This is a story that is more than mere sex. I hope you enjoy. Please overlook typos.
Jake’s Incredible Summer

This account must begin with an introduction to the O’Donald family. Jake O’Donald will be a high-school senior, living at home with his parents, Allister and Marie O’Donald. Jake’s great-grandfather immigrated from Scotland as a child with his family in the early 1900's. The family eventually settled in the southern part of the U.S. and became fairly prosperous. They were not what some would consider wealthy, but they lived very comfortably, working hard for what they possessed.

Jake’s family is what can be called blended. Jake’s father’s first wife Sarah died in an auto accident along with a young son. Allister was left with a ten year old daughter named Katie. A court settlement for wrongful death provided Allister with more than enough to provide a comfortable life for himself and Katie. He remained a single parent for a number of years until he met Jake’s mother Marie. It was literally love at first sight when they met at a July fourth fireworks display. Marie was the sister to one of Allister’s employees. He was a bit older, but the age difference was not a factor in what they felt for each other. They were married within a year and Jake came along less than twelve months later. He was twelve years younger than Katie so they were never really close; however, they got along as well as the age difference would allow. The O’Donalds own a furniture manufacturing plant along with several other businesses. They stay busy but spend time together as often as possible. They have good relationships and are happy.

A family crisis developed when Katie was 16 years old. She was dating a high school classmate who forced himself upon her. She became pregnant. There was no relationship to salvage with the boy. Allister graciously refused to require any punishment but banned the boy from having anything to do with Katie. Before her seventeenth birthday, Katie gave birth to a baby girl. She named her Emma Leigh O’Donald. Although Marie was not Katie’s mother, she loved her through the time and became a primary care provider for baby Emma while Katie completed school, attended nursing school, and eventually became a Physician’s Assistant to a surgeon. Katie attempted marriage, but it lasted only two years. She and Emma lived in house only ten minutes drive from her parents.

Now, Jake is seventeen with a half sister who is twenty-eight and a niece who is soon-to-be thirteen. Although Katie and Emma have their own home, Katie’s schedule requires long hours so Emma stays with her grandparents and uncle most of the time. This brings Emma into almost constant contact with Jake. She adorns her “uncle Jake” and wants to be near him whenever they are at home at the same time. If he is on the sofa, she is next to him. If he is in his favorite chair, she is often in his lap. Besides her grandpa Allister, Jake is the only positive male influence Emma’s life.

Jake is what most students would call a “geek.” He has a mind that was made for computers and all sorts of technological gadgets. Though he runs track and is athletic in build, tall and good looking, he tends to be shunned until someone needs a virus removed from a PC or a new program installed. He is often called upon by the school administration and faculty to resolve computer issues. Jake is happy to help and seems unaware that he is looked upon as a bit “different.” He has dated girls and enjoys their company, but he has little interest in a social life. His dream is to be an engineer. As a high-school junior he took AP classes for college credit. He is preparing for his senior year by taking an on-line course offered by a highly rated engineering school in Georgia. He has tentatively been accepted as a student upon graduation. He spends part of each day working on the online course.

This afternoon he is sitting in his favorite chair with his laptop before him, working on the problem he has to solve for the course. His parents are at the plant office and Jake is “babysitting” Emma during the days his mom is at the office. Emma bounces into the room. “What ya’ doin’, Uncle Jake?”

A bit flustered at the interruption he answers. “I’m working on a problem for this course I’m taking.” Before he could add, “please don’t bother me right now,” his niece straddles his legs which are stretched out on the ottoman. Facing away from him, she turns on the tv and surfs the channels, settling on a movie. Jake manages to continue his work, ignoring both her and the movie. He loves his niece and makes the effort to accept her desire to be close to him as the need for a man in her life beside her grandpa. He drives her to visit friends and sometimes takes her out for a hamburger. She is more like a younger sister than a neice.

Jake continue to focus on the assignment, paying no attention to Emma or what she is watching. After a bit he becomes aware of her movements as she straddles his legs which are crossed. Wearing a short denim skirt, she is sitting above his right knee. She is slowly moving back and forth on his leg. Reaching a place to pause in his work, he looks up. There is a scene on tv where a younger man and woman are in bed. It is obvious that they are engaged in a rather heated sexual embrace. The music is soft as are the moans that can be heard. Emma is captivated by what is happening on the LCD wide-screen, seemingly unaware that Jake is in the room and she is straddling his legs, moving back and forth.

Jake realizes that she is responding to the sexual moment in the movie by moving her vaginal area back and forth. The scene comes to an end and Emma jumps up quickly and says, “I’ll be back in a minute.” Without looking at Jake, she hurries from the room.

Jake looks at his chinos. There is a wet spot where Emma was sitting. He smiled at himself thinking, “I just wonder what she’s up to.” He sets his laptop aside and quietly makes his way down the hallway toward Emma’s room. The door is closed so he goes to the next bedroom which has an adjoining bathroom with access from both bedrooms. He quietly makes his way through the bedroom and into the bathroom. The door to Emma’s room is slightly open. He peeks through the space, clearly seeing Emma on her bed. Her short skirt is pulled up exposing her blue panties. He can see the wet spot on the crotch area. Her hand is pushed down into her panties and between her legs. She is rubbing herself vigorously, moaning slightly.

Jake cannot help himself. He watches his niece as she rubs her pussy. He also notices that his cock is getting hard. He had never looked upon Emma in a sexual way until this moment when he realized she is reaching that point of body changes and sexual urges. He continues to watch as she suddenly stiffens her legs and moans louder. Her breathing is rapid as her body begins to shake. Her orgasm lasts for less than a minute. As it subsides, Jake slowly makes his way back to the family room, sitting in his chair. He does not take up his laptop but lays his head back reliving the scene. He places a small cushion in his lap to hid the erection just visible in his slacks.

Within a couple of minutes Emma returns. She notices that Jake has set aside his computer. She does what she often does. She steps up beside him and sits in his lap crossways, her legs hanging to the side and her head laying on his shoulder. Jake puts his arms around her.

“Are you okay?” As he asks he wonders what she is feeling at the moment. He can feel the heat from her body and see that her face is still a bit flushed. Her breathing is faster than normal.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she says softly. She relaxes in Jake’s arms as if he were the one who had caused the pleasure she has just experienced. She cuddles into him. They sit that way until they hear the garage door open. Emma gets up and goes to greet here Nana as she comes through the door.

“Jake, I’ve got some groceries in the car. Will you help, son?”

“Sure,” Jake replied, getting out of his chair and making his way toward the kitchen. As he brought the bags into the house and laid them on the kitchen counter, he could not help but notice Emma. She was talking to Jake’s mom but the image in his mind was of this twelve year old laying on her bed bringing herself to an orgasm. He finished the chore before excusing himself. He made his way to his basement bedroom where he locked the door, pulled off his chinos, laid on his bed, and brought himself to a strong orgasm, shooting his cum into a towel. He was a geek, but he still had the hormones of a seventeen year old. The site of his pretty niece would be hard to forget.

“Uncle Jake,” Emma called. “Do you want some lemonade? Nana is making it?”

Jake quickly pulled his boxers and chinos up, tossing the towel aside. “Sure. I’m on my way.” He made his way up the stairs thinking about what he had just done. Thinking, or maybe fantasizing, he jerked off to thoughts of his almost thirteen year old niece. He made his way to the patio at the back of the house. His mom and Emma were sipping lemonade. He sat down, sipping from the large glass already poured for him.

“Don’t you think we need to get the pool ready for the summer?” his mom asked.

“Yeah. I can remove the cover, clean it, replace the filter, and set it up for hot weather.” Jake took a long sip as Emma spoke.

“Oh, yeah. I can’t wait to go swimming. I bought me a new swim suit last week. It’s a bikini.”

The image of this adolescent girl in a bikini suddenly entered Jake’s thoughts. “Well,” he said to himself. “This could get interesting.”

“Maybe I can have a swim party for my birthday. Would that be all right with you, Nana?” Emma was excited that her birthday was only two weeks away.

“Sure, sweetie. That would be great.” Looking at her son, she continued, “Jake, don’t you think the pool will be okay for a party?”

“Sure, mom. I think that will be a lot of fun for Em.”

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