The story Jake's summer continues.
Jake and Emma pulled into the drive at the O’Donald home. They were met at the door by Marie who hugged her son and granddaughter. “I am so glad you are home,” she said, fussing over them, asking if they were hungry.

“It’s nice to be home, Mom,” Jake replied. “We’ve only been gone a couple of days.”

“I know, but it just wasn’t the same without you here.” She paused and looked at the two of them. “I swear, you both looked older. You would think you’ve been gone a year.” She led them into the kitchen. “I’ll make you some sandwiches.”

“Mom, I’m going down to my room and unpack,” Jake stated, picking up his bag.

“Emma, why don’t you call your mom and tell her your home,” Marie suggested.

“Sure.” Emma followed Jake. “Jake can I use your phone?”

“No problem,” Jake replied. He and Emma headed for his basement bedroom. As they entered the room both laughed. “Wow,” said Jake. “You would think we’ve been gone a couple of years.” He placed his bag on the bed. As he turned around Emma rushed toward him. He put his arms around her.

“Oh, Jake. I want to be with you.” She wrapped her arms around him. “I don’t want to go home.”

“Hey. It’s okay. You’ll be here more than at your house anyway.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “And we need to be careful.”

Emma looked up at his face. “I know. And I feel older.” She laid her head against his chest. “I am different, Jake.”

“Yeah, me too.” They continued holding each other for a few minutes.

“Hey, you two, sandwiches are ready,” Marie called out. This caused them to let go of each other. Emma called her mom, telling her she was back in town. Katie told her she would pick her up after work. Emma and Jake went upstairs to eat lunch.

“This is good,” Jake said as he ate a sandwich.

“I’m glad.” Marie sat at the table with her son and granddaughter. “So, what did you two do, other than sleep and work on the boats.” Emma cut her eyes toward Jake, chewing and trying to avoid answering.

“We just hung out. Talked about stuff and the rest of the summer,” Jake managed to say. He finished his food as quickly as he could, wanting this topic of conversation to end. Emma got up from the table, placed her plate in the sink, excused herself and went to the bedroom she used when with the grandparents.

After Emma was gone, Marie continued. “Jake, I’m really proud of you.” Her son looked at her. “The way you treat Emma. She is more like a kid sister than a niece and you put up with her wanting to be around you all the time.”

Jake’s thought was, “If you only knew.” His response was, “It’s okay, Mom. She is really not a bother.” He looked to see if Emma was able to hear. “She doesn’t have a dad. Katie works so much. I think she just wants to feel close and that she belongs to a family.”

“Well, it is very sweet of you to take so much time with her.” Marie busied herself in the kitchen.
“I’ve got to run to the plant and make some calls. I hate to run off, but will you two be okay?”

“Oh sure, Mom. No problem. I’m going down to unpack.” He kissed Marie on the cheek. “I have some clothes to wash anyway.” Marie insisted that there were certain things a man needed to learn how to do. Washing clothes was near the top of the list.

“Okay, son. Your dad and I will be home after work.” Marie watched Jake walk out of the room thinking what a find young man he is becoming. After saying “goodbye” to Emma in her bedroom, Marie left.

Jake was putting clothes into the washing machine when Emma came down the basement steps. “What you doin’?” she asked. When she saw him preparing the washer she added. “I’ve got some stuff to wash, too. Can I put mine in with yours?”

“Sure.” Jake prepared the washer which he turned on when Emma returned with her clothes. They went into Jake’s room.

“Did you hide my nightie?” she asked Jake.

“Not yet.” Jake pulled it out of his bag, along with the box of condoms and the lubricant. “I’ll put these in that drawer there. Mom won’t find them.”

As Emma laid on the bed she said, “I’m all better.” Jake looked at her, curious as to what she meant.
Emma spread her legs and put her hand between them. “Down here. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“That’s good.” He looked down at Emma. “I’m sorry it hurt you.”

“I don’t hurt now.” She paused. “You wanna’ see?” Not waiting for an answer, Emma pulled her shorts down off her hips, down her legs, and dropped them to the side. Jake watched as she removed her panties and spread her legs, giving him a clear view of her pink pussy.

“Actually, I didn’t need to see. I take your word.” Jake was surprised at her actions. “Em, we need to be careful.”

“I know. But Nana’s gone. It’s just us.” She leaned onto one arm. With the free hand reached down and pulled her lips apart. “See.” Jake could see everything about her pussy. The redness was gone. He watched as Emma moved her fingers around her lips. “I am just fine.” She laid back down but did not remove her hand. Her fingers lightly moved around the area between her legs. Jake sat next to her on the bed. “You can touch if you want. I promise it doesn’t hurt.”

Jake slowly moved his hand to her pussy. His hand replaced Emma’s as he began to lightly caress her lips. His cock was instantly hard as he explored the folds of her pussy. He laid down beside her, positioning himself so he could continue his attentions. Emma sighed as he continued to caress and probe. After several minutes, Emma sat up. She turned toward Jake and began removing his shorts, pulling them off and tossing them to the floor along with boxers.

As she sat beside him, she began to stroke his cock. Jake responded by moving with her touch, reaching between her legs, pressing his finger into her slit. Both were feeling the stimulation. Emma got off the bed and returned with the condoms and the lubricant.

“I think we need these,” she said. Handing Jake the condoms, she put the lubricant on her fingers and applied it to her pussy. Once Jake had a condom on his cock, Emma positioned her body over his. With her pussy slick with the lubricant, she eased herself down on Jake.

Emma guided Jake’s hard cock to the opening of her vaginal canal. She lowered herself. As the tip of his cock entered her she moaned. She was tight and had to push down for him to enter. After the head was inside her she paused, moving slightly. Then she lowered herself more. Using an up and down motion, she managed to lower herself until Jake was completely inside her.

Jake felt the tightness as Em’s body engulfed him. Her movement up and down sent shock waves through his groin. He and Emma were looking into each other’s eyes, both moaning, both responding to the sensation of their bodies joining. Once Jake was completely inside her, Emma stopped moving, enjoying the feeling of his swollen and hard cock filling her. She removed her t-shirt and bra, allowing Jake full view of her nakedness.

Jake watched Em take off her shirt and bra. He reached up and cupped both breasts, kneading them, teasing her nipples with his fingertips. He circled her areola, he tweaked her nipples, he massaged them as if milking them. They felt slightly fuller and firmer.

Emma leaned toward Jake, their lips making contact, their tongues dancing. Jake placed his hands on Em’s hips as she began moving, back and forth, up and down. As her clit rubbed on Jake, her excitement began to grow. Jake could feel himself pressing against the deepest part of Em’s canal. He moaned as her muscles massaged his cock.

They broke the kiss. Jake managed to lean his head down enough to reach Emma’s breast. He pulled her up toward him and he covered her left breast with his mouth. The stimulation of his cock only increased the pleasure of her breast in his mouth. Emma reacted by moaning louder. She began moving faster. Jake moved from one breast to the other, massaging, sucking, teasing, caressing. His tongue was busy as he sucked harder.

Emma increased the speed of her movement. She was now lifting up and dropping down, driving Jake’s cock into her pussy as she pressed her clit against him. As their movements increase, their pleasure increased. The stimulation moved them to the brink of orgasm. At the same time, Jake and Emma cried out. Her pussy muscles began to pulsate as Jake’s groin spasmed.

Emma began moving up and down and back and forth with increased speed and pressure. Jake was thrusting up and down with her movement.

“Oh,” Emma cried out. “Aaahhhhhh,” she moaned as her body was jolted by waves of pleasure. Her abdomen felt like she would explode. She could feel the hardness of Jake’s cock filling her deepest region. She could not stop moving, groaning, crying out.

“Oh,” Jake moaned. The pressure that had been building released. What felt like a torrent came flowing from deep down within him, through this cock, bursting from him like a cannon. He no longer had control of his movements. Grasping Em’s hips, he lifted off the bed, thrusting himself upward as he pulled her down. Wave after wave swept from his groin and through his cock. He could feel the heat of his semen filling the condom. This increased the intensity of the sensation of the underside of his cock being squeezed by Em’s contractions.

Emma’s body was overwhelmed by the spasms that continued in her abdomen. She could feel Jake inside her, thrusting, moving in and out. Her muscles tightened around him causing the contractions to feel even more intense. She cried, she moaned, she collapsed, falling across Jake’s chest. The pulsations continued. Her legs were weak, her breathing heavy.

The flood stopped but the sensation continued. Every movement caused Emma’s tightness to send a shock through Jake. This finally eased as he was trying to catch his breath. He became aware that Emma was laying against his chest. He released her hips and embraced her slender body. It seemed that they began breathing in the same rhythm, their chests falling and rising in unison.

“Oh, Jake,” Emma managed to whisper. She forced herself to talk. “I can’t move.”

“I know, Em. I can’t either.”

After that, they were silent, allowing their bodies to return to some state of normal. It seems as though Jake’s cock throbbed for several minutes. The pulse in Em’s pussy began to ease. Their breathing became less labored. In that moment, their bodies still joined, their arms around each other, they were as one. For these few minutes there was no world, no universe, no other people. They were the only two people in existence.

“I love you, Em,” Jake said softly as his hands began to slowly move up and down on her naked back, caressing her warm, smooth skin.

“I love you, Jake,” Emma whispered as she buried her face against his neck, reaching for and touching his face with her hand.

The two young lovers remained in their embrace for a while. Finally, Jake turned to look at the clock beside his bed. “My word, Em. Your mom will be here soon.” When the surgical schedule allowed, Katie would leave the office or hospital around three o’clock.

Emma raised up. She breathed deeply, looking down. Jake was still inside her. She eased up as Jake grasped the condom. She moved off of him and his cock flopped to the side. The latex sheath appeared to be full of his semen. “Wow,” she said as she climbed off the bed. She reached down, touching her pussy. Her fingers came away wet.

“Looks like I did my part, too.” She walked to the bathroom and peed as Jake moved off the bed and removed the condom.

“Now where am I going to put this?” he said to himself. He walked into the bathroom as Emma finished peeing. “Let me put this down the toilet,” he said. He dropped it in the bowl as she flushed. They watched it disappear.

“I’m gonna’ shower,” she said.

“Me, too,” he added. They showered quickly and redressed. Before going upstairs, Jake hid the condoms and lubricant as Em watched. He followed her up the steps. Within five minutes, Katie walked in. As she hugged her daughter, Emma looked at Jake. Both made visible expressions of relief that she had not come earlier.

Emma gathered her bag and other items she wanted to take home and left with her mom. Jake followed them to their car and watched as they drove away. He waved, turning toward the house. He sat in his favorite chair, laying his head back, lost in thought. “How did this happen?” he asked himself. “How did I do this with Emma? How did I do this to Emma? How did I let myself have sex with my thirteen year old niece.?” These questions caused a flood of guilt to sweep over him. In the quietness of the house, his thoughts continued to erupt in his mind. “But she wanted it, too. Emma said she loved me. Is she capable of knowing what love is?” He continued to reason with himself. “I told her I love her? Do I know what real love is?” This mental sparing continued between guilt for doing what society and the law declared was wrong, what his family would go ballistic over and the sense that what he had experienced with Emma was genuine.

Jake jumped when he felt the touch on his shoulder. He realized he had gone to sleep in the midst of the churning in his mind. “I’m sorry, son,” he heard his mom say. “I didn’t want to wake you but you seemed to be having a bad dream. You where making noises.”

Shaking himself back to reality, Jake replied. “It’s okay, mom. I didn’t plan on going to sleep.” He was a bit embarrassed, hoping he had not said anything in his sleep. “I’ll go down and wash my face.” As he rose from the chair he saw is dad coming from the kitchen with a soft drink in his hand.

“Hey there, sport,” his dad said. “Going to the lake wear you out?” He laughed as he sat down turning on the tv and picking up the day’s paper from a the table next to his chair.

“I guess so,” Jake said as he made his way down stairs. When we reached the bottom step he realized that he had not put the clothes he had washed in the dryer. He decide to do that before anything else. He had washed his underwear, shorts, and t-shirts along with what Em had put in the machine. As he pulled the various garments out, he found her shorts, t-shirts, and panties. He held her panties for a moment, thinking of the body that wore them Emma was a young teen, yet she had a very nice body. The label on a bra told him she wore an A-cup size bra. Her body had nice shape. Playing volleyball caused her long legs to have more muscle development that many her age. Her arm muscles also were toned well. As he held her bra in his hands he thought, “She’ll outgrow this soon I imagine.” He put everything in the dryer, turned it on, and headed to his bathroom to wash his face. Jake determined that he would put what happened between him and Emma out of his mind. At the moment he did not want to think about what might happen the rest of the summer.

The next few days went by quickly. Allister asked Jake if he would help out at the plant. He had often spent time helping to clean up some of the areas. He even did some computer work from time to time. He didn’t mind working there since it made time pass quicker and allowed him to focus his attention on something other than Emma. The plant usually closed for the week containing July fourth. He worked there each day until then.

A tradition for the O’Donald family was a gathering at the lake cabin. Allister, Marie, and Jake along with Katie and Emma would spend time together as a family. The homeowners around the lake contributed to a fund that paid for a fireworks display over the water. They would take the pontoon boat out on the lake, anchor, and watch the fireworks. There were always “oohs” and “ahs” as the colorful explosions reflected off the water.

Allister, Jake, and Emma fished, hoping to catch enough for a meal. This year was a success. They caught the limit of bass and crappie for several days, providing enough for a feast of fried fish and hush puppies. Sitting on the deck, looking out over the lake, the O’Donald family were relaxed as they told funny stories and talked about life. Throughout the days, Jake and Emma would look at each other. There had been little contact between then since Katie’s surgery schedule was less hectic during the summer and Katie and her mom were together more. Since being at the lake there had been no time alone.

The cabin allowed for separate bedrooms. Allister and Marie used the room their was always theirs. Katie, Emma, and Jake each had a room. Jake slept in the room he and Em had used during their days together. Each night when he went to bed he thought about those nights, laying there with Em’s naked body against his, her head on his shoulder. He found himself developing an erection as he remembered the sensations he felt. He forced these thoughts from his mind.

The week passed quickly. Marie mentioned that the cabin needed to be cleaned, the sheets and towels washed and the cabin prepared for the next visit. Allister mentioned that the boats needed to be secured and the boathouse locked. As these discussions were taking place, Jake spoke up.

“Dad, Mom, if you don’t need me at the plant, would it be okay if I stay here for a couple of days? I’ve got some things I can do on my computer as I prepare for a course this Fall.”

Allister looked at Marie and shrugged, “I don’t see why not.” He turned to his wife, “Is it okay with you, sweetheart?”

Marie was thoughtful before speaking. “Well, there’s leftovers in the fridge I was going to take home.” Looking at Jake, she continued, “I guess you can eat on those. It’s fine with me.”

Katie was busy with her things and seemed not to be aware of the conversation until Emma spoke, “Jake, do you mind if I stay do?” Before he answered, she turned to her mom. “Can I, Mom? Can I stay here, too?” She spoke in a pleading voice.

“Oh, honey, what will you do up here?” She gestured toward Jake. “Besides, Jake doesn’t want you here bothering him if he has work to do?” Emma turned toward her uncle. It was only obvious to Jake what was going through her mind. Katie spoke to Jake. “Just tell her ‘No.’”

“It’s okay,” Jake said. His mind had been working, too. “Do you have something to keep you busy?” he asked Emma.

“Yes. I’ve got a book to read. I promise I won’t be a bother. And I need to get more sun. You won’t even know I’m here.” She smiled sweetly, as if trying to convince a reluctant uncle to allow her to stay with him.

“Yeah, right,” Katie replied. “If it’s okay with Grandpa and Nana and Jake, you can stay.”

Allister and Marie agreed if Jake was agreeable. Jake nodded his head, “Sure. If she acts up, I’ll just use some duct tape.” All laughed except Emma.

Holding up a fist toward Jake she said, “Just you try it.” Then she laughed.

Within the next thirty minutes, Allister and Marie pulled out of the drive, followed by Katie in her car. Jake had driven his truck, using his cargo space for coolers. He and Emma watched them leave, waving as they went out of sight. They went into the cabin where Emma turned toward Jake, jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed, their tongues attacking each other. When their lips parted, Emma said, “I knew it. I knew we could work something out.” She slid out of his arms.

“I really do have some work to do,” he said.

“I really do have a book to read,” she said. They both laughed.

It was late morning, nearing lunch time. “We’ll fix lunch in a bit and then take the boat out,” Jake said.

“Great,” replied Emma as she carried her bag back to the bedroom. She placed it in the room Jake had used. She smiled as she thought to herself, “I knew it. I knew we could be together again.”

The two ate sandwiches on the deck, looking out over the water. There were more boaters on the lake because of the Independence Day holiday. Most would be leaving the next day which was Sunday because Monday would be a work day. When lunch was finished, Jake and Emma made their way to the boathouse. They decided to take out the power boat and joined the other lake lovers enjoying the beautiful day. Jake kept the speed down because of the number of boats. Boaters waved at each other, skiers were slicing through the water, and jet skiers jumped boat wakes.

With Em standing next to him, Jake steered the boat around a point where a number of younger people were swimming. There was a large sign with the name and symbol of a popular fraternity printed in large letters. He was close enough to the point to see that most of the females were topless. Their tan breasts were clearly visible.

“You are looking at those girls, Jake,” Emma said, punching him on the shoulder. She looked at them, too. “Maybe I need to give you something to look at.” She untied the back strap of her bikini top and removed it. “I know I don’t have as much as they have, but you can touch these,” she said laughing.

Jake reached to cup one of her breasts. “I like these better.” Em leaned into him, kissing him on the cheek. Emma stooped down if other boats were close enough to see her. They headed back to the cabin after awhile of cruising around the lake. Securing the boat, they headed to the cabin. Emma had not put her top on.

“I think I’ll get some sun,” Emma said. She took a towel to spread on a lounge and a soft drink with a glass of ice. Jake went for his computer, deciding to join her. He planned on sitting in the shade to make his screen more visible.

“Don’t forget to use sun screen,” Jake said as he came onto the deck. It was not until he sat down and booted up his laptop that he looked at Emma. When he did he saw that she was naked. Her bikini panty and top were laying on the deck next to her. She smiled at him and returned to reading the book on her Kindle. “Hey,” he said, “the sun screen.” Em picked up a tube and began to apply the lotion to her body.

Jake searched several sites as he researched for a project he would be involved with in an AP class during his senior year. He bookmarked several sites and cut and pasted some articles to a file. He was excited about being a senior, knowing he had only one more year of high school. He would enter the institute with some college credits earned. As he was finishing what he wanted to accomplish during this session on the computer, Emma called to him.

“Jake,” she said in an exaggerate sweet voice. “Will you come put lotion on my back?” He looked toward her. She was sitting up, holding the tube in her hand.

Jake shut down the laptop and sat it aside. He walked toward Emma, taking the tube. She laid down on her front. He covered her back with the lotion and moved down to her legs. He rubbed the lotion on her hips. Her skin was warm and smooth. He really enjoy touching it. When he finished, he leaned down to kiss her head. He decided he would get a bit of sun as well, pulling a lounge nearer to Em’s. He went to the kitchen for a soft drink. When he returned to the deck, he stripped off his shirt and swim shorts. He began applying sun screen to his naked body.

Deciding that they had enough sun for one day, Jake and Emma went inside. Neither put their swim suits on. They remained naked for the rest of the day. Before sitting on the sofa to watch a dvd, they showered together. They touched, teased, and played with each other as they lathered up, washing off the sun screen. Returning to the kitchen they prepared some food and ate it as the movie began. After eating, they sat together, still naked. During the movie they would casually touch each other, often sharing soft kisses. When the movie ended, they were ready for bed.

They climbed into bed. Jake placed his arm under the edge of Em’s pillow. She laid her head on his shoulder, turning toward him. She placed her leg across Jake’s and caressed his chest with her fingers. They did not talk, enjoying the touch of their bodies. The day had been relaxing as they shared it together.

“It is good to be here,” Jake said as he caresses Em’s shoulder, giving her hugs. “This feels good.”

“Oh, Jake, I am so happy to be with you.” She gave him a hug. “I know I don’t know all the right words, but I feel really good when we’re together.” She paused. “I do love you.”

“I love you, Em.” He kissed the top of her head as she cuddled closer to him. Jake turned off the light and they held each other in the darkness. There was a comfort that they had not felt before. They did no need to make love. On this night, being together was enough. Both wen to sleep with thoughts about what the future would hold for them.

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