Sam and I had been friends since we were ten. We dated other people but when we turned sixteen we started to get serious about each other, we were married two years later. We both went to trades school, me to IT school and Sam to an accounting school. I worked from home and Sam in a large company with an accounting department.

At first everything was great and then Sam started hanging out with her girlfriends more. I guess I started getting jealous about then. We had been married two years and were talking about children. When she said she had to go to a bachelorette party for a friend I knew something was wrong because of the way she acted. So, after she left, I followed her. What she hadn’t told me was the party was at a male strip club.

I fought with myself for almost an hour while I watched all the other women arrive. I finally went inside. What I saw made me angry and hurt so bad. Sam was with the party of women and they had two strippers waiting on them. Sam was bent over a table and one of the strippers was fucking her from behind. I shook myself and walked up to the table, “Sam!”

She looked at me and froze before scrambling away from the guy fucking her. I glared, “I’ll go home and pack. Don’t come home until I’m gone. Tomorrow I’ll see a lawyer and have him send you the divorce notice.”

I spun and walked out shoving the two bouncers out of my way while she cried behind me. It took a month and suddenly I was single again. At first I stayed with my father where I learned the reason my mother and father divorced was that my mom had cheated. A year after the divorce I met Pam. She was twenty six with a daughter. She had Allie when she was very young and the father had moved away suddenly.

It was like I had met someone that knew what was in my heart. The only thing was, she complained I was oversexed. A year after we met, we were married. We moved into a three bedroom condo with a large park behind it. I used one of the bedrooms as my office and she worked at a bank as an auditor. She encouraged me to start drawing again and set up the back balcony overlooking the park.

I still heard about Sam, she had been a close family friend. It was only six months after Pam and I were married when she mentioned she had met Sam. It seemed they had several friends they shared. I never told Pam why Sam and I had divorced and she had never asked. I was on the balcony drawing on a Friday night. Allie was in her room with music blasting.

Pam came out onto the balcony all dressed up to go out and I looked at her and grinned. She was wearing a short skirt and silk blouse. She had these high heel shoes on that said fuck my ass. She came closer and bent to kiss me, “I forgot to tell you I have a bachelorette party to go to.”

My heart went cold as I looked at her, “Where?”

She told me the club name and I knew it was a strip club. I looked out at the park, “Do you know why Sam and I divorced?”

She was quiet and I looked at her, “I followed her to a strip club for a bachelorette party. She let a stripper fuck her and I caught them.”

Pam looked at me, “You think I’ll cheat?”

I stood and pulled her into the house and over to the gas fireplace. I hesitated and then pulled my wedding ring off and set it on the mantle before turning to Pam. I took her hand and pulled her ring off and set it beside mine. “If you can look me in the eye when you put the ring back on…”

She was staring at me with her mouth open as I turned to the balcony with a pain in my chest. I closed the door behind me when she started to follow and she stopped. She knew when not to intrude and stood looking at me as I stood looking out at the park. She left a little later and I went into the house and to our bedroom after stopping at Allie’s room to ask her to use her headphones.

In our room I stripped and showered before slipping under the sheet. I lay there for hours before falling asleep. I woke to the front door and glanced at the clock to see it was almost one. When Pam came in she was helping someone else that could barely walk. In the dim light from the night light in the bathroom I saw it was another woman. Pam led her to the bathroom stripping clothes off as she went. I slid out of bed and went to the bathroom door and looked in, “Pam?”

They turned towards me almost falling and that was when I realized the other woman was Sam. She was almost naked and only had her panties on. Pam was completely naked and smiled as she turned to Sam, “He has already seen you naked, take it off.”

Sam giggled and I knew she was smashed as she almost fell pulling her panties down and off. I turned to leave and Pam cleared her throat, “Not so fast!”

She waved for me to come closer, “comemere.”

I looked from Sam to her and walked to her as she backed to the counter with Sam beside her. She lifted herself onto the counter and leaned back and slurred, “inspect my pussy... hers too.”

I looked at her and she reached out for me, “Look in our pussy.”

It was almost funny and I decided to humor her. I knelt and opened her pussy and she shuddered, “See, no cummy pussy. Didn’t fuck… her either.”

She pushed me towards a swaying Sam, “Check her pussy.”

I looked into Sam’s blushing face and then knelt to open her pussy. I stood and looked at Pam, “Okay, you don’t have a cummy pussy.”

She nodded as she almost fell off the counter with Sam, “I was good and so was my friend. We need showers though.”

I shook my head and reached out to open the shower and turn it on, “Maybe it will make you feel better.”

Sam shook her head, “Never feel better.”

She started crying and Pam glared at me before pulling her to the shower. I shook my head, Sam was still beautiful and seeing her naked body with Pam’s… I left before I did something. When I came out of the bathroom Allie was standing in the open bedroom door. I hastily grabbed my robe and wrap it around me, “Go back to bed Allie.”

She looked from me to the bathroom door, “Mom brought a woman home again?”

I looked at her sensing something, “Again?”

She blushed, “Are you mad?”

I smiled and walked to the door as Pam and Sam started singing off key. “Why would I be mad?”

She blushed, “I heard you telling mom about your other wife and mom has a woman…”

I took Allie’s hand and pulled her in to sit on the bed, “I have a theory. God didn’t make man in his image he made woman.”

I reached out to put her hand on my chest, “Feel.”

She looked at me surprised and slowly pulled her hand out of my robe. I nodded, “Now remembering how I felt, feel yourself in the same place.”

She hesitated and then slipped her hand inside her robe. She looked at me and I smiled, “A woman feels softer and… better. How could I be mad at your mom?”

She blushed, “Sex.”

I looked at the open bathroom door as they started another dirty song. I looked at Allie, “I think it has to do with penetration. Think about it. If two women make love they can’t penetrate each other unless they use something not their body. I could forgive something like a hand job or oral sex, but intercourse… well, that is something that would break the trust between a man and his wife.”

Allie smiled as she looked at the bathroom, “Mom thinks if you knew about her and other women…”

She quieted and I smiled and nodded to the door, “Your mom enjoys sex and as far as I’m concerned if it is with another woman it’s okay. Now go to bed and try to sleep.”

I watched her leave and the shower stopped a few minutes later. I closed the door and walked around and slipped into bed. It was a few minutes before Pam and Sam staggered out and to the bed. Pam helped her around to the other side and tucked her under the covers before coming to me. She pulled the sheet back and climbed on top of me straddling my waist. Her hand guided my cock to her wet pussy and she pushed back with a shudder, “Damn, I needed this.”

Sam giggled, “Nothing like Tony’s stiff cock up your cunt.”

Pam’s pussy squeezed my cock and she moaned. Pam sat back and I cupped her breasts. She thrust back and forth on me while shaking, “I love his cock. Those strippers only had limp dicks and were way to small.”

I stopped moving as she rocked and fucked my cock. She shuddered and her pussy tightened before she had body shaking spasms. She finally fell onto my chest and lifted her hips for my cock to slip out, “They were pitiful. I wouldn’t waste my time.”

She looked at Sam, “What to try my cock?”

Sam giggled, “You have a cock?”

Pam nodded as she moved off me and over Sam. She kissed her passionately and then slid to her other side and pushed her towards me while looking at my face. “We didn’t get any dick all night.”

I opened my mouth as Sam clumsily straddled me and Pam moved closer to put a finger over my mouth. “Sam needs you. Let her fuck you.”

I looked at her as I felt my ex wife guide my cock to her pussy. She sat back with a big sigh, “God I miss this.”

She rocked back and forth and shivered as her pussy gripped my cock. She closed her eyes and tears began to leak down her face, “I messed up so bad Tony.”

She shuddered as her pussy continued to milk my cock. She groaned and her pussy tightened as she was suddenly racked with convulsions. She looked down as her body shook and then she just closed her eyes and collapsed. I moved to let her slip to the bed and Pam moved over her and back on me. She put my cock back in her pussy, “Now you can cum baby.”

She rocked and fucked me hard and I groaned as I reached up to hold her tits. When I shoved up into her, Pam shuddered and spread her legs more. I spurted and spewed strong streams of cum up inside her and she shook as it filled her and started leaking back out. When I stopped cumming, she sighed and lay on me as she lifted her hips to let my still hard cock slip out. She giggled as she put her head on my chest, “I need a milking machine to get you to go soft.”

I shook my head and held her against me, “You’re drunk.”

She giggled and rubbed her bare tits on me, “We heard what you said to Allie.”

I looked at her and she kissed me and I looked at Sam as she started snoring lightly. I smiled at Pam, “I thought you were in the shower.”

She caressed my chest, “We were waiting to see if you would come in. I want you to listen to me, Tony the tiger. Sam was hurt bad by what she did. She hasn’t even been out since you divorced her. Tonight was the first time she has gone out and it made her remember what she did. All she did tonight was get drunk.”

Pam rose up to look in my face, “This priestess is offering her a place to stay, a man to fuck and a home to live in. I want her Tony, I want her body against mine. I want a lover that you won’t feel threatened by. Some one that…”

I squeezed her, “Tomorrow Pam.”

She looked at me and then Allie cleared her throat from the doorway, “What about me mom?”

I looked at the open door and groaned. Sam had stopped snoring and turned on her side. Pam twisted to look at Allie and I realize she wasn’t as drunk as she was pretending. I shook her, “You aren’t drunk.”

She smiled but kept looking at Allie, “What about you Allie?”

Allie walked to the bed slowly, “You don’t touch me or love me like before. My first time was terrible. He fucked me and left me crying.”

I looked at Allie as she moved onto the bed beside Sam, “What do you want Allie?”

She looked from her mother to me and licked her lips, “Mom wants to share you with that woman… I want that too.”

I looked at Pam as she laughed, “Allie baby, if I let Tony fuck you, you will be pregnant in a month.”

Allie grinned, “I’m on the pill mom.”

Pam smiled, “You sneak.”

Allie looked at me, “Please?”

Pam sighed and looked at me and finally caressed my face, “Do you love me Tony?”

I groaned, “Pam.”

She smiled, “You are oversexed and underused.”

I sighed, “If anyone finds out…”

Pam laughed as she moved over Sam, “He’s hard and slimy Allie.”

I looked at Pam as Allie dropped her robe and crawled up my body, “You owe me Pam.”

She laughed and pushed Sam onto her back and moved over her and between her legs. Allie lifted my hard cock and positioned her pussy before sitting down slowly. She forced my thick cock into her tight pussy and groaned as she sat down. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she began to rock back and forth.

I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples as she groaned. When Sam moaned I glanced at her to see Pam grinding her pelvis against hers. I smiled and moved my hands to Allie’s hips. I pulled them back and forth and she jerked and gasped, “Fuck!”

I grinned as she shuddered and her pussy tightened as it tried to milk my cock. Allie shook her head and went from rocking to thrusting. I reached up to cup her breasts and rubbed her nipples. She shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed me, “ooohhhh!”

Pam giggled and gasped as Sam thrust up against her. I looked at a sleepy looking Sam. Pam kissed her on the mouth and I heard them both groan. Allie patted me and grinned when I looked at her, “Watch later.”

I shifted and spilled her onto the bed and rolled on top of her. I spread her legs and pushed back into her pussy. I kissed her as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. It was only a few minutes before she was shaking uncontrollably as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I kept kissing her as I began pumping cum into her belly.

She jerked and spasmed as she felt my warm cum filling her. She sighed as I slowly pulled out and lay next to her and pulled the covers up. Pam and Sam were holding each other and I watched as Sam relaxed into sleep. Pam slipped off her and snuggled against her before whispering, “good night.”

I woke up early and caressed the body I was holding before opening my eyes to see Allie. I sighed and slowly slipped out of bed and put a robe on before going to the kitchen. I made coffee and took it to the balcony. I sat down to think about last night and absently picked up a pencil and turned to a blank page before starting to draw.

It was a while before I heard the soft voices drifting out from the kitchen. I stayed where I was and kept drawing. Pam came out and put her hand on my shoulder which made me hesitate before continuing. She sighed and slipped onto my lap forcing me to stop and look at her. She caressed my face, “I wasn’t drunk. I didn’t touch another man. Sam needs you Tony and I have been without a woman like her for a long time, I… need her.”

I sighed, “What is it with bachelorette parties and changes to my life?”

Pam leaned against me, “I’m sorry Tony.”

I caressed her face, “What about Allie?”

She laughed, “I think I knew that was coming.”

I looked at the drawing, “What should I do?”

She turned my face to hers, “My husband, you take care of the three women you love. I know you love me. I know Sam hurt you but you still love her. As for Allie, I have seen the way you try to help and guide her. One day she may find a guy of her own but until then I think you’ll do.”

I cupped her breast and absently rubbed a nipple, “All right Pam, but no schedules.”

She grinned and stood, pulling me up, “Time to put my ring back where it belongs.”

I muttered, “Through my nose.”

She laughed as she led me into the house and then into the living room. At the mantle she took her wedding ring down and handed it to me. I looked into her face and smiled as I slipped it back on her finger. Pam took my ring down and took my hand. She smiled into my face as she slipped it back on and then kissed me. She caressed my face, “Shower time.”

She pulled me after her to the bedroom. Sam looked up and blushed when she saw me. Pam left me to walk straight to her and cup the back of her head before kissing her. Sam looked stunned when they parted and Pam cupped a bare breast, “We share him and each other.”

Sam looked at her and then at me. I sighed and walked to her as I slipped the robe off. I pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs before reaching down to rub her wet pussy, “Well?”

She smiled and lifted her legs straight up into the air, “fuck me?”

I bent and slowly pushed all the way into her before holding her butt and lifting. She shuddered as she was impaled and wrapped her legs around my waist. I turned to the bathroom door and headed towards it. I set Sam on the counter as Pam moved up beside me and I began long, deep thrusts into her. Pam caressed us both and turned Sam’s head to kiss her.

Sam’s pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as she shuddered and moaned into Pam’s mouth, Pam pulled back and laughed. I pulled out of Sam slowly and pulled her off the counter and turned her around before pushing back into her from behind. She jerked as my thick cock spread her pussy and it contracted around it. She dropped to the counter as I held her hips and started to fuck her.

It was only a few moments before she started spasming and jerking. Pam was against her, kissing her as she moaned and I felt her pussy tighten again. I finally pulled out and Sam groaned before turning around. I lifted her and Pam fitting my cock back to her pussy before I lowered her. I turned and moved to the shower as Pam opened it and got in.

I placed Sam against the wall as Pam turned the water on. I started fucking up into her and kissed her before Pam came to caress both of us. It wasn’t long before I held her fully impaled on my throbbing cock and began pumping strong gushes up into her womb. Sam jerked and screamed, “YES!”

She continued to spasm erratically as I pumped strong, gushing spurts inside her. When I finally stopped cumming she sighed and leaned against me. I lifted her and let her legs drop to the floor before turning her so that she was between Pam and me. Sam turned to embrace Pam and began crying. I rubbed her back and Pam finally waved me away, “Go do something love.”

I found Allie listening to her music with headphones and dancing around her room naked. I grinned as she blushed, “Nice. Try it with a slower beat and sway your hips more.”

She grinned and stuck her tongue out. I laughed and went back to my drawing, it was an hour later that Sam came out the door and hesitated as I glanced at her. I smiled and turned to hold out my hand. She bit her lip and came closer and I pulled her onto my lap, “You okay.”

She nodded and leaned against me, “Yeah.”

She sighed and looked into my face, “I missed you.”

I caressed her face, “I know.”

She looked back at the door, “I think I like Pam more than I thought I would.”

Sam laughed throatily, “A lot more.”

I grinned, “I think she has missed that. I know she loves me but until last night I never knew…”

Sam kissed me suddenly, “She is special.”

I nodded and glanced at the door as Pam came out dressed up. I smiled, “You going out?”

She smiled and held out her hand, “Allie and I are going to help Sam pack.”

I nodded, “If you need help let me know.”

Pam grinned, “I’ll need help later.”

I let Sam go and watched as she took Pam’s hand and they walked into the house. I was making a lunch when they came back with suitcases and boxes of stuff. They disappeared into our bedroom and a few minutes later came out giggling. All three were naked and Sam grinned as Allie walked to me with a sway to her hips.

She pushed my chair back, pulled my pants down and straddled me before fitting my hard cock to her pussy. She sat down and put her legs around me and the chair before giving a sigh as her tight pussy spasmed.

Sam and Pam started making lunch as Allie slowly thrust back and forth. I held her and watched her as she fucked me. She kept shuddering at almost the same time that her pussy would spasm and squeeze my cock. I started caressing her firm body and she grinned as she lifted her face for a kiss. I kissed her softly and she groaned and ground against me.

I felt her wet me as she spasmed and convulsed. My cock was pressed tight against her womb the whole time and pushed in suddenly. Allie jerked and stiffened before thrashing around, “YES!”

It was a few moments before I grunted as I started spewing cum. Allie spasmed with each spurt of warm sperm in her belly and grinned, “Yes! Cum in me!”

I pumped and spewed into her and she kept shaking as I filled her. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and slowly relaxed. I caressed her hips and she giggled before dropping her legs to the floor and standing.

Pam nudged Sam and grinned as she walked to me and straddled me like Allie. She sat on my cummy cock slowly. I caressed her hips and sides as she began to thrust back and forth. She smiled and leaned against me as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. She looked at Pam, “Pam said I can get pregnant.”

I looked at Pam, “only if she does too.”

Pam grinned as Sam giggled and Allie laughed. Pam came to kiss me, “Yesterday was the last time I took a pill.”

I smiled and hugged Sam as I pulled Pam back for another kiss. I lifted Sam off me and stood before taking her hand and pulling her back to the bedroom. Pam and Allie followed as I turned Sam and sat her on the edge of the bed. I pushed her back as I lifted and spread her legs before bending and pushing my cock into her slowly. She groaned as I sank to her womb and leaned over her to kiss her, “You get pregnant in bed.”

I stood and held her hip with one hand as the other rubbed her pelvis and then her clit. Sam shuddered as Pam and Allie sat on each side of us. I started fucking her with long, slow thrusts and she closed her eyes and smiled. Pam caressed her breast and bent to kiss her and her pussy tightened to squeeze my cock. She moaned as I buried my cock against her cervix.

Allie hesitantly bent to suck on one of Sam’s nipples. She gasped and jerked as her pussy tightened again. Pam laughed and moved down to suck on her other nipple as I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep, grinding thrusts. She started to shake and spasm, she got a lot wetter as my cock knocked against her womb and then pushed it open.

After that she was howling as she bucked and thrashed around. I was fucking in and out of her womb as her slippery pussy rippled around my cock and squeezed it constantly. Pam pushed my hand away from Sam’s clit and she began to rub it. Her and Allie were still sucking on and teasing Sam’s nipples as she jerked and shook. I held Sam’s hips to fuck her with long, firm thrusts and she stiffened.

I finally groaned as I buried my cock and began to pump thick spurts of sperm into her womb. She wailed when she felt warm cum flooding her and jerked with each jet. It was a minute before I was done but Sam continued to jerk, twitch and spasm for a couple more before shuddering and slowly relaxing. I bent to kiss her and then Pam took my place and kissed her passionately too.

Allie waited and after Pam pulled back she kissing Sam. I slowly pulled out and moved her onto the bed. Pam snuggled against her and smiled at me, “Go finish lunch and we’ll be out in a little while.”

I looked at Allie as she moved up beside Sam. I walked out and put my pants on in the kitchen before sitting back down to finish my lunch. I went out and started drawing again and after awhile Pam came out and moved everything to sit on my lap, “You okay with getting Sam pregnant?”

I cupped a breast and kissed her, “You okay with getting pregnant again?”

She smiled, “Yes.”

I looked at the door, “As long as you know and ask.”

Pam grinned, “Allie said as soon as she turns fourteen she is going to get pregnant too.”

I looked at her and she smile, “Fourteen is legal here.”

I sighed and rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb, “Are you sure Pam?”

She shivered and then kissed me, “don’t worry, we plan to have her watch us have the babies before she gets pregnant.”

I nodded and hugged her before letting her go back in. Pam and Sam did end up pregnant together but Allie decided to wait until she was sixteen after watching her mom and Sam give birth. She got pregnant at the same time as her mother and Sam. She is pregnant again now but by herself. Her mother and Sam are still thinking about another child.

So far our life seems to be better together. Neither Pam or Sam will accept another invitation to a bachelorette party and Allie will only go to a party if I take her.
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