I stared at the mirror; my long brown hair was a mess. My eyes trailed down the smooth curve of my nose line to my lips. My lips were a bit pale but it was still pinkish. I trailed back up and concentrated on my blue eyes, they represent the vast ocean for me. I looked like some typical blonde surfer you could find at the beach. At least I’m the special one, because I don’t have any idea how to surf the waves.

At the age of 15, my body is leanly muscular, I have abs, but it’s still developing. The last thing I remember about my height is that I’m 170cm tall, but I don’t measure how tall I am anymore. It discourages me whenever I think of my puny height. I love playing football with my friends because I’m always the one who runs the fastest. I also love water sports; I’m much more of an athletic person, considering I’m one of the best swimmers in my class.

Anyways, I hate being at home as much as I hate my Mum. She would tell me everything. She would start talking about how wimpy, or weak I am compared to my father. Or how I am such a racist, or ageist, or homophobic, or overly lazy, or discriminatory to handicapped people or mental retards, and also that I wouldn’t do something unless someone forces me to.

I always put things together by myself. I never asked my Mum or Dad to help me with my needs. I didn’t have any reason to, except for paying for school. I wouldn’t whine unless I badly needed something. So, today, I decided to have a little adventure by myself. I went upstairs from the living room to go get my bag. I put some of the things that I will be going to need, like a water bottle, my Iphone, a map of London, a couple of cans of Juicy Juice™, my gray knitted gloves (if it gets cold), my beanie, scarf, and a tad of other useful things.

Since Mum isn’t always around, it was easy to go without someone nagging on everything you do. I went back downstairs to use the phone. I rang my friend to tell him that I’m coming over to their house because my Mum went out again and that I’ll be home alone for the thousandth time.
“I’m going to walk all the way to your house.” I told him.
“Are you insane?” He retorted.
“Not really. I just want to do something for a change.”
“You’re a thirteen-year-old boy who wants to go to my house.” He said.
“Alright, alright,” I said as I dropped the line. “I have no money.”

I wrote a note for Mum in case she wonders on my whereabouts. On my way out, it started to rain snow. “What a freaking day.” I told myself.

It took me for about an hour to walk to Holborn, since I don’t have money to use public transportation. Even if I have, I wouldn’t. I took my water bottle out. I opened the cap to take a sip from it. After drinking, I threw the empty water bottle into the trash bin. I walked from Holborn to High Holborn, and Theobald’s Rd., and John St., and Northington St. The supply of Juicy Juice™ I brought with me along was gone before I could even reach John St.

I was so exhausted. When I finally got to the building, I couldn’t figure out where the doorman was. At first I thought that there was no doorman at all, but I waited around for a few moments and I realized that I was right.

I saw a device with a button for each apartment, and then I pressed the button for my friend’s apartment. No one answered. I pressed it again, holding down the buzzer with my finger for about ten seconds. Still nothing. I began thinking to myself; I wasted going all the way here just to press a lousy buzzer.

“Oh my, gosh,” a voice said from the speaker. “I’m sorry.” My brows shot up as I pressed the button for reply, “Hello,” I said. “I’m Seth Moser, friend of Duke.”

“Oh. Hello there! Glad you came all the way here.” She said. She must be Duke’s Mum.

“It was an honor.” I told her, obviously a lie.

I quickly ran inside building for the elevator. When I got in, I pressed 9. They were on the ninth floor and as much as I hate being in an elevator, I had no choice but to ride it all the way up. And using the stairs was not an option for me after all that walking I made.

When I got out, I walked across the hallway to room #29. I knocked. No one answered, even though I could hear someone talking inside, and I guessed that it must be Duke, so I knocked again. I was hoping that I wasn’t being a nuisance or whatsoever but I deserve some attention after all.

A gorgeous college girl opened the door and said, “Seth!” she quickly wrapped her arms around me in sheer excitement. She has a beautiful facial structure and big brown gleaming eyes. Her lips were shiny pink from the lip gloss she’s wearing. She has long brown straight hair that curls by the end. She was incredibly beautiful, with a face like no other woman, which seemed like it was painted by a master painter or something. I felt her breasts bounced against my chest and that made me feel a little bit weird down there, she has huge bouncy boobs. It got to the point that my willy started to get hard inside my pants. I’d never thought of anything sexually explicit until this.

“Hi. I am Seth.”
“Hello. I’m Jenny.” She answered with a big smile in her face.
My willy was aching so badly that I let out a soft groan. “Are you Duke’s sister?” I stammered.
She giggled at me. “Yes. And you’re Seth, come in!”
She opened the door a bit more. “Go on. Step inside.”

I hesitated only a moment. I placed my right foot inside, followed by another foot. Almost the entire floor was taken up by a spacious living area dominated by a large, circular fireplace placed at the center of the room. Around it, natural-cotton seating units and lush Oriental rugs shone against the highly polished wood floor. A low wall doubled as a counter in front of the well-equipped kitchen. In the far corner, an open staircase led up to the sleeping loft on which a wide platform bed was just visible.

I scrupulously averted my eyes from the part of the apartment. Kicking off my shoes and dropping my bag on the floor, I settled down on the couch near the fire. Jenny joined me there. She handed me a goblet containing several inches of fragrant red colored liquid.

“Woah. I swear you have a beautiful apartment.” I said softly as I held the goblet in my hand. “What’s this stuff?”

“Red wine.” She said with intonation. “I built it, but not in the way you probably mean. While the architect and contractors were working for the apartment, I put this place up myself.”

“Where had you learned to do that?” I asked astonishingly.

“I hadn’t. But I’d always wanted to design our own house. So I learned as I went along with college.” Jenny laughed ruefully. “I suppose the men my Mom hired could have built a dozen houses in the time it took me to do this one. But I was less concerned with actually getting it finished than with just doing it. If that makes any sense to a young boy I am now talking to?”

It did made sense to me. I admired her even more for not being afraid to tackle something at which she might fail and for her incredibly huge boobs, of course.

It brought me to the fact that I just gulped down all the wine in my goblet, and set it down next to her on the table near the fireplace.

“You smell good,”
I blushed. “I didn’t sprayed any cologne. But, I guess it’s my hair.”
She drew me closer, gently but firmly into her arms.
“You’re cute. Very cute.” She murmured into my hair.

My cock was so hard I’m starting to wet myself. I squirmed when she pressed her breasts against me, making me red as a stoplight. “Where’s D-d-duke?”

“He’s asleep. It’s just you and me now.” She whispered into my ear. Her voice was so beautiful that I lost my senses. I tried to answer but her lips were already touching lightly against mine. “Don’t worry. You’ll love this.”

I think she’ll be the one loving it. After all, she was a grown woman who had been kissed hundreds of times. It was no big deal to her.

I didn’t respond right away. Instead I told her, “You’re so beautiful.” I murmured thickly, “and so hot.” She looked at me just enough to let me look at her directly. Running a finger down along my cheek, she touched my mouth lightly. My lips were moist and slightly parted. Her eyes glowed with desire she could not begin to hide, desire and something more.

A low sigh escaped from me. “Jenny, stop. Please.”

A soft laugh escaped from her, “Just relax.” Her gleaming brown eyes fastened on me held a depth of tenderness I had never seen before as she said, “I want you to be my new boyfriend.”

“B-boyfriend . . . ?”

“Yes, you know? Boy and girl relationship, couples, that sort of thing?” Gently, she said. “I understand people do it all the time?”

“But we’ve only known each other minutes ago . . .”

“That’s true, but some people know each other years before they get married and end up divorced. Long acquaintance isn’t any guarantee of marital success. Anyway, I say that what we’ve learned about each other so far suggests very strongly that our relationship wouldn’t work. But if you’re willing to try, I’ll be happy to comply.”

“Yes, but-” I broke myself off, asking myself just what she was offering me. On the contrary, everything she said affirmed her most deeply hopes for them. Hopes until that moment she had been unwilling to admit even within the privacy of her own mind. I’m getting interested on how her past relationship went and ended.

Swallowing hard, I murmured, “Do you love me?”
She looked at me in surprise. “Didn’t I say that?”
Gently, I shook my head. “No, but I’ll say it first if you prefer.” Taking a deep breath I faced her bravely.
“I love you and I want very much to be your boyfriend.”

“Seth . . .” Her voice caught and for just an instant there was a hint of dampness in her glimmering brown eyes. “More than I ever suspected it was possible to love somebody again. You fill me with such joy.”

It got very quiet on the couch in front of the fireplace. There were no words as we expressed our love in a far more and quick fundamental way and in so doing offered each of us a pledge as sweet like no other.

At last, I moved far enough part to gaze at her, Jenny’s hair was running tousled and her face flushed. She laughed shakily. “Oh my, someone is eager.” She said as she pointed at my crotch. I felt my face heated as I instantly looked down and saw a tent has already formed. I placed my hands on top of it to cover the evidence of my lust.

Very shortly thereafter she was laughing and nothing else. I remained quiet under her touch as she slowly removed my shirt. I didn’t know what to do. It was my first time with someone, so I let my senses take over me.

Her hands shook slightly as she pulled down the zipper of my jeans and eased it from me. She removed the dress she was wearing. Her shoes and panty hose followed before she gently unhooked the clip of her bra. As it fell open our eyes met. Hers glowed with the promise of excitement and pleasure as she slowly pulled down my underwear. My rock hard 6-inch-long penis quickly sprung up in attention.

As the scrap of cotton material was tossed on the floor with her other clothes, Jenny cupped her breasts tenderly as she let my penis slide in between them. I let out a moan as the feeling of my cock sliding in-between her breasts made my toes curl.

“Holy shit. What are you doing?” I groaned as she pumped my penis in-between breasts.

My fingers tangled in the silken mass of her hair, pressing her even closer. Her breath was coming in little gasps and her skin was flushed. Shimmering flames were spreading throughout my body, ignited by a blazing core of fire at the center of my being.

Quickly removing the tiny panties that were her last garment, she pulled away from my cock as she straddled on top of me. I gently squeezed her buttocks as I lifted her even tighter against me. My intense arousal made her moan softly. I couldn’t bear to be separated from her by even the slightest barrier.

A fine sheen of perspiration glowed on my chest as she slowly, lovingly, subjected from me to the same delights I had given her. Only once did she hesitate, when her hands touched the tip of my cock. The gentle smile I gave her banished the last of her hesitation.

I slowly moved against her, barely touching her as I kissed the smooth curve of her shoulders, the scented cleft between her breasts, and the taut aureoles of her nipples. I raised her nipples against my lips. The insistent pressure of her pelvis against my thigh and the impulsive way her fingers roved the muscles of my back and dug into the taut flesh of my buttocks. She sighed and mewed with erotic delight. Her breath came short and sweet against my neck. Her skin flushed a luminous pink. Her eyes gazed heavy-lidded on my face.

Whispering words of love and desire that were alternately tender and shocking, I slid to my knees before her. My hands held her firmly in place as my lips and tongue caressed the flat smoothness of her abdomen before drifting down to her soaked up pussy.

Engulfed in total pleasure, Jenny could not have stood upright by herself. My hands kept her from collapsing. I used my index finger and massaged the mouth her vagina. She groaned and trembled in need as my fingers touched her clit.

I slowly laid her down to the couch. Jenny moaned softly as I inserted my finger into her.

“Yes. Seth. Yes.”

My finger rubbed against her clitoris. I sensually massaged it before slipping my fingers into the lustrous opening of her vagina. As I probed, the discovery of her luscious readiness sent a wave of almost uncontrollable hunger roaring inside me. I lowered my head, leveling my face in front of her womanhood.

I pulled my finger out of her as I dug my face into her. My tongue explored her moist cave, forcefully sliding my ravenous tongue into her. I tasted the juices of her wet vagina in my mouth over and over again. She writhed beneath me as I continued sucking into her. I flicked my tongue over her clit. She let out a loud moan as I tasted her more. I drew it back and made circular motions with my tongue on it. She writhed in pleasure, as she rhythmically humped her pelvis on my face.

“I like it. I like it. Seth. Please.” She couldn’t complete the sentence.

She reached over her pussy; she placed two fingers in the opening of her gash and began rubbing it and thrusting it in over and over again. She moaned in sheer ecstasy. And then suddenly, her head arched backward as her thrusting became more faster.

I continued eating her as my tongue lingered around her clitoris. I nibbled on it with my lips and slowly licked it with my tongue. Her cries grew into a shrill as I made her feel pure erotic pleasuring.

“Oh. No! No!” Her pussy rippled, with a sharp moan and cry as she erupted. Jenny moaned, deep and loud. Her breathing became too sharp and unstable. Hot liquid sprayed from her erupting pussy as I continued sucking on her clitoris.

“O-ooh . . .” She lay breathless on the couch as I reached for her lips; I pulled her closer to me. Even so, I did not attempt to hasten our union. Instead, I gave in to the urge to learn her body as well as he knew hers. I struggled to control my own desires long enough to fully savor her.

I went on top of her, her full, swollen breasts brushing on my chest, she stroked feather-light caresses the proud arc of my brow, my nose, and lips. As she followed the line of my throat down to circle my flat male nipples, I trembled and moaned violently. When Jenny’s mouth traced the same path, a groan tore from me.

Heady with the tense of her own feminine power, Jenny continued her journey. I realized that she knows the touch of her breath alone on the smooth skin of my abdomen was enough to send tremors ripple through me. My taut thighs were similarly sensitive to her caress, as was the indentation of my navel, where her tongue lingered longingly.

She soon found my cock with her tongue. She licked the pinkish head enticingly as she slightly wrapped her fingers around my length and began stroking it lightly. I couldn’t help but moan to this new feeling I am experiencing. She wrapped her other hand around my scrotum, carefully caressing it as she stroke the full length of my penis.

“Oh. Fuck. That’s amazing.” I marveled the unreal feeling that was electrifying my body.

Before I could finish what I was saying, her hand moved again, stroking my hardened penis faster than before, drawing a violent moan from me. My penis throbbed in her hands, pulling out raw and powerful waves of pleasure inside me. I felt my scrotum tightened as I reached the verge to orgasm.

“Oh! Damn. No! O-ohh!” I screamed until I was breathless from screaming. My penis shook violently as I shot a major load of cum at her face. She quickly suckled the swollen bulb of my penis as it shot jets of hot white liquid. She swallowed every bit of it while she squeezed my length. The oversensitivity I felt was so unreal that I had to close my eyes to fully savor the intense orgasm.

I sunk into the couch, worn out and breathless as she lay on top of me still sucking on my hard penis. She gave my scrotum a light squeezed and another electrifying feeling surged through me. I groaned helplessly at the feeling and she released my cock and pulled away from it.

She crawled beside me and planted a kiss on my lips. “You taste amazing.” She whispered into my ear.

“You are the definition of amazing.” I told her.

As I inched my way closer to her lips, powerful arms wrapped around my waist and effortlessly pulled me away from her. My body slammed to the floor as I quickly looked up and saw Duke flaring with anger. My hands instinctively covered my face for defense.

Duke is also 15 years old. With brown hair and Standing at 172cm, he was a little bit taller than me.

He was scowling at me. His eyes fiery green, “What the fuck are you doing with my sister?” He said as his right fist shot to my face, which I quickly blocked with my forearm.

“Dude, it’s not what you think it is!” I quickly answered. I was still worn out from the blowjob that I barely knew what I was saying.

He growled at me. “I saw everything from my room!” he swung his hand violently as he pointed at the doorway to his room.

Jenny, who was still naked, quickly stood up and wrapped her arms around her brother to stop further more violent approach towards me. Her breasts pressed against her brother’s back thoroughly.

Duke went bright red as he felt her naked sister’s breasts pressing from behind him. “W-what are you doing?” He stammered, obviously aroused by the sudden contact.

Jenny planted a kiss on her brother’s neck. Duke let out a sigh as he felt her lips on his skin, “I know you like it,” she whispered in the most erotic voice she could ever make of. “Don’t hurt my boyfriend, Duke.”

He quickly untangled his fingers from a fist. “O-okay. Jenny. Stop it now, please.” He pleaded at her sister. The sight of Jenny hugging Duke and arousing him was so sexually depicted. My penis quickly sprung up as I smelled the unmistakable scent of incest.

Jenny released his brother, but she didn’t stop. She stepped away from him and eased apart the buttons of his buttoned down shirt. Duke’s eyes watched her every move. When his shirt slipped down, he moved toward her. But she held him back with a gentle hand. She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and let it fall to his feet. Duke, wearing only his boxers and white shirt, he stood in front of her sister, his face in an unfathomable expression of embarrassment and arousal.

“Jenny. Stop. Please, y-you’re making me horny.” Duke pleaded. He met my gaze and I just stared at him with a smile on my face.

Jenny grabbed his swollen crotch. Duke’s nose dipped into her hair, releasing a sharp exhale of air. His hands found her shoulders as she tugged on the tail of his shirt.

“I never got to . . . Jenny. This is . . .” he said, looking into Jenny’s brown eyes deep with hunger.

She smiled as she gathered the soft cotton edges of his shirt and pulled it across his shoulder. At the sight of his brother’s swollen crotch in her hands, she stiffened. Remembering this was no game; I stood up and led the three of us back to the couch. In bright fire emitting from the fire, his bare chest wore a smooth glow. She laid her cheek on his skin, reviling in the warmth. Then she moved closer and nuzzled one flat nipple.

“You smell damp and raw, Duke.” She told him in a very seductive voice.

Duke groaned as Jenny’s hold of his crotch tightened. “Gosh. Jenny, please.”

Jenny pushed Duke down the couch. She pulled his boxers off him and Duke’s throbbing cock revealed itself as it instantly sprung up. Pre-cum started to ooze from it as Jenny’s hand, made circular motions on it using her thumb as her hand wrapped around it. She started stroking it lightly. Duke groaned and pleaded at her to stop but she wasn’t listening. He looked at me straight in the eye; his eyes were full of lust as it met my gaze.

Finally giving up, his breath came deeply and raggedly. Jenny kneeled in front of Duke and began sucking on his rock hard penis. She licked the pre-cum off the pinkish swollen bulb of his cock and carefully suckled on it.

“No. No. Oo--”

Her lips mingled around the tip of his penis until he pushed it all in inside her mouth. Carefully, she bobbed her head repeatedly. Her hands played with his scrotum as she gave her brother a head.

“O-ohhhh. Please. More. More.” Duke pleaded as her Jenny sucked on him. She bent down closer. My penis was badly hurting and I was starting to have blue balls. I quickly stood up and went behind her. I kneeled beneath her began to suck on her wet pussy. She instantly groaned as she felt my lips touched her vagina.

She couldn’t speak. A shudder escaped from her as my mouth tasted her once more. Her pussy was now swollen with tenderness. I stroked my cock slowly as I readied myself to enter her. I shot a glance at Duke, his eyes were closed and his mouth was shaped into an O as his hands lay on Jenny’s head. He spread his leg farther and pushed Jenny deeper into his rock hard cock.

Desperately, I inserted my middle finger inside Jenny’s swollen pussy. I dug deep until I reached the entire length of my finger inside her. I pulled out momentarily and dug back in repeatedly. Jenny moaned in pleasure as my finger continued exploring her insides. Her juices were trickling down my hand. After a few thrusts, I pulled my finger out of her. In an urge to get my cock inside her, I lowered myself to the level of her swollen vagina.

I aimed the head of my penis in her swollen gash. But before I could enter her, Duke started erupting. Jenny quickly pulled his brother’s cock from her mouth as he shot his cum all over the place. His penis shook a couple of times before releasing another string of hot liquid into mid-air. It landed on Jenny’s back.
Breathlessly, Duke collapsed into the couch. Jenny grabbed his still rock hard penis as she straddled on top of her brother. She lay on top of Duke with her back from him. I got on top of Jenny as I pointed my eager cock at her gash.

She slowly inserted Duke’s cock into her anus. Duke moaned loudly. He began thrusting his pelvis repeatedly. Every hump sank his penis deeper into Jenny’s rose.

“O-oooh! Fuck!” Duke growled as he thrust his penis into her deeply.

Jenny moaned in rhythm of Duke’s groaning and moaning. I poised on top of her, as I aimed my throbbing hard penis over her swollen pussy. I carefully pushed the head into her, making her moan louder and writhe beneath me. I began to hump deeper against her gash until the half of my penis was inside her. A moan escaped from my chest as the growing sense of pleasure reached my head. I felt dizzy but I still continued on my exploration.

Jenny screamed in pleasure as she told me to continue. Duke who was continuously thrusting his penis into her rose began to moan louder. I slowly thrust my pelvis against her, every inch of my soaked up penis slid slowly and deeply inside her cave.

“Set--” She trembled as I reached the full length of my penis inside her.

I slowly pulled my penis out. I waited for a moment and then I quickly pushed my penis back in. Thrusting it back with such speed, my scrotum slapped against her thigh. Moving inside her with speed, I felt my balls tighten. I tried to hold it in, but the undeniable pleasure surging inside me was overwhelming.

Suddenly, Duke groaned and it became I powerful moan as he was coming. He pulled out beneath me and his come shot to my balls and thigh. It felt so hot against my skin. I immediately humped faster and I reached the peak of pleasure as a violent tremor rippled through me as my penis thrusts inside her repeatedly until my impelling held no more.

“No! No! N--” I shrilled as I felt myself began to erupt.
I pulled out as my penis stiffened into new heights as it released a series of strings of cum. The hot liquid landed on Jenny’s back. I collapsed behind Jenny as she stamped down at Duke beneath her. My weight crushed her as she let out a soft groan.

“T-that felt so good.” Duke said through his uneven, ragged breathing.

“I-I know,” I replied. “Do you forgive me?”

“Fuck y-yeah.” He said without breaking a beat.

“N-no one should know about this.” I cautioned.


Jenny started squirming beneath me. I rolled off her and sat on the floor. Jenny got off Duke. She stood up and bent down to plant a kiss on my cheek. “Best. Day. Ever.” She told me.

Duke giggled and so did I.

We quickly got dressed. Jenny explained to Duke on why she called me her boyfriend. Duke apologized about his violent actions. And I told Duke that it was alright. Soon after, their Mom and Dad came home. Jenny invited me to a family dinner but I refused because I was shy and embarrassed on what the three of us did.

Before I stepped outside the door, I secretly gave Jenny a peck on her cheek. “See yah, later.” I told her.

“You too, Seth.” She said, giving me a smooch on the lips as I slowly turned the knob of the door and head out.

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that was hot i jacked off to it it felt great


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