about silly rabbit?”

She laughed as she pushed me back and turned to start washing her sister, “paying us to fuck you.”

Dakota shook her head, “He isn’t like that Angel.”

I shifted around and started helping Angel wash Dakota, “I’m a guy and always horny, she has a right to think that.”

Angel laughed as she turned Dakota to wash her pussy, “Actually I don’t think I mind now that I have thought about it. Guys get to fuck their wives so...”

Dakota looked at her and then absently spread her legs so I could wash her butt as her sister washed her pussy. She smiled, “Are we staying here?”

I rubbed her butt and Angel threw water at me as she laughed, “You lost his attention.”

I grinned as Dakota snickered and wiggled her butt at me. I gave her a swat and reached for Angel, “Have you ever been to Disney world or to Hawaii?”

Angel slipped into my arms before jumping up and wrapping her legs around me, “I meant where are we going to live?”

I lifted her and let Dakota position my cock before lowering her. Angel shuddered as my cock spread and stretched her pussy and sank to her womb. I sighed and held her for a minute until Angel laughed and humped, “wake up stud.”

I grinned and turned to put her against the wall before fucking up into her, “either Hawaii or outside of Disney World.”

Dakota rubbed against us, “I’m in, Disney World sounds fun.”

Angel shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “okay, but I want a pool.”

I laughed as I lifted her off my cock and set her down, “Silly rabbit.”

I turned to wash quickly before letting them pull me out. After we slipped under the covers Dakota kissed me and laid back, “Angel gets you tonight.”

I laughed and turned to pull Angel onto me, “I’m really horny and have a lot of cum.”

She grinned, “Good because I want it all in my belly.”

Dakota laughed as I grinned and reached between us to position my cock, “This way, from behind and then missionary.”

Angel pushed back and down, forcing my cock into her tight pussy. She sat up and began rocking as she fucked my cock deeper. She rubbed my chest, “we could take a trip around the world.”

I rubbed her perfect pink nipples as Dakota turned onto her side to watch, “We could if you had passports and if you weren’t runaways.”

She shivered and grinned as she looked at her sister. Dakota laughed, “let us go visit our... father tomorrow and that won’t be a problem.”

I glanced at her as Angel’s pussy grasped my cock and she spasmed. She wet me and groaned as she jerked and shook. I rubbed her breasts and played with the nipples as she twisted and thrust back and forth. It was a few minutes before she started convulsing and her pussy began milking my cock. I grunted and pulled her hips down as I started to spurt and spew cum.

Angel groaned and shuddered as her pussy milked my cum into her womb. She finally sighed and laid on my chest as she tried to catch her breath. I held her as my cock continued to throb and jerk inside her wonderful pussy. She finally giggled and rolled off before going to her knees, “Okay I’m ready.”

I laughed as Dakota giggled, I turned and moved down behind her as I went to my knees. I held her hips as I pushed back into her cummy pussy. I started fucking her as she began thrusting back. It wasn’t long before I was fucking completely into her each time I buried my cock. Angel groaned and shuddered as her tight pussy rippled and grasped my cock.

I fucked her steadily with long, deep thrusts and she began to shake and then a minute later she was jerking and slamming on and off my cock. She screamed, wailed and howled into the bed. I fucked her hard and deep as her pussy clenched and tried to milk my cock. When I finally thrust into her and held her hips back as I gushed sperm into her, she stiffened and slowly pushed back.

When I stopped pumping her womb full of cum she sigh and slowly laid forward. My cock slipped out and I looked at her slightly gapping pussy to see cum leaking out. Dakota grinned and pulled on Angel, “Roll over.”

She shivered as she closed her legs and rolled and then spread them again and held out her arms. I moved over her and pushed back into her slimy pussy. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and I started to fuck her nice and slow as I kissed her. It was a long time before I was ready to cum. Angel had been shuddering and moaning the whole time as her cummy pussy constantly milked and spasmed around my cock.

I slowly thrust all the way into her and held her as I pumped and spurted another large load of cum. She sighed and hugged me tight as I filled her womb. When I stopped she kissed me and I pulled out. Dakota snuggled against me when I lay back, “If you need it later you can fuck me.”

Angel laughed as she put her head on my shoulder, “He just pumped a gallon of cum into me. He’ll sleep like a baby.”

I grinned and hugged her, “Thanks Angel.”

That was years ago, Dakota and Angel still live with me. We have two homes, one outside of Disney World and one in Hawaii, they both have pools. We five children with another on the way.
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