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Emma continued to use her fingertips to caress Jake’s body as he recovered from the intense orgasm she had just provided for him. She loved looking at him as he breathed easily, obviously enjoying the attention she was giving him.

“Thank you,” he said almost in a whisper.

“You are welcome,” she said softly, giving him a light kiss. “I’m glad to learn what makes you feel good.”

“It feels good just to be near you.” He breathed deeply, opening his eyes to look into hers. “You are so different from other girls.”

“Jake, I so much younger than the other girls you know.”

“No. You are different from the other girls your age.” He thought about those at her birthday party. “The day of your birthday. The girls you invited. You are not like them.” He was thoughtful for a second. “They seem like girls. You seem older.”

“Right now I feel older.” She leaned toward him, continuing to dance her finger over his chest. “Jake, I may be just thirteen, but after what we have shared, I feel like a woman. A young woman, but still a woman.” She paused to find the right words. “I am young, yes. I am a girl, yes. I’ll be in the ninth grade, yes. But, the way you treat me. It’s not like the way mom or Grandpa and Nana treat me. Of course, they are much older that both of us. But, you act different toward me.” She kissed him on the cheek. “She actually treat me like a person with a brain.”

“You have a brain. You are smart. You think about things.”

“Well, I appreciate that. It’s nice to have someone in my life who takes me seriously.”

Jake raise up, resting on an elbow. He looked at Emma, eye to eye. “I know life has not always been good for you, not having a dad. But you are loved. Everybody in the family loves you. Mom and dad think you are their daughter, not just a granddaughter.”

“I know. They have raised me as much as my mom has.” She reflected on her home life with her mom. “You know, mom has had it rough. Do you realize she had me when she was just three years older than I am now?”

“Yeah, I know. I was around then.” He laughed. “I had to babysit you.”

“I bet you never changed a diaper.”

“No way. That’s gross.” They both laughed.

“And look at you now. Here you are, all seventeen years old and grown up. Laying on the bed with me.” She glanced at their bodies. “And with no clothes on at that.”

“I am almost eighteen. And, yes, I am laying on the bed with you.” He smiled at her. “And you know what?”


“There is not another place I had rather be.” Jake reached out to Emma, taking him into her arms. He laid her down on the bed, his arm under her head. He caressed her face, smoothed her hair out of her eyes. They kissed. Their tongues meeting as if dancing with joy. When they parted, Jake spoke softly.

“Em, I need you to help me.”

“Help you what?”

“Help me know how to love you. Help me to know what you like and what feels good to you.”

“Oh, Jake. Last night was wonderful. I can’t believe you could make me feel any better.”

“I know you say that. But that is not only what I mean.” He looked for the words that would explain what he wanted to express. Both Emma and he were in new territory. “Okay, just a few seconds ago, you were touching me.”


“I mean, you were touching my chest. You were not touching my cock. You were not doing anything sexual. You were simply moving your hands and fingers over my chest and stomach.”


“That felt good. It was not about sex. It was about touching. It was like you were saying, ‘I am with you and I know you are with me.’ I know this may not make much sense, but just being touched when it is not about sex feels good, too.”

“Yeah, I know. I like it when you do that to me.”

“That’s what I mean. How can I make you feel good that way, too.”

“Hmm. I don’t know. I guess I never thought about. You touch me sometimes. You put your arms around me. You stand next to me in the kitchen with you shoulder touching mine. I like that feeling, too.”

“Okay, well, how can I touch you when it’s not just rubbing your pussy or your breasts?” He reached for her face, cupping it in his hand. “I want to learn about you. Do you mind if I try a few things. I want to make you feel good.”

“Okay. I’d like that.”

Jake was quiet, thinking of what he wanted to do for Em that was not just sex or sexual touching. “How about you turning over on your stomach. Will you do that?”

Without speaking, Emma turned over. She placed her arms down her sides. Jake looked at her for a moment before he began. He sat beside her so he could use both hands. He slowly and gently began to rub her shoulders, massaging them ever so lightly. Actually, he was not massaging. He allowed his hands to glide over the soft, smooth, warm skin. She shivered a bit at his touch.

“Does that tickle? I am not trying to tickle you?”

“No,” she whispered. “It felt really nice. I just seemed to automatically react to your touch.”

Jake continued using his fingertips to move lightly over her shoulders, moving to her back. Her response encouraged him to make his touch even lighter. As she moaned, he came up with an idea he would try. Jake moved so he could actually lean over Em. He then lowered his face toward her back. He began using his tongue, beginning at her right shoulder.

He wet his tongue slightly, and began making circles with it across her shoulder. He made small circles, just moist enough to allow him to move over her skin easily. He moved slowly, forming circles on her skin, often using his lips to caress her.

“Oh my, Jake. What are you doing?”

He did not reply. He simply continued doing what he was doing. He moved across Em’s upper back, moving her hair to the side so he could give attention to her neck just under and around her ears. Again, her body shivered slightly. Em was purring.

Jake took his time, moving back and forth across her back until he reached her waist. He then moved up again to her neck. Using his tongue to make small, moist circles, he began to make his way slowly, lightly down the middle of her back. He was caressing her spine with his tongue and lips. As he neared her lower waist, he hips began to move. As Emma moaned and purred, her hips moved slowly to his touch.

Jake began making circles over her hips. He move from each side to the other, back and forth. As he passed over her cheeks, he pressed his tongue a bit firmed against her skin. This made Emma move even more. He moved down the groove made my her cheeks. She almost lifted her hips off the bed. He did not move down as far as her anal area, but continued back and forth over her soft, but firm butt cheeks.

Eventually, Jake reached Em’s upper thighs. He made circles down the sides of her legs, across the back to the inner thigh. He used his head to spread her legs enough for him to move to the inside of each thigh, making is way down. When he reached the back of her knees, Emma began to almost gyrate on the bed. He caressed the area of her knee for several minutes. She was obviously responded to this touch.

Moving lower, back and forth across the calf of one leg, Jake finally reached her ankle. Even his touch around the ankle bone caused a sensation that made Emma move her hips a bit. He made his way back up her leg. Jake then moved up to the back of the thigh of Em’s other leg. He followed the same path, back and forth from the outer area of the thigh across to her inner thigh. Moving down slowly, he reached the ankle of this leg making circles with his tongue.

Jake began the journey back up toward Em’s back and shoulders. Taking his time, he moved up each leg, across her hips to her waist. He moved from side to side making his way to her shoulders, finishing at the back of her neck.

“Turn over,” he whispered into her ear. Emma moaned softly as she turned over. She lay on her back with her eyes closed.

Jake began at the neck and shoulders, continuing to make small circles with the tip of his tongue over her skin. He moved from one shoulder to the other, slowly making his way down her body. When Jake reached the swell of Emma’s breasts, he did not avoid this area. When he reached her breasts, he used his tongue to glide over the skin. He made circles around each nipple, causing them to become very erect. Emma body stirred when he did this. She moaned as Jake touched them. But Jake did not linger. He moved down her body, back and forth from one side to the other.

Jake reached Em’s abdomen. She moved a bit, whispering that he tickled some. Not wanting to do this, he moved quickly down to her lower abdomen area. As he reached the pubic area, he continued downward. He moved first down her left leg, making circles on the upper part and down to the side. Back and forth down the thigh, moving from the outside of her thigh to the inner skin. Emma spread her legs so Jake could give attention to the inner areas of her legs.

Jake moved to the knee and down to the ankle of her left leg. He reversed directions and moved upward. As he reached the lower thigh, making circles on the inside of her leg, he could see her pussy. Her lips were moist, glistening in fact. The further up her leg he caressed with his tongue, the more Em moved her hips, lifting them slightly, moving a bit back and forth.

Reaching her lower abdomen, Jake made his way back across the pubic area to the right leg. Following the same course, he moved down her leg, from outside to inside, passed her knee to her ankle and back again. Emma purred and moaned, moved her hips often, enjoying the sensation.

As Jake moved up her right leg, he decided to do something. Em’s legs were spread far enough apart to allow him access to her pussy. As he made circles with his tongue and caressed her skin with his lips, he moved to her pussy. Without pushing between her lips, Jake made circles on the outer area of her vaginal region.

“Oh,” Emma sighed as Jake moved up her already moist lips. He reached her lower abdomen and made his way up her stomach and chest, to her shoulders. When he had come to the end of this journey of caressing Em’s body with his tongue and lips, he kissed her.
Without opening her eyes, Em moaned softly, reaching up and holding Jake in the kiss. Their lips together, she pushed her tongue into his mouth. They kiss, long, passionately.

“Oh, Jake, that felt wonderful,” she whispered to him. Holding his face close, smiling, purring, loving him with her eyes, she said, “If you don’t mind, I need you to do something for me.”

“Whatever you want, my love. I only want to please you.”

“I cannot describe how that felt and what has been going on inside my body, the feeling of love and care. You were so gentle, so soft, so loving.” She paused. “Would you kiss me? I mean, would you kiss my pussy. I know you said you weren’t wanting to be sexual, but I really need you to do this.”

Jake smiled. “It would be my pleasure.” He kissed her lips. He moved down between her legs. He had a thought. Reaching for a pillow, Jake guided Emma to lift her hips. He placed the pillow under her lower back and hips. He then positioned himself between her legs. Her pussy was raised up for him.

Jake moved toward her waiting pussy. First, he licked softly, barely touching her lips. He moved back and forth, then up and down, with just the tip of his tongue making contact. She moved her hips in response. He pushed a little bit between her lips. They were already wet and glistening with her own moisture. He could taste her.

Jake pushed in a bit deeper, touching the inner lips as he moved up and down. When he finally came to the opening, he pushed in, moving his tongue up and down the slot, moving in and out. Emma’s body began to move. She could not help but respond to the sensation of his attention. Avoiding her clit, Jake continued to lick up and down, move in and out, realizing that he was giving the one he loved pleasure he wanted her to feel.

Jake decided from Em’s moving that it was time to increase the pleasure. He slowly licked up and down, each time moving closer to her clit. He was able to move his hands up to spread her lips. He caused her lips to spread and the hood of her clit to expose that small, pink, and swollen button. He touched it with the tip of his tongue. Emma almost cried out. He made circles around it, brushing the clit lightly as he did so. Her hips raised up, inviting his touch, wanting his touch.

Jake accepted the invitation. With the flat of his tongue, he began to move up and down. Emma immediately reacted, moaning loudly, pushing up harder. She reached down and pulled Jake’s head into her. He opened his mouth enough to cover her clitoral area. He sucked the area at the same time he used the tip of his tongue to dance over her clit. Emma was moving so now that Jake was having difficulty staying in contact with her.

As he continued this attention to her clit, sucking gently, dancing over and around this most sensitive area of her body, he pushed a finger into her love canal. He move in and out, reaching as far as he could. He could actually feel her juices increasing in a pool, deep inside her pussy.

“Oh, Jake...oh..oh...” Emma was crying out, her hips moving up and down, side to side.

Jake inserted a second finger. Her pussy was tight but he slid in and out with ease. She was well lubricated with her own juices. He licked her clit, sucking it, dancing over it until he realized that moment had come. Suddenly Emma stopped moving. Her legs extended and began squeezing his head. She cried out and began what seemed to be uncontrollable movements. Her hips jerked upward as she pulled his head harder into her womanhood.

Jake increased the speed of his fingers moving in and out of her canal. As he did so he realized that he was also causing her juices to flow. He felt the wetness on his hand. He felt the puddling of those fluids deep within her. The muscle walls began to pulsate, contracting against his fingers. His tongue attacked her clit, increasing the speed of his movements over it, sucking a bit harder.

The orgasm swept through Emma’s body. She could not control it. She cried out. Her entire abdomen spasmed again and again, wave after wave rolled through her.

“Aaaahhhhhh....” she cried as she lifted her hips off the bed, pushing against Jake, pulling him to her. She moaned, she called his name, she cried out. In the intensity of the moment, in the ecstasy that flooded over and through her young body, she had the thought, “Will it ever stop? I don’t want it to stop. It has to stop.”

After what seemed like forever to Emma, the spasms began to weaken. The sensation like an electrical charge began to ease. Her hips fell back to the bed. She let go of Jake’s hair. Her pussy was pulsating and her heart was beating, but slowly her breathing became easier. Her legs fell to Jake’s side. She could no longer move them. Her arms collapsed to her side. There was no energy left to use them. She was conscious enough to feel Jake remove the pillow and ease her hips down to the bed. She felt his movement as he lay beside her. She felt his hand resting on her lower abdomen. Her eyes would not open, even when he kissed her gently on the lips.

“I love you, Em,” she heard him say. She managed a smile, knowing his face was close to hers. She caught the scent of her body from his face.

“I love you, Jake O’Donald,” she managed to say. Jake slid his arm under her head. He pulled her over to her side, facing him as he wrapped his arms around her, cradling her, embracing her, protecting her.

No words were spoken. None were needed. During this time, both Jake and Emma had expressed what they wanted to share with each other. They were experiencing what many couples who have been together for years never experience. For these two teens there was only one thought that had captured their minds. Each wanted to focus completely on the other. They desired to learn what would please the other, not just sexually, but emotionally. Here they were, away from those who loved them but still saw them as too young to know what is most important in life, learning and growing in their understanding about what it means to love another person, to care for another person, to be devoted to another person. Whatever their future held for them, be it the rest of the summer or the rest of their lives, they had discovered something that most people in the world had yet learned. The most important thing in life was caring for and being cared for by another person. For this present time, Jake had Emma and Emma had Jake. Whatever else happened when they returned home, they had each other and this moment.

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