The characters of this story are not over 18. This is purely FICTION! Don't like? Don't read.
"I know you like me." He said, his lips a mere inch away from mine.

I felt his hot breath on my lips, urging me to make the move. But he did, he pressed our lips together for a brief second and pulled back. I stared at him in disbelief wondering what drove him to do that. He must have noticed cuz he spoke up.

"Oh my God. I'm so sorry! I stole your first kiss and-" I pulled him toward me, colliding our lips once more. He opened his mouth and I invaded it with my tongue, as he did to me. Even though it was a sloppy kiss, I thought of it as my 'official' kiss. We pulled away, panting as saliva stretched between our tongues.

"How'd you know?" I asked, still out of breath.

"You think I never noticed you staring at me?" He pulled me on top of him as he laid down. We then started kissing again. I was starting to feel so hot, the bulge in my pants kept growing.

I'm not sure what came over me but I unzipped his pants. "Woah, are you sure about that?" I just nodded. I grabbed his boxers by the waistband and pulled them down. I stared at the prize, it was about six inches hard and uncircumcised. I put my hand around it, feeling it's warmth. I slowly started rubbing it up and down but didn't waste any time. I went down on him, only to gag in the process.

I spit and looked at him. He looked a little hurt, so I thought I'd give it another try. I took it slower this time. I licked it from the base to the head, which was protruding through his foreskin. I finally took it into my mouth, trying not to think about it's foul taste. I mean, it was Joseph, my crush, I felt like I'd do anything for him. I continued for about five minutes, until he came in my mouth. Four quick spurts of his cum and his hot moaning had me hornier than a dog in heat. I pulled down my pants and underwear in one swift motion and laid on top of him.

"I want you to fuck me." I said panting. I reached behind me and grabbed his dick, trying to lead it to my entrance, but he pushed me off.

"Tony, no! You don't really want it, you just think you do."

I was taken aback. "What makes you say that?!"

"We just started talking today. You hardly know me."

"But I really like you!" I yelled.

He stood up and pulled his clothes back on. As if on cue the door up the stairs opened and Desiree called out. "Hey guys, I just got your text! Come on!"

I pulled my clothes back on and sat still on the floor. He reached out a hand to me, but I turned away. I hastily got up and ran up the stairs to Desiree, hugging her when I reached her. I'm not sure why, but I felt so hurt. Did he just want a blowjob and backed out when I wanted him to screw me. Did I take it too far in such a short amount of time? Was it just my sex crazed side speaking? I cried into Desiree's shirt and hugged her tighter.

Joseph came up the stairs, Desiree asking him what happened but he just walked out of my house. She pulled me from her and looked me in the eyes. "What'd he do?" I just shook my head, hoping it'd be enough to make her stop wondering. We walked back to her house after I locked the door to mine. She led me to her room and closed the door.

"Tony what happened?" She asked as we sat on her bed. She's my bestfriend so I told her everything, I knew I could open up to her without being judged too harshly. After I finished she started talking again. "Don't you think you were taking it too fast?"

"I'm not sure. I really like him." I told her.

"You like the way he looks. Up until today, you've never spoke a word to him."

She was right, but I didn't want her to be. I sighed heavily and laid down on her bed. "I think I'ma go back to my house." She turned her head towards me and just nodded. I got up and walked down the hall, not even bothering to look into the open room where Joseph was. I left the house without even a goodbye to anyone. But I didn't walk across the street, I walked to the bayou that was at the end of our street. I went down quite a ways, coming up to these small hills that were nicknamed Angel Hills. Don't ask where they got that from, cuz I have no idea neither. I treaded up them and sat down, gazing at the moon lit sky.

"I knew I should have just stayed home." I talked to myself. "And none of that would've happened." 

"What wouldn't have happened?" I jerked my head around, only to see it was my neighbor Alex. We used to be real good buddies, since we had classes together, but he strayed away when he found out I was bi. He must have noticed I wasn't too happy, cuz he asked, "Whats wrong?"

"Nothing, it's not like you care anyways." I said kind of rudely, but that didn't offend him. He sat next to me and looked me the face.

"I can tell there is. You're usually always smiling." He said. "It isn't like you to be looking down. And you're out here in the middle of the night, your parents are pretty strict."

My old buddy...he still knew how I was. That made me smile. "Okay good. I got you to smile, and I don't even know how." He laughed. "Come on tell me what's wrong."

I thought if I should tell him or not, finally deciding I should. "It's this boy." I waited for a rude response, only continuing after silence. "I think I went too fast." I admitted. "We barely started talking today and we've kissed, I gave him a blow job, and I tried getting him to 'do' me."

He said nothing for a while, only looking up at the sky. "I'm not sure why, but that made me extremely jealous." He said, still looking up.

I was shocked. I couldn't see his face, so I couldn't tell if he was joking around. "What?" I asked to make sure I heard him right.

"Tony, you've never gotten it huh?"

"Uhm, what didn't I get?"

"Why I stopped talking to you. Why I tried to avoid you and all those things." I sat there in utter silence. "It's because I knew I'd eventually do something I'd regret."

"What are you saying Alex?" I asked, not sure if I should listen to anything he was saying.

"I liked you Tony. I still do."

I sat there wide eyed, trying to process everything through my head. "Shut up." He just sat and stared. "You tell me this now? When you made me think you didn't accept my sexuality, that I couldn't be a better friend than any straight person!" My eyes began to water, then slowly running down my cheek.

"I know, I should have told you. I feel like shit now." He said sorrowfully when he seen my tears.

"I don't know if I can return your feelings. Not when I think I've fallen for someone else."

"Who just refused to screw you?! If I had the chance..." He trailed off. "I should just be quiet."

"No. If you had the chance you would what?" I persisted.

"If I had the chance to...make love to you, I know it'd be real. And not some hit and run."

I cried my eyes out at what he said last. He must have been thinking too that Joseph would have been a one night deal, just like I was now. He pulled me into a hug, as I just burried my face into his shirt, still crying.

"Why didn't he want me?" I asked in between sniffs. 

"I don't know, but I'm sure you're too good for him anyways."

I sure did miss my old friend. It's been roughly two years since we talked, and I felt a little happy. I managed to stop my crying, and look up at him. He was staring down right at me, so I immediatly blushed.

"I think I should go home." I said as he was still holding on to me. He showed no sign of letting go. "Uhm Alex?"

"But I don't want you to go yet." He looks down at me and did something I never thought he'd do. He pressed our lips together and ran his tongue against my lips. I pull away before it goes on.

"What are you doing?!"

"Tony, I want you so bad." He moaned, turning me on a little bit. He started to pull his pants down, but I pulled away from him. I hurridly got up and ran until I came to Desiree's window.

"Desiree let me in!" I yelled as I pounded on her window, occasionly glancing behind. She parted her curtains and opened the window. I threw myself in, panting from the run.

"Dude, what happened?!" She asked as she closed the window and locked it.

"I went to the bayou and Alex was there" breathe "And I told him about Joseph and he got jealous" breathe "And we talked and he kissed me and he pulled down his pants saying he wanted me." I finally managed to say.

"Uhm Tony." Desiree said, looking toward the room across the hall. I looked over and seen Joseph and Daniel looking over at me wide eyed.

I went over and shut the door. "You think I can sleep over?" I asked not caring about the two.

She gave me a smile and said," You don't even have to ask."

> > > > < > < < < <

I know that it's still short, and not much sexual activity, but my next one WILL have that. So please stick around, and my next one will also be longer. And don't worry, Desiree will not be doing anything sexual, I think. (I mean she is by best friend) Lol well anyways, till next time.

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