I am not the author, just sharing.
A Camping Experience

I never thought camping could be so much fun.........

The old saying, 'you should see home before you travel' didn't cover what I saw on the third day of my vacation in Yellowstone. 26 years old and this was my first time here, my parents didn't 'do' camping, admittedly I had been spent most of my time at school and college, but now, with my Master's behind me, I just wanted some quiet time.
I wasn't getting back to nature, I wanted to find out where I wanted to go next. A time out.
On the second day, I had wandered around, gone to the falls, walked some tracks, you know. Nowhere to go and all day to get there, thinking.
My life so far had been fairly normal, up to a point. My parents had died in a plane crash when I was two years old and that was it. I had no other family either. I became a ward of the state, but, unlike some horror stories you hear about, the people I was placed with, my new Mom and Dad, were terrific. I became their 'son' in every way.
As soon as they thought I was ready they told me everything they knew about my parents. My lawyer was also exceptional, an honest lawyer with a canny way with money. I wasn't rich rich but I was well off for a young man. Because of my foster family, both professionals, I too had followed an academic life. I hadn't missed all the thing's children have, I had my share of fun, but my schoolwork didn't stop at the school gate and I did like to study.

Girls had also come into my life but mainly as other people in my class, a few dates but that's all..........., by the way, I'm straight, and up until this morning, I thought I was normal.
Let me explain; I had come to Yellowstone early in the season, there was still some patches of snow about and found a quiet spot nearly at the end of the 'street', set up my brand new tent with the main opening facing a view of the lake. I had purchased a two person tent with the idea that the other 'half' would be my storage area. It had a smaller flap that I used for a covered cooking area. This also opened towards the next site but as there was no one else on the 'street', I was happy. Until.
I had lifted the small flap and was boiling water for my coffee, a must have vice I had developed, when they arrived. I figured it was a Dad, Mom and daughter. I wasn't being nosey, I was already there. I also figured if I can see them, they could see me. I was just about to wave when he pulled the big SUV hard around in their 'spot'. He's been here before I thought. It was what happened next that made me just about fall over.
The girl opened her door, stepped out, lifted her short skirt, and pee'ed. Sure, I stand to take a leak, but girls, I thought they squatted, sat?. This one sure as hell didn't, not only did she have an open legged stance..........., she was facing me. God damn, she smiled.
I didn't know if she was smiling at me or it was just the relief. Why didn't she go when they booked in?, the toilets were next to the office and shop. Then I remembered, you find a spot, then you book in when you are an early bird. I had gone about it the other way, I stopped at the office and was told 'just go find a place then come and tell me'. First in, best served.
My brand new kettle whistled, shit, I hoped she didn't think it had been me. I nearly burnt my fingers trying to look at two things at the same time. By the time I had turned the gas off she had finished, but she hadn't finished fucking up my day. She smiled at me again, wiped between her legs with her fingers before dropping her skirt and kicking some dirt over the wet spot. She was all of ten maybe eleven years old. Cute.
My hand was shaking while I tried to make a cup of coffee, something that was so natural I normally didn't have to think about. This morning I had to think. I had planned for two weeks here and if this morning was the start of, well a continuing peep show, I would be a nervous wreck by then. The mother arrived around the back of the SUV, oh fuck. She did it as well.
If the father turned up I was leaving. I lowered the flap and took my cooking gear to the other end. Some thing's could put me off my breakfast, bacon, eggs and... SHIT, she was shaved, naked, no pussy hair. I thought about going back.............., no, bad move. I had already closed the flap. To open it again...............
Breakfast was an ordeal, my mind had recorded the view as well as my new camera, she was there, I blinked. No, she was still there, long legs, an inward pussy mound, was this what they called a camel toe, I could see she had toned legs, defined muscles. Up, come on, lift your minds eye, yes. She had blonde hair, the same as her daughter but, oh fuck....... tits. Nice big round tits, they had stretched her T shirt so well.............., no bra.
I had thought to go see "Old Faithful" today, now I was torn between staying, maybe getting another 'snapshot', and leaving. Old Faithful would still be there tomorrow, wouldn't it. Then again, they would still be here as well.............. Old Faithful won the day.
When I came back I could figure out if I needed to change my layout or not.........., why?

We're all campers here, this was something I had been taught, being a good neighbour, being friendly came naturally to me. I would wait and see what happened when I got back. I still hadn't made up my mind on the next direction in my life. There was no hurry after all. I had another week or so.
Old Faithful proved a win for the day. The benches set up for the visitors were nearly empty and I had a good view of what turned out to be one of the biggest and best shows for a year or so. I had the perfect seat and I put the camera through it's paces. Just what I needed, a distraction. I had a big shit eating grin still plastered on my face when I returned that afternoon. Life was good. It would turn out to get even better later although I had no idea just how much. I parked my car in the usual spot.
My new neighbour's had set their site up as a mirror image to mine so now we had a car, tent, tent and car. I had to look again, their tent wasn't much bigger than mine. It took another look for me to figure out 'what's wrong with this picture'. One tent, dad, mom and daughter.........., must be a close family. Oh well, it's their life and settled down to get some 'work' done.
Mom and Dad are both teachers, Dad is a lecturer in law and Mom teaches History and Biology so when it came time for me to decide what courses to take in college, I had already decided my major would be in the science, leaning toward I.T., a minor in programming, there were some lively discussions and they both helped and supported me in what was a hobby that continued to my Masters. I build computer systems. My car was the latest.
I had a solar panel to charge the battery with a inverter for mains power to run the computer and my satellite dish. I was fully set up to be mobile, a home away from home. Internet as well. I had written a small program that allowed me to 'piggy back' another signal. As long as I wasn't greedy nobody was any the wiser. Once I had everything up and running I down loaded the pictures and composed an email to mom and dad, hit send and checked my incoming.
I'm one of the strange beings using all the latest and greatest.............., for nothing. That's what I looked for, nothing. I have a very private mailing list and don't get the latest jokes, no junk mail. What was going to be coming was a possible job. I had a couple of feelers out and had two prospective, maybe job offers. I had been surprised at school when I was approached, not once but twice by scouts. Then, well, if it wasn't a job offer, no news is good news. Dad and Mom were like me. Don't waste time.
I was checking AOL when my surprise's started, "Hi, I'm Patty, how did you do that?"
I was sitting on a little camp stool with my laptop on my knees when she spoke over my shoulder so that when I turned to face her I was looking at a crotch, from about six inches. She had moved closer to see the screen over my shoulder.
It was a repeat of this morning.............., I couldn't help but stare. I certainly couldn't speak. I mean, she was in my face. The mind camera worked it's magic again. She had a little wet spot, you know where. I dragged my eyes up. The 'smile' was there as well. It was one of those little girl smiles employed by the cute little Girl Scouts when they were trying to get you to part with your money for biscuits you didn't even want.
"It's just the internet, don't you have a computer?"
"Yeah, but it's wired at home. Dad said we can't get a signal here, how come you can?"
"That's what the dish is for...."MOM, he got online................., can I see, please?"
I had just turned the screen for her to see properly when, surprise number two. Mom. She was standing by my other shoulder, "Patty, don't annoy the man". I swivelled, shit. Same view. My good manners caused surprise number three. I of course stood and my shoulder meet her tits as she leaned over me....................
Dad had shown me an old black and white video of a old film, Buster Keating being chased by cops, I don't think I have ever laughed so much since. But this was not a laughing matter.
As I stood and collected her breast I let go the laptop, Patty made a grab for it and got one leg as well. Mom had the wind knocked out of her and grabbed me. I was off balance because of Patty's tackle and tried to find my feet, the trouble with that........, I had knocked over my little camp stool, my feet found the stool. It was only a little stool but it caused a heap of problems.
Patty had a hold of the laptop but couldn't hold it with one hand therefore kept two hands clutching it, with my leg in between her arms. Mom's weight combined with my lack of balance because of the stool meant we were going down. I had one moment of stability as the stool collapsed, I picked the mom up, turned with her in my arms and rolled. Patty was by now holding my other leg up and still clinging to the computer. She was coming with us.
It was as they say, 'it all happened in slow motion', it didn't seem slow when I hit the ground with an offfffff. Then Patty joined her mother's weight on my stomach, and it was all my fault. I hadn't let go, I had her in a bear hug.
I felt a bit of the weight ease. This time I just about laughed, Patty still had the computer in her hands, she didn't put it down though, she worked my foot from between her arms which brought my leg up against her mother's thighs. A bit more weight moved, strangely. I expected the mother to at least roll off me, she didn't, she was sliding down my body.
For one terrifying moment I thought she had really hurt herself in our little tumble. I looked at her face, hoping not to see pain showing. Fuck, was I wrong or what. She was smiling. She was wriggling. She was pushing against my now hardening cock. When had he decided this was fun, sexy fun? And I only had a pair of shorts............. the camera, rewind. OH NO, Yes, she had a short skirt on. Where was that now????????????? and a T shirt!!!!!!!
She lifted herself using her hands on my shoulders, effectively pinning me to the ground, I swear she arched her back more than was needed, putting more weight on my cock. That's when I saw the reasons, that's right, reasons, two of them. The firmest, roundest breasts I have ever seen, and boy could I see them they were so close. Her T shirt had ridden up and over her nipples. Perfect. Huge.
"This is a hell of a way to meet but I think I like it.........., I think you like it as well, I'm Anna and this annoying bundle of mischief is Patty, Dan, my husband is down at the shop"
"I'm Paul and please let me apologise for..........., your......., sorry, are you okay?, nothing broken?"
"You can say breasts can't you, my little puppies can take that and more and no, 'That' was broken a long time ago"
Anna gave me another little wriggle that didn't help. My cock was straining against my shorts. The wrong way, it was trapped and pointing towards my toes. That didn't stop her rubbing her crotch against it. Come to think about it..............., it was kinda nice. So what was wrong............ Fuck, a husband, a daughter. No sooner had I thought that..........
"He's bigger than daddy..............."
"PATTY..........., come on, let Paul finish what he was doing, I'm sure he doesn't need you annoying him"
This was really strange, Anna was still putting pressure on my cock, not really trying to get off and talking to her daughter. I couldn't just push her off either. I didn't even want to. I did want to rearrange myself, just a little bit but I didn't think that too wise. Then it was taken out of my hands. Sort of.
Anna sat back fully on my cock and pulled her T shirt down. Of course my eyes followed, then went lower. Jesus H Christ. Her dress was hiked up, it still covered the important bits but, had she put her panties on after this morning. My cock jumped at that thought. Anna smiled and lifted a knee.
A flash of red, a thong. The only trouble with that, it didn't cover her lips. It had been pulled tight, between them. My cock jumped again as Anna stood. The air was a lot colder than her warm flesh..............., the air? Fuck, my cockhead was pushing the bottom of my shorts out of the way. Anna was smiling again, Patty just stood there and stared.
Watching Anna stand reminded me of a night out, a stag night. We had gone to the usual for a stag night, a strip club. I thought the strippers looked bored until.........., there was one and she worked the pole. Very well. Anna looked like that dancer, the only difference, Anna's standing was the opposite to the dancer going down the pole. Both were erotic.
Now I had a problem, sit up and sort of cover the fact I was tucking my cock away or just do it lying where I was. No problem. Anna had sat up to cover her breasts which put them even closer. The devil made me do it. I reached down and put my cock away still looking at Anna. I saw her wink about the same time as I heard Patty's 'oh no'. I tried to remember the father. How big was he?
Anna had already turned as Patty came up to me with my computer held out in front of her, that little girl smile was back, "I didn't drop it"
"I know and thank you but remember, a computer can be replaced but you can't, I could have hurt you if I had fallen the wrong way"
"No way, you would have protected me just like you did mommy, anyway, now we are just about even"
I shook my head not knowing what she meant, "What do you mean, just about even?"
"You got to see me pee, when I can watch you we'll be even stevens!"
I've got my Master, I must have a brain holding my ears apart, the fall. The only thing I could use to explain my next words, "How did you learn to pee standing up and why didn't you have panties on then?"
"Mom taught me, we come here every year and sometimes the snakes come out early. It's safer and mom and I hardly wear panties, except when I'm at school. Even then, sometimes I take them off. Anyway, how come you don't wear panties, I saw your cock"
"Patty, men, at least most men don't wear panties, we wear underpants. As for me, sometimes I'm like you. I just don't bother to put them on"
"Daddy wears panties, he likes it when mom tells him to put the frilly ones on. He wearing them now!"
Just how much information is to much. Did I really need to know this about her fath.... daddy. My cock sure as hell did. Just what was going on here. One tent, not much bigger than mine. Patty's comment, 'He's bigger than daddy'. Anna's play on my cock........., a strange family maybe. Not my place to judge. Any fun is good fun as long as nobody gets hurt. Mom's favourite saying and Patty didn't seem to be hurting. Anna, she seemed to be flirting.
I watched Patty's rear end as she ran back to their tent. Her shorts looked like they were painted on. No panty line for sure. I shook my head again, 'you're 26, she's maybe ten, get your head out of the gutter or go to jail, do not collect 200 dollars'. I put my computer and gear away and thought about supper.
About ten minutes later daddy arrived. I couldn't help it, I looked. Just as he stepped out of the SUV I saw the seat adjuster. He might have topped 5 foot, might. I suppressed an urge to laugh as another picture popped into my head, all 5 foot of him............ in frilly panties.
Surprise number........ what. I was sitting on my camp stool, I hadn't broken it, it had collapsed just the way I would fold it up, and was cooking noodles. He pulled the flap up and back. Their tent was similar to mine, a double skin and the entrance was tied back. I could see straight in. A peeping tom's wet dream but did I want that. It was to late now anyway. Tomorrow, I would think about it tomorrow.
Another thing about mom and dad, tidy. Not spick and span, it was a home, not a 'house' just tidy. Dad had been in the navy and had learned that everything had to be nailed down or put away. Now, not later. So I was just putting the last of my gear away before walking down to the shower block when, "Knock knock", it was Patty and seeing that I didn't have anything to knock on had called out instead. She was standing at my closed entrance so I crawled out the other, towel in hand and smiled. This time she had a pretty frock on.
"Daddy said I had to come over and apologise, said I shouldn't have barged over. Your tent site is just like somebody's home. I'm sorry"
Shit, I thought she was going to cry. "Patty, just between you and me, well, your dad is right but, there's only the two of us at the moment, it would be a little silly, wouldn't it. I mean if the place was full you would have everybody coming and going but right now, I don't mind if you come over, okay". I really wasn't going to get used to her, there was something different every time. This time she jumped into my arms.
"Are you going to the shower block? Mom said it would be okay if I went with you. I'm not allowed to go on my own. Can I come with you? Please?"
"Go and tell your parents, I'll wait for you"
She ducked her head into their tent, "Pauls going to walk me to the shower okay?, throw me a towel please daddy"
Again I had a mental picture of daddy, still in his frilly panties but standing in the tent. I didn't think he would cause a bump in the roof, in fact, now that I thought about it, they probably all stand up, I realised it was taller than mine now I was standing beside it.
Patty backed her hiney out and turned, she held her hand out. I was really going to walk her to the showers, hand in hand. I hadn't walked hand in hand since mom decided I was old enough to walk free beside her. We set of on our walk, Patty swinging our hands.
It wasn't that far and I wondered why Anna wouldn't let her go alone.
After I heard her one word answer I wished I hadn't asked.
What fucking use would I be if there was a bear? I remembered the sheet I had been given, how many animals could you spot in Yellowstone?, wild animals. I walked a bit faster until Patty pulled me back. "I gotta go, you know, pee. Mom said I shouldn't pee in the showers"
I knew it was irrational but, a tourist had been mauled here, I looked at the shower block. We were about halfway there, "Okay but make it quick". Quick wasn't the word for it. Patty lifted her frock, spread her legs and let go. She really did need to go.
Patty didn't seem worried, at least about the bears, she was worried about something. I was getting a second look at her having a pee. "You owe me and I know how we are going to be even stevens"
I didn't even know what 'even stevens' was, hadn't even heard of the term before but at least we were moving. I had yet to learn what 'even stevens' was going to cost me. It didn't take long. We got to the showers. "I'm coming in with you". In my ignorance I said okay.
I realised just how sheltered my life had been when I went to close the door. These were unisex showers, when a door was open anyone could step in, I didn't know Patty had decided to step into my shower stall, with me in it. Naked. When did she lose the frock?
"Mom said you're okay.............." as if that explained everything. Me, I was sucking air like a fish out of water. I mean, this was a young girl, no, a YOUNG GIRL. Get a fucking grip.
"Paul, mom said you're okay, if I can play with daddy's cock, why can't I play with your's?"
I was stumped. Had what Patty had said meant this was okay with her mother, her father?. What about me?. Just what sort of family life did they lead. A maybe ten year old playing with her father's cock, with her mother's blessing. I couldn't go down that path. Could I. My cock said yes. Patty was gripping it like there was no tomorrow. What did I know about this family?. What did they know about me?. Nothing.
"What do you want to do?" I had given up. Patty, even Anna had made me a slave to their wanton desires. I was going to hell, and I was going to enjoy the side trip.
"Mommy lets me suck daddy's cock, can I suck your's. It's bigger than daddy's, I really want to try. Mommy tells daddy when he can cum, will you tell me when you're gonna cum, I want to swallow your cum".
I tried, one last time, "Patty, you don't have to do anything, we can just have a shower, together, you can be 'even stevens' then go home, back to your parents.........."
Now I got the puppy dog look, the lost, given up puppy dog look. I was well and truly fucked. It broke my heart. Patty was so looking forward to playing with my cock, getting 'even stevens' as she called it, "Go ahead, suck my cock" I was damned, what the hell. Could I go deeper into the pit. Worry about that tomorrow. I just didn't realise today was tomorrow. Patty wanted more.
Bears, who the fuck worried about bears, I was nine foot tall and invincible as Patty's mouth closed over my cockhead. We hadn't even turned on the water for our 'shower'. I hadn't told Patty that I was a virgin. This was my first blowjob. Damn it, I hadn't even been naked with a girl yet. Patty, even as a ten year old had more experience than me. I let her go.
Fuck, was I glad, happy, aesthetic. Patty used her mouth and tongue like..., I didn't have anything to compare, it was beautiful. I knew I needed to repay her. I knew I was going to suck and kiss her pussy like never before. I thought I might even fuck her, if she agreed. I had never felt a guilt trip like this before. I was going to bend over backwards for this little angel.
And Patty was an angel in my eyes, her mother had taught her well, she brought me to the edge.................., left me hanging............., then started again. Fuck, a hand job would never be the same again. This time there would be no stopping, up, up, "I'm cumming, Patty, oh Patty, yesssssssssssssssssssssss"
I shot my load, right down her throat. I had never experienced anything like this before,I was in heaven. So it seemed was Patty, "Oh Paul, that was the best, yummy, better than daddy. Can we do it again? Please?"
"After, now come here..............." I had promised Patty, even if it was in my head. I felt the need to fill that promise. Patty was like butter in my hands, she sat on the seat of the shower as I knelt between her legs. Her smell inflamed my senses, here was a woman ready for sex. So help me god, her age didn't come into my mind. She was ready.
I had read the books, I had seen it on the internet, I thought I was ready. I let myself go.
There is nothing to compare. When your tongue touches a wet pussy for the first time. Time stands still. Patty didn't sit still. I knew she had been here before, her mother's tongue, her father's cock. It didn't matter. This time I was going to make it better. I thought this time....... stop thinking, just do it. I licked........................
At first Patty just sat there, then, she started to go wild. It took all my power just to hold her still, then I went wild. Fuck, there was no holding me back. I licked, I sucked, I was like a demented man. A drowning man, clutching at a lifeboy. Patty's pussy was my lifeboat. It was also my lifeblood, my salvation. We held each other like it was the end of the earth.
My tongue delved deeper, searching for the pot of honey I was sure lay hidden, deep within those lips. Patty opened herself further, begging me to search out those secret places, dive deeper. It was now that Patty opened, like a flower in a summer rain. Her legs stretched, she pushed her open pussy harder against my tongue, "Oh Paul, deeper, lick me, tongue my cunt, lick my clit, harder..........., yes, oh suck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
There was a little pride, just a little. I had brought a woman to her climax. It didn't matter to me that it was a girl I had done it for. My first time and it was good. Patty must have liked it as well, she was leaning back, her legs spread, her head resting against the wall. A smile on her face.
Suddenly I felt very close to this little girl.................... What the FUCK had I done............... You asshole, how could you. A child, she trusted you..................., her mother and father trusted you. The protector................. , looking after a child................... going to her shower.
I felt the a different guilt trip, I was older, I should have known better. I should have controlled my emotions. Fuck it, I was a Paedophile................
"OH Patty, I'm so sorry, please forgive me. I shouldn't have done that................"
"What, Paul that was great, better than daddy, I mean ever................... mom said you were good person, I don't think she knows just how good, ohhhhhhhhhhh please don't tell her, I want you again. Don't love her more than meeeeeeeeeeeee, pleassssssssssssssse"
The puppy dog eyes were back but I had a major problem, I really wanted to fuck Patty. How twisted was that. By the sounds of it, Anna wanted me as well. What to do?
"Lets have a fun shower, I'm with you so you don't have to worry about anything else" Patty went from lost puppy dog to smiling Girl Scout in a flash as I turned on the water.
"I get to hold your cock when you pee, but not in the shower"
The devil was still riding my shoulder, "Only if I can pee on you"
"OHHHH yes, please, mommy likes it when she pee's on daddy's cock"
The Devil wasn't just on my shoulder, he was whispering into my ear, "Do you like your daddy's cock?" I needed to know where this was heading as I washed her body.
Patty's face lit up, "Of course, mommy tells daddy when he can fuck mommy or when he can play with me, he likes to dress up as well. Mommy brought him 'special' clothes, his panties have a hole in the middle, he looks kinda funny with his cock poking out"
I had just started soaping her breasts when I got that piece of information, without thinking I squeezed. Patty's reaction told me she was like Anna, then........... Man I'm out to lunch. Patty's breasts were just that.........., breasts, not over size nipples. When does a girl grow..., develope breasts?. Just how old was she?
Ten, going on twenty? She certainly had more experience than me, in fact........, most teenagers probably had more. It hadn't worried me then, it still didn't. I just hadn't found the right girl............. I really was out to lunch. Patty had lifted one leg and I was carefully washing, stroking her pussy. What was I thinking, why was I thinking......, I should be concentrating on what I was going. I got busy.
I got on my knees and really looked at my little angel, finished the front and told her to turn. She was perfect, well built, I mean well proportioned, no blemish to spoil her beauty, and she glowed. It might have been the light but I wanted to think it was because of the pleasure I had given her. Then she was a little girl again, she giggled as my soapy fingers touched her hiney. I pushed the button to start the water again and rinsed her off.
As soon as the water stopped Patty grabbed the soap and started on me, my cock. I don't think she was worried about the rest of my body being clean, she had her game plan and was sticking to it so I washed the upper half. It was fun, I watched as she carefully pulled my foreskin back and cleaned there, when she thought the front was good to go she scooted around the back.
I knew my Mother had bathed me as a baby and then my second mom had carried on, but this was a first for me as an adult. Sharing a shower had gotten my cock to 9 o'clock and was heading toward 11 when Patty finished my back. She squealed as she came back to the front and saw it, grabbed it and kissed the head.
Doe eyes, that's what she had. Big black Doe eyes as she looked up and asked, "Can we do it again? Daddy's cock takes forever to get hard a second time. Can weeeeeeeeeee, please?
Turning her down was possibly the hardest thing I had done in a long time, "Patty, we, I need to rinse off and we need to get back before it gets too dark. Tomorrow, okay, now come on, your parents will get worried!". I got the lost puppy look, but she smiled. Probably thinking about tomorrow.
By the time I had finished drying both of us I knew she was about to get her second wish.
I needed to pee. I didn't tell her when we got dressed or even when we left the shower. It was only when she turned right to leave and I turned left toward the toilets, "I thought you wanted to see................"
With another squeal she barrelled into me. "I get to hold it, you promised.............., can I?"
"Okay, yes you can hold it but we have to hurry, you're a bit to old to be going into the mens toilet". This time it was the Girl Scouts smile. Patty sure had the expressions down pat. I hadn't heard anyone but had I quick look around anyway and ducked in towing Patty behind me.
Patty didn't waste any time, she just lifted the edge of my shorts and grabbed. I didn't have time to waste and started to spray the wall as Patty laughed and tried to aim the golden stream into the bowl. Just like the shower, this was another first. For me. The way Patty was playing, squeezing and rubbing my cock told me she had done this before. The devil was back whispering in my ear................
"You do this for daddy..........?"
"Yes, mom makes him hold his pee when we are home, then he has to sit on the toilet and one of us holds it, mom likes to stand over daddy and pee on his cock. She can aim better than me. You sure got a lot.........., it's more fun when you are standing, can we do it again? By the tree behind the car, that's where mom and I usually go"
Why not. I still hadn't meet daddy yet but if Patty learnt all this from her family........, well, if they were an 'open' family, I had an 'open' mind. Shit, thinking back.........., WHY am I calling about him a "daddy", I should be calling him a father............. No, a man wearing frilly panties was definitely a "daddy". There were other words to possibly call him but I would wait until we meet. "Come on, lets get you home".
I had completely forgotten about Bears and as we approached the tents I saw Anna emerge from behind the SUV. Sure enough, there was a tree right there. I smiled to myself, 'I know what you have been doing' but soon forgot about that as Patty pulled on my arm.
"Can I have a good night kiss, pleaseeeeeeeeee?"
In front of her mother.............., I looked a question at Anna, she must have heard.......... and I got a nod and a smile. I bent down to give Patty a kiss on her forehead. Patty was having none of that, wrapped her arm around my neck and kissed me. A very adult kiss, tongue included. I waited, I wanted Patty to be the one to finish the kiss. I wasn't ready for the hand that slipped up inside the leg of my shorts. From behind.................... Anna?
"Come on honey, stop annoying Paul, he'll be here tomorrow. You will be won't you?"
The last was whispered into my ear followed closely by a wet tongue................ and a squeeze of my cock. It hadn't really gone down from before. Now, it was going straight toward 11 o'clock. Patty finally released me and I got the Doe eyes again. "You will be won't you? There's so much we can do....................", she saw where her mothers arm had disappeared, "Mommy, stop annoying Paul, he'll still be here tomorrow............"
I cracked up, so did Anna. "Okay Miss Smartass, bed and I mean your bed......... and no sleepwalking..........". With a final wink and squeeze Anna's hand departed and they walked hand in hand to their tent.
I, on the other hand, walked toward the bushes beside my car. I had some unfinished business to take care off.....................
The next morning reminded me of why I had journeyed so far from home. The birds were singing and as I unzipped the flap........, the view. You could hardly tell the difference in colour between the lake and the sky, both were a rich deep blue. Peace, the peace our forefathers must have know when they first stepped foot in his area. I just lay there soaking it up.
The need to releave the pressure was the only motivating factor that could force me to leave the tent. I had to go and after the first morning here I had found that just at the edge of my 'space' was a dip. Just right for a early morning piss.
I don't know why I completely forgot about my neighbours, I wanted to keep the view, I needed to piss................, I crawled out of the tent and walked toward my dip.............bare ass naked thinking a silly thought; this is what you call getting back to nature. I didn't even hold my cock as nature took over. I took a deep breath of that wonderful fresh spring air and turned...................., and stopped...................
Anna was standing at the opening of their tent................., staring. At me?, at the view behind me?...............
I realised I was naked about the same time that I noticed her state of 'undress'. She had a pair of 'boy shorts', small boy shorts, which were heading south. Anna was getting naked as well.
It was as if somebody had anchored my feet, I couldn't move. Anna could, and did........ straight toward me. My eyes weren't anchored. I watched her hips sway, I watched her breasts rise and fall in time with her breathing, deep breathing.
It may have been twenty feet, give or take, but it seemed forever until she was standing beside me, "Morning, lovely view isn't it. This is why we come back year after year. Mind if I join you"
I remembered a drinking session, about the only heavy drinking I had done and the effect the next morning. Apart from feeling like shit, my tongue felt thick and furry. I couldn't speak then........., I couldn't speak now. I just nodded and turned back toward the lake. It was hard. Anna was steel and somebody had fixed magnets to my head. I wanted to look, wanted it so bad............
How could she do it I wondered. Just standing there like two everyday tourists looking at the lake........., naked. I was so confused I missed the first part of her question. Now I felt like Homer Simpson, DUH. "Sorry, I was miles away. What did you say?"
"I asked if you would like my help in watering your trees?"
DUH big time. It must have shown on my face. I was just about to open my stupid mouth when she pointed down. The wet spot was clearly visable. I tried to think of a witty reply but couldn't. I did manage to get something out. "Be my guest, it's pretty dry down there"
All she did was move one leg, I thought it was to give her a wider stance. Then I heard it. That same somebody slapped another magnet against my head. Anna didn't help, not one little bit. "You can look.........., if you want to................"
That last magnet snapped my willpower. I looked. I was amazed. Anna's hands were on her hips, pushing them out a little bit, her feet were just a bit wider than her hips and the stream of golden urine had a gentle arc. The most amazing part, she was just short of where mine had landed.
That same somebody was really fucking with me. It was like I hadn't just relived my bladder
I started again, matched Anna's stream, "Fun, isn't it..........., it's even more fun if they meet in the middle................."
My minds eye camera clicked another picture as I realized what she really meant. The only way the two streams could 'meet' in the middle was if we were both pissing on each other. Now my mind had cleared out the fluff. I was thinking therefore I could speak. I tried, "We should try that sometime, it does sound like fun"
Leave it open, don't push. Wait and see what happens next..............., what happened next blew my mind. Anna and I finished at the same time. Normally I would shake the last drops then zip up. I didn't have a zip, I didn't even have my trusty shorts and Anna had dropped her's by their tent. I don't know what I was waiting for, I just stood there.
Anna on the other hand, she was busy. With one hand she wiped her pussy, with the other.........., she wiped the end of my cock. I watched silently as she brought both fingers to her mouth. Slowly, she licked her fingers. Smiling. "Same time tomorrow?, tastes sooooo good first thing in the morning.............."
Just like a store dummy, I stood there watching as she walked back to her tent. I was thinking, change that to a 'Wooden Indian', we were in 'Indian' country after all, until..... Anna bent at the waist and gathered up her boy short. Talk about getting 'mooned'. She still wasn't finished............. Anna getting dressed in those little shorts was more erotic than the strippers getting undressed. She wriggled her butt one more time, turned and blew me a kiss pointing at my cock before disappearing into the tent.
I looked down..............., I was hard.............., again. I was thinking about the bushes, again when I heard Patty's squeal. The bushes could wait............, I had to get dressed, and I was hungry. Food hungry. All this fresh air.............. Did Anna just tell Patty what had happened?
I had the sausages ready, all I needed was a few minutes for the eggs when I heard the SUV start up. Strange sort of holiday with the father gone all day, oh well............, OH Shit. Was he going and leaving them or taking them.......... I had planned a do nothing day, get my washing sorted. I looked over just as he stepped outside. He waved, I waved, he got in and backed up, he drove away. Where were Anna and Patty, better still............, what were they planning?
There was silence for a moment............. then the bird's started, and my stomach growled. Time for the eggs........... I was still sitting there at the cooking end of my tent but facing the lake, enjoying my second cup of java when I heard a smothered giggle, at least Patty was up. Another giggle and then Patty's trademark squeal.
There is something in the human makeup that just about forces us to 'look', rubbernecking at an accident site, watching reruns of the World Trade disaster, hearing that squeal................. and knowing what caused it last night........., I turned................., just as Patty pulled the flap.
And saw Anna, it wasn't the best of poses I thought, but then again. She just looked so damn SEXY getting dressed. At least I thought she was. On her back and trying to pull on her panties. Panties that even from here looked to small. She lifted her butt and wriggled but they seemed stuck.
Fuck it, I was a paedophile...................., and a peeping tom..............., you know what. I fucking loved it
I had seen mom a couple of times, half dressed in bra and panties, once even naked and never thought anything of it. It just didn't cross my mind even thought she is still attactive.
I hadn't even thought much about older women and had placed Anna in that bracket when they arrived. A mother. So much had proved me wrong so far..............., just how old was she. If she had given birth at eighteen and Patty was around ten............. Shit, Anna would be just two years older than me.................. I hadn't thought about it much, actually not at all but the father, Dan, looked a little older. Not by much. Hard to tell from a distance. Flash.
Another picture, a naked Patty came into view and helped her mother............., to undress. Well, take off the panties that were stuck. Anna stood, perfectly framed in the opening, another pair of panties appeared from the left. Was Patty helping to get Anna dressed? I didn't think so. These were to small as well. Down they went and another pair floated into view.
I knew they knew I was watching, I did a hundred and eighty on my stool. They were putting on a show and I was going to watch and be comfortable. I even had some coffee left in the mug beside me. Another pair arrived and this time Anna succeessed in getting them over her butt. I didn't think they would cover much............. Anna bent and touched her toes. The panties disappeared between her cheeks. Down they came. I wondered what sort of fashion statement she was trying for when I saw a flash of red. The thong was back.
I had sort of seen them at collage, the girls that wore low cut jeans, when they bent over you could just see them. At the time I thought it was a bit silly, low cut jeans with high riding thong but it was what they wanted. A bit of a flash for the boys but still safe. I did think they would be uncomfortable, riding between their cheeks. Anna didn't seem to mind, up it came, a wriggle, God I getting to love that wriggle, the back string disappeared, side strings riding high on her hip and............ Fuck............., I fell............... or the stool collapsed. Anna had done a deep knee squat.
I lifted my head just as she turned, smiled that wicked smile and bowed. She may have got the bottom ........... just how she wanted but there was nothing up top. Nothing except those big beautiful breasts topped off with hard nipples................... I saw as she stood once again. I thought the show was over, wrong. It was Patty's turn. And now, I was no longer just the judge, looking on. Patty had two of the panties that mom had failed to get into.
"Which one?" she called over, "come over and see which one you like"
Then Anna walked over, "You can come over, we consider you are part of the family now and you do look a little silly like that, or.........., you could be my pet doggy. Would you like to see how good a mommy I can be?"
I did look silly, on my hands and knees. I was wondering where the doggy thing came from, did I look like a dog? I suppose I did. I was just about to rise when Anna patted me on my head. What she did next really made me think about acting like a dog. She did another full squat, right in front of me, then, gave me a round house blow. A left, then a right. First one tit then the other, right in my face.
"If you rolled over mommy could rub your tummy, would you like that?, I might even 'slip'. You never know what would happen then. Come on boy, such a good doggy, momma's going to love you lots. Patty's already told me you like licking honey"
I honestly thought about going over on all fours but when Anna stood she offered a hand, "You'll have to bring your stool if you want a front row seat.............., a good height for a good view, and your cup. I was just about to make some coffee!"
That was an offer I couldn't turn down but I couldn't arrive empty handed. I still had half the stash of chocolate cookies mom had made me just four days ago and they were still fresh, "Hang on a minute, just got to grab something", and ducked into the tent. The cookies were in an airtight container right at the top of my little pantry, right next to my stack of clean clothes. I thought about a clean T shirt...........naw, Anna didn't have hers on, and backed out. Straight into Anna's upper thighs. Down she went.
I looked back when I heard her yelp..........., straight up her wide spread legs as her butt hit the ground. Her top half was still going down as her legs went up. How could I be so clumsy..........., twice. I didn't even think of going through the tent in my panic to help her and kept backing out................. this was were funny turned hilarious.............
Anna was flat on her back and I had crawled over her prone body. I was just about to turn and stand when............, she grabbed me. "Ohhhhhhhh, such a forceful man. So you like a 69 do you. I certainly do but I didn't think it would happen so fast. Well, what are you waiting for. EAT ME!"
This time I didn't think and I realised Anna was serious when her legs opened further. I went looking for honey. Lots of honey and if it worked for Patty........., I did the same for Anna. I had some private study, vidoes are great teachers, I did know the parts I was supposed to work on and with a bald pussy, the thong had sliped to the side, well, it made it easer when I could see what I was aiming for. Anna's large clit actually made it easer..........., to leave it alone, for the moment. The movement of her hips however told me just where Anna wanted me - tongue deep in her vigina.
Anna's squeal wasn't as high pitched as Patty's but now I knew where she got it from, I also knew where she got her sweet pussy from. Where Patty had been like a sweet fresh wine, lite on the palate, Anna was a full bodied, mature wine. I loved them both and also kept digging for the honey pot. Anna had gone quiet but I knew why. You can't speak with your mouth full. I'm a bit over average, I've never measured my cock but in the gym showers, I guess everybody checks the other guys, so I knew when I felt her nose hit my balls she had a mouth full.
I was a little surprised when she came up for air and said one word before filling her mouth again. Well, if Anna said suck, suck I would and did. I nearly choked, she should have told me to swallow. Anna was cumming like a man but I had found the pot of honey, and it was so sweet. And when that stopped, I headed for her clit. As soon as I had it in my mouth and sucked it I knew I was in for a rough ride.
At first she shook, then bucked, then twisted. I sort of knew she didn't want me to stop so I hung on. If she could keep sucking me while moving like that, so could I, and I was stronger. I wrapped my arms under her hips and lifted her closer, I also opened my mouth wider to gather some of her lips as well. In a brief quiet period I took a deep breath. I sucked like never before.
HOLY SHIT, this had to be an orgasm. Like most stupid males that thought they were stronger than females I got a shock as Anna locked my head between her thighs. I couldn't move my head............, but I could still move my tongue and I did. Anna opened her legs..... then slammed them closed against my ears. I swear I heard bells ring. Another lick of my tongue and the party was over. Anna lifted her hips, lifted me along, quivered........., then collapsed like a ragdoll.
I was stumped, fucked over. What an asshole.........., somewhere along the ride I had cum. I hadn't waited.........., from all my study, that was the most important part.
Give your partner her pleasure first. I wanted to find a hole and crawl in, never to be seen by these lovely ladies again. I felt so bad I didn't even want to face Anna so I kept kissing and licking her pussy. I was thinking about moving, as far away as possible when Anna's scream brought me back. I cringed, then the words made sense. Sort off.
"No more, oh please God no more........, you're killing me. Fuck, get OFF............"
I was stunned. I rolled over.
"OH fuck Paul, OH GOD, Shit............, deep breath. Jesus and all the angels........., fuck, I've never cum like that before. What the fuck did you do to me...................."
I was still wondering why I wasn't being shunned, being laughed at. I had committed the worst possible sin. Cumming early............... I heard Patty before I saw her. I was just lucky I had rolled to my right. She was right there, front row seat for my shame."OH WOW"
I just didn't get it. I collapsed on my back and turned my head away and closed my eyes. I was dead meat. Literally, I didn't think I could stand. I would just crawl back to my tent, hide............., to die.
I rolled away again, getting to my knees. I did want to stand, a little bit of male pride was left. I was going to walk...............
The very force of Anna's words made me want to run until..............., what did she say........... I turned.........., she was sitting in a most unlady like way................
"If you can give me an orgasm straight from heaven with your tongue do you think I'm gonna let your cock go. Get the FUCK back here................., NOW"
I was her doggy, no, her puppy, a puppy that had made a mess. I took a step..... another........ I knelt beside Anna, "I'm sorry I came early....., I should have had more control................"
"WHAT the fuck are you talking about, who put this bullshit in your head. I bet it was a fucked up girl friend............., ice queen"
Now the truth would come out. I was ready, I thought I was ready..............
"Which bitch told you that?, which fucking cow wanted her goodies first? I'll set her straight. God in heaven sent you to us, fuck that was good and you have already taught Patty. What was wrong with the stupid bitch. Was she a les"
The silence dragged............., "I......, there was nobody.............., I'm a virgin, I .... out of a book"
"FUCK, fuck fuck fuck, oh Paul..... I'm so sorry, Double fuck. When Patty told me about last night............, you were so good to her I thought............, SHIT, THIS IS SO FUCKED UP.................., a virgin? I sucked a virgin cock................Shit, sorry Paul, it's just so........ fucked up. Do you know how many women want, lust for what I just had, what you gave me makes this a red letter day. Come on, the coffee will probably be burnt by now. Fuck that was good. Don't you ever apologize for fucking a woman to death again. We all want it, now help me up. You fucked me so good, my legs are like jelly"
Patty was very quiet but tagged along after Anna was standing and followed us into their tent. I remembered her plea, don't love mommy more than me. I stopped and picked her up. "Don't worry, you were still my first................, and my best. Are we even steven's still"
Her answer had me stumped, again. "NO, you have to fuck me first. I want your cock in my pussy. We are both virgins and daddy's cock is to small. I want your cock to deflower me. Mommy will help, pleaseeeee"
Patty, behave yourself or no cock, and I do mean no cock, not your daddy's or even Paul's.
There is very little privacy in a tent and for the first time I looked inside somebody's tent. Anna said they come here every year and I could see a good setup. I filed it for myself. It looked like a four person tent with the fourth section full of shelves. Food, clothing and cooking things stacked neatly. I could do mine better with the same shelves. Get organised better. I was going to ask how they slept, no. Private, at the moment, until Anna handed me a cup of joe, "All in one bed", and pointed. What I had thought was a wall was a mattress. So simple. Pump it up once then just stand it up during the day ready to drop at night.
I had another question and this one needed to be asked. "Patty said you had told her I was 'okay', how did you know, I mean before anything happened?"
Anna smiled her witches smile, "You told me", she must have seen the question on my face. "A nice car, a new, expensive tent, well laid out, you had cleaned up around the site, yes?, the fire pit was ready for the ranger's to check, it added up to a good person. That, and the fact you were early. The idiots don't get here for another month. You were a 'camper' not an idiot. You were 'okay', okay. Now, you want to fuck me?"
My jaw must have been hanging around my navel because Anna laughed, "Takes some getting used to being a stud, having two women wanting your cock in their pussy" Anna leaned even closer, "I have two holes" she whispered in my ear.
Two could play that game, "Patty wants my cock first. Is Dan's cock really that small? By the way, she wants you to help. Wouldn't you like to see that and know you're next" all of this whispered in her ear as I pinched her nipple, "then I'm going to suck your pussy again. Expect no mercy when I chew on your big fat juicy clit, I might even stick my tongue in your ass"
I realised what we were doing, getting excited using words, playing with each others minds. I moved it up, another level, still working her nipples, caressing her breasts, stroking her lips. "You liked sucking my cock, just think about when it comes out of Patty's pussy and you suck it. A virgin cock in a virgin pussy, oh, it would taste so sweeeeeet, just like an early morning Piss. You do want to taste my piss don't you"
I did know what I was doing. I was fucking her mind................ Anna soaked it up.
"Fuck you. I'm going to piss on your face for this, then I'm going to fuck your brains clean outta your head. Then this momma's going to suck you dry. You won't walk for a week..........., Oh shit....., fuck................ , your finger, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, deeper, pull my nipples........, DAMN YOU PAUL fuck me........................., harder................ YESSSSSSSSSSS
A small detached part of my brain told me this was only a climax, I could do better. "You are on your back beside your tree and your daughter is pissing in your mouth when I walk up, you beg me to join her, but no, I spread your legs, my pisshard is aimed at your pussy, you really want to taste my piss, my early morning piss, the best piss but I'm going to piss right in your pussy. Patty wants me to, she wants to drink my piss from your cunt, your honey sweet pussy is winking at me as I push my cock in and piss. Can you feel it, the heat, hot piss filling your cunny, you like it so much......................
Anna's eyes rolled and I thought I had gone a little overboard. Wrong. "FUCK ME, fuck me, piss in me so my daughter can drink your piss from my cunt, oh Paul, use your finger in my puss, pull my nipples. OH GOD, suck me again, fuck. DAMN YOU, I'm cumming, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
This time Anna had gone past a ragdoll, this time she was a wet dish cloth. If I hadn't been holding her close she would be sprawled on the floor. Anna was out for the count, I looked around. There she was, sweet Patty, ready to help. I nodded toward the blow up bed but Patty shook her head and pointed outside. I picked Anna up and followed Patty out.
I had no idea what she was thinking, I couldn't even remember if she had been in the tent while we were talking. I did remember most had been sexy whispers. Patty sat down beside my tent and mimed for me to lay her mother beside her. I carefully lay Anna beside her daughter, her head in Patty's lap. It was such a tender moment as Patty smoothed the hair from her mothers face and kissed her.
At Patty's request I knelt beside them. Anna was sleeping. The big Doe eyes were back.
"Mommy sometimes pee's after........ Would you really do that for me, all the thing's you said to mommy?, she seemed to like it. I've never heard her scream like that with daddy. Could you teach me, pleaseeeeeee"
I was just about to tell her..........., "Be careful what you wish for honey, you might get it". Anna smiled up at her daughter her hand moved Patty's hand to her breast and looked at me."Come on, don't be shy........." then looked back to Patty. I carefully put my hand on her other breast. "Honey, how to start........, we have only just meet Paul and already I have played with his cock, he has sucked and fingered me, I have cum four times and I still haven't got his cock in me. I think I have aged a year. Remember last night, you came back so excited then just fell asleep? Good sex can do that to you............, but not all at once. You'll die early........., you will die happy though. Lets slow down a little......., and I mean me as well, we could wear Paul out, I'm sure he didn't come here to get fucked to death"
Patty smiled and I felt like that somebody had kicked me in the belly when. Patty turned to me, Doe eyes and all........., "Okay.........., as long as you promise to take care of our problems"
I didn't know what she was talking about, my head was still spinning from Anna's assault with her breasts. I don't think Anna knew either. It was her that asked and she cracked up at the answer. I was having trouble breathing. It was one thing to fantasise............., a whole different ball game when you put it into action.
"We are both virgins therefore we need to do it together............, and You have to help! Promise!"
I was still having trouble breathing but Anna took it her stride. "Sorry honey, of course I promise. If it's okay with Paul.........., we need to talk about some things first but, of course I will help. Shit, wild horses couldn't drag me away", Anna sat up, "Why don't you go sit on Paul's lap..., and be a good girl................, Shit, fuckfuckfuck, why didn't you cum this time........, you're not still thinking that stupid shit are you?"
I looked down, my cock looked up...........
"God damn Paul, it was your cum that gave me my orgasm, you didn't cum early, fuck, do you know the odd's.. Against two people cumming together? For the first time, double them, with a virgin.., I don't think anybody could work them out............, double fuck.
We left you out to dry yesterday............, jesus, and you thought you were terrible cumming first. That's nothing compared to a cock tease......, I'm so sorry. Patty, kiss Paul's poor balls, lets make up for yesterday, and be gentle, they're all swollen with man seed"
Patty smiled up at me, the Girl Scout smile, "Do they hurt? Can I kiss them better?". There was a little detour......., she licked the drop of precum off the end of my cock before gently cupping my balls and kissing them. She was so gentle it tickled.
I was lost in a world of pleasure when Anna tapped my shoulder, offering me a fresh cup of coffee. "Have to keep your fluids up............". She had also brought my stool. She placed it just so........, so when she sat............, her pussy was back in my face. That red thong could have been dental floss...........
"So here's the deal........., we don't know you, you don't know us. We have.........., fun, the whole family, out in the open and Nobody is forced. I know it's frowned upon by some people, but it works for us. I suppose you could label me as a female dom, not true. Dan..., well he has a high power job and every now and then likes me to order him around. He tells me it stops him being a bastard at work. It must work, his people love him. If he tells me he has some nasty business coming up, I tell him which panties to wear. Me, I do love him, I also 'love' my daddy and have done so for a long time. I don't share other's hang ups about sex. I just love it, all of it and yes, I want you to piss on me.............."
Coffee break, damn, it was good coffee. Patty had stopped kissing but still had my balls cupped in her hand. Watching us, she knew how important this 'talk' was. To her.
"Patty, she's coming on to twelve and yes, you heard right, she's still a virgin. We're not complete assholes, we also talked about her losing her virginity this year. I don't know how you feel about underage girls but Patty's ready, I think you found that out last night. We don't 'swap' and we don't 'swing'. We have one other and an occasional other..., fuck, I've gone this far.............., my father sometimes joins us.............., and his sister. Dan likes sucking cock as much as our pussy"
I could see there was a question mark there. More coffee.......... My turn.
"I'm a 26 year old orphan, a virgin and have just finished my masters in I.T., that's it, short and sweet. I'm taking a 'time out' before getting a job"
"Shit....................., sorry, I'm being nosey, the car, the tent........ 26 and you don't have a job?, a virgin who can make me cum like that............., fuck"
"My parents died when I was two, I was made a ward of the state but got lucky with my foster parents, great folk, the tent, well, 24 years of good investments by good people. Let's just say I've been lucky" I looked down at Patty, yes, I would definitely say she's ready. I may hate myself tomorrow but I would love her tonight.
"Patty, I would be honoured to be your first............., if your father agrees..........."
"Aunty Jan said I was ready and after I could share John"
I looked a question at Anna.
"Aunty Jan is dad's youngest sister, she's also Dan's PA. Jan never married..........., well she 'married' John. He get's all the pleasure a 'husband' should and only has to look after her, John's a German Sheppard. Jan really likes sucking cock and John really likes getting sucked........ I know. She also likes sucking dad and Dan.........., Dan at least once a day"
"Okay, if your father agrees..........
I hadn't even finished before she embraced me and I got another of her special kisses then felt something very special. Anna wrapped us both in a hug................. the thing that made it very special, both Patty and I had a breast pressed against our face. It didn't take long before we were swapping kissing each other and Anna's nipples. Anna must have liked it as well, moaning deep in her chest.
Anna had trapped one of my arms with her hug, I didn't mind, it was in just the right position. I twisted my wrist and 'bingo', my finger slipped past her thong and entered her opening. The moan grew louder. I hadn't finished.
A bit more of a twist, my thumb touched her clit. The moan changed again. One more to go. I opened my hand and stretched out with my little finger. Bases loaded. A clit, a pussy and an asshole. Anna had whispered that she had two holes. "Fuck you Paul, yesssss, nooooooo, it hurtsssss so good..........., Ohhh yes Patty, bite me, bite mommy's nipple"
I had also gone from kissing Patty to sucking a nipple.............., now I bit it.
It was like an action replay............., down we went. My stool must have collapsed, again. The only difference was our body placement. This time Anna was on the bottom. Neither Patty nor myself had far to fall. We didn't let go. And now I could really work my hand. It was either my thumb moving or my finger, never both at the same time. For a novice I thought I was doing pretty good, it got better. My little finger had been pressing the other hole against pressure........., suddenly the pressure was gone............., it slipped in.
I was multi tasking, my thumb and little finger trying to touch or my middle finger curling. Patty was busy as well. I had wondered why Anna wasn't swinging about like last time. Now I knew. Patty had turned herself around and was sitting on her mothers face. Not only that surprised me, she had folded in half, her face was alternating between breasts, kissing and sucking. I watched as she bared her teeth and bit a nipple. I felt the reaction on my little finger. Anna squeezed her hiney.
I watched as Patty started rocking on her mothers face faster, close, I felt the pressure on my finger, closer, curl my finger............, then I pressed hard on Anna's clit............. That did it. Anna lifted her hips into my hand, I was sort of ready. What I wasn't ready for was Patty. She sat straight up and let rip with one of her squeals. A loud one. It was a pure unthinking reaction. I clenched my hand..............Shit..................
Anna tried to sit up with Patty still riding her face. She lifted Patty clear off the ground. I relaxed but heard a muffled NOOOOO, I clenched again, Anna hadn't finished. I had a free hand........... there was a nipple. I pinched it. This time Anna's whole body arched, from her heels to her head, her body was in the air. I froze...............
For a long time, it seemed a long time, nobody moved, then Anna slowly relaxed. I think Patty relaxed a bit to much, she began to topple sideways, luckily toward me. I caught her with my free hand. The other was still locked between Anna's thighs. I lifted Patty and Anna helped move her leg over, she smiled at me and sort of collapsed. She slid down my body and ended up with her head on Anna's stomach. I think she was already asleep.
Anna lifted her head, smiled and asked me to wake her next week...............
As for me, I was hard, not throbbing hard and need relief, a new hard. Pleasant hard, happy. Two beautiful women lying beside me........., very happy, and the view...........THE VIEW.
About twenty feet away a ranger stood watching............., FUCK, I was busted........... my happy hard cock shrivelled as I waited for the handcuffs.
It was only then that I realised two things, the ranger had a finger against her lips............., it was a her. She smiled and took of her cap, shaking her long blonde hair. I recognised her, Trudy, Trudy with the smile as she explained how things worked. Trudy that had said she would check the site later.
I watched as Trudy waved, turned and walked away. I let out the breath I had been holding. Saved but we would have to be more careful next time, I knew there would be a 'next' time. I also knew I owed Trudy, I wondered if they sold flowers at the store, maybe candy.
Patty was starting to move and I knew we either had to get some clothes on or get inside. I gently poked Anna.
I had to smile, "Where's my coffee?.........."
Anna's coffee was better than mine so I lifted Patty, she was asleep and followed Anna. She stopped me at the door then went inside. I heard a whosh, the floor had become a bed. By the time I had figured out how to duck and not drop Patty, Anna was lying to one side with a throw rug. "In the middle, would you mind lying with us for a bit, I'm exhausted, no, fucked............ I'll make the coffee in a minute.
I lay Patty down and Anna threw the rug over her. I lay between them and Anna draped her body over me. It was so pleasant I closed my eyes.....................
I was a happy married man, a beautiful wife and daughter, so loving, a successful business, what more could I ask for............, that's what, my wife sucking my cock, or was it my daug........Shit. I sat up. I'm not even working, I don't have a ........., a dream.
Yes and no, I did see two heads bobbing over my cock, I could feel that warm wetness that meant somebody had my cock in her mouth, which..........
"Hi sleepy head, thirsty?"
I was still sleepy and just nodded. A mumble, then a squeal.............., what........
One blonde head moved, Patty, a still naked Patty headed my way on all fours. "Mommy said I had to ask but you want to......., don't you, it'll be so neat in the tent, Please"
It was another DUH moment so I just nodded. Suddenly I knew what I had said yes to. Patty straddled my head. From sound asleep and dreaming to having my nose in a pussy in under a minute, some sort of record. One I liked. I liked the work as well. I had just got into the rhythm when it struck me. Thirsty? Suddenly I had to change from licking to drinking.
Patty's squeal confirmed it. She was cumming. I was trying for 'expert' with just two day's experience, a climax. I sucked her clit, hard, then ran my tongue back, all the way to her rosebud. I felt Patty's legs quiver................., again. Yesssss.
"Mommyyyyyyyyyyyy, Paul's licking myyyyyyyyyy, more, more ohhhhhhhh"
Silence..............., nobody moved.............., my cock was still in Anna's mouth............... Then, like a falling tree Patty slumped sideways. Out like a light. Anna's fingers tightened on my balls.............. I came.............. Boy did I cum and Anna kept on sucking....... and sucking.
She had threatened to suck me dry and now she was trying..............., even after there was nothing left. I was a bit worried she was going to keep it up until the next time I was ready but with a final plop she released me and crawled up my body.
Neither of us were worried about Patty, we could hear her breathing. She was just asleep. Again. Anna tucked her head under my chin, wriggled until her whole body lay over mine and sighed.
"Could I adopt you, take you home.., I could tell Dan you were my new Doggy............. There has only been Dan and Dad before you that could take me so high, don't say anything to Dan, I do love him and he's a good father, but, oh fuck........, I could love you, I could live with you forever if you fucked me like that every day. What sort of Devil are you, did He give you that cock, that tongue and your cream, to die for. The first time your cock was in my throat, I didn't get to taste it. Patty said it was better than Dan's, that was an understatement. Mmmm, so tasty"
I was lying there, in a stranger's tent, with a beautiful, naked, sexy stranger on top of me, stroking her hair with one hand and her body with the other while she asked to adopt me.
When had I died and gone to heaven.................., and how the fuck was I going to cope with the real world when I had to leave. Shit......., and I was going to lose my virginity to a twelve year old, with a twelve year old. Serious shit. I thought I should lighten the mood.
"First, it's me that should be asking if you would be my new mommy, such a good loving mommy, you've given me so much love already and you can't adopt me, I'm to old. As for me being your doggy, that wouldn't work either. You wouldn't want me, I pee everywhere, I might even pee on you. No, the only good would be me humping you doggy style, even then........, I might get the wrong hole"
"You asshole, you're getting me worked up again. If it wasn't for my promise to Patty......., I'd take you outside and make you do everything you just suggested.........., in fact, get up. I need to pee............., on you"
"Haven't you got that around the wrong way.............., you're on top"
"No, if I get up and see you lying there with That cock, I'll forget my promise and just stuff it up my pussy. It's dripping just thinking about it. Throw me off and get up before I change my mind and break my daughter's heart"
It wasn't easy but by the time Anna finished rolling she was up against the far wall and I was standing. Just to rub a bit more salt in............., I waved my cock left and right and told her to come and get it. Then I backed out, fast. Anna was fast on her feet. I headed for the Tree.
A smack on my ass told me Anna was right behind me. I turned and caught her in arms and kissed her. At first she hesitated then pulled me close. It was a long kiss and when we broke lip contact, we both said the same words, at the same time, "Thank you", and laughed.
"You don't have to if you don't want to............"
"Again, you've got it back to front, you have to if I want to, now, how do you do it?'
"Normally Dan leans his shoulders against the tree and I stand over him but you're to tall. What if you squat?"
I backed up to the tree and did a squat then let my body lean against the tree. Anna was there in a flash, she was all ready leaking. She opened her legs and the leak became a stream. And she could aim. It hit my cock dead on. What an incredible turn on, seeing and feeling her piss. As her stream started to die she started to lower herself. It was then that the need hit me. And as she stopped I started. Bugger, I had to aim, I was pissing uphill.
Anna had stopped at about a half squat, a couple of inches above my cock so it wasn't hard to hit the right spot. I knew it was the right spot.
She squealed and closed her eyes as my pee kept flowing. I was still going strong when she lowered again.
I thought I knew what she wanted and rose to meet her. I couldn't see where I was hitting her so I waved my cock around. I.............., jesus h christ........, her clit was in my pisshole, pee was going everywhere but I was slowing. Then it was over. Anna was smiling, her hands resting on my shoulders, her clit resting on my cock. I was still holding it. Just for fun I moved it...........
"Don't you fucking dare............., you have no fucking idea how hard I'm struggling not to sink that beautiful cock right up my pussy till I can taste it. OH SHIT Paul, why do you have to be so good at all my games. Fuck, after Patty I'm going to rape you so bad"
I put my hands on her hips and lifted her before I couldn't control myself and broke Patty's heart.
But I hadn't finished fucking up Anna's mind.
"No, after I'm finished making love to your daughter I will allow you to suck my virgin cum from her virgin pussy....................., then you can rape a stud"
I stood and took her in my arms again and we kissed. The sight and feel of Anna pissing on me had brought another picture to mind, Anna licking her finger after wiping my cock this morning. I pulled from the kiss but held her tight and whispered in her ear...........
"Then I want to drink your piss...............". That got me a fist in the chest.
"You're evil........, bad doggy, how do you know just which buttons to push Paul, if you're a virgin how come you know so much, Oh fuck, I want to jump your bones so fucking much. Get in the tent and fuck my daughter or......., GO HOME.........."
"Play nice Anna or ............., I'll let Dan suck my cock first, then you'll have to wait............."
The last was said as I was running to my car............ Anna was looking around for something to throw and I didn't think the tent was safe, I had got to the spot where I had seen the ranger and stopped........ when went............ down. Anna had tackled me. We laughed and rolled and I remembered my maths from earlier. We were about the same age. Not to old to have fun then a blue streak and Anna disappeared under her daughter.............., in clothes?!!!!!!!! and more squeals Patty was tickling her mother. What the fuck.........., I joined them only I was tickling Patty.
More squeals, more laughter. We rolled around and just had FUN until.......... Anna found out I wasn't ticklish, that's when she went for my cock. That's when I rolled away and called time out.
"One minute and the clock's ticking, anyway, why did you stop?, you would have made it to the car before me?"
"I had to tell you something. Before, when we made love out here, I saw a ranger. She was watching us.........., I had to tell you............"
"Trudy, Trudy was here already, oh fuck, what did you do to scare her off.........."
"What the fuck, what could I do. You had my hand trapped in your pussy and Patty was lying on my legs, what do you mean I scared her. She scacred the shit out of me, I thought I was going to get arrested"

"Sorry Paul, she's a..., I don't think there a label for Trudy, I'll tell you what I know and you can make up your own mind but to me she's a dream.
She works her hiney off to help camper's, anyway, she signed one of those silly 'no sex before marriage' oath's but, fuck she's a sexy bitch. Her thing is watching, I mean up close in your face watching. Close enough to smell my sex"
"Trudy likes me to sit in her lap when I suck daddy, she's fun..........., why didn't she come over Paul?"
"Patty, I sorry but I don't know, I was scared. She put her finger over her lips and waved'
"Shit, did she take her cap off, shake her hair?"
"Yes, she............"
"Trudy's coming back!", Patty gave a trademark squeal.
I must have had a stupid look on my face, Anna smiled.
"It's her signal, it means she has us on her list for a visit, it's all above board. She told me once she has to check all site's, you have to have your ticket on display, you have to have a clean site before you can light your fire pit, it's all part of her job but she decides when she come's and if you are a 'regular', she lets you know. If she knows there may be extra's she waves then comes back later when she's off duty. Everybody wins"
"Ummm Anna, we're naked in a National Park, she couldn't overlook that could she?"
"If I tied your hands behind your back you could ask if she had panties on, she is a fun girl. I like her.........., a lot, Shit, she would move heaven and hell to be here to watch Two virgins. Patty BEHAVE, I'm going down to see If I can find her"
I watched Anna's rear end as she disappeared into their tent, I blinked, she was back, dressed. Okay a pair of shorts and a T shirt. How did she do that, shit. "Patty, tell your mom to wait, I'll drive" and dived into my tent, grabbed my shorts and a T and out the other end. I couldn't get dressed inside that didn't involve a lot of rolling around, it was easer out side.
By the time I was dressed Anna and Patty were back. Fuck, back through the tent, keys. After this morning I was never going to back out again. Fuck, my car was a Nissan 350 z, a two seater, mom and daughter on one was going to be interesting. Anna's eyes opened as I took the time to open her door and flip the 't' top. No sore heads.
By the time I slid into the driver's seat Anna and Patty had sorted themselves out. I didn't think the State Trooper would agree but it did look good to me. Patty was sitting side ways on her mothers lap. One leg straight down, the other bent and resting on the tunnel, pussy to go. I started the engine. "Where to"
"Around the loop then down to the next street................"
It took three street's to find Trudy, actually it was Patty that spotted her, she was standing with her top resting on the T bar.
"Just drive past, Patty will wave, what's our signal for 'okay' and then I think we need a shower. My new doggy needs more training, he made a mess!"
Patty had waved and dropped down onto Anna's lap and I got another squeal. "Me to, pleaseeeee, I know how to wash Paul's cock, I know he likes it. It got so big........"

Anna laughed and tickled Patty's breasts, "I don't think we need to do anything to make it get big. Can I trust you through?"
"I'll be good mommy, I promise........., pleaseeeee"
"Okay but, I get to check his cock, before and after. I need to know if he's been naughty"
"But if I suck his cock clean............"
"I'll still know, he gets a silly grin after he cums. Don't you Paul?"
"Who me?, what did I do wrong, Why you pickin on Me?"
"Don't go 'little boy' on me, I know what nasty dirty old men are like. Sex on their mind all the time, and a sexy young girl licking your big hard cock. I know!!!!!!!!!"
"Up until yesterday I didn't have any sex on my mind, apart from masturbating. I never had a sexy young girl licking my cock and I can't be a dirty old man, I'm only 26 and I'm going to the shower right now. So there. By the way, my turn to be nosey. Yesterday you said Dan was at the shop, does he work here as well?"
"No, 'shop' is just what we call it. It's a department store in town, a branch of the main. Bobby, the manager broke his leg sking. Dan's just helping. Bobby should be back on Monday. This is why I, we all love him, always ready to step and help. He even drove a truck for a week while the driver's wife had a baby. Now, turn right and go around the loop, I want to see if anybody's here, they share our showers"
There was nobody there and no one had filled a space in our loop. Off to the showers. I thought that Anna was going to make that shower. All together in one. I even knew which one. The big one at the end, it had wheelchair access.
Did we shower together?,
did I make love to Patty with Trudy watching, helping?,
did I let Dan suck my cock?,
did I fuck Anna?,
Was there any more peeing games......................
Read part two

I never Thought camping was such fun Part two
A Camping Experience continued

Imagine a picture, two beautiful pairs of breasts, bikini tops undone but still there, what would you do?

Anna's breast's were 'champagne glass' size and shape, large light brown aureola with nipples that could really stand out where Patty's were more like a learner sky jump with smaller pink nipples, I just couldn't judge them, which was best. I didn't want to upset either one so I told the truth, "You are both beautiful"
We were all in the wheelchair access shower, and they were 'picking on Me'. I didn't ask why they had put on bikini's to go to the shower's before we set out, now I knew why. They were teasing me. I had been correct in my thinking, Anna's choice of shower was the big open room and they had undone the top strings. Standing side on and asking who was best, their tops, instead of covering their breast's hanging below. Anna really did know how to make 'clothed' sexy.
I was paying the price for teasing them this morning. My word games and finger had given Anna a climax, even an orgasm but she was holding on to her promise. She was going to 'slow down' and Patty would be first but..........., she thought I needed a bit more than 'out of a book' sex lessons. Not that she complained about how I had done so far!
So here I sat, naked and watching two beautiful females that looked closer to sisters than Mother and Daughter, waiting..................
"Okay Patty, let's get naked and show Paul how you like me licking you"
"Does Paul have to sit way over there, he wouldn't be able to see properly, he needs to be closer to see your tongue in me"
"No honey, if he gets any closer............., well, fuck, I'd just want him to stick his cock in me and I promised you. Just think, you can have your head on Trudy's lap, daddy kneeling beside you and rubbing your titties as I guide Paul's cock into your Pussy"
Suddenly I knew what Anna was doing................, and loved her for it. She was working Patty's mind, getting her ready, not only to have sex for the first time but to really enjoy it. I also knew I would need super control of myself and Anna was helping both of us. If I satisfied my own urges first I would be calmer and give Patty the pleasure she looked forward to. Anna winked and nodded as I started stroking my cock as she lowered her head between Patty's legs.
I hadn't got any videos of women sex so this was a first for me, I had seen Patty sit on her mother's face but this was different. Anna was taking her time, stroking Patty's legs and lightly kissing her thighs. Thinking back to last night I felt bad, I had just dived in and started sucking. I watched carefully, there was a lot I needed to learn. I kept stroking my cock. Very lightly.
Anna worked Patty like a lover would, more than just a mother and Patty was responding. As Anna moved closer to her clit Patty would lift her hips, she was controlling the pressure being applied until she was ready for more. I filed this and watched as Anna then started long lick's with her tongue, from just below the opening all the way to her clit. Patty starting breathing heavy, light moans coming from deep in her chest.
Anna was moving faster as Patty lifted more, an urgency building but still under Anna's control. She knew her daughter, and I needed to learn these lessons. Anna changed from licking to sucking, the result was immediate. Patty squealed, and like her mother, closed her legs around Anna's head.
I thought back............, yes, my minds eye camera hadn't lied, Patty had opened her legs for me, asking me to suck deeper. I filed a question for Anna, the difference between licking and sucking. I really was a virgin.
Not only had I never felt my cock in a pussy, I had never lasted this long when I masturbated alone. The pleasure was there but not the urgent need. I liked it, another thing to file.
"How the fuck did you do that?"
"What.........", I was miles away while two beautiful women pleasured themselves right in front of me.
"You've been wanking for as long as I've sucking, we've both come and you're still going?, what the fucking hell are you, you can suck, you can finger fuck with the best of them and you're still hard! You can talk the talk and walk the walk, I can't believe you're a virgin"
"Sorry.........., I was so busy watching and learning............, I sort of forgot..........."
Patty wriggled out from under her mother and skipped over and sat on my leg, with her hand on mine on my cock. I may not have cum but I was wet. The whole head was covered with pre-cum. She wiped a finger over it and licked the slick juice. "Don't be mad at Paul, he left something for me"
"I'm not mad at Paul, I'm.............., fucked. Jesus, I've never met anybody like him............"
"Can I suck Paul's cock, it's not against the rules?"
Rules........, what rules..............?
"Sure you can honey, and then I think I'll suck him as well, we've got to lighten his balls somehow or he'll bust!"
Anna came over and sat beside me as Patty dropped to her knees and took over. My mind was turning back-flips, not only was my cock back between her sweet lips.........., I was going to ask her mother about something so out of this world I couldn't think of how to ask. But I needed to know if I wanted Patty to enjoy sex. I was going to be her first, something that could stay with her forever. I wanted those memories to be good.
"Anna, I really am a virgin, and.........., this isn't easy..........., the other night when I licked Patty she spread her legs but this time, with you, she shut them............, why?"
"OH GOD PAUL, you are making this so hard for me..................., okay, I just needed to get my lust under control, fuck, I'm going to be a teacher............ Shit............. okay, Paul, there are many ways a female can come and just about as many ways to get her there, you can finger her, you've got that down pat, don't change, please God, don't change. You can lick, you're pretty good at that as well, or you can suck, which you also do very well, very well. Either licking or sucking can be applied to either the pussy or the clit. Each female is different so you may need to try everything. As for putting your cock in a pussy, fuck, I don't even want to go there, we will never get back to the tents........."
Anna was interrupted by Patty's, "Want a turn Mom?"
Anna told Patty to play with my balls just before she engulfed my cock. Once again it disappeared into her mouth. I looked down as Patty smiled up at me.
"Was it good? Did you like me sucking you?"
"Of course it was and you're still my first.............", ouch, Anna used her teeth, "and your mom's pretty good as well............, for an older woman" I was playing with fire. It was fun. It was also time and I thought I had better warn Anna............., To late...............
I felt her throat on my cock as she swallowed, a very talented lady, and then her fingers closed tight around the base, she was coming up for air. I didn't expect what happened next. Still holding my cock tightly Anna offered it to Patty. There was no hesitation as Patty already had her mouth open and a second later Anna's fingers relaxed. The next shot was already on it's way.
They swapped back and forward until Anna really got the suction going, making sure I was empty.
I had never felt so good and looking back was glad I had waited. I looked down at two beautiful smiling faces, "That was so good I'm............., speechless"
"You reckon that was good, fuck, I've cum twice and you haven't even touched me, what about you honey?" Patty grinned and held up three fingers, "you horny little thing, just wait until Paul puts this big cock in your fanny, you'll be creaming sooooooooo bad. Come on, time for a shower and I do mean a shower, no more funny business!"
I was on cloud nine and didn't think about my bare butt until after, "That wasn't funny business, funny business will be when you suck a Cocktail of virgin juice with a little pee on the side", that's when she left an imprint on my bum. It stung. She laughed. I was really getting to like this family and when Anna had her eyes closed, shampoo in her hair, I flicked a nipple.
Sharing a shower again, was also fun. Patty had once again made it her job to wash my penis but had added an extra. I shivered as her soapy fingers made sure my balls were as clean as she could get them and then they traveled even further back. I was cleaned there.
"Patty, I'm not going to break the rule, just bent it a little, it's all Paul's fault!"
She stood just so........., and I knew what was going to happen. I was slightly behind her and didn't think. I covered her pussy from behind with my nice clean cock just as she let go. I was surprised when Patty put her hand under my cock and held it up against the flow.
Anna backed into my body which gave Patty a bit more to play with. And play with it she did, rubbing the head over her mother's clit.
"Paul you bastard, get your fucking cock away before I OHHHH, fuck yeah honey rub me, rub mommy's clit, make me cum again, harder, pleaseeeee. OH GOD..................."
I knew what was coming next, I didn't have to hold Anna up, I already had both hands holding her breast's. She just sagged a little as I pinched them. Patty hadn't finished either and I felt the head being used as a dildo. She was rubbing it against it Anna's clit.
"Will you two please STOP FUCKING WITH ME........, pleaseeeee, oh shit! Now we have to start over, look at the mess you both caused............"
I couldn't see any mess but thought it time I stopped messing with Anna's mind, "Sorry mummy, I clean it up"
"NO YOU WILL FUCKING NOT. Keep away, don't touch me. Fucking Man Beast............"
Patty was watching, just out of arms reach giggling, "As for you, you........., Fuck, I love you so much............"
I joined Anna and Patty in a big hug under the water, gently rubbing the wash cloth over what ever was at hand.

As we walked back to the tents Anna explained the 'no peeing in the shower'. "A couple of years ago there was a family two sites down, I now call them poor white trash, their site was a mess and stunk. I was in the shower when the man came in, he used the stall next to mine and was singing. Jesus Paul, he must have pissed and the water was going past my stall, I swear I gagged on the smell. Fuck it was arid, somebody swore at who ever had caused it and when he suggested that the person responsible should use the camper effluent dump next time everybody laughed. They were gone the next morning and are never coming back, Trudy told me they didn't pay for something and can't come back, to any National Park"
I liked the rule and as I looked at our site wondered how anyone could make a mess in such beautiful surroundings and was miles away when Anna punched my arm. I was thinking that woman has hidden strengths when I picked up on what she was saying. I was invited to eat with them, it was 'pizza Thursday' and Dan was bringing them.
"Sure, thank you, what can I bring?"
"The body.., just the body............."
Patty squealed and jumped into my arms, "Tonight's the night and Trudy will be here. We can do it, pleaseeeee?"
"You have to ask your father first, and no cheating okay!"
"What do you mean, no cheating?"
"I mean............., leave your daddy's cock alone..............., if you want mine"
I got a big kiss for that from Patty and a smile from Anna. I couldn't stop myself, "I get to suck it first"
I couldn't run fast with Patty clinging to my neck and got a matching imprint on the other cheek. Even though I had my shorts on. She did have a strong arm.

Anna and Patty headed for their tent and I mine thinking strange thoughts. I started to set up my computer, a job where I don't have to think and let my mind ponder this new experience. I knew that Anna was secure and already had a good family, Patty was growing up with loving parents and learning a lot along the way. I smiled, she still had a grandfather and a dog with maybe an Aunt thrown in. She could handle it, what about me?
I switched everything on and as I waited I remembered Anna saying, 'we don't know you and you don't know us', just a holiday thing. She had proved to be a good teacher so far with a promise of more to come. Could I let a man suck me? Could I suck him?, with an open mind would it be so much difference from sucking Anna or Patty, or them sucking me. I didn't think so, sex, well maybe............, would I be giving or receiving?.........., my computer was on line and told me so. I clicked on mail still wondering if I could fuck a man in frilly panties.
My smile turned into a shit eating grin. A job, not any job, a job with the government. This is why they had taken so long to get back to me. They had to vet me and my family, a full security check and I, we had passed. I saved it and went looking for something from mom or dad, they were both there, I hadn't even looked further than the Government Seal. It does catch your eye.
The email from dad was word for word as mom's but with a few extras. The first extra made me think. 'Keep your mouth shut', I was asked to tell you to keep this 'off the radar', dad had written, 'you still have to pass muster'. I could tell some of his Navy background was coming through and wondered just who in the Government? Armed Forces?, shit, did I have to go to boot camp?. Fuck, when?. I opened the first email again..............., three months. Back to dad's, I thought about it and fired a return. With one word. Who?.
I filed everything and started shutting down. It was then I started thinking about Patty's virginity. Could I still think about it, doing the deed when the Government could find out?
My minds eye camera clicked, Patty with the Doe Eyes begging me, click, Anna's smile when she agreed, click, Trudy, smiling and waving, her long blonde hair shaking. Fuck.
I was sitting there thinking I could get myself into a lot of trouble AND lose a job when Anna snuck up behind me and put her hands over my eyes, "Guess who?"
"Trudy........" That got me a punch on the arm as she stood up.
"Jesus woman, don't do that. I won't be able to support myself, you'll have to be on top and do all the work. Anna's smile told me that wouldn't be a problem as she walked into my arms.
"Patty's having a little nap to make sure she's ready for tonight. YOU are ready I hope?, I would hate to see her disappointed", Anna must have seen it in my face, "You will be ready won't you, she's all worked up about it and she really likes you. It would break her heart if you turned her down"

"To use your expression........., Fuck................., shit Anna, I wouldn't do anything to hurt Patty but............., I've been offered a job, a job I can't say much about but........., they do background checks................, deep background checks................., I............"
"Shut the fuck up.................., I T..................., deep checks..........., Fuck, you're going to work for the Government, wait till I tell Dan............"
"Anna, please, you can't tell him, I..., I wasn't even supposed to tell you. Damn it, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone........."
"I told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP, now do it. Dan worked for the Government, in fact we got a new life from them. He was a marked man. We got everything, do you understand, he was a spook and he still knows a lot of people..............., he can even put in a good word in the right ear. Now I know you are 'good people', better than just 'okay'. Fuck, this is perfect. We know how to keep secrets and you are going to learn from the best. Dan was a top dog"
All of a sudden I was restless, I didn't know what to do. For the first time in my life I had been thrown a curve ball, a, from left field, nasty curve ball and I didn't know how to handle it. Anna had busted into my life, offering chances and learning, opened doors I didn't know were there and now, now she had told me a secret that could send her whole family into a tailspin. I sat down............., trouble was, I missed my camp chair and landed on my ass.
Anna cracked up laughing. "Whoo Hoo, Dan told me about some Government types that couldn't find their own ass with their hands, are you going to be one of them? Can't even find his ass on a seat, you'll be no good, most of them are forever sitting!"
"Ha Ha, I did it again, it must be you, I've never been this clumsy before. Give me a hand please, if you're going to laugh at me I'd prefer to be standing"
Anna was still giggling as she reached for my hand, she wasn't ready for what happened. I got to one knee and without warning I pulled her to me, over my knee.........., and smacked her ass, hard. All I got was a little squeak, no squeal, I gave her another. This time I heard a ohhh and it clicked. She liked it, I was just about to tickle her when we heard the S U V.
I let go her hand expecting her to stand, she didn't move so that was how Dan saw his wife when he pulled in. I would say he was a little distracted, he nearly drove into the tree.
Anna didn't help, "Only two?, I usually get six", I popped her ass again, "thank you Master, more..........., pleaseeeee". What the fuck and gave her another, getting into the game, this one must have got her pussy as well. She had spread her legs. "Two more, same place"
Damn, how did those people do this, my hand was stinging after the last. I was looking at my hand resting on Anna's sweet ass when I heard it. Clapping. Dan and Patty were standing there, watching and clapping.
"What did she do?, asked Dan as he helped Anna to stand, "That was a fine display son, never thought about doing it here, good job. She did get six?, it's the rule"
I was back to being a fish out of water when Patty stepped up to bat, "She's been naughty daddy, she peed in the shower's"
"You know the rules darlin, after the punishment we don't talk about it, now hurry up, the pizza's getting cold. I hear the girls invited you to dinner, I hope you brought your appetite, we got a couple of large ones and some sides, some nibbles you could say" and winked.
I shook my head. This family certainly took some getting used to. I followed.
I shook my head again, there were four camp chairs as well as a table, just like home. A bottle of rum and a soda for Patty, I watched as Anna set four places and Dan poured us a drink. He didn't have a 'heavy' hand but I knew I should be careful. Strangely nobody spoke.
After the pizza's had disappeared Anna was the first to say anything, I thought Dan, the father would start, but, what she said stunned me into silence, "Dan, Paul's been offered a Government job.............., one of 'those' jobs".
Dan looked at Patty, "Darlin, remember rule number one, tell me"
Patty repeated by rote, "Nothing said will ever be repeated"
"Good girl, now Paul, what was the Seal you got?"
I was back at Homer Simpson, DUH.
"On your acceptance you would have a Government Seal, which one?"
I didn't know they each had different Seal. "Hang on, I get my laptop. Out of their tent and into the car and back. I booted up.
"Just the Seal Paul, that will tell me", I was gaining more trust with this strange man, just before I hit the email I decided we would 'share'.
"Oh shit.............., Naval Intelligence, shit son, you're heading for the top"
Anna was back in the game, "Dan, it's time for Patty's special day and I think Paul will be very good for her"
Patty jumped in, "Please daddy, I really like Paul and want him to take my cherry, pleaseeeee"
I was a by-stander, just a body with a cock until Dan brought Patty back to earth, "What about Trudy, did you forget our favorite ranger?, she deserves a chance to watch, she's been good to you before"
"She'll be here, I gave her the signal, please daddy, Paul said I had to ask you first, please daddy, can I have his cock. Mommy and I have been waiting, please daddy, I'll make you happy after, me and mommy"
"Damn it son, what have you been doing with my girl's?"
"Nothing sir, I told Patty she had to get your permission first, honest"
"I believe you son, Anna said you were okay, can you wait until Trudy gets here?"
"Yes Sir" I had slipped into the old time at home. Most of the time I called dad Sir, a respect of his rank. A respect of the medals he wore on Remembrance Day. He had earned them.
I didn't know what medals Dan could wear, I suspected he couldn't wear them all in public and hoped my dad would recognize a fellow solder if they meet, even if he was undercover. A spook.
Trudy 'knocked', "I need to check your site if it's okay?"
Dan was the gentleman and I tried to follow his example as he invited her into the tent, "Evening Ranger, please do, I hope everything is in order and this is Paul, he has the site next door. If it's okay you can check us both, Paul's a newcomer but a good neighbour. Got a good head on his shoulder. Would you like a soda while you're here, been a 'hot' day already"
While I was waiting for the Ranger, Trudy, to check Dan's site, Patty proved just what a grown up 'little' girl she was, "Evening Ranger Trudy, nice to see you again. I hope you're not working to 'hard'"
Anna had no problems with Trudy, "Good to see you again, is the 'oath' still in effect or can you have some fun now. I don't know how you can do it, I just get soooo horny up here with all this fresh mountain air, all these peaks to look at and climb!"
"Evening Anna, it's easy, all you have to do is bring them down to size. I'm sure you know what I mean. You just need to keep them in hand. Nothing's to big after all"
"I'm not so sure Trudy, I've found a new one, a virgin and it keeps getting out of hand, I want to climb it but Patty wants to be first, I would really like you to give her a hand. It's her first and I know you would like to help her, it's so hard...., to find a good role model for our young daughter, I know you would keep her safe................."
I found the word play very exciting and decided to chip in, "Excuse me Ranger, I'm also new to this area and would enjoy your help. If you didn't mind me tagging along with Patty you could help two newcomers with your experience, I'm sure with your knowledge and help we would be better off, we wouldn't want to stumble around in the dark and cause a problem. You could give us virgins a helping hand"
Anna smiled and added, "After all, the Rangers are here to help newcomers, to guide them with a knowing hand'
Dan added his two cents worth, "You know that helping virgin's now stops a lot of problems later"
Trudy smiled, "If two virgin's really needed my help you know I would be first on hand, I mean it's my duty to help"
Patty broke the word games, "Would you please Trudy, please, you've helped so much before, please say yes. Paul and I are virgins and it would mean so much to me. You would be my fairy god mother making my dreams come true, please Trudy, I want it so much"
Trudy looked at me, "A virgin?"
Anna chipped in, "It's hard to believe but yes, Paul is a virgin.............., I can assure you, this is something special"
Trudy smiled at me, "A virgin?"
Dan's turn, "Two virgins, think of all the help you could give. We're one hundred percent behind them"
"It's my sworn oath to help campers, of course I'll help two virgin's climb the peaks"
I don't think Trudy was ready for Patty as she jumped into her lap, "Paul's cock is so neat, it doesn't get soft, oh Trudy, you should try it. Mommy loves it"
I gave a worried look at Dan, he wasn't worried. He did smile at Trudy. He was enjoying himself. Anna already had her thong to one side and was rubbing her clit.
Again I felt like pushing buttons, "Ranger Trudy, how would you help two virgin's get to conquer the heights?" I asked.
Trudy smiled, "First, they would need a guide, then they would need the proper clothing, then, a lot of practice. A trained teacher would help, it could take time"
I thought of one liners, "We're in your hands ranger, what ever you say, okay Patty"
Trudy smiled and I was happy until..............., "I think daddy has a fire I need to put out first, Trudy, will you help?"
"Of course Patty, do you think daddy could come closer without us getting burned"
Patty giggled, wriggling in Trudy's lap.
Dan walked towards the two, his cock was ........, I hid mine, and Patty engulfed it. I watched Trudy. She really liked being part of but separated from the sex act. Her hands flowed over Patty's breast's as she watched Patty suck her father's cock, her ass moving in Trudy's lap. She smiled as Anna moved behind her and stroked her breast's.
I remembered Patty saying something about Trudy helping when she sucked his cock and watched as Patty performed her oral magic. It was just so sexy but pure and innocent, Anna had reached inside Trudy's blouse and I guessed she was pinching or rubbing her nipples. Her smile got wider.
After, when I thought back, I must have looked like a puppet with somebody pulling my strings as I knelt beside Trudy and Patty and kissed Dan's cock. My minds eye camera worked again, click, Patty offered me Dan's cock, click, Trudy put her hand on my cheek, click, Anna opened Trudy's blouse, showing us her breast's, click, I sucked his cock into my mouth, click, Trudy's finger parted Patty pussy lips and rubbed.
Dan pulled back, slowly, "I think it's time............. Patty, you, ummm, what do you think Ranger, on her back or on top?, Anna can guide either way.............., unless you want to"
Trudy didn't say anything for a moment and I looked up. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open, her head pressed back against Anna groin. She moaned. Patty moaned. Trudy was still rubbing her pussy, I did notice she was not entering Patty just before my eyes were dragged back up. Anna was pulling on Trudy's nipples..........., I was amassed. Trudy's breast's stretched.
"OHHHH yes Anna, harder, please, it's so nice............., ahhhhh.........."
I wondered if the 'no sex before marriage' just applied to males or entry into her pussy, she was definitely having a climax. Anna released one nipple, the one closest to me and nodded. I kissed then sucked on the nipple. Another two moans. Trudy liked it and Patty had gone back to her father's cock and was sucking again. Now Dan moaned.
I can't remember who came first but they all came, Dan stiffened, Patty swallowed, Trudy cried out and Anna panted then squealed. I sat back on my heels..........., wow.
From masturbation to peeping tom to pedophile, throw in a threesome and now an orgy in under a week............, shit. My whole life had been turned upside down, and I might have a dream job. Could it get any better?, you fucking better believe it. I was going to make love to a twelve year old virgin.............., with an audience.
Anna dropped down beside me. Her top had gone and her thong was back to being dental floss. She took another deep breath, I was beginning to like that as much as watching her get dressed, her nipples were hard, "You ready man beast? How the fuck can you control yourself with so much sex in your face. I came just watching you suck Dan, I don't know what I'll do if you let him suck you. Fuck that was soooo hot"
I gave Anna a kiss before looking around. Dan had sat down just to the left of Trudy, Patty was giving her one of her special kisses, Trudy had lifted Patty's T and was rubbing a nipple.
Dan waited for the kiss to end before asking Trudy the same question as before but added she should undress Patty completely. Trudy smiled again as she lifted Patty's T her blouse fell from her shoulders. Anna lifted my T and asked me to stand. She was kneeling behind me and hooked her thumbs on my shorts.
"Trudy dear, look at this, it's one of those peaks I was talking about" and slowly pulled my shorts down, "are you sure you can help Patty?"
"OH MY GOD..................., Anna, do you really feel Patty's ready for.............., shit it's big"

"Slowly, just ease down slowly, let your pussy stretch and it will stretch until this big piece of manhood disappears but don't push down hard or it will keep going, right into your womb"
Trudy still had her hand at the base of my cock as a smiling/grimacing Patty worked just to get as much of me into her incredibly tight hole. Again, I had nothing to compare this with but thought of one of the video's I had seen, he had a huge cock and she was small but still, his cock had disappeared, Patty stopped............, gave a wiggle and continued the decent.
Anna had made me lay down in the middle of the tent and had smoothed some KY jelly over my cock, taking a little longer than was needed, but smiling at me. Trudy had dropped her shorts and had knelt beside me. After seeing Anna and Patty in the shower I was scared.
The thing that scared me is that, for the first time really, I was looking at Trudy sexually. And she is a lot to look at! she was not real tall, only about 5' 3", but she had a spectacular body. A slender shape, her shoulders and hips were not too broad, but she had a pronounced tiny waistline, made even smaller with her thong and very ample breasts, not huge (34), but they were very full . Her tits were perfectly formed, nice and firm, and with small areolas and perky little nipples. Three different sets of breast's on display in the same tent.
They're gorgeous! All of them, Trudy also has very pretty legs. Because of her thin body, her legs look longer than they really are. She looks long-legged, but as I said, she's really not very tall. She looked outrageously beautiful.
She saw me gawking, lying there with a dumbfounded look on my face...and she loved it!
I knew she loved it by the way her finger's tapped my shaft as I had watched Anna put some of the KY on Patty's lips and a bit inside. Patty had kissed Dan's limp cock and then walked over to me. Sat over me.................
Now she let out a little moan as I felt my cockhead meet resistance, she was full. Trudy's hand was still there and I felt her squeeze, just gently as she told Patty to sit still. Anna was standing over her daughter, watching, "Oh My God Patty, it looks so beautiful, how does it feel?"
"Ohhhhh, mommy, it feels............., it's so big and hot................, do it again Trudy, please, it tickles"
I looked down, Trudy?, tickles?.........., Trudy still had her hand around me but was using her top finger to stimulate Patty's clit. I reached up to rub Patty's breasts when......, I got told off.
"No, use you hands to support Patty, cup them under her cheeks and help her lift. She's still only a half virgin, now you’re got to make love to Patty. Move your cock and do it slowly or I'll.............."
I didn’t need the rest of the threat, Trudy squeezed, hard. She and Anna were strong women. Anyway, Anna knelt on the other side and caressed Patty's breast leaving the other for Trudy's hand. Dan seemed content to watch as he stroked his cock. He was getting hard.
I did as I was told and helped Patty, she smiled as she lifted a little and dropped back down, again Trudy encouraged Patty to take it easy then work up to longer strokes. I felt Anna's hand on my stomach, "And don't you lift or Patty will be able to taste it. I don't want my daughter ruined the first time although you are going to fuck her up. Where else is she going to find a cock like this?"
Patty just smiled and worked harder, longer strokes, but was silent, concentrating on my cock and trying not to lose it. I watched as each time she came down Trudy's finger was ready to hit her clit. I thought that if I was fully embedded in a woman my pubis would do the same thing.............., then I stopped thinking. Patty was getting faster..........., and bolder, nearly lifting clean off my cock...............
Then it happened, the muscles in her vagina must have spasm-ed, they gripped me like a vice as Patty tried to get all my cock in her sheath, they relaxed.........., then clamped. It was just like when Anna had shut of the flow of my sperm in the shower to give Patty some and it worked the same way now, I climaxed.
I could feel my cum racing up my cock and shooting into Patty, she must have felt it as well, her muscles worked in time with my eruptions until she slumped. Luckily Anna and Trudy were ready.
Anna gently laid Patty on my chest as Trudy, again the teacher/helper told me to lie still and to leave my cock buried. Her hand had released my cock..............., now she was holding my balls. I didn’t think it wise to argue. I just stroked Patty's hair, whispering to Patty, telling her how good it was, how great she was. I was in heaven, but not forever. I heard Anna whisper to Trudy to lick her finger, it was covered with my cum.
Trudy was now very sexually imprinted in my mind, she closed her eyes and sucked two cum covered fingers into her mouth. Trudy was heading back for more, there was a lot of it when Anna draped her body over Patty and I. I saw the reason, she was a doggy bitch and Dan was entering her from behind. I wondered which hole as Trudy played with my balls and continued coating her fingers then licking them clean.
I was officially a non-virgin but I still couldn't get over just how I became a 'man' of the world. Losing it was one thing, losing it to a twelve year old while her parents watched and a National Park Ranger helped.............., I was never going to tell anyone..........., they wouldn't believe me anyway............... I was away with the fairies when Trudy brought me back.
"I do believe a little more practice with handling the 'peaks' would be in order, I'll 'come' back tomorrow and check how our two virgin's are doing but I think another 'older' teacher could help Paul in the meantime, by the way, your sites are in order and you can use the fire rings although there is a front moving in, could be some high winds. Best be careful and make sure everything's tied down.
Trudy had gone from sex therapist to park Ranger in the blink of an eye. About the same time as it took her to dress. I couldn't move but I begged.

"Trudy, thank you so much for your help, Patty has spoken so highly of you and now I know why, my god, is there anything I can do for you, please..........., I want to show you how much you mean to us, anything............"
One of dad's sayings, when something really spectacular happened, 'it blew me out of the water', really fitted her next words, along with her actions. Trudy bent and ran a finger up my cock to Patty's pussy and offered the cum covered digit to Anna's mouth, "Make sure Anna gets lots of protein, she'll need it. Night all, Dan, make sure the ladies are 'secure', I would like to check myself but I may be busy tomorrow. Let me know who's sleeping where"
I looked at Dan, he had that ' I've just cum' silly grin Anna accused me of, "Night Trudy, to be sure, thanks for all the 'help', I'm sure Patty will say the same. When she wakes up that is"
Patty decided to 'wake' up just then and looked around, it was funny, she looked at her mother draped over us, her father kneeling behind her, at me then Trudy, "Oh god Trudy, thank you thank you so much my fairy god mother................., Oh shit. Paul, your cock is getting hard again"
Don't you just love little girls, no bullshit, straight to the point. Trudy smiled and told Patty she had to 'practice' then wished us all a good night.
For the first time I felt a little embarrassed, with Trudy with us it seemed balanced, now she was gone, I..........., "Are you going to move or do I need to suck my protein from your balls? You promised me a virgin Cocktail, get your ass into gear"
Dan just smiled, "If you can do it son, go ahead. Patty has waited a long time for this moment"
Patty took that as an invite and started................., fucking me. I just lay there and enjoyed the feeling while Dan sat back, his cock slipping from Anna's..? hole. Mind you, Anna hadn't finished with me, or Patty. She moved so her nipples were just so close, we couldn't do anything but nibble. Anna's nipples stood out, hard and wrinkled, Patty and I couldn't wait. We suckled like newborn children.
I couldn't help myself, to be honest............, I was just so happy becoming a non virgin I had an evil thought to fuck Anna's mind again, "It's all in there, in Patty's pussy and now I going to shoot another load, enough for you and Dan, all that gooey cream held in your Daughter's pussy along with her juice, just waiting for you. Want to tell me which hole Dan used. Please tell me it was your backdoor, your ass is filled with his cum.
Patty caught on and helped as she wriggled on my cock, "Did you let daddy fuck your ass mommy?, are you all squissy?, do you want Paul to lick your ass mommy?, he's going to cum heaps in my tight hole. Do you want to suck me clean mommy?"
"Stop fucking with me you asshole's, all I want.............., oh fuck Paul............, cum in my daughter's cunt, fuck a load in her pussy, I'm so hungry.............., please save some cock for me.................., I want you so bad............., please"
Dan arrived, waving his cock, "Anyone interested?"
It was a battle royal, we all tried to lick it..............., even me.
In the end we settled on a compromise, Anna sat over my face as Patty sucked her father's cock.
In the end everybody was happy, Anna sucked my cum and Patty's juice after she had climaxed, I sucked Anna to another orgasm, and Patty sucked her father until he had cum.
After, Dan surprised me, "Take Anna to your tent tonight, Patty and I have some catching up to do, if you know what I mean and thank you, shit, three times and once with Jan today, I feel like a new man"
It was the devil, he was on my shoulder again, "I'm just next door, I think the girls would like it..............., a new man. You could suck me................., or we could................"
"Damn son, tomorrow........., I think we can satisfy these women, but tonight, Patty has been waiting................"
He winked as I stood and offered my hand to Anna. She had no hesitation, we walked to the entrance of the tent. She stopped and I thought I had overstepped the welcome, but no, "Daddy has one more day at work, make sure he can get there Patty. See you in the morning". She smiled at her family before dragging me toward my tent.
I forgot the pee on the side and pulled her to my spot, "One last thing............."
Anna squealed as I pulled her into a 69, "Pee in my mouth" I asked. I was thirsty.
Anna pushed me onto my back when we entered the tent, "Tonight we sleep, I'm fucked. Tomorrow I'm goin to fuck your brains out. Thank you for what you did with Patty, shit, If I had meet you years ago.................., that was the sweetest thing ever, you know she loves you..............., Jesus Christ............, fuck it, put that ever loving cock in my cunt, NOW".
I was still hard enough, what the hell, "I'm going to fuck you and then I'm going to sleep. You had better be in my pussy in the morning Paul because I'm goin to fuck you again before we have our piss. YOU HEAR ME".
Fuck, Dan and half the other campers could. I obeyed. Anyway, Anna was sitting on my cock. What could I do.
I felt Anna's pussy slide down my cock, the difference between Anna and Patty, it wasn't chalk and cheese, just different. This time there was no left over. My cock was fully home and Anna loved it.
"OH MY GOD Paul, what a cock, you're filling me. My cunt's filled with your man beast, fuck me, please. Use me, fuck me hard. OH GOD Paul, you're in my womb, you're cockhead's in me so deep................, fuck ME!"
Me..........., fuck her............., she was on top after all, all I could do I was doing, Anna was riding me. I jerked my hips................ Anna froze................ What?
Anna, the wet dish cloth collapsed on my chest...................., silence............., then heavy breathing. She was asleep. I pulled my blanket over us and drifted to that magic place.
I was back in my dream.., my Daughter had just experienced her first orgasm and my wife had slept the sleep of being freshly fucked, so warm, so comfortable. Holding my cock until the morning...................... Shit, it was morning. I still wasn't married, my wife?
Anna wriggled, which did wonderful things to me, "Do I have to get up yet?................."
I was feeling on top of the world, "No my sweetness, I'm up and that's all you need", I was up, I was hard and........., I was still buried in Anna's pussy.

A fist in my chest was not what I was looking for, "You asshole, fucking with my head before I'm awake.............., you 'man beast'................, you should be licking my pussy"
"You told me, quote 'You had better be in my pussy in the morning', unquote, so here I am............., in your pussy, now, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO"
"Oh fuck Paul, just keep moving, shit......., there's nothing like waking up to get fucked, cum in me, please, fuck me............, deeper, get it in my womb again. Fuck Paul, you're so big.............., fuck me................, hard"
I was getting tired lying on my back and gathered Anna in my arms and rolled. Anna squealed as I knelt above her. I started pumping my hips, my cock making squishing sound's, we were both wet.

We had finished, just lying there, basking in the afterglow when Patty's head burst in, I had forgotten to zip up..........., no, I didn't have time I remembered, "Daddy and I did it twice mom, it's so neat..............., and he sucked me"
I heard Dan outside, "I think I'll ask Jan if she wants to stop over for the weekend, I'll bring some extra food. See you tonight Paul, don't let the girls wear you out. Bye Anna, be good Patty and don't forget to tell Trudy if she's around. Could you double check the site Paul, if the wind gets up it gets interesting. See you tonight..............., new man"
Patty's squeal nearly deafened me, "Wait daddy, I want to kiss your........., you goodbye", and backed out. I looked at Anna. God this was strange. She and I had slept together, he had fucked his daughter and now.............., just talked like any other dad to his family, routine stuff.
"Paul.........., he wants to suck your cock.................."
Just how can a half a dozen words make such a big impact on your life..............., easy, I wanted my cock sucked..................., by a man. I was still a cock virgin but......, shit there was so much to learn and I thought I had the best teachers. Just like a pig with his hungry snout in the feeding trough, I wanted to devour everything.
Another thing Anna had taught me. Her colourful use of the language, "Double Shit"........... Anna looked a question at me, she looked.............., well fucked, lying there, her legs open with her nipples still hard. I just had to pinch one, the devil made me do it.
"Don't try to distract me, owwwl, what's wrong now?"
"You said Dan want's to suck my cock............, I think I'm ready, well......., you know but Trudy.........., and Jan, I mean watching............."
"You really are still a virgin, for a start, Jan will be fighting with Dan to suck your cock, she loves sucking. For fucks sake, she sucks a dog and Dan everyday. I know, I've joined them. And Trudy, shit she loves watching..........., I think she lives to watch, she always cums when she watches and she has suggested some of the thing's for Patty to do while watching Dan getting his cock sucked. Shit, she even turned your head when you kissed his cock, remember"
I went back to my minds eye camera, rewind and........., yes. At the time I was looking at Dan's cock, click. Trudy had put a little pressure on my cheek, just enough that when I opened my mouth, click, Dan's cock had slipped in. I had been distracted by breasts.
Now I was distracted.........., by more breasts, Patty had rejoined us. She was also naked, "I need to pee mommy!"
So much had happened this morning I had forgotten............., I needed to pee. More mind games, I was really getting into messing with Anna's mind, "Okay mommy, who gets to pee in whom...............". I had not been fast enough as I rolled away and I should have rolled the other way. I came to a stop against Patty's knees about the same time as Anna's hand left another imprint on my ass. "Owwwl, I'll tell daddy", I laughed and hugged Patty. "Did you like daddy's cock darlin?"
A typical Patty squeal and, "Yes............., both of them!"
I know it was early, but........., 'both of them'?. I opened my mouth to ask when Anna added, Patty has two daddy's now and is looking forward to adding granddad.
All thought's went west as Patty landed in my lap, her lips locked on mine in one of her special kisses.............., fuck, now I really needed to go, "Come on, both of you, we need to water a tree.............."
I lifted Patty and helped Anna up, "Okay mommy, which tree. I can't lean against mine yet and I should ask permission before I use yours.............."
"Damn you Paul, stop doing that, it's teasing and it's not fair. OH God, now I need to go......, get the fuck outa here, our tree and prepare to be drowned, I'm busting. We can play later..."
I got to the tree first, assumed the position............, and nearly fell over laughing. Patty was sort of hopping with one hand cupping her mound while Anna was trying to hurry and cross her legs at the same time. Squatting wasn't going to work. I lay down. No sooner had I got ready....., my ladies stood over me, they let go, so did I. Two down, one up.
Anna still had some control and I got to see two golden streams meet in the middle. A sight to remember. I couldn't see Patty's stream, she was tucked in behind her mother, I did see her hold Anna's breasts, pinching her nipples. Oh the relief.................
Anna stepped over me when she had finished and looked around, "Come on, grab a towel, we're going to 'streak' to the showers............"
The towels were hanging over the tent lines, typical camper fashion and we took off. My minds eye camera caught a couple more photos as we ran to the showers. A naked pair of backsides, I let them run in front of me. Just as we got to the showers I got a thought, why couldn't I photograph them, they were beautiful........... That thought disappeared as Patty grabbed my cock.
"I get to wash him, pleeeease................"
"Of course you can darling but get into the shower first, pleeeease" as Patty walked backwards, pulling me along.
Anna already had the water running and watched her daughter, a smile on her face, "One more 'practice' before tonight............., but that's all. We need Paul to be ready for daddy"
"Ummmm, mom......., can I wait for a bit..............., I just wanted to wash Paul"
I may be a one day non virgin but 26 years had taught me something, I dropped to my knees and gathered Patty in a hug, "Does it hurt?..............". Anna joined me.
"Just a little............., it's strange............, a nice hurt.........."
"OH SHIT, oh honey I'm sorry, I should have told you before, um....., you can do 1 of 2 things........., just rest for a couple of days, Paul has a big cock, fuck, even I felt stretched, or...., you can try and fit it in again.........., get your pussy used to it. Either way, we're right here and we will help.............., what if Paul just kisses it better............"
"I'm sorry Paul........, would you........, you know, kiss it better............, please?"
I didn't really need a reason, I wanted to and lifted Patty, "Can you put a towel on the seat please Anna, our pretty little Angel needs some TLC"
I think Anna knew this was not the time for games and doubled one towel for Patty and sat next to it. This was not rocket science, I lay Patty's bum on the towel and lowered her head onto Anna's lap. I did get a quick feel pulling my arm back. Anna smiled and stroked Patty's hair, "Just lie back, daddy will make it all better............"
Patty had let one leg rest on the floor, the other was bent and resting on the bench. I got down and started. It was like the first time, I made myself a promise, I was going to take the pain away..........., and it was going to take time. Time I thought that would be well invested.

We got back to the tents and Anna put Patty down for a rest, she had slumped after I made her 'feel better' and the hot shower had helped. We had dressed, Anna was making coffee and I was wondering what to do next, I had put off my washing yesterday............, it wasn't much anyway. I needed to double check the tents, I looked at the sky, still blue........, shit, I didn't even know which direction I should be looking..........., when Anna handed me my coffee.
"Thank you again Paul, oh god you've been so good for Patty........., and me. Are you sure you don't want to be adopted, you'd make a great older brother for Patty"
I smiled, damn I felt good, "I thought you wanted me to be your doggie.........., then I was a daddy........, now a brother, what woman. Make up your mind.........." I saw her arm start to swing and grabbed her, "Don't smack me mommy....., I'll be good, Pleasssse...." and kissed her.
That's how Trudy found us.........., laughing, she walked into our hug, "How are our virgins coping with the 'peaks'?"
"Patty's taking a rest, she's a bit sore........., and this one............, I took him in hand......., three times......., fuckit Trudy, how many times until I can bring it down to size?"
Trudy smiled, Anna was rubbing a breast.........., after last night, what the hell. I played with the other. "It's like our training.........., it may take years Anna, you just have to keep trying. By the way, the front will be here this afternoon, why don't you drive to the hot pools, it would help Patty and you can still have time to tie everything down..............., ohhhh yes, harder........."
I was amassed, this young/old Ranger was going from Ranger to sex kitten in the blink of an eye. I squeezed her breast. Anna opened her blouse and pulled her nipple. I felt Trudy's hand on my cheek, this time I didn't hesitate. I sucked her nipple.
"OH Yes, harder, Please.............., OH Anna.........., more, I............... OH God............"
I saw Anna's arm and knew were her fingers were. I sucked a little harder and held her nipple with my teeth.
Trudy was different than Patty or Anna, she didn't squeal, scream or even slump, she stiffened and stopped breathing................, until, "Oh Anna..., he is good isn't he..........."
"You don't know the half of it.........., I'm not pushing............, but, shit girl, you could break your oath with Paul..........., he's a good man and can only get better............, with the right teacher............. He's only 26 and got a good job lined up. What do you say Paul, good women are hard to find and I know you'd have a great time in Washington with Trudy on your arm, there's a State Park in Washington Trudy and this boy is going places............"
"Well............", Trudy was shuffling between Ranger and sex kitten again. She hadn't put her nipple away though.
"Another thing, Dan's going to ask Jan if she wants to stop over this weekend............, If you've got time tonight........., Dan wants to suck Paul's cock................., you know Jan swings both ways"
Fuck Anna, I could feel my face turning red.........., this time Trudy was 'Ranger' as she rearranged her blouse........., although she did need to pull her bra down to do it. Her breast's looked even better in the daylight. I remembered last night, asking her if there was anything I could do for her........, I had some strange feeling going through my head, the big one. And my heart...............
"As I said, it's my duty......., see you tonight............, bye Paul.........., thanks"
Anna returned to hugging me, "You break her heart and I'll........., I'll............, just don't do it you hear, she really likes you............, you 'man beast'............. Let's wake Patty and head for the pools, why the fuck didn't I think of it............., it's all your fault. As soon as I see your cock I lose it..........."

I thought I'd lose it as well. Anna and Patty in their bikini's, their tops undone, again. We had the pool to ourselves but there were people around although they would have to stand right next to the pool to see anything. That didn't mean they had their bottoms on, Anna thought it would help ease Patty if the bubbles and water could touch her pussy. Anna didn't need a reason, off they came.
A half an hour later, looking like dried prunes Anna suggested we get dressed, my trunks had been pulled down as well. Anna had used the excuse 'the mineral water is good for you', I didn't fight very hard........., and we had another shower, separate shower.
Back at the tent Patty and I made lunch while Anna made her special coffee, I now knew why her coffee was 'special', she added rum. As we ate I asked another 'stupid' question, "Which way will this wind blow?" Typical stupid camper.
Patty laughed and used her arm, "From over there to over there", Anna also laughed, "What she means is it will come from the Nor-West, it depends on where the front is. To far West and it will blow around the mountains, to far North and it will blow over them. That's the 'interesting one'. It come straight down this valley"
I looked, if Dan parked his SUV by the tree, then their tent, then mine with my car anchoring that end, well, we should be okay if I moved my tent a little closer and put my small opening closer. I had brought a big tarp as well, it was my first time and the salesman had suggested it. It could completely cover my tent. If I did it right it could cover the openings and some of our tents. Suddenly I wished Trudy was here......., she would know.
I was surprised at the thought but felt good, a warm fuzzy. I looked at the sky again as the sun dimmed, it was coming so I suggested my idea to Anna. She agreed, I started to move my tent.........., somebody had slipped me another 'clumsy' pill. The peg I was pulling on gave way suddenly, ass over kite and flat on my back. A naked Patty stood over me, "I feel better now, time for another 'practice'..."
I heard Anna laugh, "I did promise Patty one more, you up to it.... 'stud'?, outside or in the tent?. We've still got time"
Such a smile, the Doe eyes were back........., and her pussy........, yes, I had time, "Want to do it outside darlin"
I got the trade mark squeal as she lowered her pussy towards my face............ I felt my shorts being pulled down. Anna was busy, next came the hot wet mouth................., I was back in heaven...........
Patty was more confident as well, she moved her body to get the pleasure she wanted. From her clit to her rosebud, stopping and starting as my tongue did it's work.
"OH Paul...., mommy......., yes, yes........., ohhhhhhhhh"
I had my tongue in Patty's slit and I knew she liked this, she had stopped moving....., I was waiting for the squeal when............. SHIT........... Anna had smacked my cock........, hard.
Three things happened at once; I lifted in shock, Patty pushed down and squealed and Anna sucked my cock again. My tongue had buried itself in Patty, she climaxed. I thought I knew why Anna had smacked me........., I hoped it was why, I was getting carried away. Anna was looking after Patty. I had nearly lost it.
She helped Patty roll to the side and grinned at me, "Just hold her for a minute, gotta get something....." and disappeared into their tent. Patty was looking up at me and smiling when Anna reappeared holding a jar, "Just a little something to 'help'"
Anna smoothed some cream over my cock and Patty's inner lips, "This time you're going to be on top so control yourself.................., or else............"
I rolled over Patty and looked down, the smile told me everything. She knew she was going to be treated as a woman.............., a man was going to enter her and push. She was no longer a little girl, doing all the work. "Please Paul, I'm ready............"
Anna was helping again, she rubbed my cockhead between Patty's lips............, held it steady.........and I felt her hand gently push my ass as the head slipped inside her daughter.
I knew I couldn't fit the whole length in Patty so, with gentle strokes, I made love to her.............., Anna told me not to take to much time by squeezing my balls........., gently.
Apart from the positions, me on top, Patty was repeating last night. Her vagina was gripping me like a vice, relaxed.........., then clamped. I wondered if Anna could see the muscles working on Patty's flat stomach because she was working my balls in sync. I was going to cum and this time Patty would know all about it. There was no grimace this time, this time she was all smiles.
"Deeper Paul, I want to feel it all the way in..........., push him in mommy........., please........"
I could feel the head touch the end of Patty's sheath and I was pretty sure Anna knew I was deep enough. She squeezed my balls a little harder and............, pushed her greased finger..., you know where.
That did it, I came, this rush of cum pushed Patty over the edge, she squealed and clamped me. She climaxed......., shock......., Anna squealed. She was there with us!
A sigh from Anna, "It looks like daddy will have to suck Paul.........., I'm fucked.............."
A giggle from Patty, "So am I mommy................"
I had rolled over, taking Patty with me, my cock still held in her pussy and Anna had snuggled in beside us. She looked up at her smiling daughter, "How was it this time honey? You tamed the 'man beast' yet?"
"No, it's like Trudy said........., we need lots of practice............, what do you think Paul?, once more?"
Back at the mind games, I loved it, "What do you mean, once more? I'm still working on this one.............., I just wanted to change positions............, I haven't taken him out.........., yet........."
"DON"T YOU FUCKING DARE.............., Shit Paul, we've got to find your off button, how can you do it.........., I mean you just keep fucking............, and if you move, I'll toss Patty off and take over.............."
"You do that and..............., you'll miss the little pee on the side, your 'cocktail' remember. I'm ready and Patty's full................, thirsty?"
"Are you going to pee in me, pleasssse, mommy really wants to drink it............., please mommy, I want to feel it. Go on Paul..........., pee in me........"
"Goddamn it Paul, you really are a 'bad doggie'..............., can you?........., will you?"
I wasn't bursting but I felt the signals, that and another thing to add to the list of 'new things' I wanted to, "You ready............?" My cock was still in Patty, she was on top so I lifted my hips. The strain of belly muscles and Patty's weight pushing in just the right place did it. I peed. Patty felt it before Anna saw it and squealed. Anna couldn't say anything, her face was locked between our joined genitals. Licking.

Dad had helped again, all those years of watching him tie knots, teaching me along the way had paid off. I had moved my tent closer and Anna had given me the two extra poles they had to hold their flap up. We now had a setup that looked like a house that had been added to. The tarp was fully tied down on one side and was held up, like a porch between the two tents. I had driven extra pegs and they could be used to tie the open side down. A rope from the tree to my car also made the whole lot secure. I didn't want to lose my tent in a big wind, with me inside!
I had also rigged my computer up inside, we had watched the weather channel, possible snow. Anna had sent an email to Dan warning him to get back early. Everything was set up. The weather hadn't closed in yet and the view of the lake was as beautiful as ever. Patty sat in my lap and Anna had her head on my shoulder as we sat at the big opening of my tent, another cup of Anna's special coffee and the view, shit, I could stay here forever. Not a word was said, but.
In two weeks time........., could we go back to just being strangers, ships passing in the night, and what about Trudy?.............., did she think about me as I thought about her?. I had come here to think..............., boy did I have some thinking to do...................., later, now, it was just so peaceful.........
Damn, I hoped I could find somebody to share my life with, some bodies. A copy of Anna, Patty and Dan would be my blue print along with Mom and Dad.
They just seemed so happy, apart from Anna's colourful use of language, I hadn't heard an argument or a bad word in years............. and tonight, Would I?

I never Thought camping was such fun Part three
Damn, I hoped I could find somebody to share my life with, some bodies. A copy of Anna, Patty and Dan would be my blue print along with Mom and Dad.
They just seemed so happy, apart from Anna's colourful use of language, I hadn't heard an argument or a bad word in years.............I was brought back to the here and now by Patty's comment, "Paul's getting hard mom, I think he's thinking of Daddy sucking his cock............ I didn't do anything................, honest..........."
"Actually, I think he's thinking about Trudy's breast's, maybe Jan's lips on his cock..........., sucking him..................., then holding his cock for daddy to suck. You can play with his balls if you want............., let Trudy see what a beautiful cock he has............, she might even want it herself......... You have to share..............., Trudy..., Dad......., even aunty Jan......., and me..............."
Mommy, if Paul lies on his back, you could sit on his cock while I sit on his face............., Paul could lick my asshole again it was so good............."
"And you could pee on him again................, in his mouth.............."
I knew what they were doing............., and loved it. I could also play the game, "I was thinking of my cock in your mother's ass Patty. I want to make her all squishy as well, I...........", Shit, Anna hit me again............
"Don't do that......, it's all right for Patty and me, you..........., you're are supposed to just be a 'MAN BEAST', our 'toy boy'............., it's not fair............., Damn it Paul, stop fucking with our minds..........."
"Okay, I'll just wait for 'daddy'............, I know he won't hit me when I suck him"
Another trade mark Patty squeal, "Are you going to, do you want to suck daddy......, can I too, can I help, pleasssse.........."
"Of course you can help............, after we have tied your mother up..........." Ouch, I was bitch slapped. "Patty, get the extra rope, we need to teach your mother a lesson.............." I held a squirming Anna as Patty hurried into their tent.
"You wouldn't dare.............."
Music to my ears, I could see Dad's fingers tying knots. Yes I could..............., and I thought Anna wouldn't complain.............., to much..........
Patty returned as I sat on a hell cat, she didn't have rope............, she had silk scarves. Kinky.
It wasn't hard and in a heart beat Anna looked like a Christmas turkey. I was on a roll, "Now, where's the 'stuffing'". Patty giggled and dived back into their tent. My jaw dropped as she returned with a purple dildo. "It's mom's favorite........."
Now I was really on a roll, I positioned Anna, her legs spread and tied to her arms on her knees. I gently eased the fake cock into place as I watched her face. She loved it and hated me, just a little and told me so. There was a spare scarf, a gag. She really did have some 'colourful language'. I remembered the 'spanking' and bent her over.
"Patty, the rule is six, is that six from me and six from you or is it just six ?"
I was trying very hard to keep a stern face, fuck it was hard.........., so was my cock. I mean, a naked woman, tied up with a purple dildo in her pussy, what would you do.
"Ummm..............., don't know.........."
"Ummmm.........., got to think about this............" I pulled the dildo out and smacked Anna with it.............., then pushed it back in. It slid in easy, Anna was wet, "Your turn darlin"
Patty didn't need any help, she twisted the dildo before pulling it out, smack. There was a moment when I thought Patty was going to............, no, back in the right hole. But..........
My turn, I didn't just rotate the sex toy, I spun it 360 degrees, this was fun.............. and Anna ......, oh my..........., smack.
Patty stepped it up. She didn't rotate the toy......., she pushed............... Even with the gag Anna squealed................... smack.
Anna's legs were shaking............, I wondered........., push, rotate............, smack. Only this time........, I eased it into her ass. Oh My God.......... I watched. Anna's breast's were bouncing as she forced herself back onto the dildo.............., she was having a God Almighty Orgasm.............. I touched her clit at exactly the same time as Patty pinched her nipple.
This time it was a scream............, a scream of pleasure. Anna was cumming bigtime. I looked into her eyes..............., OH FUCK.
I had not sought out BDSM videos either, I knew it happened but............, it was not my thing. Now I had conflicting feeling............., Anna liked it........., but I felt like.........., trash. I took her in my arms..........., I could feel tears forming.............. In MY eyes. I untied her.
I was about to tell Anna how sorry I was but she put her hand over my mouth, "Don't say a word, NOT ONE FUCKING WORD................, Oh My God, Oh Fuck..............., Jesus that was............... The most intense.............., OH Shit.............., Paul, what the fuck are you?"
I was starting to think I was a worm until.........., I remembered the first time, I had thought I had committed the worst sin, cumming first. Anna had set me straight about that............, I closed my mouth.............., and sucked a finger.
Anna smiled at me and hugged Patty, "I'm sorry if I scared you honey, it was just, Oh god it was so good.........., but I think you should wait until............. maybe when you're a bit older.........., fuck.........."
"And you............, you 'man beast', Shit................,when can we do it again?????????????
"Ummm, you know the rule..............., six. You've still got one to go". Anna had released Patty so I made a grab at the dildo, smack. Right on her nipple. Just softly. Now it was a squeal.............. Patty laughed............, Anna joined her. And so did I. The guilt was gone.

This time it was Anna's special coffee..........., without the coffee as we sat at the opening again, "Damn it Paul, what the fuck am I going to do when you're gone..........., it's never happened like this before.............. you're something special............"
Patty's Doe eyes were back as well, "Will you come back next year daddy, I'll wait for you"
"You think I'm something special, do you know what you've done for me Anna, and you Patty. I can't think of the words to describe it............., it's just so............, overwhelming. You..., you have no idea how much this means to me............"
"I think I do, your cock is sooooo hard and you didn't cum.........., again. Want some cocksucking lessons before Dan gets here, I know a couple of really good teachers........."
"I really think you had better.... yes.........., no.........., there will be nothing left for daddy......"
Patty had moved back and allowed Anna to lick my cock, "Don't worry Paul, daddy likes making it hard first, just like when he sucks grandad. That's how he taught me........., I can suck most of his cock into my mouth when he is soft.............. you'll like it..........."
I think it helped being a 26 year old virgin, I had no preconceived ideas.........., sex was sex, Anna had proved that, in spades, so I could look forward to sucking a cock. You can't condemn something if you haven't tried it..............., could you. We heard the SUV, daddy was home. Anna gave me one last suck as Patty stood to greet her father. I thought back to the beginning, an 'open family' and open it was. Patty to one side of me, her hands on her hips, legs spread, and naked to the world waiting for daddy. Anna on her knees between my legs licking my cock. Dan was bent a little to enter the 'porch' so I didn't see it at first. Patty did.
Another squeal told me something was different, Dan straightened............, so did his cock........, and his pants fell to his feet, "Oh daddy, I told Paul how you liked being sucked when you're soft......., you're hard already but don't worry.........., Paul's hard as well"
I felt Anna's hand squeeze my balls as she used the other to urge me over........., toward Dan. I didn't need the push but it helped........... Anna really wanted this to happen. I crawled toward Dan.
"Trudy's right behind me, should be here any second............"
For some reason I knew Trudy would like to see me sucking Dan when she arrived. I opened my mouth..............., and closed it, with Dan's cock inside.............. Patty's squeal told me Trudy had arrived.
I liked the feel of the smooth head on my tongue, I didn't want to move just yet............, just wanted to experience the sensation, I rolled the head with my tongue, being careful with my teeth. Anna had taught me that lesson..........., it was nice, was this why Anna and Patty liked sucking me.......... sucking?. I tried that..........., Dan liked it............. now a combination, move, suck and......... I pumped, pulling back and sucking it back in, Dan really liked that.

Patty knelt behind me, I could feel her hard nipples on my back. Her hand came over my shoulder and she took her fath.. daddy's balls in her hand, "We were teaching Paul..., is he doing it right? Do you like it daddy?"
"You bet darlin, with you as the teachers and Paul bein a good student............, Oh yes, he's doin it right............"
My next surprise..........., Trudy's hand was inserted between my mouth and Dan's body. She held his cock and started stroking............., her other hand was on my head, guiding me.
I couldn't move my head, didn't want to but I could move my eyes.........., Trudy was naked....... and Anna was sucking one breast and pulling the other nipple. The look on Trudy's face I'll remember to the day I die. She was enjoying Anna's play but............, my god, was she watching me, closely, her mouth parted............ her tongue, just the tip, licking her lips.............
When I started sucking Dan I had felt good, it was pleasant to give what I had been receiving, now..........., now it was for Trudy as well. I tried to copy Anna's actions, I remembered watching was as good as feeling and started moving further up and down Dan's cock.............. Trudy followed. Her fingers staying close to my mouth, leading me back down the length, the hand on my head urging me faster.
It wasn't hard, I wanted to and Dan's cock wasn't that long, or fat, in fact I knew why Patty enjoy sucking her father. It was nice............. and fun.
Patty squealed in one ear and Trudy moaned in the other, she was that close. I wondered what Anna was up to. Trudy got even closer............, and 'blew me out of the water', again, "You are going to swallow his cum aren't you, you want to taste it don't you............., I might even join you. Your cum was so tasty..........., I swallow as well"
Patty must have heard, "Can I have some as well Paul..............Pleasssssse"
Anna couldn't say anything, I don't think she could suck more of Trudy's breast if she tried. Dan could..........., and did, "Gettin close son............."
Trudy got a little faster which made me follow suit.......... Dan stiffened, Patty squeezed and Trudy gripped the base of Dan's cock. I had been here, when Anna closed off the flow for Patty, I waited............ it happened. I got my first taste of 'man cream'. It was nice, I was thinking........., when Trudy pulled my head back. Her lips replaced mine, just for a moment, then it was Patty's turn.
Trudy was still being the teacher, anyway, she still had control of Dan's cock. Although it was shrinking fast, "I think Paul should be allowed to finish Patty. I got the friendly push again as Patty reluctantly pulled back.
Dan was finished and I looked up as he looked down, "Damn, my girls are good teachers"
"Yes sir, that they are...........", Anna? I looked around, I couldn't help myself, I laughed and sat on my ass. Anna was on her back, her legs in the air with a purple dildo in her pussy and a knuckle in her mouth. I supposed she didn't want to interrupt us.
Dan brought me back with a thud, "Now 'new man', lets see how good a student you were, Patty my darlin, I think there's enough for two unless.........., I might need your help Ranger, if you could. You really do have a helping hand"
Patty was hugging Trudy, actually she was hugging Trudy's breasts and in a loud whisper, "Ask Paul to lick your pussy, he's real good.........., just a lick........"
Trudy smiled at me............ my God............, I think I'm in love. She looked beautiful..........., no, stunning.......... Trudy wasn't Anna or even Patty but she was the same........ my blue print came back. YES, she was a somebody I could live with. I knew mom and dad would like her................, love her.
"We'll see Patty..........., just lie back Paul........... enjoy.........."
At first it was nice, a little different from Patty or Anna, then it got better........... Dan really did like sucking cock. The frilly panties comment Patty had made, he wasn't wearing them at the moment but................ Dan made love to my cock. It wasn't just sex, a blowjob........, he was tender. Now it made sense, now I knew why Anna and Patty loved this man. He was everything, a daddy, a father and a man. Yes, I could learn from him as well.......... Oh shit...
While I had been distracted........... Trudy had knelt over my face............. this time it was Anna's words in my head, 'if you hurt her'.......... Trudy was either offering me something very special or there was a 'get out of jail' clause in her oath. I went for the first. I used every bit of control I had, I also used every bit of information I had gained in the last week. Especially Anna's teaching in the shower, a combination of all, licking sucking......... everything. I was going to make Trudy happy. This was how I could repay her.
The other end was going pretty good as well. I needed to concentrate, on something else.
How could I rig a wireless modem to my system out here, I licked. What extra gear would I need, I sucked. So did somebody else. Dan was sharing, I knew that suck. I sucked, lips this time. What power supply would I need, a gentle bite brought a moan. There was another distraction, "Daddy......", Dan had my cock again. Another suck, this time a clit, a large clit....... and getting bigger. Another distraction, only this one didn't help. Anna had knelt over my head as well, she was pushing her pussy against Trudy's butt. I could see everything.
Trudy's clit was now a small cock, I licked it. What about a lightening strike................. oh shit. Everything was happening at once, Patty squeezed my balls, Dan just about swallowed my cock, and Trudy.........., she was really sitting on my face, I was having trouble breathing, Anna was there as well. I didn't mind, I had sucked Trudy's clit into my mouth just before. It was still there. I sucked just as hard as Dan................ and Patty sucked my balls.
Now I also knew why Anna and Patty collapsed, my god, the sensations were incredible. I came and somebody swallowed, again somebody clamped my cock, I felt a bit of pressure lift of my face as another mouth covered my cock, Trudy's?. I hadn't let go her clit and the pressure came back. I had had time to breath, this time it was a lick and a gentle but long suck of her lips and clit.
I think that's what did it, Trudy stiffened, I did it again............ When Anna had played with her and I sucked her breast I was sure she had a climax............. this was an orgasm. Just like a man she ejaculated................ I loved the taste........... then............, she peed, just a little.
Anna moved and I felt her mouth sucking the last of my cum. I thought it was funny, last week I had never had a blow job, a woman sucking my cock, now I could tell which person was doing it. I nibbled............
This brought a cry and as Trudy lifted I saw Patty was right there. She wanted to suck Trudy. Trudy wanted to be sucked, she stayed right there above my face and tilted her hips. Patty dived in.

The weather had finally closed in and the wind had picked up but everything was holding. Dan had checked and thanked me for a good job. He had brought a couple of bigger stakes and we had hammered them in. Trudy had helped. Nobody said anything about the fact we were all naked, it seemed okay. For me it was more than okay, I got to see more of Trudy, all of Trudy. I liked it...........
We had both gas cookers going and a fine meal nearly ready, Dan told me he had never thought about the porch idea, or two tents, that it was perfect for cooking and............ if anyone needed to go..........., they wouldn't get wet. We kept one corner free.
It was Trudy that reminded us of the weather, "It's my day off but they want us here early in the morning just in case, some of the others are bunking............, could I stay.............. here?"
Anna handed her a cup of 'coffee', "Sure you can........... although........., ummm. Where do you want to sleep? It could get 'interesting' later. Patty sleep walks sometime, you never know when someone could 'join' you in bed. I know Paul will behave and honor your oath, I've told him what will happen..............."
"That's just it Anna............, I been thinking about the 'oath', I............."
I realized Trudy was looking at me............
"No way, you have done so well so far, it's............... it's a big step. I will respect your wishes but..........., you........."
"That's what I like about Paul, he hasn't got a clue about women............, Paul, that's as close to a marriage proposal if I've ever heard one. Think new age, we can ask the man now. Now, get into your tent and think about it. You have ten minutes!"
I usually did what I was told by an adult and turned............... I didn't need ten minutes, if I did I would lose Trudy. Somehow I knew that was true. I also knew this was right. I turned back. OH MY GOD. Trudy's face told me. This was right. I got to one knee and took a big breath. This was suddenly harder than facing the board for my master's.
"Ranger Trudy, if after we have got to know each other better, I get this job and a 'proper' time has passed...., would you marry me?"
"Fuck Paul, just say 'I DO'.......... 'man beast', don't leave Trudy waiting for that cock!"
Patty's squeal just about drowned out Trudy's 'yes'. I could read her lips for that simple word although I didn't need to. Her smile told me.............. I stood and took her in my arms.
I didn't know her last name, whether she had parents, what she liked or disliked, in fact I didn't know anything................, except this was right. She formed into my body perfectly and I do mean Perfectly. My cock slipped between her legs and touched her pussy, Trudy sighed as she tightened her hug.
"Oh my Dan, look what we done. Come on, lets leave these two love birds together, alone"
This time it was Patty who brought us down from the clouds, "No.........., I'm hungry......"
"Well Paul, got time for some food, I mean real food. You don't want to rush this, especially on an empty stomach. Seems to me Trudy can wait............... another hour or so. Lets eat"
I was starting to think that even the simplest meal tasted better when cooked over a camper's stove in the open air when Anna grabbed our empty plates. Patty was sitting between my open legs and Trudy was beside me........... holding my hand. This was the other thing that had me distracted, it was the second time in a week I was holding hands with a female. I smiled at the thought, nice thought and didn't see Anna's hand until to late. Ouch, "WHAT?"
"I said come on, we're going to grab a quick shower, we stink of sex........."
Trudy smiled at me and the pain went away, "Me and Trudy and Paul in the big shower, you're going to fit in a single daddy............, it's more fun anyway". Patty was once again a twelve year old. Having fun I thought until, "And I get to wash Paul's cock, he likes it and so do I. Please Trudy, can I.......... Pleasssse?
"What do I get to wash...........?" Trudy smiled at Patty. It was like my first impressions of Anna, I grew to love watching her getting dressed. Every time I saw that smile it reinforced the feeling of right..............., but, the devil was back on my shoulder.
"You've got to make sure Patty's clean 'back there'. I think someone wants her daddy to lick her............, you know what...."
"Damn you Paul, stop doing that. I was going to surprise Dan. Trudy it's up to you, take all the time you need but FIND HIS OFF BUTTON or you will walk funny for a week"
"I'm sorry mommy, don't hit me again, please........... not to hard.............."
"OUT... you... you..., fuck it Paul.. give me a hug.. please..........."
I gave Anna a hug and thought about quitting with the mind games until, "Do I have to smack him now and again mommy.............?" What the fuck......., I swung around and my heart melted again. Trudy just smiled.
"Only if he's good sweety, only if he's real good............., now come on before it rains......., and Patty, I think we will play musical showers............." Nobody worried about clothes.
Musical showers? I thought as this time I was hand in hand in hand going to the showers. Bears had been wiped from my mind with Patty on one side and Trudy the other.......... oh my god. How old was Trudy? She and Patty were skipping.
Dan winked at me, "Jan will try and stop by tomorrow son, depends on snow. She's bringing John if it's okay. After I told her, well, she hopes you'll still be here.........., for Patty of course"
Now I wondered how 'open' was Trudy............. shit. How open was I............. I stopped and grabbed the girls into a hug, "Need to go before the showers?"
OH SHIT........ both of them giggled then, Patty stood with her legs either side of mine while Trudy did the same with my other leg............. then IT happened. Both girls were pissing on my legs.................. oh heaven. It got better when Trudy told Anna she had trained me well.
It was like a jigsaw puzzle, all the bits were falling into place. Trudy was like Anna and Patty................ and I liked their games............... but this time I had to go as well. I lined them up.............. and pissed on them. I got a trade mark squeal from Patty, Trudy..........she just moved closer, her hand holding my cock, directing the flow............... at her pussy. The smile was even bigger.

I found out what musical showers meant. The men stayed and the women changed. I really was a hayseed in a big city.............. but it was fun. I not only had my cock washed........, I had it sucked by all of them. Anna was still in charge and because we were the only ones there she called out, "Don't touch him, he has to masturbate. He's been a bad doggie today!"
Trudy smiled again as Patty giggled, "What did you do?"
"He tied mommy up and put her dildo in her ass................."
"Oh you are a 'bad doggie', I wouldn't want you to do that to me.............. yet"
"Then he said he was going to make mommy all squishy back there.........."
"I think you had better play with your own cock Paul and I think we should all watch to make sure. While you have to play with yourself..............., we can play with each other, eat your heart out 'bad doggie'. All you have is Miss Palm and her fingers................"
"Please Trudy I'll be good, I promise........"
"What do you think Patty, would a little kiss break the rules"
Now Patty showed her age again, "What are you going to kiss Trudy, Paul's cock tastes so good but my pussy tastes better..... Paul told me "
Anna had swapped again, "Whatever.., get your ass in gear or we'll get wet going home!"
It was fun and we did get wet going back to the tent. It didn't matter as we dried each other again. I thought I could get away with my mind games, just one more time. I held Dan's cock after I dried it, "It's not fair daddy, they keep 'pickin on me'"
"You just have to keep your end up son, show them a hard stand" Dan winked.
"I need your help daddy, could we sleep in my tent to-night... you could show me..
"Don't you fucking dare Paul, you pull something like that and you'll be sleeping in your car. Your cock belongs to us......, us girls and Dan......... remember, Jan will be here tomorrow. Three cocks and three pussies, want to be the one that misses out?"
"Yes dear, whatever you say dear, I'll be good, Trudy can keep me 'in hand'. You just go to sleep. We'll be good.. I promise..........."
"OH GOD Trudy, I think I'll sign the oath, just leave out the 'before marriage' bit, see what I mean, let a man have a sniff of pussy and common sense goes out the window. What the fuck should we do.... go and bunk with the other Rangers, leave these cock hounds together............."
"Ummm Anna, I don't think that would be a good idea, poor Patty would have to take care of both of them..........."
"YESSSSSS, Please mommy, can I.. I'm a big girl now..................."
"JESUS FUCKING GEORGE............. I'm surrounded by cock crazy people..... what the FUCK happened today.......... shit, this morning... oh god............."
"That's right Anna, this morning you fucked me......... and I loved it. It's just like I said, you and Patty have given me so much and now Trudy, OH Trudy, how can I thank you, it's..........
LIFE IS SO FUCKING GOOD". What did I do to deserve this. The tears were there again. Trudy was in my arms again......... "Hush, it's okay............."
Yes it was..............., no it wasn't............, I started crying.............. Damn.........

It was Patty's idea, "Why don't we have musical tents until it's time to sleep?" that led to some interesting sights, watching a naked rear end crawl into my tent was only one of them. And when they called Dan's tent 'a four person' they meant four people could lie down. They didn't mean four people could move about, so when Anna, currently next to the 'back' wall said she had to go........... it got more than interesting. Again it was Patty's idea , "You gotta stop over each person and they have to kiss you............., anywhere!"
Trudy was first and got a breast, then Patty, she got the other. I got her pussy of course and when she squatted over her husband......... I did think her body was to far forward. What the hell, it was fun......... and became even more so as Dan told his wife he had to go as well.
I had wanted to see what Anna had described.......... against the tree........., there was no tree, the devil was back, "To be a 'good doggie' I need to watch the Alpha mark his bitch...... just cock your leg Dan as she lies under you"
This was a first, nobody hit me, Trudy laughed and Patty.......... she just giggled.........., might be something new.........
Anna lay on her back, one leg bent..., cocked? And Dan got into position and, just like a male dog marking a pole, let go.............. Silence....
Patty rolled on top of me and whispered, "Would you do that for me.........?please"
I was starting to realize there was a lot more to 'sex' than just making love. I nodded yes.

Trudy rolled closer and hugged my side, her leg over Patty and me, "I'd like to try it as well, Dad has some dogs, he thinks the Alpha is part Wolf. I've watched him do that......., it made me wet..............., just like now............."
I turned back in time to see Dan enter Anna, doggy style. Again I wondered which hole?. Anna had made several references to......... and the dildo. I filed it as Patty crawled off me and over to her parents. She rolled over and wormed her way under her mother. I knew where she was heading. I turned to Trudy, "No, let's just watch..........."
I had a quick glance at her face. It wasn't the heart warming smile.............., it was a 'lust' smile........... Where one was aimed at my heart, this one was aimed at my cock. It worked.
Trudy was lying on her side, her chin on my shoulder and her leg still draped over me, that meant.......... We must have thought the same thought....... I moved my arm and reached back. She moved her arm and reached down. My fingers found her clit as her fingers enclosed my cock. We both moaned in pleasure.
I had been in just about the same position with Anna but this time my hand was the wrong way around to cover all three bases. I settled for two and curled a finger in her pussy as my thumb rubbed her clit. She was wet. More mind games?, "Anna's in just the right position to lick your clit if you lie down". I didn't get hit, I got squeezed.
"Dan's in just the right position to suck your cock if you stand over her"
Damn......... I went searching for her 'g' spot. I didn't know everything about women yet but I figured it would be about the same as Anna's and I had found her's........... Another moan and a squeeze told me I was successful............ Now the clit. I tried to copy what I had done with my tongue............ the pressure of Trudy's leg told me she liked it. I curled my finger and rubbed harder.
This wasn't a squeeze.........., it was a death grip.............. I waited for Trudy to relax. I filed this piece of information as well.
"Anna's right, you are a 'bad doggie', you weren't supposed to do that yet..........., how did you know..........., no, don't tell me..........., Paul..........., do you mind waiting......... just a bit before we make love..........., you know, actual intercourse..........., please?. I don't mind if you and Anna........... as long as I can be with you"
"Of course I don't mind, we still have to do the boring bits before the fun bits. This is what I meant about the 'proper time'............., I wasn't going to......... with Anna.............., I mean I asked you to marry me, I.........."
Anna's squeal broke the mood, sort of. Patty's squeal brought it back.
"You and Patty still have to 'practice' after all, your cocks much bigger than Dan's, it'll do her good to experience both............. and I don't mind.......... I do like to watch. When you entered Patty the first time..............., I came three times............. At home I could smell the Mare's when they came into season and couldn't wait to see the Stallions mount them........., you reminded me of them"
I was lost in my dream world listening to Trudy, my love growing with every second we were together..........., I didn't see the hand until it was to late. "Ouch".
"I was only trying to find his 'off' button mommy. Don't smack him, it was my fault"
"I'm still surrounded by cock crazy people....., it's the only way I know to control... myself"
Dan had disappeared into my tent when Patty joined us, "Daddy's tired, he wants to sleep in Paul's tent and we can sleep here. All of us"
"I don't know if we would get any sleep, even with the three of us........., you still haven't cum, have you Paul?. I'm sorry Trudy, I shouldn't have introduced you to the 'man beast', even Patty and I can't tame his cock. What are you going to do?"
I didn't think one more smack would hurt me, to much, "You could adopt Trudy as well as me then we would be one big happy family". I didn't get a smack........., I got buried by three beautiful naked bodies. A 'family' hug.

We were still lying together when Trudy propped herself on my chest, "You were right Anna, Paul..., he hasn't got a clue about women, he was going to give you up for me. He has some silly idea he shouldn't use his cock on anyone but me. Should I 'bitch slap' some sense into him or have you a better idea"
"I'd better explain..........., the first time.., I trapped him into a 69..........., god it was good, fantastic........., anyway, Paul was worried that he had cum first............, he really did look like a little puppy that had been smacked for making a mess. When I told him how good it was and he told me he had learned from a Book, I........., I just want him to learn at his own pace........., with a little push every now and again......."
"He sucked me First, it was better than daddy........."
"Hush Patty, anyway, every time I think I can teach Paul something new he beats me at my own game.........., OH GOD does he what.........., and he can last forever......... It's not fair. The smacking, well, it's to keep ME under control otherwise........... SHIT, Paul, you were going to..........., stop fucking us.............. how could you be so selfish. Grab his cock Patty, quick, before we lose it.............."
"It's alright mommy, I told Paul I would share, I might even.......... "
Patty gave Trudy one of 'those' kisses, "Can we Trudy, please, you're the best Fairy Godmother ever. Please?"
"Of course, I even told Paul to keep 'practicing', It'll help you.........."
"Can I 'practice' now?" Patty was smiling, she was also holding my cock so 'it' wouldn't get away. It was hard.
Anna smiled, a finger to her lips, I think she was thinking, "No honey.........., if it's okay with Trudy.........., we all take turns at sucking Paul and he takes turns at sucking us. One gets his balls, one his cock while the other gets his tongue then we change until.......... Then you sleep with Daddy number one and Trudy and I sleep with Daddy number two. That way if 'daddy' wakes up, 'mommy' can take care of him. I trust you Patty and Trudy can keep an 'eye' on me. Just to make sure"
I didn't get asked and I was already on my back. The girls got themselves sorted and I closed my eyes. Let the games commence. I wanted to test my skill at finding out who was sucking what.
I didn't think it was by chance........ Trudy was sitting on my face. This time I was going to try something different. When I had first licked Patty's butt she had been facing me, no problem, I was an expert at problem solving. I put my hands on Trudy's hips and guided her. Just like she guided my head. She didn't try and stop me and my tongue found the spot.
I only had to guide her once............., after that Trudy moved like she liked it. I kept going and waited for the 'change'. I was back at thinking about a lightening strike and the effect it would have on my new equipment. The rest of my body was on automatic.
A cold cock, no warm mouth cold, warned me. Anna had been sucking me, "Change"
I got a shock, "No........, Yes........., Moreohhhhhh" Trudy had had an orgasm. I got a second mouthful of girl cum............., how did I miss it. The only signal Trudy gave was her body going stiff. It hadn't.........., but she had cum, I got the wee pee again. This was fun.
"Oh god Anna.........., he really is a 'man beast'............, now I know what you mean about smacking him, Oh fuck, help me up please, my legs aren't working to well"
Rotation number one and Trudy hadn't told them what I was doing. This was going to be a surprise for Anna. She was next on the tongue. I didn't have to guide her and once she thought everything was right she stayed there............... It didn't take long until I heard the squeal. It was only a climax, I was sure Dan had given her an orgasm earlier. She didn't collapse............., but it was a good one. She also gave me a wee pee.
I didn't think Patty had finished sucking me, I got a few extra licks after Anna rolled off me, but her smile, it was the cute little Girl Scouts smile with a hint of sex.
There was more of a hint of sex as Patty slowly lower her body. She was going to be like Anna. Patty was growing up. She also knew what she wanted. She moved her hips before my tongue could even touch her, all the way forward so her rosebud would be the first thing it did touch.
I rolled my tongue and kept it stiff. I don't think Patty expected this and when she did touch down.........., it entered her. Again the squeal, but I wasn't finished. I let myself go. Trudy's turn sucking and I wanted........... she said she swallowed. I started using my tongue to 'fuck' Patty.
I think this was what Trudy and Anna were waiting for.
To be honest, Anna's sucking was good, Trudy's was out of this world. Then again, Anna had never sucked my balls like this before. It was enough to send me over the top, that and Patty's not quite squeal. And Anna's finger. It was back. My hips lifted as I shot my first load, Oh God, could life get any better.
You bet, my cock was clamped again. One mouth left and another arrived. Another suck, another shot, another clamp. Patty had to lift off my face but she wasn't going to miss out, and she got her wish. Anna was back sucking my balls, heaven, Patty was back sitting on my face, this time my tongue was in her slit and Trudy.............., she was still sucking. Making sure I was empty.

We had decided to leave the flaps open, they were tied together and as Patty said good night to her mother, she had already kissed and thanked Trudy for sharing she added, "Watch this" She wiggled her butt she she entered my tent. She was only twelve, having fun, but I thought she was twelve................ going on twenty. I hoped she didn't get there to fast. I knew Dan and Anna would help her just the same as my parents had helped me.........
Anna pulled the covers over us and I snuggled down between my ladies only to be shocked as the covers came off again, "I'll take the extra blanket to Dan and Patty, if it does snow.... Paul can keep us warm"
We already had two sleeping bags zipped together, Anna was right. I could keep us warm.
And I did, and we slept. I had heard one of my fellow student talking about a 'cock sandwich' and I was pretty sure it referred to a female between two males but here I was, sandwiched between two females. And I was, they had pulled in close during the night and were more on me than lying on their sides, legs were tangled and hands........., two hands equals two breast's....., right. The other hands............, my cock did feel warm and it wasn't in a pussy or a mouth. I looked at Trudy............., and was surprised............
"Morning sleepy head, sleep well?"
"At least he doesn't snore, mornin Trudy, sleep well..........."
We were interrupted by Patty's squeal, "Looks like somebody else is 'up'"
The one thing I didn't think about last night.........., getting dressed this morning. I wasn't embarrassed, all my clothes were in my tent, along with Dan and Patty and it sounded like they were still having fun. And the only way out was through my tent. When we had tied down the 'porch' we had really tied it down but left enough space between the my exit and my car.
"It looks like the 'corner' is needed. I need to go but if 'My Ladies' want go go first?"
"This Lady wants to go together, what about you Trudy?"
"Yes, can we share?, half and half?"
"Got a better idea, hurry up............"
There must have been a silly grin on my face, there was one on Trudy's. Anna had laid down and got Trudy to lie on top of her, both had their legs open and I was kneeling between them. Trudy started and I followed, then Anna. Everything was going to plan until Dan stepped beside me.
My stream was going parallel while his was vertical and the girls were an arch. The streams were meeting somewhere in the middle.........., that's when Patty joined us. She tried it standing over Trudy and Anna. Her aim wasn't as good as it should have been or.......... piss was going everywhere, a lot landed on Trudy's pussy. She didn't seem to mind.
Dan finished first and I was down to a dribble, his cock was just there so I opened my mouth and leaned. I was getting to like this..........., a warm mouth took my cock. Patty's. Anna had one hand on Trudy's breast the other rubbing her clit. We were going to continue last night until I remembered Trudy had to be at work early. We all needed a shower as well.I let go Dan's cock, I don't think he wanted a full suck, he was still soft.
I looked at Trudy and she dazzled me with her smile, she was going to say something, at least she opened her mouth.... then closed it. The tip of her tongue appeared... she was having a climax. I could help and used my nose to tell Anna's fingers I was taking over.
Anna must have got the message, her fingers straightened and made Trudy's clit stand. I sucked my second cock of the morning. I had read about hermaphrodites and this time treated it as a cock. All the nerves were clustered around my head, would they be the same for Trudy's.......... they were.
Suddenly I had her hips thrust at me............, Trudy was trying to fuck my mouth. Shit......., I loved it........, and I loved her more. Had she been ashamed of her 'cock' was this the reason for the oath. We could talk about it later, her 'cock' was getting harder, I sucked harder but kept rubbing the head with my tongue. She stiffened and I knew, it all became clear. Trudy ejaculated.............., from her clit/cock. I kept sucking, I knew there was more, the wee pee.
I kept my mouth closed around her cock until I felt it disappear. I was certain Anna didn't know about this and I didn't want to spill the beans if Trudy had kept it secret. If Anna had played with Trudy she would have played like she did with Patty. It was the 'extra' I had done, no wonder there was a difference between Trudy's climax and orgasm. Her climax was a 'girl' thing, her orgasm was everything................. I looked up...........
Oh my god, Trudy was crying, Anna was holding her but she was sobbing. I hoped Anna thought it was because of everything else, not the real reason. Again I knew if I didn't do something I would lose her. The thought hurt. I reached for her, she hesitated but Anna helped push her into my arms.
"Don't say anything..............., I love you............."
It must have been a shock to Trudy that I was the one telling her to be quiet but it did help stop the sobs, Patty tried to help, "It's all right Trudy, I fainted and so did mommy........"
Even Dan tried to help, he really did care about Trudy, "Been a long time coming, bit of a shock, better call in sick today. I checked our street, no snow and I don't think the wind got up to what they expected. My girls can take care of you, I think Paul and I best leave you alone for a while"
It was not the reaction Dan expected, "No, please no, I'm just so happy. Please don't go...... please don't take Paul away............., I'm okay........., really. It has been a .. shock. That's all"
"Well.. okay, we going to have a shower first or breakfast, what do you want darlin, my special burnt waffles or do you think mom should cook, she's in charge of the coffee but"
Dan was going everything thing right.........., without knowing it. He had sparked Trudy, she was back to just hugging me. He had smoothed Patty and even kick started Anna with his comment about the coffee.
She was getting up, "A quick sponge, it's only my legs after all. I'll get the coffee started. Paul, you got plenty of gas?, we'll use both cookers again. You really don't want Dan's waffles, he can even burn them at home.... in a waffle cooker"
I did get a wink and she patted my cheek as she passed with a very quiet, 'good doggie'. Trudy was back, she giggled. Patty was helping as well, she had a cloth and a towel. It was her job to clean Trudy, after all, she had been responsible for most of it. I couldn't help myself I softly patted the towel between Trudy's legs. She had that smile back as well. The heart warming one.
I could see she was going to say something and put my finger against her lips,"Later, I'll take you down to the office then we can talk.........."
"I'm coming too, I'm your chap.... capt...., you know, the person who looks after the bride, keeps her safe. So I've got to come as well.........."
The devil was back, so was Anna, with coffee, "You've already 'come' I heard you and daddy, anyway, who would keep you safe?"
"Well then, I'd better 'come'........."
"Oh yeah, and who would keep ME safe, anyway, would Trudy be sitting on your knee or the other way around. Either way, I don't think it's a good idea, it is a two seater remember"
"Spoilsport..........., Patty, can you find some panties for Trudy and get Paul's dirty stuff. Washing day"
We were right back at the beginning. I watched as panties went up.... and down..........
Patty and Trudy giggled like school girls as they tried to out do each other by pulling the crotch of their panties between their lips. Anna yelled that breakfast was ready just as Dan opened our porch. I hoped the yell was for Dan's benefit, we were in a tent after all. She yelled again as I picked her up and Trudy slipped a Blue thong up her legs......... the wrong way round. She yelled again when Patty pulled it high.
It was one big happy family, in the end we were all laughing. Poor Dan, he had untied to ropes but had forgotten the poles, he had to lift his arms above his head to see what was going on and when he did see just couldn't stop laughing. Anna was trying to look stern but giggled every time she looked down at herself. Patty was trying for the 'Doe eyes' but the giggles stopped that cold.
And for once....... I hadn't done anything. Trudy and I just stood there, laughing and holding each other. A part of this magical moment until it passed. I got the poles and helped Dan, Patty took over my cooker, good old stand by, beans, Trudy handed out the waffles as Anna fried the bacon. Yes, one big happy family. Jesus that back to front thong did look funny but Anna wore it so well.
I had just about finished when it hit me, "Trudy, the park's on a website, could you 'talk' to somebody, find out if you're needed, it's not that far to take you......... well I could take you like you are right now. Might cause a stir and you could have a shower..........."
I crawled into my tent and fired the system up. I was not going to back out, actually it was neat, I kept going and 'walked' into the porch. I had noticed everything had been tided and put away. Patty?
Patty had finished her breakfast, she had said they had their system at home.
Time to treat her as an adult in more ways, "Patty the screen for Google will come up, just type www. State park forward slash Yellowstone. Lets see what's happening to the world"
Of course the squeal, then the look, "Can I, Can I really Paul....... I won't break it...."
One cute butt covered with panties with cute bunnies disappeared, I got a wink from Anna, "See Trudy, you can train them to do something useful... the rest of the time you just have to tie them up so they don't get into trouble"
I got a wink from Dan, "I heard from a little birdie somebody else was tied up yesterday....... and smacked. What trouble have YOU been causing or was it to stop trouble?"
Patty reappeared, she did back out, carefully, "The Park is all clear but the road to Jackson got some snow, they're sending a plow......... I don't think Jan's coming"
Thank you darling, "Would they send you an email if there was a stand down Trudy?"
"Yes, if I was on an off day, they send emails to all staff out of the Park, could I check please?"
I waved my arm to the opening. I didn't want to say much. I did want some time with Trudy and I could tell she had something on her mind. I think Anna did as well, she started organizing her family, "Dan, you still got the big spare water bottle full, we need to rinse out the 'corner', honey you got all the dirty washing, we'll do the dishes at the same time. Come on people, times a wasting and we need a shower"
A world weary sigh from Dan couldn't hide the grim, "Yes dear............"
Trudy had done the same as me, in one end and out the other, "No work, got two days off"
"Make that one and a half, Patty's got me worried about bears. If I took you for a drive you could show me where they aren't?"
"Of course, I'm still a Ranger but can I have a shower first?"
"If we don't get out of here fast I think Anna will find us something to do......"
"I heard that.............., take Patty with you to the shower, we'll be there in a minute............ and behave"
The computer would go to sleep, I grabbed a spare towel and some clean clothes, back to the porch. It was more than natural being naked and Patty was waiting. I handed Trudy the spare and wrapped mine around me. I blessed mom, she had suggested the big beach towels instead of bath towels. We were decent but we weren't holding hands. They were making sure we stayed decent and holding our clean clothes.
There we no extras in our street and we hadn't heard another car or people in the other street but we were carefully checking. It wouldn't help Trudy, getting into a shower with an under age girl could be explained, add me, all hell would break loose. The coast was clear and Patty giggled as she pulled Trudy's towel of her........... before we got into the stall. She squealed when I pulled hers off and gave her a smack on her bare behind.
She squealed again when we were in the shower as I grabbed her arms and held them out, "You wash the front and I'll do the back"
Trudy's smile was back, the 'lust' one. She soaped up the cloth.

"Sound's like an orgy in there, hope the Rangers don't hear", Anna had arrived. Patty and Trudy were giggling, Trudy was heading south.
"To late, a Ranger's here already.......... and she's taking care of the problem".
"That's okay then, as long as she's on top of the Problem", Dan was with her.
"I think she's getting to the bottom of the Problem right now........" and right on cue.., Patty squealed.
Trudy handed me the soap and cloth, "Your turn" and held Patty.
It wasn't as much fun as the front but, as I got to her hips, Trudy pulled Patty forward and down. Patty opened her legs. I knelt down to do a good job and......... Trudy pushed Patty back, her butt was in my face. I got the hint... and kissed her rosebud. There was no squeal this time. Patty had a mouthful of breast. Down one leg and up the other and with a swipe of the cloth between her cheeks, Patty was clean. Trudy turned on the water.
Patty whispered in Trudy's ear, giggled and as bold as brass picked up her towel and opened the door, "Open up mommy I have to check you're doing a good job with daddies......."
Once again I was speechless........... until Trudy hugged me, "I have to wash you and I have to do a good job, Patty's going to check you the same as Dan.......... I'm even allowed to wash 'our' cock", her smile changed from 'lust' to 'heart', "You know.... don't you?"
I didn't want to put my foot in my mouth and fuck it up. I just nodded. I did try for a 'heart' smile.
"You don't mind?"
"No, a very firm NO"
"You don't have to marry me................."
"YES I DO, I love you........... all of you.........."
Trudy's hug took my breath away, "OH Paul, I've been so worried I would never hear those words, never know the feeling............ I thought I was a freak when it..........."
I thought Trudy was going to cry again, "NO, you are not a freak, one in a million maybe but definitely not a freak. To me you're the woman of my dreams... nightmares. Remember when you came to check the site and Anna and I were............, I thought you were going to arrest me, then when Anna told me and I meet you again............, I've been dreaming of you every night and last night........... it all fell into place. If you still want me................., I'd like the chance to make you happy. Tell me one thing, did you take the oath because you were scared or.........."
"Scared doesn't cover the half of it, try terrified and work up, I was so ashamed. I thought I could be making love as a woman and when I was really turned on my cock would stand out and.......... OH GOD................"
"Did I get this straight, you have a climax as a woman but an orgasm when your cocks involved.........., like today?"
"Jesus, Anna was right, how come you know so much yet so little. It took me years to figure it out. Yes, that's exactly how it happens. That's why I was so scared this morning........... but I was so turned on.......... I couldn't help myself. God, when you peed on me it started and then Anna started with her fingers and you............., I couldn't stop. How did you know?"
I think you can thank Dan for that, it was when he was sucking me and you sat on my face, your cum tasted more like his than Anna's or even Patty. To tell you how I thought about it, well, I used wine, Patty was a fresh, new wine where Anna was more a full body, a mature wine, your cum was more like Port....... fortified wine. Sorry if it sounds silly..., there was more body as dad would say"
"Oh god, you are smart, I like the connection and your cum is like that... and it's sweet. Patty told me your cum tastes better than Dan's................ do you really like mine?"
I thought it was time to lighten up a little, the devil was back, "You're the Ranger, do bears shit in the wood? And I need another sample, you ready?................"
"Hi love birds, we'll be gone for an hour, anything you need in town?"
I whispered to Trudy something I never thought I would ask a girl, "Do I need condoms?"
"NO..., No Anna, we'll be fine. I'm going to take Paul exploring................"
"See you later, we'll bring lunch, Subways okay?"
"Yeah, something hot and spicy Anna.. just like you.. finger licking good"
"Paul, behave, you've already had 'finger licking good', try and teach him some manners Trudy. I know it's hard Trudy but keep trying......."
"Bye Ranger, will your helping hand be there tonight, it really did help?"
Even Patty joined in the word games, "And I still have to check if..........."
Trudy bit my shoulder to keep a laugh buried, "Okay Patty, you can check as soon as you get home. We could always do it again to make sure it's............. clean"
"You're going to pay for that.......!"
"Me..., what did I do?"
"Finger licking good, do you think my cock's only a finger?"
Oh shit, mood swings, "NO, Oh god, please let me explain, the other day I was playing with Anna's mind as I fingered her, I just wanted to make her feel good, I thought I had done it wrong by cumming first, I didn't know......, I told her she was finger licking good. It was Anna, I swear Trudy............. "
"Oh Paul, It's not you....., you really don't have a clue about women do you, the games they play........., I'm sorry..., it's..I'm still a bit afraid......, no Damn it, I'm scared. Scared it's all a dream and I'll wake up alone again.. just hold me please... don't let me go. It's so cold out there.."
This was not the time for games, mind or other, Trudy was shaking, she really was scared. I didn't know how to convince her I was telling the truth, I did love her but I could do something about the cold. It was cold in here as well, I hit the water button. Warm water cascaded over us as I gently rocked her in my arms. She had turned off.
It was the water flowing over us that gave me the idea... and the urge, "Come on, I've got something special for you. If we stay here someone will mistake us for prunes". The water stopped in time to my word and I grabbed a towel. Somehow I knew this was right, I kept my body touching hers as I dried her, very touchy feely but close. It continued as I dressed her, touching her arms, back and legs, turning her and caressing her but staying away from the important parts. I had a plan.
It took me a second to pull up my shorts and pull on a T shirt, even then I leaned close, rubbing her shoulder. I pulled her into a hug, "You ready?"
It was if Trudy had retreated into a private place, she nodded and followed but the smile was gone. It broke my heart and I could feel tears.., I couldn't, not now. I had to be strong for both of us. I led her back to our tents. I even had to guide her into mine. I was losing her. The world was losing her.
I put my plan into action. I didn't think Dan and Anna would mind, I went searching through their tent. It didn't take long and I had what I needed. Back to mine, oh god. Trudy had curled into a ball. This was going to take all my patience, this was not the time for 'shock' treatment.
I knelt beside Trudy and stroked her hair, "I'm going to help but I need you to help me, is it alright if I undress you, I love you and I want to show you how much but you have to help. There's only us here, nobody else knows and you were so pretty naked this morning, I want to see you naked again"
Trudy did help me, sort of, she didn't stop me undressing her. I got my last towel and draped it over her body, "Now I want you to relax and think of.......... think of the view, the lake and the sun shining on it. Think of the trees... can you hear the birds... think of the birds in the trees around the lake... the Jay's.. so colourful.. the larks... singing... just relax and picture it... it's so peaceful... beautiful.. and feel my hands.. I'm going to touch your body.. I love you so much Trudy.. I want to touch you.."
It was a dangerous thing I was trying but I was desperate and I did think I could help. I got Anna's cream. It was a body lotion, not as good as a proper massage oil but it would do. I took a deep breath , from now until I finished I would be touching Trudy's body. I started with her foot.
This time I was not working from a book, this was a personal experience. About six years ago I had a bad fall from my mountain bike, I had gone over a cliff. The shock of the fall had shut my body down, I was in shock but not really hurt, I knew everything that happened. It was weird but another bike rider, a paramedic, had seen what happened and helped and this was how he helped. I hoped it would help Trudy.
Slowly I worked my way up her body, massaging and talking, trying to convince her she was safe and loved, talking about the park and all it's beauty. Slow fingers and soft words, lost in my own world I missed the first part, "Sorry, what?"
Shit hot, Trudy was back, "I said that was nice, could you do it again........., did I scare you?"
I couldn't show Trudy just how worried I had been so I kissed her, "Not really, I thought you had gone to your private place, a sort of 'time out'............., feeling better?"
"I don't think there are words for what I'm feeling right now although heaven comes close, now, are you going to do that again or do I have to beg"
It had been such a shock I hadn't realized what I had been doing but my hand was still on her breast, a nipple between my fingers, "I'm sorry, I was a virgin three days ago, you need to tell me what you like, I'm not very experienced with female bodies yet.........."
"Oh Paul, you are a bad doggie, so I have to tell you do I"
"Just this part, I think I know the other part but I do want to practice... a lot more"

"Oh yes.., that was the problem I think, I've been trying so hard to control my ...cock for so long then you come into my life in it's happened three times. I can't help it.............., you make me so horny and hard.............."
"Tell me honestly Trudy, did you like it?"
"Fuck yes, when Anna told me you were a virgin and showed me your cock I got hard and then when you entered Patty............, you realize I'm a virgin as well.........., both......"
"You know Patty likes sucking Dan's cock when he's soft, I'm sure she'd like to try yours. Want to get real kinky, you could fuck her"
"You really don't mind?"
"No and neither should you. It doesn't make you any different in my eyes, it's just a small part of the person I love"
"Ummm, it's not a small part anymore, in fact...."
"Can I see?, please Trudy, understand it's part of you, part of the person I love. And I do love you and while we are being truthful.........., you scared the shit out of me before. I thought I had lost you"
I watched as Trudy slowly pulled the towel aside and revealed her cock, it was bigger and it really was a cock, "It's beautiful and you're right it's not small either, in fact..., I think you could fuck Patty or.............."
"Or what, don't leave me hanging, not now"
"Well............, If I sucked it I would know........."
"One last chance or I will smack you. Go ahead, suck me but tell me"
I gave Trudy's cock a quick suck and smiled up at her, "You could fuck Anna's ass with this"
"I'm still scared.............. if she laughed at me............, please help me Paul?"
I pulled Trudy into a hug and covered her cock, this was going to be a long 'talk'. "Oh........,Trudy, I don't think I'm the right person to be asking, remember, until last week I was virgin......., and now I can see I was a virgin in every sense of the word but I want to help..I need to, not only for you, I need this for me........ Now don't get me wrong, I deal in abstracts when I'm programing, I make lists then try to fit them together...., so, here goes;
You are a hermaphrodite, that makes you different not a freak;
Watching but not joining in, that's just a kink, even I like to watch, pissing...., same boat;
Sucking Dan's cock while Anna fingered you doesn't put a label on you, it just means you're open minded;
Suppressing your feelings has probably given you sleepless nights and headaches;
Hiding your cock has probably hurt you physically as well;
Now a couple of guesses;
I guessing, when you suggested Patty could sit on your lap when she sucked Dan you got some pleasure as well and if Anna played with your breast's you 'hid' your cock but still had a climax;
You have never masturbated your cock;
It's getting bigger each time something happens; Okay, have I missed anything?"
"Yes......... I love you............."
"Okay I'll add that to the list, fire it through the program andddddddddddd. The situation is you can be fixed with one easy session............."
"What............ what is it................, please"
"As I said I'm not an expert but Anna fixed me with shock treatment................ I need to put my cock in your vagina while Patty sucks your cock. You need to experience the whole lot... all at once. Maybe we can add Anna sucking your nipples, she likes that a lot.... while Dan uses his cock.... in your mouth"
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