My name is Michael, everyone calls me Mike. I’m twenty one and six feet tall. My cock is over eight and a half inches long and two inches thick. My wife Peg is the same age, we have been together since the last year of high school. She has short blonde hair and a slim, tight body even after having two children.

I have two brothers and a sister and we are all a year apart. I was the youngest and growing up we had never been all that close. Don’t get me wrong it was just that we were into different things. My sister Sarah was a year older then me and like me, she had married straight out of high school. Mostly because she had gotten pregnant, but her and Brad seemed to really love each other.

Dave was the next oldest and had been married to Cathy for a year but I think they were having problems. Tom was the oldest and had been married for six years. His wife Gabrielle or Gabby was beautiful and out going even after having a child.

Over the last year I had gotten closer to Sarah. I was at her house with my two daughters on Friday afternoon. Brad was at work and it was Sarah’s day off. We were sipping tea and talking about different things when Sarah put her hand on mine, “You’ve been looking a little stressed.”

I looked at her and thought for a minute. I had always kept Peg’s confidence but… “Peg wants to have sex with another guy.”

Sarah sat back, “Who?”

I shrugged, “She doesn’t know who yet. It’s… she just wants something different.”

She looked at me closely, “Have you cheated?”

I shook my head, “No. That doesn’t mean I don’t look, but it isn’t about getting even or revenge. She just wants to try having sex with another man.”

Sarah looked away and out the window while biting her lip. She finally looked at me, “Give me a minute.”

She went in the other room and I heard her making some calls. I checked on the kids and came back to the kitchen. Sarah gestured to stuff set out on the counter, “Help me get dinner ready. Peg is coming over and Tom and Dave are too.”

It was good to get together again and talk over dinner. After dinner the kids were all in the other room. Sarah had cleared the table and we all had drinks. She looked around, “I asked everyone over because I think we can help each other.”

She looked at Brad who was looking down at the table. “First I should say that I know all four of our marriages are having problems and why.”

I looked at Peg who was looking at me. Sarah cleared her throat, “Just let me talk for a minute. Brad and I have gotten a little bored with our sex life and from things I have heard, it’s the same for all of you.”

I looked around surprised and Sarah chuckled, “I would never have thought of this when we were younger. All of our marriages are strained because we don’t have a way to change things without hurting each other. I want to ask each of you if you still love each other.”

I looked at Peg and could only smile as I took her hand, “I do.”

Peg was nodding and I looked around to see pretty much the same thing from everyone else. Sarah leaned back, “What if every weekend we get together. You guys can have sex with each of us women.”

I looked at Peg to see her eyes widen and then she looked at Brad, Dave and Tom. She finally looked at me as Sarah stood, “Go talk about it and then come back.”

I stood and took Peg’s hand to lead her outside. She wouldn’t look at me and I cupped her face, “Talk to me Peg.”

She was blushing, “What do you think?”

I smiled, “I think you want to fuck all three of them.”

She looked up quickly and blushed and then finally nodded. I kissed her and held her, “I guess I could be forced to have sex with Cathy and Gabby.”

She kissed me again, “And Sarah?”

I looked at her and then realized what Sarah had said. I grinned, “Well I did dream about having sex with her when we were younger.”

Peg grinned, “I’ll bet you did.”

I hugged her and then looked at the door, “So do you want to do it?”

She took my hand as she headed back to the door, “Yes.”

When we came in everyone else was sitting at the table. Peg sat and looked at Sarah as I sat beside her, “We’ll do it.”

Everyone grinned and Sarah looked around, “Good, now we just need the right place.”

We were thinking and Dave suddenly laughed, “Granddad’s barn!”

We looked at each other. The barn sat at the back of a hundred acre field that was overgrown. It was surprisingly solid for a sixty year old barn. It wasn’t actually a barn but a small stable. The house that had been next to it had burnt down and was never rebuilt. What made it special I thought, was that it was completely surrounded by magnolia trees that had grown wild.

We looked at Dave and he sat forward, “It was made with solid floors and walls, it has six large stalls and beside the large open area there is the carriage garage. If we put some money together I can insulate it, add electric lighting and even plumbing if the well and leach lines from the house are still good.”

Cathy leaned forward, “We can buy used furniture and fix it up.”

Everyone was nodding but I looked at Peg. I had been meaning to talk to her about what I had done at work but… “Give me a minute.”

Everyone looked at me. Peg looked into my face as I frowned, “I was going to talk to you before all this started. I did some commodities trading earlier this week.”

She looked concerned, “You didn’t lose…”

I stopped her, “No. I made about thirty million after taxes and the brokerage fees.”

Her eyes went wide and I smiled, “I know you wanted to be a stay at home mom. I put most of it in high interest utility stocks so we will be making a lot in dividends.”

I looked around at the shocked faces of my brothers and sister. I grinned, “I will pay to fix the stables up. I propose a co-op, I will pay an equal salary to Sarah, Cathy and Gabby so they can stay home too.”

I looked at everyone, “The co-op is only for the women. To take care of the children together and look after themselves.”

They grinned and then Tom laughed, “You mean to plot against us.”

Brad laughed, “More like things they want to do with us.”

Everyone laughed and I looked at Peg, “Is that okay with you?”

Peg nodded, “As long as I get paid too.”

Everyone laughed again and after planning to meet the next morning to work on the stable we left. I fucked Peg or she fucked me almost all night. I bought four large tents and double sleeping bags as well as lanterns and chairs. Peg was grinning the whole time.

We were the second ones to show up. Dave and Cathy were inside but waved from the door as we got out. We had talked Peg’s mom into watching the kids until Sunday night and had dropped them off.

Dave came out to help me set up the tents while Cathy and Peg used a portable air pump to blow up the queen size double air mattresses and fixed the sleeping bags. Tom pulled in with Gabby and Brad followed by Sarah. They looked at the four large tents in a small square and grinned before coming into the stable. Dave was the one that knew what he was doing.

While he made notes we started cleaning. Dave, Tom, Brad and I left to rent a truck and buy supplies, while the women went to go buy lunch. We stopped working early and ate a dinner of pizza we ordered. We were all a little nervous after and Peg bit her lip and looked at me. I gave her a gentle push towards Tom and held out my hand to Sarah, “Sarah?”

She kissed Brad and took my hand. She was the one that led me to a tent. She turned on a battery powered lantern and turned to look at me. She blushed and started undressing and I did the same thing. I moved to the bed and embraced her before giving her a tender kiss. “I used to dream of doing this.”

She smiled and reached down to stroke my cock, “Peg told me.”

She turned and pulled me into the sleeping bag. We felt each other and kissed and finally I moved down her body. I licked through her pussy and started sucking on her clit as my hands caressed her inner thighs and around her pussy. Sarah shivered and held the back of my head as I teased her clit. Finally she pulled me up her body. I kissed her softly and pushed my cock into her slowly.

Sarah groaned into my mouth as I sank into her warm pussy. I fucked her nice and slow and kept kissing her. She shivered and shuddered and held onto me as her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. She shook her head as I buried my cock to grind against her.

I started fucking her a little harder and she groaned. I kissed her as she started shaking and shoved into her deep. I started pumping thick spurts of cum and she jerked, “That feels so good!”

I kissed her again and went back to fucking her, jabbing into her each time I spurted. When I was done cumming I kept fucking her and she shuddered and held me. She finally smiled and then laughed, “We need to go back outside.”

I leaned up to look at her and she caressed down my sides, “You need to see Peg and I need to see Brad.”

She gave me a soft kiss and caressed my face, “If everyone is still okay with this, we’ll switch again until each woman has been with every guy. Then you and Peg sleep together. That is something we agreed on. Husbands and wives sleep together.”

I smiled and gave her a soft kiss before pulling out of her. I only pulled my pants up as Sarah stole my shirt. Everyone was waiting for us when we came out and I blushed. I looked at Peg in my brother Tom’s shirt and smiled as I walked to her. I held her against me and whispered, “Are you okay?”

She nodded and looked up into my face, “You?”

I kissed her and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you so hard before going to sleep.”

She grinned, “Tom was nice and I’m enjoying this.”

I held her bare butt and kissed her before turning, “So was Sarah.”

Everyone was looking around. I smiled, “Everyone okay? We can stop if you need to.”

They all laughed and Tom grinned as he held Gabby, “We were worried about you and Peg, little brother.”

I looked at Peg smiling, “I’m fine and so is Peg.”

Gabby laughed and walked away from Tom towards me, “In that case, you’re my next victim.”

Peg laughed and pushed me toward Gabby, “go ahead, I want Brad.”

Everyone laughed and we split up again and Gabby pulled me to her tent. Inside we kissed and she caressed my chest before pulling her shirt off and reaching down to undo my pants. As they dropped to the floor she grinned and wrapped her hand around my hard cock. She backed to the mattress bed and I laughed and pushed her back.

She wiggled into the center and I followed before kissing her pelvis and then smiling up her body. I leaned into her pussy and sucked her erect clit in and wiggled my tongue against it. She gasped and shuddered, “Oh fuck!”

I kept teasing her clit and started humming as she humped her pussy into my face. When she jerked and shuddered really hard I moved up her body. She was breathing hard and grinning, “Fuck me Mike.”

I kissed her as I pushed and forced my thick cock into her. She shivered as I pushed to the back of her cummy pussy. When she wrapped her arms around me, I started fucking her. I used long, slow, deep thrusts and Gabby groaned and shuddered, “Oh damn!”

I smiled and kissed her but didn’t stop and she groaned into my mouth. When I buried my cock and pressed against her before grinding, she jerked and her body spasmed. Her pussy tightened and grasped my cock as I fucked her a little harder. She squeezed me as her body shook and went taunt. Suddenly she was bucking and thrusting as she tossed her head. Her pussy was squeezing and milking my cock before she arched her back and screamed, “YES!”

I almost started laughing as she kept bucking and thrusting, but her pussy was milking my cock so good that I shoved into her and exploded. Gabby tossed her head as her body was racked with shudders, “Yes!”

I pumped and spurted five or six jets of cum before stopping to just hold her. She twitched and giggled, “Sorry that was just so good.”

I smiled and pulled out before giving her a tender kiss, “Thanks Gabby.”

She caressed my face and slid out of bed and bent to pick up her shirt. I smiled at her bare butt and followed her out of bed reaching for my pants. When we came out everyone clapped. Gabby blushed and I turned red. Peg was sitting on Tom’s lap and stood to come to me, “That’s my stud.”

Everyone laughed again and Gabby moved to sit on Tom’s lap while Peg pulled me to an empty chair. I sat back with Peg on my lap and held her against me. She wiggled and leaned back before kissing me. I looked around to see my brothers and sister doing the same thing. I smiled and caressed Peg’s breasts through the shirt. I kissed her and looked into her face, “I love you.”

Peg smiled, “I love you too.”

She caressed my face, “Are you still okay?”

I hugged her, “yes. I still want you though.”

She smiled and nodded, “After I get Dave.”

I grinned and rubbed her nipple, “Nymph.”

She grinned and then laughed in a way I hadn’t heard in years. I reached between her legs and wiped through her messy pussy. Peg shuddered and moaned and I smiled as I rubbed her clit. I kissed her softly and everyone laughed. I looked around to see them looking at us and grinned. Peg shuddered and slid off my lap and turned toward my brother, “Dave?”

Cathy laughed as she stood up and pushed him back into the chair, “Stay there.”

I watched as the women all stood and headed for someone else’s lap. Cathy opened my pants and pulled them down before facing away and guiding my cock to her warm pussy. She wiggled around as my cock pushed into her slimy pussy. I was looking over her shoulder at Peg as she was slowly impaled on Dave’s cock. I reached under Cathy’s shirt to cup her firm breasts and she shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock.

She rocked back and forth, fucking me while I watched my brother’s cock fucking in and out of Peg. I pinched Cathy’s nipples gently and she jerked as her pussy squeezed my cock, “Oooohhh!”

I kissed the back of her neck as Peg shook her head and shuddered on Dave. I looked at Gabby and Sarah as they fucked and felt my cock swell. Cathy shuddered and groaned as she thrust back and forth hard. I heard Brad and then Tom as they groaned and came. I looked at Dave as he held Peg down and spurted his cum into her.

Peg shuddered and spread her legs a little more and I smiled before pulling my attention back to a groaning Cathy. I pinched her nipples again, “Want me to cum?”

She jerked and shuddered as she groaned, “Yes?”

I laughed and held her waist as I pulled her back and forth a few time and then held her as I started pumping cum deep inside her. She jerked and then laughed as I kept spurting and spewing. I stopped after six with cum leaking around my cock. Cathy turned and kissed me, “thanks.”

I smiled as she stood and walked towards Dave. Peg was walking to me with a big grin on her face. She pulled me up, “Take me to bed and fuck me.”

I grinned and let her lead me into the tent. She turned and backed onto the mattress with me stalking after. I moved over her and kissed her while pushing into her cummy pussy. She was almost sloppy as I started fucking her but she felt so good. She sighed and put her arms around me, “Thank you honey.”

I laughed and pushed into her deep before grinding. I went back to fucking her slimy hole and Peg kept shuddering. Her messy pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock. I loved pressing against her womb and she lifted her legs to wrap them around me. She moaned and jerked as her slimy pussy spasmed around my cock. I buried my cock to use short, grinding thrusts and she started convulsing a few minutes later.

It took almost twenty minutes before I pushed firmly against Peg’s womb and started pumping and spurting. She jerked and screamed, “YES!”

She spasmed as I spurted and spewed and finally sighed and relaxed on her twitching body. I pulled out and lay beside her and pulled the open top of the sleeping bag over us. Peg turned and snuggled against me and caressed my chest. I woke as the tent walls became lighter and glanced at my sleeping wife. I slipped out of the sleeping bag and dressed quietly before leaving.

It was a strange day with us kissing any woman that wandered by or getting kissed. There wasn’t anything sexual about it, it was just something we were comfortable with. We moved the tents into the barn before leaving for the day. The next week was spent with all of us and the kids spending time during the afternoons at the stable. By Thursday evening it was partially ready.

Dave had put in a small kitchen at the front of the building and showers and a couple of toilets at the back wall. The four women had gone out during the week with my bank card and bought bedroom sets to fit in each stall. They even made the end stalls into bunk rooms for the kids, one for girls and one for boys. They also bought furniture and appliances for the common area. Thursday night we moved everything in.

After getting off Friday, I came home to bags already packed and the kids ready to go. We pulled in and started unpacking. Sarah and Brad were already there. The women had picked which room they had wanted so we already knew where to put our things. The kids played while we started dinner. The others arrived and put their stuff away and then Peg kissed my cheek before whispering, “Can I take Dave to bed?”

I felt a twinge but then remembered Cathy, “Close the door so the kids don’t see.”

She grinned and turned to Cathy as she came out of her room. They whispered together and then Peg was dragging a surprised Dave into our room. I went back to helping with dinner as Sarah disappeared with Tom. Peg appeared a little later to help set the two tables. As soon as dinner was over Peg reached for the dishes as Gabby took my hand and pulled me after her.

She grinned as she closed the door and dropped the straps for her sun dress. She wiggled and the dress fell to the floor to revel her naked body. She reached out to undress me as I cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. She grinned and backed to sit on the bed, spreading her legs so I could kneel between them.

I laughed and leaned down to gently bite her clit and shake my head. Gabby shuddered and lay back as I started licking through her pussy. I pushed my tongue up inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She jerked and shuddered, “aaaahhhhhh!”

I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue and she started bucking and shaking. She pulled on me, “enough Mike.”

I stood while she moved all the way onto the bed and held her arms out. I followed her and moved between her legs slowly pushing into her. I started off slow with long, deep thrusts. It was a little while before I was pushing against the back of her pussy. Gabby was arching her back and shuddering hard every time I pushed into her. Her warm slippery pussy was squeezing my cock and she was moaning.

She had a corner of the blanket in her mouth to keep from screaming to loud as I buried my cock and began grinding and humping against her. When she began jerking erratically as her pussy contracted around my cock I shuddered and pressed against her cervix before pumping strong spurts of cum. She screamed around the blankets as she started convulsing. I spewed and spurted until cum was slowing leaking out of her. She sighed and lay back, “god your cock hits the right spot.”

I pulled out of her and kissed her cheek. She slipped out of bed and started dressing as I did the same thing. When we came out everyone was sitting around on couches watching a new movie. I didn’t even make it to a couch before my sister took my hand and pulled me to her room. As soon as the door was closed Sarah was reaching for my shirt.

I smiled and opened her blouse before sliding my hands down to her butt. She pressed against me and kissed me hard as my pants dropped. She turned and went to her knees on the edge of the bed before grinning back at me. I laughed and moved behind her and slowly pushed in before fucking her. Sarah started shivering and then shuddering as her warm pussy tightened.

I used long thrusts and started rubbing her asshole as she fingered her clit. It wasn’t long before she was convulsing as her pussy spasmed and I started fucking her harder. Her pussy grasped at my cock each time I pulled back and relaxed as I pushed in. By the time I was ready to cum Sarah was incoherent and shaking uncontrollably. I pressed against her cervix and pushed as my cock jerked and began pumping large, gushing jets of cum.

Sarah put her head in the bed and howled into the covers as she spasmed. I spurted and spewed and finally stopped cumming. I held Sarah for a minute and then pulled out and sat beside her as she slipped flat onto the bed. I caressed her hip as she caught her breath and she moved to me to hold me, “Thanks Mike.”

It was a couple of minutes before we got dressed and went back out to sit on a couch. Peg was missing and so was Brad. It was a few minutes before they came out and Peg came to sit on my lap. She smiled, “want to fuck me?”

I stood and pulled her towards our room and she laughed. After closing the door and undressing together I followed her onto the bed. I kissed her and caressed her body before moving over her. I kissed her as I pushed my cock into her slimy pussy. Peg moaned and shuddered as I began to fuck her. Her hips were lifting to meet mine and she kept kissing me.

I buried my cock and began to press and hump in and out of her womb. She groaned and shuddered, “God I love when you do that.”

I kissed her passionately as I ground against her and then began to fuck her again. I used long strokes and almost pulled out of her before thrusting back in. Peg started to spasm and moan and a few minutes later she wailed as she began to convulse. I fucked her hard and deep and she clung to me as I fucked her. Each time she relaxed I would bury my cock to hump and grind.

Peg continued to thrash around for almost thirty minutes before I thrust into her and began to pump and spew cum. She stiffened and arched her back, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I poured cum into her and she kept jerking as it flooded her womb. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed and sighed. She grinned and I kissed her before pulling out and laying next to her. I held her hand when we went back out to sit on a couch. She leaned against me and we talked to Sarah, Dave, Cathy and Tom. When Brad and Gabby came back Sarah snuggled against Brad and Gabby sat in Tom’s lap.

It was like we were back in school. It was late when I took Peg to bed and she straddled me and fitted my cock to her leaking pussy. She lay on me and gave me a kiss, “I like this honey. Letting our family fuck me seems to make everything feel better. The other women agree. You and their husbands are the ones we love and it makes holding and snuggling nicer.”

I caressed her side as her warm pussy massaged my cock, “I love you Peg.”

She hugged me and sat up to rock and thrust back and forth. My cock was pressed tight against her womb and it wasn’t long before she became erratic and started shaking. Her pussy was squeezing me all the time and she was moaning.

Every couple of minutes she would jerk and spasm as she came and her pussy milked my cock. It was a long time before I pulled her down and rolled over before fucking in and out of her womb. I buried my cock and held her jerking body as I began to spurt and pump cum into her.

The weekend was enjoyable and by the end I stopped wincing every time Peg went with one of the other guys. It was enjoyable to hold Peg or take a walk holding her hand like in high school. Sarah, Cathy, Gabby or Peg took turns watching the children while the guys helped finish remodeling. When one of the women decided to get pregnant we were always careful about any sex.

The stable became our place every weekend and even at home we were spending more time together as a family. It has been awhile since we started and we still enjoy each other and our family.
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