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Jake was startled from his sleep by the ringing of the telephone. Before he jumped out of bed he realized that Emma’s head was on his shoulder. He repositioned her gently , trying not to wake her and answer the phone as quickly as he could. He ran to the family room, picked up the phone, and said, “hello.” He knew it would be his mom.

“Hi, son, are you okay. I thought you weren’t going to answer.”

“Sorry, mom. I was asleep.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I waked you. Where is Emma?”

“I think she must be sleeping, too.” He was not about to say, “Actually, she was in the bed with me and we are both naked.”

“I guess that’s all you can do with it raining,” his mother said.

Jake was thinking, “No, mom, there is more than sleep you can do on a rainy day,” but he kept that thought to himself as well.

“It has stopped raining here,” his mom continued. “I was just thinking about how it was there.”

“I’ll look,” Jake walked to the window. “Mom, it’s still raining here but, I don’t think it is raining as hard. It is not lightening anymore. Maybe it will stop here, too.”

“I hope so. I know being stuck inside at the lake is no fun. I wanted the two of you to enjoy yourselves.”

“Oh, don’t worry, mom. We’re fine.” He thought for a moment. “If it stops raining, I’ll check out the boats. Maybe we can get out on the lake a bit.”

“Okay, son. And tell Emma I said, ‘Hi,’ and we’ll see you tomorrow I guess.” Before she finished the call, Marie said, “Be careful, Jake.”

“Sure, mom,” he said with a laugh. “Bye for now. I’ll call later.” Jake placed the cordless handset back in its cradle. As he turned he saw Emma walking toward the room. She was naked, wiping her eyes and yawning.

“Who was that?” she asked groggily.

“Who do you think? It was mom checking on us to make sure we have not been murdered.”

“I fell asleep.”

“Yeah, I know. So did I.” Emma walked to him and laid her head against his bare chest. Jake put his arms around her. She cuddled against him and purred.

“Thank you,” she said softly. “That was really nice.” She looked up at him. “You learn good,” she said with a smile.

“I’m glad. It’s nice to learn how to make you feel good.” He held her for a bit before he spoke again. “How about something to eat. I’m sorta’ hungry?”

“Me, too.” She pulled away and looked at herself. “I guess I need to put some clothes on.” She looked at Jake’s body. “Maybe you need to do that, too.” They both laughed, walking toward the bedroom.

Emma went into the bathroom. Jake heard her peeing. “Oh,” he heard Emma say.

“What’s the matter?”

“It hurts when I pee,” she said. Jake heard the toilet flush and Emma running water. She walked into the bedroom. “Jake, it really hurt when I was peeing. It was like a burn.” She looked at him. “Can you look at it?”

Jake hesitated. “I guess.” He pointed to the bed. “Maybe you better lay down.” Emma got on the bed with her feet hanging off the side. She placed her feet on the edge of the bed so her pussy was clearly visible to Jake. Jake leaned over and looked.

“Can I touch you?” he said.

“Well, you have already,” Emma replied with a laugh. Jake used his fingertips to examine Emma’s lips. He was attempting to do what he imagined a doctor might do.

“Yeah. I can see it is really red right here.” He lightly touched the area between her outer and inner lips.

Emma jumped. “Ouch. That hurt.”

“I’m sorry,” he said with genuine concern. “It looks red and sorta’ like a friction burn.” He stood and looked at her. “I think it happened when we made love. I think maybe the condom did it.” He grimaced. “You were very tight. I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me. I wanted it as much as you did.” She continued to lay with her knees bent and her legs spread. “What can I do?”

“I’ll get the first aid kit,” Jake said. He went into the hallway and returned with a box that had “First Aid” and a red cross on it. He opened the lid and took out a tube of A & D ointment. “I know this is for rashes and such. I think it is used on babies, too,” he said as he read the label. “I think this will help.” He leaned over, examining Em’s female area. “I better wipe it off first. I can see dried cum around it.”

He went to the bathroom and wet a cloth with warm water. He returned and began gently cleaning Emma’s pussy lips. She jumped. “Sorry,” he said. “But I think this needs to be done.”

“It’s okay. You’re the doctor.” She looked at him and smiled. Jake finished with the cloth, took the tube and squeezed ointment on his finger.

“There are some cotton swabs in the kit. But I think I can use my finger better.”

“Well, it want be the first time.” She began laughing.

“Be still. I’m really trying to help.”

“I know you are.” Emma was still while Jake began applying the ointment. “Oh, that feels better already,” she said. “Thanks, doc.”

“You’re welcome,” Jake replied as he recapped the tube and wiped his finger on the cloth. Emma got off the bed and gave him a quick kiss.

“What do I owe you?” she asked, smiling at him.

“I’ll think of something,” he said. They began dressing. Emma put on panties, shorts, and a t-shirt without her bra. Jake put on boxers, shorts, and a t-shirt. They made their way to the kitchen.

The two of them prepared sandwiches, chips, and soft drinks. The rain had stopped so they wiped off the chairs on the deck and sat there to eat. The smell of rain was in the air as the clouds cleared and the sun began to shine. The lake was peaceful and calm.

“This is nice,” Emma stated. “I wish we could stay up here.”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” He pointed toward the boat house. “After we eat, we will work on the boats.”

“Sure. Do you think we can go for a ride?” Emma had always enjoyed the lake, particularly riding in the boats. She had been skiing for years and she swam like a fish.

“We’ll see. I’d like that.”

They made their way to the boathouse after they ate and cleaned up from preparing lunch. Jake lowered the power boat into the water, removing the hoist straps and taking the engine cover off the motor. A cabinet contained all the parts needed to service both engines. Allister purchased replacement parts every year when they winterized the boats. Jake spent the next hour replacing plugs, checking seals, pumps, and other areas that required regular maintenance. Both motors had been completely checked before the last summer began so Jake felt confident he had done all that was necessary. He had learned how to do this with his father through the years.

When he finished he raised the overhead door to the boat house. He cranked both motors, pleased that each started on the first attempt. He allowed them to run for a few minutes before he turned them off and spoke to Emma.

“Yeah. I guess we better put on our suits.” They returned to the house. Jake replaced his shorts and boxers with his swim shorts. Emma stripped and put on her bikini. She put her shorts and t-shirt on over her bikini.

“Which you wanna’ take out first,” Jake asked.

“The ski boat,” Emma replied. They took life vests out of the locker under one of the padded seats. Emma secured their towels under the dash and took her seat next to Jake who sat at the wheel after he untied the mooring ropes. He started the engine, backed out of the slip slowly, throttled the boat forward, and steered the boat away from the boathouse and dock. Once he approached open water, he increased the speed.

“This is great,” Emma called out over the noise of the engine. Her hair was blowing.

Jake looked at her. He smiled. “She really is very pretty,” he said to himself. His thoughts turned to the day and night they had spent together. It was hard for him to believe that he had actually had sex with his thirteen year old niece. He consciously corrected his thoughts. “We did not just have sex,” he said to himself. “We made love.” To him there was a big difference. It was the difference between what he experienced with Rhonda Foster and what he and Em has shared. To him the distinction was very important.

Emma stood. She laughed as the warm wind blew her long hair. She removed her t-shirt, stuffing it in a storage bin under the dash. She moved toward Jake, holding on as he increased the speed. The boat glided through the calm lake water. He put his arm around Em, enjoying the closeness they felt. They continued their ride for fifteen minutes before Jake stated they needed to take the pontoon boat out as well.

Returning to the boathouse, they secured the power boat and made the pontoon boat ready for the water. With life vests in place, Jake backed the pontoon boat out of his slip and headed toward the open lake. Emma slipped out of her shorts and moved to a seat so the sun could bathe her. She leaned back, feeling the warmth of the day on her slender body. Jake sat at the wheel, in the shade of the cover, enjoying the view of the lake and the view of his niece as she propped her feet on one of the railings.

Jake spotted a cove that the family often used for anchoring the pontoon. He slowed and steered the boat toward a quiet spot, hidden from view of anyone who might pass by on the lake. He looked around and saw no other boats. It was as if he and Emma had the lake all to themselves. Dropping the anchor, Jake reclined on one of the cushioned seats in the sun.

“This feel good,” he said. Emma agreed. He closed his eyes, the sun, bathing him with its warmth. They remained quiet as the gentle movement of the boat on the water allowed them to relax. After nearly thirty minutes, Jake roused.

“Hey. Don’t get burned,” he said to Emma.

“I’m okay. I’m being careful.” She got up and moved to the front of the boat. She opened a small gate that led to a platform at the front of the pontoons. Sitting down, she hung her feet in the water. “This is still cool,” she said to Jake who was moving to join her.

“Yeah. Too cold for swimming,” he said as he sat down, dropping his feet into the water. They sat, side by side for several minutes without speaking.

“Jake, I wish we could live here. Just you and me.” Emma realized this was impossible. “It’s a nice fantasy,” she finally said.

“Yes, Em, I know.” Both realized that returning to the city would prevent them sharing what they had shared in the past twenty-four hours. He reached out to touch Em. She took his hand and held it.

“I love you, Jake.” She looked at him, smiling. “I know that everyone else would say I don’t know what I’ talking about, but I know what I am feeling right now.”

“I love you, too, Em. I agree. We would be called foolish, too young, to inexperienced in life, and all sorts of things. But I know that I care for you in a way that is more than just being in the same family.”

He leaned toward her. She turned toward him. They kissed long and deeply. Emma laid back on the platform. Jake laid down, supporting himself and looking into her face. They kissed again for a long time. When their lips parted, they smiled at each other.

“I don’t want to go home,” Emma said softly. “I want to stay with you.”

“I know. Me, too. I wish we could stay here the rest of the summer.”

“Do you think we could come back?” She paused in thought. “I mean just you and me. Do you think we could somehow do that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. We’ll have to see what happens after the family comes up for July fourth.” After several minutes, Jake said, “I guess we better be getting back. I’ll have to call home and tell the folks we have the boats working.”

They pulled up the anchor and headed back toward the cabin. As Jake sat on the stool seat that was used by the pilot, Emma came and stood in front of him. He had to put his arms around her to hold the wheel. Emma had her hands on his. “Can I steer it?” she asked. Jake released the wheel, allowing Emma to take control. He placed his hands on her hips before moving them around her, pulling her back against his chest.

As Emma steered, Jack began moving his hands around on Em’s abdomen. He moved back and forth. She enjoyed the feeling, snuggling against him. After a few minutes she said, “Take the wheel.” Jake did as Emma reached behind her, untied the back strap of her bikini bra, and lifted it over her head. She then, placed her hands back on the wheel. “I’ve got it,” she said.

Jake replaced his hands on her front. As he moved them, he reached up and cupped each breast. He moved his fingers in a massaging motion. She pushed back against him to let him know that she enjoyed his touch.

After only a couple of minutes, Emma said, “Can you take the wheel?” Disappointed, Jake did as she asked. He was enjoying the attention he was giving to her. Emma turned around, facing Jake. She kissed him as she reached between his legs and began rubbing is semi-erect cock through his shorts. Within a few seconds it was hard and straining against the fabric. “Well, look what just happened.” She kissed Jake quickly and continued to rub him.

“That’s not helping the situation any,” he said. “Besides, we’re almost back.” Emma turned and saw the boathouse. She shrugged her shoulders and turned around, moving to the side so Jake could maneuver the boat into its slot in the house. This he managed to do as she jumped onto the dock and helped secure the boat. After it was tied and the overhead door closed, she stepped back onto the boat.

“Maybe we need to take care of something else, too.” With that she guided Jake to one of the cushion seats. Before she allowed him to sit, she unzipped his swim shorts and pulled them down. Although his cock had begun to soften, it immediately responded to her touch, returning to a full erection in seconds. Jake sat with Emma spreading his legs. She kneeled to her knees, grasping his cock, and began stroking it.

“You don’t have to do this,” Jake voiced.

“I know. I want to,” she replied. She leaned forward and took him into her mouth. She began moving up and down, slowly pumping his erection with one hand while she cupped and cradled his balls with the other. Jake sighed as he watched this young girl practice what she had learned.

“Oh, Em, that feels so good,” he whispered, laying his head back. She continued her attentions, sucking, licking, stroking, and cradling his manhood. Within several minutes, he began to groan.
“Em, I’m gonna’ cum,” he said. She did not pause in her movements. After another minute Jake groaned loudly. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Emma increased the speed of her pumping motion. She pressed her tongue to the underside of his cock. She could feel his body respond. Then, Jake came. The first couple of spurts went down her throat. She managed to swallow. The rest of them filled her mouth. As she moved back and forth, some leaked out and dribbled down her chin, dropping onto her chest. She did not hesitate but continued her stroking and sucking until he was spent. He cried out when his cocked erupted, unable to move as his loin spasmed again and again.

As Jake began to soften, Emma slowed her movements. Keeping him in her mouth, she sucked while she teased that sensitive area with her tongue. This caused Jake to jump and reach for her head. “Oh, that’s too much. I can’t take that,” he said with gasping breath.

Emma sucked as she aloud his cock to slide out of his mouth. There was cum around her lips and on her chin. She swallowed twice before she could get it all out of her mouth. She smiled, wiping her chin and mouth. She stood, leaned toward Jake, and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

“See, there is not much taste.” Emma spread her legs and sat across Jake’s legs, facing him. She looked at him as his breathing slowed back to normal. Finally, he reached toward her and pulled her to him.

“My word, Em. I can’t believe you did that.” He hugged her. “Seems like you learned a lot yourself.” They held each other for a while, enjoying the closeness. Both realized that the next morning they would return to their homes and this closeness would come to an end.

Jake and Emma finally dressed and made sure the overhead doors were secure. They made their way back to the cabin. Jake called his mom to tell her what had been accomplished with the boats, omitting what had been accomplished between her son and her granddaughter. She reminded Jake to bring the sheets home so she could wash them. Jake convinced her to allow them to wash and dry their sheets and towels at the cabin. He assured her they would be back home near lunch time the next day.

The two young lovers showered together, enjoying hugging and playing as the water cascaded over their bodies. Before they dressed, Jake applied more ointment to Em’s irritated area. It looked better but needed another treatment. They dressed, prepared a meal from food they brought with them, and watched tv cuddled together on the sofa.

They went to bed, naked and holding each other. They shared nothing sexual this last night. They talked quietly, trying to plan the rest of the summer. The next morning they stripped the bed, washed and dried the sheets and towels. They remade the bed, mentioning that the bed in another bedroom had to appear used. After they packed, they headed home. There was little conversation as both were thinking of what had happened and what would happen next. There was still a lot of summer left. One thing both were certain of, what they felt for each other would not be ignored.

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