My name is Simon West and I am twenty one. I just got out of the army and got a job working for a company doing private security. We work out of Bangkok and spend most of our time on cargo or tanker ships. I stand under six feet tall with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. I do have a large thick cock that is eight and a half inches long.

Normally there is two or three of us on each ship. I made several trips with nothing happening. The first time we had a pirate attack it was late at night. Most large ships don’t carry military weapons and this time was no exception. Mark, my boss issued me a long barreled Saiga shotgun. We loaded the magazines with buckshot and slugs and waited for the pirates to get closer.

It was just Mark and I this time and we stayed low as the fast boat came closer. There were only eight men in the boat but they had automatic weapons. When the first two came over the rail Mark killed them as I moved to the side and aimed into the boat below. It was over in seconds as I fired into the boat and emptied the first magazine.

We took all the weapons and sank the boat and pirates before letting the captain and crew know. They had gone into a newly created safe room and came out slowly. Mark wanted to celebrate when we returned to Bangkok but I was saving and investing my money. I had managed to find a set of rooms in an old hotel that was in good shape.

I showered and went down to eat in the small restaurant. I smiled when I saw Mr. Liu and sat with him at his table. Mr. Liu was at least eighty and looked twice that. He grinned and leaned forward, “Did you find pirates?”

I gestured to his daughter who was serving breakfast and nodded to him. He shook his head, “To be young and fearless again.”

I smiled because he used to be in the country’s navy and hunted pirates. He sighed and sat back before looking at me and then grinning, “Do you have a woman Simon?”

I accepted the plate of food from Myra and shook my head, “Not yet.”

He leaned forward, “Would you like one?”

I looked at him and smiled, “What did you have in mind?”

He turned and nodded to a small table in the corner, “See the girl?”

I followed his look and saw a pretty girl that was in her teens, “Yes.”

He looked at me, “She is a nice girl but the only work she will find is as a bar girl.”

I frowned because a bar girl was basically a prostitute, “Why isn’t she at home?”

He looked at me, “my brother has to many mouths to feed so he sent her away. He could have just sold her.”

I looked at the girl as I ate, “I can’t afford to pay her, especially when I am not here most of the time.”

He snorted, “She can go with you.”

I knew a few of the other guys took their... women along on the ships. I looked at the girl and started to open my mouth and Mr. Liu reached out to touch my hand, “Please?”

I looked at him and sighed, “Fine.”

I pushed the plate away, “have your wife add bill up for me. I have another ship to catch this afternoon.”

He smiled, “She will be ready.”

I laughed as I headed towards the stairs. His wife was always ready to accept money for a bill. I thought about the girl and made a couple of calls. Mark had laughed after I explained and said he would arrange everything. I turned at the timid knock and saw the girl in the doorway with a suitcase.

Most of the time I leave the door open so air would circulate. I smiled and gestured and she walked towards me looking at the floor. She took a breath, “Uncle said you want me?”

I didn’t really know how to answer and finally cleared my throat, “I told him I would take you.”

She looked at me and something seemed to sparkle in her eyes. She smiled, “thank you.”

I nodded and turned to the fresh laundry I was packing, “We leave in a couple of hours.”

I looked at her again, “What’s your name?”

She looked down, “Lilly.”

I smiled, “Nice name.”

I glanced at the old suitcase beside her and shook my head. I stopped on the way out to pay Mr. Liu’s wife who seemed happier then normal. I also stopped at a small shop as I headed to the office to buy Lilly a large metal suitcase. Mark smiled when he saw Lilly and slapped my shoulder. I was headed out on another cargo ship and like normal we had a container we stayed in.

The other man with me was one I had worked with before. He also had a woman that accompanied him. His name was Albert and he was at least twice as old as me. Lilly seemed shy and stayed in the container with the other woman as Albert and I talked with the captain and first officer. After eating dinner in the ships galley I led Lilly back to the container.

I had never thought about the sleeping arraignments. The first room was our work room with weapon and equipment racks as well as chairs, TV and a computer. The second or middle room had a single full size bed, normally it had bunk beds and the last or end room had another full size bed. I looked at Lilly as she walked in and began undressing.

She seemed calm and I hesitated before closing the door and undressing. Lilly crawled under the covers and I flipped the switch to turn the white light out and turned on the dim amber one. I crawled into bed and Lilly was beside me. She turned onto her side when I didn’t do anything and caressed my chest, “I will be a good concubine.”

I blinked and looked at her, “Concubine?”

She nodded, “Yes.”

Her hand moved lower, “I’m sorry I broke my hymen before you could take it.”

I looked at her in the dim light, “Are you on birth control?”

She nodded and I turned to feel her body. I cupped and caressed her breasts and bent to suck on the nipples. Lilly moaned and shivered as I did that and then giggled, “I like that.”

I smiled and caressed her pelvis before sliding down in the bed. I pushed her legs open and licked through her pussy before holding it open. I pushed my tongue into her and then began nibbling and teasing her clit. Her hips began lifting and she started to shudder and jerk. It was over five minutes before I moved up her body. I kissed her and she grinned, “You taste like my pussy.”

I kissed her again and lifted up before pushing and forcing my cock into her tight pussy. I started fucking her almost as soon as I was in. Lilly groaned and shuddered as slowly my cock fucked deeper until I hit her womb. She jerked hard and grunted as I fucked against her cervix and put her arms around me to hold on. I kept fucking her as she got wetter and slipperier.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing harder and shaking as her pussy began to spasm and ripple around my cock. She pulled her legs up and spread them as she jerked and convulsed and my cock pushed deeper. She wailed as I buried my cock in her womb and then she shuddered as I began to spew and gush. She lifted her hips as I kept spurting and pumping more cum into her.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and hugged me. I reluctantly pulled out and lay next to her and she turned to hold me and cuddle. I smiled, “You rub your naked body on me and I will fuck you again.”

She giggled and wiggled and rubbed her breasts against me, “Like this?”

I laughed and pulled her on top of me, “I guess I didn’t hurt you.”

Lilly spread her legs and wiggled back before pushing to get my cock back into her cummy pussy, “you didn’t hurt me.”

She kissed me before sitting up and putting her hands on my chest. She started rocking back and forth as my cock sank to her womb again. It wasn’t long before she was twisting and wiggling as her tight pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. Five minutes later and she was jerking erratically and moaning. I cupped her breasts and started rubbing and playing with her nipples.

Lilly arched her back suddenly and then began convulsing as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock tight. She jerked and thrashed around fucking me hard and kept moaning. I was getting close and pulled her down before rolling. I fucked her hard for a minute and shoved into her womb before pumping more cum into her. She stiffened and shook but held up her hips as I spurted warm sperm into her.

When I stopped and pulled out, she sighed and relaxed. I laid beside her and caressed her body and she smiled before looking at me, “that was nice.”

I laughed, “it was very nice.”

She caressed my chest and put her head on my shoulder, “I like fucking.”

I hugged her, “Me too.”

I fucked Lilly every chance I got on that trip. We didn’t see any pirates and took another cargo ship going back towards Bangkok. It was early morning and I was on the bridge talking with the captain. I glanced out the port side and touched his shoulder. He followed my look and hissed, “Pirates!”

I nodded, “Maybe. Send out your radio warnings.”

I jogged out as he called the ship to general quarters. Albert was already unlocking the weapons rack as I got there. I nodded to Lilly and his woman Marg, “go to the crew safe room.”

They nodded and ran off as I looked at Albert, “It looked like a speed boat. We have maybe thirty minutes.”

He smiled as he loaded his shotgun magazines and handed me a box of shells. The pirates circled the ship firing random shots to scare the crew before approaching the starboard side by the bow. Albert and I were moving around and waited until they tried to board before we stood and fired down into them. A couple tried to lift grenade launchers but died before they could use them.

Like before we took the weapons and sank the boat with the bodies. The captain and crew were ecstatic and the ship owner actually paid us a bonus. We left the ship as soon as it docked, our company had two other men that would ride with it to China. It was early so I let Lilly visit with her family or friends while I checked in.

When I got home she was already there and grinned as she walked to me with a new tempting sway to her hips. She kissed me and caressed my face before looking at the other doorway. I followed her look to see a girl and looked at Lilly, “Who is that?”

Lilly grinned, “Her name is Jasmine and she wants to be your concubine too.”

I frowned, “Lilly...”

She looked down, “She doesn’t want to be a bar girl Simon.”

That did it and I sighed, “Was she already?”

Lilly hesitated and then nodded, “We came here together.”

I kept looking at Lilly, “Any others?”

She bit her lip and finally nodded again, “Jill.”

I looked around, “Where is she?”

Lilly looked down, “We thought she should wait.”

I tilted her head, “Take Jasmine and Jill to the clinic to be checked before bringing them home.”

She grinned and I kissed her, “It means you will have to share.”

She hugged me, “You won’t be sorry.”

I watched her leave and sat down to make a few calls. Mark actually started laughing so hard he couldn’t talk for a couple of minutes. He scheduled me for a ship leaving in three days before hanging up. I went down to pay Mr. Liu and he grinned, “You took the other bar girls too?”

I shrugged, “That isn’t much of a life is it.”

He nodded and hit my shoulder, “wait until they have babies.”

I grinned as I handed him the money and looked at his wife stomping towards us, “There are enough women to watch them while I still have fun.”

He frowned and then jumped as his wife poked him, “What are you talking about?”

He looked at me almost pleadingly and I shook my head, “Guns and pirates Mrs. Liu.”

She pulled him against her protectively, “He is to old to chase pirates with you.”

I smiled, “I will not ask again.”

He grinned and winked before his wife pulled him away. When Lilly returned with Jasmine and Jill they were both carrying old beat up suitcases like Lilly had. Lilly grinned, “The doctor said they are clean.”

I nodded to the bedroom, “help them put their things away and then we can go eat.”

She nodded and a couple of minutes later I heard giggling. I smiled and finished the drawing I was doing. It wasn’t of a person or even art, it was a kind of blueprint of a trunk. Like a field desk for the military, it had a small side opening for hanging clothes and drawers. After dinner I led the girls out and we took a walk. The shop I went to had a few old men that were doing woodwork. One came to me almost immediately.

I smiled and handed the drawing to him and he frowned. It took a little to explain but when he understood his eyes seemed to light up. I touched the drawing, “I want four made from teak.”

He bobbed his head and then the bargaining began. After we left the shop Lilly took my hand and led me to a small park. Afterwards we walked home and Lilly firmly closed the door. She pulled me to the bedroom where Jasmine was already undressing. She quietly undressed me and kissed me softly before leaving. Jasmine came to take my hand and pull me to bed, “Lilly said you like to lick so I cleaned myself good.”

I caressed her firm body before laying her back on the bed. I smiled and moved between her legs. Like Lilly she shaved her pussy bald. I rubbed her pussy and looked up into her face, “We need to have this done permanently.”

She smiled and I licked through her pussy before nibbling on her clit. She began to shudder as I continued to lick and use my tongue. I kept pushing my tongue into her tight pussy and she moaned louder and kept shaking. It was almost ten minutes before she jerked away and covered her pussy. I moved up and kissed her before lifting up and letting her position my cock.

I pushed into her tight pussy and she sighed and hugged me. I fucked her nice and slow and took my time going deeper. It was several minutes before my cock hit her cervix and she jerked and sucked in a breath. I kissed her before pulling back to start fucking her with long, deep thrusts. It was another couple of minutes before she suddenly jerked and began to shake and spasm as she kicked and wailed.

I ignored the door as it opened and kept kissing Jasmine softly as she clung to me. Her slippery pussy was constantly squeezing and grasping my cock as I finally slid into her womb. She was bucking and thrusting up harder and I started to fuck her with deep, firm strokes. She continued to wail and howl as she kicked and jerked around while getting wetter and slipperier.

It was a minute before I thrust into her and held her shaking body as I began to pump spurts of cum. Jasmine arched her back and clutched at me as her tight pussy grasp my cock, “YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!”

I spewed and spurted and filled her womb before I stopped cumming. I held her as we both tried to catch our breath. Lilly almost whispered, “Jasmine?”

Jasmine turned her head and smiled, “It was never like that.”

Lilly sat beside us and took her hand, “You okay?”

I pulled out of Jasmine and moved over while she shuddered and moaned. She squeezed Lilly’s hand, “He fucks so good.”

Lilly grinned as she looked at me, “I know.”

I cupped one of Jasmine’s breasts, “is it Jill’s turn?”

They both grinned and Lilly nodded as she pulled and helped her friend out of bed. I nodded to the bathroom, “Help her take a warm bath.”

She smiled with Jasmine and led her towards the bathroom. I slid out of bed and walked out into the main room to see Jill looking out a window. I walked up beside her and took her hand, “You okay?”

She nodded, “Was Jasmine hurt very much?”

I turned her, “No.”

I caressed her face before pulling her after me and into the bathroom. I kissed her before pushing her towards the large bathtub, “You can talk to her while you relax in the bathtub.”

I walked out thinking Jill might have had a bad time in the clubs. I laid back in bed and slowly relaxed. I woke to a Jill straddling me as Lilly and Jasmine sat beside us. I held her hips to keep her from pushing her pussy onto my cock, “not fair, I didn’t get to lick your pussy.”

She smiled slowly and lay on me, “you can lick me tomorrow.”

I hugged her and caressed her hips and back, “Twice?”

She looked into my eyes before grinning and nodding. I gave her a soft kiss and let her go as I relaxed. She sat up and placed her pussy on my cock before grinding back and forth as she closed her eyes. I smiled and watched as she shivered and looked down at her pussy sliding back and forth on my cock. Lilly and Jasmine were quiet as Jill sighed and moaned and shuddered for several minutes.

It was almost ten minutes before she lifted up and positioned my cock before wiggling and pushing to force it into her. She shuddered as my cock pushed in and held still for a minute before looking at me. I smiled and caressed her hips, “This is for you.”

She smiled and started to rock slowly. It took a few minutes for her to get my cock deep enough to hit her womb. She shuddered and jerked as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. She started grinding and thrusting back and forth and closed her eyes with an angel’s smile. It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed suddenly and then wet me as her pussy tightened.

I shivered at the feel of her tight pussy sliding on and off my cock. She let out a groan and shuddered as her pussy rippled around my cock. She was half thrusting and half rocking and completely erratic. It was a few minutes before she spasmed and started twisting and fucking my cock hard as she wailed. I reached out to stop Lilly or Jasmine from going to her as she thrashed around.

Her pussy was squeezing my cock almost painfully as she thrust down and shoved my cock into her womb as I began spurting and pumping cum. Jill screamed and held still as I kept spurting and filling her pussy. When I stopped cumming she shuddered for a minute before slowly laying on me. I held her and gently caressed her as she started to cry. I shook my head at Lilly when she reached out and nodded to the light, “turn off the light and come to bed.”

She nodded and stood as Jasmine moved around and slipped into bed beside me. Lilly climbed into bed beside Jasmine and held her. It was awhile before Jill started talking and I let her. When she stopped, I hugged her and gave her a soft kiss. She put her head on my shoulder and before I knew it she was asleep.

I glanced at Jasmine and Lilly and they smiled before shifting and relaxing. I woke up as Jill shifted and lifted her hips. I looked at her and she smiled, “I need to pee.”

I nodded to the bathroom and she moved off the bed. I waited for her to come back and gently pulled her back onto me. She hesitated before putting her head down on my shoulder and I caressed her bare back and hugged her. I heard her quiet whisper as she relaxed, “Thank you.”

I woke a couple of hours later to Jasmine and Lilly getting out of bed. I hugged and squeezed Jill, “go with them.”

She lifted her head to look at me and smiled before nodding. I watched her cute butt as she walked towards the bathroom and rolled out of bed. I followed the girls and after they went to the bathroom, I pulled them into the shower one at a time to wash them. I watched them take their birth control before we went down to eat. After breakfast I took them shopping for new clothes.

When we got back Lilly pulled me to the bedroom and started undressing me. I smiled and let her before stripping her. I caressed her body, “exercises after we finish.”

She grinned, “The pool?”

I laid her down on the bed and glanced at Jasmine and Jill as they came in. I moved down between her legs as she spread then. She ran her fingers through my hair as I leaning in and licked through her pussy. I looked up, “when we come home next time you need to have your pussy hair permanently removed.”

She grinned and then shuddered as I nibbled on her clit. I started sucking and wiggling my tongue against it. She pushed my face back, “Let me fuck you while you lick Jill?”

I grinned and sucked on her clit before moving up her body. She groaned and hugged me before I rolled over and pulled her with me. She laughed and kissed me passionately before sitting up and looking at Jill and Jasmine, “sit on his face Jill.”

Jill bit her lip before smiling and undressing as Lilly lifted up and positioned my cock. Jasmine helped Jill and then sat on the edge of the bed as she moved up and straddled my head. I caressed her hips before pulling them down. Lilly’s tight pussy slipped down my cock and seemed to ripple as she began to rock. I licked through Jill’s bald pussy before covering her clit.

Her legs squeezed my head as I began to suck and tease her clit with my tongue. Lilly was rocking back and forth fucking my cock deeper until I was inside her womb. Jill started to thrust and hump back and forth as she got wetter. Lilly had become erratic and kept jamming my cock into her as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock.

Jill jerked and spasmed and convulsed before falling off me and covering her pussy. Lilly was convulsing and jerking as she fell forward. I pulled her against me and rolled before fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. She lifted her hips as she wailed and my cock throbbed. I grunted and groaned as I began to pump, spurt and spew gushes of cum into her womb.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. She hugged me and I gave her a kiss, “Thanks Lilly.”

She grinned and I pulled out before moving over Jill. She stiffened but I ignored it to kiss her gently, “Thank you Jill.”

She looked into my eyes before grinning and hugging me. I moved off the bed and bent to kiss Jasmine, “I am fucking you full of cum later.”

She grinned and pulled me back for another kiss. Lilly went to douche while the other girls and I got dressed in swimsuits, well, tiny bikinis for the girls. I stretched before swimming laps with the girls. After my laps we ended up splashing around and just playing in the pool. After we got out and showered, we went out for a walk to check on the wooden trunks.

We stopped to have dinner in a small restaurant before walking home. After we walked in Lilly closed the door and grinned as she pushed Jasmine and I towards the bedroom, “Jill and I are going to watch a movie.”

Jasmine took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I turned her at the bed and undressed her before laying her down. I stripped and laid beside her to feel and caress her body. She grinned and turned to kiss me before pulling on me, “Fuck me.”

I smiled and kissed her as I moved over her. I pushed into her tight pussy and she sighed before shivering. Her pussy squeezed my cock as I pushed deeper before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before Jasmine was jerking and spasming. Her tight pussy was really slippery so my cock fucked her easily. Her hips were lifting to meet mine as she yelled and clung to me.

I rolled and pulled her with me before hugging her and pushing her up. She grinned as she started thrusting back and forth while rolling her hips and fucking my cock. A few minutes later she was erratic and moving jerkily. Her pussy was rippling and squeezing my cock as she moaned and kept crying out. I finally rolled again and thrust into her as I started to pump and spew cum.

Jasmine clutched me and sighed as she lifted her hips. I kissed her and slowly fucked her for another minute. She was grinning when I stopped and lay on her. I slowly pulled out of her slimy pussy and moved over before caressing her. She turned and pressed against me as she gave me a kiss. I slipped out of bed and helped her up before following her cute butt as she walked out.

I sat beside Jill and pulled her onto my lap as I sat back. She looked at me before smiling and leaning against me. I held her and watched the movie until it was over. After it ended Lilly stood and grinned as she grabbed Jasmine’s hand. I let Jill stand before getting up and following her to the bathroom. When we got to the bed Lilly and Jasmine were already snuggled together.

Jill turned to me and smiled as she lay down. I moved over her and gave her a kiss, “Can I lick your pussy again?”

She grinned and nodded so I kissed down her body as she spread her legs. I opened her slit and licked through it before starting to wiggle my tongue against her clit. I covered it and sucked while teasing it and Jill moaned as her hips lifted. I went back and forth, licking through her pussy and teasing her clit and it wasn’t long before she let out a long moan and shuddered hard.

I moved up and kissed her before slowly lifting up and positioning my cock. I looked at Jill to see her smiling and slowly pushed my cock into her. I kissed her softly as I began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. I took my time and she kept smiling and kissing me back. Her tight pussy was rippling and squeezing my cock as I finally pressed against her cervix.

I didn’t force it and continued to fuck her nice and slow with long, deep thrusts. We kept kissing and Jill started shuddering and jerking. It was a few minutes before she clutched me to her and shook as she got wetter and her pussy spasmed around my cock. She moaned and wrapped her legs around me as I kept fucking her. It was a few minutes of her shuddering and shaking before I started to cum.

Jill jerked as I pressed against her womb to pump and spurt. She pushed up harder and my cock pushed in as I kept cumming. She hugged me and sighed, “I like it when you cum there.”

When I stopped cumming I shifted around until she was laying on me. I lifted her hips as I pulled my cock out of her and then Jill shuddered and relaxed as she lay on me. When I woke in the morning I hugged her and she lifted her head and whispered, “fuck me again?”

I smiled, “If you want me to.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss before moving to roll over. I held her and shifted around until I was on top of her. She reached between us for my cock and then I was slowly pushing into her warm, slimy pussy. She sighed as her pussy squeezed my cock and I began to fuck into her deeper.

It wasn’t long before my cock hit her cervix, I didn’t push but began to press and hump. Jill shuddered as her pussy seemed to ripple around my cock. She moaned softly as she hugged me and thrust her hips into mine.

I pulled back and fucked her with long strokes that made her shudder harder. She was lifting and thrusting her hips up every time I pushed into her. It was a few minutes before she gasped and started to shake and then convulse. Her moans were a little louder as I started fucking into her womb. It was morning and I needed to cum. I fucked her for another couple of minutes before grunting and thrusting into her.

She spasmed and looked as me before tilting her hips. I held her as I peed and spewed a huge stream of cum. Jill shuddered and smiled before kissing me and holding on as I kept pumping spurts of cum. When I was finally done she giggled and kissed me again. I pulled out of her and moved off the bed before helping her up.

Jill opened up a lot more and Lilly and Jasmine both seemed to like it. I spent the day with them and went to get the wooden trunks that evening. We packed up everything before setting the trunks by the door. That evening the girls were naked as we sat watching TV. Jill whispered something to Lilly who grinned and nodded. Jill turned and straddled my lap before lifting up and letting Lilly position my cock.

I smiled and caressed Jill as she slowly forced my cock into her. She sighed when I was against her womb and leaned against me to give me a kiss. I hugged her and kept kissing her as her tight pussy squeezed and rippled around my cock. She started rocking and grinding on me and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering. Her pussy continued to milk my cock as I slipped into her womb.

Slowly her breathing became harder and she started to pant and shake. A few minutes later she was convulsing as her pussy spasmed and tightened. I groaned and shuddered with her before holding her hips and spurting thick gushes of cum. Jill jerked and shook as she suddenly kissed me hard and held on as warm cum was pumped into her womb.

I spurted and spewed until my cock was only throbbing. I sighed and relaxed before giving Jill a kiss. She shuddered and slowly lifted up before moving off my lap and walking towards the bathroom. Lilly laughed and leaned over to lick the cummy mess on and around my cock. I shuddered and Jasmine laughed and moved to push Lilly out of the way, “My turn.”

I looked at Lilly and she grinned, “I get to sleep with you in me.”

I held Jasmine’s hips as she guided my cock to her bald pussy and slowly pushed it in. I tried to relax as Jasmine started rocking back and forth while her tight pussy squeezed and rippled around my cock. Jill came back and sat beside Lilly and surprised me again by leaning over and sucking on her nipple. Lilly gasped and shuddered before holding Jill.

Jasmine grinned as she started thrusting back and forth. She shuddered and a moment later started jerking and spasming. Her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock as she moaned and then started to wail. She was thrashing around and wiggling as she got wetter. I laughed and finally stood, “I am fucking you in bed witch.”

She wrapped her legs around me as she grinned and I carried her into the bedroom before sitting and rolling over. I was fucking into her before she was on her back and a moment later she was howling as I fucked in and out of her womb. She spread and lifted her legs as she started thrusting her pussy up, “FUCK ME!”

I buried my cock before humping and grinding and Jasmine hugged me tight as she started convulsing. I fucked her hard after that and she kept jerking and thrashing around as her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing me. It took a few minutes and then I thrust into her and held her bucking, jerking body as I began to pump, spurt and spew huge, strong, gushing streams of cum.

Jasmine wrapped her arms and legs around me and held on as I filled her womb with warm cum. She kept shuddering and sighing until I stopped cumming and then she grinned, “thanks Simon.”

I gave her a kiss before pulling out, “Anytime.”

She grinned and moved off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. I relaxed and then looked at Lilly as she laid down beside me, “Come finish the movie and then you can fuck me all night.”

I grinned and rubbed a nipple, “I have three of you so I can only do it some of the night.”

She grinned and pulled me off the bed. We watched another hour of TV before their movie ended. Jill and Jasmine slipped into bed ahead of Lilly and I. I laid Lilly down and moved down her body to push her legs open. I started licking her pussy and nibbling and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and moaning. Her hips kept lifting off the bed as she got wetter.

I covered her clit and sucked while using my tongue to tease it. Lilly started shaking and finally twisted away as she cried out. I grinned and pushed her onto her back again as I moved up. I kissed her before lifting up and slowly pushing into her tight pussy. She groaned and spread her legs as she hugged me. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and it was a minute before I hit her womb and pushed in.

A few minutes later she was wailing again as she thrashed around and kicked her legs in the air. I kept fucking her but used slower thrusts and started to grind. Lilly wrapped her legs around me as she convulsed and jerked. She was grunting and sighing as I buried my cock in her womb and humped or jabbed. When I went back to fucking her with long thrusts she started howling as she spread her legs.

It took me a few minutes and then I pushed into her and held her writhing body as I spewed and pumped spurts of cum. Lilly shuddered and lifted her hips, “YES!”

I pumped a half dozen spurts of cum into her womb before I was done. She sighed and slowly relaxed as she pulled my face down so she could kiss me. I shifted and rolled over before relaxing and she wiggled and pushed her legs down. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed again. I hugged her and caressed her before closing my eyes.

I woke to my alarm and reached over to shut it off. Lilly lifted her head and then kissed me before humping down against my growing cock. A minute later she lifted up and then pushed back and down and I pushed into her. She shuddered as she kept wiggling and pushing back until I was all the way inside her. Jasmine giggled, “Horny slut.”

Lilly grinned as I shifted and rolled before starting to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me as her warm, slimy pussy grasped my cock. I used long strokes and kept pressing and grinding as she shuddered and hugged me. It only took her a few minutes to start moaning and spasming. Jasmine and Jill moved off the bed and headed to the bathroom as I kept fucking Lilly.

She stiffened several minutes later and I thrust into her and held her as I began to pump large streams of cum. She wailed and started jerking as warm cum flooded her and clung to me. I pumped and spurted a dozen times before stopping. Lilly shuddered and moaned as I kissed her and pulled out. I moved off the bed, “come wash.”

She sighed and rolled off the bed to run after me. I had to pay a small fee for all three girls to go with me this time. The ship was headed around to the Philippines and then we had another going into the golf. I grinned when I saw Albert and Marg in the company container. He actually laughed as Marg grinned and kissed Lilly. Lilly, Jasmine and Jill disappeared with Marg as Albert and I went to talk to the captain and the executive officer.

As the ship left the harbor it was getting dark and I headed to bed. The girls had already gone ahead of me and pulled our trunks into the back sleeping area. Somehow I wasn’t surprised to see a queen size bed with the girls already under the covers. I glanced at our trunks as I undressed and turned to switch the lights to the dim amber light. I slipped into bed and Lilly caressed my chest, “Fuck me.”

I smiled and kissed her as I caressed her and fingered her pussy. She shuddered and then pulled on me and I moved over her, “Horny?”

She nodded as Jill and Jasmine giggled. I slowly pushed into her warm pussy and kissed her as I started to fuck her. I worked for five years before buying the company from Mark. My concubines are still with me and we have several children.
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