Welcome to my All boys camp story series

Welcome to my All Boys Camp story series, if you havent read my other stories, I reccomend you do, not only for the outline, but for the sexy scenes and the sexy adventures these boys get into.

Well, lookis kike there is another adventre and a lesson for this group of horney boys.
lets wee waht they are up to this time.

Happy Jacking

Part 6 Sex Ed 101

When I woke up early in the morning, I was surprised to find two bunks enpty. As I made my way to the bathroom, was surprised to find 11 year old Justin and 12 year old Brandon standing across from each other with their underpants pulled down. Both of them with small boner's stickling out from their hairless bodies, as I watched them play with each other's boner's Justin got on his knee's and stated to fondle Brandon's cock and balls.

Justin: I wish my penis was as big as yours.
Brandon: It will get bigger, have you seen the camp councillor's penis
Justin: not yet
Brandon: I heard his weiner is huge

I poped out of the corner surprising the boys "So thats what you have heard"

Both boys jumped and covered their privates with their hands. Their naked backsides facing me as their faces slowly turned red with thier naked bodies on display. As I stood behind them breathing down their backs "look's like we need to talk, get dressed"

Justin; Are we in trouble?
Me; That depends on what "trouble" is.
Brandon: please don't tell our parents.
Me: We will talk tonight.

As The boys got dressed I went to talk to Kevin about tonight's lesson.

Me: After a week of group showers, private lessons and adult physicals, I think it's time for a group lesson.
Kevin: Not a bad idea, a live demo, or use the video?
Me; Let's do a bit of both, this way the get an education with some experance.
Kevin: Good idea.

Later that evening we sat the boys down and talked about puberty.

Me; Now as the movie starts, some of you might want to play with yourself, so you know what this means.
Kevin: We strip down to our underwear.

Just watching every boy in the cabin aged 6 - 12 strip down to their tight white breifs made me hard. With all of the boys eyes glued to the tv watching the sex ed video, Kevin and I slipped to the back of the room watching the boys touch themselfs as we slowly removed our pants. The boys were fasonated by the nude cartoon boy slowly changing into a man.

Ben: Look at his pee pee, it's getting bigger.
Hayden: He has hair on his weiner.
John: Why is his dick getting long and hard?

We stopped the video and started to answer the boys questions.

Kevin and I went in front of the young gruop of boys wearing only our boxers.

Me: If you look at our bodies comparied to yours, what do you see that is different?
Josh: You both have hair on your legs.
Taylor: you have hair under your arms.
Hayden: Do you have hair on your weiner?

Kevin: let's take a look, shall we
Me: alright, but if we get naked, so does everyone else.

In no time all the boys in the cabin stripped of their underpants leaving them butt naked with smiles on some of thier faces.
Kevin and I looked at eachother and knoded and dropped our boxers to the floor.

Hayden: Wow, they do have hair there
Ryan: Their weiners are huge
John: look at their nuts

Me: Now there is something special about a boys genitals.
Ben: there is?
Kevin: thats right,if you look at eachother's privates you will see somthing different about them.
Tristan: Thats right, if you look at my penis you will notice I have a foreskin.
Ben: Me To
Josh: and me.

As the boys started to look at eachothers cocks and comparing eachothers cocks, Tristan started to get a boner.

Taylor: Why is your weiner getting long and hard?

As Tristan started to walk over to me and Kevin while having every boy staring at his naked body.
Tristan: Your penis gets hard when you have a boner.
Kevin: Thats right, do you boys know how to get a boner?
Ryan: Not really
Dylan: But rubbing it?
Me: That's one way of getting a boner.

As Tristan stood between me and Kevin he bgan to show the boys how to masterbate.

Tristan: everyone take your fore finger and your thumb and place it on your dick, good now start pumping it up and down.
after a minute or two,

Me: you can also try this with a friend.

Tristan took my penis in his hand and I grabed hold of his hairless 5 inch uncut boner and started stroking his young cock.
The boys were surprised by this and I noticed 11 year old Dylan stroking Hayden's 8 year old dick, Brandon and Justin were
lying on top of eachother rubbing their hairless naked bodies togather, Josh's small 6 year old body was being fondled by
11 year old's Ryan and Taylor and 15 year old Kevin was masterbating Ben's 6 year old uncut cock and fondling his small balls.

Tristan started to rub our cocks togather while thrusting his hips.

Me:You boys ready for some more fun?
Everyone: Yes!
Tristan: I need a volunteer.

To be continued......
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there is alwasy more to Cum...

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