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Jake spent a fitful night. He had difficulty going to sleep, having his encounter with Rhonda Foster on his mind. He felt a bit of guilt, yet he could still hear her cries in his mind. He could smell her, taste her, and feel her. He was amazed that such a woman would show interest in him. But he also realized that this woman most likely would go after any human being with a penis. He knew he was a geek and he had little appeal to the girls his own age much less a woman with her looks.

Along with thoughts of Rhonda were thoughts about Emma. He could never tell her about what he did with her best friend’s mom. His guilt was a bit assuaged by what he had learned in that single encounter. He had read about oral sex, but he had never experienced it. Obviously, from the reaction by this older woman, it was something that felt good. In spite of feeling that he had betrayed Emma, he was somewhat excited that he knew better how to make her feel pleasure other than rubbing her pussy.

As he lay in bed, attempting to sleep, he reminded himself that within a matter of hours, he
and Emma would be driving to the lake cabin his family owned. They would spend at least two days and nights together cleaning up the cabin and the area around it, preparing it for use by the family over the summer. He could not help but believe that what had happened with Emma at the pool would not lead to similar activity at the cabin. They would be alone with no danger of being seen or heard. Emma was obviously willing to continue this new level of relating to her uncle. He knew it was wrong. He knew how much trouble he would be in were their actions discovered. Yet, he felt helpless in attempting to prevent further sexual contact with her. He might be a geek, but he also had hormones. And, he really did care for her.

The hours of the night passed slowly, but daylight eventually came. Jake got out of bed, showered, dressed, and packed a small, soft bag with the few clothes he would need at the cabin. He would wear jeans and work boots outside. Otherwise, he would wear swim shorts and sandals. By the time he made his way to the kitchen, his mom was preparing breakfast.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Marie voiced as he entered. “What can I fix for breakfast?”

“Oh, I’m not so hungry, mom. I think I’ll have some cereal.” He looked in a container on the counter. “Do we have bananas?” As he asked he found a few bananas. He selected one and reached for a cereal box, a bowl, the milk.

“Did you sleep well?”

“I guess. I had cleaning the cabin on my mind.” He could not admit what really kept him awake. He began eating his cereal. Allister entered with his usual cheerfulness.

“Mornin’, son. You ready to head to the lake?”

“Yes, sir,” Jake replied. “I’ll load up the edger, blower and the gas cans for the boats.”

“By the way, I called Al Sanders yesterday. He said you could bring the boats over and he’ll check out the motors.” Jake’s dad laughed. “Of course, that depends upon your being able to get them started to take them across the lake.”

“Pop, I can change the spark plugs. I can’t think of anything else that needs to be done. We winterized the motors last Fall.”

“Well, that’s up to you.” His father sat at the table, eating the breakfast prepared by Jake’s mom. She also prepared a plate and took a seat.

“Jake, you don’t mind Emma going do you?” Marie asked as she sipped her coffee. “I don’t want her to be a bother.”

Jake almost chocked. “Sorry,” he said as he wiped his mouth. “No, it’ll be okay. She can help clean the cabin.” He could not tell them what he was really thinking.

“She wants to go. I know she gets bored staying here with us. And she really likes being with you. She is more like a little sister to you than a niece.”

“If you only knew,” was the thought that entered his mind. He managed to appear neutral. “Yeah, I guess.” He finished his cereal. “Well, I need to finish packing.” He went to the sink, rinsed his bowl and utensils, placing them in the dish washer. After pouring a small glass of orange juice, he headed toward his room, after kissing his mom on the cheek. “I’ll be back up before you leave for work.”

Jake placed his bag on his bed. He brushed his teeth and made sure he had all he would need. It was then the thought hit him. “What if it reached a point where he and Emma would have sex?” He had not really thought about that. For some reason he assumed their actions would be limited to touching, masturbating, and modeling. It had not occurred to him until that moment that their being alone at the cabin without fear of being caught might lead to a greater intimacy. “Well, it’s pretty obvious that this is all new to me, the super geek,” he thought.

Jake went to his closet, reached behind some clothes on a shelf and removed a bag. The name and logo on the bag was of the store at the mall. In the bag were the nighties purchased by Emma and Lori. He sat the bag on the bed, wondering if he should pack it with his clothes. That question was quickly answered.

There was a knock on the door. It opened and in walked Emma. “Hey, Jake,” she said cheerfully. She approached the bed, with a smile of anticipation. “I’m ready to go.” It was then she saw the bag on the bed. She looked at Jake and smiled. “That is just what I was lookin’ for,” she said. She took the bad and dumped the two nighties on the bed. “Is it okay if I take these?”

Jake was shocked at how open she was. “Yeah, sure,” was all he could manage to say.

“Well, you said you like the one I tried on.” She picked it up and held it up in front of her. “What do you think?”

“Em, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, that you want to go to the cabin. We’ll be cleaning up the outside area and the inside, too.”

“Oh, Jake. I want to go. I want to help with that.” She stepped toward him. “I also want to be with you.” They stood close, looking at each other. She raised herself on her toes, leaned toward Jake. They kissed. Their lips touched for a few seconds.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, Jake pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m okay, Em. It’s just that...” He was not sure of the words to say.

“That what?” Emma asked with a sense of concern. “You don’t want me to go?” Her eyes seemed to tear up.

“Oh, no, it’s not that. I want you to go.” He looked at her beautiful face. “Emma, I just don’t want to do anything that will hurt you. I really do think about that.”

“I know you do, Jake. That’s why I love you so much. You have always felt that way. Even when I used to bother you and annoy you when you were trying to work on you computer.” She smiled. “Yeah, I know I was a real brat then. But you never treated me like a brat.” She stepped to him. “I do love you, Jake.”

“I love you, too. Emma, I really do care for you.” They hugged again. “Well, we need to load up the truck. We’ve got a couple of stops to make.” Jake was thinking of filling the gas cans for the boats. But he also had another thought. He needed to stop by a drug store and buy some condoms. Whatever happened, he wanted to be prepared.

“Can I put this in your bag?” Emma was folding her nightie. Without an answer, she unzipped Jake’s bag and placed the two nighties inside.

They made their way upstairs. The next minutes where spent loading yard tools that might be needed. Their clothes were placed in the access area of the truck. After speaking to his parents, Jake made his way to the truck.

“Be careful,” were the last words of his mother. Allister and Marie waved from the driveway as Jake and Emma pulled into the street and made their way to the lake.

The route to the lake followed an interstate spur for over an hour of the drive. Jake took the exit to the highway that would take them to the cabin. At the top of the ramp was a large shopping area with a major grocery store and a large chain pharmacy.

“We’ll stop here. Do you want something to drink?” he asked Emma when they stopped for the traffic light.
“Yes, I could really use something.” She smiled at him. Although their conversation had been mostly about music, both had thoughts about the two days they would have together.

“If you don’t mind waiting in the truck, I need to run into this pharmacy, okay?”

“Sure. I’ll be right here.”

Jake went into the pharmacy and began looking for the area where condoms were sold. A clerk asked if she could help. Jake blushed and told her “No.” He finally found the section for such personal items. This was another first for him. “This is some summer,” he thought as he looked at the large selection hanging from hooks. He saw the area for Trojans. “I’ve heard of these he said to himself.” He looked around to see that no one was actually watching him. The smallest box had six condoms. “How many can I use in two days?” he thought. He quickly took the box and looked at other items. He saw an area containing products he had seen advertized on tv. These were lubricants designed to enhance the pleasure of love making. He decided to get a small bottle of one of these.

He made his way to the counter, picking up a bag of trail mix, hoping that the clerk would think this was the reason for his coming into the store. There was a young girl who looked college age at the register. She was just finishing with a customer. She looked up at Jake, smiled sweetly and said, “Yes. Are you ready?” As he laid the items on the counter she began swiping them over the scanner. First the trail mix. When she scanned the lubricant and condoms she looked at him, again with the sweet smile. Jake was sure she was thinking, “Yes, I guess you are ready.”

He paid and quickly made his way to the automatic door. He glanced over his shoulder. The girl was looking at him, smiling. Jake blushed. The door would not open fast enough. “I prefer buying computers,” he said as he approached the truck. He got in and closed the door. Emma was looking at him, obviously curious about what he had purchased. She picked the bag up as soon as he sat it on the console between them. Her eyes widened as she saw the contents. A smile came to her face.

“Oh, I really like trail mix,” she said. They both laughed

After Jake filled the gas cans and they made their way through the drive thru at a fast food restaurant, they continued their journey. There was little conversation for the remainder of the trip. Although they looked at each other often, words were not necessary. Both knew what they were thinking. As they pulled into the dirt drive that led to the cabin hidden among the trees Jake turned to Emma.

“Em, I..uh.. I...” he stammered, not sure what to say.

“I know, Jake. I love you, too.” At the truck came to a stop at the cabin, she released her seat belt and leaned toward Jake. “It’s okay.” They kissed quickly, knowing that they were going to be together alone, away from adults who cared for them and would be more than shocked knowing what they had already shared with each other.

Jake unloaded the garden tools, putting them under the back deck. He would be using them soon. Emma began carrying in the groceries that her Nana had packed for them. Jake brought in the cooler containing ice and the items that needed refrigeration. The last items were their bags from behind the front seat of the truck. Each carried their bag. They approached the sleeping area where four small bedrooms were located. There was the larger one, reserved for and used only by Allister and Marie. After all, it was their cabin. The other three room were smaller, but suitable for a lake cabin. One had a private bath. The other two shared a bath. Jake paused as he was about to enter the room with the private bath. Emma looked at him.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“What do you want to do?” Jake replied.

“I think you know what I want.” Jake stepped back and allowed her to enter the bedroom first. He followed. They placed their bags on the bed without speaking. They both looked around the room as if checking it out.

“Oh, Jake,” Emma said. She almost ran toward him. He opened his arms and she jumped into them. She was small enough for him to pick up. He gathered her in his arms as she wrapped her legs around his hips. He hugged her. They kissed long but gently, tongues dancing.

When they broke the kiss, Jake looked into his niece’s eyes. “Em, I don’t know what to say. I just want to be here with you. But I really don’t want you to be hurt.”

“Jake, I really wish you would stop saying that. I know you would never want me to be hurt. I love you for that.” He hugged him, laying her head on his shoulder as he continued to hold her off the floor, her legs around him.

“I guess we’ll just see what happens. I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

“Jake, you are not forcing me.” She put emphasis on the “not.” “I asked to be here, remember. And I asked to be here because of what we have already shared with each other.”

“Okay. We’ll just play it by as it goes.” He thought for a second. “You know, I have a lot of experience with computers. I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“Well, I reckon we’ll just learn together.” They kissed again.

“Let’s fix some lunch. We do have a lot of work to get done.”

Lunch consisted of sandwiches made from what Marie had packed. They had chips and soft drinks. They ate on the back deck that overlooked the lake. The day was warm but not hot. The light breeze felt good. Jake and Emma said little, but often looked at each other, smiling.

“The deck needs to be swept. I can see a lot of limbs that need to be clear away,” Jake said as he surveyed the property.

“I’ll start cleaning inside if you want to start outside,” Emma stated. “That means we’ll get done quicker I think.”

“Sounds good to me.” They took the paper plates and drinks inside. Jake changed into jeans and work boots. Emma gathered cleaning supplies together and placed them on the kitchen table. She knew what to do, having helped her mom at their house. As she busied herself with the cleaning, her thoughts were about where she was and what she anticipated taking place. “I guess this is sort of like being married,” she thought to herself as she listen to and sang along with the music from her cd player.

Jake made his way outside. Putting on gloves he began gathering limbs that had fallen. He dragged them into the trees and away from the cabin. His thoughts were about Emma. She was cleaning the house while he worked in the yard. “This is like being married,” he said to himself. As he worked he happened to look up at the house. He saw Emma on the deck. She was sweeping the leaves had fallen since they had last been at the cabin months before. She had changed clothes. Now she wore a pair of very loose short shorts. She had removed her t-shirt and had put on the top to her bikini. Her hair was now pulled back and held in place at the back of her head. From his vantage point Jake thought Em looked older than her thirteen years. She also seemed more mature than other girls that had visited the house. She looked up, noticing him looking at her. She smiled and waved. He returned the wave, realizing his heart was beating faster just watching her. “I wonder if I am old enough to really love her,” he thought. “If what I feel isn’t love, I would like to know what it is.” He returned to his work with her on his mind.

After Jake pulled limbs that had fallen during the winter into the trees away from the house, he pulled the lawn mower out from the basement. He changed the oil, changed the air filter, and drained the gas tank of what little bit of gas had been left in it. He used tools to replace the spark plug. He filled the tank and was surprised that the mower started on the first pull of the cord. There was only a small area of grass that surrounded the house. It would take less than fifteen minutes to cut it. After taking care of the grass, Jake used the leaf blower to clear leafs from under the deck.

He put the mower away and moved far enough from the house to look up at the deck. “Emma,” he called. Within a few seconds she appeared at the deck railing.

“Did you call me?” she asked.

“Yeah.” He pointed toward the boat house. “I need to go check on the boats. You want to come with me.”

“Sure. I’ll be right down.” In less than a minute she came through the basement door and approached. She reached out to take his hand.

“Whoa. My hands are dirty.” He showed her the oil and dirt that covered them. As they turned to walk down the slope to the boathouse, Jake picked up the leaf blower and cleared the path of leaves. The walkway to the lake and boathouse was made of crossties and gravel. The slope was gentle and easy to walk along.

They reached the boathouse. Jake unlocked the door and they entered. He looked at the smaller boat suspended five feet above the water by wide straps and cables. There was an electric pulley system that allowed the boat to be taken out of the water. Next to the slip for this boat was another slip. In that slip was a pontoon boat tied by rope to hooks on the deck around it. “We’ll have to lower the boat into the water and check the motors of both of them tomorrow,” Jake stated. “They look like they made it okay through the winter.”

Emma was pleased that he said “we,” indicating that Jake thought she could actually help him. “I’ll do what I can,” she said, touching his arm.

“I’m glad you’re here.” He leaned toward her and kissed her cheek. “I sure needed someone to clean the cabin.” He laughed and she punched his shoulder.

“Well, it’s nice to know I can be of some use.” She acted as though he had hurt her feeling and made a pouting face.

“Oh, you are much more use than just to clean the cabin. You get to wash dishes, too.”

She made a fist and feigned punching him in the stomach. He reached out and put an oily smudge on her cheek. They laughed together. “You need to clean up, Mr. O’Donald,” Emma said as they left the boathouse and made their way up the path to the cabin.

Once in the house, Jake removed his boots and peeled off his t-shirt that was wet with sweat and covered with dust. He tossed it on the floor next to the door. He removed his jeans, standing in front of Em in his boxers. She watched him as he stripped his clothes off, admiring his body. She thought he looked very fit and older than he was. Although to her, eighteen was older that she was. “I hope not too much older,” was the thought that went through her mind.

The phone rang. Emma walked to the desk where it was located. “Hello,” she said.

“Emma, this is Nana. I called a little while ago and got no answer.” There was a pause. “Are you two okay? Did you get there without any problems?”

“Oh, yes, Nana. We got here fine. We just walk back in the house. We were down at the lake looking at the boats.” She mouthed to Jake that it was his mother. “We’ve been cleaning the cabin and the grounds around it.”

“That’s nice, dear. Can I speak to Jake?”

“Sure. Just a sec. He’s right here. And he’s a bit dirty.” She smiled as she handed him the phone.

“Hi, mom. What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing. I just wanted to make sure you made it okay. You know me.”

“Yes, mom. I know you. And we are fine. We made the drive up okay. The cabin is fine and the boats are okay. I cleaned up around the cabin and mowed what little grass there is.”

“Sounds like you’ve been busy.”

“We have. Emma took care of the cabin.” He paused. “Please don’t worry about us. We can manage things here.” He looked at Emma. “I’m planning on her cooking supper.” He laughed. “Maybe you need to call later to see if I’ve been poisoned.”

“With talk like that, maybe you deserve it.” Marie laughed. “I know you are okay. I’m just being a mom and a Nana. You two enjoy the time there. I know it is beautiful.”

Looking at Emma standing just a few feet away. “Yep, mom. Beautiful is the word I would use.” He smiled at his niece who seemed to blush a bit. “I’ll call tomorrow. I’ll use this phone. I don’t have cell service here.”

“Okay, son. Tell Emma ‘bye for me.’ Love to you both.”

“Love to you, too, mom.” Jake replaced the handset, looking at his hands. “I think I’ll take that shower now.”

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll join you,” Emma said, following him. Jake turned and held out his hand. She took it as they walked toward the bath.

Jake dropped his boxers and stepped into the shower. He adjusted the water and let it cascade over his body. “Mmm..this feels good,” he said as Em stepped in. Jake looked at her naked body. She was tall for her age, slender but still shapely. Her legs were no longer skinny sticks but were developing form. Her shoulders actually showed some muscle tone from Em’s playing volleyball.

He washed the dirt and oil from his hands, lathered his hair, and rinsed it as Em watched. He lathered a wash cloth and stepped aside as she moved under the water. She soaped her cloth. “Turn around,” she said to Jake. She washed down his back. After he was soapy, he told her, “now your turn.” She turned her back to him. “That’s not what I had in mind.” She turned facing him. He used the cloth and his soapy hands as he washed her neck, moved to her chest, and rubbed across her breasts. Her nipples immediately responded by becoming hard. He continued to rub his hands over her body. As he did so, she reached for his now growing penis and got it soapy, stroking him gently.

They looked into each others eyes and their hands moved across each other’s body. After several minutes of this, Jake spoke. “I think we’re clean. Don’t you?”

“Yeah,” she said. They rinsed and cut off the water. Each began drying with a towel. Then they walked into the bedroom. Jake sat on the edge of the bed. Emma walked toward him. He spread his legs so she could stand between them.

“You are so beautiful,” he said to her. He reached out to her. She moved to him as his arms embraced her. Their lips met and parted. Their tongues began to play. After a moment, their breathing became heavier. With their bodies still warm from the shower, there was a sensual sensation as their skin touched. He could feel her breasts. She could feel the hardness of his penis pressing against her legs. After several minutes, they broke the kiss and Jake gently moved Em back. He stood, turned, and walked around the corner of the bed, holding her hand and pulling her after him. He moved toward the head of the bed and reached down, pulling the spread and sheet down.

Emma followed, her heart was beating faster. She was aware that mixed in with the excitement and passion she was feeling was something like fear. “I want to be what Jake needs me to be,” she thought as she watched him prepare the bed. “I don’t know how to do this.” She had to hold back the tears. “I so want to show him I love him.” She became aware that Jake was looking at her.

“Are you all right?” he asked. There was genuine concern in his voice. He spoke softly as he touched her face. “Em, we don’t have to do this. I mean, we don’t have to do anything.” He caressed her soft, smooth skin. “What I feel for you is not just about this?”

“I know, Jake.” She placed her hand over his. “I appreciate what you are saying, but...” she paused. “Jake I want to be with you. I want to please you and make you feel good. But...but..” She paused again. “I don’t know what to do. I mean, I know what we have done, but I don’t know what to do now.”

He smiled, leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “And you think I’m an expert at this? I’m just as new at this as you are. I can fix your computer, but I don’t know much about this.” As soon as he said it, his thoughts went to the night before, in Rhonda Foster’s realty office. He knew to do what he had done with her. He dismissed the thought quickly. “I just don’t want to hurt you or make you think that having sex with you is all I want.”

“Oh, Jake. I know that. But I’m afraid I’ll mess up.”

“I am too. Not that you will mess up, but me. I don’t know what you want or need or want to feel.” Em simply nodded her head. “Em, can we just lay down together for a few minutes. Nothing else needs to happen. I just want to be near you.”

“That would be nice.” She almost breathed a sign of relief as Jake moved onto the bed.

He turned and guided her to join him. He laid down on his left side; she laid down next to him. Turned toward her, he placed his arm under her head at her pillow. She rested on his arm, facing him. He rested his right hand on her waist. Her left hand went to his shoulder. They were eye-to-eye, each breathing softly. She smiled; he smiled. She moved toward him, he wrapped his arms around her, her head on his shoulder. They laid together, their legs intertwined and their naked bodies touching. The moment was one of gentleness and caring. Each having thoughts of their own.

Emma loved Jake. As he held her, her mind was thinking about that very moment; there in bed with Jake. She knew that her love was the love of a thirteen year old. At the moment, she believed this was true love; a love that was from her heart for this uncle who loved her the same way. She felt safe in his arms. She could not imagine being able to love him more than right then, laying in a bed at the family cabin, being held in his arms. There was no age, only two people-she and Jake-holding each other, both unsure of what to do, both knowing what they had already done was socially and legally wrong. Yet, they knew what they felt. Both knew what they wanted. Neither really knowing how to make it happen.

Jake could feel Em’s chest moving as she breathed. Her body was smooth and warm. As he held her he realized something that was very important to him. He thought about the encounter with Rhonda Foster again. He felt what he had never felt before; never even considered it possible for him. Yet, he remembered something the woman had said after their had both experienced intense orgasms. Rhonda had admitted that she had experienced sex many times. She commented about some of those times being true love, but other times were pure lust. That is what came to Jake’s mind. At that very moment, with his thirteen year old niece in his arms, he came to understand something. What had happened in that realty office was nothing but pure lust. That was all there was. This older woman had used his body. He enjoyed, but she had used him for her pleasure. He was simply another conquest in what was most likely just one of many other experiences. He felt nothing for her; she felt nothing for him.

But now, laying in this bed with Emma, Jake understood the difference. He cared for Emma. He had always cared for her. Obviously, the sexual feelings had not been there. Now it was different. He felt attached to her; he wanted her in his life. He was not quite eighteen years old, but he believed with all his heart that he loved this young girl. She was not just a niece. She was not just some girl. This was Emma. He loved her as much as he was capable and he believed he always would.

Jake felt fear. He was not afraid of being caught with her. He was not anxious about spending time in prison. He was afraid for Emma. He did not want to hurt her. He did not want to do something to her that would scare her innocence and her self-worth. He simply wanted her to feel loved and he was afraid that he would either not do it or do it wrong. He wanted her to understand that more than anything else. He loved Emma. If she could just know that, whatever else happened would be okay.

Jake pulled away, allowing him to look into Em’s face. She looked into his eyes. “Em, I need to tell you something.” She looked anxious at his words. “I need you to know that I love you. I believe right now that I will always love you. And more than anything I want you to know that. You don’t have to do anything or say anything. All you have to do is believe me.” Before she could speak he continued. “You said you did not know what to do. Believe me, you don’t have to know how to do anything. I don’t expect anything from you. I just want you to know that I care for you as much as I am capable of caring for you.”

A tear rolled down Emma’s cheek. “Oh, Jake.” She swallowed. “I love you, too. I’m only a thirteen year old girl, and barely that.” She paused. “But with whatever I have in my heart, I feel it for you. I know I am stupid about life. I don’t know as much as some girls. But I do know what I feel right now. I don’t want to do something stupid with you. I want to do what you want, what you need. But I don’t know what that is.” She wiped her face. “I care for you and don’t want to make you think I’m just a know-nothing kid.”

“I would never think that.” He kissed her, tasting the salt of her tears. “Let’s agree to this. Let’s just see how we feel and see what happens naturally. Somehow I think we’ll figure it all out.”

She was able to smile. “Okay. That sounds good to me.”

They hugged, holding each other. They anxiety was gone. The fear was gone. If there are levels of relationships that people their age can experience, they rose to a higher level of caring for each other, trusting each other. For a long time, the laid together, holding each other, feeling the care they had for each other, expressing their love in the way that was comfortable for them. What would happen next neither knew; but for each, whatever it was, it would be right for them. Whatever needed to be learned, they would learn together.

Jake and Emma kissed. There was passion tempered by gentleness and an awareness that for this moment in time, they were as one as they could be. Their lips parted and the looked into each others eyes. What needed to happen had happened. What would happen would happen. They were ready to be for each other what each needed. And not matter what that was, it would happen because they loved each other.

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