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Jake worked on his laptop for awhile before going to bed. It was late and he knew all others in the house would be asleep. He made his way down to his room, stripped off his clothes, and got into bed. He was reading an article in a technology magazine when he heard a light tap on the door. He looked up to see Em peeking around the edge of the door.

“I saw your light on. Can I come in?” She entered before he could answer, closing the door behind her. She walked toward the bed. Jake noticed she was wearing the same light nightie she had worn before. Emma approached the bed.

“Hey. What’s goin’ on?” Jake asked. For some reason he already knew the answer.

“I just wanted to see you. Lori’s asleep. Grandpa and Nana are sleep. I can hear him snoring in the hallway.” Emma climbed onto the bed and sat facing Jake. “I didn’t really get to say “goodnight” to you. She raised up on her knees and walked on them toward Jake. She straddled him as he lay under the sheet, moving forward until she was against his body.

Jake put his arms around Em, pulling her down so she could sit on his lap. He hugged her as she put her arms around him. They kissed, open mouthed, tongues dancing with each other. The kiss lingered and became more passionate. When they separated, Em sat back on his legs, but very close to him. Jake ran his hands under the nightie and began to caress her back. Her skin was warm and smooth. They simply looked into each others eyes.

“Uumm..that feels good,” Emma sighed. Her hands moved to Jake’s face.

“You feel so good,” he whispered. She smiled. He began to move his hands from her back to her sides. He slowly moved them up and down her side ribs, gently caressing her skin. She moved, indicating that he was tickling her. He moved towards her front. He moved his fingers over her breasts. Using his thumbs and index fingers and began to slowly massage her breasts. They were firm but not hard. He moved his fingers up and outward to a point he was making her nipples stand out. He could feel them, but he wanted to see them.

He moved his hands down to the bottom of her nightie, raising his hands and lifting the thin fabric up. She raised her arms and he pushed it over her head, taking it off, and laying it on the bed. Her breasts were right in front of his face. Using his index finder, he began to make circles around her areola. They responding by become wrinkled, shrinking, and making her nipples extend.

Jake leaned forward, opening his mouth and covering her right breast. He massaged it lightly as he began to suck gently, pulling on the nipple and moving over it with his tongue. Emma placed her hands behind his head, pulling him into her.

“Oh my, Jake. That feels so good.” She moved him from one breast to the other and back again. Emma had never felt such a sensation. She had rubbed her nipples, pinching them when she rubbed her clit, but she never realized how her small breasts could be the source of such pleasure.

Under the sheet, Jake’s cock was reacting to his touches and his sucklings. Emma could also feel the hardness grow under the bed sheet. As Jake continued to suck her breasts, she slowly picked up her legs, reaching down, pulling the sheet off his body. When his cock was uncovered, she sat back down, allowing his erection to press between her legs.

After several minutes of sucking her prefect breasts, Jake moved back, looking into the face of this beauty of a girl. He gazed at her body, taking it in. “You are one lovely young girl, Em,” he said softly. He was caressing her breasts, sliding his hands up and down her sides, down to her thighs and up again.

“Thank you. You are very handsome.” Emma smiled at him. Her eyes were sparkling like stars as she enjoyed the sensation of his touch. “I wish I could sleep with you.”

“So do I,” Jake replied. “Don’t you think you should go back to bed. I would hate for Lori to wake up and find you gone.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Emma pushed herself back to Jake’s knees. Reaching down to grasp his erect cock, she began to move her hands back and forth. “Maybe soon,” she added. She leaned forward, kissed Jake again. She pulled her nightie back on with Jake’s help. “I’ll see you in the morning.” The young girl left his bedroom and returned to her bed.

Jake finally went to sleep with thoughts of this beautiful young body given so freely to him. He was almost eighteen but he felt older. He asked himself as he drifted to sleep, “What will happen now?”

The next morning Jake ate breakfast with his parents. He would do some of the outside chores before it got to warm. His dad left for work. Marie said she would go in later after she fed the girls breakfast.

Jake was almost finished weeding the flower bed when Emma and Lori came outside. He had cleaned the pool, put away pool toys, and swept off the area around the pool.

“Good morning, Uncle Jake,” Emma said in a soft, childlike voice. He looked at her. She winked and smiled.

“Good morning, Jake,” Lori said.

The girls had on shorts and t-shirts. They sat in chairs and watched Jake as he finished his work. He had taken off his shirt, showing off his muscles. Lori made a comment about his body to Emma. Emma shrugged as if she had never noticed. In fact, her thoughts were that she wanted touch his body and feel it next to her.

“Jake, Nana is going to work. Do you think you could take us to the mall?” Emma asked as she watched him toss the weeds into a container that he would put on the street curb to be picked up. He looked around at her. There was a pleading look in her eyes.

“I don’t know. What do you need to go to the mall for?” He was curious. He could not imagine her needing something she did not already have.

“I got some money for my birthday. Mom said I could use it for whatever I wanted. I’d like to go shopping.”

“What am I supposed to do while you shop?” He was not particularly excited about taking these two middle school girls to the mall.

“You can go to that store you always want to go to. The one with all the computer stuff.” Jake did not want to give in so easily, but he really did want to stop by there.

“Okay. I’ll have to shower off first.” The girls expressed their happiness as he finished his work and rolled the large container toward the house. They followed him.

He took a shower and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. The girls were waiting in the family room when he came up from his bedroom. He would have to drive the families mid-size SUV. His truck had a seat in the back of his access cab but it was not really suitable for passengers. His dad drove a truck and his mom had a small compact she enjoyed. The girls got in with Emma sitting with Lori in the middle seat.

“You may drive on now,” Emma said as if speaking to a chauffeur. Jake knew she was teasing.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m at your service. Where would ma’am like to go?” He attempted a British accent. The girls laughed.

The mall was more crowded during the summer mornings since there was no school. There were many students hanging out since parents worked. Lori and Emma saw several of their friends. They stopped and chatted a bit as they made their way from store to store. After a couple of stores Jake needed a break.

“Em, I’m going to PC World. You know where it is just a few stores down. When you leave this store, you need to come tell me where you are going next. Okay?”

“Sure. I promise.” They entered a teen oriented clothing store as he made his way to the computer store. He was still browsing around, chatting with a couple of sales clerks about the latest software and games when Emma and Lori walked in.

“Hey, Jake,” Em said. “We’re done there.” She waited to get his attention. When he turned toward her she said, “Will you come with us to the next store?”

“Why? Can’t you go there alone?”

“Yes we can. But I would really like for you to come. I may need your help?” Jake shrugged, told the clerks “bye” and follower his niece. They walked about halfway down the mall before entering a clothing shop for teens. It had about any piece of clothing a girl could want. Emma and Lori made their way to the lingerie area. Jake did not know that such a place of business existed. It had all sorts of fancy, lacy, and colorful lingerie for the teenage girl. He was immediately embarrassed as the clerk approached.

“Can I help you find something?” She looked at Jake as if she realized how out of place he was. He simply pointed at the two girls.

“Not me. Them. I don’t know how they talked me into coming in here.”

The clerk laughed. “Yes, we get a lot of that. We have girlfriends dragging their boyfriends in her all the time.” She leaned closer and spoke softly. “Just relax. I’m sure they will find something to your liking.”

Jake almost choked. “Uh. That one is my niece and the other is her friend.” I got talked into bringing them to the mall.”

Then the clerk said something even more startling. “Well, again, just relax. You can look around and fantasize.” She moved toward the girls and Jake felt his face burn from blushing.

He tried to look as inconspicuous as possible, which was impossible. He was as out of place in that store as a nun would be in an adult video store. He felt every young girl in there was staring at him and laughing.

He moved closer to the girls so it would at lease look like he had a purpose for being there. He watched as they picked through the racks and tables. He saw Em select several items. Lori picked up a couple of things.

“Jake, you stand right here,” Emma instructed, pointing to a spot near a dressing room door. Jake casually observed others shopping. Several guys were with girls and seemed not to mind. He began to feel less conspicuous and acted as if he were waiting for someone, which in fact he was. He was a bit shocked to see two boys enter dressing rooms with the girls they were with.

After several minutes the door to the dressing room slowly opened just a little bit. “Jake, tell us what you think.” Emma opened the door and allowed him to look in. Both girls were standing before him in new bras and panties. They had to leave their other panties on since it was a store policy, but what they were wearing left little to the imagination. “Come on in,” Em said.

He looked at Lori as if to say, “Are you okay with this?” Lori stepped back as if inviting him in. He quickly stepped into the small room with mirrors on three sides. When he did so, both girls stood before him, modeling the items, turning from side to side.

“What do you think?” Em asked. He again felt his face feel flushed.

“Oh. Those are really nice.” Emma’s bra covered her well. It was a little to big but would pass. Lori’s bra was a perfect fit, allowing her adolescent cleavage to show itself

“Okay. Next outfit,” Em said. Jake was about to turn and leave when she added. “Jake close your eyes.” He was not so shocked that Em would have allowed him to remain if it were just her, but with Lori in the room, he was surprised beyond words.

Before he could close his eyes, both girls had pulled their arms out of the straps on the bras, turned them around so they could unhook them from the front. Even though Lori was facing away from him, he could easily see her breast in the mirror. He closed his eyes but the image remained branded on his brain.

After another minute of anticipation by Jake, Em told him he could open his eyes. Each girl had on a sheer nightie. The obvious fact was that neither was wearing a bra under them. Emma’s breasts were clearly visible. Her puffy areola were light brown. Her nipples were pressed against the fabric.

“Well, what do you think?” Em asked. Jake could not speak.

“How about mine?” Lori asked. Jake looked at her. Her over-developed-for-her-age breasts were more than visible. Her brown areola and her hard extended nipples may as well have been bare instead of behind the sheer white fabric. “Do you think it’s okay?”

Jake had trouble speaking. “Well, that depends on where you plan on wearing this?” He could not imagine any place this young girl would be going where this would be appropriate.

“Oh, I will have to let Emma keep it for me. My mom would die if she saw it.”

“I can imagine how she might feel.” He thought for a moment. “But it does look very nice on you,” was all Jake could say.

“Okay, that’s it,” said Emma. Before Jake could turn to leave both girls pulled their nighties over their heads and were standing in front of him with thong panties.

Lori turned to dress, giving Jake a show of her nice, smooth, round butt cheeks. He wanted to touch them. Emma was tall and slender as well, not as filled out as Lori but still beginning to take on a nice shape.

Jake followed the girls to the counter trying to go unnoticed. The clerk that had spoken to him earlier was at the counter. She took the girls cash and finalized the sale. She looked at Jake and smiled. Apparently she realized he had entered the dressing room as other boys had done. She had that “I know what you did this summer” look on her face. Jake left as quickly as he could.

They ate lunch at the food court before leaving. Lori asked Emma to take care of her purchases. Emma assured her that she would protect them with her life. She would keep them at her grandparents house.

“Jake, can we keep these in your room. My mom is so nosey and I’m afraid Nana might come across them.”

Jake hesitated but finally told the girls that would be okay. “I promise I will not try to wear them,” he said, causing all three to laugh.

“I left my clothes at your house, Jake. I can get them later. Would you mind dropping me at my mom’s realty office?” She told him where it was located.

“Sure, no problem.” He made several turns and pulled into the parking area of a business center where the office was located.

“Thanks. I had a really good time.” Lori looked at Jake. “Thank you for helping us shop.” She closed the door before he could respond and ran toward the office door.

“She won’t say anything to her mom about what she bought will she?”

“Are you kidding? Her mom would want to see what she bought. That’s the last thing she want’s to happen.” Em laughed. “I promise you that.”

Em had moved to the front seat with Jake. As they drove he asked, “So, where do you plan on wearing what you bought?”

She looked at him with a smile. “Well, I thought I might wear it when I am with you. You wouldn’t mind would you?”

“No. I wouldn’t mind. I am a little surprised but it is a pleasant surprise.” He looked at her. “I am really surprised that Lori modeled what she bought for me.”

“She’s not as shy as you think she is.” Jake’s thought was, “I think I know where she picked that up” as he thought of her mother.

They arrived at the house. Allister and Marie has just arrived home and were preparing dinner. “Hey guys,” Marie voiced from the kitchen. “What have you been up to?”

“Jake was nice enough to take Lori and me to the mall,” Emma called out as she made her way down stairs. She placed her and Lori’s purchases on Jake’s bed and returned quickly to the kitchen. “Can I help?”

“Sure, honey. You can set the table. Your mom is coming to eat with us. She called about an emergency surgery.” Turning to Jake, Marie said, “Son, the flower bed looks much nicer. Thank you for doing that.”

“You’re welcome, mom. It was nice to be outside this morning. It is a really nice day.” He moved next to his mom and lightly bumped her with his shoulder. “Besides, even geeks enjoy the outdoors sometimes.” She and Allister both laughed.

“Son,” Allister asked, “do you have any plans for next week?”

“Well, I promised Mrs. Foster I would take a look at her office computers next Tuesday evening. Other than that I don’t have plans. What do you need?”

“Well, I meant to get to this in the late Spring but we were so busy. The lake house needs to be checked out and prepared for the summer. Do you think you could ride up that way and get it ready for us to go up for the July 4th week?”

“Yes sir, I don’t see why not. What needs to be done?”

“I’m sure it needs airing out. No doubt there are limbs that need to be cleared up. Also, the boats need to be checked out.” He turned to his son. “Do you think you can do all that?”

“Sure pop. I don’t mind at all. That would be a nice break for me.”

Emma’s mind began to work. “Grandpa, do you think it would be okay if I went, too? I know I can help.”

“Well, sweetie, that’s up to Jake and your mom. I don’t care if you go, but you’ll have to mind Jake and do what he asks.”

Emma looked at her uncle. “Oh, I’ll behave myself.” She winked at him and he blushed. “I’ll ask mom.” She walked over to Jake and said with a mock pleading voice. “Uncle Jake, will you let me come with you? I promise I’ll be good. Really good.”

“I don’t know. I’ll think on it. I’m not sure I want a little brat hanging around all day.” He smiled at his niece as he spoke. Emma punched him in the stomach, harder than she intended. “Oh. See what I mean? Pop, Mom, do you see how she treats her poor old uncle?”

“I think maybe you deserved that one,” Marie said with a laugh. “We might need her to go along so you’ll get the work done and make you behave.” They all laughed as Jake put his arm around Emma and pulled her to his side. As he did so, he was beginning to imagine the two of them at the cabin alone. When Em looked up at him, he realized she was thinking the same thing.

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