I thought my wife Angel could never have children. I love her a lot and she loved sex so... My name is Tony and I just turned twenty one. Angel and I have known each other since we were five. I am almost six feet tall with sandy hair and grey eyes. She has shoulder length blonde hair that is almost platinum. She has a great body and I have a thick cock that is around eight and a half inches long.

Her mom and dad were spending a summer in Japan with an old friend and they invited us to stay with them. At first we weren’t going to go but Angel was laid off and my online business could be done anywhere.

The house where her parent’s friend lived was an old converted hotel. Right away we loved it, the people were always polite. Almost every day through the summer I was dragged out to fish for tuna.

I made a lot of extra money that way and Angel ended up getting a job in an office. We found and bought a small old office building and fixed up rooms on the first and second floor. The small city was in a rural area and almost seemed primitive sometimes.

The summer passed and Christmas was drawing closer. I found Angel in bed rubbing her pussy and grinned as I slipped into bed beside her, “need help?”

She grinned, “I don’t know why but I have been hornier then normal.”

I caressed her body before leaning over to suck on a pink nipple. I grinned as she shuddered and joked like I always do, “it means you are ready to get pregnant.”

She grinned and pulled me over her before hugging me, “You can always try.”

I kissed her as I lifted up, “You know I love trying.”

She laughed as I forced my cock into her and started to fuck her nice and slow. She groaned and spread her legs as she lifted them. I fucked deeper and started pushing against her womb. Her pussy rippled and she shuddered before becoming slipperier. I pushed into her womb and stayed there as I humped and rubbed against her. I kissed her and shuddered at the feel of her pussy.

She felt almost hot as she started thrusting up and her pussy grasped my cock. I pulled back and kissed her as I went back to fucking her. My cock fucked in and out easily as Angel met each thrust. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her hard and she was thrashing around and wailing. I buried my cock in her belly suddenly and grunted. Angel clutched me and wailed as I started spewing huge spurts of cum. She jerked and spasmed as she kept clinging to me, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed more then normal or at least it felt that way. Angel shuddered when I was done and giggled, “That would knock up a girl.”

I hugged her and rolled pulling her with me, “It felt good too.”

Angel sighed and put her head on my shoulder. She hugged me and almost whispered, “I’m sorry Tony.”

I sighed, “It just means I can fuck you more.”

She didn’t say anything and I hugged her and caressed her body. Normally we would fuck a few more times but I knew when she was like this she would be depressed. I woke as Angel slipped out of bed and waited to follow her. I washed her in the shower and she smiled before hugging and kissing me. I watched her leave for her job before going to my office and starting to work.

It wasn’t until I glanced at my desk calender that I realized Angel didn’t have to work today. I smiled thinking she would come home soon grinning in embarrassment. It wasn’t until almost lunch time that I heard the door chime. I glanced at the clock and smiled before trying to finish. I had planned to stop work early and take Angel Christmas shopping.

I finished and sat back as I shut everything down. I went out to the living room and then into the kitchen. I frowned and went looking for Angel. I was walking towards the bedroom when I heard her moan. I hesitated and then grinned before opening the bedroom door. I stopped in surprise when I saw Angel naked on the bed with a teenage girl between her legs licking her pussy.

Another girl was kissing her and tugging on a nipple and she groaned and shuddered again. I cleared my throat and the two girls looked at me before sitting up. Angel turned to look at me and smiled, “Just the man I wanted.”

I nodded to the girls and she held out her arms. I moved to the bed and sat beside her and she reached out to take my hand, “Their my Christmas present to you.”

I opened my mouth and Angel squeezed my hand, “They are your concubines.”

She looked at the girls, “Sora and Fuyu are sisters. They are going to have your children.”

I looked at Angel and sighed, “Angel...”

She sat up, “You need to have children Tony...”

I moved onto the bed and pushed her down as I moved over her, “Then get pregnant.”

She looked away, “You know my uterus walls don’t...”

I kissed her hard and looked into her eyes, “I don’t care.”

She hugged me and finally pushed me back, “They are my Christmas present.”

She looked determined and I shook my head, “Fine but don’t think I won’t fuck you.”

Angel grinned, “They can fuck me too.”

I glanced at them before moving off the bed and starting to undress, “I hope they aren’t virgins.”

She grinned as the two girls smiled. One shook her head, “We aren’t.”

I moved back onto the bed and back between Angel’s legs. I pushed into her pussy and she shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. The two girls laid beside us and Angel turned her head, “I told you his cock was bigger then the men here.”

I ignored them as I began to fuck into her deeper, “This time I am really trying to get you pregnant.”

She grunted as my cock hit her womb and put her arms around me, “fine, I have been taking fertility drugs for three months and giving you supplements but it hasn’t...”

I kissed her and pushed into her womb. She shuddered and groaned as her pussy tightened. I started fucking her hard and deep trying to cum. It wasn’t long before she had the seizure and her pussy spasmed around my cock.

She still felt hot as I kept fucking her thrashing body. It wasn’t long before I thrust into her and held her as I gushed and peed cum. Angel jerked violently and thrust her hips up, “YES!”

I spewed and spurted and poured cum into her womb. Angel hung on until I stopped cumming and dropped to the bed, “damn Tony!”

I kissed her softly before looking at the girls, “In the night stand is an anal plug.”

They looked at each other as Angel blushed. One of the girls turned and leaned over to open a drawer. She came back and held out the plug and I took it. I smiled at Angel, “You cleaned it right?”

She nodded and I pulled out and reached down to push the plug into her. She grunted as it slid in and then looked at me before grinning, “Making sure your cream stays in?”

I kissed her and nodded before looking at the girls, “who is who and would either of you mind if I licked your pussy?”

They grinned and the closest girl, the one with a bald pussy spoke, “I’m Sora and I like having my pussy licked.”

Her sister nudged her, “We both like licking pussy too.”

I grinned as I turned to kiss Angel. I moved, reaching for Sora and pushed her down on the bed, “Angel doesn’t let me do that enough.”

My wife snorted, “I have to use a pry bar to get you away.”

I grinned as I slid down the bed and over between Sora’s legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it. I grinned at the strawberry taste and nibbled on her inner lips and clit. Her hips lifted as she groaned and shuddered and I continued to lick her. I covered her clit as I kept sucking and teasing it. I nibbled and squeezed her clit between my lips. She jerked and twisted as she cried out and Angel laughed, “I told you.”

I kept licking her as Fuyu laughed and pulled on me, “Fuck her.”

I looked up her panting body before moving up. I felt small hands positioning my cock and I pushed. Sora grunted and wiggled before my thick cock was slowly forced into her. Angel laughed, “Fuck him Sora.”

Sora’s hips lifted and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She groaned as I started to fuck her with ever deepening thrusts. When I hit her womb she jerked and shook. I continued to fuck her as her pussy became slipperier. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and then began to thrash around as she wailed. Her pussy rippled and tightened as she squirted.

I pushed into her womb and continued to fuck her slippery pussy. Sora was clinging to me as she kept jerking and shuddering. I fucked her slow and deep for a few minutes and then fast and hard. She howled and wrapped her legs around my waist as she convulsed and spasmed. I buried my cock in her and started to pump strong torrents of cum.

Sora lifted and tilted her hips and jerked as warm cum began filling her. She shuddered and her feet pulled me in deeper. When I stopped cumming it was several moments before she sighed and relaxed. I gave her a kiss and pulled out and Angel surprised me by sliding down between her legs. Fuyu laughed as she pushed me onto my back and straddled me.

I cupped her breasts as she guided my cock to her tight pussy. She pushed down and back as she twisted and wiggled. My cummy cock forced her tight pussy open and stretched it as she sat up. She groaned and shivered before starting to rock and thrust. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples, “You owe me a licking.”

She grinned as Angel laughed and moved up to snuggled in Sora’s arms. It was a couple of minutes before Fuyu shuddered and started to become erratic. Her pussy was wetter and slipperier as it squeezed and grasped my cock almost constantly. My cock pressed against and then into her womb and she spasmed and started jerking, “OOOOOHHHHHH, YES!”

I shivered and pulled her down before turning and rolling over. I fucked her with deep thrusts as I tried to cum. Fuyu started thrusting up and shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She slowly began to stiffen and then I was thrusting into her hard. She jerked and began thrashing around as I held her and started pumping strong spurts of cum. She grunted and lifted her legs and spread them, “mmmmmm!”

I spurted and pumped seven large jets of cum before I was done. Angel giggled as Fuyu sighed each time and then smiled and relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out before moving off the bed, “You are not to get off the bed for an hour Angel.”

She stuck her tongue out and snuggled against Sora. I smiled and turned towards the door, “And leave the plug in, I’ll take it out later.”

I went to the kitchen and started making soup from scratch. It was an hour before Angel and the two girls came in. I was putting soup in bowls and put them on the table. I kissed Angel as I caressed her body and slipped my hand down. She shuddered as I pulled the plug out and hugged me. I set it on the table before sitting beside her, “After lunch you need to get dressed. I was going to take you shopping.”

I smiled at Sora and Fuyu, “Now we need to buy a few more presents.”

Angel grinned at the girls, “Sounds good.”

We spent several hours shopping before going home. Angel made me take some pills she said were to make me produce more sperm. She pushed me towards the hall out of the kitchen, “Take Fuyu to bed and fuck her.”

I looked at her, “I meant what I said Angel.”

She grinned, “After Fuyu and Sora you can fuck me again.”

I nodded and took Fuyu’s hand as she slipped it into mine. She whispered as we walked towards the bedroom, “Sora and I want babies.”

I glanced at her and finally sighed as I turned her beside the bed. I started undressing her and she caressed my face, “we have been talking to Angel for awhile about you.”

I helped her onto the bed and laid beside her. I caressed her and she grinned before rolling onto her stomach and spreading her legs. I smiled and rubbed and felt her cute butt before moving over between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and started to fuck her nice and slow. She moaned and shivered as her pussy squeezed my cock and pushed back.

I slowly buried my cock to her womb before starting to fuck her with deep, grinding jabs. Fuyu shuddered as her pussy clenched and then she was bucking and jerking. She cried out as her pussy became slicker and kept thrusting back each time I pushed into her. I shifted down and fucked straight into her womb. She started twisting and thrusting back harder.

It wasn’t long before I thrust into her and held her shoulders as I pumped huge, gushing spurts. I groaned and shuddered as I kept flooding her and finally just held her. She shuddered as her pussy kept clenching and squeezing my cock. She grinned as she looked back at me, “Thank you honey.”

She said it in almost perfect English and I had to smile before kissing her bare shoulder and pulling out, “We need anal plugs for you girls.”

She grinned but relaxed on the bed as I pulled on a robe. I walked into the kitchen and Angel grinned as she looked back from the dinner she was making. She and Sora were both naked, she bumped Sora with her hip. Sora grinned and walked to the table and laid forwards over it, “Like this?”

Angel giggled and I shook my head as I opened my robe and walked up behind her. I rubbed her pussy slit, “They need plugs so they can sleep all night without my cum leaking out.”

Angel laughed as Sora giggled and I pushed into her tight pussy. She was still a little slimy so my cock slid in easily. She groaned as I started to fuck her with long strokes. It wasn’t long before she was thrusting back as her tight pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. I was pulling out of her before slowly thrusting back in and pushing against her womb.

It was a few minutes before Sora began to wail and jerk around as she thrust back almost desperately. I fucked her harder and faster as she howled and thrashed around. She squirted on me as her tight pussy clenched and grasped my cock. Angel came to lean over beside Sora and kiss her as I buried my cock in her womb. My cock was throbbing as she continued to shudder and push back.

I rubbed her warm asshole before holding her hips and fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. Sora screamed and jerked as she had a seizure and her tight pussy contracted. I kept fucking her and she wet me several times and continued to twist and jerk. It was a few minutes before I thrust into her as I began to cum. My cock swelled and then erupted in a strong stream.

Sora wailed and jerked when she felt warm sperm pumping into her womb and tilted her hips. I spewed jet after jet until she was more then full and slowly pulled out before bending and kissing the back of her neck as she panted. Angel grinned as she kissed Sora and stood to go back to making dinner. I sat beside the girl and softly caressed her butt as I watched Angel cook.

When Fuyu came in I pulled Sora onto my lap. Angel set dinner on the table and we took turns feeding both Fuyu and Sora. After dinner Angel slipped away with the girls while I was cleaning up. I cleaned the kitchen and went looking for them as they came back in the front door. Angel grinned when I frowned, “We went to get new plugs for tonight.”

I grinned and took her hand before pulling her towards our bedroom. She laughed as the two girls giggled. I stripped her and followed her onto the bed. She laid on her stomach and grinned back at me as she spread her legs, “My plug is in the night stand.”

I laughed but opened the drawer and tossed it beside her. I moved over her and pushed my cock into her slowly. She shuddered and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her. I took my time and fucked her nice and slow. It wasn’t long before her hot pussy started to squeeze and clench on my cock. Angel was moaning and shaking as I fucked into her womb.

I kissed the side of her neck before lifting up and fucking her hard. She jerked and then wailed as she kicked the bed. She spasmed and writhed around under me as I continued to fuck her with deep strokes. I took my time and moved up to fuck almost straight down into her. She screamed and started convulsing as she squirted a few times.

Her pussy was extremely slippery but kept grasping and tightening. I shifted down and fucked straight up into her womb and Angel stiffened before shuddering almost violently. I pushed into her and pressed as my cock began pumping thick ropes of cum. She jerked and shook as I spurted over and over until my cock was only jerking. I reached for her plug and pulled out and moved quickly to push the plug into her.

Angel groaned when it was seated and then sighed and relaxed as I lay beside her. I rubbed her butt and she turned her head to grin, “I like feeling your warm cum stuck inside my womb.”

I laughed and kissed her before slipping off the bed, “I’ll send your girls in to keep you company.”

She laughed as I walked out calling Sora and Fuyu. I sat in the TV room and started watching a movie as I thought about Angel and the two girls. It was an hour before Angel slipped onto my lap, “Thinking about me?”

I cupped her bare breasts, “yes.”

She leaned against me, “I’m not going to get pregnant Tony. I’ve tried and tried and I’ve seen doctors. My womb is barren and...”

I stopped her, “I knew that before I married you Angel.”

She smiled and shivered as my thumb rubbed a nipple, “I always wanted to try girls and I did before...”

She blushed and shifted to look into my face, “before they swore an oath in front of their parents to become yours. I liked it and wouldn’t mind loving them too.”

I sighed, “They seem nice but...”

Angel laughed, “Actually they are horny bitches. They wanted me to come get you so they could fuck you again.”

I laughed and hugged her, “okay Angel but I’m not going to stop fucking you. If they get pregnant then...”

Angel kissed me passionately before standing and pulling me up, “Then I adopt the babies.”

I looked at her before absently shutting everything off. She pulled me out and back to the bedroom where Sora and Fuyu were laid back in the bed waiting. She pushed me towards the bed, “Fuyu first.”

I smiled and moved onto the bed and over Fuyu. I kissed her as she opened her legs and reached between us. I slowly pushed into her cummy pussy and sank deeper before stopping against her womb. She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and timidly kissed me. I started to slowly fuck her with short, grinding jabs. She grunted as my cock slowly forced open her cervix and pushed deeper.

When her pussy squeezed my cock, I kissed her and pulled almost out of her before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. Each time I thrust into her, I stopped to press into and grind against her. Angel and Sora giggled together and laughed as Fuyu started thrusting her hips up. Slowly I began to fuck her a little harder and she clutched me to her as she wrapped her legs around me, “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I used deep thrusts into her womb and she spread her legs as I got closer to cumming. I finally thrust into her and started pumping thick spurts of cum. Fuyu wailed as warm cum erupted inside her womb. She thrashed around and kept hugging and squeezing me. When I stopped cumming Angel was there to rub my back, “Pull out and move over honey.”

I pulled out and slid aside as she reached between Fuyu’s legs and wiggled the anal plug into her. She sighed after Angel got it in and then pulled on Angel and rolled until she was between her legs. I grinned as Fuyu started humping and grinding on her pussy. Sora moved down and around them before coming to lay beside me. She turned to watch and I pulled her back to spoon with her while I watched too.

Angel was groaning and lifting her hips to hump up into Fuyu. It wasn’t long before they were both grunting and moaning as they shuddered. Watching had made me horny so I turned Sora onto her back and moved over her as her hand reached down to position my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy and started fucking her. She grunted as I fucked her nice and deep and started off humping into her and pushing my cock deeper.

A minute later her legs were in the air and kicking as she started to wail. I barely glanced at Angel when she started rubbing my back. I wanted to cum inside Sora’s tight, warm, slick pussy. My wife giggled, “Hang on Sora, he really wants you.”

I was grunting as I fucked her with long, deep thrusts into her womb. It was almost ten minutes before I was ready and by then she was completely incoherent and thrashing around wildly. I jabbed into her spasming pussy and held her tight, “I’m cumming!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted and filled her womb with cum. Sora tilted her hips when I started and howled as she clung to me, “YES!”

I balls were almost hurting when I stopped and kissed her before slowing rolling off her. Angel was grinning as she forced the anal plug into Sora and came to snuggle against me, “Something sure got you going.”

I smiled and hugged her as I caught me breath, “Watching you and Fuyu.”

She giggled and put her head on my shoulder as the two girls turned to cuddle against us. I fucked Angel when I woke up in the middle of the night and put her plug in when I finished. Christmas eve, Angel’s parents arrived to spend Christmas with us. They weren’t surprised about the girls so Angel must have told them.

Angel, her mother and the girls slipped away while her father and I watched a movie. I glanced at the door as a stunned Angel walked in. Her mother had a huge grin and both Sora and Fuyu were smiling. Her mother looked at me, “We went to do a pregnancy test on the girls. Angel went first to show them what to do.”

She looked at Angel and then laughed, “She’s pregnant!”

I was up and across the room before I realized it. I hugged Angel and spun her around and she finally laughed and looked into my face, “Our wives are pregnant too.”

I looked past her at the two girls that I had become fond of and smiled. Sora and Fuyu both had twins. Angel had triplets and two months after she gave birth, she got pregnant again. So much for being barren. Sora and Fuyu have been her lovers as well as mine since that Christmas.
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