I was six when my mother died. My father seemed to be a changed man and sent me off to a military academy. Almost every year after that he met, married and divorced a woman. I only saw him during the summer and even that stopped when I turned ten. I stayed at the academy over the summers after I turned ten. When I turned twelve I asked for a rifle, an HK 416.

I felt resentfully and began looking at people, well, former military. I started researching wanted men from all around the world. When I turned thirteen my father bought me a pistol I wanted, a colt match 45. Of course when summer break came I got his usual excuse about having to stay. Instead I made several calls and slipped away as if I was going home.

I walked out of the airport carrying a heavy duffle bag and a weapons case. The car that picked me up was driven by a former navy seal. He looked at me curiously as I put my things in the backseat and sat beside him. When he stopped it was at a marina. The boat we went to had the other men who frowned when I walked aboard. I stowed my stuff and pulled out my slim laptop.

They were arguing when I came up and turned to look at me. I walked into the wheelhouse and opened the laptop and set it down. I looked at the men, “I picked each of you for a reason. The man we want has a ten million dollar bounty on him.”

I turned and started the briefing I had prepared and they focused on what I was saying. When I finished they looked at each other with grins. I closed the laptop, “We only have a six day window according to all the chatter. I know I am not one of you but I do know what I am doing and have six other targets we can go after.”

Twenty hours later we were in the jungle. I had the pistol on my right thigh and carried my rifle. It was dark and unlike the others I was using thermal goggles. I signaled Bill who was on point to stop when I saw the glowing metal trip wire. I think they were all a little surprised. I took point after that and led them to our rally point.

Tex and Jesse slipped away to recon the site I had found using a satellite. An hour later they were back and whispering a briefing to everyone. An hour before dawn we swept through the crude camp. I was with Bill as we hit a hut and spun as a man came around the corner suddenly with an AK. I knocked the rifle away and pulled a taser baton and hit him in the throat.

He dropped and I saw another man standing beside a hut and lifting a rifle. It was pointed at Tex and I lifted my rifle and fired in a single motion. He dropped and Tex spun as I moved to follow Bill towards our next target. When we walked away in the morning I was the only one to have fired a round but we had all the terrorists. That was our first mission.

We averaged five each summer and by the time I turned eighteen we each had made millions. We brought in terrorists, robbers, killers, drug dealers and even pirates. I boxed up everything and shipped it the day before graduation. During the last six months in school another cadet caught my eye.

Her name was Jessica and a month before we graduated and just after I turned eighteen, we were quietly married. As I expected my father wasn’t there for my graduation which was fine with me. I ignored the limo driver holding the sign with my name and climbed into a taxi.

My friends and partners were retired now but I had one mission still to do. After walking out of the airport in Bogota I hailed a taxi. In a small hotel I dyed my hair, I spoke thirteen languages and Spanish was one. It only took me a day to find and buy an old army 1911 45. I exchanged the barrel for a composite one I had brought and slipped the composite silencer on.

I knew where my target was and started hitchhiking. It took me less then three hours to reach his huge plantation. I moved into the thick jungle and began watching. Two days later I was ready and moved. I silently took out the two guards at the entrance to his private drive. I used the ditch beside the drive to avoid the thermal camera and crawled all the way to the house.

It was past midnight when I quietly began taking out the six guards. I slipped into the kitchen and moved to the surveillance room. The guard that was supposed to be watching was on the floor sleeping. I went into each of the rooms to take care of the relief guards before beginning a check of the large house. In a office I found two very large solid cases, inside each was plastic wrapped bundles of money.

I thought about it and carefully moved both out to one of the black SUVs. I slipped into the huge master bedroom and shook my head, there was cocaine and tequila spilled on a low table and three women passed out on the bed. My target was on the floor unconscious. I pulled out the small syringe I had brought and injected him. I waited a minute and then lifted him to my shoulder and carried him out to the Suburban. I used plastic zip ties to secure his hands and feet before putting a bag over his head.

The drive back to Bogota was a lot faster then my trip out even with my stop to question the man. The sun was well up when I finally carried my target into the central police building. It took several hours before I walked out with a check and moved through the streets. I drove the Suburban to the bank and pulled the two heavy cases in. After almost six hours of counting I left with a deposit slip worth over twice as much as I already had plus a huge bonus from all the drug lords accounts.

I took a shower and bought a change of clothes before I took a taxi to the airport. Thirty hours later I was walking out of an airport in northern Japan. A car service took me away from the city and up into the mountains. The traditional house he dropped me at was new and made from my plans. I opened the garage to see the two crates from the states, mine and Jessica’s.

I carefully checked the house and everything was ready, from the new furniture to the stocked cupboards. Even the secret room with all my weapons was set up. I showered in the central bathing room and climbed into bed. While Jessica had slept with many guys I had yet to be with a girl. If I wasn’t so tired I would never had been able to sleep. The next morning I drove the new Tesla sedan to the nearest city.

On my silk shirt was a small pin, those that have been in combat and killed someone wore them here. I stopped in a store where I had ordered new computers. As I was loading them into the car three men in their early twenties started harassing me. They kept pushing the fact that I was to young to have been in combat, let alone kill someone. I ignored them and finally closed the trunk and thanked the sales clerk that was helping me.

I started around the car and that was when they acted. One man walked around the front of my car and two came around the back behind me. I heard the snap of a knife blade locking behind me and things seemed to slow down as I moved. I slid forward and to the side as one man lunged to stab me from behind.

The man in front of me was pulling a knife and my left hand came down on his wrist. My hand tightened, twisted and thrust into him as I moved up beside him. He was screaming as his knife blade sank into his stomach and I was turning and kicking out.

The second man that had been following me had kept moving and my foot snapped straight into his extended knee. He screamed at it broke and I was moving toward the last man who had dropped his knife and was reaching under his jacket.

I reached him as the gun came out and my left hand grasped his. I twisted and turned as I kept moving past him. My right hand struck him at the base of his throat and my right foot snapped across into his opposite knee. He went down gagging as he tried to scream but couldn’t breath. I was left holding his pistol and glanced at the three men before shaking my head and looking at the sales clerk, “Call the police.”

He was wide eyed and finally nodded and went into the store. I set the pistol on top of my car and waited. It wasn’t long before sirens approached and a policeman pulled in front of my car. With the weapons, it was pretty clear what had happened. The fact that I was wearing a combat pin and had an Imperial warrant to carry weapons was the only reason I wasn’t taken to the police station.

The three men were taken away and after an hour I was free to go. The police had made sure the punks knew that if I had killed them I would have walked away. I spent the rest of the day unpacking my stuff and setting up all the computers. I moved most of Jessica’s belongings into our bedroom from the crate. I made a call to help pass the time and drove back into the city.

This time I wore a plain white gee. I walked into a martial arts studio and smiled before heading towards the old white man. A young man started for me as the class quieted and the old man turned. I grinned and shook my head, “you look old.”

He grinned and a foot lashed out. I swayed and swept it up before kicking into his other thigh. That began our dance and everyone moved back and away. It was over an hour before I slid past his straight arm and stopped with my fist against his throat. I grinned as he laughed and I hugged him, “Old bastard.”

He slapped my back and I stepped back, “I missed you on my last mission. You would have loved it too.”

He nodded to the crowd that was kneeling and I turned. I smiled at his wife who was frowning, “I wasn’t going to steal him.”

Bill laughed and slapped me on the back again, “I have a class I am late for now.”

I nodded, “Can you get away and go fishing tomorrow? You were always boasting about catching tuna.”

He grinned, “Be here at six.”

I nodded again and bowed to his class, “Pay attention.”

I left and drove home feeling better and after a cold shower and a hot bath, slept most of the night. When I got to the studio I saw Tex waiting and grinned. Bill and his wife came out a minute later and Bill blushed, “she doesn’t trust me.”

I grinned at his wife and got in the car with Tex. Bill’s boat was a twenty four foot bass boat. He drove with his wife beside him as Tex and I looked at a chart. Tuna were mostly found in deep water around three hundred feet deep. I picked a spot and Bill grinned as we headed out. Tex relaxed in a chair as I stood and rode the waves, he grinned, “Bill said you did a mission.”

I nodded, “A drug lord in Columbia. It took five days.”

Tex and Bill grinned and I smiled at Bill’s wife. When I hooked the huge four hundred pound tuna it was the most fun I had ever had. I fought the fish for over an hour as Bill, his wife and Tex all tried to tell me how to reel it in. I ended up taking a picture on the dock and selling it to a couple of restaurants. I had to shower three times to wash the fish smell off but it was worth it.

I put on a pair of soft sleeping pants and headed towards the kitchen when the drive alarm beeped. The drive alarm was a simple laser that let me know when someone drove down the drive. I walked to the front door and saw a taxi stop. Jessica opened the door and stepped out and I grinned before running to my room for my wallet. After I set the two large suitcases in the bedroom Jessica took my hand and we walked through the house.

She grinned at everything she saw and led me back to our bedroom. She turned me and stepped back as she began to undress, “This time we won’t be interrupted.”

I grinned as I pulled my pants off, “what did your family say?”

Jessica grinned as she stepped out of her panties and pushed me back onto the bed, “They screamed blue murder and said you were after my money.”

I blew a raspberry and grabbed her and pulled. She laughed as she moved onto me and kissed me. She looked into my eyes, “Did you find a girl to...”

I shook my head and she rolled until I was between her legs, “Then you need to fuck me.”

I kissed her as I felt her hand guiding my hard cock. I lifted up and pushed and shuddered as my cock slipped into heaven. Jessica laughed as shook me, “Fuck me.”

I grinned and began thrusting into her with long, deep thrusts. She was grunting as her pussy seemed to squeeze my cock constantly. It only took about five minutes and then I forced my cock into her womb as I began spewing and peeing a stream of warm cum.

Jessica howled as she started thrashing around. I held her as I pumped and spurted cum into a woman for the first time. When I stopped cumming I rolled until she was on me. Jessica sighed and put her head down, “I knew you would have a lot of cum but damn.”

I grinned and hugged her, “I have more.”

She laughed and lifted up to look at me, “how about something to eat and then we can try that again.”

I dumped her on the bed and rolled off. While we were making a dinner she told me what had happened when she went home. She looked across the table, “The news out of Colombia was that a drug lord committed suicide in his jail cell. They said something about one of his... competitors taking all his money.”

I smiled as I carried my plate to the sink, “Do you want me to tell you everything now?”

Jessica carried hers over and we started washing dishes. She finally took my hand and pulled me back into the bedroom, “You told me about all the others.”

I turned and laid her down before laying beside her. I caressed her body and tugged on a nipple and began to tell her what I had done, including using the passwords for the accounts to transfer every dollar the drug lord had into the anonymous corporate numbered account in Switzerland. She straddled me and lifted up to position my cock. I pushed up into her cummy pussy and she sighed and shivered before beginning to rock.

I cupped her firm breasts and tugged on her nipples. Jessica shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She rolled her hips as she thrust back and forth to grind against me. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed my cock and then she wet me. I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her hard. She stiffened and then started to wail as she thrashed around.

I buried my cock and humped against her. Jessica kept shaking and jerking as her hips seemed to continue to hump and thrust up for my cock. I only lasted a little over ten minutes before thrusting into her and forcing her womb open. She howled as warm cum exploded into her womb and held me tight as I pumped and spewed. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and she relaxed onto the bed, “God.”

I smiled and pulled out of her, “we have two weeks before we go to Italy.”

Jessica turned to caressed my chest, “The villa by the sea?”

I grinned and cupped one of her breasts before leaning over to suck on the nipple, “Yes.”

She shuddered and then laughed, “And then?”

I caressed her pelvis, “Our Cottage in Scotland.”

Jessica shuddered again as I rubbed her clit, “And then?”

I laughed and turned to kiss her, “The ranch in Australia.”

She groaned and pulled me back between her legs, “And then?”

I pushed back into her cummy pussy, “back home.”

Jessica lifted and wrapped her legs around my waist as I started to fuck her with long strokes, “and then?”

I kissed her, “And then we wait for you to have the baby.”

She laughed and kissed me, “That would be in nine months.”

I buried my cock in her womb to kiss her as I pressed against her. Jessica shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and I went back to fucking her. She grinned, “I need a sister wife. How many times are you going to fuck me?”

I grinned and fucked her hard. She jerked and lifted her legs into the air as her body jerked and spasmed. I kissed her after burying my cock, “You made the deal.”

She groaned and shuddered, “Yeah but none of the other guys ever did it three times.”

I kissed her softly but continued to thrust in and out. Every few minutes Jessica would begin to shake and then start convulsing. She squirted on me a few times before I finally pushed into her womb and started pumping more sperm. She arched her back and howled as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and lay next to her. She shuddered and fingered her messy pussy, “I am going to be sore in the morning.”

I cupped her breast, “You said...”

Jessica grinned, “I said I would keep you satisfied if you married me.”

I kissed her and she sighed before rubbing my hard, slimy cock. I caressed her pelvis and she laughed and turned to lay half on me before yawning. I grinned and rubbed her butt, “Jet lag catching up?”

She smiled and put her head on my shoulder. I kept caressing her, I wanted to fuck her again but a minute later she was asleep. I sighed and relaxed before closing my eyes. I woke when my watch beeped and glanced at Jessica before slipping out of bed. I went into the kitchen and started the hot water for tea. As I was pouring it into a cup she walked in. I grinned and cupped her bare breast, “Morning.”

She grinned and shuddered, “Morning.”

I made breakfast, “We need to go into town.”

Jessica nodded, “I need to look around.”

I smiled, “We can shop after I go to the bank.”

She laughed and I pulled her up and led her to the bathing room for a shower. We dressed and I was slipping a shirt on when the drive alarm beeped. I looked at Jessica and opened a drawer to pull a forty five out. I slipped it behind my belt in the small of my back as I went to the door. The limo in front of the house had a driver and several men that shouted bodyguard.

Another Japanese man climbed out wearing an expensive suit. Jessica stopped beside me as I opened the door. The man ignored the three girls that followed him out of the limo as he straightened and walked towards me. One look at the tattoos at his neck told me what he was. His bodyguards flanked him and he stopped in front of me and bowed, “Simon Alex McCartney?”

I glanced at the guards before nodding. He glanced at Jessica and then seemed to ignore her, “My name is Mr. Lee. May I come in?”

I looked at Jessica and touched her hand before making a small gesture. She nodded and turned to walk towards the kitchen. I opened the door wider and watched them come in. I closed the door and moved into the living room before turning to face to man, “How can I help you?”

One of his guards started past me towards the kitchen and I turned my head, “Stay in front of me.”

He stared but I continued to look him in the eye and he moved back beside us. When I looked at Mr. Lee, he was frowning but then his face went blank, “Three men attacked you in the city.”

I didn’t say anything and he nodded, “you could have killed them but you didn’t.”

I shrugged, “They weren’t my enemy.”

He smiled and then turned to the three girls. One was white with black hair, she was in her mid teens. The other two were younger orientals maybe thirteen or fourteen. He gestured, “You had the right to everything my son owned as well as his friends. This is Victoria, she was my son’s... mistress.”

Victoria knelt, “I Victoria Anne Valentine do in front of god and these witnesses submit myself to... Simon Alex McCartney. I shall submit my body, mind, spirt and heart to him. To do with as he sees fit. My life is his to direct.”

I looked from her to him and he nodded before looking at me, “She was promised to my son and has chosen to give herself to you.”

He gestured to the two kneeling girls, “Akira and Kin were my son’s friends sex slaves. They are yours now.”

I opened my mouth to say something and Jessica cleared her throat from the kitchen doorway. She shook her head slightly and I looked back at the man, “This isn’t necessary.”

He smiled, “It is for my son’s honor.”

I sighed and bowed, “Thank you.”

He gestured and turned to walk towards the door. His guards were ahead of him and I watched them load back into the limo. After it left I turned to Jessica as she pulled the three girls up. She glanced at me, “Give me a few minutes and we can talk.”

I frowned as she led them into the bedroom and closed the door. I sat waiting and after almost thirty minutes Jessica and the three girls walked out. She came and sat in my lap, “What Victoria did is to make herself your concubine. The custom can be very tricky. If you turn her down she might be required to commit... to kill herself. Or her master might or you might.”

I looked at her and then at Victoria, “But...what about the other two?”

Jessica’s face hardened, “They were sold by their parents when they were six. They were lucky because the men that owned them were the only ones to... fuck them and had small dicks.”

I looked at her, “but...”

Jessica sighed, “We had to get them away. Akira and Kin both enjoy sex Simon.”

She looked at the girls, “I wasn’t thinking about that but they seem to think their honor is involved.”

I looked at the girls and Jessica moved off my lap, “I made a few calls but we need to go shopping for real now.”

I stood and headed into the bedroom before putting my pistol away. When I came out Jessica waited to follow me and I frowned, “You start that and I will spank you.”

She grinned, “That might take awhile.”

I laughed and shook my head. We went in the sedan and I stopped at the bank before handing Jessica her new bank card, “I’ll be at the second address on the list I gave you.”

She grinned, “Girls, let’s go shopping.”

I watched her drive off before starting to walk. Bill’s wife was in the office when I walked in and I grinned, “Is your slave around?”

She laughed and then grinned, “Upstairs but you are not allowed to be alone with him.”

I sighed and sat in another chair as I told her what had happened. She was surprised and by the time I was done Bill was there listening. He had a serious look and I shrugged, “I should have paid attention when you tried to teach me the traditions here.”

He shook his head, “The traditions and customs here are old. I don’t like the sex slave thing.”

I looked at him as I frowned, “You think I do?”

He smiled, “No, you proved that when you almost beat that slaver to death off Taiwan.”

I sighed and looked at his wife, “Jessica talked to them and they told her they think... their honor is involved and they...”

I shrugged and Bill’s wife smiled, “Just do it slow and gentle.”

I almost snapped at her before taking a breath. I looked at Bill, “We planned to spend the summer at the few places I bought, Italy, Scotland and Australia. Jessica wanted to get pregnant so at the end of summer we are coming back here.”

Bill grinned as his wife’s eyes brightened, “You’re going to have a kid?”

I nodded and he frowned before looking at his wife, “The girl, the one that pledged herself to you?”

I looked at him and he grinned, “You have to get her pregnant too.”

I blinked and looked at his wife, “Why?”

He grinned, “To prove she is fertile and can also provide children for you.”

I sighed and then shook my head, “And I thought getting used to Jessica in my life was hard.”

I stood, “Want to spar?”

He laughed, “No, you want to hurt someone.”

I grinned before heading towards his studio, “I wanted to do that to my primary target before I retired but didn’t get too.”

Bill laughed again, “Why?”

I stopped and looked at him, “The bounty was good but he was in Venezuela. I would still have gone after him but his stash of money was over a billion in gold and that was more then I could move alone.”

I stripped to my pants as I went into the studio and began stretching and then working out. By the time I was done Jessica was just arriving. She grinned at Bill’s wife and hugged him before kissing his cheek, he and the others had all been at our small wedding. I dressed and nodded to him before leaving. As soon as we got home Jessica started helping the girls carry bag after bag to their room.

I went to shower and slipped on a pair of light cotton pants. I was relaxing on a couch with my laptop when Jessica and the girls walked in. She grinned and sat beside me to look at what I was doing and took the laptop, “Victoria would like you to have sex with her.”

I looked at Jessica, “To get her pregnant?”

She blushed and then grinned, “Yes.”

I looked at the girls with their heads bowed. I cleared my throat, “I have rules I live by. If you live with me, you will follow those rules. One of those rules is that each of you is a person and you stand tall and look me in the eye. No kneeling or looking at the floor instead of looking at me.”

They looked at Jessica and then at me before nodding. I stood and looked at Jessica, “finish what I was doing and come to bed.”

She grinned, “I need to go shopping for groceries.”

I nodded to the other two girls, “Take them... Akira and Kin with you.”

Jessica laughed, “I was planning to.”

I crossed to take Victoria’s hand and lead her to my bedroom and the bed. I undressed her slowly and she shifted nervously and moved onto the bed. I pulled my pants off before laying down beside her. I caressed her body, “Do you have your hymen?”

She shivered and shook her head, “No.”

I smiled and kissed her before moving down to suck on a nipple, “Good.”

I kissed down her body as I moved over her and pushed her legs open. She was tense as I smelled her pussy and then used my fingers to open it. I licked through her slit and nibbled on her small inner lips before pushing my tongue into her.

She shuddered and lifted her hips as she moaned. I covered her clit and teased it with my tongue as I sucked and Victoria gasped and jerked before grabbing my head with both hands, “YES!”

I licked the cum leaking out of her before going back to teasing her clit. She was breathing harder and jerking around. Finally she twisted away from my mouth and cried out. I moved up and settled between her legs as she clutched at me. I kissed her before lifting up and positioning my cock. She looked into my eyes as I pushed and then wiggled and pushed harder.

My cock finally pushed into her and she jerked in surprise. I smiled and started kissing her as I fucked her with small thrusts. Victoria groaned and shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she got wetter. It was a couple of minutes before I pushed against the back of her pussy, by then she had spread her legs wider and lifted them. When I hit her cervix she jerked in surprise, “OH!”

I kissed her before pulling back and starting to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She jerked and shuddered as her already tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She clung to me as she lifted her hips each time I slid into her. A couple of minutes later she stiffened and then began thrashing around as she howled. I continued to fuck her nice and deep and my cock pushed into her womb.

Victoria jerked and spasmed as she got wetter and I buried my cock to press and hump against her. A few more minutes and I fucked her hard as I got closer to cumming. I used deep thrusts and she wailed as I did it harder. I finally thrust into her and held her as I began to pump and spew cum. She lifted her hips and screamed as her pussy tightened, “AAAAHHHHHHH!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done and her womb was completely full. I kissed her and waited for her to stop shuddering before slowly pulling out of her tight pussy. She groaned and shuddered again before turning to snuggle again me, “Thank you.”

I smiled, “your welcome.”

I let her rest for a couple of minutes before caressing her face, “we can practice more later.”

She grinned and followed me out of bed. She dressed as I pulled my pants back on and then she sat beside me in the other room. Jessica, Akira and Kin returned a little later and we helped put the groceries away. Jessica and Victoria whispered together and Jessica grinned at me. Dinner was strange, I knew a little about cooking and so did Jessica. Victoria, Akira and Kin knew how to cook though and delighting in showing us.

After dinner I cleaned up and Jessica smiled at the girls before pulling me to our bedroom. She started undressing, “You have to get me pregnant too.”

I grinned and pulled my pants off before turning her and bending her over the bed. I rubbed her warm, wet pussy before pushing into her. Jessica groaned and shuddered as my cock hit her womb. I fucked her slowly and it wasn’t long before she was thrusting back as her pussy squeezed me. I grinned and rubbed her warm asshole before pulling out of her.

She groaned and turned to look back at me. I turned her and pushed her back on the bed before lifting and spreading her legs. I pushed back into her slick pussy and fucked her nice and deep. Jessica started to jerk and spasm a few minutes later and then she was wailing. She thrashed around and bucked as I fucked in and out of her womb. I fucked her hard for a minute and then buried my cock to spew cum into her fertile womb.

She screamed as warm sperm flooded her and jerked and shook as I kept pumping it in. When I stopped cumming she groaned and I let her legs down. I bent to kiss her and she grinned and hugged me. I reluctantly pulled out and turned her to lay on the bed. I sat beside her, “What are we going to do about the girls when we go to Italy?”

She smiled at me, “I already talked to them and they made calls. Victoria will have her passport tomorrow and Akira and Kin will have the documents to get theirs.”

I rubbed one of her nipples, “Are you sure about the girls Jess?”

She nodded, “They have been having sex since they were six Simon. They enjoy it now and need their new master to know they are worthy.”

I shook my head, “What about school...”

Jessica took my hand, “They know what to say. If we are going to live here it will be fine.”

I bent to kiss her and Jessica caressed my face, “Go sit with them.”

I nodded and pulled my pants on before going into the living room. The three girls were watching something on the TV and looked at me. I sat on the couch and turned my laptop back on. It was awhile before Jessica came out in a pair of shorts. The girls looked at me and I grinned, “Don’t look at me, I like seeing tittes.”

They grinned and turned back to their show. A few minutes later they left and then came back wearing just french cut panties. I grinned, “Nice.”

Jessica laughed and reached over to shut my laptop off, “Bath time.”

I was surprised to find the large tub already full of hot water. Jessica grinned as she pulled her shorts off and walked to the shower where the girls were washing. I pulled my pants off and went to join them. The water in the tub was almost to hot but Jessica and the girls all seemed to like it. When I couldn’t take the heat anymore I got out and dried off. It had been a long stressful day. I slipped into bed naked and relaxed expecting only Jessica to join me.

I felt hands caressing me and smiled and then gasped as a small body straddled me. I opened my eyes to see Jessica and the girls sitting on the other side of the bed brushing each others hair. Kin was lifting my cock up and fitting it to her pussy. I hesitated before reaching between us to move her hand. She looked into my face quickly and bit her lip.

I opened her slit and moved her down until it was around my cock shaft and then started moving her hips. I pulled her back and forth on my cock, rubbing it through her pussy. She shuddered and then grinned and put her hands on my chest to do it herself. I reached up to rub her nipples and Kin shivered and then spasmed, “OH!”

Jessica and the girls giggled but Kin didn’t hear or care, she became erratic and kept jerking. The feel on me was wonderful but I sighed and knew she would want more. I lifted her hips and my cock before slowly pulling her down. She wiggled almost urgently and forced my cock into her. She stopped suddenly when I pushed into her and looked at me with wide eyes. Jessica was suddenly beside us and hugged her, “Slowly Kin. Just rock back and forth and get used to him.”

I groaned as her extremely tight pussy squeezed me and she started to rock. She shuddered and grinned as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. Jessica began to finger her clit and Kin began shaking and shuddering as her pussy slid further down my cock. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and spasming as the head of my cock began to rub against her cervix.

She became erratic and her pussy was a lot wetter. Her tight, warm pussy felt wonderful and I groaned before pulling her down and rolling. I kissed her before starting to fuck her with long strokes that almost pulled my cock out of her before I slowly thrust back into her womb. Kin lifted her legs and held me tight as she started convulsing.

She was shaking as her pussy rippled and spasmed. I groaned as I pressed against her womb and began to pump and spurt cum. She gasped as warm sperm erupted against and spewed into her belly. I shuddered as I continued to flood her womb and finally sighed and relaxed when I stopped. I pulled out of her and kissed her before rolling onto my back.

Jessica giggled and lay down between her legs and licked through her leaking slit. I watched and then grinned as Kin shuddered and lifted her hips. Akira moved over and straddled me before hesitantly caressing my chest. Like with Kin I lifted her and placed my cock in her slit before pulling her back and forth. She shuddered and grinned before starting to do it herself.

She thrust back and forth slowly, grinding down on my cummy cock. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and shuddering. Jessica moved up Kin’s body and lay beside her and held her as she watched Akira and me. It felt good slipping through this girl’s shaven slit. She finally groaned and lifted up, “Please master?”

I lifted my cock and she slowly impaled herself. Her pussy was extremely tight like Kin’s and almost hot as it surrounded my cock and squeezed. Akira began to slowly rock as she twisted and turned while rolling her hips. I gasped at the feeling and she shuddered and jerked as I pushed against her womb. A couple of minutes and she began to jerk erratically and then convulse.

She was incoherent as she wailed and thrashed around uncontrollably. I cupped her breasts and tugged on her nipples as her tight, pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. Akira jerked and howled as she went wild. I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her body. I used deep thrusts that pushed her womb open and made her clutch at me.

I kept fucking her with deep, firm thrusts and she continued to cum as she wailed and spasmed. After almost fifteen minutes I thrust into her and began to pump and spew another load of cum. Akira screamed as she felt warm sperm in her womb and lifted her legs and spread them. I only pumped a half dozen times before I stopped, but her womb was already flooded.

I kissed her softly before slowly pulling out. I lay back on the bed as Jessica moved down between Akira’s legs. Kin shyly snuggled against me and put her head on my shoulder, “Thank you for being nice master.”

I looked at her and gave her a hug. It was a few minutes before Jessica moved up and pushed Akira towards my other side. She snuggled against Akira and smiled at me as Victoria snuggled against Kin’s other side. I woke to my cell phone ringing and struggled against soft bodies. I slipped out of bed as I answered, “Yeah?”

There was a chuckled, “It took you long enough.”

I quietly left the bedroom, “Tank?”

“Bill told us about the guy you had to give a pass on.”

I frowned as I sat, “the one with the stash of gold, yeah.”

He cleared his throat, “We want to talk.”

I looked at the bedroom doorway as Jessica came out, “Bring your wife. I’m not playing bad guy this time.”

He laughed, “come to Bill’s.”

He hung up and Jessica raised an eyebrow as I set the phone down. I glanced at the window to see it was barely dawn. I stood and crossed to Jessica before taking her hand and leading her into the kitchen. I started hot water and sat before pulling her onto my lap, “It was Tank, he said the guys want to talk to me about the guy I had to pass on.”

Jessica stood and turned to straddle me before lifting my cock. She slowly sat and I pushed into her warm pussy. I held her as she wiggled and shuddered before giving me a kiss, “only if I go with you this time.”

I opened my mouth and then closed it as an idea struck. I grinned and tugged on her nipples, “that might be an idea.”

She looked at me carefully as she rocked slowly, “What idea?”

I grinned and pulled her close, “I only tell my idea to everyone so I only have to tell it once.”

She grinned and stood before taking my hand and pulling me after her. She turned at the edge of the bed and laid back with her legs up and spread as she held out her arms, “this way so you can get me pregnant.”

I smiled and moved closer before bending my cock and pushing back into the warm pussy. I leaned over her and kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly. I used long, slow, deep thrusts that pushed my cock into her womb. Gradually I started fucking her harder as she began to shudder and jerk while moaning. The girls woke and moved closer and Jessica reached out to take Kin’s hand.

It was several minutes before I was fucking her hard and she was spasming and jerking around as her pussy tightened. I thrust into her a few minutes later and held her hips as she bucked and thrashed. My cock was jerking and began to gush and pee cum into her womb. Jessica wailed and lifted her legs as warm cum filled her. I spewed and spurted and poured cum into her until my cock was just throbbing.

She grinned and pulled me down for a kiss as she shivered and her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She turned her head to look at Victoria before sighing, “You need to do Victoria now.”

I looked at the girl before smiling, “you want me?”

She smiled shyly and nodded before turning around to lay beside Jessica with her legs spread. I kissed Jess before pulling out and moving over between Victoria’s legs. I pushed into her tight pussy slowly and lay on her to kiss her as I started to fuck her nice and slow. By the time my cock was pushing into her womb she was shuddering as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock.

She had her arms around me and lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist. She kept lifting and thrusting her pussy up each time I pushed into her. Ten minutes later she was jerking and convulsing as she clung to me and cried out. Her slippery pussy was continuously squeezing my cock as I fucked in and out of her. I finally jerked and shuddered as I thrust into her and held her shaking body while gushing a thick stream of cum.

Victoria wailed and lifted and spread her legs as I pumped her womb full. I spurted and spewed eight large spurts before I was done and lay on her trying to catch my breath. I kissed her softly before pulling out, “We need showers and breakfast.”

Jessica waved, “Take Akira and Kin into the shower, Victoria and I will be awhile.”

I looked at her before nodding and holding my hand out, “come wash me girls.”

They giggled as they jumped out of bed and ran to take my hand. The shower was fun as I tried to wash and feel their bodies while they washed me. We finally got out and dried off before I sent them to dress and come to the kitchen. Jessica and Victoria were laying together on the bed whispering and giggling. I shook my head as I dressed and hesitantly took my pistol out and a holster.

When we finally got to Bill’s everyone was already there. Tank grinned when we walked in, “We thought you decided not to come.”

I smiled and sat in a vacant chair, “I had a few things I had to do.”

I looked at their wives as they came to stand or sit with their husbands, “I hope you told everyone this wasn’t my idea.”

Edward grinned as the others chuckled, “We told them.”

I nodded and sat back before looking at Tank, “it’s your dime.”

He nodded and looked at the others, “We want to go after the target you let slide.”

Paul cleared his throat, “With a billion dollars we would never have to worry about money.”

I looked at each of them, “Do you know how much gold weights?”

They nodded and I looked at Jess before pulling her onto my lap, “The vote is only for your wives and if even one says no, we don’t go.”

They grinned and nodded and I started around the room. Jess was last and cleared her throat, “Only if I go too.”

The guys opened their mouth but I held up my hand. I grinned, “it’s a go.”

I leaned forward and began telling them my idea and slowly their resistance changed. When I was done, I looked at each of them and like we used to do each nodded or shook their heads to agree or disagree. Everyone nodded and I sighed before looking at Bill, “talk to your contact in the Marshals. After we take Mr. Gurriero we will meet a cutter in international waters to hand him over.”

He nodded and I looked at Bill, “find us a large boat we can use. I’ll use my corporate account to buy it.”

He nodded and I looked at Tank, “look into bio feed back loaders and get at least three.”

Tank nodded and I looked at Tex, “We are going to need trucks.”

He smiled and nodded and I looked at Edward, “we need current maps and if possible a few satellite pictures.”

He grinned, “What are you going to do?”

I stood and held Jess, “make the travel and tour arrangements as well as get our weapons.”

Jess kissed my cheek, “Go play, we’ll stay and talk with the other wives.”

Once we had a mission things always seemed to move quickly. Not only did I get papers for Akira and Kin, we also got passports. A week later we left and flew out in a chartered jet. The plane still seemed crowded with women along. One look at the large yacht and I wrote out a check. It took two days to reach Venezuela and things went smoothly as the local travel agent met us.

The other gear we had arranged was in place and the first night Bill, Edward and I managed a recon of the compound. I almost laughed at the poor security before we slipped away. Three days of playing tourist with our wives was almost fun. The night we moved, Victoria, Akira and Kin stayed on the boat and kept watch. The other wives were driving large trucks while we moved into place.

I slipped through the security and onto the second floor balcony. I walked through the door that had been left open and down the hallway. Each night we had taken turns scouting so I moved confidently down to the bottom floor. I slipped into a large surveillance room and a man turned and opened his mouth. He jerked and spasmed as the taser wires hit him.

I moved forward and secured him quickly. I shut the surveillance system off as well as the alarms. I keyed my radio and four men were suddenly taken down. I was moving as the security on duty was taken care of and climbed back up to the large master bedroom. I used a light cloth with chloroform to keep Mr. Gurriero asleep. I did the same thing with a woman in bed with him.

I tied him up and lifted him to my shoulder. When I walked out the front door Jessica and the other wives were driving through the gates. Edward headed in to review the security tapes. Paul took our prisoner and used a sedative to keep him asleep as we unloaded and went to work. When each truck was loaded it was driven away. After the last of the gold was loaded we put the loaders back on the last truck and climbed in.

We spent the rest of the night unloading at the dock before returning the trucks and loaders. The sun was barely up when we left the dock and headed out to sea. The coast guard cutter that met us had two US Marshals and they gave us a receipt before we let them have our prisoner. We turned the yacht and headed for Panama and the canal. The man that met us at the dock was more then happy to buy the gold.

I even had a buyer for the yacht waiting. The flight home was quiet as everyone finally relaxed. The Venezuela government screamed about the US kidnaping one of their citizens until the state department gave them some of the papers and surveillance videos Mr. Gurriero had. (They described the planned assassination of several leaders.) After I closed the front door at home Jessica sighed and just dropped everything before starting to undress.

The others grinned and began stripping as I shook my head and went to put my things away. I heard the girls in the bathing room as I undressed and put on a pair of light cotton pants. I turned when Jess came in and took my hand before leading me to the bathing room. In the time since they had come into our lives all three girls had opened up. Victoria was waiting inside the door and pulled my pants down.

Jess waited and then pulled me to the shower where Akira and Kin took over and washed me. Jess and Victoria slipped into the hot water of the tub and when the two girls finished washing me, they pulled me to the tub. I let them pull me in and sat back with a sigh. Jess shifted until she was leaning against me, “guess what?”

I smiled and cupped a breast, “I’m going to fuck you all night?”

She grinned as the girls laughed. She shook me and kissed me softly before looking at Victoria, “We’re pregnant.”

I grinned and looked at Virginia and then back at her before pulling her onto my lap, “are you sure?”

She nodded, “We’ll see a doctor but we’re sure.”

I pulled Victoria closer and hugged both of them. Jess wiggled on my lap, “Kin and Akira get you first tonight and then us.”

I smiled at the two girls as they grinned, “They just want to feel me cum in them.”

Jess laughed as the girls nodded eagerly. Victoria kissed my cheek before standing, “my turn to start dinner.”

I grabbed her and pulled her back, “Not tonight, we can get dressed and go out to eat.”

Jess wiggled and kissed me, “If we are going out then we better go get dressed.”

She stood and the girls followed her out. I sat back for a minute and grinned as I thought of Jess and Victoria pregnant. I stood and went to dry off and grabbed my pants. I went to the bedroom to get dressed and tried to ignored the girls as they giggled and flashed me. I slipped a holster on in the small of my back before putting the compact pistol into the holster.

The girls were happy as we ate. When we came out of the restaurant it was to a light rain. What I noticed was the two men that had been standing across the street in the rain. They began walking towards us and I touched Jess before moving away. The girls went silent as Jess pulled them down. I reached back and had the pistol half out of the holster.

The two men reached into their light jackets and I brought the pistol up. They both froze with weapons half out. I shook my head and slowly moved around behind them. I took both weapons and made them kneel, that was when the police arrived. I had an Imperial warrant to carry my weapon but the two men didn’t, worse they were both wanted.

By the tattoos they were wearing I knew who they were. I sent Jess and the girls home and made a call before taking a walk. I walked into the restaurant and looked around before I started across the room. When the bodyguard moved in front of me, I didn’t even slow as I pulled my pistol and hit him in the face. I kept walking as the room went silent and two more bodyguards stood. I stopped in front the table with Mr. Lee, “two of your men just tried to take me out.”

He waved his men back, “I did not order it.”

I looked at the young man at the end of the table as he looked away. I looked back at the Yakaza boss, “do your men normal work for someone else?”

His eyes had followed mine and came back to me. His mouth was thinner, “I will take care of it.”

I holstered my pistol, “this is two.”

He bowed low and I turned to walk out. I half smiled when I saw Bill, Tex and Tank cradling rifles across the street. When I walked into the house Jess ran to me and into my arms. The three girls weren’t far behind as she kept kissing me. I finally laughed, “Kin is first Jess.”

She shook me, “Who were they?”

I hugged and kissed the three girls before pulling Jess into the other room, “they were sent by a underling that has a lot to explain to his boss right now.”

She sighed and then grinned, “want to bet you get another slave tomorrow?”

I glared at her before Kin pulled me down on the couch. Akira sat in my lap and leaned against me, “You are a good master.”

I hugged her and caressed Kin’s cheek before looking at Jess as she sat with Victoria. I sighed and finally shrugged, “if I do, we are leaving as soon as we get passports.”

She grinned, “Take Akira and Kin to bed.”

Akira jumped off my lap as Kin stood and they both pulled me up. I smiled and pushed them towards the bedroom door, “nymphs.”

I followed as they giggled and ran to jump on the bed. I put my pistol on the night stand and undressed before moving onto the bed and reaching for Kin. She grinned and lay back as I laid beside her. Akira laughed and lay on her other side and we both started caressing her body. I kissed her softly before slipping my hand down to finger her clit.

Akira was sucking on her nipples and Kin was shivering. Her bald pussy was wet and warm as I started slipping a finger through her slit. She moaned as I rubbed her clit with my palm and slipped a finger into her extremely tight hole. It was a few minutes before she spasmed and jerked as her tight pussy rippled and tightened around my finger.

I kissed Akira and moved over Kin and pushed her legs open. I positioned my cock and slowly forced it into her. She was slippery and sighed as I began to fuck her. I always tried to go slow and be careful when I fucked her. Of course she always tried to get me to fuck her harder and faster. Akira rubbed my back and fingered her pussy as I fucked Kin.

It was several minutes before I hit her cervix and she wailed as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I groaned and kissed her as she kept pulling on me and finally sighed before fucking her like she wanted. It wasn’t long before I was fucking in and out of her womb as her tight pussy got wetter and slipperier. She kept spasming and jerking as I fucked her and it was several more minutes before I thrust into her and groaned.

Kin howled as I spewed huge, gushing streams of warm cum. She clung to me and kept murmuring for me to fill her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. I kissed her softly before pulling out and moving towards Akira who laid back with a smile. Jess and Victoria had come in and moved onto the bed as I moved down between Akira’s legs.

Jess held Kin as Victoria moved down to lick her leaking pussy. I opened Akira’s smooth, bald pussy before starting to lick her. She loves it when I tongue fuck her so I took my time and rubbed her clit with my thumb as I kept fucking my tongue in and out. When I covered her clit and started sucking as I wiggled my tongue Akira spasmed and twisted away.

I grinned and rolled her onto her back before moving over her. She fumbled with my cock before fitting it to her tight pussy and wrapping her legs around my butt. She pulled with her feet and forced my cock into her. I kissed her softly as I began to fuck her with ever deepening thrusts. Her pussy was warm and slippery as I fucked deeper and it began to squeeze my cock.

By the time I hit her womb she was already jerking erratically and wailing. Her womb opened and my cock pushed in. I kept my cock buried and started to hump, press and jab into her. Akira was breathing hard and after a couple of minutes she hugged me and cried out. She was shaking as her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock.

Every few minutes she kept doing this and I finally fucked her long and hard. I thrust into her shaking body and held her as I started to spurt and pump cum. Akira tightened her legs around my waist as her pussy milked the warm cum straight into her womb. I pumped seven large spurts before stopping and she sighed and pulled my face to hers for a kiss.

I slowly pulled out of her tight pussy and Victoria rolled me onto my back as Jess moved down between Akira’s legs. Victoria bent to lick my cummy cock before straddling me. I cupped her breasts as she slowly sat on my cock. She wiggled and pushed until my cock was against her cervix before she started to slowly thrust back and forth.

She was taking her time and kept sighing as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. Jess moved up to hold Kin as Akira turned to watch. Victoria started to get erratic and her pussy was contracting around my cock constantly. She was wetter and slipperier as my cock fucked in and out of her easier. When she started jerking and convulsing I pulled her down and held her shaking body.

She started to relax and took a deep breath, I kissed her and sat her up again. Victoria grinned as she began to rock back and forth almost pulling my cock out before sitting back. Her warm, slippery pussy kept grasping my cock as she fucked me harder. It was several minutes before she was erratic again and started to spasm. I started tugging on her nipples and she wailed as her pussy tightened.

A couple of minutes later I grunted and grabbed her waist to hold her as I began to spurt warm cum against and into her womb. Victoria jerked with each spurt as I pumped it into her and shuddered. When I stopped cumming she groaned and lifted her hips before sliding off and laying beside me. Jess moved over Akira and Kin and snuggled against me.

A minute later and Victoria was putting her head on my other shoulder and Kin and Akira were snuggling against Jess. It was quiet as everyone relaxed but I kept worrying. It was just past midnight when I woke up. Victoria had turned in her sleep and I looked at Jess before shifting until she was on her stomach. I turned and moved over her and pushed her legs open.

I positioned my cock and pushed into her before starting to fuck her. It was a couple of minutes before she moaned and lifted her hips and pushed back. I fucked into her deeper and she started to shudder and jerk. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and spasming as I fucked her with long, deep thrusts. She was muffling her cries in the bed as she convulsed and her pussy squeezed my cock.

When I buried my cock against the back of her pussy and started spewing cum she jerked and shoved back as she hissed, “YES!”

I held her as I pushed into her and continued to spurt and pump cum. When I stopped, she shuddered and sighed before looking back as I slowly pulled out. She grinned, “horny goat.”

I grinned and lay beside her and caressed her butt. She turned to put her head on my shoulder before relaxing. I woke to the single beep of my watch and opened my eyes. I nudged Jess before turning to Victoria. I turned her and rolled her onto her back and she opened her eyes and smiled. They knew I was always horny in the morning and Victoria spread her legs as I moved over between them.

I pushed into her warm, slick pussy and kissed her as I began to fuck her. Jess woke Akira and Kin as I started fucking Victoria deeper. She was grunting and hugging me as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. It wasn’t long before she spasmed and shuddered before wrapping her legs around me. I pushed against her womb and started humping and grinding as she shook.

I started fucking her with long strokes and didn’t try to hold back. It didn’t take me long to get close to cumming. Victoria was convulsing and cried out as I shoved into her and began to spurt my morning load of cum. She lifted and spread her legs as warm cum started pumping against her womb. I was careful not to push to hard as I keep spewing and when I stopped she shuddered and dropped her legs. She hugged me and gave me a kiss, “Good morning.”

I pulled out of her pussy slowly and moved off the bed before helping her. I kissed her and rubbed her butt before walking to the bathing room with her. Jess grinned when we came into the kitchen, “there’s a messenger for you on the porch.”

I looked at her and Jess grinned. I went to put on a robe and slipped my pistol into the pocket. When I opened the front door it was to see a young boy. I glanced around before stepping out, “You have a message for me?”

He knelt and held up a folded and wax sealed parchment, “Mr. Lee sends his wish to meet with you.”

I nodded and broke the seal. I opened the parchment carefully and read it before nodding to the boy, “nine.”

He bowed and came to his feet smoothly and spun before walking up to the road and the car that was waiting. I went in and crossed to the phone to make a call. I called for Jess to get the girls dressed and headed for the bathing room and a shower. I dressed carefully ignoring Jess and the girls. Jess sobered up when she saw me pulling weapons out.

We went to Bill’s where I found the others dressed for combat. I smiled and nodded as I sat to sip tea. I finally stood and nodded to Bill before looking at Jess, “I’ll be back.”

She smiled, “With another slave?”

When I walked into the restaurant the others followed and spread out cradling Saiga automatic shotguns. I walked across the room as the six bodyguards shifted nervously. I ignored them as I stop at the yakaza boss’s table. I bowed and he smiled before nodding and gesturing across from him. He looked at my friends before looking into my eyes as I crossed my legs and sat, “my assistant was under the impression your death would return my son’s honor.”

I glanced at the man behind him with one hand bandaged. I looked at Mr. Lee, “Killing someone doesn’t bring honor, saving lives brings honor.”

He bowed and turned to look at the man before nodding, “true.”

He gestured and one of the bodyguards turned and opened a door. Two girls walked in with their heads down. I looked at Mr. Lee and he turned back to me, “My assistant’s sisters.”

When I walked into Bill’s the others were still chuckling. Jess run straight into my arms. I held her and gave her a hug before pushing her back and turning. The two girls still had their heads down as I cleared my throat, “This is Mika and Saki, my concubines.”

The girls looked up as Jess grinned and I turned, “girls, this is my wife Jessica.”

They bowed and Jess shook her head, “come with me.”

I looked around at the other wives and they smiled. I sighed and crossed to sit, “any chance I can get some tea?”

Terri set a cup on the table as Bill and the others sat down, “I haven’t seen any money from the job we did.”

I smiled and looked from her to Bill, “Did you look in your husbands account?”

She frowned, “But...”

I grinned as Bill shifted around, “You were going to spend his half anyway.”

She grinned as the other women laughed. I sipped my tea and looked at Bill, “I’m going to Italy for a couple of weeks.”

He smiled, “you’ll be back before school starts?”

I nodded and turned to look as Jess led all the girls back into the room. Kin came to sit in my lap and whispered, “They were afraid.”

I hugged her and glanced at Mika and Saki, “so were you.”

Jess bent to kiss me, “I’m taking them shopping.”

I nodded and pushed Kin off my lap, “you need to start the paperwork for their passports.”

Jess smiled, “I know. We’ll be home this afternoon.”

I nodded and looked at Bill, “want to go fishing?”

He grinned and looked at Terri as she whispered with the other wives, “Sure.”

It was a few minutes before Jess and the girls left with all the other wives. Five minutes later we were heading out too. We actually caught a couple of tuna as we talked and laughed in the boat. When Tex dropped me off in front of my house the lights were on. I walked in to see Jess and all the girls naked in the living room.

She walked to me grinning and took the wrapped packets of tuna before giving me a kiss. I headed for the bathing room and stripped. Kin, Akira, Mika and Saki followed me in and Kin and Akira started the shower and pulled me under the water. Mika and Saki were hesitant as they started helping. Kin bent me over to wash my hair, “you are really smelly.”

I grinned and sucked on one of her nipples. She shuddered and laughed before pushing me back so she could finish. I caressed Mika’s bare hip, “Did you girls enjoy your shopping trip?”

She stopped moving but Akira bumped her and she nodded, “Yes sir.”

I sighed; Victoria, Akira and Kin had started off like that. I looked at Akira and she grinned, “she’ll learn.”

I turned until I was facing Saki and caressed her cheek, “did you have fun too?”

She nodded but she was looking at my hard cock. I smiled and rubbed a nipple, “feel it.”

She looked up into my face quickly as she blushed. I reached for her hand and pulled it to my cock. She wrapped her hand around me and a few moments later she gave it a squeeze and a soft stroke. She smiled and began feeling it as Akira pulled her sister around and pulled her hand to my cock. I stood still as the two girls felt my cock. Kin finally hugged me, “Take one to bed.”

I smiled as the two girls blushed and looked up. I looked at Kin, “carefully you or I will fuck you right here.”

She grinned and squeezed me before shutting off the water. I took the towel from Akira and nodded to Mika and Saki. She smiled and turned with Kin to help dry the two girls as I took care of myself. I grabbed my clothes and sorted through them for weapons and equipment before tossing them into the laundry basket. The girls were waiting as I finished and followed me out to the bedroom.

Akira and Kin pulled Saki into the kitchen where I could hear Jess and Victoria and left Mika with me. I put everything away and turned to her. She stood by the bed nervously and I walked to her and gave her a soft kiss, “when you are ready.”

She looked at me before nodding and I turned to grab a pair of soft pants. Jess frowned as I sat and pulled Mika onto my lap. I gave her a hug before asking Jess if she had started the paperwork for passports. She smiled, “I also sent the school a notice for the girls.”

I sighed because now I had two more girls I had to have sex with while a bunch of men watched. I kept Mika on my lap through dinner before letting her go. She smiled and kissed my cheek before she climbed off. I sat in the front room as Jess watched a show from the states. Victoria, Akira and Kin were used to it and had become addicted to her shows too.

I pulled Saki onto my lap as the other girls started telling Mika what it was about. I caressed her body and Saki looked at me before leaning against me. I absently spread her legs like I have done to the other girls and started fingering her pussy. When she suddenly moaned and shuddered on my lap I looked at her. She had her eyes closed and was panting, her pussy was wet and slippery. I checked inside her to find her hymen missing. Jess had turned to watch and smiled, “I broke them this morning.”

Saki opened her eyes as I went back to rubbing her small clit, “They need to wait before having sex then.”

Saki shuddered and jerked as she wet me. I kissed her softly, “I am going to love licking and tasting your pussy.”

She grinned and hugged me before sighing and relaxing. Victoria stood and pulled her off my lap and towards the bathing room. Akira bumped Mika and she bit her lip before standing and coming to sit on my lap. I hugged her as she hesitantly spread her legs. I caressed her hips before slipping a finger into her slit, “I will lick your pussy too.”

She looked at me and then at Jess. Jess smiled and turned back to her show. It didn’t take her long to get wet or to start breathing harder. I kissed her cheek, “Okay now?”

She nodded jerkily as she kept wiggling around on my lap. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and shuddered hard. Akira had been watching and stood to take her to the bathing room. Victoria was back with Saki who was smiling as she sat beside her. I cleared my throat, “Jess?”

She grinned and stood before walking to me and turning to face away. I pulled my pant off as she sat slowly and lifted my cock until I pushed into her. She sighed and shuddered before spreading her legs and leaning back. I reached around to cup a breast with one hand and down to finger her wet pussy with my other. She shuddered a minute later and her warm pussy tightened to squeeze my cock.

It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed as she cried out. She was slippery as her pussy tried to milk my cock and Kin came to straddle us and kiss her, “Want help?”

Victoria laughed as I grinned, “Just finger her.”

I kissed the back of Jess’s neck as Kin kissed her passionately. She moved my hand to start fingering Jess and it wasn’t long before she was jerking erratically and wailing. Her pussy kept tightening around my cock as she shook. I pulled her down as my cock throbbed and she shuddered hard as I spewed gushing jets of cum. I pumped and spurted and spewed before finally stopping. Kin giggled, “did he cum a lot?”

Jess hugged her, “You know he always cums a lot the first time.”

Victoria and Akira laughed and Kin grinned. Kin moved off us and Jess turned her head to kiss me, “take your little bitch to bed, she’s been horny all day.”

Kin was grinning wider as Victoria and Akira laughed again. I smiled as I stood, “Mika, Saki come with us.”

They stood and followed as Kin held my hand and pulled me to the bed. She crawled onto the bed and wiggled her cute butt at me, “This way?”

I smiled and gestured for Mika and Saki to get on the bed. I rubbed through Kin’s wet pussy and fingered her clit, “You really are wet aren’t you?”

She shuddered and pushed back as she dropped her head, “Yes.”

I moved and bent my cock before rubbing the head through her slit and pushing into her. Kin sighed and pushed back. I held her slim waist as I began to fuck her slowly. Mika and Saki were beside her and Mika smiled, “it doesn’t hurt?”

Kin shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed me, “No.”

Saki giggled, “you like it?”

Kin was thrusting back and forth and grunting as she tried to make me fuck her harder, “YES!”

They laughed and I started fucking her harder and rubbing her asshole. She jerked and arched her back as she squirted, “AAAAAHHHHHH!”

She spasmed and jerked as her pussy rippled and tightened. I pushed into her and held her as she continued to jerk and shake. When she sighed and started to relax I pulled out and then thrust back in. She stiffened and then started thrashing around, “SIMON!”

I grinned as Mika and Saki laughed and pulled out of her before rolling her onto her back. I moved onto the bed between her spread legs and pushed back into her wet pussy and started fucking her. Kin held her legs up and spread as I fucked her. It wasn’t long before she was thrashing around again and wailing. I finally pushed into her and pressed before cumming in huge, gushing spurts. She hugged me as she jerked and shuddered, “mmmmmmm!”

Saki laughed and laid beside us as I gave Kin a kiss and pulled out, “Thank you Kin.”

I slipped off the bed and walked to the door as Saki and Kin whispered and giggled. I looked out at Jess and the girls, “Come to bed.”

She grinned before pulling Victoria up and then Akira. When I got back to the bed the girls were under the sheet and snuggling together as Kin continued to whisper to them. Akira slipped into bed beside me and caressed me before moving to straddle me. Jess and Victoria were holding each other and Jess reached out to rub Akira’s butt, “No more after Akira, Mika has to get pregnant.”

I gave her a dirty look, “Not Saki, not yet.”

She smiled as Akira wiggled on me, “We know, just Mika. You can get me pregnant next year.”

I shook my head, “Crazy girl.”

She laughed as Jess snickered. She lifted up and I reached between us to position my cock. She pushed and wiggled and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She kept pushing back until I was against her womb. She sighed and put her head on my shoulder, “night.”

Victoria laughed and hugged Jess, “go to sleep before he fucks you.”

She giggled and then they were quiet. Mika whispered, “when do we know it is our turn to have sex?”

Kin giggled as she shifted, “when you get horny and want it.”

Akira giggled as her pussy squeezed my cock, “he really likes licking us.”

Jess laughed, “And feeling us.”

Victoria giggled, “a lot.”

I was grinning and hugged Akira, “and you girls enjoy teasing me until I do.”

They laughed and Akira wiggled as her pussy squeezed me again. Seki quietly whispered, “I liked when he rubbed my pussy.”

It was quiet again and Mika moved over next us, “I liked when you felt my pussy too.”

Akira lifted up until my cock came out of her. She gave me a kiss and moved over to Jess and Victoria. I turned to Mika and caressed her trembling body, “Can I lick your pussy?”

She wiggled and whispered, “yes.”

I moved over her and gave her a soft kiss before kissing down her body. She was still a little stiff as I pushed her legs open and kissed her pussy. I opened her pussy and licked through it and sucked on her clit. She moaned and shuddered as I kept teasing her clit and a minute later her hips lifted as she spread her legs wider.

I started nibbling on her small inner lips and squeezed her clit with my lips. Mika jerked and cried out as she began to shudder hard. It was a couple of minutes before she thrashed around and twisted away. I smiled and moved up before settling between her legs, “Okay?”

She nodded and put her arms around me, “It was really good.”

I lifted up and pushed with my hips. Mika stiffened but I held still as she looked into my eyes before smiling, “Please?”

I gave her a soft kiss before shifting and rolling until she was on top of me. I caressed and hugged her, “Okay, now you can do what you want and only as much as you want.”

Mika looked into my face before sitting up and hesitatingly thrusting her pussy back and forth on my cock. She shuddered and grinned before lifting up. I lifted my cock and she positioned her pussy before looking at me and suddenly pushing down to force it into her. She stopped moving as she got a surprised look on her face.

I held her hips and waited until she shuddered and her already tight pussy squeezed my cock. She closed her eyes and started rocking slowly and gradually my cock pushed deeper. By the time I was pushing against her cervix she was shuddering constantly and her tight pussy was rippling and squeezing me. A minute later she started jerking and moaning as she became erratic.

She was pushing down harder and my cock pushed into her womb. She wailed suddenly as she thrashed around and convulsed. She squirted as I held her up while her pussy spasmed and tightened. I finally pulled her down and rolled over before starting to fuck her. I used long thrusts and she howled as she wrapped her arms and legs around me.

It was a couple of minutes before I slowly pushed all the way into her and starting to spew and pump large spurts of cum. Mika hugged me as her pussy tightened, “AAAAAHHHHHHH!”

She kept shuddering as I poured cum into her womb. When I finally stopped cumming it was several moments before she groaned and started to relax. She sighed as her legs dropped to the bed and I gave her a kiss before carefully rolling until she was on me again. She put her head on my shoulder, “I liked that.”

It was a moment before she giggled, “a lot!”

The others laughed and Akira came closer to snuggled against us. I tried to relax and not keep fucking her but it was hard. It was barely ten minutes before Mika started rocking again. I laughed and hugged her, “More?”

She sat up, “please?”

I rubbed her nipples as the other girls giggled. I pulled her down and rolled over before starting to fuck her with long strokes again. Mika shuddered and her cummy pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she was thrusting up harder and jerking as she moaned out loud. I thrust into her completely and started to hump and press into her.

It was barely a minute before she was kicking in the air and wailing as she wet me. She continued to convulse and shake as I pulled back and started fucking her with deep thrusts. She wrapped her arms around me and held on as her body writhed around and spasmed. Her pussy kept squeeze my cock and she continued to howl. I fucked her with firm thrusts and a few minutes later buried my cock as she lifted her hips.

She stiffened as warm cum erupted and flooded her womb once more. Her body seemed to tremble and she hugged me and sighed. I pumped and spewed and spurted until her pussy and womb were full and she was leaking. I kissed her softly before pulling out of her. I turned her to lay half on me and she put her head on my shoulder. I looked at Jess who grinning back at me before giving Mika a hug, “Sleep.”

She took a deep breath and sighed as she relaxed. I woke before the alarm went off and looked at the bed full of naked girls cuddling together. I carefully slipped out from under Mika before going to the bathroom and then into the kitchen. Jess and the girls struggled in an hour later and I set the pancakes I had made on the table, “did you buy Mika and Saki suitcases?”

Jess grinned, “I was saving that for another shopping trip.”

I grinned and bent to kiss Mika, “Once more?”

She grinned and nodded as I walked out and the other girls started talking and giggling. Mika ran in behind me and jumped onto the bed. I laid beside her and caressed her body before leaning over to suck on a nipple. I kept doing that as one hand caressed down her body and rubbed through her slit. She shuddered and groaned as her hips lifted.

I started to slowly finger fuck her as I moved up to start kissing her. She moaned and hugged me as her hips lifted each time my finger slipped into her. It was a couple of minutes before Mika spasmed and jerked as she moaned louder. I shifted over her as she spread her legs and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her.

I used long thrusts until my cock was hitting and then pushing into her womb. After that I fucked her nice and slow and started to press and grind. It didn’t take her long to begin wailing and shaking. Her warm, slippery pussy kept rippling and squeezing my cock. She wrapped her legs around me and hugged me tight as I kissed her. I pushed all the way into her and began to hump and jab.

Mika lifted her legs and started twisting and jerking as she cried out. Her pussy continued to grasp and tighten around my cock. I waited a couple of minutes before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. She began bucking and wiggled under me and a minute later I slowly buried my cock. She stiffened as she felt my cock throb and jerk and then I was gushing warm cum into her. She clutched at me as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I spurted jet after jets until her womb was full and bulging. I kissed her when I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out. I lay beside her and caressed her body as she caught her breath. She had an angel’s smile as she looked at me, “I dreamed sex would be good but it is even better.”

I laughed and leaned over to kiss her. I held her against me and caressed her pelvis, “I’m sorry you need to get pregnant.”

She sighed, “It was my choice.”

I nodded and hugged her, “and now it is mine.”

Mika nodded and put her head on my shoulder. A few minutes later Jess came in and sat on the bed, “all done?”

I grinned and reached for her and she laughed as she slipped away, “No you don’t, we need to wash and go out.”

While Jess and the girls were out shopping I cleaned up and did a few chores. I went to the door when the drive alarm went off and blinked when I saw Bill and the others. When their wives got out I grinned and opened the door wider, “the party is here today?”

They grinned as they came in, I gestured through the house to the kitchen and pulled out my cell to call Jess. I was pushed to a chair as Terri and Rachael, Tank’s wife started moving around the kitchen. By the time I was drinking tea, Jess and the girls were walking in the door with bags of stuff. They put the bags in the bedroom before brings bags of groceries into the kitchen.

Terri cleared her throat as Jess and the girls started putting things away, “We want to do another mission Simon.”

I glanced at Bill, “What happened to, I was going to get your husbands killed?”

He grinned and the other guys chuckled. Terri blushed, “We saw how you planned everything.”

I looked at the other guys, “We don’t need the money.”

Terri looked at the other women, “We like it...”

Jess laughed and I turned in time for her to sit on my lap. She looked at the other women, “We are going to Italy.”

Paul cleared his throat, “you don’t have anything in Europe?”

I looked at him before sighing, “Not in Italy. I had a target in Alexandria.”

Jess looked at me and I grinned, “No heavy lifting.”

She looked at Victoria, “What do you think?”

Victoria bit her lip, “What will we do?”

I looked at her and then at the other girls before grinning, “Do you remember how to drive a boat?”

She grinned and nodded and I looked at Jess. She sighed, “Not until Mika is pregnant.”

I looked at a blushing Mika, “when is she fertile?”

Jess sighed, “three weeks.”

I shook my head, “Then she wouldn’t even get pregnant while we are in Italy.”

I held my hand out to Mika, “Scotland is where she will get pregnant.”

I took her hand when she walked to me and Jess finally nodded, “Plan it carefully Simon.”

Everyone chuckled and I hugged Jess, “I always plan carefully.”

We sat and talked and planned while the women moved around the kitchen. After dinner they left and Jess nodded to Saki. I glanced at her as she looked down, “will you lick my pussy?”

I grinned, “that’s my favorite thing to do.”

She looked up quickly as I stood and held out my hand. She grinned and took it before letting me lead her to the bedroom. I turned at the bed and let her move onto it as I undressed. I followed her onto the bed and caressed her slim body before giving her a kiss, “Thank you Saki.”

She smiled as I started kissing down her body and spread her legs. I opened her shaven pussy and licked through it before covering her clit and sucking. I kept licking her and teasing her clit. Every now and again I would push my tongue up into her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and jerking. She was lifting and thrusting her hips up almost constantly.

Saki finally wailed and started convulsing as she twisted away. I smiled and moved up her body and held her as she kept shuddering. It was a minute before she grinned and hugged me. I gave her a kiss and lifted up before fitting my cock and pushing hard as I wiggled. She groaned as my cock was slowly forced into her. She was slippery though so I began to fuck her nice and slow.

She hugged me as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and I slowly worked it deeper. I finally hit the back of her pussy and stopped. I started to kiss her softly and it wasn’t long before Saki was moaning and shuddering as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. When she suddenly jerked and spasmed I began to fuck her again. I used long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out before pushing back to her womb.

A few minutes and she was clinging to me as we kept kissing. Her body was shaking and spasming as her warm, slippery pussy squeezed my cock continuously. She pulled away and wailed as she wrapped her legs around me. She was humping up and thrusting as I started to fuck her harder and began pressing into her womb. Saki tossed and twisted as I continued to fuck her and finally buried my cock.

She stiffened as I began to pump and spew warm sperm. I spurted again and again and she jerked and shook as each jet of cum entered her womb. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and looked at me before smiling. I kissed her before pulling out of her tight pussy, “That was great Saki.”

She grinned, “I liked it very much.”

Jess laughed as she walked from the door and sat on the bed, “welcome little sister.”

Saki kept grinning, “you were right it was better then his fingers.”

I slipped out of bed, “Come watch a movie.”

I put my arm around Jess’s waist and waited to take Saki’s hand. Of course as soon as Saki came out the other girls pulled her away to whisper and giggle. Three days later we were in a small chartered jet heading west to Italy. The villa was nice, just off the beach. The sun was nice and warm and Jess led the way sunbathing and swimming in the warm water.

I finished planning as the others arrived. We slipped into Alexandria by boat. Jess, Terri, Chris and Rachael checked into the large resort with the girls. It was right next to the estate where my target was. Dot and Emily were to buy a sail boat. Bill and Edward were to take the terrorists yacht while Tex, Tank, Paul and I took the estate and the man I was after.

It went like this, Dot and Emily were nude and sailed the boat along one side of the yacht. Bill and Edward climbed aboard on the other side after swimming out and took out the three men left aboard. Jess and the others would wear bikinis and play around and create a distraction at the edge of the estate while we swam in from the ocean. There were only six men guarding my target on the estate.

It went perfectly and we took all six guards together as they stared over the wall at Jess and the others. I found our target in a study and when he saw me, he began reaching for a pistol. I was prepared and shot him with the taser I was carrying and let him have several seconds worth of juice before I moved to secure him.

I let Paul use his truth drugs and then we sat back and started asking questions. I even used his computer to transfer the money in the hidden accounts. When we were done we left using his launch. Jess and the others had it ready and we crowded in before we headed out to the yacht. We handed the man over to a team of Seals in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Everyone crowded into our villa for the next week. Edward had a buyer look at and buy the yacht a few days after we were back. Of course Jess and all the girls and women just had to go shopping before we left. The cottage in Scotland was nice, it was in the country and just large enough for all of us. Bill and the others had gone home so it was just us.

The first morning I woke up with Saki straddling me. She smiled as Jess rubbed my chest, “You only get Saki this morning. Mika is fertile so you can wear her out today.”

I rubbed Saki’s nipples, “you know I don’t like schedules.”

Jess sighed, “we know but she needs to be pregnant when we return home.”

I laughed, “Oh she will be pregnant. She loves sex as much as you or Kin.”

The girls giggled and Saki lifted up for Jess to position my cock. She was still extremely tight and had to wiggle to force her pussy down onto me. I let her work my cock deeper before she began to rock back and forth. I tugged on her nipples as the other girls laughed and looked at Mika, “You should have been first if you wanted a lot of cum.”

She grinned and Jess laughed, “Saki said it was her turn.”

I grinned and pulled Saki down before shifting and rolling until she was under me. She was grinning the whole time and wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged me. I kissed her softly before starting to fuck her using long thrust that hit her cervix. It didn’t take her tight pussy long to become slippery as she began to moan and shudder. When I finally pushed into her womb she lifted her legs and started shaking and convulsing, “YES!”

I buried my cock and began humping into her and the girls laughed as Saki thrashed around and clung to me, “YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

She wailed and howled as I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts. A few minutes later I thrust into her and held her bucking body as I spewed a large stream of cum into her womb. She jerked and clutched me as her pussy contracted, “FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!”

She jerked erratically and kissed me passionately as I filled her womb until there wasn’t anymore room. When I stopped cumming she shuddered, jerked and twitched before relaxing on the bed, “I really love that.”

The others laughed and I grinned as I pulled out of her and moved off the bed. I pulled Jess with me and looked back at Mika, “come along Mika.”

Mika squirmed away from Akira and ran after us. The cottage didn’t have modern showers but it did have a huge sunken bathtub. By the time it was full of hot water the other girls were in the kitchen. I pulled Mika onto my lap as Jess sat on my legs. I caressed Mika gently, “I’m sorry you don’t have a choice.”

She sighed and leaned against me, “It is okay.”

I hugged her, “We are a family. You and Saki will always have us.”

She smiled and looked at Jess, “I think we are very lucky.”

Jess caressed her face before kissing me and then standing, “Make it good Simon.”

I grinned and hugged Mika, “we will.”

She grinned and turned to straddle me. I moved her hand and cupped her budding breast, “We will do it in bed. Wash me.”

She smiled and moved to the side as she knelt and took the wash cloth. After she finished and moved, I knelt beside her and began to wash and caress her body. When I was done she was almost vibrating. I dried us off and pulled her to the bed before laying her down. I laid beside her and caressed her body before moving over her and kissing her.

I positioned my cock as she shivered and pushed into her. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her nice and slow. Mika was lifting her hips to meet each thrust and kissed me back passionately. She moaned quietly and shuddered constantly and hugged me tight when my cock pushed into her womb. She was shaking as we continued to fuck each other and her slippery pussy was spasming and gripping my cock.

I slowly buried my cock and looked into her eyes as I began to cum. She kissed me hard and held on as I gushed and pumped and spewed and spurted until my cock was only throbbing. Mika shuddered and sighed before relaxing, “thank you.”

I kissed her softly before pulling out and laying beside her, “Just for that I expect a girl.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “I will speak to it.”

I laughed and slid out of bed, “Rest for a little while before getting up.”

I slipped pants on and went to the kitchen. Jess grinned as the girls giggled, I caught Kin and pulled her onto my lap as I sat, “So, what are we doing today?”

Victoria grinned as she stopped to kiss my cheek, “Taking a walk in the fields.”

I smiled and caressed her hip before turning to Kin and hugging her, “Pack a lunch and we can walk all the way to the lock.”

Jess grinned, “Sounds good.”

It was a fun day and several times I pulled Mika behind a stone wall or hedge to make love. It was late afternoon when we came back to the cottage. Saki pulled me to the tub as everyone disappeared. She undressed me and herself before pulling me into the tub filling with hot water. She straddled me and fitted my cock to her pussy before wiggling and forcing it into her. I sighed as her pussy squeezed my cock and then pulled her close, “Again little angel?”

She smiled and nodded as I caressed her cheek, “You’re trying to get pregnant.”

Saki looked into my eyes before nodding as her pussy spasmed and she shivered. I hugged her, “Are you sure Saki?”

She bit her lip, “I must show I can bare your children.”

I sighed, “Even if I want to wait.”

She nodded, “For my honor.”

I finally nodded and stood with her impaled on my cock. She wrapped her legs and arms around me as I climbed out of the tub and reached for a towel. I dried what I could before walking to the bedroom. I sat and then turned and rolled before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. She sighed and started to thrust her hips up. I took my time and fucked her slowly with nice, deep thrusts.

It was a few minutes before she began to jerk and spasm. Her pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock as it became slipperier. She was moaning and crying out as she began to buck and thrash around. I didn’t try to hold back and fucked her harder. I finally thrust into her womb a minute later and held her wiggling body as I began to spew and spurt and gush.

She screamed as warm cum pumped into her womb and lifted her hips as she hugged me tight. When I stopped cumming I kissed her before rolling over and caressing her body on me. She sighed and put her head down as I held her and continued to softly caress her. It was almost an hour before Jess came in and sat beside us.

I reached for her hand as she rubbed Saki’s back, “When we get home look into her having a Caesarean. She is small and...”

She nodded, “I was going to.”

She squeezed my hand, “Dinner is ready.”

Saki sighed and slowly lifted her hips as she moved up. I came out of her and she shuddered before grinning and kissing me. Our two weeks was nice and we left Scotland reluctantly. Mika and Saki were both pregnant and I knew Akira and Kin were plotting. Everyone was tired when I stopped the rental in the ranch yard. This place was out in the middle of nowhere and almost primitive.

We had spent a day in the city shopping. A freight company would be delivering everything tomorrow. I went into the dusty house and set off the bug bombs Jess had bought. I also began a check for snakes and other animals. Jess and the girls checked the barn and vehicle sheds. When it was safe Jess and the girls grabbed the cleaning supplies and went into the house wearing masks as I went around back and started cleaning up out there.

We set up a tent beside the house and zipped together sleeping bags. I used the ancient grill to cook dinner before it got dark. It was still winter here and the girls were shivering when I sent them to bed. When I finally climbed into the tent I grinned. They were all huddled together with the two extra sleeping bags open on top of them.

Jess and the girls had the house set up in a couple of days. Our two weeks were spent putting up solar panels on the roof and several small wind generators. I sighed as I walked into our house in Japan and smiled as Jess and the girls headed straight for the bathing room and a hot bath.

I checked the phone messages and listened to Bill asking us to come over when we got settled. I stripped before heading to the bathing room and slipped into the hot water with a sigh. Jess laughed as she caressed my chest and Akira moved across to straddle me, “I want you free me.”

I looked at her and smiled, “You know by now that you are free.”

She looked into my eyes before looking at Jess who nodded. She looked into my face again and took a breath, “I Akira Kimotso do in front of god and these witnesses submit myself to Simon Alex McCartney. I shall submit my body, mind, spirt and heart to you. To do with as you see fit. My life is yours to direct.”

I looked at her and then at Jess as she smiled and nodded. I pulled Akira against me and hugged her, “I should have known you would do this.”

I caressed her side, “You wanted to get pregnant.”

I kissed her softly, “I imagine you are fertile right now too.”

She grinned and nodded as the other girls giggled. I looked at Kin, “You will wait at least a year, hopefully two.”

She grinned again, “yes master.”

I stuck my tongue out as they all laughed and looked at Akira again, “Very well my new wife.”

I looked at Jess, “Bill called and wanted us to come over.”

She grinned, “Good, we didn’t want to cook tonight.”

I smiled and stood, pulling Akira up with me, “I’ll be... helping your sister get pregnant.”

They grinned as I pulled Akira out and dried her and myself. I looked at Jess with her eyes closed, “You need to find out from the school how to schedule the... demonstrations.”

She nodded and I pulled Akira after me to our bedroom and the bed. I let her move onto the bed and she laid back and spread her legs. I moved over her and kissed her before sliding down the bed. She laughed and lifted her hips as I opened her pussy and licked through it. I teased her clit and nibbled on the inner lips before beginning to suck on her clit.

It didn’t take her long to jerk and shudder before twisting away. I laughed as I moved up her body and kissed her. I lifted up and she positioned my cock before I pushed into her. She sighed as I sank to her womb and held her for a minute before beginning to fuck her with long thrusts. I kept kissing her softly as I fucked her and it wasn’t long before she let out a moan and shuddered hard.

Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as she became slipperier. I was fucking her with long thrusts and pushing into her womb. Her shudders turned to a seizure and then convulsions. She wailed and clung to me as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I fucked her harder and began grinding and humping into her. Akira lifted her legs and spread them as she howled and I buried my cock.

My cock was throbbing and jerking before I began to spew and pump cum into her womb. She jerked and shuddered as she clung to me and her pussy tightened, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!”

I pumped cum into her until her womb was full and stretched. She sighed as I stopped and shuddered as she dropped her legs to the bed, “thank you Simon.”

I smiled and kissed her, “anything for one of my lovely girls.”

She smiled and hugged me before I slowly pulled out and moved to lay beside her. I caressed her pelvis and then cupped a breast before leaning over and sucking on a nipple. She moaned and shuddered and Jess laughed, “Enough sex, we need to get dressed so we can go to Terri’s.”

Akira grinned, “can I fuck him tonight?”

The girls followed Jess into the room pulling their suitcases and Victoria snorted, “you know the rule.”

They were nodding and Saki grinned, “Three time each day you can do him until you are pregnant.”

Akira grinned as I rubbed her mound, “crazy girls.”

I moved off the bed and went to wash before coming back to dress. It was still awhile before we could go because Jess and the girls decided to dress traditional and put on kimonos. When we walked into Bill’s I knew something was up... again, all the guys were here with their wives. Jess smiled and shook her head as she pushed Kin towards me.

I pulled her onto my lap as I sat at the table. It was what I thought, they wanted to do another mission. I looked at each of the guys and they grinned. I sighed and looked at Jess, “Have you ever been to Saint Petersburg?”

She grinned, “No, is there good shopping there?”

The women laughed and I hugged Kin, “there might be.”

We took three more men before the summer ended. They were the last ones too, Jess helped design and build a much larger house for all the children she and the girls were plotting to have. It was just over a year before Kin became my last concubine.
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