My name is Rick, I’m sixteen and have a cock that is almost eight and a half inches long. My mom Elizabeth had me when she was only sixteen. She’s thirty two now and has a great body and short blonde hair. While mom was pregnant with me, dad had an accident that left him unable to have more children.

My dad had been a broker and died a year ago. He left a two million dollar life insurance policy along with a huge amount of railroad stocks. The insurance on the mortgage also paid off the house so we didn’t have anything to worry about. It started with my evening masturbation.

I was in my room watching porn on my computer when I saw a trailer for a bondage site. I clicked on it and watched it and suddenly sat up. I watched as this woman led my naked mother into a large room. There were cuts and breaks, but I saw mom being face fucked and ass fucked and just fucked by all the guys there, I sat back stunned.

It was a minute before I went to the site and bought a membership for a month. I watched the whole video while fast forwarding from start to finish without the cuts or breaks. Mom was a sex slave being offered to the men by the leather collared woman. I checked the site and found other videos of mom, mostly in private settings. I knew from the moment that I saw my mother naked that I wanted her.

It was still early evening and I knew mom had left the house only a little while ago. I started my laptop and checked the GPS in her phone. Many people don’t even know how to do this. I dressed in dark clothes and pulled my long leather trench coat on. I followed mom’s GPS in my jeep and pulled up in front of what looked like an old mansion, I tried the front door and it opened. The house seemed dark with dim yellow lights that led to a large black draped room.

On the other side of the room was a brightly lit area that I recognized from the video. As I looked around the room I saw guys sitting in chairs with women or girls kneeling next to them. Each chair had a dim yellow light and I checked each woman to see if it was mom. I looked at the door by what I called the display area as it was opened.

A tall redhead that looked maybe eighteen or nineteen came out leading mom on a leash. She had leather hip boots, a leather corset and a leather collar and her pussy had been shaved bald. I looked at mom’s to see it was bald too. I looked around at the men sitting up and watching her, that was more then I needed to see.

I started walking towards mom and into the light. She looked up and her face went red and she tried to cover up as I stopped in front of the redhead, “Give me the leash.”

She looked at me smugly, “No.”

I nodded and glanced back as several men moved forward, “If you interfere, I will break your arms and cut off your balls.”

That made them stop quickly, I looked at the redhead, “Give me the leash.”

She only looked back and my left hand flashed out to wrap around her neck, “Fine bitch. I’ll take you too.”

She grabbed at my hand and I squeezed, “Fight and I will beat you.”

She stopped moving with her eyes wide and I kicked straight back into a man’s groin as he stepped close. While he screamed and folded, I held out my hand, “Give me the leash.”

All this time mom had been quiet and kept her face looking at the floor. The redhead held the leash out and I took it before releasing her and grabbing her wrist. I turned and pulled on her wrist and the leash. The redhead stumbled and men hastily moved out of the way. When I came out of the house, I pulled them to my jeep, “Get in.”

The redhead baulked and I slapped her ass, “Get in slave!”

She jerked and followed mom in, climbing into the back seat. They sat huddled together as I walked around and got behind the wheel. I drove home and pulled into the garage. I pulled them out and led them into the house. I led them both to mom’s bedroom and pushed them towards the bed. I moved to sit on mom’s cushioned chair, “Fuck Elizabeth, slave.”

The redhead jerked and looked at me wide eyed and mom opened her mouth. I stood quickly and pulled my belt off as I went to the bed. Mom closed her mouth and the other woman went white as I grabbed her and turned her before swinging the belt. I gave her three hard swats on her ass as she screamed before I released her. Mom was looking at me afraid as I backed to the chair, “I said fuck Elizabeth, slave.”

This time the woman didn’t hesitate in pushing mom back on the bed and moving over her. She kissed mom hard and began rubbing and caressing her body. At first mom didn’t respond and I stood to walk to the bed. I caressed her face, “Close your eyes slave and enjoy it or I will punish you.”

Mom jerked and then nodded, “yes master.”

I backed up as she began to respond to the woman. When the woman spread her legs and began finger fucking her, I started stripping. Mom began to moan quietly and then shiver and shake. The woman moved over her and between her legs. I watched her carefully position their pussies together and then she began humping against mom.

I moved so that I could look between their legs and watched amazed. Both of their pussies were leaking and they were both moaning and shuddering. When they slowed and sighed, I touch the woman on her butt, “Get on your back and spread your legs.”

She hesitated and then did as I told her. I turned her and then turned mom onto her stomach. I moved mom sideways so that her face was in the other woman’s pussy and lifted her hips slightly while spreading her legs. I caressed mom’s hips as I moved between her legs, “Lick her cunt.”

Mom started to look back and I gave her butt a hard swat, “Do it!”

She shoved her face into the other woman’s pussy and she stiffened. I looked past mom, “You better enjoy it slave.”

The woman bit her lip and shivered. I looked down at mom’s wet, open pussy and positioned my cock. I pushed into her and she groaned before she pushed her ass back. I began long, slow thrusts that finally pushed my cock against and then just inside her cervix. She shuddered and the woman she was going down on jerked and groaned.

I fucked her hard for a minute and then slowed to long strokes again. She shuddered and sighed until I reached under her and squeezed her clit. She jerked hard and then spasmed, “Fuck!”

The other woman watched me fucking mom hard and smiled before putting her head down. Mom was shuddering and shaking, her pussy squeezing my cock. She moaned into the other woman’s pussy and the woman began jerking and shaking as well. I fucked her hard again and then shoved in and held her hips as I began spewing huge, streaming spurts of cum.

She jerked as she felt me pumping her womb full and then she shuddered as her pussy tightened. She let out a long groan as her whole body shuddered. When I was done cumming I pulled out and shivered before rolling her over and making her turn around. I turned the other woman and put her knees over mom’s head. I rubbed her butt, “Clean her pussy slave.”

She put her face down into mom’s pussy and shivered as I rubbed hers. Mom moaned as I positioned my cock before pushing into the woman. I held her hips as I began fucking her tight pussy with long, slow, deep thrusts. I knew mom was looking up at my cock as I fucked in and out of the woman. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and she moaned into mom’s pussy, “mmmmm!”

I kept fucking her and enjoyed her grasping pussy as her body began shaking. She suddenly began convulsing and her pussy squeezed my cock as I fucked her and pushed against her womb. She screamed into mom’s pussy, “FFFFFFUUUuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk!”

Her body seemed to just relax as she dropped onto mom. I pulled out of her and moved up to look into her face and realized she was unconscious. I rolled her off mom and mom looked at her. I turned mom around and lifted her legs before pushing back into her pussy. She grunted as I fucked her and laid on her to feel her naked body against mine.

Her pussy tightened as she groaned and shuddered. It had been almost five minutes when I shoved into her and pushed her womb open before spurting and spewing another load of cum. She jerked as she felt my warm sperm pumping into her womb in strong, gushing spurts. When I finished, I pulled out and pulled the covers back.

I moved mom under the covers after she helped me with the other woman. I walked to the door and shut the light off before coming back to the bed. I slipped into bed between the two as mom whispered, “Baby?”

I shook my head, “its master. You wanted to be a sex slave. Well, you got your wish. From now on I will tell you what to do and I will fuck you whenever I want.”

The other woman shifted and I pulled her close against me to tug on one of her nipples, “What’s your name slave?”

She hesitated, “Trish.”

I felt her body, “I own you slave.”

She stiffened, “I… I’m not…”

I turned and cupped her face, “You are now. I am going to fuck your lovely body everyday. You will fuck my other slave and let her fuck you. If you are good, I will let my friends fuck you. Maybe in a couple of months I will even let you get pregnant.”

She was silent, “I’m married.”

I tugged on her nipple, “You were in that sex club and were going to let other men fuck you. Was that how a married woman behaves? You are a whore and now you belong to me. I will fuck you and when it is time, I will breed you. I will let you tell your husband if you wish.”

She was silent and turned towards me, “My husband is a drunken bastard that didn’t pay attention to me.”

I laughed and pushed her onto her back before moving between her legs. I pushed into her and fucked her with several long, deep strokes that made her moan. I buried my cock and lifted up, “I will pay attention to you. My… other slave Elizabeth will pay attention to you. If you behave you will be treated nice. If you don’t behave, I punish you.”

I started fucking her with deep strokes and she shuddered as she wrapped her legs around my waist and groaned. I didn’t stop when her pussy contracted to squeeze my cock and her body jerked in spasms. She groaned and mom slid over next to us. She kissed my shoulder, “May I kiss her master?”

I smiled and lifted up onto my hands but didn’t stop. Mom kissed me and then leaned in to kiss Trish hard. A minute later she was shaking again as her pussy milked my cock. Mom kept kissing her and I kept fucking her. When she relaxed, I slowly pulled out of her. I pushed mom onto her back and moved between her legs as she grinned up at me and guided my cock to her pussy.

I pushed into her and started fucking her with slow, deep strokes and watched as she closed her eyes and began thrusting up. He slimy pussy felt good as I fucked all the way to her womb and then pressed against her. It wasn’t long before she shuddered and I felt her pussy tighten as it contracted around my cock. She jerked and twisted as I continued to fuck her and finally she sighed and shivered as she relaxed.

I kissed her and slowly pulled out and moved back between Trish’s legs. She smiled and put her arms around me as I pushed back into her. She grunted as she thrust up to meet my cock and jerked as I pushed against her womb hard. I fucked her with deep thrust that kept her shaking and her slippery pussy squeezing my cock. She was panting as her body went tight and she arched her back, “Yes!”

I fucked her as she bucked and thrashed around and finally slowly pushed her womb open before pumping thick, strong, spurts of warm sperm. Trash gasped and shuddered violently, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I shivered as my cock throbbed and jerked as it sprayed her womb full of my cum. When I stopped cumming Trish was still shuddering as I slowly pulled out and lay next to her. I cupped her breast and then turned to mom and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately and sighed when I pulled back.

I turned to Trish and kissed her as I slipped a hand down her body to her wet slit. I rubbed her clit and she shuddered as I turned to kiss mom and caress her before reaching down to tickle her clit. I turned mom onto her stomach and straddled her legs. I pressed my slimy cock against her pussy and slowly pushed.

She grunted as my cock was slowly forced into her. Suddenly she relaxed and I slid almost all the way to her womb. She shivered hard and thrust back. I started fucking her slowly and she only grunted and thrust back while shaking. She held the blankets in her fists as Trish moved closer and kissed her cheek when she turned her head. She was grunting and shaking and a few minutes later she jerked and spasmed before screaming, “FUCK!”

Trish kissed her hard on the mouth as mom jerked and spasmed as she came. I grinned as I slowly pulled out of her and lay on her other side and rubbed her bare butt, “That was nice mom.”

She shuddered and turned her head to look at me before grinning. I rolled onto my back and mom pulled Trish over her laughing. Trish straddled me and fitted my cock to her slimy pussy and sat back. She began rocking as she fucked my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. By the time I was all the way inside her, she was shaking as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. She became erratic and thrust back and forth as her body jerked and spasmed, “fuck!”

I cupped her breasts and started rubbing her nipples as she panted and moaned. Her pussy was slimy and my cock fucked through it easily. Trish began shaking and spasming as her pussy tightened until finally she arched her back, “FUCK!”

I pinched her nipples and she jerked and spasmed harder as mom moved to kiss her. I waited and then rolled over until she was under me and then I fucked her convulsing body hard. She jerked and struggled as she began thrashing around. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she screamed, “FUCK YYYEEESSSSS!”

I thrust into her and stopped moving as my cock jerked and began pumping spurts of sperm into her already full womb. Trish spasmed and howled, “YYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

I pumped and spewed cum until finally I shuddered and lay on Trish and mom caressed her face and kissed her. I slowly pulled out and moved to lay between them. Trish groaned as I came out and turned to snuggle against me, putting her head on my shoulder. Mom rubbed my bare chest and put her head on my other shoulder. Trish sighed, “Thank you master.”

I woke to mom moving away and took her hand. She smiled, “I have to pee.”

I let her go and looked at Trish as she opened her eyes, “What, not going to help her?”

She looked at me and then grinned as she rolled out of bed and followed mom. I smiled and slowly got out of bed and headed into the other bathroom. It was Saturday morning so I didn’t have to worry about school. After I peed I went looking for mom and found her and Trish together in the kitchen. I walked to my mom and cupped the back of her head as I kissed her passionately.

She shuddered as I stopped and I turned to Trish. After I finished kissing her I walked to the refrigerator for a glass of milk, “You need to help Trish bring her things home mom.”

I turned, Trish was blushing and mom bit her lip. I smiled, “I meant what I said last night. You both belong to me. We have enough money for three people to live on. Since the two of you were so good last night, I am going to have a couple of friends come over tonight. You can use my jeep to take Trish back for her car and get your things.”

They looked at each other and then grinned. I nodded, “don’t forget your birth control Trish. I have chores to finish so the two of you need to move Trish before I finish. After I finish we are going shopping for tonight’s apparel.”

They grinned wider and started for the bedroom as I turned to fix breakfast. I made a few calls and then went out to do chores. I cut the grass in the front and backyard before turning to the pool and spa. First I made sure they were clean before adding chemicals. Next was the garage, I had put off cleaning it for months. When I finished I went crazy with the bug spray before moving on. My last chore was to move the patio furniture out and clean it.

When I walked into the house, mom and Trish were both back and grinned as I stripped on my way to the shower. I dressed after my shower and called them back to our bedroom. I turned mom slowly and shook my head before lifting her blouse off and undoing her bra. She grinned as she put the blouse on and I knelt to feel between her legs. I shook my head and pulled her panties off. I did the same thing to Trish and nodded to the door, “Now we can go shopping. The two of you need crotchless panties to wear everyday and half bras or bras with the nipple slits.”

For the next several hours we went through a lot of stores and I bought new clothes for mom and Trish. We had lunch while we shopped and came home with dinner. Both mom and Trish were very horny but I made them wait. It was six when Allen, Matt and Sam arrived. Mom and Trish were both dressed in sheer cat suits and had collars. Mom led them into the front room, “Your friends are here Master.”

I looked back and smiled at my friends, “I was just thinking of going out back. Why don’t you strip and join me in the spa?”

They grinned as both mom and Trish came to help them and I walked out the backdoor. I undressed and slipped into the hot water and a minute later mom and Trish led them out. I glanced at their hard cocks and frowned, “Trish, Elizabeth, my guests are uncomfortable. Bend over and let them fuck you.”

Mom and Trish were more than ready for that. The suits they wore were crotchless so they just bent over and leaned on the spa as they spread their legs. I nodded to the guys, “Go ahead and fuck them.”

Mom groaned as Allen pushed into her slowly and started fucking her and Trish shuddered as Sam shoved into her. I nodded to Matt, “Let one of them suck your cock.”

Mom turned and reached for him and a moment later he sighed as she started fucking his cock with her mouth. Both mom and Trish kept shuddering and moaning but Allen and Sam only lasted a couple of minutes before they were jabbing and grunting as they spewed cum into pussy for the first time in their lives.

Mom had stiffened before shuddering and Trish was jerking. They pulled out and I nodded to Matt, “fuck one before you cum.”

He pulled his cock out of mom’s mouth and moved around behind Trish. She grunted as he thrust into her slimy pussy. Allen and Sam climbed into the spa and sat on the other side. I looked at mom as she stood, “When Trish is finished, take her to the bedroom and lick her pussy clean. She can clean yours when you finish. After you are done, come back to see if I need you.”

She smiled and turned to wait for Trish. It wasn’t long before Matt grunted and jabbed in and out of Trish as he spurted cum. When he stopped cumming and pulled out, mom took Trish’s hand, “We’ll be back with drinks Master.”

I sighed as Matt climbed into the spa. They kept looking at me and I grinned, “If they behave I let them fuck. Tonight we are going to fuck both of them until we don’t have anymore cum.”

Allen grinned, “I have dreamed of fucking your mom for a long time.”

I laughed, “Like I didn’t know that.”

They grinned and we started talking. When Mom and Trish came back they were naked and handed out drinks before climbing in. I pulled mom down on my lap and she fitted my cock to her before sitting all the way down. Trish was between Allen and Sam and they began feeling her. Matt moved over and start feeling mom as she fucked my cock and groaned.

She became erratic and started shuddering as her pussy squeezed my cock. She turned her head and I kissed her before she leaned towards Matt. He kissed her and pinched her nipples and she jerked as her pussy spasmed and tightened. I stood and turned as I bent her over. I held her hips as I started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts and she kept moaning and shaking.

Allen had Trish on his lap as she fucked him and Sam was behind her slowly pushing into her ass. I kept fucking mom, going faster and a little harder as she kissed Matt. I finally buried my cock as it throbbed and then began to pump streams of cum. She jerked and howled as she felt my warm sperm pumping into her womb.

She jerked and twisted and shuddered as I flooded her belly and then sighed and relaxed. I pulled out of her and Matt stood to take my place as I sat down again. Trish was grunting and jerking back and forth between Allen and Sam as she moaned and spasmed.

It was a fun night and I pulled mom and Trish to bed after the guys left. As the weeks passed Trish got a divorce and her and mom seemed like sisters. I fucked them a dozen times a day and once a week my friends came over. I watched their periods closely and three months after I brought mom and Trish home, I was ready. It was a Friday and I had been home from school for a couple of hours. Mom and Trish came through the door from work together and smiled, “We’re home master.”

I nodded, “Go undress.”

I followed them to the bedroom and waited. Trish was done first and turned to walk to me. I caressed her body as she stood still and walked around her slowly, “It is time Trish. Bring me your birth control pills.”

She gasped and turned her head to look at me and I swatted her butt, “Now!”

She jerked and ran towards the bathroom as mom walked to me with a smile. I cupped one of her breasts and tugged on the nipple, “You to mom. Bring me your birth control pills.”

Her eyes widened, “Baby?”

I swatted her hip, “Now!”

She nodded and quickly ran towards the bathroom. Trish ran to me and stopped as she held out the small container. I took them and turned to drop them into the trash can. I nodded to the bed, “Go lay on the bed.”

She moved to the bed quickly as mom returned and hesitantly held out her birth control. Like with Trish’s I dropped them in the trash and sent her to the bed. I walked to the bed slowly, I had been taking supplements for a couple of weeks. Mom and Trish were holding hands as they lay back with their legs spread. I stripped and moved over Trish and kissed her.

I pushed into her slowly as I kept kissing her and began to fuck her. It wasn’t long before I was against her cervix and began to press and push harder. Trish groaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened. I fucked her with long strokes and she was breathing hard. She jerked when I pushed through into her womb and began to wail. She lifted her legs and spread them to get my cock even deeper.

She spasmed and jerked around as I fucked her with long, hard, deep thrusts for a few minutes. I buried my throbbing cock and held her shaking body as my cock erupted. Trish screamed as warm sperm pumped into her womb in a solid stream. She jerked and thrashed around as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. It was a minute before I was done and just held her with my cock still throbbing inside her.

Slowly she calmed and let her legs drop to the bed and sighed. I kissed her and pulled out before moving over mom who was already fingering her pussy. I pushed into her with my slimy cock and looked at Trish, “Stay on your back until I tell you to move.”

She nodded and I turned to mom and kissed her as I started to fuck her, “The guys will be here later. You and Trish may suck them or let them fuck your ass but your pussy belongs to me until you are bred.”

She groaned and nodded shakily and I looked at Trish. She grinned and nodded, “Yes master.”

I started fucking mom with long, hard, deep thrusts and she shuddered as her pussy rippled and tightened. I started burying my cock and grinding against her and she lifted and spread her legs as she started wailing while her pussy contracted. I was fucking her hard and using short thrusts when I finally buried my throbbing cock.

Mom clutched at me when she felt my cock swell and then she howled as a strong, gushing stream of cum began. She was shuddering so hard it was almost like she was vibrating. Her pussy grasped my cock tight as I kept pumping and spewing warm sperm into her womb. When I stopped cumming I kissed her softly before pulling out and moving off the bed. “Stay on the bed until I return.”

I walked out and went to the kitchen to check on the drinks for the guys and set out lube on the coffee and end table. When the guys got there I let them in and they looked around for mom or Trish since by now they knew they could fuck them. I cleared my throat, “Mom and Trish are only allowed to do blow jobs or anal. I am breeding them right now.”

They grinned and sat back to talk as I walked back to the bedroom. I walked up to the bed and reached out to finger mom and Trish, “The guys are here. You can get up and service them. When I call you to be bred come back here.”

They nodded and I helped them off the bed. I led them out and they walked to the guys and knelt. I watched them start sucking Allen and Sam before turning to the kitchen. I came back and passed out drinks and sat back as a game came on. Trish finished Sam and moved to Matt as Allen began cumming in mom’s mouth.

After they finished I sent them to make dinner and one at a time had them bend over the couch or chair so one of the guys could fuck their ass. It was an hour before I looked at mom, “time for you to be bred.”

She nodded and turned to kiss Matt before walking quickly back to her room. I followed her and walked to the bed where she was laid back. I moved onto the bed after stripping and caressed her body for a minute before moving over her and slowly pushing into her. I fucked her with deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before I was pushing into her womb.

She groaned as I slowly fucked in and out of her womb. I was pulling out of her each time before slowly thrusting back into her womb. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and lifted her legs as she spread them. She started to shiver as she wailed and her pussy tightened. A minute later she was shuddering and shaking as she howled.

I started fucking her hard and deep and a couple of minutes after I started she screamed as she convulsed and thrashed around. Her pussy spasmed and clenched my cock as I thrust into her and held her. I peed a stream of warm cum into her womb and mom tilted her hips and clung to me, “BABY!”

I spewed and pumped until her womb was full and bulging. I kissed her as she panted and kept shuddering. I slowly pulled out and sat beside her to caress her pelvis, “Wait at least thirty minutes before moving.”

Mom was smiling as she nodded and I leaned over to kiss her. She caressed my face before kissing me again. I slipped off the bed and grabbed my robe before walking out to the living room. Sam was slowly fucking Trish in the ass as she was bent over the couch sucking Allen. She was shuddering and moaning around the cock in her mouth. I waited until the guys finished before rubbing her nipples, “Go lay with mom and talk.”

She nodded and hesitated before kissing me and whispering, “Thank you Rick.”

I patted her butt, “You have another half hour before it is your turn.”

She grinned as she walked towards the hall. I turned to my friends and they grinned before turning back to the game. When I stood thirty minutes later the guys got up. I looked at them and they shrugged before dressing. Allen hit my shoulder as they headed towards the door, “We’ll be back next Friday after you are finished with them.”

Matt laughed as he turned at the door, “we were really tempted to fuck them tonight.”

After I closed and locked the door, I went back to the bedroom. Mom was licking Trish’s pussy when I came in and I had to smile. I hung up the robe before walking to the bed, “On your stomach Trish.”

She grinned as mom moved and rolled over as she spread her legs and lifted her hips. I reached out and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed before starting to finger and rub her clit, “The guys left early so you two need to give them a really good time next week.”

Mom nodded as she laid on her side watching and Trish groaned and shuddered. I swatted her butt and she screamed, “YES SIR!”

I nodded and moved to slowly push into her hot pussy. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts as her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. Even after ten years and three children each they are still my slaves. Allen, Matt and Sam are married now but bring their wives over once a week. Their wives watch or fuck me as their husbands use mom and Trish like whores.
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