The story continues.
Katie O’Donald had been given several days off by her surgeon partner. Emma stayed home with her mom and the two used the time to catch up and spend time together. They shopped and worked around their house. Jake did go over one day to help in the yard, eating a meal with his sister and niece.

Jake had to make an on-campus visit to the university to meet with his class and turn in their solutions to the problem they had been given. During the week he was busy with a group problem the professor assigned. It required hours of calculations and design creativity so he had little time to think about Emma. The scene he had observed of her masturbating was fading from his memory. He had felt some guilt for fantasizing about her. But he realized her birthday party was taking place just one day after his return home. He wondered how that would go.

The day of the party came. It was a Saturday. The pool was ready and many of Em’s friends were there with their presents for his niece and in their bikinis for the pool. He was no predator of little girls but he could not help but notice their slim, undeveloped bodies. At least most were still fairly undeveloped. Several had developed breasts which were very evident by the bikinis they wore. He did not mix among them but helped his mom with refreshments, staying away from the pool as much as he could.

Jake did notice several mothers who were invited to accompany their daughters. Katie spent time hosting them. A couple of them wore swim suits. The mother of Emma’s friend Lori wore a bikini. After seeing the mother, Jake knew where the daughter’s already developed body came from. Rhonda, the mother, was tall and slender. Her breasts were at least a D-cup size. When she took off her short terry cloth covering, several of the other moms stared at her. “Now that is someone to spend time with,” Jake thought. He quickly put the thought aside for fear of developing a hard-on that would be obvious through his shorts.

The party ended with all but one girl leaving. Emma has asked Lori to spend the night and swim again the next day. These two girls would be there all night. Jake considered watching tv in his room that evening. He helped with the clean up. After all had gone, he and his mom took a quick dip in the pool. They discussed the seminar Jake had attended. She congratulated him for his grade of A.

Later, Jake helped his mom and dad clean up dishes from their supper meal while Em and Lori watched tv. His parents decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, asking Jake to watch after the girls.

“I don’t think they need much watching after,” he told them. They agreed but asked him to keep an eye on them. He told them “yes” and sat in his favorite chair when he parents left the house. He knew they would be gone less than an hour.

The tv was on and the girls were laying on the floor. Both had changed in to shorts and t-shirts. Lori was laying on her back with a cushion under her head. Her legs were bent at the knees, allowing Jake a view up the leg of the shorts. He could see the white of her panties. As she moved her legs around, his view was of the fabric that covered her pussy. He was making every effort not to stare but he caught himself glancing at the girl often.

Lori was on her stomach with her knees bent and her feet in the air. After a while of watching, she got up and walked over to Jake. She sat in his lap, stretching her legs along his. She took his hands and wrapped his arms around her mid-section. His hand rested just above her stomach. He began moving them across her abdomen area, massaging her firm stomach. Emma’s hands were resting on his and encouraged the movement back and forth. Soon she was directing his hands to make circles. She seemed to be doing so absent mindedly as she watched the tv program. Jake cooperated and moved his hand around, sometimes back and forth, sometimes in circles. He also acted as though he were doing so without thinking.

Emma seemed to adjust her position a bit, pushing herself back into Jake’s chest as he moved his hands across her torso. With her hands still on top of Jakes and seeming to guide them, his hands increased the area where he was massaging. He went lower on her abdomen and higher on her chest. After several minutes, his hand reached the area just below her small breasts. Jake realized that Em seemed to be guiding his movements so he allowed them to move higher. With his thumbs extended up from his hands, he moved toward her breasts, making a large circle over her upper torso. His thumbs absently brushed over her breasts. Jake could feel their softness and firmness, realizing that the girl was not wearing a bra. Emma did not react or make any effort to stop the movement.

Jake made another pass, moving a bit slower. This time, his thumbs went higher and brushed Em’s nipples. He could not actually feel them with his thumbs, but he noticed the difference in softness. It also seemed that Emma moved a bit when he touched them, but she did not react or try to change the movement. She simply settled into him more. This soft touching continued for several minutes.

The movie ended about the same time Allister and Marie returned home. Emma had gotten up and she and Lori decided to go to bed. “Goodnight, grandpa. Goodnight, Nana.” She kissed her grandparents. Lori thanked them for allowing her to stay the night.

“You’re more than welcome, Lori,” Marie said. “I’m sure you make Emma’s birthday that much better.” The girls left the room. “I’m tired. I think I’ll head to bed, too.” Marie turned to her husband. “Are you ready, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty tired myself.” He turned to Jake. “See you in the morning, son.” Marie kissed Jake on the top of the head and voiced her goodnight. Jake sat alone for a few minutes before cutting off the tv and lights and headed to his bedroom.

Jake prepared for bed, showering, brushing his teeth, and stripping for bed. He usually slept naked. As he crawled between the cool sheets there was a slight knock on he door. It opened slowly. Emma looked around the door. “Jake, can I come in?”

“Sure,” he said as he pulled the sheet over his bare chest. “Is there something wrong?”

“Oh, no,” she said quickly. I just forgot to say “goodnight to you.” She walked to the bed wearing a short and loose nightie with matching panties. She climbed up the side of the bed and crawled on her hands and knees toward Jake. The nightie fell open and he could clearly see her breasts. They were small but the areola were puffy and her nipples were obvious. She leaned toward him as he stared at the soft mounds. As he looked up she kissed him on the lips. It was not a lingering kiss, but similar to any other goodnight kiss they shared. But she moved slowly, appearing to allow Jake to see her chest. She smiled, “Goodnight. Thanks for making today a special day. And thank you for your present.” He had given her an ipad. “And tonight was nice, too. You make me feel good.”
With that she kissed him again and moved slowly off the bed. Walking to the door she turned, smiled, blew him a kiss and left.

Jake stayed awake thinking of this young girl. There was a mixture of guilt for what he had felt and of curiosity over what seemed to be her efforts to encourage him to touch her breasts. He finally fell asleep.

Jake came awake at the sound of soft knocking on his bedroom door. “Jake, are you awake?” It was his mom.

“Yeah, mom, I’m awake.” He tried to stifle a yawn as he rubbed his eyes.

“You dad is cooking pancakes for breakfast. They’ll be ready in about fifteen minutes.”

“Ok, sounds good, mom. I’ll be up in a minute.” Jake stretched and tried to get more alert. Within a couple of minutes the door opened. Emma stuck her head around the door.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” she said with a laugh. She walked into the room, followed by Lori. “It’s time to get up. Grandpa is fixin’ pancakes.”

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “If you ladies will pardon me I’ll get out of bed.” He paused but they did not move. “That means leave.” Both girls laughed.

“You act as though you’re naked,” Emma said. When she realized from Jake’s glare at her that he was naked, she blushed. “Oops. See you upstairs.” He heard laughter as the door closed.

Jake showered in cool water to wake himself up. He dressed in cargo shorts, t-shirt, and crocs. He smelled the bacon and sausage before he reached the kitchen. His parents were busy with the food. The girls were in the family room singing along with a music video. Jake looked as they danced around, remembering the breasts that he had stared at the night before.

After breakfast Jake busied himself cleaning his room and making his bed. He collected the papers and material from the course he had taken, organized them, and put them in file folders and plastic bins. The young man was nothing is he was not organized–typical of an engineer. He read a bit during the morning. As lunch approached his mom called.

“Jake, do you want lunch? We thought we would go out to the pavilion to eat. It is such a pretty day.”

“That would be great mom,” he called back. “I’ll be up in a minute.” He made his way up the steps and helped the family gather the food and drinks. He carried a load to the pavilion located next to the pool area. Jake noticed that Em and Lori were wearing long t-shirts. He assumed they had bikinis on underneath. Katie came as the food was being set out on the table. The family O’Donald did what they often did–sharing a meal, laughter, and a genuine care for each other.

Lunch was over and the table was cleared away. Allister and Marie were invited to play golf with friends. Since Emma had Lori to keep her company, Katie decided to call a friend and go shopping and to a movie. Jake assumed his role as “babysitter.” When asked if he would watch after the girls while they were in the pool, he agreed. There was a family rule that non-adults always had to have an older family member present when they went swimming. Jake was considered an adult although Emma could swim circles around him.

Jake pulled a lounge chair into the shade, booted up his laptop and did some searches for software and checked out sites related to computer programming, maintenance, and security. The girls swam, whispered and giggled. Jake was able to ignore them for the most part. He would glance at them from time to time, especially if they got out of the pool. Both girls had on bikinis. Emma’s was made of thin fabric that allowed her nipples to make an impression. The panty was the type that tied on each side. Lori’s bikini had more fabric but allowed her developing breasts to be obvious.

After a while, Lori got out of the pool and approached Jake. She was carrying a partially deflated float. “Jake, can you tell me how to put air in this?”

Jake looked up. “Sure. He pointed to a wooden chest. “There is a pump we use for that in that chest.” Lori went to the chest, opened it, and pulled out the pump.

“Is this it?”

“Yes. That’s it.” The girl brought it over. Jake set is laptop aside and connected the pump hose to the float. He was about to sit up and begin to work the pump but Lori said she would do it. After Jake showed her what to do, she knelt beside him and began to operate the pump handle. She was kneeling on both knees, facing Jake. To operate the pump she had to move both hands and arms up and down. The movement caused the bikini bra to push outward. Jake had full view of both her breasts as she pushed down. Her breasts were full and her nipples hard. Her areola were a light brown. Her breasts appeared to be firm and Jake wondered what they must feel like.

Taking up his laptop he acted as though he were working again but he kept his eyes on the site before him. He noticed that he was developing an erection and he hoped the laptop would hide it. Suddenly, Emma walked up to him and sat down on his lap. He had not even noticed her approaching. This caused him to move the laptop out of reflex, allowing Em to sit right on his hardening cock, which was bad enough. But the CD player was playing a song that Emma was moving to. She was sitting on Jake’s erection, waving her arms and moving around, acting as though she were dancing to the beat. Lori was completely focused on inflating the float.

As the music continued, Em’s movements became more like those when she pushed back and forth on Jake’s leg. Jake watched his niece as she began pushing forward them backward. He long legs were on either side of the lounge. Jake could tell by the look on Em’s face that the movement was effecting her. Her pussy was on top on his hard to cock, no doubt pushing up against her.

Lori finished inflating the float, pulled off the hose, and pushed the valve closed. Without giving any attention to Em or Jake, she returned to the pool, laid on the float on her stomach, and floated to the other side of the pool. Emma continued to move, appearing to be caught up more in the feeling she was experiencing than the beat of the music. Her eyes closed as she moved. She was obviously feeling the stimulation of rubbing her pussy across the firmness of Jake’s thin swim shorts.

Jake glanced between her legs. The bulge of his erection was pushing up into the thin fabric of Em’s bikini panty. It seemed that the pressure was not actually against her clit area since the suit was keeping her lips closed. Jake placed his laptop to the side and rested his hands on Em’s thighs without any reaction from her. He slowly stroked her thighs, moving higher and toward the inner area just below her pussy. He gently stroked back and forth moving ever so slowly closer and closer to her pussy. When he was close enough, he took the chance of moving his thumbs against the edge of her panty fabric where the puffiness of her labia was visible. She did not react other than continuing her movement, eyes closed, as the music played.

Jake slowly slid his thumbs under the bikini. As he lifted the material away from her pussy, he moved his thumbs to her lips. He could feel the heat and the softness. Slowly he spread her lips. Her movements made it easier, allowing the bulge of his cock to push against the fabric and into the opening slit. He then took a big chance that would either shock Emma or would allow her to feel greater pleasure. He moved his hands up from her thighs to her waist and gently pulled Em toward him. She seemed to naturally lean her upper body toward him. This caused her clit to move down to the bulge. His cock now had access to her clit area. She continued to move and within a minute it was obvious that she was feeling a more intense sensation.

Placing his hands on Em’s hips, he helped her with her movement, pulling and pushing her as she leaned more toward him. As the intensity of the feeling increased, Em leaned further toward her uncle. Finally, she placed her forehead on his shoulder, quickening the pace of her movements, guided by Jake’s hands on her hips. Her breathing became shorter and faster. She moaned softly and Jake felt her body shake. He continued to help her move as the spasms became more intense. She grabbed Jake’s arms to steady herself as the orgasm swept through her adolescent body. Her legs tightened against Jake’s lower waist, she almost cried out.

After what seemed a longer time than it was, the orgasm eased. Her movements slowed. Emma collapsed onto Jake’s chest. He placed his arms around her and held her as her breathing slowed. She remained in his embrace for several minutes. When she finally raised up, her face was flushed. Jake could not tell if that was from embarrassment or from the orgasm. Most likely some of both.

It was obvious she wanted to speak but did not know what to say. “It’s okay,” Jake said softly. “I understand.”

Although she smiled, a few tears began to roll down her cheeks. “I’m not sure what just happened.” Jake wiped the tears away. “I hope I did not do something really wrong.”

Jake smiled to reassure her. “No, Em. But maybe we need to talk about it later.” He caressed her face. “Everything’s okay.” Emma seemed to suddenly realize that there was still a sensation between her legs. She looked down at the bulge that was pressing against her. She reach down and touched the hardness in Jake’s shorts.

“Did I do that?” There was a serious look of guilt on her face.

Jake tried to stifle a laugh. He half succeeded as he replied. “Well, let’s just say you made a major contribution.” Watching Lori’s breast had caused his hardness to begin.

“Does it hurt?” She was obviously worried that she had caused pain.

“No, sweetheart. It doesn’t hurt. There’s just a bit of pressure right now but no pain.” Emma lifted herself off her uncle, looking at the bulge.

“What do you need to do?” She stood next to him as he shifted his position on the lounge and attempted to loosed the fabric confining his erection.

“It’ll go down in a minute. Don’t worry. I’m okay.” He decided what he would do. “I’ll get in he pool. That will help.” As he stood, Em dropped into the water and waited on Jake. He stooped down and dropped him. Lori noticed the splashing and looked up and then laid her head down, ignoring her friend and Jake.

Once in the water, Jake unbuttoned his suit and slid it down enough to free his still erect cock. Without saying anything, Emma took a deep breath and lowered herself below water. After a few seconds he surfaced, breathed, and said, “Wow. It’s so big.”

Jake was a bit embarrassed. “Don’t worry. It will go down.”

“Can I touch it?” Without waiting for an answer, Emma took a breath and went under water. Jake felt her hand against his cock. At first she seemed to touch it. Then she placed her hand around it before surfacing. “It is big, Uncle Jake. Are you sure it will go down?”

“It won’t if you keep touching it.”

“Oh, does it feel good when I touch it?” Without going under water, she moved toward her uncle, reaching down and grasping his cock. “Does that feel good?”

“Yeah, it sure does, but you really shouldn’t be doing this.” He attempted to pull away from her, but she held on. Jake was just about to reach down and remove her hand when someone called out.

“Hello.” It was Lori’s mom, Rhonda.

“Oh no,” Jake said. He attempted to stuff his cock back into his shorts. He was unable to do so. He quickly swam toward the edge of the pool. Unfortunately, it was the shallow end. He remained down in the water, hoping Lori’s mom would be unaware of his condition.

As Rhonda neared the pool, Emma swam toward Lori who had put ear pods into her ears and was listening to music, holding on to the edge of the pool near her MP3 player resting on a towel. Lori removed the pods and dropped into the water.

“Hey, mom.”

“I thought I would drop by to pick you up. I wanted to save someone a trip to bring you home.” The woman was wearing a skirt that was more than four inches above her knees. She had on sandals and a light top. As she moved closer to the pool, Jake was able to see almost all the way up her skirt. For some reason he felt Rhonda was aware of this.

“Would you like to come for a swim? The water is just right.”

“Thanks but I have no suit.” She looked at her daughter. “Gather your things, Lori.” She looked down as Jake. “I appreciate your allowing her to spend the night. I know she enjoyed it.”

“She was not problem at all and she helps keep that one out of trouble,” Jake said as he pointed to his niece. Of course, Lori’s nearby presence did nothing to prevent what just happened. “Well, anytime you want to go for a swim, your welcome to hit the pool here.” Jake was attempting to be polite, waiting for his cock to go down and for a chance to place it back where it needed to be. The view of Rhonda’s legs was not helping.

“Thanks, that’s nice of you. We’ll take you up on that.” She looked around. “You have a lot of privacy here.”

“Yes, it’s nice. We had lunch out here today.” Jake finally managed to stow away his cock and button his shorts. He stood as Lori and her mother turned to leave.

Emma walked with them to the gate to the side yard and waited until they pulled out of the drive, waving at her friend. She turned and ran back to the pool, jumping in with a splash. When she surfaced she swam toward Jake.

“Now, where were we?” She made a quick dip under water. When her head popped up she said, “What happened?”

“I told you it would go down.”
With a bit of disappointment Emma said, “But I wanted to see it more.”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea. I have already broken enough laws to put me in prison for a long time.” He was close enough to being eighteen that any court would consider him an adult.

“Well, nobody’s here but you and me.” Emma seemed to have thought it out. “Please, I just want to touch it again. I like the way it feels.” She reached out and placed her hand on Jake’s crotch.

He knew exactly what he should do. But he could not make himself do it. He backed away from Emma and sat on the steps at the shallow end of the pool. There was just a little water on the step. Em followed and placed her hand back on his crotch.

“I really do want to see it again. Please Jake.” There was no uncle this time. Jake sat still as his niece continued to rub his cock through his swim shorts. The fabric was fairly thin and he could feel her touch. Within a few seconds, it began to grow and harden. There was a smile on Emma’s face as she realized what she was causing to happen. She reach out and unbuttoned the top button of his shorts. Jake watched as she worked the zipper down. Emma reached her hand into the opening and gently pulled out the semi-erect cock. “Oh, look at it.”

“Emma, we really shouldn’t be doing this.” He wanted to sound more convincing than he did.

“I know. But I want to know what it is like for you to have one f these.” She looked at him. “Girls at school talk about the boys that they have seen.”

“Well, you certainly can’t talk about mine.”

“I won’t. Trust me. I know I can’t mention this to anyone. And I promise I will not.” She continued to caress his cock and it was becoming fully erect. She seemed to be amazed at its hardness.

“So this is what makes a woman pregnant?” Emma stated.

“Well, there’s a bit more to it than that.”

“Yeah. I learned in school. Men have sperm and women have eggs. They get together and make babies.”

“Something like that.”

“What makes the sperm come out?

Jake thought for a minute, wondering how far to let this go. “Doing what your doing will eventually do it?” He paused. “Just like when you rub yourself you have a good feeling. Men sort of have the same kind of feeling. When that happens, he ejaculates or cums. That is when the semen comes out carrying the sperm.”

“And it feels as good for a man as it does for a woman?” She continued to stroke the hard cock now.

“Yeah. It feels really good.” He was watching her hand move back and forth, caressing, exploring the hardness.”

“A woman would have to be pretty big for you to fit in her,” Emma stated. “It seems that it would hurt.”

“Yes, it can hurt. But a woman who is ready will stretch and have room for a man.”

Emma looked up at Jake. “Can I make you feel good like you made me feel good?” She paused. “I would really like to do that.”

Jake reached out and touch Emma’s face. “I appreciate your wanting to. If you keep doing what you’re doing, that just might happen.”

“Tell me what I need to do.”

Against his better judgment, Jake explained to his niece. He covered her hand with his and showed her how to move back and forth. He showed her the glan area that was most sensitive. As he did, she moved next to him so she could better grip his cock. She moved her hands back and forth.

“Is this okay?”

“Yes. That is okay.” As he watched her stroke his erection, Jake moved his hand to Emma, pulling her bikini bra to the side. He began to caress her breasts, moving his finger around the areola and over her nipples.

She looked at him and smiled. “That feels good.”

After a few minutes, Jake repositioned himself so Emma could continue to stroke him, but he had more access to her. He place his hand on her inner thigh. He moved his hand up to her fabric covered pussy and began to rub her. He could feel her slit and pressed his finger into it. He was surprised when Emma removed one had from his cock, reached around and untied the bow to her panty. She pulled it to the side, inviting Jake to touch her.

He place his hand over her bare pussy, feeling the puffiness of her lips, their smoothness. He moved up and down, sliding his finger between them. Emma’s body jerked at his touch but she continued to stroke him. Jake pushed between the labia and moved his finger up to her clitoris. He could feel the small bud. As he caressed it, Emma reacted by stroking him faster and with more firmness. She moaned quietly as she spread her legs apart.

With one hand, Jake rubbed her breast. With the other he rubbed her pussy, moving up and down her slit, paying special attention to her clit. Emma was obviously feeling his touch. Jake was obviously feeling hers. She increased her stroking, responding to the sensation between her legs. Jake was reaching a point of no return.

“Em, I’m almost there.” She smiled at him, sucking her lower lip as she felt the tingling between her legs building. After another minute she began to move to his touch. Her breathing increased as she moved back and forth to his attention to her clit. Finally, it hit her. She almost cried out and let go of Jake’s cock. She leaned into him as he rubbed her clit gently but fast. The orgasm grabbed her. He pulled her to him with his free hand, holding her as her body writhed in ecstacy. She cried out as his hand moved up and down and his finger made circles around and move across that small but sensitive and swollen spot between her legs. She had rubbed herself before but never felt like this.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned. The spasms eased for a few seconds before they swept through her again. Her entire abdomen area seemed to be responding to Jake’s touch. She fell against him, holding on to his cock but unable to stroke. All her attention was controlled by the sensation sweeping through her body. Finally, the spasms eased. She was weak and unable to move, leaning against Jake as he held her close. As her breathing slowed, he caressed her wet hair. His hand now cupped between her legs, not moving. It took several minutes for Emma to return to a state of awareness of where she was and what she had experienced.

“Oh, Jake. I can’t believe that.” He leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He smiled and gave her a hug. Emma realized she was holding an erect cock in her hand. She began to stroke. “Now it’s your turn.” Devoting all her attention to moving the way he showed her, Emma stoked Jake’s hardness as if she had done it many times before.

“Emma, I’m almost there,” Jake was able to say as th feeling began to swell in his loins. She continued moving her gentle hands back and forth, making sure she stroked the sensitive area. Suddenly Jake jerked. “Here I go,” he said softly. He stiffened his legs as she continued to move back and forth. “Oh, now,” he said. From deep within him the surge built up and exploded.

Emma was startled when the first stream of cum shot forth from his cock. Then came the second and third as Jake moaned and moved back and forth with her touch. He had moved above the water so his semen burst into the air. Some fell in the water. Some fell on Emma’s arms and hands. She almost squealed with delight as she realized the pleasure she was giving to him. After several smaller streams flowed from within him, he fell back against the steps. Emma continued to rub him, causing him to jump.

“I’m sorry. Does that hurt?”

“No, I’m just really sensitive now. A man feels that way after he cums.”

“Did it feel good? Was I okay?”

Jake could not help but laugh. “Oh, darling, that felt more than just good. And you were way far better than okay.” He leaned down and kissed her. This time he placed his hand against her face. He held the kiss, parting his lips and moving his tongue against hers. Emma responded by opening her lips and touching his tongue with hers. As the kiss lingered, Emma released Jake and placed her arms around him. He pulled her to him, holding her. Slowly, he guided them back into the water. Them moved into deeper water until it was up to his chest and he was holding Emma against his body. They broke the kiss and looked at each other.

“I love you, Jake.”

“I love you, too, Emma.”

They held each other for a few minutes. Looking around, they saw Emma’s bikini panty floating in the water. Jake’s shorts were also floating around. They laughed.

“Maybe we better get dressed, Jake said.” They retrieved their swim suits, dressed and swam around together for a few minutes. They stepped out of the pool and toward the pavilion where an ice chest with cold drinks remained from lunch. They were sitting at the table when Allister and Marie walked out of the house.

“Oh my,” said Emma. “You don’t think...” she did not finish her sentence.

“Hey, you guys. Why are you sittin’ here when you can be enjoying the pool?” Allister stated. He pulled off his shirt and headed for the pool. Marie followed with a laugh.

Jake and Emma looked at each other, both sighing in relief. Then they both laughed. We’ve been in the water all day,” Emma called out. I’m ready to get dressed.

“Me, too,” Jake stated. “You enjoy yourselves. We’re gonna’ get dressed and go for a drive.” The two walked into the house and out of sight. They turned to each other, hugged and kissed quickly. “Let’s take a quick shower,” Jake said. Hand in hand they went down to Jake’s basement area. Both were wondering what would happen next.

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