We continue....
The sex between me and my brother continues...If you want to know how it all started,read the previous part by going through my profile

I awoke to the sexy sound of rain outside my bedroom window and the even sexier feeling of my brother's naked body curled up close behind me; his arm around my waist holding me tightly to him as he slept. I smiled as I lied there listening to both the rain and Ron’s slow steady breathing in my ear. As always my brother's face was nuzzled into my neck; I couldn't imagine anything better than this.

My eyes slid over to the alarm clock and saw that it was eight which brought another smile to my face. Ron never used to sleep ,even after coming back from school. Of course the fact he never had sex with his big sister might just have a little something to do with it.

“Good evening sis” He said after kissing my right nipple with his beautiful lips.

“Good evening love. Feeling hungry?”I asked as he moved his head to kiss my left nipple.

“Yes” He smiled.

“What do you want to eat?”

"I have an idea," my little brother suggested. "How about pizza tonight?"

How could I refuse? Just the mention of the word "pizza" made my mouth water as I thought of pepperoni and pineapple and bacon combined together.

"With that wide smile," he joked, "I'll take that as a 'yes.'"

I hugged my brother tightly. In actuality, while it was my night to cook dinner, I was not really in the mood to cook anyhow.

"But first, I have a request..."

"You want to fuck me inside the bathroom while we're waiting for the pizza to arrive?" I joked.

"Intriguing," he admitted with a laugh, "but no. Something simpler, more basic, less conspicuous."

That had me intrigued, and I looked into my brother's eyes.

"Go put on some all-black outfit," he said. "For me. Please!"

That was indeed a most unusual request after talking about ordering pizza. I tried for several seconds, but simply could not fathom how pizza and black clothing went together – even if he were to instigate a food fight, the dark color would almost certainly prevent anything "incriminating" from being revealed to his eyes. The fact that we are fraternal twins did not help in this case, as I simply could not crack the code of his sometimes-twisted thinking.

"Okay," I finally agreed. "Do you want me to wear anything specific, or just anything in black?"

He thought for a moment. "Black miniskirt, tight black tank top, no bra, no panties, black low heels." He kissed my forehead briefly. "While you're changing, I'll order the usual. Okay with you?"

"Okay with me." I kissed him briefly on the lips, then stepped away. "And get two two-liters of Dr. Pepper, okay? We're about out and I forgot to buy more on the way home today."

"Will do." He moved toward the telephone while I retired to my bedroom to change into the requested outfit, still baffled by his rather specific request.

I went to my Ron's bedroom to find him stretched out on the bed, still fully naked. Now I was definitely intrigued as to why he would want for me to be dressed like this while he was naked.

Upon seeing me, he held out a hand to me, and I approached, taking his hand and sitting on the bed beside him. He pulled me down for a kiss, and my hand seemed to shoot directly to his growing erection as if fired from a cannon. I put my hands on the bed beside Ron’s legs and leaned forward. I put my face just inches from his massive erection and let my nipples graze his hairy thighs. As I moved my hands up, I moved his hands away and touched his fully erect penis. "I always wanted to be a better older sister to you, and now I'm finally getting the chance."

I let my soft, wet tongue started licking up and down the entire length of my brother’s aching shaft, swirling and flicking around the head while my hand gently squeezed his swollen balls. When Ron’s dick became slick with my spit, i stroked it with my hand while taking his nuts into my mouth, one at a time, and sucking on them.Then I let my tongue move all over his cock. My hand stroking his shaft, almost caused Ron to lose it. I moved back up to the tip of his tool again and opened my mouth wide. Ron watched me as about half of his cock slipped inside his sister’s mouth. Then i wrapped my lips around the shaft and began bobbing up and down on it. His moans were like music to my years.

"Oh God, you suck cock like a pro, Sue." Ron whispered.
"Mmmmmm....mmmmmm....mmmmmmppphh... your cock tastes so good, brother." And i took him back into my mouth again. I was now addicted to his cum. I didn’t want any girl to have my brother except me.

Eventually, however, I was nudged away, and I gave a mock pout. "Get on your hands and knees," he instructed me, and I complied. I cooed softly as he pushed my black denim miniskirt up atop my rear. I wiggled my ass at him, smiling when I heard his soft sigh of appreciation.

"What are you planning?" I asked Ron, but his voice did not answer me. Instead, he teased me as his response, sliding the tip of his meaty shaft along my sex, spreading my natural lubrication. He also spanked me a few times, increasing the warmth below my hips.

When my forbidden lover finally entered my body, it was slow and cautious, respectful and loving. Once he was fully sheathed within me, his hands slid up my tank top, gliding along my skin en route to my chest. Cupping my breasts, he hauled me upward until my back was against his chest, then began to move within me. Through my tank top, I placed my hands over his, causing him to squeeze my feminine swells as his thrusts slowly increased in speed and force.

Just as I was mewing like a kitten, his hands retracted from inside my tank top, and he pushed me back down to my hands and knees again upon the bed. Gripping my hips, he became more rough with me, turning from romantic to lustful.

"Take me hard!" I pleaded between moans of delight, and he complied. His fingernails dug into my hips as he took control of my body, slamming me back into him as he rutted into me. We were soon both grunting rather loudly, and I was definitely sweating inside the tank top, but I did not care. Yet even as the copulation continued, a small part of my mind was still trying to calculate what my little brother had in mind with this particular scenario.

A hand left my hip, then found my clitoris. "Yes!" I squealed as his fingers began to deftly toy with my sensitive bud, and what little control I had began to erode rapidly. Between the repeated filling of my sex and the incredible sensations firing outward from my clitoris and the swaying of my breasts beneath me and the fact that my own little brother was the one causing the passion within me to rise so rapidly, I knew that I would soon scream for him.

His other hand left my hip, and suddenly my head was being pulled backward by my hair. It was definitely uncomfortable, not painful, but it added yet another layer of delight to the prohibited encounter. My squeals and moans and grunts ever louder, I backed against him with ferocious need, wondering just how long I could hold back my loving deluge before the dam of my willpower finally broke.

Just as the dam splintered apart and my voice rang out in the bedroom, I felt myself shoved forward onto my stomach, and suddenly my body was empty. I screamed into a pillow, humping the bed furiously, not fully comprehending the fact – or even wondering why – I no longer felt any tactile contact with my little brother, even though I could still sense his presence and his love.

Calmed at last, I lifted my head and looked around to find myself alone in the bedroom. My clothes definitely were sticking to me, making me feel somewhat uncomfortable. Slowly, I rose from the bed, and looked at myself in the mirror on the inside of the closet door, noting the visible damp spots of sweat upon my front, especially around my chest. My face was still flushed, and my hair was not what one would expect from a "good girl." The scent of sex was definitely noticeable, but I was uncertain if it was simply because I was in the bedroom or if that scent was emanating heavily from me.

Still baffled by the entire situation, I decided to demand some answers from my forbidden lover, and found him in the living room, now wearing shorts as he set out plates and cups on the table. "You look like you've just been fucked," he noted aloud with a definite smile and a glimmer of wickedness in his eyes.

"If I look that way, it's because you did this to me!" I stepped up behind him and pressed myself against him, wrapping my arms around his chest. As I kissed his back between the shoulder blades, I could taste the dried sweat and smell the scent of sex upon him.

"Why didn't you cum inside me" I asked. "And also, why did you want me wearing such a specific outfit this time? Do you have some new type of fetish or something that I should know about?"

"No," he replied, avoiding my first two questions. Stepping out of my grasp, he went over to the stereo and put in a CD. Seconds later, the opening notes of "Orinoco Flow" filled the air.

"Do you intend to continue avoiding my questions?" I asked. "You've really baffled me this time!"


The door buzzer sounded, signaling that our dinner had arrived. "Even better," my little brother said softly. Then, turning to me: "Can you go get the pizza and drinks, please?"

"Um, sure," I replied. I saw the money had already been set atop the bookcase by the door, so I checked that the person awaiting at the front of the building was indeed the pizza delivery person, then went downstairs to pay for and accept our dinner.

The entire transaction was normal, although I did notice the delivery guy glancing at my chest a few times, but, even without the visible sweat stains, that was not unusual. As I handed him the money, I noticed that my little brother had provided a larger-than-usual tip, but I figured he knew what he was doing.

I left the delivery guy at the door as it closed and turned around to mount the nearby staircase. "Oh my goodness! Damn!!!" I heard him exclaim, which seemed odd to me, but I did not pay the comment too much attention, even though it seemed like an unusual thing for him to say.

"What was his reaction?" I was asked once I returned to the apartment with the pizza and drinks.

"He said, 'Oh my goodness! Damn!!!'" I replied as my little brother lifted the two plastic Dr. Pepper bottles from atop the sturdy pizza box. When I noticed his wide grin, I had to demand again, "Just what the heck is going on here?"

"Set the pizza on the table and take off your top," he instructed me as he took the drinks to the kitchen. This was definitely quite weird, and I was actually starting to feel rather uncomfortable about the entire situation, despite my deep love for and undying trust in my little brother. Nonetheless, I complied.

...and as I held the garment in my hand, I noticed a few drying streaks of white upon the back of the black tank top.

"You didn't!!!"

"I did."

To say I was mortified does not even begin to explain how I felt, yet part of me also found the situation to be quite original and even humorous.

A moment later, I felt the familiar arms cradling my head as my little brother stood beside me. Instinctively, I buried my face in his ribs, my arms wrapped tightly around him, tears streaming down my face as I laughed uncontrollably. I felt both used and suckered, yet the brilliance of his plan was certainly not lost on me.

"Did I push things too far?" he asked quietly, his voice just barely audible above the music yet clearly full of concern.

Did he push things too far? I could not decide. Yet somehow, despite being our usual order, the pizza that night was the best I had tasted to date.

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I love your stories, Hot, Sexy, and I love that it is a woman the wrote the story


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it keeps getting better and better....10/10

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Dude I am becoming increasingly confuse on some facts such as are you guys twins or 4 years apart it get sketchier with every story but interesting read though

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your grammar needs a little work among a few small issues... but from what I have read you have a fairly good train of thought. 8/10 because I'm not gonna bs you but I really love your stories as well infact I read you last couple yesterday and I have to say those are amazing for pure erotica being honest. I love how wether or not these are really express your desire to fuck the hell out of a younger guy and I am gonna guess but I would venture to say you even have someone in particular you already love and wether he knows or not depends on your family stances but im a freudian anyways (least to a small degree)

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