these events havent happend but the descriptions of everything are true. Names have been Changed just for identity reasons hope you enjoy.
I was hanging out at my aunt’s house waiting for her friend to get there so we can go out to a party. We were just hanging out talking and the bell rang it was her friend. She walked in with her two kids, she was gorgeous. She had an amazing body, blonde/brown hair that went a little past her shoulder, brown eyes, nice juicy lips, perfect size tits not to big not to small (b-cup), nice ass, she was 25 years old, about 5’5 120pounds with a perfect shade of tan skin. She was wearing this nice tight black dress showing her boobs off with red shoes. I was 19 years old, 5’10 175pounds, nice body, short dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a 7in dick. I was wearing a light blue and white plaid button down shirt, light blue jeans with white sneakers.

We got in the cab I sat by one window my aunt Lisa sat by the other and Chanel sat in the middle. We were talking and before we knew it we were at the party. We got out I paid the cab driver and we went in to the party. We went straight to the bar got drinks and we started are night. My aunt Lisa found somebody to dance with and Chanel came over to me pulled me and started dancing with me. She was grinding all over me. My aunt saw us dancing and getting all touchy on the dance floor. Then me and Chanel went downstairs and she leaned me on the wall and started kissing me. I was holding her waist kissing her back. Then a little while later we went back to the dance floor and danced some more and my aunt came over and wanted to leave so we left.

While we were in the cab on the way back me and Chanel were making out leaning on my aunt. She kept pushing us off. When we were getting out of the cab Chanel told my aunt “me and Jason have your bedroom”. All the kids were sleeping in my aunt’s son’s room and my aunt went on the couch and me and Chanel went in my aunt’s room and locked the door. After I turned around from locking the door she jumped on me wrapped her legs around me and we started making out. I walked over to the bed laid her on it I laid down next to her still kissing as we were kissing she was taking her shoes off. Then she got up and took her dress off she was standing there in a red bra and a red thong. I sat up and was holding her body close to me kissing it and rubbing up and down it she was rubbing my head. Then she started unbuttoning my shirt she took it off then took my white t-shirt off under she was kissing my body up and down. As she was doing that she was unbuckling my pants, once she unbuckled them she pulled them down and my dick popped right out. I am completely shaved down there. She looked up at me and was smiling and she started to suck on it. It felt amazing with her gorgeous juicy lips wrapped around my cock. I was holding her hair up. I cummed in her mouth my cum was drooling off her lips. She was doing an awesome job, she held the bottom of my dick with one hand as she sucked on my dick and she was rubbing her pussy through her thong with the other.

After she sucked on my dick she stood up I took her thong down I stood up and she laid on the bed she spread her legs and was rubbing the top of her pussy as I was licking it. Her pussy was shaved. She was moving her hips around and moaning, I started licking her faster and harder she was moaning louder I stopped licking and was fingering her only and she cummed all over the sheets. Then i was kissing her stomach and worked my way up her body. When I got to her boobs I was kissing her nipples and rubbing them then I went up to her neck and was kissing it then we kissed on the lips. Then she looked into my eyes and told me to put my big cock in her tight pussy. So I did and it was so tight the head was barely going in so I looked at her and asked her when the hell was the last time she had was sex. She said she hasn’t had sex in over 3 months. So I finally stretched her pussy out enough for my whole dick to go in. I was leaning over her body as I started to go in and out of her soaking wet pussy, she was moaning and as I started going harder she cummed again. I kept fucking her I was holding one of her legs in the air and then I cummed, I moaned after real fast.

She rolled over on her stomach and was looking back at me stand behind her she was holding her ass smiling. I got on top of her stuck my dick n her tight ass and started fucking her so hard. Her ass was clapping on my balls, we were both sweating a little bit because of how hard we were going and there was only a ceiling fan in the room. As I was fucking her she was moaning and pulling the sheets up. I slowed down and asked if she was alright all she kept saying was ooh baby keep fucking, so I started going harder again and then I cummed in her ass. I rolled off her and I was laying on the bed she climbed on top of me she had one leg on one side and the other bent teasing me, she guided the head of my dick in her pussy and kept jerking the rest of my dick for a little bit, then she got on top and was riding me so hard she was moving her hips around, she was really bouncing up and down her tits were bouncing around. She was really starting to sweat because it was getting harder to hold on to her waist. She slowed down she was leaning over kissing my neck and making her ass shake. She cummed again all over my dick then shortly after that I cummed again in her pussy she got off we laid on the bed naked, her pussy was soaked with pussy juice, my cum, and sweat. My dick was soaked from her pussy juice, her saliva, and my cum. Then we unlocked the door went to the bathroom cleaned up went back in the room she put her red bra and red panties on, I put my boxers on and we went to bed.

When we woke up she threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that she brought and I threw on my basketball shorts and a t-shirt and we went out into the kitchen. My aunt was sitting down at the table having coffee, she was staring at us just smiling so Chanel asked her what was wrong and my aunt just kept smiling and said there’s coffee over there if you two lovebirds want any. So we got coffee and sat down with my aunt as the kids were running around playing. It was awkward silence so I asked my aunt how her night was she answered in a sarcastic tone, “it was alright I guess, how was yours?” I was giggling and Chanel started to giggle “it was very good” so my aunt shook her head “yea I bet it was”. We were talking a little more then we went in the living room and watched TV, me and Chanel were sitting on the two seated sofa and my aunt was on the three person sofa. Chanel was leaning on my chest I had my arm around her shoulders. We were hanging out a little bit longer then Chanel told her kids to get ready cause they had to go home. She was getting ready to leave and she gave my aunt a kiss on the cheek goodbye and came over by me leaned down kissed me on the lips while my aunt was watching, my aunt was sarcastically saying “awe you two are so cute” so they left. Me and my aunt were watching TV for a little longer and then I told her I was going to go home, so I said goodbye and drove home.

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My name is curious.....I admire at anything that make me curious.....
this how I fuck my mum day my mum send me to deliver something for her.....I knock the door she open and take the thing from my hand and ask me to take coffee after the coffee.....I was in her living room watching one high school movie where the boy friend mother ask the boy to fuck her..... she ask me if I like this movie I said yes......after that the I change the channel and watch musical....she ask me how I feel when I see naked girls....nothing sure....yes.....I can I naked myself....nor I have one movie I want us to watch.....ok she go in her room collect one romantic movie PIRATE.....I thought it was just an empty movie.....the start to fuck and she ask how did I feel nothing anty....but something dancing down there.....can I see it what that ANTY.....stand and come close I do as she say ..... she unzipped me and take off my pant.....and hold my dick in her hand you have a full grow

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Man you are fucking lucky

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