Jake's story continues
The weekend went quickly. Emma was at home with her mom. Allister and Marie went about their normal weekend routine. They played golf, worked in their yard, swam, and relaxed watching tv. Allister loved baseball and Marie endured it, willing to watch it with her husband. Jake spent time with his laptop in his lap. He and a “geeky” friend worked on a new game. Although Jake’s attention was on the game, his mind often wondered toward thoughts about Emma and what she was doing and thinking about.

Emma slept late on Saturday morning. She awoke with thoughts of Jake and the time they had been together. She had always loved Jake. Even in her preschool years she claimed that she was going to marry Jake. Her mom simply laughed this off as childhood fascinations. As Emma grew into elementary school, her love for Jake did not wane. Whenever she was at her grandparent’s home, she wanted to be near Jake. Her feelings were only strengthened because Jake never brushed her off or ignored her. He never complained when she bothered him. He was kind and caring for his little niece.

As she lay in bed, reflecting on the events of the past days, she became aware that her heart was beating faster. She closed her eyes and thought of the feeling she had at the pool when he rubbed her pussy as she rubbed his hard cock. Replaying in her mind the intense orgasms they shared brought that feeling between her legs. As she thought about their shower together, their talk at the park, their kisses, and the modeling session at the mall, that feeling began to become more intense. With eyes closed she brought her left hand to her chest and began caressing her breasts, moving from one to the other. She squeezed them, as if trying to milk them. They were small, but the feeling was large. As she fondled her breasts with her left hand, her right hand found its way inside her panties and between her legs.

There was a warm dampness that welcomed her fingers. She pressed her middle finger between her lips. She moved it up and down until she made her way to the opening of the canal that led to the depth of her body. She pushed her finger in easily because of the wetness that had been produced. She did not have to concern herself about coming in contact with a virginal barrier. She had already taken care of that, using a toy she accidentally found in a drawer in her mom’s bedroom. When she found the smooth pink fake penis, she instantly knew what it was. Girls had talked about such at school.

She took the toy to her bedroom while her mom was visiting a neighbor. She put some lotion on it to make it easier to insert. Following what she had learned from school friends, she pushed it into her narrow opening. It hurt at first and she bled a little bit, but she quickly realized how useful it could be. After she broke through her barrier and felt the sensation of it inside her, she washed it and returned it to the drawer.

On this morning, she pushed her finger into her pussy as far as her hand would allow. As she did she thought about how Jake’s hard cock would fit and feel inside her. Those thoughts, along with the caresses of her breasts, and the attention she was giving to her pussy and clit soon brought a growing feeling. Within a couple of minutes she felt it build until her abdomen began to spasm. She thrust her legs out, her toes curled. She raised her lower body off the bed as the orgasm swept through her slim body.

As the intensity lessened, Emma relaxed, breathing deeply. She felt flushed. She brought the finger that had entered her pussy to her mouth and sucked it. She liked the taste and wondered if Jake would like her taste. The feeling was good but not as good as when Jake caused the orgasm she experienced at the pool. Her thoughts turned to the trip to the lake cabin the following week. She even found herself smiling as she fantasized about the possibilities.

“Emma, are you awake? I’ve got breakfast almost ready.” Her mom’s voice invaded her thoughts and she groaned.

“I’m awake mom,” she called out. “I’ll be down in a minute.” She touched herself again, knowing she would have to wipe a bath cloth between her legs to prevent the wetness from showing. She slowly crawled out of bed, went to the bathroom to pee and to clean her pussy. She dressed quickly in shorts and shirt, making her way to breakfast.

At the same time Emma was pleasuring herself, Jake was in his room, laying on his bed and thinking about Emma. He, too, reflected on the events of the past days. He could not believe that he had reached this point with Emma. He loved her, had always loved her, as a niece. He had helped care for her when his mom provided care while Katie was in school. Jake had sometimes been annoyed by her desire to always be where he was, but he never expressed that. Now he way laying in bed thinking about what they had done together. He felt some degree of guilt. At the same time, he felt an increase in caring for her and wanting to take care of her.

Jake’s mom called down to him from upstairs. He got up, went to the stairs where she was standing. “Yes, Mom,” he answered her.

“Your dad and I are going out for a while. We’ll be back later. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, Mom, no problem. I’m cleaning my room.” He did not lie; that was his plan.

“Okay, we’ll see you in a bit.” She closed the door to the basement and Jake returned to his room, picking up the container of cleaning items and headed for the bathroom.

The rest of the weekend passed quickly. On Monday morning, Jake had a thought. He decided to go the Rhonda Foster’s realty office and check out what needed to be done to get her computer programs working. He might save time by learning what was needed in case he had to order any parts. He should be able to make any repairs on Tuesday if any were needed.

Getting dressed later, he drove his truck to the office. Walking into the office, he found several men and women at desks. There appeared to be several clients in discussions with the agents.

“May I help you?” asked a young lady at the first desk.

“Oh, yes. I would like to see Mrs. Foster. I’m here to check out the computer system.” The receptionist was obviously surprised that such a young looking boy was there to deal with a computer issue. She picked up the hand set of her phone, touched a button, and announced that a young man was in the front to look at the computers. Within a minute, Rhonda Foster walked through a door in the rear of the office.

“Hello, Jake,” she voiced with a smile on her face as she approached. She was wearing a black skirt that was as short as the one she had worn that day at the pool. She had on a blouse that highlighted the size of her breasts. “Suzie, this is Jake Foster. He is a computer whiz who is going to check out our system.”

“Nice to meet you,” Suzie replied with some surprise.

“Follow me,” Rhonda said. Jake followed her through the office. Rhonda turned, “I thought you were coming tomorrow evening.”

“Oh, I am,” said Jake. “But I thought that if I need to replace any parts, I should go ahead and find out. I should be able to have any parts by tomorrow so I can actually do what is needed.”

“Smart thinking. Then again, that’s the way computer geniuses think.” She laughed but Jake seemed to be unaware of her comment. He was captivated by the sway of the hips trapped by the tightness of a skirt. “What do you need to see?”

Jake heard that question and wanted to say, “what I’m looking at right now,” but he came back to the moment. “Do you have a server here?” Rhonda affirmed this and led him to a room that contained office supplies. She directed him to a cabinet, opened the doors, and pointed to a computer unit on a shelf. Jake immediately realized one problem.

“Is this where you keep this unit?” he asked as he placed his hand on the unit.

“Yeah, I guess for the last six months or so.” She looked at him. “Is that a problem?”

“If you’ll touch the unit, you will see how hot it is. Heat and computers don’t go well together. I suggest that you move it to a place where it can have ventilation.” He explained the problem with heat and the components inside a computer box. She listened and was impressed with Jake’s clear explanation.

“Is that the only problem?” Rhonda asked.

“I doubt it. Can I see what kind of issue you are dealing with?” Rhonda led him to her office. She sat at her desk, causing the skirt to rise up on her thighs. She turned on her computer. As the unit booted up, Jake tried not to be obvious in looking at the shapely legs. He looked up, realizing that Rhonda was looking right at him. There was a wry smile on her face.

When the unit completed its boot, Rhonda attempted to access a program. An error message appeared that indicated an incompatibility issue. “Okay, I see what the issue is. I’ll look at the server again.” Rhonda followed him to the previous room. Jake was in his element now. He seemed to take charge of the situation.

Jake examined the case before going to a keyboard and screen. He typed several commands in a small window. He read through the screen before turning to Rhonda and asking, “Do you have the information about the program?”

“Sure.” Rhone reached into the cabinet, pulling out a box and handing it to Jake. As he looked at the packaging, she pulled up another office chair and sat beside him. She seemed to pull her skirt up slightly as she sat down. The skirt rose enough to reveal most of her legs when she crossed them. Jake was reading the information on the box and did not notice until he turned to explain what he had discovered.

“The operating system of your server cannot handle the requirements of this program.” As he spoke he could not prevent his eyes from glancing at the sight before him. He almost stammered as he continued. “You also may need to increase the size of your hard drive.” He blushed when he realized Rhonda was looking directly at his eyes.

There was a short pause as if Rhonda where thinking about what Jake has just said. “Well, I certainly want the size of my hard drive to be adequate.” She emphasized the word “hard.” She licked her lips as she looked into Jake’s eyes.

“Uh..I think you would be better off getting a new CPU to use as a server.” He forced himself to look at her face.

Again, after a pause Rhonda spoke in a sexy, sensual voice. “Well, I certainly want my server to do the job. Nothing is more frustrating than having the wrong size hard drive and an inadequate server.” She was obviously teasing him. “So, can you come up with a bigger hard drive so I can have the right server?”

Jake was speechless. Finally, he stated, “I can have everything you need by tomorrow. But I don’t have the ability to pay for it. I don’t have my own credit card. There is a business in town that has what is needed.”

Rhonda thought for a moment before responding. “If you can arrange for what I need, I can speak to them and put the order on my office card. Would that work for now? Then tomorrow you can get the system working.” She rolled her chair back and uncrossed her legs slowly as if inviting Jake to take advantage of a clear view up her skirt and between her legs.

Jake accepted the invitation. He clearly saw the lacy blue fabric covering Rhonda’s pussy. “Sure, I can do that,” he was finally able to say. He stood as Rhonda did.

She touched his arm. “Thank you, Jake. I knew I could count on you to do what is needed. I’ll look forward to tomorrow. Now, let’s go order that unit and hard drive.” Again, she emphasized the word hard.

The unit was ordered and paid for. Jake said he would pick it up the next day and return to the office in the evening. Rhonda walked him to the door expressing her appreciation. As she said “goodbye,” she touched her upper lip and teeth with her tongue. “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

The rest of the day required Jake to force his thoughts away from Rhonda Foster and Emma. When he failed to do that he developed an erection. He busied himself reading a website that provided information that would be helpful to him in addressing the issues at the realty office.

The next morning Jake went for a swim. As he swam laps back and forth, he thought about Emma and what she must be feeling. He also looked forward to have time alone with her at the lake cabin. “I’m just not sure what I need to do about this,” he thought to himself. If the past days were any indication, he would be doing things he had not even dreamed about two weeks earlier.

Later in the day Jake drove to the computer store. He had a friend who worked there. He had already placed what was needed on a cart for Jake. All was loaded in his truck and he made his way to the realty office just before closing time. Rhonda was there with several of the agents. They seemed to be in a meeting when Jake entered.

Rhonda looked up and smiled. “Well, here is the hero who comes to save the day,” she said, making a sweeping gesture with her hand. The agents laughed. Jake was a bit embarrassed.

“I’ll get the CPU out of my truck,” he said, turning toward the door. The male agent followed telling Jake he would help. Within a few minutes all the boxes were in the necessary room and Jake was preparing to open them. He heard Rhonda speaking to the agents. They were leaving. He noticed that she turned the lights off in the office. She walked into the supply room. She removed the jacket top she had been wearing and slipped out of her shoes.

“Office hours are over. Time to get a bit more casual,” she said as she pushed her shoes aside. She sat in the same office chair as the day before and began rubbing her feet. “I hate wearing those heels, but looking professional is important.”

Jake noticed that she had on a light colored blouse that was fairly sheer. He could clearly see the outline of her bra and a bit of cleavage it caused to her sizable breasts. His first thought was that she did not look very professional at the moment, understanding the need for the jacket during working hours. As she rubbed her right foot she lifted it, opening her legs a bit. Again, from his vantage point Jake could see all the way up her skirt. Her panties appeared to be a pale yellow.

He focused his attention to the box he was holding. Carefully he opened it and pulled out the CPU which would be the new server. He went through the process of setting it up as Rhonda watched. Occasionally, Jake would glance her way. She now sat facing him with her legs stretched out in front of her.

Once the unit was ready for installing the program, Jake inserted the disk. The screen guided him through the installation process which was completed in less that ten minutes. He looked toward Rhonda who appeared to be genuinely interested in what he was doing. “I’m going to set up a network now,” Jake said. She simply smiled. This took several minutes. He finally turned to her and asked, “How many computers do you have on the network?”
Rhonda sat up, mentally counting the number of stations in the office. “There are eight in the office. One for each agent. The financial secretary has one. I have one plus a laptop that I connect to the network.” She thought for a second. “I guess that makes ten total.”

Jake thought for a moment. “I don’t advise having your financial computer connected to the network if it does not have to be. If anyone hacked into your system, they would have access to this information.”

Rhonda appeared surprised. “I never even considered that.” She paused. “No, I don’t really think she needs to be connected to the server. I guess we need only nine.”

“I’ll need to connect each PC to the network. May I do that now?”

“Sure. I can open each. I know the passwords.” Rhonda stood and Jake followed her to the office. She walked from desk to desk turning on the computers. Jake followed along. As they booted up, he sat down and began putting them on the network.

“Can you check to see if each can access the program?” Rhonda did as he requested. Every agent’s computer was not on the network with access to the program. Jake watched. When she finished he said, “Well, you are online.” He stood and walked back toward the server room to gather his tools. Rhonda followed, approaching Jake.

“Well, I am impressed. You really are a whiz.” She paused. “I guess you do know how to install a hard drive.” She touched his arm.

“Well, it’s what I enjoy doing.” Jake was nervous.

“What else do you enjoy doing?” She was teasing him. “What else do computer geeks know how to do?”

Jake was not sure where this was going, but somehow he had the courage to reply, “I guess it depends on what is needed.” He knew she was flirting with him, but he could not tell how serious she was. He added, “I not only insert hard drives, I also can address software issues.”

“That sounds interesting. I think I may have a software issue, too.” When she said this, she pushed her chest toward Jake. Rhonda’s breasts were almost touching his chest.

“I would have to take a look at the software.”

“Oh, that can be arranged. Would you like to see it now?”

“I think that would be very nice.” Jake was almost breathless. He could feel Rhonda’s breath as she spoke in a whisper. He watched as she raised her hands to her blouse. She loosened the first button and slowly moved to the second.

“Would you like to help?” Rhonda’s voice was breathy and sensual.

Jake brought his shaking hands to the third button. He fumbled a bit but finally loosened it.

“You haven’t had as much experience with this type of software as you have the other have you?” she smiled at his innocence.

“You’re right there,” he said. He seemed to be less embarrassed now. He moved to the next button as Rhonda placed her hands on his shoulders. As Jake loosened the last button, he looked at her. She leaned toward him and kissed him. Their mouths opened and their tongues played with each other.

As they parted she said, “Well, it seems you have a bit more experience in that area.” They kissed again. As they did so, Jake assisted her in sliding her blouse off her shoulders. She tossed it to the side without breaking the kiss. Her arms went around his waist as he placed his around her shoulders. The kiss lingered and became more passionate.

They parted and Rhonda took a short step back. She reached behind her and unhooked the bra. As she pulled it off her arms, her massive breasts fell free. They did not flop. They were firm and stood out. The areola were brown. Her nipples were large. Without thinking, Jake reached out and began to caress them.

“Do you like?” she asked, moving a bit closer. She placed her hands over his and guided them to massage her breasts. “Mmmm,” she moaned. “I like that.” After a long minute of this, she again stepped back. She reached to the side of the waist of her skirt, unbuttoned the single button, lowered the zipper, and allowed the skirt to fall to the floor. She was wearing thong panties that were fairly sheer. Jake could tell she was completely shaved. “Your turn,” she said softly.

As Jake pulled his t-shirt over his head, Rhonda stepped in. She loosened his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, sliding the zipper down. She knelt in front of him, pulling down his jeans and his boxers. His erection popped loose and pointed at her face. Looking up at Jake as she continued to kneel, Rhonda grasped his erection, opened her mouth, and moved forward. She took the entire shaft into her mouth. Jake could feel her tongue moving over the head and the underside. The feeling was incredible. This was a first for him.

He watched Rhonda begin to move back and forth, his erection sliding in and out of her warm mouth. Her hand also moved, pumping his cock gently. She allowed it to come out of her mouth, using her tongue to circle the head, flicking over the end. The sensation caused him to jump. She looked up and smiled. She continued sucking, pumping, and licking for several minutes. She seemed to realize that Jake was reaching the point of shooting cum into her mouth. She stopped and stood. She kissed him, pushing her tongue deeply into his mouth.

When the kiss broke, she took Jake by the hand and led him to her office. It was a large room with several stuffed chairs, a table and chairs, and a large sofa. They moved toward the sofa. Rhonda turned to Jake and looked at him. He stepped to her and pulled her panties down, kneeling before her. He caught the scent of her pussy and noticed a wet spot in the crotch of her panties. Rhonda slowly sat on the sofa, allowing her hips to lay just at the edge of the cushion. She spread her legs, giving Jake a clear view of and access to her pink pussy. It glistened with moisture.

Jake leaned forward. He was about to experience what he had only read and heard about. He licked from the bottom to the top of her slit. He was not sure what to do so he moved up and down. He pushed harder, forcing his tongue into the slit. The taste and scent became stronger. She was not salty nor sweet. But there was a flavor to the juices that covered his tongue. Rhonda moaned so he assumed he was doing what felt good.

Jake reached up with his hands and separated her lips. Now he could see the opening to her love canal, which was covered with juice, and her clit peeking our from its hood. He pushed in again, licking harder, going deeper into the wet cavity. Again, Rhonda moaned and began to move her hips. He touched her clit with the tip of his tongue causing her to jump. He assumed this was a good thing and began to rub across it with the flat of his tongue. He paused and made circles around it, flicking over it. Rhonda responded with a light cry.

“Oh, Jake. That feels good. You’re going to make me cum.”

Jake took this as permission to continue. He licked up and down more, pushing as far as he could into her pussy, moving his tongue in and out, fucking her with it. Then, he returned to her clit, flicking over it quickly, then circling it. It was swollen and darker pink. Not knowing exactly what to do, he opened his mouth, covered her clit area and sucked it.

“Oh, oh, oh...” Rhonda moaned. She pushed herself toward him. He sucked harder, moving the tip of his tongue rapidly over her clit. Her hips were moving up and down. Jake had to hold on to her legs to stay in that position. She began to breath louder and harder. She pushed against him. He continued his attack on the clit, taking one hand and pushing two fingers into her now soaked pussy canal. There was so much juice in her that he heard a sloshing sound.

After another minute of sucking, licking, and finger fucking, Rhonda reached the peak. She cried out and began to move around. Jake felt her pussy tighten on his fingers and he felt juices flow out of her and down his hand and arm. She moaned and cried out as her body jerked and moved about. This went on for what seemed like several minutes but was actually less than a minute.

Finally, the spasm eased and Rhonda seemed to relax a bit. However, Jake continued pumping his fingers in and out of her. He dared to pull his mouth away far enough to look at her pussy. It was now almost bright red. Her clit was still swollen and protruding from its hiding place. As Rhonda seemed to catch her breath, Jake lowered him mouth and began to lick again. He placed his lips over her clit and sucked again, flicking his tongue rapidly over it. After only a few seconds, Rhonda grabbed his head, cried out, and once again reacted to the spasms that swept through her body.

This orgasm was more intense. Her hips bucked up and down. Jake’s head was moving with her, keeping his mouth in place. He sucked harder and pressed harder with his tongue. Rhonda cried out so loudly that Jake feared she might be heard on the street. She moaned long and loud. Suddenly Jake felt the sensation of wetness. Juiced filled his mouth and covered his chin, dripping off of him to the floor. Rhonda was beyond controlling her movement. Crying out, moaning, attempting to pull her legs together, grabbing Jake’s head, she was completely lost in the orgasm that continued on and on. For almost a minute she could not help herself. The orgasm completely controlled her.

Finally, Jake felt her grow easy. Her hands fell to her side on the sofa. Her legs relaxed their vice grip on his head. The spasms he felt inside her canal eased to a mild pulsation. Her breathing began to slow and become steady. Jake said nothing. He pulled away from between her legs. He kept two fingers inside her, moving them very slowly in and out and rubbing the walls of her canal. He looked down. His chest was wet, as was the floor beneath him. He was not sure what had happened but it was obviously very intense for Rhonda Foster.

“My word, Jake. Where did you learn to do that?” she said as she was trying to recapture normal breathing. He did not answer. She leaned forward, placed her hands to the sides of his face and pulled him to her. She looked down at the floor and saw the wet spot on the carpet. “I guess I came pretty hard.” She smiled, drawing him to her. “That was your fault, young man.” Jake was on his knees between her legs. She kissed him, allowing her tongue to taste the juices around his mouth.
“Mmmm...not bad,” she said. Her breathing was back to normal.

Rhonda sat back, pulling Jake to his feet. She looked at his erection, leaned forward again and began sucking it. She pumped it with her hands and she fed him into and out of her mouth. She did this for several minutes before looking up at him. “I want you inside me,” she said softly. Laying down on the sofa, she spread her legs and pulled Jake to her. As he leaned forward, she grasped his cock and guided it into her opening. He pushed his hips down and went all the way in. He was surprised that she felt as tight as she did.

Jake began to move up and down, lifting his torso up so he would look into this woman’s eyes. There was a look of pure passion. Rhonda looked at him. She placed her hands under her breasts. “Suck them.” She seemed to be pleading rather than commanding. Jake was able to lean down, supporting himself with on his elbows. He placed his mouth over her left breast and began to suck. Rhonda placed a hand behind his head while she massaged her breast into his mouth with the other. Again, she moaned softly. Jake moved his hard cock in and out, pushing against her clit as he pushed in. He sucked each breast harder, moving his tongue across each nipple.

Rhonda began to respond again. “I can’t believe this,” she whispered. After a couple of minutes of Jake’s attentions to her breasts and his movement in and out of her pussy, her body began to spasm again. Jake felt her pussy tighten around his cock. She pushed herself against him in time with his movements. He sucked her breasts. He increased his speed. She cried out again, wrapped her slender legs around his waist, and yelled out. “Oh, oh, oh..I’m cumming again,” she called out several times as her body jerked beneath this high school senior.

Jake felt her pussy pulsating. He also felt a sensation deep within his groin. It began to grow more intense. He increased the speed of his thrusts, pushing himself as deep as possible into this warm, tight pussy. “I’m cumming,” he said.

“Yes, Jake, cum in me. Fill me up. I want your cum in me.”

It happened. As a spasm hit Jake, a long burst of cum shot deep into Rhonda. It was warm and both could feel the lubrication it gave. Jake moved faster, spurt after spurt shot from his cock. He thought they would never end. But finally they did. He had to stop moving. His cock was so sensitive it hurt to move. It jerked several times. He had to lay down on Rhonda. Both were breathing hard.

“Jake, I need to ask. Have you ever done this before?” She was stroking his hair.

Embarrassed to admit it, Jake replied. “No, never before.” He raised up to look into the eyes of this woman who had just taken his virginity. “This is a first for me.”

Rhonda could not help but laugh. “Jake, I’ve had sex more times that I can count. Sometimes it was real love, some times it was pure lust. But I have to admit to you. This is the first time for me, too.” She kissed him. “I have never felt that before.” She paused. “Of course, it has been over three months since I have had sex with my husband. That may have contributed to what I just felt.” She paused again. “Of course, you were very good at what you did. You will make any woman reach heights of pleasure.”

Jake blushed. “I enjoyed it, too.”

Rhonda laughed. “So I see.” She looked down between her legs as his cum began to seep out. “Would you mind getting those tissues there?”

Jack stood up, his cock beginning to become soft. He brought the box of tissues to Rhonda. She took several and wiped his cum from between her legs. “Maybe I’ll need a bucket,” she said with a grin. She wiped several times before standing. “I’ll take care of this later.” She stood in front of Jake, leaned forward and kissed him. “Thank you,” she said. “It really did feel better than I can ever remember.” Jake reached up and cupped both her breasts. “You seem to like these. I do, too.” She placed her hands under his and lifted. “These babies are all natural.” She kissed him again. “I guess we need to get dressed.”

The two returned to the supply room and dressed. Rhonda put on all her clothing except her panties. Jake dressed quickly. He gathered his tools. Rhonda walked him to the door, unlocking it. He turned to speak but she spoke first. “Jake, this was a first time for both of us. Maybe we just need to see if there will be a second.”

He opened the door, started his truck, and pulled away. The drive home was in a daze. He did not know what to think or feel. He could not decide if she had invited him to another encounter. At this point in time he was not sure he wanted it. His thoughts were not about Mrs. Rhonda Foster. His mind was focusing on his niece. Emma was the one he cared for. Guilt began to sweep over him. He felt as though he had betrayed her. Yet, he also realized a positive side to his sexual meeting with Rhonda. “I now know what makes a woman feel good,” he said to himself. “If the opportunity comes, he could help Em feel as good as he made Rhonda Foster feel.” As the thought about going to the lake cabin with her, he believed it was probable that the opportunity would arise.

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