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Jake and Emma held each other for a long while. Both were thinking about the words that had already been shared. Jake could not believe he could feel this way about a girl, especially one that was both young and his niece. Even more difficult was believing that someone could care for him as Em said she did. She was young, very young. Yet, he knew she was being honest and much more mature than her years would normally allow.

After the long period of silence, Jake finally spoke. “Are you getting hungry?” For some reason this was all he could think of to say.

“Yeah. A little,” Emma replied, her head resting on Jake’s shoulders, his arms around her. She felt safe and protected. “How could Jake really love a girl my age?” was the question she asked herself. “I’m just a kid. I don’t know anything.” She questioned her ability to be loved and cared for by a boy almost five years older. Besides that, he was her uncle.

“Let’s go eat, okay?” Jake said softly. He raised himself onto his elbow and looked down at Emma. He smiled, hoping he had not hurt her. When she smiled back, he leaned toward her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. He intended this to be just a quick kiss, just a light touch. As soon as his lips touched her, she placed her hand behind his head and held him there. The kiss lingered, their tongues touched.

Parting from each other, Emma smiled again. “Actually, I’m really hungry.”

The two moved off the bed. Jake watched Em reach into her bag and pull out a t-shirt. She slipped it on over her naked body without panties or a bra. Jake slipped on a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt. He did not put on his boxers.

They went to the kitchen where Emma took a couple of containers from the refrigerator. “Nana sent some food for us to eat.” Marie had provided a couple of dishes that she knew both her son and granddaughter enjoyed. They heated plates of food in the microwave before going out to the deck to eat. They chatted about the lake, about music, and about tv programs while they finished their meal. The plates were cleaned and put away before that moved to the family area. Jake turned on the tv and surfed the channels from their dish service.

They agreed on a movie that both had seen before. It was a romantic drama. As the movie began Emma moved closer to Jake. He placed his arm around her as she snuggled up to him. There were scenes of tense drama and scenes of romantic togetherness. There was no open sex, but the relationship of the main characters caused both to think of their being there together, alone at the cabin, holding each other.

When the movie ended, Emma sat up and spoke. “I think I’ll take a shower.” She stood and looked at Jake.

“That’s sounds good.” He rose to join her.

“Jake, if you don’t mind, I think I need to take a shower alone.” She paused. “I just need some time right now. I hope it’s okay.”

Jake tried to hide his disappointment. “Sure. That’s okay. I’ll take one in the bedroom bath. You can use one of the other showers.” He followed Emma down the hall. She picked up her bag and made her way to one of the other bedrooms, closing the door. Jake stripped off his shorts and shirt and went into the bathroom. He turned on and adjusted the water. He stood in the shower for a while, letting the water ease the tension he was thinking. He was trying to clear his thoughts as he wondered about Emma and what she was feeling. He bathed, toweled off and brushed his teeth, using a mouthwash as he normally did, before he went into the bed room. He decided to slip on a pair of boxers for sleeping, thinking that Em was feeling shy or afraid. He could no longer hear water running so he assumed Emma was finished with her shower. That she had not returned to the bedroom caused him to think she was planning on sleeping in another bed.

Jake was preparing the bed, feeling a sense of hurt, when he noticed movement in the doorway. He turned and saw Emma standing there. His heart skipped a beat and he held his breath. There stood Emma wearing a new nightie. It was a very pale blue one, long enough to fall just below her hips. The shoulder straps were about an inch wide. The fabric was completely sheer except for the area across her breasts. There a lacy fabric of the same color hid her breasts from his view. From the lacy area down the nightie was completely open. She was wearing a pair of matching panties. The fabric was sheer except for a triangle of lace covering her pubic area.

Jake was speechless. He took a step toward Em, trying to think of something to say. Before he could speak, she did. “Do you like it?”

Before Jake could respond he noticed something else. Moving his focus from her body to her face, Jack was even more shocked. Emma had applied just a light amount of makeup to. She had applied a light blue eye shadow that heightened the natural color of her eyes. There was a very light color to her cheeks. Her lips were very pale shade of pink that finished off her perfect face. Her hair cascaded along the sides of her face, framing it like a portrait. Emma had the face of an older teenager but the body of a young one. Jake was fascinated.

“Do you like it?” Emma asked again.

“Uh..uh...” was all he managed to utter. “I like it, but when did you get this?” He felt dumb for asking the question.

“I sent shopping again. I saw it and thought you might like it.”

“I don’t think “like” is the right word. But right now I cannot think of any words.” He stepped closer to her. “Emma, you are...” he paused. “All I can think of is beautiful but that doesn’t seem to really say what I want.”

Emma stepped toward him, obviously expecting to be hugged. Jake readily obliged. He gathered her in his arms, looking into her face. He kissed her softly. “I cannot believe how you look. I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you.”

Emma looked at him with a smile. After what seemed like a long time, she finally spoke. “Do you think we can go to bed?”

Jake was embarrassed. He was so taken by her looks that he had lost all sense of where he was and what was happening. He stepped away and led her to the bed. Allowing Em to get on the bed first, he followed. She laid her head on the pillow, looking up and him. He slid his arm under her head and settled in next to her as she turned toward him.

For several minutes there were no words. Jake and Emma simply looked at each other. He touched her face, she caressed his arm. They were absorbed in one another. Talking didn’t seem appropriate at the moment. Finally, Jake raised himself up, leaned toward her, kissing her deeply. Emma opened her mouth, allowing their tongues to meet. At first there was light touching, then dancing. As they kissed the passion increased, their breathing became heavier.

Jake took his hand from Em’s face and moved it to her shoulder. He touched her neck and caressed her arms. After several minutes, he moved his hand to her abdomen. He caressed the warm, smooth skin, moving his hand back and forth, eventually up and down. Slowly, as the kissed again, he moved his hand between the split in her nightie and slid it under the lacy area. He cupped her left breast, gently massaging it. He rubbed his finger around the areola and across her nipple.

Emma’s body felt a sense of passion she had never felt before. The sexual contact they had experienced was nothing like this. Before they seemed to be a rush. Now, she relaxed, feeling Jake’s tongue playing with hers, feeling his hands moving over her body. Then that touch. It was like a charge of electricity went through her body. She was surprised that her small breasts could be the cause of such pleasure. Her entire body moved when Jake began to rub across her nipple.

Their lips parted. Each looked deeply into the other’s eyes. Jake’s fingers continued to gently move across Em’s nipple, outlining her areola with the tip of his finger. He felt her legs press against his. He felt her body lift toward him. They smiled at each other.

Jake move his hand to the other breast, doing the same movements. Emma shivered slightly. “Does that bother you?” he asked softly.

“It sure does,” she said with a smile. “It really bothers me.” When he tried to move his hand, she put hers over his. “But in a good way. It feels so good.”

They kissed again as Jake continued his attention to Em’s breasts. He gently massage them, placing each in the space between his thumb and index finer. He would bring his fingers together as he moved his hand up toward the nipples. This caused her areola and nipple to push up. He would then caress them with his fingertip before repeating the motion. Em was obviously feeling this. Her body was moving, pressing against him.

After several minutes of Jake’s focus on massaging her breasts, Emma broke the kiss. Emma raised herself up, moving her hands to the straps of her nightie. She pulled it over her head and dropped it off the bed. She laid back down. “There, I think that is better.” She smiled at Jake.
Jake realized that now he could look at her A-cup size breasts. They were perfect in shape and proportion to her body. The areola was a light brown. After the attention he had given to her nipples, they were erect and hard. He continued his massage as he looked into this angelic face. There was a look in Em’s eyes like he had never seen. “I love your eyes,” he whispered. She smiled and signed. He looked at his hand massaging her breast. The thought went through his mind about how much he wanted to suck them. He looked up at Em’s face.

She seemed to read his mind. She smiled. “Go ahead. It will feel good.”

As he massaged her left breast, he lowered his mouth and covered the nipple and areola. With the flat of his tongue he began to rub over the hard nipple, lightly sucking. As he did this, Emma placed her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him into her. This caused him to suck a little harder. She gasped as he pushed her breast into his mouth, sucking the nipple, flicking his tongue across it.

“Oh, Jake, that feels so good,” she whispered. She was making a purring sound as he continued doing what he was doing. After a few minutes he moved to the right breast, doing the same thing. He sucked, licked, caressed, and massaged. He made circles around the areola with his tongue, the he would flick the tip of his tongue over the nipple. As he pushed her breast into his mouth, he sucked harder.

Emma continued to pull Jake into her. The sensations that were sweeping through her body were amazing. She could not believe her body could experience such feelings. She could not imagine any greater feeling than this. She was about to discover just what intense pleasure she could feel.

Jake raised up, looking into Em’s face. He kissed her. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you, Jake,” Em said softly. Her breathing was deeper now. Her face was a bit flushed. “That feels so good.”

“I glad. I want to make you feel good.” He kissed her lightly again, leaned down and sucked each breast softly, moving his tongue over her nipples. Then Jake kissed between her breasts. He made circles with his tongue as he slowly moved down her torso. He reached her abdomen area and made circles with his tongue. He caressed her skin with his lips, moving back and forth. He moved down a little more, reaching up with his right hand to the waist of her panties. He gently and slowly began working them down on her hips. Em lifted her hips, allowing him to slide the sheer panty down her legs. She lifted her right foot and helped remove them. She tossed them off the bed.

Jake noticed that the bit of hair that had been on the pubic area was gone. He kissed and licked her skin. It was soft, smooth, and warm. He could smell the light scent of the soap she had used. As he kissed and caressed her skin with his lips and tongue, he was slowly moving his right hand over her legs. He moved it down one thigh and back up. He danced his fingertips over her skin. She was moving her legs slightly, responding to the sensations of his touch.

Jake raised himself up and looked up at Emma. There was such a look of relaxation on her face. He pushed himself up and at the same time, pulled her legs apart. He rolled over her leg and kneeled between them. He looked over her body. Her skin was lightly tanned. Her breasts were perfect. He scanned down her body and gazed at her pussy. She was now hairless. With her legs spread apart there was a slight space between her lips. Jake had a momentary thought of Rhonda Foster. He thought about the pleasure she got from his licking her pussy. He wanted Emma to experience the same pleasure.

Jake leaned down, placing his arms under Em’s thighs, lifting them up to his shoulders. He could see evidence of moisture between her lips. Her opening was just visible. He could see the hood that sheltered her small clit. He lowered himself toward her. He touched her with his tongue and licked up, pressing between her lips.

“Aaahhhh,” Emma moaned. She lost control of her body. She pushed her hips up toward Jake. She reached down and placed her hands on his head. “Oh, oh....” The shock of pleasure swept through her body like a tsunami tide.

Jake licked up and down. He was able to reach his arms around Em’s thighs, using his fingers to part her lips. He pushed his tongue into her opening as far as he could, moving in and out, then up and down. Emma’s hips were moving up and down. She was forcing his mouth into her pussy. He licked faster, pushed in deeper. Her body responded. Her moans were louder and longer.

Then, Jake moved the tip of his tongue up as he used his fingers to pull the hood away from that small, sensitive button. As soon as Jake’s tongue touched Em’s clit, she cried out. As he flicked over it and made circles around it, her movements became almost frantic.

“Oh, Jake...Jake...” Emma cried out. “Aaahhhhh...”

Jake continue his attention on her clit with his tongue and lips. He sucked her clit softly which seemed to increase the intensity of what she was feeling. He pulled his right hand from under her thigh and inserted a finger into her love canal. This made her movements even more erratic and uncontrolled. Jake sucked on her clitoral area as he used the tip of his tongue to dance across her clit. His finger worked in and out of her. Her juices were flowing.

Suddenly Emma’s legs stretched and became stiff. She made a low, soft moan that seemed to grow from deep within her. Jake felt the walls of her vaginal canal contract and then spasm. An orgasm erupted from deep within her. The muscles of her abdomen tightened. Her body began to convulse as wave after wave of spasm swept through her lower body. She cried out, moaned, jerked. Her hands pulled Jake into her, her legs clamped against the head. Her body raised off the bed and fell back again. “Aaahhhhh...aaahhhhh...” The spasms continued as Jake licked her clit, moved his finger in and out of her canal. This continued for what seemed like an eternity to her.

Finally, the waves softened. Her muscles began to relax. Her legs collapsed to the bed on either side of Jake. The deep breathing began to ease. Em’s arms fell to her side. She could no longer move. Jake raised up and looked down and over this young girl’s body. He watched her chest rise and fall. Jake moved to her side, sliding his arm under her head. He laid across her body, wrapping his other arm around her. He held her gently before softly caressing her arms, moving over her abdomen and up to her chest and back again. His fingers danced over her flushed, warm skin.

He looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open as her breathing returned to normal. He kissed her lightly. With her eyes still closed, she smiled. “Oh Jake, what just happened?” She knew the answer, but could still not believe that her body was capable of such ecstacy. She opened her eyes and looked into his face. Finally, she turned toward him. Feeling his hard cock against her leg, Em reached down and grasped it. “Mmmm..seems like you may be feeling something, too.”

Emma began to slowly stroke Jake’s erection. He moved his hand down, cupping her pussy. She was wet from his saliva and her own juices. “You’re really wet,” he said, smiling.”

“I don’t wonder,” she whispered. “After what I just felt.” She looked into Jake’s eyes. “Jake, do you know what I want?” She paused but not long enough for an answer. “I want you to make love to me.” She stroked him a little harder and faster. “I want to feel you in me.”

“Oh, Em,” Jake sighed. “Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.” He knew her body was small. He did not have the largest cock in the world, but he was certain that it was too big for her.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything,” she said. “At least, I want to try.” She smiled. “I want to really love you, to show my love for you.” She let go of he cock, reached up to him, caressed his face, and pulled him down to her. She kissed him. Her tongue entered his mouth, danced with his tongue. When they parted, she said softly, “I want you to know how much I really love you.”

Jake was now rubbing between her lips. He slowly pressed his middle finger into her canal. She was wet and smooth. “Okay, we can try. But I will need to get a condom.” He could not remember where they were.

Emma reached over to the bedside table and pulled open the top drawer. Jake looked over and saw the condoms and the bottle of lubricant. “I prepared for this,” she said. “I did this after you started your shower.” She took a condom and the lubricant. “I think this will do.” She smiled at him.

Jake opened the envelope and removed the condom. Emma sat up and watched as he put it on his erect cock. She grasped it and began to stoke. “Does it feel different?”

“Yeah,” he said. “It still feels good though.”

Emma handed him the bottle of lubricant. “This might help, too,” she said as she laid back and spread her legs.

Jake put a dab of lubricant on his fingers and began to smooth it over Emm’s lips. He inserted his finger and applied the silky feeling liquid to her inner lips and vaginal opening. Emma moaned as he did so.

Jake moved to between Em’s legs. She bent her knees and lifted her legs up. Jake moved forward until his cock was touching her lips. He reached down and moved his erection up and down her slit, spreading the lubricant. He leaned forward. The head of his cock spread her lips and entered her just a bit. It was obvious that she was tight. He pushed a little more. Emma moaned.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, no. I’m fine. It feels good. Don’t stop.”

Jake pushed a little more. The head of his cock made it into her canal, past the opening. He could feel the tightness as he continued to push slowly. Deeper he was able to go. He would pause and make sure this young girl he loved was not in pain. She smiled and nodded as he went deeper into her cavity. He took his time, pulling out and pushing in. Each time he went a little deeper. After a couple of minutes, he pushed and realized he was completely inside her.

“Oh, my Jake. I can feel you. It is like you fill me up.”

“Yeah. I know. I can feel myself pushing at you, way down deep. Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes. It feels really tight, but it feels good, too.”

After a few seconds, Jake began to move in and out. He moved slowly, but each time he pushed himself in all the way. His pubic bone was now able to press against her clitoral area. When he was all the way in, he began to move about a bit, rubbing against her clit.

“Mmmm, now I can really feel that,” Em said. “Keep doing that.”

Jake was happy to oblige. He leaned down, kissing Emma. Their tongues danced as he moved in and out, moving a little faster. Within seconds, he was pulling almost all the way out before pushing himself back in, pressing against her clit. Emma began moving her hips to his rhythm. Both moaned with pleasure. They broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes. Jake increased the speed of his movement. Emma’s responded in the same way.

“Jake, I feel like we are really part of each other.” She was thoughtful. “I don’t mean that we are now the same person, but that you are part of me and I am part of you.”

“Yes. I feel that, too.” He kissed her quickly as he moved. “Em, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She pushed up to meet him. She was breathing heavier now. She was beginning to feel a sensation similar to the one earlier but different in a way. She bit her lower lip as her body began to respond to the movement against her clit.

Jake began to feel a sensation at the head of his cock. It was not unlike the feeling he had when Em caused him to cum at the pool. But there was a difference. The tightness of her pussy as she engulfed him made the sensation more intense. As he moved in and out, the felt the walls of her vaginal canal grasping him, stimulating him. He began to feel something deeper in his loins.

The two looked into each other’s eyes as their movements increased in speed. Their breathing quickened, their bodies in tuned with each other, moving at the same pace, moving as one.

“Oh, Jake, it’s happening again. I feel it deep inside me. I feel you.”

“I feel you, too. Em, I’m going to cum soon.”

“Yes, Jake. I want you to feel it. I’m going to cum, too.”

Then, no more words. Just their breathing. Emma moaned. Jake moaned. Their bodies both feeling the growing sensation that was increasing in intensity.

“Oh, oh, oh...” Her hips were pushing upward, meeting Jake.

“I’m cumming,” Jake said as he began to thrust harder into Emma’s body.

“Me, tooooooo,” she cried out. Her body began to spasm. “Aaaaahhhhhhh...” she moaned.

Jake felt the tightness of her muscles. He could not longer restrain himself. Suddenly, the flood erupted within him, flowing to the surface. “Yes...I’m cumming.” Spasm after spasm caused his sperm to explode into the condom. The heat and lubrication of his fluid enhanced the pleasure he was feeling as her muscles clamped down upon him. The sensitive area of his glans caused him to cry out.

Emma’s body was in a place she could never imagine going. It seemed as if every muscle in her body was contracting. She thrust herself into Jake, feeling his hardness press the deepest part of her body. They were one, moving as one, loving as one.

For what seemed like a longer time that it actually was, the intensity of their orgasms swept through them. Finally, both bodies began to calm. The spasms eased, the contractions lessened. Jake allowed his body to lay against Emma. He supported the weight of his torso with his forearms. Emma’s legs fell beside Jake’s. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Their breathing began to ease. Both their faces were flushed.

After a couple of minutes, Jake managed to push his torso up so he could look at Emma. “Oh, Em. I cannot tell you what that felt like.”

“If you felt anything like what I felt, you don’t need to say a word.”

Jake lifted his hips, pulling his condom covered cock from the depth of her body. They both looked down at it. As his cock began to soften, the condom tip was hanging loose. It was filled with the whitish fluid of his semen. “Wow, that’s a lot,” Emma said.

“It felt like about a gallon when I came,” Jake voiced. He raised to his knees to remove the latex container.
“Can I take it off?” Emma asked.

“If you want to,” Jake replied. He watched as she sat up and reached for his cock. She gently and slowly began to role the top down his cock. At a point it began so simply slide off. He was wet with his own cum. Once it was removed, she held it up so both could see it.

“Did it feel good, Jake?” She asked.

“Emma, good is not the right word. I’m not sure what the right word is.”

“I’m glad. I so much wanted to make you feel as good as you have made me feel.”

Jake took the condom, moved off the bed. He took it into the bathroom where he placed it in tissue and placed it in the trash can. “Hey, we better not forget to empty this can before we leave.” He returned to the bed, laying down next to Emma.

They turned to each other and held each other. Whatever these two were before, their relationship would never be the same. They would continue to be uncle and niece. He would be eighteen soon. She would be thirteen for almost a year. But age and kinship seems less important now. Both realized that what they had just experienced made them different. When they returned to the city, they would not be the people who made the trip to the lake cabin.

It was dark outside. While time had seemed to stand still for Jake and Emma, several hours had passed. The hour was late. Jake reached down and pulled the bed sheet over their bodies. Holding each other, their legs intertwined, they fell asleep.

As Emma drifted toward sleep in a state of euphoria, her thoughts were of what would happen next. The rest of the summer lay before her. She would return home, spending time with her mom, staying some with her Grandpa and Nana. And she would be near Jake. “How can I be near him now?” she asked herself. “I love him, but how can I show it?” As sleep came she was confident in her thoughts. ”Somehow, somehow I will love him,” passed through her mind.

Jake could feel Em breathing. “What do I do now?” he said to himself. “I want to be with her, but when I am, how can I express what I’m feeling now?” Sleep began to creep into his mind as he reflected upon the past days. “This is not how I thought my summer would go,” he said to himself. “Now, I wonder how it will continue?” He went to sleep, holding the person who changed his life.

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girls 14 or younger in brooklyn wanna meet up for some fun kik me at cavedweller19 or text me at 646 358 6791
Hey Any girls Any age KIK me boroboyy (with 2 y's) :) x im horny as fuck! ask me anything x
Hey Any girls Any age KIK me boroboyy (with 2 y's) :) x im horny as fuck! ask me anything x


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